Wednesday, November 30

Bondage Teddy Bears?

The fashion brand Balenciago recently came under fire for sexualizing children in one of their ad campaigns. The ad shows little girls holding a purse in the image of a teddy bear in BDSM attire.

Since then, a number of other creepy child porn type images and references have come to light in other ads. Balenciago is blaming their advertising agency and suing them. Hmmmm.

Not quite as creepy as some of the art Tony Podesta, a lobbyist for Ukraine and China and the brother of former White House chief of staff and Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta.

What do I think of all this stuff?

First, let me start with my view on anybody proven to have directly hurt young children in a sexual way.

Was that sufficiently concise?

I worded it the way I did deliberately. Statutory rape of older teenagers is, I think, in a different category from a grown man sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl. Not the wood chipper for them, but prison is fine. We need to draw the lines somewhere, and while we may each disagree on where exactly the lines should be drawn, there are valid compromises.

For example, in Canada, the age of consent is 16. However, if there is a position of trust or authority, it raises to 18. There are also some close-in-age exemptions. It's a compromise, and I'm willing to support that. I don't find it "immoral" if other jurisdictions have reached different, reasonable, compromises.

If young children are pressed into making explicit child porn for whatever purposes: wood chipper. If you consume that, knowing real children were involved in creating it: prison. Again, loosening that up if it's in the older teen category. E.g.,  if you need to be 18 to act in a porn video, but it's later found out you're almost 18, I can't get too excited if it was the girl pulling off a fast one, and I won't criticize the guy for being taken in.

The lines get way, way murkier for art.

Let's start with the Balenciago ad. I don't see as how the children themselves were harmed in the making of the ad. I doubt they had any awareness whatsoever that the teddy bear they were holding was a BDSM-related image. I don't know if there was or ought to have been anything illegal about it. I think it was in remarkably poor taste, and is quite justifiably hurting the brand. I'm also very concerned that the people involved are doing worse things in their private lives. I also wonder about the parents who allowed that.

How about the Podesta art? Again, not to my taste. It sort of creeps me out. But perhaps the artist himself was abused as a child and is trying to deal with it in this manner? Or he's making some kind of artistic metaphorical point, like our innocence is being taken from us? I would not buy it and hang it on my wall, and I won't go out of my way to see an exhibition from the guy. I'm also very concerned about the people who would hang that stuff in their houses and what else they may have going on.

How about spanking illustrations that depict bare-bottomed children being spanked by adults?

Damn. Now we're hitting close to home, aren't we? Are you squirming yet? I am.

If it's a photo and a real kid was involved, and it was made for the purpose of spanking porn: wood chipper for the producers. And consumers should avoid it like the plague because of potentially contributing to the exploitation of real children, and face prison if they deliberately re-distribute it. If it was a real historical spanking captured involving nudity, and the photo was somehow distributed? I don't know how you tell the difference, and would err on the side of making it illegal to distribute.

But what about illustrations? And what about hyper-realistic illustrations, or computer renderings almost indistinguishable from the "real thing"? Or even very young-looking adults being photographed to appear as children? Ouch again.

However, these I would allow. No actual children were harmed. I would apply the same reasoning to works of fiction involving childhood spankings. If no actual children were harmed, I would not make it illegal to produce or distribute.

One of the kinks of spankers is that we get turned on imagining an authority figure taking us in hand and correcting us. The archetype of that is the Daddy-daughter and Mommy-son. I have intense fantasies imagining I am back in childhood and being spanked by my Daddy. It's very Freudian I imagine. I confess that I also imagine getting fuckings from Daddy as punishment, not as a little girl, but as a more grown-up teenager, maybe being punished for some misbehaviour involving boys. I know, I know, I'm messed up.

How does an illustration of spanking a teenager differ from fucking her? Both are intensely sexual acts in my mind. I have way less problems with the spanking illustrations, however. There's a certain innocence in a well-meaning Daddy spanking his girl "for her own good" with only the best of intentions (as misguided as that may or may not be given the more recent attitudes on that). I can't really imagine an innocent fucking "for her own good".

If it's an illustration of a young girl being spanked "for her own good", I would allow that. If it's an illustration of a young girl being fucked by a grown man, or even diddled, then no. No. I'm sorry. I can't. I know I'm being inconsistent here (no actual children are being hurt), but I just can't. Make it illegal. I don't care. Once she's more grown-up, then ok fine, back to my standard of "if no actual children were harmed". I know I would be both drawn to and repulsed by such an image, knowing my own sexuality.

Hard to write this. And I know many people will have very different standards than me, and I may come under a lot of criticism, but trying to keep it honest... sorry.

In my own art, such as the book I am working on now, I have kept the boy character 18-years-old. I do this for several reasons. It's still young enough in my mind that he can be an immature, naughty child in need of discipline. But he is also old enough to consent, in real life, according to Canadian law (and I have explicit consent and a means to de-consent at any time built into my book that way). It still hits all the high spots, and everybody can feel good about themselves and not deal with those ugly psychological issues I refer to above. I feel better doing it that way.

What are your views, dare I ask?

Monday, November 21

Book Progress Update

Still revising!

I made the "mistake" of buying Grammarly, and it found about 4500 issues! I went "pro" so I could better tune it to my writing style. I selected "Informal" and "Creative" and for a "Knowledgable" audience ("General" seemed like it's for Kindergarteners). About 50% of the suggestions I accepted. In the "Correctness" category it was more like 98%. My biggest problem is comma usage. It made a lot of suggestions for re-writing sentences for greater clarity, which I liked a lot.  It also found all the typos, I think. You know, those typos where the spelling is correct, but it's not the correct word. They have a plug-in for MS Word which looks to be sort of going away, but still works. I don't get how it's usable without that, as it needs to remember suggestions I've already rejected, and that wasn't happening with the normal version. All in all, a good experience. Like having a very detail-oriented proof-reader over your shoulder.

But anytime there are big changes, I need to go back to pdf, put it on my iPad, and read through it again to clean it up. So I did several passes like that. In some cases, I changed away from the formally correct comma usage, because it just reads awkwardly. For example, in the sentence you just read, Grammarly would have me change it to: "Sometimes, I changed away from the formally correct comma usage because it just reads awkwardly." I liked my extra comma because it gave you a pause where it was needed. And "sometimes" does not carry quite the same nuanced meaning as "in some cases". English teachers: debate!

After a few passes, I found myself going back and forth on some issues like that. Editing it first one way, then back the other, then back again! In those cases, I settled on Grammarly's advice, or just re-wrote the sentence entirely, or just deleted it if I could!

Along the way, I could not resist adding just a bit more kinky content in certain places. Places where I saw a huge missed opportunity. I tried to restrain myself, though.

When I can essentially read the whole book through and not find any issues, I'll be done. It's getting very close to that now. I'm on page 100 of 440 now with no issues found at all. Zero. When it's just a few minor adjustments, less than 10 with none of them absolutely required, I'll make those changes and publish.

I've read my book so many times now that it's ridiculous! But it's still sexually exciting, even more of a page turner, flows beautifully, and there are some true masterpieces of kinky writing in there, if you ask me. Still get a huge smile on my face at those parts. Feels like "The Muse" wrote those, not me.

Monday, November 14

Lyin' Biden

The thing about Democrats is that if they didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all. :-)

CNN is trying to regain its credibility after being notoriously hyper-partisan for the past 6 years. That, and it appears that "permission" has come down from the top that Biden is now fair game (as the Democrat powers that be clearly don't want him running again). As a result, CNN has, finally, started fact checking Biden.

Their official Presidential fact-checker is a reporter named Daniel Dale. He has been remarkably quiet ever since Biden got in (despite Biden's repeated whoppers of lies), but it looks like he has been unleashed. He therefore did a brutal take-down of Biden's midterm messages in his article Fact check: Biden’s midterms message includes false and misleading claim. He called out NINE significant factually inaccurate whoppers.

That's it. That's all. Congrats to CNN for at least trying. If you hyper-Democrat partisans were criticizing Trump over his lies, are you going equally hard after Biden?

Let the cognitive dissonance in the comments begin in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... GO!

Saturday, November 12

Men are Soooo Pathetic

And I mean that in the kindest way. They really are. Their raw neediness for having their balls drained by a pretty girl. It really is delightfully pathetic.

Don't get me wrong. Not all the time, and I'm not making comparisons to the opposite sex either, but when boys are needy (I'll call them "boys" from now on, as that is what they truly are while in this state: pimply-faced teenage boys), it's amazing the lengths they'll go to degrade themselves at our command.

Look at the OnlyFans phenomenon.

It's not just the pics boys want to see. They hope for even the tiniest amount of attention from the object of their desire, the smallest little crumb. They'll pay dollar after dollar for the tiniest of chance. You know those girls have production companies where they pay low wage guys to pretend to be them and interact with their "fans" right? You think you got a DM back from the girl you lust over? Fat chance! Keep paying, boys. She's off spending your money in frivolous ways, not working. You're actually paying to be degraded. For a desperate little boy with his balls full, there are worse ways to spend your money.

I get a lot of fanboys dropping comments or sliding into my email. I enjoy them. I am flattered and they make me giggle. Their neediness comes right through the medium and I feel it tingling my pussy.

I have had a drop off since I started posting more femsub content, but there's still a goodly number. Only the most desperate. It's even more degrading to lower yourself beneath a girl who regularly subs to her Alpha man. What does that make you? Yeah, I get spanked and have to give it up however my man wants to take me, but what about you? Would you get to do that to me? Oh ha ha ha ha! No. No, of course not. That's reserved for a real man, not for a subby sissy slut like you.

What would I do with you? Well, I'd dress you.  Take you out shopping first. A trip to VS to get you fitted for a nice bra with falsies. Some pretty panties. Stockings and garter belt. A corset? I'd have the salesgirl help you change into them in the store changing rooms as I watched.

At the checkout we'd have to dig in there to pull the tags out so the pretty young lady at the counter can scan them.

Then I think a trip to the sex shop. You'll buy me a harness and your very own dildo that I'd let you keep afterwards. But I have a harness, you'd say, and the good ones are expensive. I don't care. Pay up, bitch. I'd find a pretty salesgirl to help find just the right size of dildo for your bum. We'd also have a look at the spanking implements, and you'd buy me the nastiest one for me to use on your ass.

I'd take you home with me. Oh, there's David, sitting in the living room reading.

"It's just a subby fanboy, honey. Do you mind if I beat his ass and dildo-fuck him after?"

He'd want to have a look at you. "Sure, go ahead, he looks harmless enough."

Up to the bedroom with you. Strip to your lingerie. Let's get my harness on me with my big hard cock stuck in it. I think a little sucking to start, on your knees. Gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw. The slobber all over my cock, all over your face.

"You pathetic woman," I'd say. "Get over my knee."

You'd lie on my lap, my hard cock pushing into your soft tummy. We'll start with the hairbrush. Panties down. Some part of you wants to be stoic. Wants to take it "like a man" (ha ha). You're aware of my husband, sitting in the living room just beneath us. Sure, you'll cry like a little bitch in front of me, but not so my husband can hear! You won't have a choice. You'll cry like my little baby, one way or the other. I have no limits. You do.

Afterwards, it's face down across the pillows. Then you'll suffer.

That rosy red ass will rapidly turn purple and black and blue as I use all my implements, one after another, for a very, very, long time. Your little screams don't deter me. They egg me on.

From the living room below, David will smile at how I'm getting the job done, glad I have an outlet for that part of me that doesn't involve his ass.

When you are broken, and I mean completely broken. Only then will you have earned my cock up your ass. I'll make you spit lube my cock. It's all you deserve. Then I'll fucking rail that ass. Rail you until you're moaning and begging for a mercy that's still many, many hard minutes away.

After I've done you like that, then I'll turn you belly up and I'll strip off completely. Do you like what you see? Do you? I'll bet you do, you little pervert. I'll get my Hitachi out. Wall power only, please. I'll sit my naked ass on your face, facing down your body. I'll want to see that pathetic cock twitching as you eat my asshole out while I pleasure myself with my Hitachi.

And eat it out you will! I'll want your hands on my ass cheeks. So will you, assuming you want to breathe. Holding me up, spreading my cheeks, getting your tongue deep up in there.

Up and down. Back and forth. Around and around. Now push it in. Push it in as deep as you can. Strain you little motherfucker. Deeper, bitch! That, together with the Hitachi, always gets me off. We're not done yet. Again! And then once again after that. Your jaw and tongue will be soooo sore you'll barely be able to move them.

If you've been a good boy, taking everything I gave you without complaint (screaming and begging doesn't count), I'll allow you to jerk yourself off while I watch from my perch on your face. Yes, I'll allow you to keep licking my asshole if that's what you really want.

Once you spew you're ridiculous boy juice, I'll definitely feed it to you with my fingers, lucky boy. You'll swallow every last drop, except I'll reserve a bit to smear on your face. Yes, you'll be going home like that, after saying goodbye to my husband and thanking him for allowing you to be so utterly beaten and degraded by his hotwife.

What do you think? Sound like a date?

Tuesday, November 8

New Sims4 BDSM and Spanking Blog!

Very excited to announce that a long-time reader of my blog, a lovely and kind guy named Russ, has started his own blog that features characters in the Sims4 doing kinky things! His blog is Sims4 BDSM and Spanking Blog and I link to it in my sidebar.

I don't really understand the mechanics of it. Perhaps Russ can make a post about how it all works. But apparently you choose a scene, you choose characters, you dress them up, and you make them do things. Then it takes a life of its own, with the characters wandering here and there and doing things like randomly picking up objects in the environment or interacting with one another. You grab screen shots and even little movies. It's a bit like wrangling cats, apparently?

The end result, though is fantastic!

Russ is taking requests from his blog followers for scenes to animate. As a demonstration of his prowess, he took the scene I alluded to in my post, If She Wants that Promotion..., and elaborated on it. we exchanged some emails and I suggested the outline of a story: that my promotion is already secured (though I don't know it), and go and offer sex to the boss. He takes me up on it to see if I will actually go through with it, and then scolds and punishes me for doing so!

The end result was amazing! Check out Julie's Promotion - Part 1 and then Julie's Promotion - Part 2. I wind up at the end like this:

All naked and spanked and kneeling in front of the boss.

Aren't I cute? And look at the boss below. Isn't the boss to die for? I love that these are "real" characters that walk around and talk and do things.

Here's what the boss let me do to him before he scolded me.

Oh Julie! You are such a slut!!!!

You needed to be taught this lesson.

then I had to kneel in the corner while the boss went on a zoom call!


Russ has a few other scenes out there on his blog as well. Such as girl getting a good belt whipping and strapping from a strict Mistress while locked in stocks out in the woodshed (which is distressingly open to the sidewalk!). Or another girl tenderly spanked rosy.

Russ is working on the next one for me. It's a real challenge. It will be a dinner table "family spanking" of me for raising politics one too many times! He sent me a "teaser" of the "scene of the crime" though the details may yet change...

Can't wait to be rude at the dinner table, in front of my whole family, and get a spanking from Daddy (with David's blessing) right on the spot!

Please go check out Russ's blog and leave him a comment so he'll know you were there! Tell him "Julie sent you" :-)

Sims4 BDSM and Spanking Blog

Tuesday, November 1

Judge Orders Spanking with "Pants Down"

As you guys know, I enjoy naughty picture and gif surfing over at bdsmlr. One photo blogger there that I particularly enjoy is "Girls Being Spanked"

With his permission, I've reproduced many of his "better" posts here. ("Better" as in, masturbation worthy for me, your mileage may vary 😊💦). He adds wonderful captions to each post which I've reproduced below in blue, my commentary after.

I'll number them. Let us know your favourites and the feelings they evoke from you in the comments below!

---- 1/

MUNCIE, Ind., April 12 (AP) - 

A 19-year-old woman who had smacked her own mother across the face got a belt whipping from her father on a judge's order Thursday, and the judge said afterward, "I don't know whether that was legal, but I couldn't think of anything else to do."

The woman, Jessica Lee Anders, had plead guilty before City Judge Wilson G. Northman to charges of assault and battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

About to pronounce sentence, the judge learned Anders had also physically assaulted her mother before her encounter with police. He asked Anders for an explanation and Anders replied, "She was annoying me."

Judge Northman called the woman's father, Ralph Anders, to the bench and asked him whether or not he could control his daughter. The father nodded.

"Don't you think she's due a whipping?" Northman inquired. The father indicated that he agreed that it was long overdue. "Take off your belt, sir and we're going to have you put it to good use. In lieu of the woodshed, you're going to take your daughter into my private chambers and finally do what needed to be done a long time ago."

Mr. Anders dutifully removed his belt and then both he and his daughter were led away from the court room by the bailiff with the admonition from the judge, "I want to be able to hear it out here."

"Pants down?" asked the father.

"Completely bare," said the judge.

Ten whacks and some lusty howls of protest were heard. Judge Northman sent them back with the order, "Ten more."

In addition to her sobs, the court was then able to overhear all of the woman's promises to be good from now on. Judge Northman, seemingly satisfied with his decision, nodded approvingly.

Oh no! Isn't that amazing? I think she definitely deserved it. Yeah, it was only twenty, but it got the point across and seems to have corrected her attitude.

But when the judge said "completely bare", was he referring just to her bottom, or was he instructing her father to ensure she was fully stripped for her belt beating? It's ambiguous. And was the bailiff present to supervise? I imagine he was, what with liability and all. Did he and the father discuss what the judge meant by "completely bare" as the horrified daughter stood there? I imagine they did, and decided best to play it safe with the full stripping.

After the first ten she was allowed to hastily dress and was taken back to the court. One look at her face and the judge ordered ten more.

Back they all went, the father a bit embarrassed, so for these ten he laid them on with considerably more vigour, making her strip and then hold herself up off the floor as he belt-whipped her severely under the Bailiff's watchful and interested gaze, finally getting the reaction out of her the judge was looking for.

I of course imagine myself as the poor girl in this scenario. Walked to the Judge's chambers. Realizing the Bailiff was staying to watch. Them discussing if I should be completely stripped, or just have my bottom bared. The decision rendered, having to fully strip to bare naked in front of my Daddy and the Bailiff. Even my little titties on display! Him totally seeing Miss puss puss from behind, shaking and trembling as Daddy whipped me.

My whipping heard by the judge and the entire courtroom. Everybody knowing it was "completely bare" for my Daddy AND the Bailiff. My howls and my promises to be a good girl making everybody smirk. The dishevelled walk of shame back to the courtroom after, my makeup running, my eyes wet with my still ongoing tears and blubbering, forced to carry my previously removed panties in my two hands in front of me. My apology to the judge. My assurances I would never repeat the behaviour again. My father's assurances that from then on the rod would not be spared, and unless I shaped up, my bare bottom would become very accustomed to his thick leather belt.

When the Judge, seeing me clutching them,  told me I could put my "little panties" back on again, my Father said, "Respectfully, Judge,  I'm grounding her until further notice, and her panties would be staying off in case she needs more spanking during it." The Judge heartily approved. "Ground her for at least a month, no panties for the duration, spank her for the least little snippiness," he said. "Also, have her do one hour of corner-time right in your living room where everyone can see her each day during her grounding. That's my sentence."

"Bare bum?" Daddy asked.

"Completely bare," the Judge responded, and struck his gavel down, sealing my fate.

Oh the Shame! And then to have it written about next day in the local papers! I would never live it down.

---- 2/

While she blubbers away, bottom burning and still quite bare with her skirt flipped, the embarrassing lecture continues. She had failed quite miserably at taking her punishment quietly, so by this point everyone in the house is aware of the situation: Christine got a spanking. No one could argue that it wasn't deserved, but that didn't make it any less humiliating for someone of her age to still require that kind of discipline.

After what feels like an eternity, Christine is permitted to pull her tights back up and shamefully scamper off to her bedroom where she can feel sorry for herself in privacy. Once there, she can cry herself to sleep.

"Permitted to pull up her tights". Really drives home who is in charge. The concluding lecture from Daddy was delivered with sore bum and pussy bare. That's what makes it feel like an eternity.

And it's always so embarrassing being spanked within earshot of others.

---- 3/

Everyone being able to see her bare bottom was bad enough. She squirmed and felt the sting of fresh, hot tears when she thought about it. She was stranded in that corner, bottomless and forbidden to speak, regretting every bad decision she had made that led to that moment.

But the real horror went much deeper than the embarrassing nudity.

No, the true humiliation was that her butt was bright red while she stood with her nose pressed deep into the corner of the room. A warning, a reminder and a message all rolled up into one crimson package. She had been warned as to what would happen if she continued to misbehave, but she had not taken the warning seriously. So she had been given a spanking - a long, hard spanking that had brought tears and begging and all kinds of sobbing promises.

A childish punishment befitting childish behavior.

And now everyone would see that she had been spanked. They would learn what happened to girls that couldn't behave. They would laugh and joke and whisper while she stood silent, too terrified to reply or even turn her head for fear of a second spanking.

Daddy knew exactly how embarrassed I would be standing there like that, everybody seeing me after my childish spanking where I was reduced to tears. I had acted up and disrespected Mom in front of all my aunts and uncles and cousins, and was now paying the price.

I sooo believe I should be subject to this sort of discipline.

---- 4/

When the truth of it was revealed, Annie could immediately tell from her father's expression that her bottom was in some serious danger. But things went from bad to worse when he asked Mrs. Johnson if he could borrow a wooden spoon and make use of her bathroom. "I have some urgent business to attend to with my daughter," he said. 
Annie felt her stomach sink. She could feel her mouth open and her jaw start to tremble, but she just couldn't form the words. She wanted to fall to her knees and literally beg to be spanked at home instead, but she was frozen in fear. It was only later - much later - that Annie realized that she had been spanked at the Johnson's house deliberately, that it was completely intentional. Her father had wanted her punishment to be overheard by all of them because the Johnsons had been impacted by her deceit as much as anyone. 
And overhear they did! 
Panties at her ankles, it was a long, hard and deliberate bare-bottomed affair. Her father made good and effective use of that spoon, lighting her ass on fire. There was no hope of remaining silent either - that went out the window after the first few swats. It was by far the worst spanking of Annie's life and it was more than deserved. She had disgraced herself and then lied relentlessly about it. Her only consolation was that she was spared the indignity of having all eyes on her bare (and rapidly reddening) butt.

Afterwards, Annie was a mess of tears, trying desperately not to rub her bottom while standing once again in the Johnson's living room. She was forced to apologize once more before they left, her voice shaky, face wet and face blushing almost as red as her backside.

Imagine when you want nothing more than to beg to be spanked back home instead of here?!?

Facing "by far the worst spanking of my life"  where relative strangers could hear it?

And then having to apologize, teary-eyed afterwards?


---- 5/

She knew exactly what would be waiting for her when she got home.
A trip over Dad's knee with her pants down.
It was going to be the type of spanking that made sitting difficult for a couple of days. A spanking that meant she was going to be sleeping on her tummy for sure. A real butt blistering that was going to make her think long and hard about her choices.

You could argue that she was far too old to be spanked but that argument wouldn't get you very far in her house. The stronger case would be that this spanking was long overdue. She had turned into a real brat in dire need of a serious bottom warming to take her down a peg or two.

Something about girls being disciplined (pants down) by their men in charge always puts butterflies in my tummy. It needs to be hard and make me truly sorry.

---- 6/

Her horror when the front door opens and in walks her brother with two of his friends.

Oh no! Can you even imagine the shame!??! And Mommy is NOT about to stop your spanking as the boys watch with giant grins on their faces.

"I'm sure they've all seen a naughty girl's bare bottom before."

No. No, they hadn't...

---- 7/

Linda never actually believed she was going to be spanked, even right up until the moment when her dress was raised, her panties lowered and she was bent over her father's knee, face down into her own comforter. She had been this way her whole life and, to be fair, now that she older and more mature - a young woman really - spankings were pretty rare. But a well smacked bottom certainly remained possible, at least as long as she was living in her father's house.
Being the oldest of three, Linda was determined to make as little sound as possible, especially since her father would leave her bedroom door open when she was getting spanked. It was embarrassing enough to still get spanked at her age, no reason to provide any further fodder for her brother and sister by being a complete crybaby. And though her bottom would redden quickly, she did have a particularly high pain threshold. However, her father would remain undeterred, determined to teach her a lesson she would be sure not to forget. He spanked harder and harder, over and over, until finally the burning fire would prove to be too much.

The little noises started first, 'Oohs' and 'Ahs' mixed in among the grunts and groans through gritted teeth. But then the 'Owws' would start to become frequent with a distinctive whining sound that meant tears were close at hand. Finally, as if transformed by magic, Linda would start to sound like any other naughty girl getting a good spanking, perhaps much the same way she sounded when she was younger. There was a distinct sound of defeat in her howling and sobbing. It was the sound of a lesson having been learned.

A big part of the experience for me is the vocalisation during my spankings. But it can't be faked. It must come for a real place. This is why my husband spanks me as hard as he does. It's what I crave. I dream of the time this might happen with vanilla people within earshot, offended by me and glad to hear me getting the comeuppance they believe I richly deserve.

---- 8/

"Follow me, girl," her father said gruffly and without any further explanation. 

Not that he needed to provide one. Rachel knew exactly where they were going and what they would be doing once they got there. Her father was taking her down to the basement for a spanking. 

Rachel had skipped school, gotten caught, served detention and then lied about it repeatedly. Her father was an older man (he was frequently confused for her grandfather) and was completely old-fashioned when it came to matters of discipline. 

There was a chair in the partially finished basement, a chair with only one purpose. When Rachel or any of her siblings misbehaved, her father would sit in that chair and they would go over the parental knee for a bottom warming. Rachel's brother and sister had long since moved out of the house and now it was a spot reserved for her spankings and her spankings only. 

The real shame came in having to remove her skirt and then have her panties lowered, exposing her bottom. But the embarrassment was considered a part of her punishment. In fact, the humiliation far outweighed the pain. Rachel rarely cried during her spankings anymore, now that she was 18-years-old. But being that age and going over-the-knee for such a childish chastisement was plenty bad enough.

Yes, even a token spanking like that would be sooooo embarrassing. If I behave like a child, I'll be given a childish punishment. Really brings the point home.

---- 9/

Dad agrees to help with Jill's overdue credit card bills under one condition.

It's a punishment that worked wonders when Jill was younger and perhaps she could benefit from it now. A panties-down, over-the-knee, butt blistering spanking.

There's nothing like a good, hard spanking to impart some much needed responsibility. Hopefully Jill will remember this painful and embarrassing situation the next time she thinks about spending beyond her means.

Yeah, who hasn't gotten themselves a little in the hole on their credit card debt, especially when still young. My parents had to help me out this way when I was twenty-one. They were disappointed in me, and scolded me for spending beyond my means. I was told that I needed to get my act in gear and that this was the first and last time they would help me out this way. I ABSOLUTELY should have been spanked, and spanked well past the point of tears. I would have accepted it, and learned from it. No doubt in my mind.

---- 10/

"That's it, young lady," Mia's father bellowed, "You're getting a spanking!"

It was as if the entire restaurant went silent all at once. A heavy hush hung over everyone and Mia suddenly felt as if every eye in the place was on her. It would have been almost comical, like a record scratch in an old movie, if it hadn't been so humiliating. There were people her age sitting not too far away! She could feel her face get warm with a searing blush. She was already fighting back tears.

"B-B-But Dad," Mia whined. She couldn't think of anything else to say. She wanted desperately to try and laugh, act as if it was all some big joke, at least attempt to save face in front of the people in the restaurant, but she couldn't find the words. Besides, it felt like she might risk making it worse. Her father might take her to the parking lot and spank her there or, god forbid, do it right at the table in front of everyone.

"But nothing, Mia," he said. "It's been way too long and you've been asking for it for a long, long time."

Mia's mother nodded solemnly as if in complete agreement. Her younger brother smirked and stuck his tongue out at her.

"Daddy, I'm too old..." she frantically whispered, trying not bring any more attention to their table. For the moment at least, it seemed as if the noise level in the restaurant had returned to its normal level and people were once again minding their own business.

"Enough," her father cut her off. She could see that he was close to really losing his temper and she should just shut up. Her eyes filled with tears and a few slid down her cheeks and splashed onto the table.

Mia was nineteen, but you wouldn't know it from her behavior that night. Her father was not too far off in saying that she had been "asking" for a spanking. She had been acting up all night with bratty and even downright bitchy behavior, especially directed towards her mother. But then Mia and her brother started bickering. Really, really immature stuff - especially for a young woman in college. There were a couple of stern warnings and then Mia went too far. She reached across the table and slapped her brother, catching mostly chin, but a little bit of cheek too. Her fate was sealed.

The ride home was unbearable. Sitting in the backseat next to her brother who was silently gloating inches from her face, Mia could do little save stare out the window and feel sorry for herself. Her tummy was in turmoil, flipping and swirling and doing the crazy dance of a nervous girl about to get spanked. Her armpits were warm with sweat and her bottom was already tingling in anticipation. Somehow, that ten minute drive seemed to take just 3 seconds. Internally, she couldn't decide between begging for mercy and trying to take her punishment stoically.

"Bobby, go upstairs to your room. Mia, living room. Now!"

Her brother, who had clearly thought he was going to get a front row seat to her humiliation, slumped his shoulders and reluctantly trekked upstairs. It had been three whole years since her last spanking and though there had been several threats in the time between, Mia clearly thought her red-bottomed days were long over. She had a lump in her throat as her father sat on the ottoman in front of her. He didn't bother with a lecture or further scolding. They both knew why this was happening and the spanking would pretty much speak for itself.

When her father started to unbutton her jeans before tugging them down, all hope of being spanked over her clothes evaporated. She wasn't surprised. All spankings that she had ever known about in their house were on the bare bottom. But she would have been lying if she had said that there hadn't been some hope for a change in policy.

Mia knew that she couldn't take her spanking like a big girl (even at her advanced age) and freely volunteered her free arm to be held in place against her back. Her father locked her legs with his while she bent over his knee, leaving her naked buttocks a vulnerable and inviting target. Though her behavior might have you believing otherwise, Mia was a full-grown woman and she had the hips and bottom to show for it. She had a sense that her father was going to spank her harder and longer than he ever had before because she seemingly refused to act her age. He was more angry at her for making him do this at all than he was at her for actually smacking her brother.

Her father beat her butt like a drum.

Mia tried valiantly to grit her teeth and take it silently, but she had literally forgotten just how bad spankings hurt! Sharp, rapid-fire smacks over and over, setting fire to her cheeks. The tears, once they came, flowed freely, as did the snot and the incoherent apologies. There were promises to behave, promises to be a good girl, all kinds of tearful promises. But her father, as he always had, spanked until he thought the lesson was truly learned. There were no magic words she could conjure up to make it end a second sooner.

And then finally, the dreaded red-bottomed walk of shame.

With her pants and panties still around her knees, she wobbled to her room, tears still running down her face. It was painful and embarrassing, but it was ultimately something she needed. Even as her ass burned on that shameful journey to her bed, she knew she was somehow different. She could feel the change already. Mia would cry herself to sleep with her red butt sticking up in the air and her face buried in her pillow, but she would wake up a brand new woman.

I wonder if her little brother saw her "walk of shame"? From the degree of embarrassment she felt, it seems like he did. He both saw her coming towards him, her pussy bare (the walk of shame required she hold her pants and panties with both hands at her knees), and then saw her waddling away from him, crimsoned ass on full display.

And yes, big girls often show a propensity for acting like little girls. Little bratty girls. We generally get away with a lot. We are cute. It is tolerated... until it isn't.

I have a sudden urge for my husband to proclaim "you are getting a good spanking as soon as I get you home, young lady!" Right in a crowded restaurant. We would make up some kind of an argument. Maybe it's a cruise I want to go on alone with my gf's? I'm trying to talk him into letting me go. He refuses. I raise my voice. He remains calm. I get more and more strident in my demands. The neighbouring tables are by now listening. Hard not to.

"You're a fucking jealous cheap bastard!" I yell at him.

"That's it!" He says, finally raising his voice at me. I am instantly cowed. "As soon as I get you home, you're getting the spanking of your life, young lady."

Instantly I calm done... "honey... please..." I say, my cheeks burning in shame.

"No! You've been asking for it and now you're getting it. Waiter! The check please."

---- 11/

Exactly what a lot of young women could benefit greatly from...

I agree completely. Look how red her bum is! The purpose of separating her legs is that it exposes considerably more of those sensitive inner bum cheeks for her spanking. Do you see how uniformly red her bum is? That's why. Of course it's embarrassing for the girl, but it could be worse. She could be straddling his other knee which would have the effect of making her involuntarily grind her pussy into his thigh. A real hoochee-coochee dance then, with the possibility of sexual arousal, obvious visible dampness, and even the ultimate embarrassment of a potential orgasm during her spanking, with that being no reason whatsoever to stop her punishment.

---- 12/

She clearly thought she had outgrown spankings at some point over the years - it had been quite some time since she received one - but a streak of regrettable behavior quickly brought her crashing back down to reality.

After several warnings, she once again found herself in that old, familiar position, jean shorts and panties pulled down to her knees, shamefully straddling the knee like a naughty child. It was the longest and hardest spanking her bottom had ever endured. When it was over, he stood her up and shorts fell all the way to her feet. She was crying and she clutched her sore ass.

"If you don't want to be spanked again," he said, "stop acting like a brat and start acting like a proper young woman." Needless to say, a lesson was learned.

It just got worse! Do you see how still she tries to stay? That won't last long. Daddy will see to that. Despite herself, she will be forced by circumstances to grind her bare pussy into Daddy's hard thigh, involuntarily scratching her itch like a pussy against her scratching post. She will moisten, she may even orgasm, but the spanking will continue regardless.

---- 13/

So embarrassing.

Caught vandalizing a neighbor's garage, this unfortunate young lady was nabbed while her friends got away. She's brought home by both the neighbor and a policeman. In addition to providing financial restitution to the aggrieved neighbor, this disgraceful daughter is subjected to another punishment. Her mortified mother and father are going to give her a long, severe bare bottom spanking in front of the two men who marched her back home.

It's a lesson she will never forget.

And there will be no modesty, zero modesty, for her. She has embarrassed the family to no end. Her panties will be taken down as she FACES the neighbour and policeman.

---- 14/

Even at 19, Stacy was still considerably smaller than her mother, a disadvantage that factored heavily into matters of discipline. There were times when Stacy's mother would quite literally grab, pick up and practically carry away her errant daughter to another room - sometimes in full view of friends, neighbors, relatives, whoever - in order to put her across her knees and spank. She spanked hard too, without mercy, which would cause embarrassing reactions for a mature young woman. Crying, begging, nearly screaming with a face streaked with tears and snot while her mother's wicked hairbrush did its work on her little bare backside.

Yes, at 19 she is embarrassed, very embarrassed, that her Mom still spanks her like a small child when she's been naughty. If she's been particularly naughty, she won't even be carried away to another room. Rather, it will be done ON THE SPOT with those others allowed to watch. And yes, she will still be bared regardless, and still be made to howl like a baby regardless.

---- 15/

A filthy-mouthed brat learning the hard way - panties down, soap in mouth, laying across her mother's knee getting the spanking of her life. She's definitely not old for the hairbrush, that's for certain!

More foul-mouthed brats need this treatment, in my opinion. After a thorough soaping, the bar should stay IN for her spanking. It's the only way she'll learn.

---- 16/

Years later, Riley would still feel embarrassed just thinking about it.

It finally happened on a weekday that her mother happened to be off of work, but it was a spanking that had been building up for a long, long time. Years actually. Riley was 19-years-old by that point and had not been over-the-knee in ages. But her behavior had been begging out for some good, old-fashioned discipline for months.

She just couldn't seem to stop herself from acting like a total brat. Mouthing off, constant disrespect. It's as if she knew the consequences were now minimal, so what was the point? Her mother had even sent her to her room earlier in the day out of total frustration. But punishments like that always went nowhere. Riley did as she pleased.

She just didn't take the warning signs seriously. It wasn't until Riley saw her mother dragging that old chair into the center of the living room that she started to second guess herself. She started getting nervous. There were a lot of bad (and painful) memories associated with that chair. But it wasn't as if she was going to get a spanking, right? Riley was an adult now.

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Before she knew it, she was being dragged toward that chair. Her mother was deceptively strong and, as always, fiercely determined. Riley had long forgotten the details of that wiry, tenacious grip. Not that she would have fought back much anyway. Years of training had taught her better. She knew that there was nothing she could do unless she wanted to get Dad involved later and Riley definitely did not want that!

Her jeans and panties were yanked down around her knees without much ceremony - just like old times - and the firm smacks were landing on her exposed cheeks one after the other. Riley protested, of course, rather vehemently and until her throat was ragged and sore. But it did no good. It never had in the past and nothing had changed. When her mother gave a spanking, she really gave a spanking. Riley's bottom was very soon a raging fire and there were tears filling her eyes and slipping down her face.

It was when Riley started bawling in earnest that her brother and a couple of his friends entered the room, just arriving back from playing basketball. Her mother, undeterred, stopped smacking just long enough to explain to them that what she was doing was private and to please leave the area. What a sight Riley must have been over her mother's knee! Red-assed and wailing like some naughty little child. Totally mortifying.

The last thing Riley heard was her brother laughingly telling his friends not to tease her, but the damage was done. It was a spanking that none present would ever forget. But, and this was something Riley was loathe to admit, even years and years later, it was an effective punishment. There was an immediate and profound change in her behavior. A lesson had been learned.

Sometimes some good old fashioned bare bottomed discipline is the only thing that will do.

I should have found myself in her position at that age. Much too mouthy and too big for my britches. It's what Mom should have done. I have a younger brother. Him and his friends would have been 14 at the time. I'm sure they would have loved to see me catch it like that at their age.

Missed opportunities...

---- 17/

When Kyra was told to report to the den in her pajamas, she knew she was in for a spanking. She also knew that those pajama bottoms would be coming down... along with her panties. Her father had a hard and heavy hand and there was never any need for any implements. Kyra's bottom would inevitably end up absolutely blistered and there would be some tearful promises to be "a good girl from now on."

At around that age I had some assigned chores around the house. I was often lax about them. Sometimes my allowance was threatened, but that was it. All talk, no action. So the chores slid, of course. Had this been my regime, you 'gotta believe those chores would have gotten done (mostly, anyways).

But the tummy-churning embarrassment of being sent to get into my PJs and join my Dad in his den? Imagine that walk-of-shame? All the sibs (I have three: older sis, younger sis, little brother), knowing what I was in for. And then the sounds of my spanking. And Daddy asking me if I was going to be a good girl after this? And me knowing that I'd have to abjectly promise, over and over and over again, so everybody could hear, that I would be a good girl. It was only after me starting to say that, that my REAL spanking would even start, and I knew it. Before it was over I'd be a crying, sobbing, crimson-bottomed young lady.

With PJs restored I'd have to blubber away, tears streaming down my face, to complete my chores as my Mom and the sibs sniggered at me.

---- 18/

Without her clothes and with her ass burning, she will finish the chores she was supposed to have completed hours ago.

And there was a stern warning from Daddy as well. On the third time I missed chores, my spanking would be in my birthday suit, in the living room, in front of everybody. Afterwards, I'd complete my chores in only my birthday suit. Mom and Dad called this "birthday suit discipline", and it was so ridiculously embarrassing that we all tried very hard to avoid it. Regardless, it was always and only me who repeatedly seemed to earn it...

---- 19/

An official spanking from her father was rare but it was a punishment to be remembered for a very long time. It also remained an option long past the point when Janet should have outgrown spankings - as long as she remained under her father's roof, she was still subject to his rules and his consequences for breaking them.

He only ever used his hands, but that's all he needed. He was a strong man with heavy hands and he only ever spanked bare bottoms. It didn't matter if Janet was in college or considered an adult - her pants and panties were coming down. At some point, her father stopped taking her over the knee, but that actually made things more humiliating. With her jeans and underwear around her knees, she would be made to stand next to him while he grasped her around the waist and walloped her backside good.

Janet, once banished to her room, would stare at her red butt in the mirror for ages. If she was spanked with her sister, they would compare redness, something that had started when they were younger and then shamefully continued as they got older.

I think it's fair that as long as you're under their roof, it's their rules, spanking included. However, with my younger sibs still living at home also, and spankings being given "on the spot", this new stand-up method of spanking me was over-the-top humiliating. Once I was even pulled right out of the tub, soaking wet and completely nude, and dragged into the living room to be spanked in this manner with my five-year younger brother there to see it all.

---- 20/

Being marched back downstairs after her spanking so that she can apologize to her mother before being put to bed.

I had been super rude to Mom, and Dad was not having it. He overheard me in the midst of an argument with her and heard some choice language from me. He did not care to hear MY side of the story. He hauled me upstairs and spanked me silly. Then he brought me back down, LIKE THIS, to apologize to her. Mom was surprised, but not displeased, that Daddy spanked me bare naked. She put my nose in the corner in the old naughty spot in the kitchen, bare like that, for one full hour. With ten minutes left to spare, her friend from next door, Mrs. Watson, popped in via the backyard kitchen door for a chat. My Mom explained the circumstances to her. She opined that my Dad had done a good job spanking me. When my time was up, she was still there. Mom took a big wooden spoon and put it on the table next to her. She released me, but made me face her and apologize once again. The wooden spoon was an unsaid promise of what would happen to me if I was rude to her again. I blushed and covered my titties and bush in front of Mrs. Watson., who had a big smirk on her face.

---- 21/ 

Well that certainly didn't take long.

Georgia missed curfew three times and earned herself a trip over her mother's knee. The fact that she was a college graduate and 22-years-old seemed to matter very little to her mother. Sure, Georgia argued and tried to talk her way out of it, but it was an argument she could never win. She knew the rules. She had, in fact, agreed to them knowing full well what the consequences would be when she decided to move back home in the first place.

So, it happened. Georgia got a spanking Sunday afternoon when her mother returned home from church. It was just like old times, bottom bare and very quickly beet red. First, it was her mother's hand and then came the dreaded hairbrush. Her butt was straight-up BLISTERED by the time it was all over. And that doesn't even account for the shameful begging and pleading and sobbed-out promises to be a good girl.

And then it's straight to bed. Even though it's only 2 PM and the sun is still shining bright. Georgia's grounded for the rest of the day and not allowed out of her room. If her ass wasn't burning so much, maybe she'd remember to use her phone to check for apartments in town! 

"If you move back in with us, it's our rules, you get that don't you?"

"But Mom, I'm 22-years-old!"

"And unable to get a husband or a job to make ends meet. You heard me. Our roof, our rules."

"Ok, fine."

"Don't you 'ok fine' me, young lady. And the punishments will be just the same as before you moved out to college."

"Mom! No!"

"Oh, yes, or you can make your own way. Our roof, our rules, and our punishments."

"Yes, Mommy..."

---- 22/

A good, old-fashioned bare bottom spanking to start her Saturday morning for breaking curfew on Friday night. Followed by 30 minutes of embarrassing, red-bottomed corner time so that she can really think about it and the lesson can sink in appropriately. One more curfew violation and she'll have to make the trek down to the basement for a dose of the belt!

I'm often allowed to rub during corner time. My husband thinks it's "cute". I wonder if that was permitted in her house, or is she getting away with something? If so, she better not let Mom or Dad see her, because in households where it's not permitted, any violation will land her right back across the parental knee for a repeat performance, and then back in the corner with her time doubled.

---- 23/

While the rest of the family waited in silence at the dining room table, Rachel and Dad took care of some outstanding business in the living room. Rachel had earned herself a serious spanking. In addition to a very sore bottom, she was to be sent to her room without supper, hence the pajamas. Young ladies who cannot behave are put to bed early and yes, she will likely be sleeping on her tummy. 
Though her brothers and sisters are unable to actually see her bottom painted red, they can hear everything - Rachel's whimpers and pleading, which eventually devolve into incoherent sobbing, and the firm rhythmic slapping of skin against bare skin. In this house, spankings are always given on bare bottoms. It's a lesson for everyone - you are never too old to be spanked - a lesson even Rachel's mother has learned a time or two.

And even worse still! Remember how I said straddling the knee was bad? This method opens up even more of that sensitive inner flesh, and is even more embarrassing for the unlucky recipient.

The entire dining room table was eerily quiet as Rachel was punished. All her sibs, and her Mom, knew very well, too well, how Daddy spanked, and the pain and abject humiliation of what she was going through.

---- 24/

It was a spanking she would not forget any time soon.

A very firm reminder of what happens when she doesn't follow the rules. A straight-up ass beating. A paddle applied to her bare bottom - hard. The whole damn neighborhood was aware of her correction by the time it was over.

It seems harsh, I know. But sometimes it's the only thing that will get through to a stubborn girl like her.

----- 25/

Rare enough to earn any kind of spanking at her age, let alone one on her bare bottom. She's really messed up this time! She just couldn't hold her tongue in a vicious argument with Mom which, of course, ends up getting Dad involved. Perhaps she thought that graduating from college meant graduating from spankings forever... if so, she thought wrong. Not while living under this roof!

The ceremonial lowering of the panties captured perfectly. It does not matter how old she is, spankings are ON THE BARE.

----- 26/

Well, it finally happened.

One of Natalie's friends actually witnessed her get spanked. Sure, it wasn't exactly a secret that she still got spanked at home - several of Natalie's friends had overheard threats in the past. But actually having Madison witness the punishment was a whole other matter. Over-the-knee, panties down, just like a little girl. Natalie's face was just as red as her bottom by the time it was over.

The whining, the pleading, the sobs that she tried so desperately to conceal - she did it all right in front of Madison, who, for whatever reason, could not seem to avert her eyes. When Natalie looked up at her friend while dangling over her Dad's knee, she saw that Madison was staring wide-eyed right at her rapidly reddening butt!

In a way, Natalie thought the whole scene was probably inevitable. She had been getting spanked more and more frequently as she rebelled, and she already knew she was on thin ice when she invited Madison over that evening. But inevitability did not make it any easier of a pill to swallow. Madison had such a big mouth, she was probably going to tell everyone.

And it's not like her dad held back because of company! It was a long, hard and embarrassing spanking that had Natalie kicking her feet and crying loudly by the end. All of her dignity was long gone. It was the worst night of Natalie's life!

This is probably the worst thing that can happen to a girl Natalie's age. Despite being bff's, Madison would not be able to resist telling everyone in their social circle exactly what she saw in great detail. Natalie's new nickname would be 'spanky'. She would become the butt of every joke at parties. Her cheerleader friends would begin routinely putting Natalie across their knees, sometimes for no reason at all. It became so common that she once got it, bare bottom just like Madison described it, from the head cheerleader in front of the entire football party at an illicit kegger. Afterwards, the Captain of the football team took Natalie upstairs, still bare bummed and crimsoned from her spanking, and used his big dick to throughly see to her obvious needs: mouth, pussy, finishing roughly in her ass, then carrying her back downstairs, over his shoulder, to make her stand bare bum in the corner as his manly semen dribbled out her ass for everybody to see.


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