Wednesday, April 27

First Research Spanking!

As you know, I'm busy writing my next book. It's been pretty time consuming, but I'm 100 good pages in already and it's flowing beautifully. As part of my commitment to the enterprise, I promised I would act out any new activities depicted in the book. Part of this entailed a couple of epic hairbrush spankings (ouchy!) and a full hour with my nose in the corner (!)

The plot of the book is that the narrator, 18-year-old David, goes to live with his Mom's older sister Sue, and her much younger submissive lesbian wife Chrissie.

Patterning the character a bit after my sister Sue, I wanted the Sue in the book to be a bit "Asbergers" in the way she spanks: a very specific and definite methodology. Now, that's a little unfair to my sister, but she does tend to take a pretty formulaic approach to doling out spankings.

My concept was that a "first offense" spanking from book-Sue would be with the hairbrush across her knee. But her "thing" would be to make sure that every square inch was spanked red, from crest of the butt down the backs of the thighs to just above the knee fold, excluding the flanks, but including the inner ass cheeks, the taint between asshole and genitals,  the insides of the thighs right up to the crotch fold, and all the way around to and including the fronts of the thighs. I just imagined the abject embarrassment of having an older lady perform a spanking like that to a young man. 

This is what I imagined.

Afterwards there would be one full hour of nose-in-the-corner time with no rubbing.

After that, cold cream could be applied to mitigate what I imagined would be a terrible sting and promote quicker healing of the skin.

Both David and I have had experience with elements of the above, but I felt it would be dishonest to my readers to not both dole out and experience the "full nine yards" so to speak. And I'm glad I did, because I am now going to go back and extensively re-write the passages I wrote to better reflect the reality of a spanking like that. The things I do for my readers!

In the book, first Chrissie and later David would undergo this punishment. We decided "Chrissie" (me) would experience the spanking first, going in "book order". This spanking was set in the bedroom, so we went to the bedroom to do it. We decided the smaller, thicker wooden hairbrush would be most appropriate to best get into all the nooks and crannies. David had read the first draft and knew what was expected of him. Of course, I was very afraid my ass and thighs could not cash the check my imagination had written!

I was stripped nude with my nose against the wall for when David (acting the part of Sue) walked into the bedroom.

From personal experience, I know this is how a domestic discipline couple handles this sort of thing, having been told to await my spanking many times in that state. I made a mental note for Sue to instruct Chrissie to prepare herself like that within David's earshot. That's blushy-sexy.

David, acting the role of Sue, went to get the hairbrush from the bathroom and then took me by the ear to the bedside. He put the hairbrush down within easy reach and pulled me across his lap. He began with an all-over hand spanking to warm up my skin. Starting straight in on un-warmed-up skin with the hairbrush creates too much agony, and the spanking therefore has to be ended too soon (unless torture is the goal, which it is not in a domestic discipline arrangement). The skin must be warmed up so that the hairbrush spanking can stay at a high intensity for a very long time, allowing the miscreant space and time to properly consider and regret their misdeeds, in my opinion and experience.

David believed that OCD Sue would insist on hand-spanking every square inch that she would later hairbrush spank. As a result, the hand spanking involved a very embarrassing full spreading of my legs and parting of my ass cheeks so David's hand could get in everywhere. To get sufficiently up in close into the inner leg crease and taint, there was inevitable hand to pussy-lip contact and mild incidental pussy-lip smacking. To warm up the fronts of my thighs, David had me turn around and sit on his lap with my legs spread to get the tops and top-insides, and again, lots of incidental hand-pussy contact as he got right up in there.  He even puled my lips to the side to taughten the skin and expose the "canvas" better.

Then it was back over his knee, face down, for the real punishment to start.

Already I was happy I dreamed this up for the book. The "clinical" spanking of every square inch was terribly embarrassing. The poor miscreant has zero privacy or modesty left at all. Absolutely everything is completely exposed to the spanker. Anal and genital contact is incidental but inevitable. And some of the bits rarely exposed are sooooo sensitive! Even the hand stung. I knew the hairbrush would be hell, but I asked for it...

He started with a very thorough hairbrush spanking of my sit spots. This had me jumping and yelping to such an extent that he even felt it necessary to pause, clamp my legs with his leg, and continue my fiery comeuppance, going all over my ass. He pulled up on my asscheeks to tighten the skin under the bum and smacked me there.

Throughout we role-played the book scenario of the naughty young lesbian housewife forgetting the dry cleaning. A lot of scolding, disappointment, abject apologies, and promises to do better. I tell you I hate that fucking hairbrush! It's the sort of spanking where you want it to stop as soon as it starts. I vocalized freely while across his knee, as I imagined that book-David would hear it all. A lot of readers consider an overheard spanking to be even more embarrassing that a witnessed spanking. The hairbrush to sensitive areas means there would be a lot of childish carrying on to be heard.

He hiked me up a bit higher, and moved his clamping leg a bit lower, to better expose the broad expanse of the backs of my legs. Before the first stroke I was already regretting my choices, and that became 100 times more so after the first spanks from that infernal hairbrush torched the backs of my legs. I started screaming from the first to the last in that position. He was not gentle. He was not kind. He was giving me exactly what my imagination had conjured in my book: a true-to-life every-square-inch punishment hairbrush spanking.

I had literally conjured this spanking in my mind, exactly as it was being given. I wrote out in detail how bad it was and the quality of the screams. David did not disappoint in bringing my fevered imaginings to life.

David then spun me and turned himself so that I was more perpendicular to the bed, still over his left thigh, and he made me spread my legs, insisting they go wider and wider and wider, and that I touch the floor with only my tip-toes. He hooked a leg over mine to spread me even a bit wider. Oh my gosh but I felt my pussy and bumhole on full display!

"No! no! no!" I begged as I knew what was coming. The hairbrush attacked my inner thighs from above my knees right up to the fold where legs meet pelvis. He changed hands and went leftie on the insides of my other leg. He then parted my ass cheeks and focused on my crack, up and down and up and down again, first one side and then the other.

I felt his fingers very close to my asshole as he pulled my cheeks widely open. I felt strokes of the hairbrush to the tender skin circling my anal opening even.

Of course there's yelling and massive amounts of leg and pussy and ass gyrations as a spanking like this is doled out. It's entirely inevitable. No acting required. I even tried to stay more still but found it to be impossible as the shock of the wood striking tender inner thigh made me move completely involuntarily. And there's the experience of embarrassment, knowing the show you are putting on, and the feeling of submission, knowing you are spreading your legs voluntarily for this treatment from your partner.

He had me stand and sat me back down on his lap. With his hand encircling my waist, he smacked the tops of my thighs, and the top insides. My God it killed! It burned!

He made me turn so that I was sitting on his lap facing away from him. His two legs were between mine, so I was forced to spread. He reached around and pulled my pussy to the side so that he could better smack my high top inner thighs, first one side then the other. He put his entire hand over my pussy, leaned me back, pulled up tightly, and smacked the area between asshole and pussy.

He flipped me around, putting me back over his knee, and finished with an intense flurry to my ass.

I had literally been screaming almost the entire time, promising to do better, apologizing, and begging.

He stood me up. I was crying and my inner thighs were on fire. I could barely feel any other part that was spanked, as my high inner thighs were so taking up the focus of my attention, though the backs and fronts came into focus a bit every now and then only to be drowned out by another wave of pain from my inner thighs. They felt blistered. I went to gingerly touch them and David scolded me that there was no rubbing until after timeout. He handed me a pair of panties and a T-shirt. The T-shirt came on easily enough, but getting the panties up my legs was an ordeal.

The clothes were part of the roleplay. At that point, in the book, Chrissie was still spanked behind closed doors. Once dressed like that, David very strictly took me by the ear and conducted me down the stairs into the living room and put my nose in the corner. That living room corner is sort of the only unobstructed corner in the house. I made it so in the book as well. So that was why I was clothed, to preserve what modesty I had left in front of book-David.

He pushed my nose right into the corner and gave me instructions that the tip of my nose should touch the corner, and the sides of my nose should touch both walls. He had me clasp my arms behind my back and told me to make sure I stayed like that. He spoke to an imaginary "David" and told him to keep on eye on me and tell her if my nose left the corner or if my arms unclasped even a little. I was allowed to wriggle and squirm my nose up and down the corner, but it was not to leave it. He told me that if it did, I'd be spanked again and then my timeout would start from the beginning, with time added. I had written all of that. Sue was even OCD about timeout: it must be done in a specific and unvarying way. Any deviations would be strictly punished.

"One full hour," he said. And then he came up to me and whispered in my ear, out of character, "and I mean that Julie, I want you to experience the full hour you wrote about."

"Nooooo!" I wailed. I did not expect this. We had not discussed it. I expected token corner time, not the full hour I had given my character in the book! Hoisted by my own petard. I grudgingly had to respect his commitment to my process, though. There was no question of not obeying.

David stood back, observed me a little, then reached over for the waistband of my panties and pulled them down to my ankles. I imagined the embarrassment of knowing 18-year-old David was seeing my bare, so thoroughly spanked ass for the first time. I squirmed in the corner in imagined embarrassment.

"noooo, please..."

"I think a little embarrassment will do you a world of good, young lady."

The time felt interminable. My ass and legs really did burn during that entire ordeal. Especially my inner thighs. I touched them together and they felt almost "sticky". With my nose so deep in the corner, and my arms pulled back behind me, it really made me have to arch my low back and stick my ass out. I took full advantage of what scant freedom was afforded me by squirming in place, moving my feet what little I could, sliding my nose up and down the wall to change the angle. I was acutely aware of the type of show I must have been putting in for the feasting eyes of an 18-year-old virgin boy. Pussy peeking out, pussy pulled back in, pussy peeking out, pussy pulled back in. Ass wriggling side to side. Glimpse of asshole. Repeat.

Again, this style of corner-time is what I imagined for the book. We use strict nose-in-corner arms clasped behind back corner-time in our private lives. What I added was the explicit permission to squirm to release tension within those parameters. I found that squirming to be very necessary to get through a full hour, and it had the side-effect of putting on a very humiliating and very exciting show for any witnesses present. David confirmed this for me in the after-action report, though I well knew it at the time.

David came back to me, reached down for my panties, and pulled them back up to cover my ass. He informed me my hour was complete.

A FULL HOUR of nose-in-corner corner-time is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS as a punishment. I found myself crying towards the end, not from the pain as much from the frustration. I had no time reference at all for most of it. I'm definitely keeping it for the book. For spanking fetishists, while it's a complex interplay, the punishments need to meet their kinks but be sufficiently punishing that they seek to avoid future ones. 

I breathed a sigh of relief and exited the corner. I immediately reached for the insides of my thighs and rubbed gently. I rubbed all over next, everywhere that damnable brush had basted me. Those front inner creases of my thighs were the most tender. I rubbed at both, conscious of rubbing the sides of my pussy lips through my panties as I did so. I tenderly reached behind and rubbed into my ass crack under my panties.

"cold cream?" I asked "Sue" piteously. It was in the book.

"I have to leave now, sweetheart. Perhaps we can ask David to apply it?"


"Sue" tugged my panties up the crease of my ass and said, "Chrissie will show you where we keep it. Rub it in all over where she says it hurts. You won't need to lower her panties. And watch where those fingers go, young man. Don't get fresh with my wife."

David then transitioned into... David! 18-year-old David that is.

I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I handed him the "cold cream" (a bottle of Jergens moisturizer) I put a pillow on the bed and draped myself over it. I then slipped my fingers into the waistband of my panties, raised my ass and peeled them right off.

"You can't get in there properly with my panties on. Don't tell Sue, ok? And don't touch my pussy or my asshole or you'll be in trouble."

What a show for the young man!

David did a wonderful job of rubbing the lotion into me. It hurt as he applied it, my skin was that sensitive, but it was immediately cooling and soothing. I encouraged him to go into all the inner crevices. Every time he even got so close as brushing my pussy or my asshole I would scold him.

After a very thorough rub-down, my actual David had a boner as giant as I imagined a horny 18-year-old's would be!

Chrissie had David take off his pants and I gave him a handjob, roleplaying that I was an "expert" because of my years of experience being a massage-parlour girl. Expert or not, he eventually came gangbusters all over himself due to my ministrations. To encourage him along, I took off my top and let him play with my breasts during his handjob. He touched them gingerly.

I told him he could be rough with them, as that's how I imagined Chrissie would like it. I then dangled my bare breasts over his face and rubbed my erect nipple over his mouth. I told him to latch on and suck, which he did with a vengeance as I completed his handjob.

Word to the wise, don't leave your tit in a guy's mouth as he explodes from a handjob. He sucked the fuck out of it. Painful! Chrisssie would have liked it, though.

We waited for a couple of days to turn the tables. Now it was David's turn to experience most everything I had. This spanking was given by his Aunty Sue in the living room with Chrissie out of the house for most of it. We started the roleplay with Aunty Sue calling David over and confronting him about some displaced items in the bedroom (he had been snooping).

I had already written this scene as a book chapter, and David had done a good job studying it. Of course we ad-libbed the dialog, which gave me some great fodder for a re-write. In David's presence I "called" Chrissie on the phone to let her know what happened re. the bedroom, David's admission to being a curious spanko, and his request to enter into the same type of domestic discipline arrangement as the two of us had in order to improve his schoolwork. Chrissie agreed. Then I asked her permission to let my sister in on our domestic discipline arrangement, as I felt I had to consult with her if I was to spank her son, even though he was "of age" at 18-years-old.

When David heard this he begged me that I didn't have to ask his Mom! But I was adamant. So next thing I did was call his Mom and explain the entire situation to her. I told David his Mom wanted to speak with him, and David ad-libbed a just precious one-sided conversation with his Mom. I took the phone and we "confirmed" that I had her permission to proceed.

"Take your socks, pants, and shirt off and put them over there, neatly folded."

David did that, feigning acute embarrassment. I could already see his undies were tented, despite his hands covering it up. David had worn traditional tighty-whities for this scene, as did book-David.

They look so ridiculous on a man facing a fully-clothed, mature woman. I told him to stop touching himself and put his hands at his sides. He pealed his hands away and his "tent" became fully visible.

"So I see you really are a spanking fetishist."

I left him standing there as I got up to go fetch the hairbrush. I came back and sat on the Ottoman and told him to get across my knee.

The Ottoman is a little too narrow to support both knees and chest, so David had to angle himself a bit, with my legs matching that, so that his toes were on the ground, his chest was partly on the Ottoman, his right hand was on the ground, and his left hand was a bit behind me on the Ottoman.

I began with light warm-up hand spanks over his undies and a bit down the backs and insides of his legs. After each little spank, David vocalized an "ooh! ooh! ooh!" as if he was a newbie spankee.

I scolded him for the invasion of privacy and I pulled down his undies to his knees.

"No Aunty, please not on the bare!" he whined.

"All your spankings will be on your bare bottom, young man, and here in the living room, and I won't care who is here to see them, Chrissie or anybody else."

"Ohhhhh!" he moaned at that thought.

I continued peppering his ass with hand spanks, and went to part his cheeks and pepper the insides of his bum crack to which he responded, "No Aunty, Please! Not there! Please!"

"Is this embarrassing for you?"


"Good! It's meant to be."

This kind of emerged from our roleplay: the hyper-embarrassing everything on-display every square inch hairbrushing, with Sue's concept that spankings were given in the public living room (for David at least) regardless of who was there to see it. OCD Sue didn't care. She was doing her job.

I put him over one leg and had him spread his legs widely, then I continued his hand spanking up and down the insides of his thighs, going quite high, though not all the way into the crease just yet.

I deliberately "accidentally" grazed his testicles as I spanked his high inner thighs. Those grazes hurt him and I got a real reaction each time. "Those are so much in the way!" I scolded, mad at him for having me, a mature lesbian woman, have to deal with male testicles of all things.

I had him stand as I wanted to move him back to the original position to begin his hairbrush spanking. He stood, hiding his erect penis. I swatted at his hands and repeated that he is not to touch himself in my presence.

"That is disgusting!" I told him. "Erect. Engorged with blood. Straining towards the ceiling. Is it twitching? My God! Have you no shame?"

"Sorry Aunty Sue..."

"Get that ridiculous thing across my lap!"

He bent over and lowered himself carefully, arranging his penis between my legs. I took up the hairbrush and began spanking his ass with a vengeance. While he was perhaps not quite as loud as I was, he was pretty loud all the same. I visited all up and down the backs of his legs. I had of course done this before, but never so thoroughly, never so completely, never so intent on covering every last square inch as I did this time. Nor did I hold back, but gave him full strokes normally reserved for his ass. Oh, he felt those! We needed to be realistic to the book.

During this part of his spanking his left arm clutched at my waist and his right clutched at my ankle as he very frantically writhed across my leg and cried out like a little banshee.

I re-positioned him to the spread leg position, and made him spread wide, wide, wide. I pulled his cheeks apart and belabored the insides of his butt crack. I then took the hairbrush to the insides of his thighs. I had more difficulty doing this to him then he did to me, especially the far leg, so I made him stand, face the Ottoman, and bend over so his elbows and head were on the seat. I had him spread his legs widely and made him maintain himself on his tip-toes. I then did a much more satisfactory job of hairbrushing his inner thighs.

The fact that it was not as practical for me to keep him across the knee as it was for him emerged from this roleplay. Arm length versus leg length maybe? The increased weight? The awkwardness of the left handed spanks at this range? I would be re-writing the scene to have him bend over for realism.

He danced wildly as the hairbrush connected again and again on his sensitive inner thighs.  I had to keep reminding him to stay up on his toes or it just keeps going. As his ass bucked and gyrated, and as he stepped from one tip-toe to the other, his testicles and penis danced a very merry jig all over the place dangling between his widely spread legs.

This time I got right up to the crease. With as much "distate" as I could muster, I impatiently used one hand to push his penis and testicles to the side to allow me to get a good swing into the inner crease area.

"I certainly don't have to do this with Chrissie," I said, referring to having to move his genitals out of the way.

I repeated on the other side.

I made him get on the Ottoman on his spread knees, with his elbows and head still all the way down, and told him to arch his ass back up at me. I used this positioning to part his cheeks and more effectively crouch between his legs and thoroughly spank up and down the inner crack once again. I reached around from the front, pulled his testicles out of the way, and spanked his taint area.

I then had him stand and face outwards towards the room. His penis was only semi-erect, though even that much of an erection was surprising to me based on the amount of crying, begging, and carrying on I had just heard. I made him spread his legs enough to be able to get to the insides a bit as well, and put him on his tip-toes (part of Sue's "thing"). I stood beside him, encircled his waist with one arm, and then used the hairbrush to thoroughly spank the fronts and inside fronts of his legs.

How embarrassing for a young man to be standing on his tip-toes completely naked and have the fronts of his thighs hairbrush-spanked by a woman. He could not stay still either, and his semi-erect and fully exposed genitals flopped around wildly during this phase of his punishments. And of course, as Sue, this "level 1" hairbrush spanking would be 100% unaltered, even with witnesses, so that was something for young David to look forward to. I planned later for David to get this spanking in front of his Mom, oh my!

Still reaching around, I put his testicles in the palm of my hand and pulled up sharply, getting him up even higher on his tip-toes. With those out of the way, I spanked his high inner thighs and his taint area from the front.

"Now, into the corner!" I said, and pulled him by his ear and placed him naked into the corner. I positioned him the same way he had positioned me, and gave him the same instructions and admonitions.

His ass and legs were gloriously colored. There was definite bruising on his inner thighs.

From his corner all he said was "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" howling from the pain he felt.

"Serves you right," I said, "invading Chrissie's and my privacy like that."

I "phoned" Chrissie and let her know the deed was done. I ascertained she was five minutes out. I told her not to be surprised to see one very thoroughly hairbrush-spanked young man standing naked with his nose in the corner when she entered. I told her he would need the cold cream after his timeout, and asked if she would apply it as I did not think it was proper for me to do so.

I left David there for some five minutes. He was a good boy, and did not move beyond the parameters I gave him. I got to see the exciting little fanny dance show this time.

"Sue" left and "Chrissie" entered the house. Sue told David his time was up.

"Oh no!" I said, now taking on the Chrissie role. "Just look at you! Sue is very thorough, isn't she? Ha ha!"

He came out of the corner and began rubbing all over his ass and legs as I had done. I grinned as his now re-erected penis waved in the air.

"I can see that you're happy to see me!" I said.

"Let's get you to the bedroom and get this cold cream rubbed in," I told him. He followed me like a little lamb. I gently rubbed the Jergens into him. Of course, I felt free to roam over his asshole, penis, and testicles, and received no complaints. I turned him face up, and lotioned the fronts and high insides of his thighs, which were genuinely bruised. I told him he should take care of that erection, and guided his hand there. I stripped my clothes off, including my panties, sat on his face, and made him lick my pussy. I then made him lick out my asshole.

I told him not to tell Sue, or we wouldn't be able to do this again.

As I Hitachied my pussy and came violently within a few seconds. David was not much behind me, and spurted soon after. Not quite the volume and ejaculatory force of an 18-year-old, but I'll exaggerate in the book to make up for it!

So that was our research session for the book. I'm so glad I did it as it was so inspiring for a re-write which will really improve the realism of the depiction. It's also nice to have a shared project like this with David to give renewed impetus to our kinky lives!

Saturday, April 16

The Rona Got Me!

Yikes. What a miserable week that was. The Rona finally caught up to me. Happy to say I'm out the other end of it and feeling my old friskiness returning!

I'm pretty sure I caught it while travelling. I had to go away for 2 nights to the states on a very stupid and totally avoidable business trip (but not optional for me). Five days later (last Monday night) feeling mild symptoms. Got worse overnight. Tested myself with a rapid antigen Tuesday morning and popped positive. David was out so I texted him to let him know. Worked most of the day from home and called it quits at around 3pm and went to bed. I set up in the guest room where I could quarantine myself a bit better and went to sleep.

That night was the worst. Splitting headache and terrible body aches. I did a lot of extra strength acitaminophen and was in and out of a hot bath, both of which eased things.

Wednesday was no picnic either but it felt like it was improving though I still had body aches and was super, super tired. At no point did I have a temperature.

Every day I was sick I forced myself to dress and go out for a walk regardless of how I felt. I think being bedridden often makes you sicker.

I thought it was going to be done by Thursday morning, but it just entered a new phase where I got one of the nastier sore throats of my life (had similar once before). So bad it was super painful to swallow. But I forced myself through the pain to drink water to keep hydrated. Still had mild headache, body aches, and tiredness as well. Plus started up with a cough and phlegmy throat. Daddy always told me to cough it up and spit it out to get it out of my system, so I did that into a spitty cup. Filled a full 8oz cup every couple of hours (gross!).

David went out to the pharmacy and got me a variety of sore throat medecines. Lozenges were lemony-tasty but pretty short-lived on the sore throat relief. The spray down the throat did a better job of numbing it, but only gave about 5 minutes of real relief. The best was the extra strength Benylin syrup. So disgusting tasting I almost cried every time I went for a dose (which was two teaspoon fulls). It has this menthol which really coated and numbed my throat for a good half hour which allowed me to rehydrate entire cups at once. Plus it has a cough expectorant, guaifenesin, which seemed to loosen up the phlegm and made it less painful and easier to cough it up, which was really beneficial.

Friday morning was a bit better, but Thursday night I barely got any sleep so I was super sleepy all day.

Friday evening I was finally starting to feel better. Mild sore throat, body aches were gone, headache was gone, mild occasional cough, much less phlegm. I actually felt hungry for the first time since Tuesday and David ordered us my favourite pizza pie. I only had one slice. It tasted great, but I did not want to overdo it. I had lost 5 pounds from the not eating and the dehydration along the way.

Friday night I got some decent sleep. Went to bed pretty early and woke up at 3am. Felt like I now had more of a head cold. Sinus stuff. Took more Benylin (yuck!) and felt better and went back to sleep.

Woke up this morning (Saturday) feeling very much myself again. Actually got dressed and started doing productive things.

While I was ill and in bed I tried to distract myself by making up scenarios in my head for my new book, but that was pointless. I had zero interest in anything kinky at all. It was all I could do to even hit publish on my blog comments, much less reply. It was the first time since forever that I had no interest in kink at all. That was scary!

This morning I finally felt well enough to respond to long languishing comments (sorry!). As I did I started feeling that familiar tingling in miss puss puss. She's back! Yay! Yay! Hurray!

David was great throughout my illness. I kept telling him to keep his distance but he ignored. He tucked me in and gave me kisses and cuddles. He rubbed my back and my bum to make me feel better. I love having my bum rubbed. Even when there was absolutely zero kinky/sexual interest, I still loved having my bare bum rubbed by him. He got me anything and everything I wanted (which was not much, I admit). Fingers crossed, he's still healthy as a horse!

So, that was my experience with the Rona so far. The tiredness is gone and the cold symptoms are fading fast.

It's likely the Omicron BA2 that I caught, as it's going around a lot. If this is the mild one, thank goodness I did not experience the Delta! This one was on par with the worst cold/flu I got as an adult (though not worse). I can easily see that if an old, or weak, or medically compromised person were to get what I got, it could be a really bad outcome. I also understand that if you're overweight, with a lot of excess fat cells, your own immune system can overreact and cause real damage. I keep myself in good shape, am not that old, have been taking supplements for my immune system, and have a positive outlook, so I think I was well prepared.

Throughout, it was in the back of my mind that it could get into my lungs and damage them and potentially kill me. But objectively, the infection fatality rate for people my age has been estimated to be around 0.008% (reference). To put that in perspective, put 12,500 people in a big stadium with me all around my age (some sickly, some fat, whatever), give them all Omicron, ONE of us will die of it. I felt I had a pretty good chance of coming out ok.

If you're older or otherwise compromised, please stay extra vigilant until this things blows over!

Monday, April 11

Writing, writing, writing...

I'm writing away on my new book, "David's Spankings" as I first explained in New Book Concept, and I'm pretty sure that means my blog content will slow down for a while. That's certainly what happened when I wrote my other books, so I apologize in advance, but we will get a new book out of it, so there's that!

I was rummaging through some more iconic photos of myself that I've posted over the years, and thought this would be nice for a cover:

David's Spankings

A young man's journey into domestic discipline at the hands of his aunt and her submissive lesbian life-partner

Kind of captures the mood of the "Sue" character. I needed a clothed one, to pass muster on amazon I think. And I think it's better to have a strict woman on the cover rather than a subby guy. Everybody likes looking at a woman more. Sorry guys! What do you think?

I was asked in the comments by sterny why not narrate it from the point of view of Aunty Sue. As it is, I've been writing from the POV of the David character and enjoying it a lot.

I made David's age be 18 years old. Keeps me out of trouble with the law; it is the typical age to start attending University; and it unleashes the possibility of sexual relations with older women. The Aunt Sue character is 3 years older than David's mother. So if she gave birth at a young but reasonable age 24, that would make Sue 45, which is a close match to my real-life sister Sue who inspires my character.

I then had to pick an age for the lesbian wife Chrissie. My Sue does tend to date younger women, and I based this character a bit on one of Sue's freakier girlfriends, whom I called "Trina" for the purposes of this blog (is her real name Chrissie? You may never know!). You can read about Trina in Breaking News!!!! when Sue announced a young woman was moving in with her, and that's how she came out to the family as a confirmed lesbian. Trina was mid-twenties, and more experienced as a sub than I was as a Domme at the time. I'll borrow a lot of Trina for the Chrissie character. Her past, her experiences, her attitude, her looks. I figure it makes the book way more realistic if I piece together people I know to create my characters. Trina wanted cock from time-to-time, and we gave her a bit of David's to feast on, and spanked them both for it. So, perfect, right?

I guess by default I'll be David's Mom in the book. I mean, when I spank him he is my little boy, and we have played "Mommy". I'll be a kind of pre-spanking me. I think David's Mom will likely be introduced to spanking in the book, from both ends, perhaps? Won't it be embarrassing for David to be spanked by his Mom for the first time under Sue's guidance? And won't it be super, super embarrassing if Sue were to spank David's Mom in front of him!?! A bare naked, legs kicking, mouth howling, spanking? Sue always wanted to do that to her little sister (it's so true also!).

I've been really enjoying (more than I ought to be) writing in the voice and the head of an eighteen-year-old secret spanko boy exposed to his Aunts' kinks. It's the same pleasure I feel when I don a strap-on and stroke my big hard "cock". I love the gender bending in my head! (I guess I'm "non-binary", eh?).

Of course, I need to keep it real and what do I know about what goes on in the mind of an eighteen-year-old spanko boy? Fair amount as it turns out, as my David was that boy, and he's acting as my proof-reader on the book. He's calling me out when I do or think something "out of character", and makes suggestions for what would be "in character" in any given situation.  So I feel I have the best of both worlds. I have a better developed kinky imagination than David and can drop the David character into amazing situations, and then David can tell me how he would have reacted (and how he did react to similar situations, later in life). It makes us closer to collaborate like this, and I am actually still learning things about him and his kink, all these years later.

David and I have also agreed that we will act out any and every punishment doled out in the book from both sides. So I can experience both the giving and the receiving. For example, if there are going to be ginger roots up the butt in the book, we will both get ginger roots up our butts and talk about it. And no matter how severe a spanking there will be, I will be on the receiving end of it, and the giving end as well. We call it "research" ;-)