Thursday, August 27

Husband Severely Switched by Trainer

My husband got himself severely switched by his trainer the other day. This is what led up to it.

We had just spent a week of pseudo-vacation at the summer cabin. There were lots of other people around and so we could not play much. But I did take him into the woods on the last day, just he and I, for a little "walk".

When we were some ways off the dirt road into the forest I made him strip bare naked. I'm totally dressed with my hiking shoes, jeans, T-shirt, and he is totally bare as a little bunny. He was very nervous to be doing this for fear of discovery. I stood there just watching him as he squirmed, saying nothing. My arms were crossed, my foot was up on a fallen tree, and my bare naked hubby had to just stand there.

I told him I thought he was looking a little fat. He had not been weighing himself as we did not have a scale at the cabin. And he had been definitely over eating and over drinking during vacation time. And he was missing his exercising. So he had obviously put on some extra fat. I told him that when we returned to the city, and he had his first exercise session with her, I would have Mags punish him for his weight gain.

I handed him a knife I had brought with me and told him to cut me five switches. I would have Mags wear out one switch on his ass for every pound he had put on while on vacation. I judged five would be enough.

He protested a little. A token protest. He said Mags would tear up his ass if given a chance like this! I agreed with him, and told him to go cut the switches, and to make them good ones or I'd switch him naked all the way back to the road.

He went rummaging through the smaller trees and saplings. He cut several off and stripped them of their twigs and leaves, any little knobs, and some of the bark. He came back (still all bare naked) and handed them to me for inspection. I swished each in the air a few times and told him they would do. Except for one which broke when I swished it. He had to go back and get me two more. One potentially for Mags, and the other for me to use. They were both adequate.

I made him pick up his clothes and shoes, and five of the switches and carry them in front of his chest. I told him to start walking, slowly, back towards the road. He had to pick his way carefully through the woods without his shoes on. As he walked I switched his legs and bum. I switched him mainly on the backs of his legs, but gave him a few to the fronts of his legs and to his cock and balls. I did not switch him very hard however, as I did not want to have to explain any marks.

When we were in sight of the road he paused. I switched his ass several times as he was stopped there and told him to keep going as we had not reached the dirt road yet. He looked at me pleadingly, but then set off on the final bit towards the road, checking furtively that nobody was around. Luckily there were no cars or random passersby. I threw the switch I had used (but definitely not used up) back into the woods and allowed him to dress by the side of the road (after he had stood both feet on the road and received his final switching to his ass - I had told him I would switch him bare right back to the road and I had meant it!).

When we got got back to the city, he weighed himself next morning. THREE pounds he had gained!!! Three pounds, three switches. I chose the three nicest switches and put them in a flower vase filled with water in the gym to keep them fresh and swishy.

I was not there during his session as I was catching up on work at the office. But I had emailed Mags my instructions. I told her he needed to be punished by her for his weight gain. She was to do his exercise session as usual, but for his between set spankings she was to use the switches. Her goal was to use up all three switches. Use them until they each broke. If they broke earlier than the end, she should use the belt. If they were not all broken by the end, she should keep switching him until all three were well used up.

david told me after that the session was excruciating. In her cruel hands the switches burned like fire across his ass. He reported that the lightest switch hurt the most, and despite how thin, whippy, and light it was, it seemed to cause a bruising pain deep into his ass along with the fiery surface pain.

She timed it well, and used the switches fiercely. By the end she was on her last switch. When normally the session would be over, she had him remove his pants and panties entirely, lie across the exercise ball, and switched him as fast and viciously as she could, telling him that she was continuing until that last switch was used up also.

She left the three used up switches down there for my inspection. I arranged them on the floor and took a photo for the blog.

The worst one was the one in the middle. Very fresh, very light, very whippy. She kept going until she had broken it in three places (it got shorter and shorter). Seeing the state of his ass, she used the others only until their first break.

She was so impressed with her work that she made david give her his phone and she took several pictures of his ass. I picked the best and emailed it to myself before deleting them from his phone.

My husband's butt after his punishment from Mags: a good old-fashioned three switch switching.

What do you think? Will he think twice before overindulging on our next vacation?
(And, by the way, don't you gals just want to strap-it-on and fuck that whipped ass until well-past the point he's begging you to stop through his ball gag? Or is that just me?)

Saturday, August 22

Saturday, August 15

Summertime - Wandering Eyes - Hot Bottom!

It's definitely summertime here in Canada, creating more challenges for boys to keep their eyes in their own heads. I was in the car with my husband driving downtown. We were stopped at a streetlight and a young woman showing a lot of cleavage was crossing in front of us.

It was not actually Megan Fox,
But same idea.

david's eyes zeroed in on her breasts, and his head turned following them. She crossed in front of us, past the other lane, and turned left on the opposite sidewalk. My husband's head followed her entire progress. The light turned green but he was still looking. He got a honk from the car behind, and abruptly looked forward and started driving.

"Really?" I said.

"Oh. ha ha. sorry..." he said, rather sheepishly.

"Oh I am going to scene your little ass so bad for that," I said "you just wait until I get you home!"

I was smiling and having fun with him, but he also knew that he was 'gonna catch it!

"It can't be tonight," he said, "Mags is coming at 7".

How nice! I had forgotten. A lucky coincidence for sure. "Oh it sure can be tonight," I said. "I'm sure Mags would love to see me whip your ass for that."

"Awwww.... honey!" he said.

"Mags will see how I deal with my boy tonight, and she can train you afterwards."

"But honey, she spanks so hard herself," he whined, "my butt won't be able to take it from the both of you..."

I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. His penis was hard. "Not my problem." I said with a smirk.

We both had the rest of the car ride home to contemplate david's comeuppance in front of Mags. I exhorted david to concentrate on his driving, though!

So what do I really think about him blatantly ogling another woman's body like that? I must confess to being a bit in the "boys will be boys" camp as far as that goes, and actually take some pleasure in dangling candy in front of the boys and then not letting them have any. On the other hand, I'm certainly not going to miss a chance for a "genuine" domestic scene handed up to me on a silver platter with his trainer in the mix to boot!

For the record, I believe ladies have every right in the world to dress however they wish. Boys, and especially older men for goodness sake, need to be respectful. They are not to "perv out" on it and make girls feel uncomfortable. We know we have an effect on you boys. But if your head turns, your jaw drops, and your eyes bug out of your head? So not cool.

And, no, it's not a "compliment" that men stare. Depending on the girl it can be very unwelcome and uncomfortable. I'm self assured enough myself that it doesn't phase me, and besides, I rarely dress so provocatively as to draw the lewder stares. However, for a less self-assured younger woman (and often provocative dress is a sign of it), an older teen perhaps, it can be a bit scary and gross. Kind of like an eye-raping.

Oh, and I can hear some of you boys now: "Well, if they don't want to be eye-raped they shouldn't dress like that!" Now take out the word "eye" from that sentence and tell me if it's still ok? Of course it's not! Ladies should dress exactly as they please, and males should control their behaviour.

But it's actually not the sort of thing I care about that much in the bigger scheme of things, so therefore it's perfect fodder for a "real life" punishment scene.

And I thought it very fortuitous that Mags would be there. I had not yet given david what I consider to be a "real punishment" in front of Mags, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Mags is not fully clued in on the nature of my relationship with my husband. She does not know if his discipline from me is "for real" or "for play" (it's definitely the latter). I have kept it deliberately vague for her. So when I pretend to punish him "for real", she most likely will take that at least somewhat at face value. How emasculating for poor david having another young woman honestly believe that he is subject to his wife's discipline as if he were a child. "Pussy whipped" they call it. Oh yes. He would be getting a "pussy whipping" indeed!

I also thought Mags would feel some sense of satisfaction seeing an older man punished for this particular offence. As an attractive younger woman herself with fetching cleavage, I'm sure she's had her fair share of pervy older dudes openly stare at her breasts.

For my part I was determined to play my role perfectly. Neither he nor Mags would get any hint at all from my speech and behaviour that I was not genuinely angry with him and punishing him for it, for real. david knows it's a scene, of course, but part of our fun is that we both act as if it is not.

It was also good timing from another couple of points of view. I had recently posted a blog article Corner Time! so I had been refreshing my views on making that punishment as effective as can be. I was also researching bra punishment for an upcoming blog post. Brassièring as a form of discipline. I received an education from Emily Masters' website, brassiered, where she shares her views and e-book.

a complete guide to
brassière discipline

Emily has an interesting take on bra discipline. More subtle. Very elegant. Very subtly humiliating. Designed to curb a man's behavior almost willingly. She suggests coaxing a man into a bra by first getting him into chastity, and then tying his sexual release to his willingness to wear his bra, with the goal of eventually having him docile and brassièred 24x7. Punishment then means being locked into a more uncomfortable brassière, or a brassière that's harder to hide when out at work, or having to wear very large DDD breast forms under his brassière around the house or for chores, or even inviting other (trustworthy) women such as best-friends or female relations to be made aware of his brassière training. Lovely material, whether true or just lovely fantasy. And of course, one obvious application of brassière discipline is pointed out by Emily herself as follows.
  • a husband who ogles other women's chests 
    should be given breasts that are undeniably feminine, to understand what it is like to have his chest stared at.
That punishment would certainly fit this particular crime!

So as I was plotting the scene out in my mind in the car ride home all of this got me thinking about his bra and inserts, the fact that Mags had not yet seen him in his bra, and the fact that this is something that david is so genuinely humiliated to do. I had been teasing him about making him wear his bra for Mags, and he has told me not to (for real), as in "No, Julie. Absolutely not."

Of course, I respect david's boundaries when scening him, but I guess we have a difference of opinion whether we consider something like this to count as a "hard limit" or not. Unlike, say, getting fucked in the ass by a guy, for example. So despite his objections I was of the opinion that it was fully within my purview to do this to him. And in such matters of judgement, I am Queen [I am wondering, do any of my readers disagree?]

As a result of all this, I was thinking along the lines that a shameful brassièring in front of his young trainer would be a fitting punishment for staring at that woman's breasts. I'm tempted to say "a good old fashioned brassièring" but I doubt it ever was the fashion! I wondered how he would react when I would drop that bomb on him.

We got home an hour before Mags was due to arrive. As soon as we got in the door I told david to change into panties and bra for his punishment and to stand in the corner until Mags arrived.

"No... not the bra!" he argued. Oh yes!

"You liked staring at that woman's tits. Now Mags and I will stare at yours."

"No! It's not cool," he persisted.

"david, this is my call. This is NOT a hard boundary. Other women have seen you in a bra. Why not Mags?"

"Because it's so embarrassing!" he pleaded, clearly weakening. "And it'll freak her out!"

"It's meant to be embarrassing," I told him. "and it will certainly not freak her out. Now do as you're told. You have no say in this." I was emphatic.

david grumbled but acquiesced. It was settled. For his lewd behaviour in the car he would indeed be receiving emasculating bra discipline in front of Mags. Besides, who's kidding whom? He knew it was inevitable that he would be winding up in a bra in front of Mags sooner or later. It was just a matter of time. But I do so enjoy his little rebellions!

david shuffled reluctantly upstairs and a few minutes later arrived back downstairs in his pink panty and pink bra with clear silicone inserts fully in place filling him out to a B or even C cup.

"You look darling!" I complimented him. "Mags will love it."

I took him into the living room and put him against the wall. I went away to fetch a pair of wrist restraints, his ball gag, and a small Post-It note with the sticky part folded over. I came back and asked for his wrists which I proceeded to cuff and then fasten behind his back. I then slipped the ball gag onto him and tightened it down uncomfortably hard. I grabbed him by the back of the hair, pulled his head a little away from the wall, slipped the Post-It note between his nose and the wall, and gently pushed him back. I told him he was to stay there until Mags arrived and God help him if the Post-It note was on the floor or his punishment from me would be doubled, and he would still have his training to go.

I went about my business while david struggled to hold position and stewed about being seen for the first time in his bra by Mags. Mags was due to arrive in 45 minutes, but she was frequently a bit late owing to her work schedule. He might therefore be required to remain for up to an hour being disciplined in this manner.

Mags was about 10 minutes late, so he must have been standing there just under an hour when we heard the doorbell ring. I went to open it myself as david was otherwise occupied. Despite being humiliatingly brassièred I'm sure he welcomed the physical relief the long awaited doorbell ushered in, and the "can we just get it over with" mental relief as well. I showed Mags into the living room where david was being punished.

"Oh dear!" She said. "What's he doing? Is that a bra he has on?" First thing she noticed.

"Yes, a very pretty bra holding up a pair of nice plump breasts," I said. "david's in the doghouse and is being punished for real. No joke this time. He's been standing there for about an hour already. And you seeing him in his bra, and seeing what happens to him next, is part of his punishment, if you're willing to stay and watch that is. You can train him right after I'm done with him. Is that ok?"

"Sure. No problem." She said. "What did he do?"

"We were driving in the car," I answered, "a woman walked by and he very obviously stared at her breasts. I mean, he positively gawked at them. She might even have seen him doing it out of the corner of her eye. The car behind had to honk at him to get him moving!"

"Oh My God." She said. "With you right there in the car?"

"Yes, with me right there." I answered.

"What was he thinking?" She asked rhetorically.

Yes, what indeed was he thinking?

I picked up the belt and told david to come out from the wall and stand facing me. He was very red faced. Bra and panties. Ball gag. Hands restrained behind his back. Sore and stiff from his disciplining so far. He could see me holding the belt, his further instrument of correction, in my hand. Mags had taken a seat on the couch when I called him out of the corner, and was looking on with a distinct smirk on her face.

By lill josephine to my exacting specifications. She did such a good job this time
because I made her stand for 30 minutes in the corner for her shoddy previous attempt.
See her Corner Time post.

The scene was almost exactly (uncannily in fact) like the sketch above. Our outfits are bang on and our relative positions as well. I think my little sketch slut outdid herself this time. david was positively squirming in embarrassment as we ogled his tits the way he did that woman in the streets.

I started in on the "scolding" phase. This is part of david's fantasy always, to be "well scolded" by me before his spanking. How wonderfully humiliating for him to have to stand there like that, subject to the full bra and panty treatment, unable to say a word or raise a hand, and be scolded by me in front of Mags. And what's worse, knowing he is about to be severely spanked by me, his own wife, while another woman looks on, across the seat of his panties with a man's belt no less.

I laid into him over his behaviour in the car. Saying how disrespectful it was to both the young lady and to me. I told him he had the ball gag in because I was absolutely not interested in hearing any of his lame excuses. I told him he was in his bra and inserts in front of Mags so he could learn what it was like to have breasts and be gawked out.

"Do you like his tits?" I asked Mags.

"Oh, they're lovely." She said.

"Nice and firm and big," I said as I squeezed one in my hand. "How do you like having your big tits stared at?" I asked him.

"Mmmmph" he mumbled into his gag.

I thought I'd scare him a bit more. I told him I was very concerned over his hyper-sexualized behaviour towards woman. I asked him if he thought he needed to be put into chastity, into a cock cage, to learn to control himself? He vigorously shook his head "no, no, no!" (he has a fear of that device!).

"I don't know, what do you think, Mags?" I asked her.

"Maybe it's the only thing that will work." Said Mags, playing along. She evidently knew what a cock cage was.

"Is that what you want, david? For me to put you into chastity? To have me have to walk around with a little key around my neck? For you to have to beg me every time you want to masturbate? Is that what you want?"

david again shook his head "no no no" making matching pitiful noises through his ball gag.

"Fine. Not this time then. But if I catch you doing this again you will find yourself right back here, I will pull down your panties and I will put you into a cock cage right in front of Mags. How humiliating would that be for me? To have Mags know that my husband has to be kept in a cock cage to control his behaviour in public. And believe me, if I put you in it you won't be out of it for a very long time, mister. A very long time. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

"Hmmmm! Hmmmm!" said david, nodding his head up and down..

"And don't think you're getting off Scot free this time either. You will go across the back of that couch, and I will sizzle your rear-end with my belt. Do you hear me? I will SIZZLE IT! Now MOVE!"

With that, david practically ran over to the back of the couch and lowered himself over it. Mags moved to the side to make room for him. With his hands tied, he went far over until his forehead touched the seat and his feet dangled in the air. It looked quite uncomfortable for him but presented his ass and upper thighs perfectly for heavy downwards strokes of the strap. He was also not going anywhere until either Mags or I helped him up, which was not for a while yet.

I was a bit worried about the stability of the position, so I asked Mags to stay seated on the couch and push his bound arms against his lower back to hold him in place for his belting and to prevent him from reaching back and covering his ass.

"This is for staring at woman's breasts in the street. I've punished you for things like this before. Now you're really going to get it!" I told him.

With that I whipped the doubled up heavy brown leather belt hard against his pantied ass. The end of the belt perfectly connected with the low center of his far ass cheek right at the lace leggings with a loud CRACK. david shrieked in pain from behind his ball gag. Mags eyes looked excited! I remember having the thought at that moment wondering if I could tear up his little panties with that belt.

Why did I let him keep his panties? Oh, he would be losing them soon enough, and they really did nothing to protect him from that heavy belt anyways, especially as most of the skin around his sit spots and thighs was bare at any rate. But I just like "the concept" of spanking the seat of his panties and only later pulling them down to reveal the extent of the damage.

Now, about belts. For those of you who don't realize it, there's a real difference in belts. Some belts are quite light and have a more whippy effect, others are heavier and have a more thud-like effect. This belt was one I found in a store that was advertised as a "heavy-duty men's belt". I bought it specifically for the purpose to which it was now being put. This is a belt made for punishing errant husbands, no two ways about it.

I gave him twenty hard strokes like that. Some to the seat of his panties, some down lower on the bare skin of his low ass and upper thighs, some aimed across both cheeks, some concentrating more on the near cheek, some deliberately "wrapped around" to his far flank or into his crack a bit. Each stroke was met with a muffled shriek. There were vivid marks and weals wherever bare skin was exposed. I was hitting him hard enough that it was an effort for me. To make it convincing for Mags I knew I had to step it up like this.

Half way through he was begging and saying "I'm sorry!" and "Please!" through the ball gag. I think there was no doubt left that this was for sure a "real" punishment session for david. Fully witnessed as well. Despite the pain and humiliation, it is what he craves and needs. Mags was clearly excited by it. As he was carrying on the most at one point she said "won't be doing that again, will you?" As per her temperament, she showed absolutely zero remorse for him as he was being wife-beaten like this for his sins.

After his first twenty I paused and walked over up to him. I pulled his panty down to have a look at his bare ass. It was already well marked and would be bruising. I asked Mags what she thought. She thought I was doing a great job and she doubted he would be staring at girl's in the street after this.

I left his panty down and concentrated another dozen zingers across the middle of his bare ass. The center of his ass took on a solid dusky hue with all the belt strokes intermingling there. Vivid rectangular marks, angry red and starting to bruise, radiated outwards from that.

I removed his panty entirely off his legs and told him to spread. His legs were shaking as he spread them.  I finished him up by standing directly behind him and bringing the belt down vertically along his ass crack.

Delivering a good whipping to the crack.
Christine Justice in "Domestic Discipline" (c) 2005 Shadow Lane Video

I tried to to get as far "inside" as I could by angling the belt slightly as it came down. His legs kicked in the air like a little dancer. I had to warn him to keep his legs spread as they had a tendency to almost involuntarily come back together after each of these strokes. I did not blame him for this. Those legs can have a mind of their own during an intense belt whipping session.

I think these vertically placed strokes are very very punishing, smacking down with such force on such tender "inner cheek and thigh" skin. I can tell he's near his limit when he mutters "oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no" into his ball gag anticipating the next stroke.

Ladies, in case you want to try these vertical strokes at home, you need good aim to steer clear of his balls and asshole, neither of which you want to tear up with a belt this heavy. As well, when playing with a ball gag you still need a safeword. For us it's saying "red red red", three short distinct grunts whose pattern and tone we practiced long ago. Was not required this time.

In total he had received about 50 strokes of the heavy leather belt, none of them light. He was breathing very heavily through his nose. I picked up his panties and pulled them back up his sore legs and ass. Mags and I helped him to his feet.There was considerable watering of his eyes, snot, and saliva around the ball gag, and he was sweating profusely. The ball gag and awkward "ass high" position definitely adds to the punishment aspects.

As he stood there, still bound and gagged, he squirmed on the spot, trying to alleviate some of the thigh, bum, and crack pain he was feeling. When I examined him later that evening, some of the worst bruising was on his inner cheeks nearest his crack and surrounding his asshole. Those were particularly painful for him next day, whether moving or sitting.

I unfastened his gag and pulled it off. He moved his jaw painfully. He had been ball-gagged for well over an hour. I unclipped his wrist restraints and removed them from him. I told him that I hoped he'd learnt his lesson. He assured me (and Mags) that he had and would never do that again.

As he stood there squirming in his bra, I thought the brassièring was a big success as well.

His breasts and bra reminded him constantly of the "why" of this punishment. When he was in timeout and his breasts were mushing against the wall I am sure he was thinking about the reason he was being punished: inappropriately staring at womens' breasts. When he was displayed to Mags and teased about his bra and breasts and felt up by me, it also no doubt drove the lesson home. And when he was bent over the back of the couch, breasts dangling, undergoing a severe disciplining from my belt, then too no doubt.

With these thoughts running through my mind, and in light of his earlier defiance, I asked him if he thought it was fair and appropriate that he was put into his bra for Mags to see for his punishment today?

"yes ma'am" he answered.

"Tell me why," I prompted. "Use your words."

Sniffling, he said "It was fair and appropriate because I was staring at a woman's breasts and so it's only right that I have to have breasts also as part of my punishment for that."

He's so articulate, saying this as he stood there, wiggling on the spot with his brassièred chest well displayed to us ladies.

It was a crazy vibe. It felt super real. I had acted my part well, and david had absorbed what could only be described as a "real" punishment (I mean, if you asked me to punish a male, for real, that is exactly what I would do to him). Mags was smirking at him, and at at the same time looked impressed. I'm pretty sure she thought it was real.

I told him he was dismissed and he may go upstairs to put his gym clothes on as he had a training session with Mags yet to go. As he left the living room and was on the stairs I shouted after him, "You can put a T-shirt on, but the bra stays on."

He paused on the stair and said "Awwww! Please!", but he was none too convincing standing there in his bra and panty!

"Bra stays on, mister." I said. "You can feel what it's like to exercise with breasts."

I put up my hand and Mags and I high-fived. I told her not to go too hard on him, as he had been pretty well punished already and I wasn't sure how much more his bum could take. Mags agreed that it was a pretty fierce belt whipping and that he for sure learnt his lesson. She promised she would only use her hand on his bum for this session, which is very unusual for her. david and I both thought she preferred to not get that intimate and thus favoured the implements. Guess not.

david reported back that the exercising was the usual degree of difficulty, but that the spankings between sets were not that rough, and were indeed delivered by her hand to either his pantied or bare butt.

He also said that as he was bent over with his bare bottom waving in the air at her insistence she would run her hand over his buns and comment on how good a whipping he had received from me. Much to his embarrassment she even spread his cheeks slightly to survey and comment on the bruising nearest his asshole. Ha Ha! And remember, Mags is just barely in her twenties. She's just a kid and treating my late thirties husband like this. I know this adds greatly to the humiliation factor. Zero sexual interest from her, total punitive interest!

Nothing more was said about his bra while he was being trained by Mags, however, david felt acute embarrassment throughout, and especially as he did certain exercises, such as push-ups, that impacted his breasts, or jumping jacks that made them jiggle.

And so that's what a subby hubby gets who can't control his wandering eye. Between Mags and I, I think young women walking the streets of our city will finally be safe from any eye-rapings from my man, at least while I'm around! After such an epic and emasculating punishment, I fully expect that next time he spots attractive women in the streets that his eyes would immediately respectfully and submissively lower as they passed. Or else.

Don't touch. Don't even look. Eyes down, mister!

Saturday, August 8

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy

There was an Internet meme a while ago, "fuck her right in the pussy" where guys would interrupt (for the most part) female news announcers when they were on camera and blurt out "Fuck her right in the Pussy!" It seems to have died down now, and perhaps the following story is a reason why.

A Toronto TV station, CITY TV, news correspondent Shauna Hunt: "I had intoxicated men yelling it at me. I was interrupted during interviews and was anxious about going live. I felt like a piece of meat. I had reached my limit, and it was time to push back." This happened to her multiple times every day, and when she was interviewing fans at a Toronto soccer game she had her fill and confronted men in the crowd over their behavior.

(link here)

The boy in the photo is Shawn Simoes and had a $100K job with Hydro One (a pseudo-Governmental energy producer in Ontario, Canada), and he was fired as a result of his on-camera comments.

I personally think that is overly harsh. I think he should have been given a choice. Either be fired, or be subject to discipline from Shauna. I mean, look at the pair of them. Shauna could obviously beat little Shawn's butt, but good.

A subsequent statement from Ms. Hunt: "Mr. Simoes and I have come to an arrangement. He has apologized and his employer is allowing him to keep his job, however he may have to perform his functions standing up for the next week or so. And yes, since you're wondering, he has been disciplined, and yes, the punishment did fit the crime. I believe that Mr. Simoes now understands that mouthing off over being 'fucked' against one's will is not appropriate under any circumstances. Let's just leave it at that."

Monday, August 3