Thursday, April 30

Giving my Husband just what he "Needs"

Here's the thing about my husband. He says he "needs" these spankings. But when I give it to him good and proper; nice and hard; then while it's going on he says he doesn't want it. But then sure enough, a few days later, there's "Mr Needy" again, back for more. I tell him it will be as hard or harder than last time. Still he "needs it". Weird, huh?

Sometimes he likes his spankings. I mean, what subbie would not like a "good boy spanking" where I fondle him between whacks and then lube up my thighs and his cock and balls and spank him until he cums from grinding into my lap. I can see that.

Sometimes I take him across my knee and spank him with my hand. His ass gets red. But he says he enjoys it even while it is going on. I can accept that. That's fun too.

If I get out a strap, a paddle, a hairbrush, a cane, a switch, or a belt, the situation changes dramatically. These are the kinds of spankings that he fears. They leave him well marked and sore. As soon as one of these starts in earnest, he immediately wants it to stop. But so sorry, spanky boy. If I stop as soon as you want me to, then who would be the bitch? What he "needs" is to know that I am in charge: that I wear the pants in the family and he is MY bitch. One of the things that does that is an intense spanking. It doesn't work unless he wants it to stop. Is begging for it to stop in fact. And then it doesn't stop, but keeps going and going until he resigns himself to it. Only then might it stop.

Sometimes he can get what he "needs" without such a hard spanking. For example if he is made to stand nude in the corner of the living room showing off some recently hand-spanked rosy cheeks. And then my sister "just happens" to drop by. Ha Ha!

And, yes, he may well "need" to be turned around, face my sister with his hands pinned to his sides, and with his penis and testicles fully on display be made to apologize to her for the misbehaviour that caused her to have to see him in that spanked, cornered, and undressed state. I have come to call it "birthday suit punishment" when there are other women there to witness his fully nude shaming.

Or not even a spanking or nudity need be involved. He can get what he "needs" by being made to put on knee socks, a pair of panties, a short plaid skirt, a bra with big breast forms, and a blouse. I have made him clean all the bathrooms dressed like this: scrubbing away on his hands an knees. It makes it even more delicious to make him do this the day before our cleaning lady comes. I tell him if he doesn't do a good job I'll make him stay home from work, dress like that again, and will let our cleaning lady instruct and supervise. A full report to me afterwards with public discipline applied across my knee to his bare bottom as his supervisor watches.

Just kidding. Our cleaning lady isn't "in on it". Not completely anyways.

And there's another way that david gets what he "needs". Our cleaning lady does do our laundry, and she has figured out all on her own that the 2XL panties go right into david's underwear drawer. I must confess I'm also pretty careless with our toys. For example, one evening I left my strap and cane out beside the bed after a vigorous punishment session. Next morning david saw them and was keen to put them away as it was cleaning lady day. I told him to leave them where they lay. He back-talked me. Big mistake. We went to the computer and found an image of a man being spanked across a woman's knee, and another image of a man being fucked with a strap-on dildo. I made him print them out, and told him to place them on the floor near the implements. Before this, there was at least a plausible case that david might have used the implements on me. With the printed photos, there would be no doubt who was the bitch (if there ever was). When we returned after work. The photos were neatly piled on the bedside table, and the strap and crop were laid out neatly in perfect parallel on the floor next to the bed. Yes, david had been "owned" by the cleaning lady, and got what he "needed" as a result.

She is an educated Filipina lady in her early forties. She used to be a nurse back home. Now when she greets "Mr David" she always has a little twinkle in her eye and a little closed-mouth grin, or so david tells me.

Giving him what he "needs" can be a great pleasure for me. For example, he "needs" to be told to get between my legs and lick. He needs that I should kneel over his face and "force him" to clean out my asshole with his tongue while I get myself off with my Hitachi. He then "needs" to have mittens duct-taped onto his hands and be put to bed with a good hard cock.

And, of course, he "needs" to be flipped over, have his pants removed, and be fucked like a woman. Quite regularly in fact.

And I think that he will very soon be "needing" me to take him down to the gym, bend him bare ass across the exercise ball, whip him with the belt, and then take him hard with my strap-on while his pretty young trainer stands there, watches, and takes note. I definitely think he "needs" that.

Friday, April 17

Follow-Up Spanking from his Trainer

My husband was a bad boy and got quite well-punished by his trainer the other day.

This is as a follow-up from the last session I blogged about, Spanked across his Trainer's Knee, three weeks ago. During that session, she threatened david with a follow-up paddling across her knee if he did not do all his supplemental exercises every day (and it's really not that onerous - 5 minutes is all it takes). Well, david was pretty good (way better than usual), and was able to report that he had done 5 days out of the 6, but that he skipped the 6th day because he had another quite intense exercise session that day. I heard all of this second hand from david.

She just said "Five is not Six", took him across her knee with his shorts and panties down, and paddle-spanked his poor rear end 200 times. And, as promised, the last 100 were all excruciatingly hard.

After she was done, she made him stand and ordered "Show me!" pointing to his hands-covered genitals. He lowered his hands to his sides displaying a flaccid penis.

"Good!" she said. Then, "Clothes off. All bare. And I'm whipping you extra, especially if you slack off. You'll remember to do your exercises every day next week!"

david tells me had to be bare for the entire exercise session. In addition to the humiliation of doing his exercising this way (especially the "penis flopping" which he hates most of all), she was much more quick on the whip and spanked him for the tiniest infraction during an exercise. He gave me two examples. During the push-ups his nose was not all the way to the floor on one repetition. She had him hold in plank and whipped his ass fiercely, one, two, three times with her crop, and then made him redo that rep. Or, while running in place with high knees (penis and balls flopping. Ha Ha!), his knees were not high enough so she held the crop where she wanted his knees to hit. If he missed by even an inch, the next time his knee came up her crop came down across the fronts of his thighs. Then she went behind him and successfully encouraged him with whippings to his ass as he ran with his knees very high now.

In addition, he tells me the between set whippings were much more intense as well in that they seemed to him to have been harder, faster, and longer than usual. Worse still, it started the instant he had done his exercise. He did not walk over to her, lower his shorts, assume a position, get his spanking, and then restore his clothes as usual. No. She was right on top of him as soon as he finished a set, and as he was already nude it was just SWISH, SWISH, SWISH, SWISH, SWISH all through his "rest period" and then onto the next exercise without delay.

As a result, david says he was on the verge of tears during practically the whole session, and positively writhing around in pain during the whippings. It was also a very hard exercise session, and he says he was sweating like a pig by midway through.

I can report from first-hand evidence that his ass was very messed up still several hours later when he showed it to me.

So, what do I think of this?

I like it. I like a Woman who is serious about her discipline. I mean, I have to agree, "Five is not Six". He was told what he would get if it was not Six and he got it: end of story. He also was punished by losing all clothing privileges during his session, getting extras (and extra strict ones) between and during the sets, and was run through the ringer for his exercises. While my boy is excited to be spanked, especially by a pretty and strict young woman, this type of session is something even he would rather avoid in future!

Since that session, david has gone 6 days for 6 for two sessions in a row, no matter what else he has on that day. You certainly can't fault her on the basis of results.

Friday, April 10

Another Ass Fucking for my Husband

That session with Kimberly the other day really renewed my interest in using my big dildo more frequently inside david's mouth and bum, but also in feminizing him for the experience.

Take yesterday, for example. I told him the evening before that we would be having sex yesterday. I told him "sex" would consist of:
  1. Feminized "schoolgirl" dressup for him: panties and bra, big jiggly breast forms, white blouse, short plaid skirt, and lipstick this time, for the cock sucking.
  2. Schoolgirl corner time with anal stretching added.
  3. A good sound spanking from me with belt, paddle, strap, and cane. To tears. Face down on the bed. Skirt raised, panties lowered to his knees, ass and thighs. Ball gagged.
  4. Him on his knees performing oral sex on my strap-on dildo like a pornstar.
  5. Him presenting bottom up to receive a good hard dose of anal intercourse.
  6. Face sitting with his tongue cleaning my asshole, inside and out, as I get myself off with my Hitachi.
  7. If he was a good girl through all this, I would allow him to stand in the corner of the bedroom facing me, lower his panties to his ankles, raise his skirt with one hand, and masturbate to climax while I read my Kindle reader. For inspiration he would be allowed to see my bare breast as he jerked.
  8. Any semen he ejaculated he would catch in his hand, place in his mouth, and swallow.
And you want to know what? Yesterday evening it happened exactly like that!

Isn't it funny how my idea of "sex" has changed so dramatically since I started spanking david a few years ago? I used to be the one dressing up, performing oral sex, and entertaining his penis in my pussy. Oh how the tables have turned!

If I want my boy to dressup as a big-breasted sexy schoolgirl then by goodness he obeys.

If it turns me on to whip his bare ass until the tears flow, he's well marked, and he's begging through his ball gag for me to stop, then by goodness he will submit to that for my pleasure.

If I want to make believe he's a little schoolgirl sucking her first cock, then by goodness he will get on his knees and suck my cock or consequences will be paid in full.

If it turns me on to bend him over the bed, flip his skirt up, remove his panties, and fuck his ass raw, then by goodness he will get his asshole fucked red and raw as the base of that dildo pushes up against my clit.

And if his tongue cleaning my asshole inside and out makes me cum a little bit quicker with my Hitachi, then he will be on cleaning duty.

Yes, I'll indulge him after I've had my orgasms and allow him to jerk his little penis until it spurts. I'll even show him my bare breast for inspiration. I mean, if a man can't cum to the image and thought of his wife being sexual with him, he has no business cumming at all.

But if he's allowed this privilege he better not get even a single drop of his goo on my carpet! If he does, he'll be on the receiving end of dancing lessons across the back of the living room couch from a doubled-up leather belt every day for a week. And I never, ever go back on my word once a punishment is pronounced.

No, he must catch every drop in his hand, and then transfer it neatly into his mouth. Before he swallows he must crawl over to beside my bed, kneel, and open his mouth to show me the white goo on his tounge.

Then he must swallow it all down under my watchful eye. This is difficult for him. While he looks the part of a slutty, well spanked, well fucked little schoolgirl, swallowing ejaculate is still hard for him, and he hesitated.

We can't have that!

So, this time, to make things a little bit easier for him, I took him across my knee and used a hairbrush on his sore marked up bum while he held his goo tightly in his mouth. The pain and humiliation of a post-orgasm spanking across my knee from my hairbrush, skirt up, panties down, big breasts jiggling, while holding semen tightly in his mouth put him into the properly submissive state of mind as "the girl" in the relationship required to coat her tonsils with "her man's" precious ejaculate - every last drop. Or perhaps her eagerness to swallow simply results from her wishing to avoid a repeat performance of 100 additional stinging and ass-redenning hairbrush swats across her better half's knee with the cum still rolling around in her mouth.

Oh believe me, she showed me her cum-coated tongue and swallowed without hesitation this time!

I truly enjoy myself doing this, not the least of my enjoyment coming from the fact that despite his little protests, he is loving it too!