Saturday, September 27

Husband punished for staring at my niece's ass!

The title says it all. My 15 year old (!) niece was staying with us to attend a dance course in the city. She is a very beautiful young lady, and has a lovely lithe dancer's body. I am happy to report that david was a complete gentleman around her at all times - except for one time...

Yup. I caught him staring at her ass!!! She was lounging around the house wearing tight little dance shorts, but is that any excuse? She's only 15!!!

Thank goodness she did not see him do it. But I sure did. While he was staring at her ass, I was staring into his eyes with a glare on my face. When he looked up, he saw that I saw, and looked very sheepish about it. He knew at that moment that he would be receiving a punishment for that as soon as we had the house to ourselves again, and I did not dissapoint.

And no, my niece was not invited to watch. Although I think she needs a little corrupting, as she is such a serious and focused young lady, but it can wait until she grows up.

I finally had the opportunity yesterday. I started off by asking him if he thought it was appropriate that he be staring at a 15 year old girl's bottom? He knew what was good for him. He said it was not at all appropriate, and that it was a lapse, and that he was very sorry.

I asked him what he was thinking when he was staring at her ass? Was he thinking of FUCKING HER??? He swore he wasn't. I guess I believed him. Although I must admit I can't stare at a pretty male ass without thinking about fucking it with my strap-on, but who knows how men think? At any rate, I wasn't going to let him off that easy. He seemed so repulsed about my suggestion that he was thinking of fucking her, that I thought I would use that as my theme. So I accused him again of thinking those thoughts about my niece, and assured him that his punishment would fit his crime.

I told him to go upstairs, strip, and get into his pink lacy panties and his matching brassiere and breast forms. Then to come down into the living room and put his nose against the wall, his hands on his head, and to wait for me. I told him he would be receiving a very strict paddling across my knee, followed by a severe strapping bent over the back of the couch. I told him that he would think twice about staring at another teenager's bottom after I had punished him!

He quickly did as he was told. I love that he still gets so embarrassed to be put into his bra and panties. He minces around with little steps and blushes a fury. And in the living room, he is visible from the front door. What if a charity worker were to knock, or if I were to order delivery? Would I let him off of his time-out? I think not! And if he was seen, well he would just have to thank his lucky stars that his bottom wasn't yet red with his panties pulled down to show it off as is often the case. Or that he was not required to perform time-out with his anus plugged, or tied up with his genitals humbled behind his thighs...

I let him stay with his nose against the wall contemplating his spanking for over an hour. This was a punishment, after all. And when I mean "nose against the wall" I am very serious about that. He is pushed up against the wall until his nose is literally touching the wall, and then he must hold a coin up with his nose. If the coin drops, he knows he would be across my knee for a hairbrush spanking and then it would be back against the wall, starting his time-out all over again, with his real spanking still due.

And with his nose against the wall, his breasts also moosh up against the wall, which is funny.

As he stood there, I made a point of walking by him several times, my heels clicking against the floor as I passed. He stood there obediently each time I went to check on him. After the first 45 minutes, I walked up to him, pulled his panties down to his knees, and told him to not let them drop. Let him spend the last 15 minutes with his bottom bare, so he can focus on what will happen next.

I gathered up the little souvenir hardwood canoe paddle, and the twin-tailed leather strap, and went back down into the living room. I then placed his spanking chair in front of the fireplace, facing out, and sat.

I told him to pull up his panties and to come over to me. I asked him if he enjoyed his time-out? He said "no ma'am". I told him he'd enjoy what's coming up even less, and that I would make him wish he was back in time-out with his little tits pushed against the wall. He looks sooo funny with his lacy bra and panties, and his big breasts!

I motioned him across my knee. He bent right over, like an obedient little girl, and I told him so. I immediately lowered his panties to his knees. He would not be getting any protection for his ass whatsoever for this spanking.

When I had him in that vulnerable position, I re-iterated how inappropriate it was for him to be oogling my niece's ass, or any teenager's ass for that matter. I told him that was why he was now across my knee, with his panties lowered, forced to wear a bra and falsies, and about to receive the paddling of his life!

I then started in on his paddling. No warm-up. He received 200 hundred swats, each of them good and hard. I had a short break after each 25. He was howling and his ass was dark red and turning white in the centers. It was a VERY EFFECTIVE spanking, I can say that.

I actually had him bent quite far over my knee, more like in the following photo.

I ordered him to put his left hand behind my back on my ass, and with his right hand to grab my ankle. As I continued to spank, he clutched frantically at my ass and ankle. "Is that what you wanted to do to her???" I asked. "Did you want to grab her ass like you're grabbing mine now?? Huh??!?"

"no no please no!!" and so on. 200 hard and fast with that paddle is NO JOKE, I can assure you of that.

I let him up and he immediately clutched his bottom. I know some Dommes don't allow their sub's to rub at all, but I find it funny, watching him try to rub the sting away.

At this stage his panties were hanging on only tenuously from one of his ankles, what with all the kicking that had preceded. I told him to pull is panties back up and to go back and face the wall while I got myself a glass of water and readied for the next stage of his punishment which would be a very severe rump roasting courtesy of my strap.

For this spanking he would be bent across the back of the couch. Our couch is great for this, because the couch back is quite high and once I get going his feet leave the floor and he is quite helpless. He also is presented most submissively for a good dose of the strap oil, with the underside of his butt highly available for the leathering, and his cheeks well-parted and anus on display if I care to wrap the strap around his inner cleft (which I do care to do).

Once I had the couch arranged with enough room for me to swing my strap, I got him out from the wall and told him to remove his panties and hand them to me. He looked nervous as I had the strap in my hand and he knew how serious I was from the paddling. He did as he was told, stripping himself bare naked from the waist down, though I let him keep his brassiere so that his big tits would be modestly covered throughout his hard strapping.

I leaned over him, pushing myself against him, and stuffed his panties into his mouth. I then stepped back and measured my strap against his bottom. I told him he would be taught to not stare at any teenager's ass. I pulled my arm back high above me, and whipped low on his ass as hard as I could with a strong follow through. He stiffened and screamed into his panty gag at the force of the blow across the under curves of his bum. He needed to understand that I was serious about this, and I thought that only a serious strapping would do. I pushed him back down onto the couch, and gave him his second stroke, as hard as the first and to the same spot. Having gotten his attention, I delivered the next few with somewhat less force, but so that I could aim the tip of the strap for maximum effect. He received strokes to his bum, the backs of his thighs, his inner thigh, and his inner cleft nearest his anus. I also lined up directly behind him, and gave him some vertical strokes, once again not neglecting his vulnerable ass cleft.

I reached between his legs and roughly pulled out his cock and balls. I squeezed his balls and asked him if was he thinking of fucking my niece when he stared at her like that?? He pleaded "no no" into his panty gag as I squeezed. I made him push his legs together with his balls out behind. I then repositioned myself and lowered the strap directly across his balls. "If you even THINK about fucking a girl that age, I'll take this strap to your balls and make sure you never have those thoughts again, you freaking pervert."

"nooo... nooo... nooo...." he whined.

"I'll give you one hard one across your balls to teach you your lesson." I said.

"NOOOO! NOOOO!" He screamed, but to my surprise, he stayed put, his balls vulnerable. I pulled the strap back, and tapped it down onto his balls several times as be begged me not to through his panty gag. I pulled back fast and whipped down hard across his lower ass, missing his balls (as intended). Oh my did he scream on that one, even though it was not nearly as hard as the first few (I had to aim carefully, after all!)

His ass was a mess of dark red, and bruising up purple in places. Ahhhhh!

I grabbed him by the hair and started pulling him up the stairs towards the bedroom. I threw him onto the bed on his back and told him to lift his legs and keep them there. I shoved a pillow underneath his hips to elevate his ass. I then put on my strap-on and pulled off my top. While he would keep his bra on, I would be bare breasted for this fucking! I lubed him and fucked him, missionary style, with his ankles up in the air like the little slut he is.

I pulled his panty gag out of his mouth, and felt up his tits as I fucked him. I told him "Look me in the eye, while I fuck you!" We locked eyes, and I took him with my eyes at the same time as my cock took his tight little ass. I saw his eyes wander down to my bouncing tits. "My eyes are up here, bitch!" I told him.

"Is this what you wanted to do to my niece, huh? Did you want to fuck her like this? Huh?" I grilled him as my cock jack-hammered his boy pussy. "No. No. Never!" he swore.  I fucked harder, faster, and deeper. I broke a sweat. I told him to grab my waist with his hands as I continued his hard fucking. My breasts and waist were glistening with the sweat of my exertions. I actually came from his fucking... nice!

I dismounted him, and lay beside him, pushing my tits up against his face. I told him to jerk himself off, as I wanted to see that. He started rubbing his cock. I told him that when my niece gets older, I'll tell her what he did and how he was punished, in glorious detail. He rubbed harder and moaned at that. The little slut IS turned on by my niece. I told him that I'd ask her if she wanted to punish him also, and take him in the ass for his lewd thoughts about her bottom that time. He said a feeble "nooo". I pulled him into my breast, fed him my nipple, and ordered him to suck on me as he came, like a little baby. He sucked on me violently and rubbed his cock furiously and exploded onto his chest and tummy.

He looked complacent, so I quickly got up, grabbed my handy riding crop, and started whipping at the fronts of his legs and at his cock telling him to clean himself up, into his mouth, every last drop, and swallow it down. Whip whip whip. He moved fast!  When he was all cleaned up I flipped him over and gave him 12 hard strokes with the crop across his already super sore-looking ass. He screamed but it only lasted a few seconds, as I was quick and hard!

What do I really think about a man his age oogling a fifteen year old girl's ass? I genuinely think he shouldn't, because I would not want her to catch him at it. But it is a very pretty ass, and completely grown up looking, so I can't fault him as too much of a perv, as even I noticed and admired it, and she did seem to flaunt it shamelessly. So, so long as he behaves himself in a gentlemanly manner always, makes no sexual innuendos or anything of the kind taking into account her tender years, then I can't really fault him too much, but I did need a good pretense for a hard punishment, which he has not received in a while, and this seemed ideal.

Another interesting point involving my niece. She was left alone in our home for several hours after her mum dropped her and before either david or I got home from work. Now I don't know about you all, but if i was that age, in that situation, I would FOR SURE snoop my aunt and uncle's bedroom, For sure. She wouldn't need to snoop for too long to find our toy collection, including his XL-sized lingerie, as it is in the bedside drawers. We also keep some photos from the Internet in there, of men being spanked and ass-fucked by women. I have them there mainly for the benefit of the cleaning lady, in case she has occasion to open those drawers, she should know who wears the pants in the family.

Now honest too goodness, it didn't even occur to me until too late that this was a distinct possibility, or I might have hidden them away somewhere (though at her age, I would have found them wherever they were hidden!). Oh well. Perhaps she knows her Uncle David is my little bitch? She does seem to have a funny little smile on her face whenever she interacts with him... Hmmmm...