Monday, December 31

Sister "Milks" Husband

My sister Sue was wondering what to get david for Christmas this year and (foolishly!) asked my advice. I suggested he would enjoy receiving a rubber-glove handjob from her in front of my kitchen sink. Ha Ha!
A little background first. I am often giving my husband "relief" with my hand. It's actually more exciting for him than regular intercourse-type sex  (which is fine by me, by the way). He says that it's hard to feel submissive when you are fucking a woman. But with a hand job, the woman is in complete control of the affair, and can tease the man as much as she wants (or not even let him cum at all at the end). He says it's humiliating to be so vulnerable like that, being worked up so much and then literally having to beg for relief.

Knowing david is feeling particularly submissive during a hand job, one of the things I will say to him is how I should do this to him in front of other women, let them all see what a slut he is. I've also commented that perhaps I should let my sister do this to him, so she can see first hand. He gets very excited when I say things like this (I can tell by the stiffness I feel, and his little squirms and moans when I say the right things!).

I should also add that one of david's fantasies that he's confessed to me is being given a hand job (that he calls a "milking") in a completely detached sort of way by a woman wearing rubber gloves, paying him not the least attention as she rubs away at him. I have been meaning to act this out for him, but have not yet gotten around to it.

So, anyway a few days before Christmas Sue asked what she could get him, and started the bidding by suggesting a gift card for a spanking. That's boring, because she's already spanked him too many times to count, and seen a lot more than that as well. I told her about his milking fantasy and that I was intending on doing that to him, but maybe she could instead while I watched? I told her it would be fun for me to watch that. We've played together enough by now that apparently this did not shock her in the least so she agreed, "for me".

So on Christmas eve, which is when we hand out family gifts, david got a scarf from my sister, and a card, and inside the card was a coupon "Redeemable for a spanking and a milking". We both watched david intently as he opened the present first (Sue told him present first, card later), and then opened the envelope with the card and pulled it out, and then saw the coupon inside. Remember  he was doing this in front of my entire family! He blushed a bit and thanked Sue, and looked at me, and I grinned at him. And then my Mom, bless her soul, said "Pass the card!". Fortunately the coupon was a separate piece of paper and david smoothly palmed that and passed the vanilla Christmas card around, but it was a moment of fun panic for all concerned! I of course made david stand up in front of everybody, and go over to Sue to kiss her on the cheek and thank her, just as we make the children do.

When we had a moment alone, the three of us, we set a date (which was yesterday), and Sue told david to make sure he was all full up and ready to go for her. As a consequence, I have not let david cum since then. I did give him a few spankings, made him go down on me, and lick me as per my last post; and I teased him with my hand until he was quivering, but no relief until yesterday!

Yesterday Sue came by and demanded her coupon first. david had forgotten where he put it! Sue said if there was no coupon she would be leaving. I helped him out. All the gifts were still in a paper bag that I directed him to, and he found his little coupon, much to his relief!

He found us at the kitchen table, and ceremoniously presented the coupon to Sue, who wrinkled her nose a little theatrically, and said that I guess that means she has to do it now. Let's get it over with, she said, and told him to strip to nude, right there in front of us in the kitchen. We both watched as david took off all his clothes. When we dissected the scene later (as we always do), he said that the suddenness of having to strip bare in the kitchen, under command from my sister, in the middle of the day, in front of both of us who were remaining fully clothed, was very humiliating for him.

When he was bare, Sue got up to go to the kitchen sink. She dug through the cupboard under the sink and pulled out the liquid detergent and rubber gloves and set them there in front of the sink. "That's what you're getting later" she told him, as if he couldn't have figured that out on his own. david was already very hard by now!

As a visual, I arranged all the stuff in front of the kitchen sink this morning (I added the wooden spoon in) and took a photo for my readers.

Yup, that's his "lube" and those are the rubber gloves Sue used to milk him, front and back!
He was made to ejaculate into the larger sink on the left,
and Sue made him scrub it out afterwards, all bare butt and spent.
The spoon was for the spanking beforehand.
Then she went to get the wooden spoon from the drawer we keep them in, arranged a chair in the kitchen, sat down and beckoned him over her lap saying "spanking first." I was enjoying the fuck out of this!

david gingerly placed his hard cock across my sister's lap, and she started spanking his bare butt with her hand first. "Enjoying your present so far?" she asked him, a bit rhetorically, but she still got the response "Yes Ma'am!" from down below there. She spanked him for about five minutes or so, warming him up nicely. Then she reached around to the table behind her for the wooden spoon and started in on him with that. As she was spanking him, Sue reminisced with me over how Mom used to always threaten us with the "wooden spoon" when we were kids, and even got it out sometimes, but never used it. I reminded her that I got my backside spanked once by Mom, but not ever with the dreaded "wooden spoon" I agreed.

Well david was making up for lost time for us sisters, and was very certainly receiving the dreaded "wooden spoon"! Sue was spanking his bum as hard as she could with that spoon. She even made him spread his legs and included both his crack and his inner thighs in his spanking. She was getting quite a good reaction out of him! He even got his balls spanked once to "calm him down". By the time she was finished, he was fire engine red all over.

Sue let him up and then said that she supposed she couldn't put it off any longer, and dragged him over to the sink. We could both see that his penis had completely limpened from the hard spanking. Good for Sue! She's come a long way. A limp dick in front of a red ass is always my measure of success with david.

As she pushed him over to the kitchen sink, the base of david's penis came just level with the counter, and his balls were just below, but Sue had him stand up a little on his tip toes and pushed him forward so that his balls were lying on the counter-top, squooshed up, served up like on a platter!

Sue started water running until it was good and hot, and then restricted it to a small stream. Then she put on the orange rubber gloves, wet them with the hot water, squirted the energy saving Sunlight soap into her gloved hand, turned to me and said "the things I do for you", and then grabbed david's still semi-soft penis shaft at its tip.

david jumped and said "Owwww!" as the hot water contacted his tip. "Don't be such a baby!" she scolded him as she started rubbing the soap into his cock. She periodically went to get more water and each time she got back she got another yelp from david, but the hot water seemed to cool quickly and he was fine with the rubbing part. After about a half minute of this treatment he was as hard as I've ever seen him. This photo from the web is sort of what he looked like, but imagine him a bit lower with those balls squooshed up on the counter. But the engorged tip and the upward curve of his cock are a dead ringer otherwise.

As she rubbed him he got soapier and soapier, and a big pool of soapy water was accumulating on the counter that his balls were sitting in. But Sue was pressing his hips forwards with her other hand on his red ass so there was no gap for the soapy water to drip down and so his balls just sort of splashed around in it as Sue vigorously rubbed his shaft.

Every time Sue got more hot water, david yelped. As Sue's milking of his penis became more vigorous I could see that david's balls were getting quite a whacking from her fist on the recoil as well! Whenever david got off his toes for a calf-break, his balls would feel it as Sue kept him pressed up tight against the counter, so he immediately stood up tall again. Despite the pain involved, he was still moaning and crying out like a dirty little slut! Ha Ha!

But Sue was not quite done with him yet. She used her body to keep david pushed up against the counter, and wet her gloved left hand, and put soap in it and lathered it up. Then she reached behind, told david softly to "bend over a bit" and, keeping a tight grip on his cock, slid a gloved finger into his asshole! I was not expecting that.

"Ohhhhh!" david moaned as she did this. She pumped his asshole, going after his male G-Spot, as she rubbed his cock. "Hurry up, I don't have all day for this." she said to him.

Poor david was being treated like a total little bitch by my sister. She wasn't just leaving her finger in there and wiggling it around, she was finger fucking him hard! I could see her hand moving in an out and literally slapping his ass with the force of it, which pushed him into the counter and squooshed his balls more. On the other hand, the fist of her right hand rubbed his shaft vigorously, also mashing his poor balls into the counter.

Despite this horrible mistreatment, david was getting more and more excited. Go figure. ;-) And before too long there was a magnificent ejaculation right into the sink despite (or perhaps because of?) the assault on his asshole and testicles.

Sister Sue squeezed the remnants out (none too gently!) and shook his penis into the sink, whacking the tip on the counter. This was no lovey-dovey hand job, which was her intent, as I learned later. She then stripped off the rubber gloves and threw them into the sink.

"Look at the mess you've made!" she said, not giving him a chance to even catch his breath. "You better have that sink spick and span in five minutes, and I mean scrubbed properly, or you'll go across my knee for another session with that wooden spoon!"

I helped david by getting out the scour pads and the Comet, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Nice Christmas present for a subbie hubby!

Thursday, December 27


You know one thing that really turns me on? Making my husband stick his tongue up my asshole and clean me out good! So I thought I'd write a post about it and find a lot of filthy photos to go along with it for you boys to masturbate to (am I not kind?).

First some safety tips. Notice how sparkly clean this lady's bottom hole is? That's how you want it (even if he is a subby). So shower-up beforehand and use plenty of soap and water, and get right up in there with your finger (even if it is a tight fit!). Oh, but you don't need to tell your subby man you did any of that. In fact, tell him just the opposite.

I like to strip him and give him a bit of a whipping first on his ass. You want him good and submissive, and you want to be feeling powerful yourself.

The I'll make him lie face up on the bed, nice and naked. I'll do a slow little strip tease for him. He knows what's coming when he's in this position. I'll strip bare myself, and maybe play with my pussy a little in front of him. I want him to be acutely aware of that part of me, because he will be nose deep in it soon enough, and he knows it.

I'll kneel on either side of his head, facing down his body, and then lower myself bending forwards for a pussy licking to get warmed up.

This feels really great because he can really work his magic up in there.

What I enjoy in this position is that I can sit back a bit and completely seal off his mouth and nose. I keep the pressure on until he starts panicking a little, and then I'll let him take a quick breath and then back down on him again. When he struggles, it feels great against me!

Another safety tip here. Make sure you have an understanding with your subbie. david knows that he is not to act stoic and not move or struggle at all. Or else he might pass out and I wouldn't know it. When he feels the need to breathe, he is to struggle, but not so much that he actually gets a breath. Him breathing is MY decision!

Once I've had my pussy licked out and had my fun deciding when david can breathe, then he needs to clean out my asshole for me.

and he better do a real good job...

Because while he's doing that, I've got my Hitachi plugged in.

It's really intense when my subby husband is licking out my asshole, and I've got my Hitachi on high. I always orgasm this way. The tongue back there, licking away, just adds something, you know?

As I'm getting closer I'm yelling out instructions to him. "Clean me out. Deeper. Deeper you slut. Back and forth. Up and down. Around and around. Now get your tounge up there, up there deep, or I'll whip your ass raw you 'lil ass licking bitch..." Oh yeah. Julie know talk dirty! That sends me over the edge.

After that, if I'm feeling generous (which I am tending to at this point), he might get himself some mouth lovin' while he finishes up back there. My rule is that once he's got his tongue in my asshole, it stays in my asshole and DOES NOT go back to my pussy.

When he cums, I let him do it in my mouth. Then I turn around, with this little shit eating close-mouthed grin on my face, and kind of kitty-cat walk up to him, and he's looking more and more nervous, and then I grab the back of his head and give him a big kiss on the lips, pushing his own cum into his mouth for him to swallow - it's his cum, after all!

So there you have it. I've done this sort of thing maybe a half-dozen times with my husband. It's a nice way to shake things up a bit.

And yes, I know I have a filthy, filthy mouth on me!

Before I leave you, a couple more lovely photos I found while hunting for the ones to illustrate this post, and just couldn't bear to leave behind.

Isn't she a hotty? And am I just spoiled ladies, or is that a very small dick in his hand? She definitely deserves better.

And, did you know, you can even do this sort of thing on the beach.

I did not know that...

Sunday, December 23

A Massage Parlour Shaming for Xmas

So I did it. Yay! I took david to the massage parlour and subjected him to a good old-fashioned shaming in front of a sexy younger woman. I know what you're thinking. What an amazing gift! Yes I am.

I tried to arrange for the same lady as last time, but she was not there any more, and I was recommended Tiffany (is that her real name, you think? Ha Ha!). Tiffany is "couples friendly" I was told. They did not seem to remember me at all from last time.

I told david I was taking him out for his early Christmas present today, and that he needed to dress appropriately. Maybe he was thinking a Christmas recital or something? I doubt it! I told him that "appropriately" meant in his pretty frilly pink panties underneath. He knew now that I had something kinky and humiliating up my sleeve for him, but he did not know what. Good thing is that he's always game, so he groaned a bit (he wasn't serious) and did as he was told.

I told him I was driving him, and made him sit in the passenger seat. As we got closer, I think he clued in. When I pulled into a parking space at the massage place, he knew for sure. I looked at him and told him that my present to him was a sexy massage from "Tiffany". "In panties?" he asked, knowing the answer. Yup. He then asked if he would be allowed to cum this time? (I didn't let him last time, and made him leave the massage parlour hard under his pants, and all the girls knowing it!) The question sounds a little disrespectful as I write it, but it didn't come out that way when he asked. I mean, he knows better. I doubt he wanted a spanking to the seat of his panties across my knee in the back seat of our car right outside the massage parlour ;-) (I am capable of that!). I told him he would be allowed to cum if I liked the girl and it felt right. I guess he was keeping his fingers crossed after that.

I took him by the hand and led him in. We were greeted at the front desk and shown in to our room. It had already been arranged that I would be watching and maybe lending a hand. I was just fooling with you guys when I suggested I might get some myself in my last blog post.

It was quite dark, with a mirror on one wall, and a massage table in front of it. There was a little shower cubicle right in the room. He was told to shower and Tiffany would be in soon.

david turned to me and gave me a hug and a kiss and a big thank you, and said it was not every wife who would allow this. I watched him undress to bare and shower. When he came out and dried himself, I had his little pink panties all ready for him to step back into. "Awwww..." he said, "do I have to?" I told him he did have to. After all, I said, Tiffany needs to know who rules the roost in case she had any ideas!

david very submissively put on his panties, and lay face down on the table. I covered his pantied midsection with a towel and waited for Tiffany.

When Tiffany came in she looked great. She was tall, slim, and blonde with straight hair (david's type). She was dressed sexy in a miniskirt, heels, and a tube top. I got up and introduced myself, giving her a little hug, and then introduced david as my husband, and said that this was his early Christmas present from me. "Wow, he's a lucky boy!" she said, running her fingers lightly down his back.

I kept my hand on his towel-covered butt, and told Tiffany that I didn't want him to get any ideas that coming here alone would be ok, and so to remind him who's in charge, I made him agree to something a little humiliating or he couldn't come. She looked at me a little confused. I told her that in exchange for coming here, I made him put on a little pair of panties, and that he would have to beg her to have her pull them down and rub him.

"He has them on now?" she asked, still looking a little confused and befuddled. Yup, I said, thinking this might not work out as well as I had imagined it would! Oh dear!

She pulled the towel off his butt and laughed a tiny little laugh at the sight of him. "Awww! Aren't those cute!" she said. This might work after all! I decided there that I liked Tiffany, and that david could have a jerking off from her.

"Does he want oil or powder?" she asked me. I loved how she asked me! I decided he was to have oil. She started massaging his back and neck, and the tips of her finger strayed down below his panty-line once or twice. She also massaged his legs, right up high into the crotch. Oh my! david was squirming at this.

After a while she told him to turn over, and then kept massaging his chest and legs. The outline of david's hard cock was very visible through the panty he still had on. She whispered to him "what do you want sweety?" david looked at me, and I nodded. "Could you please, ummm, rub me, down there?" Awwww! So awkward. He was ashamed to ask! Ha Ha!

"Rub you where?" she teased. "Ummm, please rub my cock?" he said. "How can I do that if your panties are still up?" she asked. Fantastic! She had remembered.

"Oh... could you please pull them down?"

"Pull what down?" she asked with a smile in her voice.

"the panties..." he said meakly.

"you need to beg..." she said.

Oh this was great! She was teasing him nicely, and being very dommy in the process.

"Can you please pull down my panties and rub my cock?"

david said afterwards that being made to say this was so sexy/humiliating that he almost shot a load into his panties!

"There! That wasn't so bad, was it?" She looked at me, and then pulled his panties down freeing his hard hard cock which sprang up into the air.

She stood to one side and started rubbing it. She motioned me over to the other and kind of insisted that I join in with her, so I grabbed his balls and started massaging them gently as she continued with his cock. I would have preferred to just watch her do it. Oh well.

With us two ladies ministering to him, it was not very long at all until he came all over his tummy, making quite a little slutty show of himself as he moaned and writhed under our hands. Tiffany expertly extracted the last drops. "Lucky, lucky, boy." She said again.

Tiffany turned to the sink and started running the water to dampen a cloth to clean him up with.

"He should clean himself up first." I said. Then I scooped up his cum from off his tummy with my two fingers and brought it to his lips. "Down the hatch, baby," I said. david looked embarrassed  but did as he was told. Tiffany looked... horrified! She had this totally disgusted "Ewwww!" look on her face. Really? Like you haven't swallowed a bucketfull of cum yourself, massage slut? (Oh, did I just write that out loud? Sorry).

After that, Tiffany was a little distant so I cleaned him up, dressed him, and took him home with me. We laughed about it on the way home. Like, everything else was totally normal, but having him eat his own cum was somehow sick? Give me a fucking break!

When we got home I told david that I didn't like Tiffany after all, but since I couldn't take it out on her, he would have to do instead. I told him to get his ass upstairs, strip to nude, and lie face down on the bed. He was going to have to be Tiffany's whipping boy, and Tiffany was getting the strap.

I got my twin-tailed tawse and laid into his ass. Halfway through I was done with prissy little "swallowing cum is too good for me" Tiffany, and then used the other half of his strapping to remind him that he is NEVER to go to to a massage parlour without me. I asked if he'd been in the past year, and he swore he hadn't. I called him a liar and strapped him harder, but he stuck to his story, so I believe him, I guess, because I bruised his butt with that strap, which is getting harder to do the more I spank him. What do you readers think? He used to go fairly often before I put a stop to it. Do men ever really reform their ways?

Oh well. At least that's one thing I can cross off my Christmas list - only 1 shopping day left! Merry Christmas everybody, and happy holidays for you non-Christians as well!

Saturday, December 22

Another Trip to the Massage Parlour

I've decided what I'm getting david for Christmas this year. Another trip to the massage parlour, lucky boy!
We haven't been back for a whole year now. You can read about our last trip in my post from over a year ago, Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking! I am planning on taking him tomorrow. I have a "couple-friendly" girl picked out and an appointment made.

He knows something is happening tomorrow, but does not know what. Hee Hee!

I've decided he's going to be dressed in a pretty pair of pink panties, and he will be wearing them on the table.

I'll make him beg the girl to peel down his panties and jerk him off. I think I'll let him cum this time. Except that when he's real close, I'll tell him he can only cum if he scoops it up after, puts in his mouth, and swallows every last drop in front of her. If he doesn't agree to that, well, I guess he's going home hard again. Ha Ha!

The website says she is girl friendly. Maybe little david will have to stand and watch, panties down around his ankles, while I get me some as well...