Saturday, December 31

Husband Given Handjob by Sister

Well, it was xmas time again, and guess what gift my husband david got from my sister Sue? Yup! A nice, healthy, handy! It was not the first time, either, she has given him handjobs from time to time, even as an xmas gift before.

My sister is by now completely into girls. So for her it's more a fun mechanical act to make a male blow his load, and she enjoys doing it. The process is pretty funny when you think of it.

Sue had told me of his xmas gift, and I had told him. Yesterday she came over to make good. We were all in our living room, when she said, "Christmas gift time. Let's get started. Strip," she said.

david looked bashful but began removing all his clothes. When he was butt naked (and already erect!) she made him get on his hands and knees on our coffee table, and spread his legs a bit. She asked me if I had any lube. I told her I did and went to fetch it. I also brought her latex gloves in case she didn't want to get her hands dirty. She put on the gloves, put lube on her hands, and began stroking him.

"Say mooo," she said, as she milked his penis with her hand. She used her other hand alternately on his balls and on his bum-hole. She also give him little spanks every now and then.

"Are you enjoying your Christmas gift?" she asked him.

"Oh yes Ma'am!" he responded.

I enjoyed watching. I suppose it's ok if he gets a handy from my lesbo sister once a year! I jumped up and got a saucer, and put it on the coffee table under his cock.

But Sue wanted it to last longer. So when he seemed near she stopped and started smacking his dick! "No! Not yet!" She said as she slapped at his penis. Then she reached behind him, grabbed his balls, and squeezed pretty hard I would judge based on his reaction, "calm yourself," she said.

Then she started back in stroking him. She went through this sequence about a half dozen times before allowing him his release, and david had a big healthy ejaculation right into the saucer.

I took the saucer from under his cock, and moved it to under his head. "Lick it up and swallow it," I told him. He bent down and started licking and swallowing. I needed to hold the saucer in place for him. Meanwhile Sue took off her gloves and washed her hands in the kitchen.

When she came back she was holding the big wooden spoon.

"Oh no!" said david, upon seeing that. He hates spankings after having just cum.

"Oh yes," she said. "It's a wank and a spank, didn't Julie tell you?" We have a spanko friend in England who calls it that.

She sat on a chair, brought him across her lap, and then gave him a wooden spoon spanking, and none too light, either!

Once his spanking was over, she stood him up, gave him a peck on his cheek, and asked if he liked his gift?

"yes ma'am," he said, with a blush.

Tuesday, December 27

A Story Switched

Back a few weeks ago, when I was in my submissive stage, I exchanged emails with one of my fans which constituted a roleplay fiction scene. I played the young unruly wife who needed disciplining from her man. I was spanked in private, in public, fucked, humiliated in the neighborhood, and finally spanked at Church even!

However, by the time I got to editing it, the submissive wave had passed over me and I was back to feeling more dominant. So I therefore switched the story around, and made the husband the sub.

What's interesting is that switching the story is very easy and straightforward. There are a few mechanical things to get right around pronouns and anatomy and such, but the actions and activities and the psycho-drama are the same.

This is kind of proof to me of what I already know. That really no matter who is on top or on the bottom it's very much the same thing. I can look at a photo of a man spanking a girl and imagine it is me in my "man-role" spanking my husband in his "woman-role".

Just look at david with his big dangly boobs getting spanked by me!

Meanwhile, what's actually going on!

I get excited going both ways, but I know I am more naturally dommy because when it is woman on top, I think of myself, and when it is woman on bottom, I think of david.

The re-written story is here: Jimmie's Comeuppance (warning: it's very pervy!)
(if you really feel the need to, and want to imagine it is me being totally perved on, you can read the original story here).

It was half from my fan, who goes by bubbaj, and half from me, us playing off one another, and then with the final edit from me, and the switch entirely from me.

Mind you, he fancies himself somewhat of a Dom, and if he were to read the things I made him do in the switched version, well oh my goodness, he would be soooo humiliated, so he may well want to hide his face in shame ;-)

Read them both maybe, and tell me in the comments below which version you like more:

Monday, December 26

She has the pussy. She makes the rules.

At Christmas one of my nephews in his early twenties brought home a girl. They are both socially awkward creatures. They met online where they shared nerdish pursuits and this was only their second in person meeting. She was already talking about marrying him, though. They seemed very in love, and could not keep their hands off one another.

She was slim and pretty in a nerdish way. Plain clothes, no makeup, glasses, awkward physically, petite, not toned. He was likewise, but much bigger all around. I was frankly surprised that this awkward and hyper-nerdy boy had found such a catch.

She was clearly enjoying her budding sexuality, and comfortable with it. She talked about sex toys without embarrassment. And she talked about them having sex together. She seemed to be really enjoying this part of the relationship. He blushed and seemed embarrassed by this talk, but at the same time eager like a puppy dog.

My husband and I watched their interaction, and we cringed a bit. Neither of them seemed sure of their place with respect to one another. For example, they had a small disagreement abut something trivial, and they fought a bit. But not a play fight. It was a small contest of wills. It did not bode well for the relationship. I hope they work this out.

The boy was unsure of himself. He was new to this "girl" thing, despite being in his early twenties. This was his first girlfriend, and more than likely his first sexual experience, and most of their time together had been online from different countries (US and Canada).

He didn't know how to act. Was he expected to be "in control"? To act "macho" towards her? To always "win" the arguments? But nor would she back down from him.

It was very clear to me and my husband...

We truly beleive this is the natural order of things.

Going back to the cave, there is this image that the males make the rules because they can impose their physical will on the females. I could be wrong, but I actually doubt this was ever the case. Did not the females always have male protectors? Fathers, brothers, other males seeking her favour? If a male not chosen by the female started throwing his weight around, I can bet he was taken to task with a good beating by her protectors. I suppose the powerful alpha male was the exception. He could have any pussy he wanted. But outside of that?

It is the natural right of the female to choose her sexual partner. In this case, my nephew was clearly chosen by this girl. Did he not see that? She could just as easily withdraw her partnership at any time, and replace it with dozens of others at a whim. Boys fool themselves if they think otherwise. Witness online dating sights where the girls are flooded with attention and there is none for the boys. Or a YouTube social experiment where an attractive boy asks 100 girls for sex and is turned down 100 times, whereas an attractive girl asks for sex 100 times and is taken up on it 99 times.

david should really talk to this boy. He needs straightening out. A truly secure male will appreciate the gift he is being granted, and will act accordingly. He will defer to his woman in public and in private. Within the relationship, she is in charge. He can use his size and his muscles (both actually and metaphorically) to ward off external threats to the pair. But within the relationship, she is Queen.

There is nothing more heart warming than to see a whim of a woman acted upon instantly by the male in the relationship.

"david, why don't you pour a drink for our guests?"

"Yes sweetie! Right away!"

This is the same man that if I was threatened in the street would beat the living crap out of the aggressor.

Is that not as it should be?

This boy needs to defer to his girl, in public and in the bedroom. For example, if she wants her pussy licked, will he not lick it? He had better, or he may find himself replaced.

She has the pussy. She makes the rules.

Friday, December 23

A Fucking for my Husband

I thought I'd continue on where I left off on my last post, A Spanking for my Husband, in which I punished him for not clearing the snow and ice from our walk. Not to skip ahead too much, but the evening ended in a very satisfactory manner!

After making him freeze his butt in the snow, and then heating it up again with my wooden spoon, I put him in the corner to show off his punished buns to me for fifteen minutes by the timer. He tends to be very well behaved while in the corner, as he knows with certainty I will not hesitate to begin the punishment from the start (including all the previously served corner time). I am incredibly strict on this point always. I do like the results of our scenes to be an incredibly obedient boy.

After his timeout, he got dressed and went outside to improve the snow clearing (for real). After that, he went to the bedroom to prepare himself. I had told him what I wanted afterwards: bra and panty submission for a whipping and fucking, and then he would perform analingus on me as I sat on his face.

Take a look at that photo. What's not to like, boys?

"Done." he told me after he finished outside.

"Is the walk clear?"

"Yes ma'am"

"It had better be."

"I'll head upstairs now?"

"Yes. You better be ready for me," I warned him.

I'm a gal of routine. I don't mind repeating myself in the least. So he knows what to do. He goes up to the bedroom and strips. Then he goes into our ensuite  bathroom and shaves and showers. I want his face well shaven as he will be going down on me, and I cannot stand itchy stubble! But the shaving does not end there. There is a feminization aspect to it as well. He must refresh the shaving of his chest, tummy, pubis, genitals, ass crack, and high legs (to the stocking tops). He uses a combination of electric clippers and razor. Afterwards he takes a very hot shower and washes himself thoroughly with soap and water and shampoos his hair. He uses my soap and shampoo for this. This treatment leaves him girlishly pink for me and smelling like a girl. He is also expected to take measures to ensure he is ready to be taken in his boy vagina. A douche if you will.

Then he goes back into our bedroom, and goes to his lingerie drawer (I love that our cleaning lady knows which drawer the 2XL lingerie winds up in: his!). I told him "bra and panty" this time. He selects a pair of panties. I always like seeing which of his pairs he chooses. They are usually very feminine, with lots of pretty lace, and a fuller cut. This time it was red. He also puts on his pink Victoria Secret bra with the inserts. Every piece of lingerie has a story behind it. A very humiliating story of public shopping.

Then he stacks three pillows in the middle of his side of the bed (the right side while lying down), and he drapes himself over them, pantied ass uppermost, and waits for me.

I can hear when the shower is turned off, so I can pretty much judge when he will be ready for me. I always let him wait for me a bit longer than necessary. I want him imagining what will happen to him as he lies in that ass up subservient position.

I walk up the stairs towards the bedroom. I know he can hear me coming. The house is completely quiet otherwise. I open the door and enter. This time, I decided to say the absolute minimum. Actions speak louder than words.

I go up to him, grab his panties on either side of his hips, and in one quick motion strip them down to his knees.

I then go into the bedside drawers open them, and take out my twin tailed heavy leather strap. A favourite of mine.

I lay the strap across his backside. I keep it there for 10 or 15 seconds (a very long time). Then I lift it and bring it back down sharply across his rear end. THWACK!

He grunts a little. Another. THWACK! Another. THWACK! Another. THWACK! After the first few he starts wiggling and yelling out a bit more. His hands clutch at the bed covers and he puts them into his mouth. He likes gagging himself like that. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!

Then I tease the strap across his punished butt cheeks. At first he cringes away from my strap, but as I play it gently across him he inevitably winds up sticking his ass up higher in the air, begging for more. Who am I to deny him? THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!

I toss the strap down on the bed next to him. I want him to know it's handy in case I need it.

I go into the bedroom closet. I fetch out a riding crop and go to directly behind him. "Open your cheeks," I tell him. He knows what I mean, he reaches behind himself and pulls his ass cheeks wide open.

I don't know why, but I absolutely love this view of him. It's kind of a male gay thing, but I'm a (mostly) hetero woman, and seeing that just turns me on. I just want to fuck it! It's so small and tight. But it will stretch for me. Not without some pain, of course. Oh well.

I hold off though. First I need to prepare the ground. I use the crop to whip the inside of his cleft and his bottom hole. The bottom hole whipping is so that he will feel the upcoming penetration all the more. He always has trouble holding himself wide for me. He sometimes loses his grip in his frantic wriggling. But he immediately scrambles his hands back and pulls himself even wider apart for me, so I don't mind. In fact, the more frantic he gets, and the more he loses his grip, the more he scrambles back and pulls his cheeks apart, so wide, so that it actually stretches open his asshole. I love it!

I throw the crop down on the bed next to the strap.

I go back to the bedroom drawer, open it, and pull out his lube. He is still holding his cheeks wide apart for me. "Wider!" I tell him. He pulls even harder. Ha ha. He will not let go until he is told to. I dribble lube onto and into his hole. I use my hand to rub it around his anus and my fingers to push it into his hole. He is always very clean for me if he has a chance to prepare himself as he did today.

I clean off my hands with some paper towels I keep nearby. Then I start stripping down to my bra and panties. I like that we wear the same things for sex. I put on my strap-on dildo and clinch it up tight. Ride 'em cowgirl! He is still there throughout all of this, bent over and holding his punished bum cheeks wide apart for me to see his lubed up hole.

I climb onto the bed behind him. I remove his panties off his legs completely. I put the tip of my dildo against his asshole. I bump it a few times to wake it up. I push the tip an inch in. I do tiny thrusts from there. I pull out and repeat that procedure a couple more times.  He is still holding his cheeks submissively wide for me.

Next time I put the tip in, and then keep pushing. His anus open like a flower and sucks in the bulbous tip. I pause there at the entrance. "Hands front," I tell him. He lets go his ass cheeks and moves his hands in front of himself, back to clutching his bed sheets.

I start my thrusting. I am gentle with him at first. Each time I push in I feel less and less resistance and can go deeper and deeper. When I can bury it to the hilt, I pause there, and wiggle it around inside of him. Then I pull back right to the tip and push back right to the hilt. I do that a few more times. Then I pull back and exit his anus, and then push right back in up to the hilt in a single motion. His anus stays open for me at this point. He is well-stretched.

Now his fucking begins.

I grab onto his hips on either side. I pull him into me as I thrust my hips violently forward. I push his hips away as I reverse, and then pull him towards me and thrust again. I build up my speed and the power of my thrusts. Before long he is getting fucked! Royally fucked.

"harder..." he cries out.

"You want it harder, bitch?"

"yea.. please..."

I oblige. Whatever do you think makes him beg me to go harder? He likes to imagine himself the slutty little girl in this situation. Not much of a stretch of the imagination. He wants to think she would beg her man to give it to her harder.

By now, on every thrust he is crying out. "Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Oh Oh No Ah No Oh Ah No No" and so on. As we get deeper into it, the percentage of moans that sound like "No" increase. Of course, in our marriage "Red" means "No" and "No" means keep going. I do. Harder.

I stop, a little out of breath, buried inside him. I slowly pull out and then slowly push very deep all the way in. As I go super deep he cries out, wriggles, and his little balled up fists pull at his bed covers. I repeat that a few more times. I get as deep as I possibly can, and then shove it in a bit deeper. "No! Ah!" Music to my ears. Then I pull out completely.

He is always incredibly grateful when I stop. I go to the bathroom, clean off my dick a bit, then take it off and leave it by the sink. It's his job to clean the toys after sex. I come back and clean him off with the paper towels. There is usually a bit of a mess. No big deal. You can't swim without getting wet.

"On your back," I tell him. This is only about the third or fourth time I've spoken with him. Sometimes I am very vocal. Other times, like today, I want a deep spiritual silence.

I pull off my panties, and shuck off my bra. I like how he looks at me so appreciatively as I do this. I pull my Hitachi out of the bedside drawer and plug it in. Then I kneel on either side of his face and lower my pussy to his mouth. He needs no instructions, he starts licking.

I don't let him bring me to orgasm like that. Not this time. I sit up straighter and sit more down on him. He scrambles his hands which were pinned at his sides and brings them to my cheeks. I let him. He pushes up on me to relieve the pressure. This also parts my cheeks, putting my butthole on his mouth. He starts submissively licking my asshole. He didn't have to be told to do this either. He knows what is expected of him.

I guess I am very anal-sexual, because the feeling of his tongue on my hole is heavenly. It's actually a combination of that, and the knowledge that I am making him lick my asshole. My asshole! I turn the Hitachi on and press it up against me. I usually come very quickly. All it takes is 30 seconds or so.

He's been a good boy. I lean forward and give his cock a stroke and a kiss.

Then I lean back onto his face and tell him to jerk himself off. He gets his right hand out from under me and down to his cock. I pour some lube onto his cock, and he starts rubbing himself while licking my asshole. Now I'll talk to him. "Deeper, you bitch. Get that tongue in there. What am I paying you for, you dirty little whore? Right up in there. Fuck me with your tongue you slut!" I reach for the crop beside me and whip his tummy and thighs and balls. "Lick me! Get it in there!" Meanwhile, he's frantically jerking himself!

Suddenly... SPLOOGE! A little geyser of cum that shoots up and arcs down onto his chest and tummy and then dribbles down onto his abdomen.

I get off him. I use my fingers to gather up his cum and feed it to him. I tell him not to swallow it yet. To hold it in his mouth.

When he has a mouthful, I grab him by the neck, under his chin, lifting his chin. I look him right in the eye from very close. "Who's my little bitch?" He gurgles out a closed mouthed "i mmm". "Swallow," I order. I can feel his throat move as he swallows his ejaculate. I get a big smile on my face and I kiss him flush on the lips.

I love this kinky sexy man!

Thursday, December 22

A Spanking for my Husband

I think I've gotten all that submissive nonsense out of my system for the time being. I am feeling very much refreshed and renewed as a Domme Wife.

I was feeling I was neglecting david lately, so I took the first opportunity offered to give him a real spanking. By "real" I mean I would find fault with him, scold him, and punish him, remaining completely in the character of a 24x7 dominant wife engaged in a Female Led Relationship.

We have had a lot of snow lately. david takes care of the clearing of ice and snow. We could hire a service to do it, but I think it's good for him to get a bit of exercise in the winter. As I came home the other day, I noticed that the walkway leading to the side door was not completely clear of ice. I carefully "slipped" on the ice and landed in the soft snow.

I stood up and made my way inside.

"david!" I yelled.

He came running.

"Just look at me!" I told him. My coat was covered in snow. "I slipped walking up to our door. Oh, you think it's funny do you? You should have cleared the ice completely!"

david knew I was playing, because I never actually scold him like this in "real life". But he enjoys the strict wife roleplay most of all, and so he slipped into his role as a submissive husband.

"I'm so sorry, honey!" he said.

"Not half as sorry as you're going to be!" I told him. "Take your clothes off. Now!"

I stood there by the side door as david hurriedly stripped to bare. I grabbed him by the ear and we walked back out into the fenced side area of our house where I had fallen. It was private enough. david danced, his bare feet on the very cold snow and ice.

"That's where I fell. Right there!" I told him. You could see the indentation I made in the snow. I was very snuggly and warm in my hat, gloves, scarf, coat, and boots. david was completely bare naked and shivering, feeling very exposed in the great outdoors in the winter. "Lie down there," I told him. "Exactly where I fell."

david gingerly sat in the snow. His ass and private parts sinking into it.

"Are you cold?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he said.

"Good," I said. I let him freeze himself for about 30 seconds and then told him to get up and get his cold ass inside for the spanking of his life.

He got up awkwardly out of the snow and ran gingerly inside. I followed him inside. As soon as I got in I pulled off my outerwear and then dragged him by the ear towards the living room. On the way, I stopped in the kitchen, opened the kitchen drawer, and pulled out the large wooden spoon, a Christmas gift from my sister Sue in fact.

I then continued marching him into the living room where I sat on his spanking chair and pulled him over my lap.

"Is you ass cold?" I asked him.

"Yes Ma'am," he replied. You can see where I was going.

"Not for long," I said and started hitting his rear end with that spoon.

I tried to put myself right into the mindset of an angry FLR wife who had just slipped outside due to her husband's laziness and negligence. I might have broken something! I was in no mood, therefore, to show him any mercy whatsoever. So I gave him a very through wooden spoon blistering.

That spoon seemed to really hurt his un-warmed-up bottom. More than un-warmed-up, ice cold in fact. He shrieked and begged and kicked his little legs during his spanking, just like a naughty boy should!

After I deemed his spanking over, I stood him up, and conducted him again by his ear into the corner where I made him stand with his hands at his sides. I pressed his nose deeply into the corner, telling him I wanted that nose touching both walls and to keep it there.

"You're doing fifteen minutes of timeout. I'm setting the oven timer. When you hear it ring, you will get dressed, and you will do a proper job cleaning off and salting that walk."

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"And if I see you move so much as a muscle, we will be starting all over. Right from the snow to the spoon to the corner. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Will you be moving a muscle while in timeout?"

"No Ma'am!"

"Good. After you're done with the snow and ice I want you in the bedroom, showered and shaved, wearing panties and a bra, with your ass high in the air over three pillows on the bed."

"Yes Ma'am."

"You're getting the strap, then an ass fucking. After that you will lick out my asshole while I sit on your face and get myself off."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Will you be cumming tonight?"

"No Ma'am."

"We'll see is the correct answer. If you're obedient, and you do a good job with your tongue in my ass, I'll let you stroke yourself while I watch."

"Thank you, Ma'am," he said.

Then I left him nursing his blistered backside in the corner as I went to set the stove timer for his fifteen minutes and made myself a nice hot cup of herbal tea.

He did get to cum that night.

Saturday, December 17

Julie's Belt Licking! (part 3)

Continued from Julie's Belt Licking! (part 1) and Julie's Belt Licking! (part 2).

The three of us were headed up to Tracy and John's bedroom. I was completely bare and by now very well spanked, teased, and whipped. Tracy and John were both still fully clothed. I suspected that would change soon once we got into their bed. I had decided ahead of time that I would not be giving it all up to John, but that I would do enough to keep them hoping for more. I was intending to give everything up to Tracy, though!

We got into the bedroom. It was very tidy with a low and large king sized bed. Tracy showed me the long dresser. On top of it was a black leather strap-on harness with a medium sized red dildo, and three implements that were very familiar to me! Daddy's paddle (unmistakable!), david's hairbrush, and a nasty little ribbed rubber paddle that was likely one I had bought to use on david. John added my new vibrator to the collection, having brought it from downstairs, more charged up now.

"Nice strap-on," I said.

"Never been used," she said.

"And those three are mine." I stated, "How did you get them?"

"I popped around and got david to lend them to me. I also made him promise not to tell you. Hope that's ok?"

"Of course, Ma'am. My toys are your toys." I said.

"And your ass is my ass, isn't it?" she responded.

"yes ma'am..."

"So get your ass over my knee for another spanking!"

Oh no! My bum bum was already so super sore. I thought we were having sex, not more spanking.

"yes ma'am," is all I said to her though, and I meekly lowered myself over her knees after she picked up david's hairbrush and sat at the end of the bed.

She started right in with a cracking, snapping, hairbrush spanking. Another first for me. This is the very same hairbrush that david gave me when he asked me to spank him the first time. I think david was being sentimental when he gave her that one (we have several he could have handed over). It felt like a little gift from him. He's so sweet!

The hairbrush hurt! I must have gotten another 50 or so with the hairbrush. I was very literally in tears by the time Tracy was done. I seem to cry easily! She kept me across her lap and comforted me. John watched the proceedings from several angles as this was going on.

"Pass me the big paddle," said Tracy to John.

"Nooooo! Pleassssse!" I begged.

"No please, what?" corrected Tracy harshly.

"no please ma'am?" I responded.

"That's better. But tell me, young lady, who decides when your spanking is over?" she asked.

"you do mommy," I said. She did not correct me on my form of address that time. I think Tracy likes being my Mommy!

"That's right. I do. And you've been sassing your Daddy lately, haven't you?" she asked.

"yes mommy," I said in my very bestest little girl voice.

"So I'm going to use Daddy's paddle to teach you a lesson about sassing your elders." (hee hee Daddy is "my elder").

But then Tracy was fucking serious! She cracked Daddy's paddle down on my already sore ass, so freaking hard!!! I don't know how many I got, but likely in the 30'ish range. But they were all hard. It was a fucking real punishment!!!! For sassing Daddy online! I was little screamin' Mimi during that punishment. I knew I was getting this for being a sassy mouth. I knew I deserved it. It was justice. I need confirmation from Daddy, but I think the belt licks to my thighs were requested by him for my punishment, but that the paddling was Tracy's own addition. Could be wrong. Daddy?

Midway through my paddling, I tried desperately begging to be let off.  Since I was intending to do it anyways, I even threw in "Please! Stop! I'll give John a blowjob if you do! Please!"

That at least made her pause. "Oh you will, will you?" she said.

"yes, I promise, a little one."

"Well, when the time comes, you'll go ask him if you're allowed. In the meantime, I have a paddling to finish up."


"and I'm adding another dozen strokes, young lady, for trying to bribe me." Wow. Strict.

"Nooooo! Mommy! Please!!!"

But she started right back in relentlessly to finish the complete punishment I had to take for sassing Daddy, and then she made me count out twelve more for trying to get off my justly deserved punishment. "Count 'em," she said, "and beg me each time to be allowed the privilege of giving my husband a blowjob."

SMACK! "One Ma'am! Please may I give your husband a blowjob?"
SMACK! "Two Ma'am! Please may I give your husband a blowjob?"
and so on to twelve. I wondered what John was thinking as I screamed out begging to blow him?!

She then allowed me to stand, and stood up with me. "Awwww" she said as she again hugged me into her. "Is it ok if John undresses?" she whispered to me as she hugged me.

"yes," I said, in a return whisper, and then continuing in my little girl voice, which is just so irresistible, "is it ok if I just give him a little blowjob? Not deep in my throat. And not until he cums or anything. I don't want him to cum in my mouth or on me. Not this time. ok?"

"Whatever you want, darling," she said. "Do you want him to use a condom?"

"No. david told me you talked?" I said.

"We did. It's safe. As are you?"

"yes ma'am,"

"You promise?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"You are a little slut," she said teasingly. I did not take it badly.

"Only with you, Ma'am..."

"Ok then. Now go ask John if you can give him your little blowjob, right on his bare dick."

While we spoke in low voices, John had heard everything. He was already undressing. Tracy also started taking her clothes off. Oh dear. It was going down now!

John has a beautiful body. He has pronounced abs and a sexy V in his lower abdomen. His cock was big and pretty also. He was not hairy or hairless. Well groomed. I found myself getting excited. He smelled nice. Oh my gosh, I hadn't done anything at all sexual with another man since I had started dating david about 10 years ago. It was exciting. My bottom was stinging and sore, and I would soon have his cock in my mouth!

Maybe I'm stupid, but the idea of giving a blowjob to a condom covered cock is less preferable to me. We had had the discussion, and I trusted Tracy and John. So I was going to do it like this. I was not intending to let him cum in my mouth. But accidents happen, and I was sure I would get something in my mouth anyways. But I judged it safe, and david, whom I had cleared this with in advance, did as well.

Tracy had also stripped down to just her panties. She was also toned and fit and had nice full breasts. I still yearned for her, but I had a little job to do first. I was going to put her husband's cock in my mouth to ensure david had access to her. The things a wife will do for her husband! ;-)

John got onto the bed and sat himself up at the headboard. The leg towards the outside of the bed was bent, and the one towards the inside was straight. I did my sexy kitten crawl towards his cock. I touched it with my hand and put my mouth close to its tip. My spanked ass was in the air, pointing towards Tracy. I looked up at him with my eyes and asked, "may I put it in my mouth, sir?"

"You may," he said with a smile.

I brought some saliva up into my mouth, and I started in. I kept one hand on his shaft as I bobbed my head on his cock. Oh My Gosh! I could not believe I was actually doing this! To a strange man! It was exciting.

Tracy came up behind me and put her hands on me. She rubbed my back, my sore butt, and my pussy. John started reacting to my blowjob with little grunts and movements of his hips. He put a hand gently on my head and stroked my hair as I blew him.

I popped my head off his cock and ran my slippery hand up and down his shaft and onto his tip. "Is that ok?" I asked.

"It's perfect," he answered. What a gentleman! I reluctantly left his cock to his own devices and turned to face Tracy. She gave me a big kiss on my mouth. It was long and lingering and she shoved her tongue nicely down my throat. It felt good to be taken by her tongue like that. Submissive.

She put me face up on the bed beside John, who had not moved and was lazily stroking himself and enjoying the show.

Tracy stood up above me facing down my body, and lowered herself down onto me, kneeling on either side of my head. She was still wearing a pair of baby blue cotton panties. She said, "lick my pussy through my panties." She lowered herself further down on me and bent forward, her hands and her mouth on my wet pussy!

I immediately started licking at the gusset of her panty. She moaned as I pushed my tongue up into her as much as it could go. I wetted her panty thoroughly with my tongue. Meanwhile, she was licking my pussy. Her mouth was all up and down my pussy lips and teasing at the edges of my clit. I felt myself close to cumming, but she stopped while I had to keep going. Eventually she hopped off.

I looked over at John breathlessly. He was still stroking himself easily. "What a show," he said.

Tracy picked up my new vibe, came back to the bed, and asked "how does this work?" John knelt up on the bed and went to her. He showed her the two buttons (I have one just like it for david but for his prostate and perineal area). One turned it on and off. The other cycled through various vibration settings. "We'll try them all and see which one she likes best," she said.

She had me spread my legs, and I bent them a bit at the knee. She took the vibrator and inserted it into my pussy. It went in easily, I was already so wet with a combination of my own juices and Tracy's tonguing of me. John was there as well, between my legs, touching a leg, watching intently.

Tracy pushed the button and it was bliss! david tells me I have a pronounced G-Spot when I get excited, and this vibe hit it dead on. For you children out there, yes Wendy, there is a G-Spot.

When I am not excited, it can't be found. But when I get excited, it pushes out from my vaginal wall like a little postage stamp sized elevated rectangular sponge. Having it stroked makes all the difference to my clitoral orgasms.

That vibe really targeted it! And the little end was nice and soft and rested on my clit, and vibrated there at the same time. I could easily cum like this!

John and Tracy cycled through all the vibration settings. We decided my favourite was the one that alternated the G-Spot vibe for about a second and the clit vibe for the same. That felt like a fucking! As in, innnnn, outttttt, innnnn, outttttt, ...

Tracy left that one going and came up on the right side of me, kissing me and stroking me while the vibe did its thing. John came up on the left of me. He put his hand on my breast and his mouth on my nipple and sucked gently. Tracy would reach down every now and then and move the vibe around inside of me. I had my hands free. One to fondle Tracy where I could get at her, and one to touch John's well-muscled legs, torso, and arms. It was all heavenly!

As I was there like that I had my first orgasm. They could both tell! When I'm highly turned on I am very multi-orgasmic. "Keep going..." I whispered breathlessly, and orgasm two and three were not far behind. "More..." I begged even after orgasm three.

But Tracy pulled me up, went to sit at the end of the bed, and pulled me across her knee. The vibe was still in me, doing it's thing. She changed the setting to low power continuous. She spanked me with her hand as the vibe buzzed away.

She then asked John to pass her the smaller dildo I had brought, and the lube. She asked John to spread my cheeks, which he did gladly I imagine. She lubed up my little bottom hole, and then pushed the slim dildo in. All the way in. Right to the hilt. Oh my! I could feel the two dildos rubbing against one another in there, only a thin wall separating them. I was being DP'd with dildos as Tracy and her husband watched. Worse, I was turned on by it! Such a dirty slut!!!

Then she brought down something much more intense across my cheeks. It was my little rubber spanking paddle.

I was in such a high state of arousal, however, that even though the strokes were hard, I registered them but barely felt them. I got carefully spanked all over my butt and down the backs of my thighs, carefully avoiding hitting the vibe which was still buzzing away in my pussy, and the dildo which was plugging me right to the hilt. It had a tendency to pop out a bit, and Tracy had to pause to push it back in deep several times.

"pleasssse," I begged, not for the spanking to end, but for another orgasm.

Tracy put me back on the bed, removed her own panties, and got on top of me. I had to hold the two dildos in as I got up and moved lest I suffer the embarrassment of one or the other popping out and messing their clean carpet or sheets. As I lay down, the dildo in my ass pushed deeper into me.

She kissed me as she gently pushed her pussy into the vibrator, giving me a little fucking with it for real. As she pumped into me, I felt both dildos going deeper simultaneously. I came once more from that treatment.

All this time, John was lazing on the bed, languidly stroking his pretty, long cock, watching his wife and me fucking.

After I shuddered from that climax, Tracy dismounted me and she removed the vibe from my pussy and the dildo from my ass. "Did that feel good?" she asked. "Yes!" I answered. "It felt like I was really fucking you," she said. "For me too!" I said.

I looked over at John, "what do we do with him?" I asked.

"I'm kicking him out," she said.

"Awwww," said John.

"Come here first," I said, and I brought him into the middle of the bed, lying on his back. I spat on his cock, lowered my mouth on it a bit, and started rubbing it with my hand. Tracy snuggled up next to him on his other side and started kissing him. He had one hand around her and on her ass. His other hand was free to stroke me all over. I rotated my upraised rear end closer to him as I knelt giving him his blowy hand job. He took the hint and started fondling my beaten ass cheeks and puffy pussy. In between my hand, I gave little doses of my mouth. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy, and he put a finger against my asshole, and started pushing it in. I backed into it, allowing him to penetrate me like that. I was already well stretched and still lubed from the dildoing.

I stroked him harder and said out loud to Tracy, "his finger's in my ass." She answered, "mine too!" Oh My Gosh! He was fingering his wife and me in the ass at the same time!!! "You BAD boy!" I said as I stroked him off and was rewarded with a geyser of hot white cum arcing down onto his chest and tummy. I squeezed him dry and disengaged.

But then he did something very surprising to the Very In Control Tracy as I watched, a little bit stunned. He grabbed her by her hair (literally, BY THE HAIR), and pushed her head onto his chest where he made her lick up his cum. "Clean it up," he told her. She was an eager little cum guzzling slut too! Oh My Gosh! Too much information! I feel like you readers must. What happened to my Domme?!

He moved her down his body where she licked his cum off his tummy, and his abdomen, and then his cock, which he made her clean off with her mouth as well. "Clean it up good," he told her. Then he let her loose as if nothing had happened. Tracy looked flushed and excited. Wow! It was actually intense. John is the Real Dom here. The real Alpha Male in this pack of hungry she-wolves!

At this point, though, Tracy was the only one of us who had not yet cum. That was going to be my mission!

"Thank you, ladies," said John, as he picked himself up and left the room to us. We waited until he shut the door and then we went at it.

I put Tracy on her back and I dove on her. Kissing her and fondling her. I went down on her and licked her pussy like a champ! I knew how I liked it, so I just did that to her. She put her hands on my head, grabbed my hair, and pulled me hard into her as she came violently. Hair pulling must run in the family. She was very ready to cum.

"Just one?" I asked.

"Just one is fine," said Tracy breathlessly. She came very violently and for a long duration. When I do that, it's usually just one I want as well. When my orgasms are lighter, more on the surface, like today, I can go and go and go like the Energizer bunny.

I crawled up to Tracy and we lay in each others' arms, gently kissing and fondling one another. I explored her body all over with my hand, and she did the same to me.

After ten minutes or so of that, I asked, "may I please lick your pussy again, Ma'am?" She answered, "Only if I can also." Tracy got on top of me and pushed her pussy into my face while she started licking me as well.

I came a couple more times until I got her off once more. I was admiring the view my husband is usually presented with. While I had gone down on a woman before, never like this. Her pretty perky bottom hole was just in view as well. I could easily have licked that, but then I would not be allowed back onto her pussy, so I stayed put.

She spun around, we kissed again and hugged and told each other how much we enjoyed it.

Tracy and I both got dressed, high on sex and endorphins. We went back down into the living room where John had been watching TV. He switched off the set and greeted us.

"Did you ladies have fun?"

"Yes, Sir!" I said.  "We sure did," added Tracy.

"I had fun too," he added. "Thank you. How's your butt? That was quite a belting!"

"Very sore, Sir!" I answered. Believe me, I was all "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" for the rest of the evening. I did not wish to earn myself another spanking!

"And a paddling on top of it," added Tracy. "Are you going to sass Daddy anymore, little girl?"

"Probably... yes." I said.

"Tsk!" clucked Tracy, "You'll just earn yourself another spanking, you know that don't you?" she said with a smile.

"Yup," I agreed!

"She's incorrigible," added John.

John had a small bottle of champagne, and we toasted our play session. How very classy! Tracy then drove me home. We necked a bit outside my house, like teenagers. And we called it a night, me skipping into my house carrying my red bag and my loot bag.

When I got in, I ran and found david, and I shared every last detail with him. He seemed genuinely happy for me. Regarding Tracy's husband, I told him that John was very pretty, and it was fun and exciting to do something like that with a strange man, but that I love him, david, very, very much, and he's the only man there will ever be for me.

Friday, December 16

Julie's Belt Licking! (part 2)

Carrying on from Julie's Belt Licking! (part 1).

So we drove to Tracy's house, giggling and re-living the Roots scene. We went into her house, and immediately we were greeted by her husband John. What a hunk! I remembered he had been handsome from when we met casually when Tracy and I were co-workers, but really! I don't think there was an ounce of fat on him, and his muscles were bulging out his tight shirt. He had a sexy unshaven look. He smiled and exuded a confidence about himself. This was the man I was going to be showing my bare ass and pussy to!

Tracy immediately excused herself to go to the bathroom leaving John and I alone. I put out my hand to shake, but he blew past it to give me a hug, "oh, a hug is it?" I said good naturedly and a bit nervously and he said something like, "I've heard so much about you that I feel as if I already know you."

I just stood there and he broke off and leaned back casually against the wall. I noticed his thumbs were hooked into his jeans pockets and his fingers pointing down towards you know where.

"Nice to see you at last," I said.

He said: "Same here, and I understand I'll be seeing a lot more of you later tonight?"

Oh gosh! Yes he sure would!!! We chatted a bit more, it was all sexy teasing talk, and for the life of me I cannot remember exactly what was said. I think I was very flustered by the situation, and by this very sexy man!

Tracy rescued us and I asked her if I could use the loo, and excused myself.

When I got back down they were in the living room and I joined them. I handed Tracy my red bag and she said, "well what have we here?"

She pulled out my strap-on with the mid-sized dildo in it, an extra dildo, a bit smaller and the belt I had brought. She did that right in front of John, of course.

"You know what," she said, "I actually went out earlier this week and bought my very own strap-on to use on you. But I see you brought two dildos, and then we bought that vibrator. So now you have three dildos. Whatever are we going to do with three dildos?"

"I can think of something," said John. And what he meant was to simultaneously stuff my mouth, pussy, and asshole!

It was sort of embarrassing to have Tracy pull out my strap-on in front of her husband. It was my acquiescence to getting fucked by it!

"Look at this one I just bought her," said Tracy as she unboxed my new Wild Orchid Evolved dildo. "I think it needs to be charged? Can you take care of that?" she asked John. He took the thing and figured out how to get it going and plug it in. Meanwhile Tracy told me to go upstairs and change into my new onesey for them to see.

I went up and changed. Certainly bra off. Panties on or panties off? I went for it with a fluttering stomach. In for a penny in for a pound! It was a bit big, but 'kinda cute! I came back down again.

"It's darling," said Tracy. "Come on, give me your phone, I want to take a picture." I had to stand there and model it while Tracy snapped some shots. "Turn around, face the curtain." She took some from behind. "John, can you please unfasten her little trapdoor."

Oh my gosh! John came up behind me as I was facing a curtain. He knelt down on one knee behind me and undid the buttons behind. I knew my little butt was peeping out at him!

"No panties," John said to Tracy.

"Good! She won't be needing them," said Tracy. "Pull them apart, sweetie, for the camera, let's get a good look." SNAP.

"Stay like that. Let John get a good look." I had to stand there, just like that, baring my cheeks for her husband's viewing pleasure. I could feel the air on them. Those were about to be well-spanked cheeks!

"Turn around now, let's see you from the front," said Tracy. She came up in front of me and started unbuttoning the front from the top down. As she did this she looked me right in the eye. When it was all the way unbuttoned she leaned in and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. She also grabbed my breast with her hand. She stepped back and arranged me and my onesey for another photo.

She then said she wanted one more pose from me, showing off the position I would be whipped in, and the belts that would be used.

This first one shows Tracy's new belt that I bought for her at Roots (and my butt!)

This next one shows the belt I brought along. It also shows a lot more pussy than I imagined it would!!!!! What a view for John!

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm afraid that's all the pictures that were taken. After that we just got into it, all three of us, and it was a whirlwind and there was never another thought for the camera. Sorry!

Tracy then stood me up again and faced me square on. She asked if I was ready for my spanking. I answered "Yes Tracy". She corrected me and I had to say "Yes Ma'am" to her. She said she expected that from me for the rest of the evening. That made my knees a little week. She decided to take me across her lap first.

She sat at the end of the big black leather ottoman (exactly where those last two pics were taken) and took me across her knee. This was a familiar position. I had been well-paddled here once before! My head was dangling just above the floor, and my hands were supporting me in front of my head. My toes just barely touched the floor on the other side.

She pulled the trapdoor of my onesie to the side and started lightly spanking me. When I turned my head and craned it around a bit I could see John standing there watching my ass with great interest! Tracy was having trouble holding the onesey open with only one hand so she told me to reach back and pull it apart, as in the photos above. I did so, which put me in a precariously balanced position, but allowed Tracy to spank me with a bit more gusto. So far, only light spanks.

She got a bit tired of this and stood me on my feet. She again made me face her and asked quietly if it was alright for John to strip me. "yes ma'am," I answered quietly. She told John to come over and help me out of my onesie. He came over and unbuttoned everything. Then from behind me he slipped it down off my shoulders, and puddled it down to my feet. Shivers of pleasure went through me as he did this! He crouched and held the legs down as I stepped out of it. I covered my breasts and pussy with my hands.

I was the center of attention. Somebody commented on this last time. How it is intoxicating as a subby in a multi-way scene to be the absolute center of attention. I certainly felt that.

"Aren't you the modest one," said Tracy, commenting on how I covered myself up to John's no doubt greedy gaze. I was feeling very, extremely, naked.

Tracy took me back across her knee. Again I was head down, toes just touching, and bottom high. So tummy churning to bend over completely naked like this for a spanking while a man watches. What a sight I must have been!

One would have thought I would have kept my legs tightly together, clenched my ass cheeks, and tried to stay as flat as I could. One would have been very wrong! Instead, I spread my legs a bit and stuck my ass up higher in the air. At the same time I did this I blushed furiously at the sights I was presenting to John!

"Oh! Good girl!" said Tracy, commenting on my submissive posturing. She rubbed my ass and gave it very gentle smacks. As she smacked, I pushed my ass and pussy up higher. She reached her hand down and started caressing my already moist pussy. I moaned in pleasure and pumped my bottom high in the air.

"Someone's very horny," said Tracy.

"I haven't cum for a week..." I whined. Tracy told me I was not allowed to cum until I saw her tonight so I would be "hot and ready for her".

"That's right. I forgot."

She forgot!!?!

She spanked some more and caressed some more and I moaned and writhed in pleasure, reveling in both the sexiness and the embarrassment of it all, to be putting on such a show for her man!

"May John touch?" asked Tracy of me.

"yes ma'am..." I said in a small voice. It would have been very hypocritical not to at this point. Besides, I was in such a state. I wanted it!

Next thing I felt John's rougher hand on my ass cheeks, rubbing and kneading them. It felt like electricity.

"On her little treasure," said Tracy helpfully to John, meaning my pussy.

I felt John's hand caressing my pussy lips, dipping a bit inside "my treasure". His finger lightly circling my clit and then touching it a bit. I pushed my ass up higher, welcoming his caress. He pulled at my lips and then pushed his fingers in a bit deeper. I could feel his fingers just penetrating me lightly, caressing the entrance and the deeper wall of my vagina. I moaned again in pleasure and desire. I wanted a good fucking just then, even if only his fingers. Boundaries be damned! He took his hand away reluctantly and I writhed in frustration and distress, saying "nooooooo".

"More of that later, little missy," said Tracy. Then I got spanked. It felt like I was being spanked for being such a horny little tramp with her husband. She got a bit more serious on the spanking, and properly warmed up my ass all over. "Naughty, naughty, naughty," she said as she spanked.

Tracy stood me up. I was breathless from the fondling and the sensuous spanking. John looked at me with a big smile on his face. I looked away and down at the floor, and covered myself again with my hands.

"Time for the belt I think," proclaimed Tracy.

I went up to her and said in my best little girl voice, "maybe we can just skip the belt and go straight up to your bedroom, ma'am? John can come too." I was testing her. I did want a belt licking. But I wanted to see if the hint of the threesome was enough to have her forget all this spanking business and go straight for what I knew she had been after all along.

"Oh no," said Tracy, "you're getting a belt whipping. A real good one too." I was actually happy she said that. It meant she was into it! But scared at the same time. My poor ass!

She took a couch cushion and a blanket over it and positioned that at the end of the ottoman. She told me to bend over that. I went over. My body was about like the following image in terms of positioning.

Maybe my ass a bit more elevated, like the picture below, which also has an ottoman and a pillow under her hips.

Tracy started with the new belt. She just started in whipping it down. She was good! No wraparound, all the strokes seemingly just where she aimed them. Most of them to my under-ass cheeks. At first they were not that hard, but then she started whipping harder and it started hurting! She then declared I would get 50 with this belt, and after that 50 with the other. "Noooo!" I yelled, but the whipping started in earnest nonetheless.

The next 50 were ridiculous! She had just been warming up on those first dozen or so. Now that she had hit her stride, each and every stroke was a searing band of leather across my tender bum cheeks!

She did a bunch from one side of me, and then walked around and did another bunch from the other side of me. I did not bother being quiet. I yelled my little lungs out!

"Spread your legs!" she commanded. Oh shit. I did as I was told. "Wider!" Oh my gosh. I felt like a little whore advertising my charms to her husband like that. She whipped down onto my thighs. First one and then the other. The belt licked around onto my inner thighs. I thought of Daddy as this was happening to me. Of all the sass I had given him. I knew these licks came straight from him!

She went straight behind me and she whipped the belt down vertically on my cheeks and then down the center of my bottom cleft. I was terrified the belt would strike my pussy! I tried closing my legs but was told to keep them wide.

She finished off the 50 with more strokes right up and onto my lower bum cheeks. By now I was actually crying and saying "no more, please!" It was exciting for me to be begging her to stop in the presence of her husband, and her not stopping at all. She completed the full measure of 50, and then told me to stand up. I stood and clutched my bottom cheeks, presenting a full frontal view to her and her husband.

"Now, 50 more with the belt you brought," said Tracy gleefully.

"No! Please!" I said.

"No please, what? How do you address me?" demanded Tracy.

"No please, Ma'am," I said, obediently.

"50 more," is all she said. "I want you to lie across John's lap for these. Is that ok?"

"yes ma'am..." I said.

John sat on the edge of the ottoman, and I bent down over his knees. His legs felt large and strong. I could feel his hard cock poking into my tummy!

He clamped his strong hand down onto my lower back. I arched my back for him, presenting Tracy with a better target. With his other hand he cradled my head and face, stroking my cheek intimately.

"How are her tits?" asked Tracy.

John's hand dropped to my chest and grabbed a boob. "They're beautiful," said John. He lingered a bit and then came back up and held my face.

Tracy then whipped the belt down hard onto my ass cheeks. Holy shit! The black braided leather belt was wicked. It was worse than the other one, but not by that much. Maybe 20% worse?

This whipping was more straightforward. I just got whipped. Pure and simple. Stroke after stroke after stroke. I knew I was wiggling ridiculously across John's lap, and I had some dim awareness that his cock was hard and his left hand was alternating between stroking my cheek, my hair, and my boobs; but honestly, 99% of my attention was on my abused bottom!

I somehow got through them all, and Tracy declared I was done. I stood up and said "thank you, sir" to John, for his service and his comforting of me during my whipping. Then I turned to Tracy and buried my head in her breast as I cried. She hugged me and felt up my burning hot butt. "Poor baby," she said. "Did you like that?"

"yes ma'am..." I did like it.

"Shall we go upstairs now?" she asked. "Can John come?"

"yes ma'am," I said breathlessly, to both questions.

We all went upstairs to Tracy's and John's bedroom.

To be continued in Julie's Belt Licking! (part 3).

Wednesday, December 14

Julie's Belt Licking! (part 1)

So I did it! I got a good hard whipping from Tracy in front of her husband, and a lot more!!!! In case you're new to this adventure, you can pick up the thread from Julie to get the Belt and worse? and the following several blog posts leading up to now.

The evening started at 6pm when Tracy came to get me at my house. Immediately prior I had gotten home from work in just enough time to grab a quick shower and dress casually in my tight blue jeans and loose white blouse. She was also dressed casually in her blue jeans, nice leather boots, and a plaid shirt. She looked hot. A down home country gal ready for a good line dance (she did grow up on a farm). I brought a little red bag with me. It contained my strap-on harness, a "right-sized" dildo for me, and a braided black belt. Tracy did not ask what was in the bag, and I did not offer. I figured I would give it to her to look inside when we got back to her place.

The belt is the nastiest belt we own, that I sometimes use on david's butt to great reaction. It was an act of submission for me to bring the belt I was most scared of!

The strap-on harness was my signal to her that she could use it on me, in front of her husband if she saw fit.

Before we left, Tracy told me there was one thing she needed to do first. She shucked off her coat, took me by the hand to our sofa. She made me lower my jeans and my panties to just below my butt, took me across her knee, and she gave me a light little hand spanking. As she spanked, she told me how much fun we were going to have tonight, and asked if I was going to be a good girl for her and obey her? I breathlessly told her I would be! Then she stood me up and I put myself back together again. "Just wanted to set the tone for the evening," is what she said.

We got our coats and boots on and hopped in her car for the promised shopping expedition and a little dinner out. She asked me if I was excited? I said I definitely was! We made pretty much small talk in the car on the way down. She parked and we got out and started walking. I asked her where we were going and she said only, "you'll see."

We walked into an upscale, smallish Sex Shop!

As soon as we got in, a salesgirl greeted us and asked if she could help us with anything. She was a hot little brunette in slacks. Before I could say "just browsing", Tracy jumped in and said, "why yes, please!" My tummy did a flip.

"Can you advise us on a really nice vibrator for my girl here?" Oh my gosh. I was feeling very lezzy just then!

"She loves playing with herself. In fact, I caught her in the bedroom using a plain old dildo. I had to give her a very strict spanking for that. I want to buy her something much nicer for when she plays with herself. What do you recommend?"

Very blushy! The salesgirl smiled a little and showed us to the right section of the store. She discussed the pros and cons of various of the devices with Tracy. I don't remember much of the conversation exactly but there were plenty of references to my pussy! Tracy wouldn't let me answer any questions at all and jumped in whenever I was asked anything. Before long the conversation switched to between the salesgirl and Tracy exclusively, with her asking Tracy things like, "does she want something with a clitoral simulator?", "A more intense vibration?", or "Larger than this?" and then Tracy answering on my behalf.

Tracy selected the "Wild Orchid Evolved" for me:

Here it is unboxed:

It's rechargeable. It's got little motors in both tips. The bigger end goes up inside and hits my G-Spot. The smaller end sort of bends back and rests on my clitty. There's a button that changes the vibration pattern. One of the patterns feels a lot like a fucking! We were told it's a best seller. And very premium at over $100! Tracy went to the cash and bought it for me. Awwww! Her parting shot to the sales girl was, "I'll be trying this out on her tonight," and then adding as an afterthought, "in front of my husband." Oh my goodness gracious! Oh my gosh! But nothing phased the salesgirl.

When it was all paid for Tracy handed me the bag and said, "what do you say, little girl?" I'm pretty sure I blushed visibly from the heat I could feel in my cheeks. I gave her a little kiss on the lips and said in a little girl's voice, "thank you Mommy." My little girl's voice turned out to be a theme of the evening. She brings it out of me...

We walked out of the store and walked into a little Thai restaurant nearby for a bit of food..

We ate lightly. Very yummy stuff. Some cold rolls, a vegetable curry, and a chicken curry, with rice.

We discussed the vibrator purchase. Re-lived some of the choicer moments in the store. We both had a giggle over it. She teased me about how much I actually was blushing. She paid for dinner, despite my trying to. I was feeling very cared for (and owned in a lovely sense).

We then hopped back in her car and started driving towards her place. But before going there, we pulled into a mall. She said we had one more stop.

It was a Roots store.

As we went in she said it's the most "Western" she could think of.

We were immediately greeted by a male who asked if we needed anything, and Tracy said, "no thanks!". She looked over and smiled at the two salesgirls who were at the cash. They also greeted her and said they'd be happy to help her, just let them know.

Both salesgirls were young women in their early twenties I would judge. One was skinnier and smaller and looked younger and a bit meeker. A bit like a little mouse! She had long dark hair and was wearing glasses. The other exuded more confidence. She was not particularly large, but more full figured than her colleague (ok, a little overweight, but not very - she nonetheless looked hot, but not in Tracy's league, of course). She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. They were both dressed in casual Roots apparel. The smaller brunette in a dress, the bigger blonde in jeans. As it turns out, and more by Tracy's design, the more confident looking one was the one we would be dealing with for most of the visit.

We went browsing around the shop a bit. We went into the back corner. I said, "look, booty shorts!" Tracy bent down and picked them up and they were actually toddler clothes. Oops! There was a woman customer nearby who looked askance at us. We then realized we were in the toddler section and beat a hasty retreat!

The next thing we came to was a rack of oneseys. "You would look so cute in that!" said Tracy.

Tracy picked one off the rack and it looked giant. The more confident looking blonde salesgirl was nearby just briefly helping out another customer, and Tracy took that opportunity to call her over. She asked if these were men's or women's? The salesgirl answered that they were both mixed into the same rack; and you could tell by looking at the first two digits of the code number: even was women's, odd was men's. Tracy pulled the same one out and said, "these are huge!" The salesgirl said they fit big because they don't have a trapdoor. I asked, are there any with trapdoors? (I thought that would be fun! Peekaboo!). To my surprise, the salesgirl said yes, and they were on the same rack, and picked one out about our size.

I said to Tracy, "You should get one. That trapdoor could come in handy with your husband." The salesgirl laughed and I leaned in and bumped Tracy with my shoulder. "Oh my gosh!" said Tracy. Oooooh! What a brat I am!!!

"We'll take this one for you," she emphasized, and she handed it to me to carry. And then she said to the salesgirl, almost as an afterthought, "do you carry belts?" My heart leaped!

"Men's or women's," she asked.

Tracy answered, "women's, it's for me. I need a new belt."

Of course, I knew what the belt was for. And part of me could not believe that the salesgirl did not see right through us, so I was surprised when she took it totally at face value. But she really had no reason not to at that point.

The salesgirl called over to the salesguy and asked him where were the women's belts, and he said they were just over there with the men's belts and they were all mixed in together. We walked over there.

Tracy told the salesgirl, "I actually have two purposes for buying a belt."

"Yes?" the salesgirl said as Tracy paused.

"The first is for me to wear," continued Tracy.

"What's the second?" the salesgirl asked.

"Well," said Tracy, "more importantly, it's for her, because she loves getting her ass whipped by me."

Oh no! Now the cat was out of the bag. But the salesgirl was absolutely cool with it, and was definitely smiling. "Oh! No problem!" she said.

I said, "Tracy, don't say that! Even if it is true..." I wanted the salesgirl to know I wasn't being abused or anything. And admitting it publicly like that makes it more squishy. Literally. Did the salesgirl know how excited I was? That I was literally wetting my panties?

We all three of us peered at a selection of about thirty belts all just draped over a kind of sawhorse. "What about this one," said Tracy, "the little braided one?" She was indicating a woman's belt. Very narrow but braided and quite thick.

The salesgirl said, "Yeah, I'll bet that will hurt!" OMG!!! She was playing along totally! And we weren't even talking anymore about what would look nice on Tracy, it was all about what would most hurt my butt!

"Let me give that a try," said Tracy. "Turn around," she told me. I turned and bent over a bit at the waist. My eyes were down at the floor. At that instant, I wasn't even thinking about who in the shop might be watching. I was so mortified! Tracy put her hand on my lower back and sort of pushed my untucked blouse up my back to bare my tight jean-clad bottom and a bit of skin above the waist. She then whipped the little belt down twice on my butt. I could feel it, but it didn't really hurt at all through my jeans. But I was sooo embarrassed!

"Yup, that's nice," said Tracy, "how about something wider?" As she said this I straightened back up and turned back to face them. I deliberately looked up and into the salesgirl's eyes. She looked right back at me and sort of smiled / smirked! Then I looked down again quickly.

Tracy looked a bit more and found another belt. It was wider and thicker, made of a supple leather, it was also very long. Much too long for Tracy's waist, obviously.

"You can go longer like this one," said the salesgirl. Poke holes in it to fasten it around your waist. If it's longer it might hurt more."

"You think so?" asked Tracy. "I think it doesn't matter how long it is, it matters how hard you bring it down."

"Yes," said the salesgirl, "bend her right over and then straight up and straight down!"

"And," added the salesgirl, "you can always wrap it around her wrists."

Tracy put her wrists together and sort of pantomimed wrapping the belt around them and fastening it. "Yes!" she said. "That's a great idea! Have you done this before?" That did not get a response from the salesgirl, but it did get a broad smile. "What size would fit me?" asked Tracy.

The salesgirl eyed her waist and said, "about a 36".  She picked out a 36 and Tracy put it around her waist and it was the right fit. This belt was of the wider thicker variety as well.

"Let's try this one," she said, and she made me turn around and bend over again, and gave me two more licks on the ass. Still I didn't even think to, or want to, look up to see what kind of a spectacle we were making of ourselves. Of course I should have, so I could describe it now, but I wasn't thinking very straight just then. I know there were a bunch of other people in the store. I'm sure they were entertained... or disgusted!

Next Tracy picked up a suppler almost brushed suede belt. "This one's softer," said Tracy.

"It might have more whip," suggested the salesgirl. I couldn't believe she was having so much fun with it. There must be a law against this!

Tray made a show of doubling it up, and then snapping it between her hands three or four times. It made a huge crack each time. My gosh what a spectacle we were! I still did not look around to see, I was so embarrassed! Tracy even looked a bit self-conscious at the loud noise she had made, and stopped doing that. But I still had to turn around, bend over, and have my blouse lifted for two more from that belt.

Tracy went back to the stiffer, thicker, wider one in a 36. "What colour, red or brown?" asked the salesgirl. It was a dark dusky red, not a bright one.

"Who cares what colour the belt is," said Tracy, "all that matters is what colour her ass will be."

"Maybe the red then," said the salesgirl, "maybe the colour will transfer?"

Tracy agreed it was the better bet, and added "let's hope it reddens her ass to the same shade." As I said, it was a very dark, dusky red!

The salesgirl added, "and it really goes with everything," paying lip service to the first use of the belt.

Then we were about to head towards the cash so that the salesgirl herself could cash us out, but Tracy stopped and said to her, "And just so you know, this belt will be used tonight!"

"Woah! That sounds like a fun time," said the salesgirl.

"Fun for her!" I said in a poutty sort of way, the first words I had spoken in a while.

When we got to the cash I wasn't sure who should pay and hesitated. Tracy had been very adamant about paying for everything, even expensive things, up to now. But I wanted to contribute as well.

"Go on, pay for it," ordered Tracy. And then to the salesgirl, "she's the one it's going to get used on tonight."

"Of course, that's fitting she pays," said the salesgirl, "she's the one who wants it."

Oh Gosh! Now I'm a known subby! But she was right. I did want it just then!

"Would you like a gift receipt for that?" she asked, I guess as a matter of course. Tracy momentarily seemed confused about gift receipt versus receipt, and said "we won't be returning the belt. I plan on wearing it out tonight! Oh, but maybe the onesey if it doesn't fit." They then sorted out real receipt from gift receipt (duh!).

I paid with my credit card, but then we waited, and waited, and waited. "It's locked up," said the salesgirl. Christmas rush maybe?

Tracy asked, "does this happen often?" Me, in my addled brain state, assumed she was referring to lesbian D/s couples coming in buying belts to spank with. Of course Tracy was referring to the locked up machine.

The salesgirl said, "No, never. I've worked at lots of different things. I've worked as a bartender on super busy nights and I've never seen this." I still thought she was talking about us, not the locked up machine. Duh! But right after that I finally clued in.

It was still locked up and I said, "maybe you can just write us up an IOU or something in case we need to return it?" An IOU. Yeesh!

Tracy said, "I bet you want to just run away, don't you? But you can just stand there that much longer and be mortified. It's the gift that just keeps on giving!"

Salesgirl, feeling self-conscious about the frozen machine, threw her arms up and said "Merry Christmas!" referring to the gift that keeps on giving!

I could feel something at my back, and I turned around and saw a Grandmother type waiting to pay for something absolutely scowling at me. And then I looked next to her and down and saw what must have been a twelve year old girl, her granddaughter likely, just staring at me with wide eyes and her mouth a bit open. Oh Shit! Child abuse! I didn't know she was there, but in retrospect, I'm pretty sure that they were the two whom our salesgirl had helped just before the onesey. I honestly didn't clue in at the time, I was so wrapped up in our scene. Sorry! They must have been there the whole time! I remember thinking, shit shit shit shit shit! And now really wanting to get out of there.

Our salesgirl turned to the other salesgirl and said, "help them out," referring to the grandmother and child in line. The mousey girl seemed to wake up and hopped to it at our salesgirl's command. Maybe she was a trainee? Maybe she would be getting the belt from her trainer later???

That's when I noticed that all three of the sales staff had gravitated to behind the sales counter. The guy was just there folding something. The other salesgirl had just been standing there, not even helping the others in line until told to, gawking at us I bet. They must all three of them have a good laugh at my expense after, and a good story to go home and tell their partners and families: "you'll never guess! Today, in the store, these two hot MILF-types come in, and ..."

Finally the receipt printed. I grabbed it and shoved it into the bag with the onesey and the belt. Tracy was already headed for the front door. I had to run to catch up to her. She tried the right side door and it was locked, so she moved to the left side door and I just literally ran into her, and we both tried opening the door, and giggling, and basically falling out of the store like a three stooges movie.

We got to the car and we were all, "Oh My Gosh!" and saying how great the salesgirl was. We both felt high. We felt like silly, giggly teenagers. On the drive home I made Tracy go over with me everything she remembered about what we did, in what order, and what was said. I wanted to completely review it top to the bottom so I could write about it as I'm doing now. So that was the complete scene, as accurately as I can remember it.

From there, we drove back to Tracy's house, where I met John, had to put on the onesey and show my butt (I have a picture of that!), got spanked (bad!), and then got sexed. It was so exciting!

But I'll leave all that to Julie's Belt Licking! (part 2).