Saturday, August 29

Book Update

Hi Everybody! I know I've been very bad with posting recently, but I have been writing the new book furiously and instead of a regular post I thought I'd give you an update on how it's going.

I've been writing at an absolutely furious pace. I'm already at 45,000 words, or almost 200 paperback sized pages (my last book was around 75,000 words so I'm more than halfway there). It seems to be largely writing itself, mainly because I have so much actual experience to draw upon in terms of getting spanked! I'm structuring it into quite short punchy chapters of about 2000-3000 words each (5-10 pages). So far I have the first 20 chapters written.

I had a bit of a false start where the character was more like me, engaging in spanking more for kinky fun. I got some ways along and then thought, no, that's not working. I think we all like fantasizing that this stuff is more real than that, but still without being ultimately non-consensual. That's why I removed the chapter I published in my last blog post, and went back and re-edited everything leading up to it. I now think I've got it much better dialed in.

I think the best and most realistic model for the consensual non-consensual is the trad wife Christian domestic discipline sort of thing, so I took inspiration from there and from my own feelings.

Our heroine is doing it because she was spanked mildly by a loving Dad when she was a little girl, and she associates all sorts of warm and safe and loving things with that time. Then she strikes out into the world on her own with no discipline or structure at all and messes her life up royally. She then happens to meet an older strong Christian man (but not a holy roller type - a more strong morals, drinks beer, shoots gun, trains MMA sort of guy) who firmly believes in traditional values concerning marriage and children, which includes putting his wife across his knee when she needs it. The thought of that melts our young herione, who sees a real Daddy-figure in this man, and willingly, even enthusiastically, accepts it all. There is a big age difference between them (23 to 34) so the young wife can be treated almost like a naughty daughter at times.

Here is what I have so far.

The first twelve chapters introduce the backstories and the characters, have David and Julie meet one another and fall in love, and sees it all the way through meeting the parents and to their marriage and honeymoon. During this time they discuss David's traditional notions of marriage and family, and his firm belief in the man being the breadwinner and the head of the household, and spankings to keep his wife in line when she needs it. This fulfills something in young Julie and she jumps into the trad wife life with both feet as a complete convert, even insisting on the "obey" vows in her marriage ceremony. Living a Christian lifestyle is a show-stopper for David, so Julie agrees to convert, and becomes passionate about that as well. She is introduced to the very traditional church thinking on the topic of gender roles and raising children during Christian marriage preparation classes.

During this time, Julie is introduced to spanking, at first playfully when she strips bare and INSISTS that David fucks her pre-maritally and gets a mild naked over-the-knee spanking for her troubles. While David has fucked other girls, with Julie he thinks there's something special there, and refuses to fuck her until and unless they marry. Out of this they discuss David's trad views. As Julie is still only his girlfriend, she is not subject to disciplinarian spankings even though she does have some bad habits that annoy David. Julie is very nervous about this aspect of married life, and asks David if he can "test drive" what she can expect as wifely discipline while they are still dating. As a result, after a big screw up, Julie experiences a real discipline session from David. Even though she was severely spanked to tears with a hairbrush, she realizes this is exactly what she needs in her life and the engagement goes forward.

I have some sweet moments of falling in love, first kisses, first fooling around, first play spanking, romantic settings, David popping the question and giving Julie  a big diamond engagement ring (that scene made me cry!), the marriage ceremony, the very romantic "mystery" honeymoon, and a few real spankings along the way.

The next section of the book, chapters 13 to 17, is Julie's bumpy conversion to Christianity. The  character feels as I do. To quote from the book,

I still didn't really believe in God, and am still struggling with it as I write this today, but I believed and still believe in the philosophies, the spirituality, the virtues, the morals, the community, the discipline, the mysteries, and the values of Christianity, especially as it pertains to family life.

Any lack of faith is not the issue. It's more Julie's insecurities that get in the way of adult Christian education. It starts with a giant misunderstanding. On their first Sunday at church after returning from their honeymoon, the Pastor sends Julie down to meet a certain Mrs. Parsons. When she gets to the indicated room, she is horrified to find it's packed with children. Before Mrs. Parsons can explain that adult classes don't start for a couple of months, and in the meantime it would be great if Julie could assist her as a teacher's aid, Julie assumes she is to be a pupil and blows her stack at Mrs. Parsons and swears at her in front of all the children, and then storms off back home angrily. She is NOT to be insulted like that!

David discovers the misunderstanding and goes home to Julie. After it is explained, Julie is mortified. David spanks her and washes her mouth out with soap. Next day he goes and tries to smooth things over with the Pastor and Mrs. Parsons. They agree to allow Julie to continue her conversion, but to teach her some humility, they insist Julie attend Sunday School as a pupil until further notice, subject to all the rules the children are subject to. Mrs. Parsons even insists that Julie dress "small" for the class.

Julie swallows her pride and accepts her punishment in the spirit intended, to teach her some good old-fashioned Christian humility. What is particularly bad is that, of course, the middle-aged parents, all considerably older than Julie, come to pick up their kids from Sunday School after services, and Julie becomes the focus of much gossip amongst the parents in the church.

Julie is, however, determined to be the best Sunday School pupil Mrs. Parsons has ever seen. She does impress, and is soon transitioned into helping out with the children here and there. Of course, Julie gets a little bored one day and sneaks a peak at her cell phone to surf social media. The eagle-eyed Sunday School teacher spots Julie, however, and confiscates her phone, telling Julie to find her husband after class and to bring him to her office to retrieve it.

In the office, David asks when corporal punishment was banned in the church. It was 15 years ago. David asks if perhaps Mrs. Parsons can resurrect it in the case of Julie. He has Julie sign a permission note, and Mrs. Parsons checks with the Pastor and is given his go ahead. So Julie is then given the strap to her hands and the paddle to her pantied backside in the office with David present, and is warned that if she needs to be punished again, Mrs. Parsons would not hesitate to put her across her knee, lower her panties, and leather her backside until the girl is in tears. Of course, spanked at church means spanked at home as well...

Julie is again good as gold for awhile and continues to transition more into teacher's aide than pupil over the course of the next few weeks. But then Julie does something inexcusable. One of the brattier little boys sneaks up behind Julie and sticks a sharpened pencil into her backside! Julie sees red, turns and smacks the child across its face. A huge commotion erupts and Mrs. Parsons, not caring about any provocation from a 6-year-old, makes Julie stand in the classroom facing the corner while the child is attended to and its parents called. The parents are furious that their little angel was struck and are even considering pressing assault charges. Mrs. Parsons talks them down and gets them to accept a severe spanking for Julie that they will wind up witnessing.

Along the way to this humiliating spanking, we discover that Julie, who does not have the strongest bladder to begin with, has more extreme bladder control problems when she becomes extremely nervous and humiliated. There are rules for children who wet themselves during Sunday School that Connie Ferndorf, the aggrieved and vindictive mother, insist be applied in full to Julie...

Thoroughly humbled by her experiences in Sunday School, Julie graduates to the adult conversion class when it convenes, and is eventually baptised in the local stream (regretting her choice of white see-through-when-wet shift she naively put on, much to the amusement of the gathered congregation).

The next three chapters deal with David's younger and still single sister Beatrice who comes to visit the newlywed couple and stay with them for a week. During this time, David's past comes out, involving a drunk and abusive father and a mother who passed away when David was 20. We learn that David became the official guardian of Beatrice when she was fourteen, and they reminisce fondly about their early struggles with discipline, and how under the guidance of the church David learned to discipline the unruly teen and bring her into line.

When Bea turned 18 and went to school out of state, we learn how Bea's life spiralled out of control, and of Bea's own decision to make lists of wrongdoings and present them to her big brother whenever she visited to be disciplined for them. While Bea is now 28, and is hopeful of finding a Christian husband who spanks, this arrangement continues to this day, and Julie, as David's wife, is asked by Bea if it is ok if it continues a while longer?

Julie is intrigued to see another girl spanked, and readily agrees. She even gets into the action herself, and winds up spanking her older sister-in-law as practice for when she eventually has kids herself, and the favour is returned as well with a good old fashioned switchin' of Julie by Bea under David's supervision for some misbehaviour.

The sequence ends with a very severe belt whipping administered by David to Bea while Julie watches for the last, and most egregious item on Bea's list.

I'm now about to start in on the next part which will more heavily involve Julie's quite large family, as it gradually comes out that Julie is a spanked wife, and everybody seems perfectly fine with that. Here I can really start mixing in some real episodes from my life to root it in reality, but carry them further into fantasy land.

So that's where I am. Having great fun writing it. I think it's sexy as all get out and I look forward to publishing it!

Monday, August 24

Fictional Story Rejected from Book

As I mentioned in my last post, New Book Project, I've been writing a female submissive novel drawing on my experiences.

I wrote a scene in the book that took place on our honeymoon, but in the end I decided to cut it, not because it wasn't good, but because it didn't fit the vibe I wanted where my husband does not approve of public play and I would be very embarrassed by anything happening in public. That allows me to write hotter scenes where my husband can sometimes use embarrassment as punishment for me.

But rather than just delete it outright, I thought I would post it here for your amusement, instead.

The setup is that we are honeymooning on a small South Sea island. We were driving around the island and David spotted a swimsuit store. In this universe, he and I are as exploring public play, and he decided to "up the ante" so to speak!

David noticed there was swimsuit place in the little strip mall, and asked if he could buy me another swimsuit, as the one I brought was always soggy when I put it on, we swam so much.

We went in, and it was jam packed with swimsuits. There was French couple who ran the place. The middle-aged wife was on the floor, and the husband was behind the counter. We were the only customers. I picked out a cute one piece with the lady's help. I changed into it in a little curtained change room, right off the main room, and came out to model it, blushing a bit in the process as David, the shop woman, and her husband all got a gander at me.

"I think I should get something for myself too," David said.

"Oui Monsieur," the shopkeeper said, "the men's suits are over here."

"Oh no, you misunderstand," David said, "not for me to wear, something for her to wear, for me. Show me your very tiniest bikini."

"David..." I whined.

"It'll look great on you," he said.

Madame smirked a bit and picked out the teeny tiniest bikini in her store. There was barely any cloth at all on it!

"Go try this one on," said David.

"There's hardly anything there," I complained.

"For me," he said.

I took the suit and went into the change room. Oh my gosh, it really was minimal! On top there were the barest triangles of cloth that just barely covered only my nipples. On the bottom, there was no covering at all on my ass. It was just a tiny string that went between my cheeks. My pussy was just barely covered by the tiniest possible triangle of material. My blonde pubic hair stuck out on the sides. Absolutely not!

"How is it?" asked David.

"No!" I said. "It's obscene."

"Now, now," David said, I'm sure your exaggerating. It's the style nowadays. Come out and show us and let us judge."

"No!" I persisted.

"Julie," David said, his voice a bit testy, "Obey."

Oh gosh. He was doing it I finally realized. He was giving me exactly what I asked for. A shaming. I took a deep breath and opened the curtain and came out.

"Ooh la la!" the French husband whistled from behind the counter.

"Very fetching," David said. "Give us a turn," he added.

I blushed and turned, giving them a view of my totally bare backside, and then back to face them. My breasts, other than my nipples, were totally on display. Top boob, side boob, bottom boob.

"Very risqué," said the French woman, "but she has the body for it. If I may suggest, though," she continued in a soft voice, "there is a beauty spa that performs Brazilian waxing just a few doors down..."

What? It was true. Little blonde pussy hairs were escaping the sides. I was so embarrassed!

"Yes, she needs it for that suit," David agreed. "But all in all I like it," he said. He then walked up to me, turned me around, and said, "I like that her cheeks are nice and bare, so if I have to give her a spanking, there'll be no hiding it."

"Assurément," said the French wife, getting into the spirit of our play, "si vous donnez une bonne fessée à votre femme alors qu'elle porte ce bikini, les marques seront très visibles".

I spoke French. Translation: "Of course, if you give her a good spanking while she wears that bikini, the marks will be very well visible."

"What's that?" David asked?

The husband translated, "the, how do you say, the marks, on her bottom, for the spanking, will be very visible. Everyone will know Madame is well-spanked," he said.

"Yes! they will," said David.

"But we better test that to see," said David who reached out, pulled me by the arm over to a chair, and pulled me across his lap."

"No please!" I begged.

"Just an experiment," said David, who proceeded to give me a dozen good hard spanks to alternate cheeks.

"The shopkeep ran out from behind his counter, and said, "Monsieur, may I suggest a pair of these flip flops for Madame? Free, for you and Madame, with the swimsuits," he said.

"Thank you," said David, taking the rubber-soled flip flops from his hand, dropping one to the floor, and spanking me with the other. Youch! It hurt. He gave me another dozen or so with the flip flop!

"Let's see how it looks," said David, setting me on my feet and making me face the change room curtain I now so desperately wanted to get behind.

"You can see it clearly," said David.

"Very much so," said Madame, "everybody will see she has been spanked, as you say."

"C'est très excitant," said the husband, "it's very exciting".

"We'll take both these suits, and the flip flops," said David." Julie, no point changing, you can wear that suit you're in."

"I need to scan the tag at the back," said the shopkeep.

David came up to me, lifted me under my arms as if I were a child and sat me on the checkout desk. The shopkeep took the tag hanging off the tiny triangle of material at the back and scanned it.

"Should I remove it?" the man asked David, referring to the tag, not my bottoms!

David agreed and the man snipped off the tags. He then scanned the other suit, and David payed for both.

"Where is the waxing salon?" David asked.

"Three doors that way," said the woman, "tell them Maxime sent you."

David went to gather my clothes from the changeroom, and said "come on Julie."

"David, I can't, not like this!" I complained.

"Of, you're right, how silly of me. Here, put on these flip flops," he said as he arranged the "bonus" flip flops at my feet.

I slipped them on and followed David out of the store to a chorus of thank yous and one wolf whistle from the man. We went to the car and David put my clothes and sandals into it.

"Let's go get that pussy waxed," he said, and took me by the hand to the waxing salon that Madame had pointed out.

I was so embarrassed walking in the parking lot in nothing but the tiny string bikini. There were some local guys hanging out in the parking lot who seemed very appreciative. We passed a small group of local woman as well who said "petite salope" as I passed. It literally meant "little slut" in French.

The woman next to her said, "Non non, Regarde la pauvre mignonne. Regarde son cul. Elle a déjà reçu une bonne fessée." [Translation: "no, no, look at the little cutie. Look at her ass. She's already received a good spanking."]

"Bonjour," said David as we walked into the waxing salon together. I was so grateful to be out of the parking lot at least!

"Bonjour, Monsieur," said the woman at the front desk who appeared to be the owner.

"Maxime from the swimsuit store sent us," said David quickly, establishing our bonafides. "we just bought this suit, but as you can see, she needs some work to be able to wear it properly," he said. As he said it, he held me in front of him, holding both my arms pinned at my sides so the lady could examine my "bikini line". Oh my God! I was so mortified!

"Ah yes. I recommend a full Brazilian wax. That will be $60 US dollars. I have availability now?" she said.

"That will be fine. I'm her husband. We've just been married. May I come in and hold her hand. She's never had a waxing before now."

"It's unusual," said the woman, "but I can make an exception for such a charming couple," she said, and in we went, me with a freshly spanked butt, in for my full Brazilian waxing in front of my husband.

There you have it! I'm keeping the waxing scene in the book, but it will be at my request due to some pesky pussy hairs I needed to keep tucking into my bikini!

I think I'm about 1/3 of the way through the book already. Going back in!

Monday, August 17

New Book Project: Julie's Spankings

Sorry I've been quiet lately, I've been throwing myself into a new book project. This time the muse has struck me on the female submissive side of things. Here is my working cover / title.

After you read about what I have in mind, please suggest a better title / subtitle as I definitely don't think I've nailed it yet (though I like the photo - tee hee - it's me!)

As I did for my last book, I want to base it off of my real-life play and discipline from my husband, and my family's involvement in it (such as it is), but take it more in the fantasy direction in a seamless fashion as I did for my previous book.

My submissive kink focuses very much around domestic themes, and I particularly get off on the "young wife" being consensually (she knows it's good for her) taken in hand by her husband chiefly, but then extending that into the family setting as well, so everybody knows she is spanked. While this is extremely embarrassing for her, it's also, paradoxically, highly arousing. This is me in spades!

She's also a little bit of a prudish cold fish in bed, until her fanny gets lit up at which point she turns into a total little eager-to-please whore. While you could never call me a prude or a cold fish in the sack, I can tell you that there are sexual acts I am willing and eager to do after a good hard spanking that I would do only reluctantly otherwise.

I think I want to make myself younger, around 23 or so, with an older husband (35 or so). The background will be a happy childhood (the very occasional mild spankings notwithstanding), but then me cutting loose after I leave home and getting into all manner of trouble (fact check: true!). I then meet my husband, and realize that I am missing something in life, and request a firm hand to keep me happy and fulfilled.

I'm not going to work. I want to be a bit of "trad wife", with an allowance, and I need to learn my way around the cooking and the cleaning and the behaving maturely sort of thing. Eventually my husband will give me kids, but not until I stop acting like one myself. In the meantime, I am a bit proud that I am a spanked wife, and don't care who knows it, until someone new is told that is, and then I blush sooo much!

At a certain point I will have done something irresponsible that impacts my parents. I need to apologize to them and tell them how David will punish me. Turns out they are more than happy that David is taking charge. They were very worried about me after I moved out (with good reason), and were relieved once David came into my life. If spankings are a part of it, well hallelujah and spank away.

They were, in fact, so enthusiastic that when David needed to be away on business, he suggested I go stay with them, learn from my Mom how to properly keep house, and they should have free reign to discipline me as they did when I was a child.

Of course, I have an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother who all find out about me as well, and witness the occasional comeuppance that has now become family lore and something I am constantly teased about. Even my Dad and Mom's brothers and sisters, my Aunties and Uncles, know about me, and I also have younger eighteen-year-old boy cousins who wind up seeing big Cousin Julie bared, spanked, and put in the corner by her husband!

I am thinking that David is a firm Christian, and I had fervently agreed to convert so we could raise the children as Christians. But I struggle with the faith thing, and struggle getting to church, sitting still during sermons, and not making smart-aleck comments. You can imagine what happens, with the enthusiastic blessing of the Pastor and his wife. And until I can apply myself properly, I am required to go to Sunday school with the little kids to "catch up". The Sunday school teacher is only too delighted to have some additional disciplinary measures he can apply to me in the privacy of his office that are frowned upon with the other children, but heartily encouraged in my case. And I'm talking about the paddle to the bare!

There will be lots of episodes at the lake with plenty of family to see. I will have to cut switches, be spanked on the dock with my one-piece taken down, and made to stand in the corner, both sets of cheeks blazing. I also foresee a very public diapering in advance of the three-hour drive back to the city, a "reward" for making David stop on the way up after I told him I had gone potty when I hadn't.

Anyways, those are the sorts of episodes I have in mind. Happy to take suggestions and requests either in the comments below or by email!

Thursday, August 6

Wife Fucked

Maybe I can bang out a short one on my iPad...

Went to bed last night. David was in bed just ahead of me. He turned on the light on his bedside table and told me to turn off the main light. I did so, and then he stayed poised on the switch of the bedside lamp as I jumped into bed (we were both nude). His back was turned to me and he was very close to the edge of the bed as he turned the light off. Before he could adjust, I quickly shimmied right up to him and spooned him. He had, like, twelve inches of bed or something.

"I love you!" I told him as I squeezed him, mischievously knowing he had no bed.

"Are you going to move, or do I have to move you?" he asked, amused at my antics.

"What?" I said, playing dumb and innocent. He knew.

As he squiggled around to face me, I squiggled to face away from him, shoving my butt back to give him even less space. I felt one of his hands come under me on top and grab a tit, and his other big hand grab a full top ass cheek with fingers penetrating both pussy and ass. He lifted and pushed, moving me towards the middle of the bed. "David, no!" I yelled in distress from the rough treatment.

Having cleared sufficient space, he pulled the duvet off me, pushed me forward at the back of my neck, hauled back, and gave me six stingy hard spanks to my bare ass.

Well, by this point my tits had been mauled, my ass grabbed and lifted, my pussy and asshole penetrated, and my ass smacked. Yet, despite (or because of!) the abuse, I found myself suddenly quite horny. I wasn't before when I jumped into bed, but after his rough handling...

I pushed my ass back into him after my little spanking, and wiggled it against his crotch. I could feel a certain stiffness developing.  He put his hands back on me, and groped my tits and ass again. I could feel his fingers in me, and knew he was feeling my pussy dampen for him.

He gently pushed my head away from him and down while hauling my hips up and closer to him. He must have licked his fingers because he slapped me gently on my pussy, transferring the saliva on his fingers onto my exterior pussy lips. I was about to be fucked!

I felt the slippery head of his penis at my vaginal entrance. He still held my head down, bending me over acutely so my bare pussy was the most prominent part of me. I was feeling submissive, bent over like this, and wanting his cock inside of me.

He pushed it in. It's always a little "shock" as I stretch to accommodate his girth. He started slowly, only fucking me an inch or two deep. I encouraged him by moaning, wriggling, and rhythmically squeezing his cock inside of me using my pussy muscles.

He moved his hand to the back of my head, grabbing a fistful of hair, and with the other hand pulled my hips up and into him as he started going deeper and deeper. Before long he was in to the hilt and I was feeling his big balls slapping against my cunt as I got very properly fucked!

Ok, how do I describe this? It hurts, but it hurts so good... It's a bit punishing. It's a bit like a spanking that way. But very exciting at the same time. He moved his hand away from the back of my head and put both hands around my hips and really started fucking me hard. I stayed bent over as a submissive trophy to my man.

I started in with a mix of moaning in heat and mewling in pain, which properly represented my state.

He didn't want to finish in me like that, so he pulled out before that happened. He moved me to the center of the bed, on my back, with my head on the pillow. I spread my legs for him and he mounted me, missionary style. With his hand he re-guided his dick into me. I raised both hands and put them above my head. He took my two hands into one of his big hands and stretched them up further. Trapping me. Holding me. Subduing me. He threw the duvet back over the both of us so that we were under the covers. I struggled against his grip on my hands because it excited me to do so. He responded by stretching me out harder and putting his free hand on my breasts and squeezing them hard. Both girls got the treatment as he simultaneously plundered the depths of my pussy with his cock.

"Please, Sir, don't" I squealed "in distress". It's a game we play.

"No woman, enough is enough. You're getting properly wife-fucked tonight and you have nothing to say about it."

It's the nice thing about being married. If you're not married, you can't be properly wife-fucked.

"No. Don't. Please!" I begged him.

"Unless I start seeing some enthusiasm, woman, I'll take my belt to your bare ass after I'm done with you."

"Not the belt, Sir. Please not the belt!" I begged.

He paused his thrusts and said, "and so...?"

I started moving my hips up and down and circling his cock, and squeezing his dick.

"That's better," he said, and picked up the pace fucking me deeply. He also planted a deep kiss onto my lips, tongue fucking me as he did so.

We moved together as I felt him nearing his climax. He went as deep as he could, held it there, thrust again, and came deeply into me. He let go my arms and collapsed his weight onto me as I hugged him mightily and kissed his neck.

He rolled off of me onto his back and I snuggled into his arms. I had not cum, but I felt as if I did not need to. I felt very satisfied as a woman.

Normally, soon after a fucking like this I discretely go to the bathroom and use a tissue on my pussy to clean it up of my wet juices and his seeping cum. Today I stayed in bed. I wanted to feel his hot cum slowly seeping out of me.

As it did so, I squeezed my thighs together and felt it there. I slept like that.

I would go for a refreshing swim first thing in the morning and wash the sheets after my husband rose.

Tuesday, August 4

On Vacay

Hey Guys and Gals! Just wanted to let you know we are on some PTO up at the cottage. No access to a real computer, only my iPad. But lots to write about when I can!

There have been outdoor spankings. OTK, belt whippings, and switchings. (Darned mosquitoes!)

I've been spanked to tears by David, and reminded afterwards who the woman is...

My Dad swatted my (clothed) ass!

I had to cut a switch outside, bare naked. After my switching I had to go skinny dipping to cool me off.

David got spanked (not quite to tears) and got reminded afterwards who the woman is...

See you soon!