Tuesday, February 16

husband diapered in front of sister

I've been putting off this "diapering" fetish thing for a while now. I've had a commenter on my blog, Gretchen, who is a great advocate of it. It's always appealed to me to give it a try, but have never gotten around to it. Well, something happened the other day that gave me a perfect "hook" for it, so I went for it!

david and I were on a little road trip between Toronto and Montreal. Along the highway there are "On Route" Service Stations every now and then. We were coming up to one in 2 km and there was a sign that said "Next one in 80 km". I asked david to pull over into this one. He said something like "oh come on, we can hold out to the next one". I told him I needed to pee. He asked if I couldn't just hold it for another 80 km...

Exactly! You women readers will sympathize.  I told him that no, I could not, and he better pull over or there might be a little accident on the car seat! When we were back on the road after my rest stop, I informed him that he would be punished for that. In my mind I was already thinking even then about a good diapering à la Gretchen for him. I then let it drop while I took my time over the next few days deliberating on the details, and I evolved a punishment scene around the rest stop incident that would "fit the crime" perfectly.

I intended to outdo myself on the humiliation aspects of this punishment. (Which he secretly loves and craves, though he likes to pretend otherwise. Whom he thinks he is fooling is beyond me.) So what better way to deepen his humiliation than to involve another woman? And, what better woman than my sister? We have not played with my sister Sue for awhile (as some of my blog readers who are big fans of sister play can woefully attest), so I thought I would love to involve her if she was game (Her middle name is "game", so I suspected she would be!)

I told david in advance what I planned on doing to him for his rest stop punishment: that he should experience what it's like having such a full bladder, and having somebody suggest that he hold it in until he could no longer.

So he would be drinking a lot of water, and then standing on a makeshift pee pad in the living room in just his panties until he couldn't hold it in any longer. He would not be allowed off his pee pad until he wet himself. After that he would be cleaned up like a baby, spanked, diapered, and made to stand in the corner in his diapers as punishment.

Then I dropped the bomb on him. That I intended to invite Sue over to help out and watch it all go down. I told him the punishment would occur regardless, but that he could veto involving Sue. I gave him a day to mull it over before I would reach out to her.

Next day I sat him down and asked for his decision on the matter. I slowly told him one more time what I planned on doing to him in front of my sister. He blushed and said "I don't know...." I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. He was hard! I confronted him with this "hard evidence" and told him that because of his hard dick it was now out of his hands. He did not protest overly, my little shame slut. He would have to wet himself and then be spanked and diapered, all in front of Sue. I asked david if I should have Sue give him his big spanking? He answered yes please, as she was a lot easier on him than I was. Oh boy! We would have to fix up that little lack of respect for his sister-in-law! The only remaining question was whether my sister would agree to participate.

I called her up and said we had not played with david for a while, and asked her if she wanted to? She definitely did. She told me it always lifts her spirits to help me Domme my boy. I told her I wanted to try something a bit different for him. She asked me what I had in mind. I told her it was a bit weird, and she said she expected nothing less from me! So I told her about the rest stop incident and as "punishment" that I planned on forcing david to wet his panties in front of us, and then we would clean him up, spank him, powder him, diaper him, and make him stand in the corner in his diaper. She told me I was definitely "one weird chick", but said she was happy to help, so long as I was the one doing the "clean up" part. She even suggested a pacifier for him, which I thought was a great idea. I asked her if she would do the honours of the "main spanking". She said she would be delighted to. I asked her to go good and hard on him. Harder than she had ever previously, because from what david was saying, he did not show the appropriate respect for her spankings. She said, "is that so?" and I told her what he said. She said she would be sure to correct that impression!

I let david know that Sue was in, and that she agreed we should make him very sorry for suggesting that I, a Woman, wait for the next rest stop! And she would be sure to correct his impression of her that her spankings are "easy". He looked quite nervous and a little pathetic even, contemplating the humiliations his behaviour had earned him, and what he was now realizing were his rather unfortunate comments about Sue's spankings.

In preparation for Sue's visit, I took david out shopping with me for the necessaries.  I made him drive us to a fairly large store quite a ways out of our neighborhood. When we got to the store, our first stop was for some nappies. We found some that were "adjustable", meaning they looked like diapers.

I can only imagine how david felt as we combed through the adult incontinence aids looking for just the right sort. And no, I did not lower my voice even a little as I "discussed" with him out loud which type would be best for him.

I also purchased the baby powder

and the baby pacifier Sue had suggested.

That was everything we needed. We proceeded to the checkout counter with those three items and nothing else. I chose an aisle with a cute young lady at checkout and a bit of a lineup. I made david hold the diapers and I held the other things. He was so mortified! He did not say a word and looked at his shoes mostly.

When we got to the front of the line I put down my two items and told david to "put down your diapers" in case anybody around us had not already noticed that he was carrying adult incontinence aids. As the girl started ringing the items through I looked at her and said in a clear and "annoyed" sounding voice, "we'll see about his bed wetting now." I modified my script a little for this show, choosing something a bit simpler to convey quickly. In the lineup behind us were two ladies and an older gentleman. To them I shook my head and said "It's just ridiculous." Two of them just looked stunned, and the third, an older Asian lady, almost smirked? The checkout girl just smiled at my husband. Nobody said a word. david did not look up from the floor. And then we left.

Wow!!!! My heart was racing as I did all that at the checkout! david tells me his was as well. Talk about being humiliated???!! He told me it was off the charts for him. I wonder what the people around us were thinking?

Did they think I was a total bitch for shaming my pussy-whipped husband like this for something he couldn't even control? Likely. Or maybe they thought he was getting what he deserved. Did any of them suspect it was a show? Perhaps. Who knows?

At any rate, we now had everything we needed, and one very well half-shamed husband. The rest of his shaming would be completed in front of Sue.

Sue came next day. An hour before she was due to arrive I sat david down at the kitchen table with two liter jugs of water and told him to drink them both down.

He had already not peed yet since the morning, and I was sure this would be "wanting out" with some urgency in an hour's time. Sure enough Sue came about an hour later, and my naughty little boy had already started crossing his legs!

I welcomed Sue in and made david go over a give her a peck on the cheek. I told her he had downed two liters of water about an hour ago and was already very anxious to get his punishment over with. As I said this david squeezed his legs together as if on cue, put his hands at his crotch, and affirmed the truth of it.

I told david to go upstairs and change into nothing but his white and blue patterned cotton panties and to report back down to us in the living room for his disciplining.

When david was upstairs changing I thanked Sue for her help. She said she was very pleased to be there as it had been too long, but poor david! I told her that he really did do that to me on the trip home, and he was getting what he had coming.

With Sue's help I started laying out his pee pad towards the corner of the living room. We consulted about it, and decided to first lay down a mat of paper towels to protect the hardwood floor, and then a folded squared-up bath towel (an old one), and then another double layer of paper towels on the top. His very own little puppy training station!

A husband training station in our case. I also had some extra paper towels to towel him off afterwards, and a whole bunch of extra towels and washcloths for the cleanup. We also set out a "changing station" for him in the middle of the living room carpet with another couple of big bath towels laid down.

david came back downstairs in nothing but his little blue panties that he would be forced to wet in front of us. He was looking quite desperate by now. I had timed it well. I told him to stand on his pee pad facing us, but that he was not allowed to pee until Sue and I allowed him to. He placed himself there and started squirming. I don't know if he was doing it deliberately to deepen his shame, but he showed all the traditional "I 'gotta pee!" signs. The legs pressed together knock-kneed. The hands on his crotch, The hunched over posture. The squirming and bouncing.

I poured Sue and I a nice tall glass of water each, and we sat on the couch to observe him. I reminded him of why he was there. I asked him how it felt to be standing there needing to pee and to be told he couldn't? "Not very good" was his answer. I asked him what he would do if I made him hold it in for another 45 minutes, the approximate time between highway rest stops? He answered that he could not and that he would pee his panties. I told him that was precisely what he had suggested to me on the highway, and did he see now how insensitive his attitude was? He agreed completely and apologized to me profusely. Sue chimed in that women generally have smaller bladders than men, and men needed to be sensitive to that. david agreed and promised he would be next time. I said nothing for a minute or so, just watching his squirming.

I broke the silence by telling him I was going to make him pee his panties now, in front of Sue and I, so he could feel how embarrassing that is. After that, I told him, Sue would be giving him a very strict spanking and then he would be in diapers until next morning. Sue and I discussed implements as david squirmed, and she opted for the large paddle-shaped dark hardwood hairbrush. A real butt blisterer.

I left him there in front of Sue as I went to get the hairbrush down from upstairs. I told him not to dare wet himself until I was back. I left him squirming there desperately with Sue smirking at him. I arrived back with the hairbrush and with the pack of diapers that I carelessly tossed to the side of his changing station.

I handed the hairbrush to Sue. She took it and smacked it into her palm. "You're really going to get it this time," she told him, "right across my knee until you're crying like a little baby and wishing you'd NEVER  treated my sister that way." I loved the ferocity. He would catch it good from Sue this time as she never liked being second best at anything.

I told david he may go ahead and pee himself. I imagined a huge gush would present, but there was nothing. Nothing at all.

"Go ahead. We're waiting. You're not getting off that pee pad until you do," I told him.

"I can't!!" He wailed, despite the massive bladder pressure clearly in evidence.

Sue gave a little smirk and got up to go into the adjoining kitchen. She turned on the kitchen tap and let the water flow. She came back and regained her seat beside me.

david got a pained look on his face and we saw the first bit of pee start to come out, staining the front of his panties. "Oh no!" he said as it started happening. Soon more and more came out. In fact, a little arcing stream came out, right through the cotton fabric of his panties.

"Don't you dare get any pee on the floor!" I told him. "Control that!"

He grabbed the front of his panties and pulled the material away from the tip of his penis. Now his panties really started getting soaked and the pee started dribbling down his closed together legs. He spread his legs a bit and there was now a stream going right from the lowest point of the crotch of his panties straight down onto the paper towels he was standing on. "Close your legs," I told him, "no splashing!" He closed up his legs again and the pee from his soaked panties flowed down the insides of his thighs, then down to his lower legs, and from there onto his bare feet and soaking the paper towels. He had such a funny expression on his face. It was at the same time pained, embarrassed, and relieved. I've never seen such a mixture. And we could start smelling it now. It was relatively mild and the pee was relatively pale, no doubt due to all that water, but we still scrunched up our noses at the acrid aroma.

After he finished we let him stand there like that, in his soaked little cotton panties, his legs wet from his pee, and standing in his pee-soaked paper towels. We could see his penis quite clearly through his panties, rendered translucent by his wetting. He had really done it. He had peed his panties right in front of us. He was looking absolutely devasted by the experience. A grown man made to do that. I still wasn't done with him. His disciplining was by no means complete.

"Take off those soaked panties," I told him. He did so. "Hold them up, show us the wettest part of them." He held them out so that the soaked front and gusset was displayed to us. "Now stuff the wettest part of those panties into your mouth." He got a pleading and incredulous look in his eye. "Now!" I ordered in a loud voice. He stuffed them in.

"Will you ever put me in that position again, where a panty wetting like that could happen to me?" I asked him.

"Mo Ma'am, mever," he responded, mumbling thought his pee-soaked panties. I could almost see tears in his eyes. He had been quite thoroughly broken by this humiliating panty-wetting display in front of my sister and I.

"What do you think?" I asked my sister.

"I think he won't be putting you in that position again. How do those panties taste, david? Are they nasty?" david shook his head affirmatively. "Suck on them," said Sue. "You heard me," she added, "suck on them properly."

david's cheeks pulled in and we could hear the sucking sounds coming from his mouth. He looked like he was going to gag.

"Now drink it," said Sue. Oh my! She was having a time. david grimaced and swallowed his pee. Sue seemed satisfied.

I went to the kitchen where I turned off the tap and got a couple of large garbage bags, one for the wash and the other for the trash. I had him take the panties from his mouth and put them into the laundry bag. I grabbed some extra paper towels and toweled off the worst of the pee from his legs and naked midsection. I dropped those paper towels into the garbage bag and told him to pick up the ones at his feet and throw them in as well. With him standing on the towel, I wet a washcloth at the kitchen sink and gave his feet, legs and midsection another going over with water this time. Then I quickly dried him with another small towel, and threw both the wet washcloth and the drying towel into the laundry bag. I made david pick up the towel on the floor he was standing on and put that into the laundry bag as well. The bottom paper towels did not appear wet at all, but they also went into the garbage bag for good measure. I closed up the bags and put them at the back of the kitchen. The smell subsided considerably after that.

I then told david to lie down on his back on the doubled-towels that acted as his changing station. I had told Sue I would clean him off thoroughly for her before she spanked him, and I intended to follow through on that. I prepared a warm basin of water, and another cool one. I brought them over and lay them down next to david on the floor. I also had a bar of soap and another couple of washcloths and smaller drying towels. I soaped up the washcloth with the warm water and began cleaning his feet and legs. I had him lift his legs in the air (diaper position) and did the same down the backs of his legs all the way to his butt. I then gave him a soapy scrub to his midsection, from above the waist to the tops of his legs, paying special attention to his penis and testicles and to the creases under his crotch. I rinsed him off with the other washcloth and the cool water. I had him turn over so that his bare bum was facing up, and soaped his bum and again between his legs this time from the back, and then rinsed him off again. Of course, david had developed quite the erection during this scrubbing!

I had him stand and made another pass at rinsing him off with the cool water. I then placed a folding chair beside him (on the changing station), sat on it, placed a towel across my knees, and pulled him down across me. It's a wife's prerogative to get the first licks in. I started in on spanking him with my hand and lecturing him.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," I said as I spanked his wet bum, "that you had to be punished by having to pee your panties in front of Sue and I. But don't think we're done with you, young man. You still have a good hairbrushing coming from Sue, and then a diapering from the both of us!"

I spanked him with my hand until his cheeks were rosy, and then asked Sue if she thought it was time for his hairbrush spanking from her? She said it was a fine time for that.

I made david stand, and then Sue and I switched places. david was left standing nude and freshly scrubbed beside Sue. "Do you need a towel?" I asked her. She reached out and touched the front of david's thigh and his cock. His very erect penis twitched upwards at that treatment!

"No you seemed to have dried him off well."

Sue pulled david down by the arm. I went to her and arranged their limbs so that david was hiked up over Sue's left knee, and Sue's right leg was draped over the backs of his legs. I then reached for david's right arm, bent it behind his back, and gave it to Sue to hold onto. david knew he was really in for it when I placed him in this position. I told Sue she could now go nice and hard and not worry in the least about his wriggling away.

I retook my seat on the sofa, and Sue started in on my husband's ass.

Sue scolded as she spanked, asking him if he was ever going to put me in such a position again? david swore up and down he would not as he absorbed blow after blow to his ass cheeks, turning them from my rosy to a dark fire engine red!

david yelped and screamed at this treatment, but Sue was quite relentless with that hairbrush. She had seen him spanked, and spanked him enough herself, to know what he could take, and was used to his vocalizations. She had not had a chance to spank him for a while and also had something to prove this time around, and so was definitely making up for lost time by punishing him with precious little mercy at all.

I knew that david was not enjoying this in the least at this particular moment. But that's what he gets. I would never see him hurt, but when he handed me the hairbrush he gave up a lot of control over how hard his spankings would be. That was up to me, and in this case delegated to my sister as well.

"What do you think?" Sue asked me, pausing his spanking. True to her word, she had gotten tears from him.

"Give him another fifty nice hard ones," I said, "to teach him the error of his ways."

"NOOOO!!!!" screamed david as Sue raised her hand and counted out a hard and fast fifty, alternating cheeks. david had reached the stage of a hairbrush spanking where the centers of his spank spots had gone a dusky white. Sue was a real champ this time! david would for sure be respecting a spanking from her going forwards.

Sue let him up. He whimpered and clutched at his ass cheeks, his penis soft and shrunken. She had done a real number on him. He was grimacing in real pain.

"Was that hard enough for you?" She asked my husband sweetly.

"y...y...yes ma'am, ow ow" he said.

"Too bad that beaten ass has to stay in diapers until tomorrow morning," I said, "I bet it'll itch something fierce!"

I put away the folding spanking chair and guided david down onto his back on his changing station. He grimaced and wailed a bit as his spanked bottom came in contact with the ground. I knelt down beside him as Sue stood watching. I took out a diaper and slid it underneath him. Actually I needed for him to lift up a bit to get it under there. Then I powdered his penis and testicles, lifted his legs in the air, and powdered his backside as well.

Poor david was getting an honest to goodness diapering by me in front of my sister!!!

How totally humiliating for him. There there baby.

Who's mommy's good boy?

As I was diapering him, Sue took the Playtex pacifier out of its packaging.

Sue asked which colour he preferred? He got the blue one. We stood him up and conducted him to the corner of the living room. I put him in the corner in his diaper sucking on his pacifier, with his very very sore itchy bum. I told him he would be standing in the corner until further notice.

Sue gave him a kiss on his cheek and a pat on his diapered bottom. She said she hoped his bum was still sore, and did he still think that she spanked easier than me? david nodded his head vigorously no, having gained a newfound respect for his sister-in-law's spanking prowess.

Sue took off. I let david stew in the corner for about a half hour. After that, I made him face me, and asked him if he would ever question my need for a rest stop again? He shook his head no. I took the pacifier out of his mouth and let him out of the corner. I did, however, tell him that he was to stay in those diapers until morning. If he had to do a number one he should just go into his diaper, and it would not be changed. If he needed to do a number two, he would likewise go into his diaper and then ask me for a diaper change. I let him know that if he needed his diaper changed, I would be telling Sue all about it.

As it turned out, he was able to avoid a number two, but the pee kept coming out from those two liters of water he had drunk, and he had to pee himself multiple times during the rest of the evening and at nighttime. In the morning I took off his diaper and it was quite soaked. Ha Ha!

I tell you, pee and diapers, with my sister and several other women at the shop involved peripherally. A very, very humiliating combination for a supposedly "grown man". I don't know if I'll ever be able to top this one. I hope you enjoyed my husband's humiliation! Heh heh!