Saturday, December 29

Spanked and Pink Fucked

I was a very naughty girl and got a spanking and then rough sex from my husband. I enjoyed every second 'cause I am a total slut! 😀

When I'm in one of my submissive moods, I really "enjoy" (?) being "slut shamed". What I mean by this, is my husband using the filthiest and most degrading language to describe my sexiness. One could probably psychoanalyze this, but why bother.

He had not made love to me for a while and I wanted some. I recall how our little whore friend Jessica had gotten what she wanted: "what does a girl need to do to get spanked around here?" So I took the same approach with my husband. And guess what? It worked!

We're in the bedroom. I'm bare naked. He's still dressed at this point, jeans and a T-shirt. He sits at the side of the bed and hauls me over his knee, "so you want a spanking do you, you little brat."

His hand starts connecting with my bottom. He is gentle, yet before too long I am feeling the heat!

A husband's eye view. That is really me!

I turn my head to face him and say, "Is that all you've got? You've got to earn my respect, boy" with a cheeky smile. Uh Oh!

The next spank comes crashing down on my poor bare tushy, as do the next, I don't know, the next rapid fire 1000???? (not really, just felt like it!).

"Ok! Ok! I respect you! I respect you, SIR!" I said. It does not take long for a strong man with only his bare hand to make his wife respect him!

"Beg me to fuck you," he says.

I still have some feistiness left in me. "I'd rather you lick me, Sir," I say back, much prefering a licking to a fucking any day of the week.

NOT what He Who Must Be Obeyed wanted to hear! The spanking starts, in earnest, again.

"No! Ok! Please FUCK me Sir! Please FUCK ME!"

"How?" he demands.

"Anyway you please, Sir!" My butt is getting sizzled! I know, me saying "anyway you please" usually means an ass fucking for this little girl.

He pauses and strokes my hot ass, his hand parting my cheeks and rubbing my pussy... it is wet.

my pussy...

"No, you can choose the method of your fucking," he says gallantly.

"Ummm... on my back, Sir, knees up with my legs spread?" I know he likes it when my knees are up and my legs are very widely spread and my pussy is maximally accessible to his thrusts. It's a bit painful for me, as his cock goes too deep, but oh well.

"Good girl," he says, still rubbing me down there. "I'll just finish up your spanking to make sure those knees stay nice and spread for me..."

There's really no need. I'll keep them spread. I won't put them together even a little, I'll be a good...

"No! No!" I cry out as his big hard hand comes crashing back down on my tender ass another 1000 times!

"Ready to perform, you dirty little whore?" he asks me. It makes my tummy flutter when he talks dirty to me like that.

"Yes Sir!" I echo back to him, "Your dirty little whore is ready to perform for you, Sir!"  There's nothing that encourages ethousiastic wifely submissiveness more than a well-spanked backside, and the sure knowledge that the least cheekiness will result in more of same!

"Then get on your back, get your knees up, and keep them spread," he says. Flutter flutter.

I move off his lap. Fuck my ass is sore. I lie on my back on the bed, raise my knees towards my chest and spread them as wide as they will go. He puts a pillow under my hips to elevate my hips to better present pussy, so it can't shrink away from his thrusts. He slowly starts undressing.

"Grab your cunt lips, whore, and pull them wide apart for me," he says. Oh blush!

I grab my "cunt lips" and I pull them wide apart. I am feeling very submissive, I pull them widely apart for him. Painfully so.

My pink parts are all on display for him. my pussy hole is totally accessible. My sensitive clit is exposed.

"You're going to hold them like that the entire time I'm fucking you," he says. "That's how a slut like you gets fucked."

Oh no! What do you call that? Pink Fucked???

So there I am. Naked. On my back. Sore red ass. Pussy out-thrust, totally presented in every way it can possibly be presented, waiting to be fucked.

He undresses. His cock is big and hard. He kneels on the bed in front of me. Looking me in the eye, he licks his hand and then slaps it down and rubs his spit onto my spread pussy, as if I was not wet enough already.

"Keep holding. Harder!" he says as he lowers himself. I obey him and pull my pussy lips even further apart for him, if that is even possible. I could cheat and only pretend to pull hard. He wouldn't even really know. But I'd only be cheating myself. I pull so hard there are tears in my eyes...

His cock penetrates me and he sinks his pelvis down onto my pinkness.  His cock hurt going in (it always does until I am loosened up a bit). His rough pelvis on my delicate inner folds was ouchy. His flesh on my clit was exciting, but too intense. He did not care. He proceeded to just fuck me!

He was enjoying me, and I was enjoying that he was enjoying me. He fucked me good. He did really well on the stamina side and it was not unsatisfying short. He talked dirty to me as he fucked also. "Take it, bitch". "Keep that cunt spread, you slut." "I should turn your ass out on the street, you fucking little whore." (He Should!). Mercifully, it was not overly long until he shot his load deep into me. I always feel him get bigger and harder just before, and go deeper. Then he convulses and there's a warm something down there. Hard to describe. I can feel when his cum shoots out. My fingers were keeping my cunt lips spread the whole time, and I was sore!

Once he had had cum he was not done with me yet. He bullied me up to kneeling up on the bed. He made me put my hands on top of my head. He arranged three pillows directly in front of me. The he started fondling me all over, paying special attention to my tits.

"We're going to play 'good girl / slut'," he said. This is a game we have played before. I am bent over the pillows. I am a "good girl" when I keep my legs tightly shut. He has to force his tongue into my pussy from behind. It feels good when he does that. I am a "slut" when I spread my legs widely, offering his tongue easy access to my spread pussy. I must move from one mode to another on his command, which is usually accompanied by a hard slap to my ass.

"I'm going to slap your ass three times. On the third, you bend over those pillows and stick your ass up high, like a good girl."

He gives me a hard slap on my right cheek with one hand as he fondles my breast with this other. He switches breasts and he switches cheeks, giving me a second hard slap, this time to my left cheek. He then gathers up both my tits in his one hand. He is very consistent. I get the third slap, hard and low across both cheeks. I try to bend over as gracefully as I can, keeping my legs tightly together, "like a good girl". Of course, I am bent over so far that my pussy peeks out behind and my asshole is open to the air. Hardly a "good girl" at all, but neither quite the wantonly spread "parts" of the slut either.

He puts his arm around my two thighs, encircling them, squeezing my legs together, lifting me a bit. He sticks his tongue into my pussy, or at least "tries" really hard to. It is tantalizing like this, because his tongue does not quite reach where I want it to! I can also start feeling his cum beginning to ooze out of me. I don't know why it should, but this embarrasses me. I am "dirty". He is licking it up along with my juices.

He lowers me. He comments what a good girl I am, keeping my legs modestly closed together like that. He moves over to the dresser drawer. I turn my head to see. He takes a bottle of lube (uh oh! Ass!). He also takes the short-handled riding crop.

I feel the crop caressing my ass. "Such a good girl," he says. Then THWACK! "Spread!" he commands. I instantly spread my legs wide, displaying myself totally for him. "Now look at you, such a wanton little slut." He taps the riding crop against my spread wide pussy and asshole. He gives me a cropping for being such a slut. The crop strikes my ass, my thighs, my inner thighs, directly on my pussy, and directly on my asshole. None too gently either, but I keep my legs spread wide for my husband and master!

"You are such a slut," he says. "I can see my cum flowing out of your dirty little cunt hole, you little whore."

Ohhhhhhh.  I know. I am a slut. What kind of wife allows her husband to treat her like this????

He goes in and starts licking at my pussy. Broad wide laps with his tongue, cleaning me off. He dribbles lube onto my asshole. He then takes a finger and he slowly inserts it into me, to the hilt. Oh dear! He starts finger fucking my asshole. With his finger still in me, He gets his face down low and licks me beautifully. I am starting to get very excited!

He pulls his finger out of me and stops licking. He picks up his crop. He crops my ass and says, "get those legs closed, you dirty whore." I close them instantly.  "There's my good girl back again," he says. I do feel like a good girl now. Yes, he can still see my pussy and my asshole, but they are at least not gaping open! My legs are closed like a modest wife's legs should be closed.

He pulls out a belt. Oh Shit, I am thinking. I'm getting a belt whipping!!! But I'm a good girl!

He does not use it to whip me. He wraps the belt around my thighs, and cinches it painfully tight. Enforced "good girl"! He lifts me more so that I am completely jaccknifed in two which exposes more my "good girl" pussy. He has one hand around me and under my pelvis, lifting me slightly, but more importantly pushing on me just in front of my clit, and pushing my clit back towards him. He sticks his tongue into my cunt and starts flicking at my clit. Oh God!

This does not take very long! I am feeling helpless. Legs bound, dangling in the air, pussy roughly handled, his tongue invading me. I cum with a rather full throated scream! Fuck but that was good!

He uncinches the belt. He removes the pillows from under me. He lies down beside me and pulls me into him for some gentle aftercare. I nuzzle against his broad chest as he strokes me all over and kisses me gently.

Holy shit but I love my husband!!!!!

P.S. As is usual in my submissive posts, if you care to comment please tease me or tell me what a dirty little whore I am, and what you would do to me in my husband's place. I am seeking attention. I promise to answer respectfully and submissively...

Sunday, December 23

David's Christmas Present From Me

So what do you get for Christmas for the man who has everything? Well, if you're an open-minded, kinky wife like me, you get him what every forty-something male most desires: a cute and willing twenty-something girl to play with. Yup! I did that!

I wasn't particularly looking, but I found her on social media. A young girlfriend-experience-type escort who did a coy post essentially asking what a girl needed to do to get spanked around here? Well! What with Christmas coming, me needing a gift for my husband, and being in a perfect position to help, of course I reached out!

We exchanged email addresses. She was very prompt, courteous, and grammatical in her replies, and seemed very open-minded. I proposed several alternatives for switchy activities and introduced the potential for some light roleplay scenarios. She responded "this is such an exciting experience for me!" One of several of the possibilities I presented was a Daddy-Daughter-Stepmom switch scene which she liked: "I do fit into the character of that ridiculously well, so I think I'd have a lot of fun with it." She also indicated that she leans more submissive, and that being a top may be difficult, but that she'd love to experience it and "watch and learn as your little minion!"

I  fleshed out some further details of our scene in the email, and asked about her comfort level with various things we might do. She assured me that 'open minded' was her middle name, that it was an adventure for her, and that she's open to try anything and everything. "Safe to say I'm beyond excited to be disciplined by both of you. I'm even more excited to learn how Stepmother keeps her husband in line." She asked only that there be no "heavy marking" of her bottom, which I interpreted as rosy red being cool, but bruising and blistering was definitely not cool. I mean, she has to make a living, and what would her other "dates" say? ;-)

She was ok with playing at our house. All my interactions with her were so positive that I thought it was ok, as I suppose did she from her end (we touched base by phone to confirm this detail - she sounded delightful on the phone as well). She does not know me as "Julie" at all, but I suppose she will if she happens on this blog post! Jessica (not your real name), if you read this, please keep our secret!

Once things were mostly all agreed upon, I let David in on it as well. I told him Christmas was coming a bit early this year... He was very happy, excited, and grateful. I am a good wife, to bring my husband such treats for Christmas!

On the day of the event, Jessica arrived a half hour before David was to be home so that she and I would have some time to discuss and bond. Jessica came dressed casually with sneakers, pants and casual top that said "Daddy's Little Girl!" on it. Ha ha! Clearly she was into it! I had suggested she dress casually for the role.

She was only slightly shorter than me, at a very healthy weight, and a bit curvier around the edges. She was dirty blonde with a bit of a "baby face". She looked as young as she indicated (twenty-one). I already felt motherly towards her, and a real sense of responsibility for her well-being, physical and emotional. She did indeed have very few boundaries (which heightened my sense of responsibility even more). She assured me that all of her "holes" were available to my husband (!!! yes, she was a bit crude in her speech, but educated and just did not worry about being offensive at all). She referred to herself several times as a "whore", and seemed to really own that word. I think she liked it for the shock value, as well as for the submissive feelings it brought her. She told me that I had already paid her for her time, and that everything else she gave freely.

For my part, I dressed more elegantly as befitted my "bitchy stepmother" role. I wore black pantyhose, black stiletto heels, a black mid-thigh pencil dress, a red lace bra, and a cream-coloured blouse. The contrast in our dress already set up a Mother-Daughter / Dommy-Subby vibe between us, as did our relative ages and relative experience levels in kink.

David came home right on time (he had in fact arrived early to ensure he was on time, and was cooling his heels in the car in the driveway - good boy!).

I greeted him at the door and said, "come, meet Jessica!" I was as excited as he for him to see his Christmas gift! She was perched up on a high stool at the kitchen island. "Hi!" she said cheerily with a little wave. David went up to her. She held out her hand. David went in for a hug. "Oh sure!" she said as she hopped off the stool and hugged him back. David has a nice way of putting people at their ease. He just seems open and inspiring, and is pretty easy on the eyes to boot. He thanked her "so much" for coming by to play. It was sweet.

We each had a glass of water and we discussed the scene. It was to be a Daddy-Daughter-Stepmother scene. David said, "I see you came dressed for the part," referring to her "Daddy's Little Girl" top. She pushed out her chest, flattened out her top with her hands so the writing was  clear, and said "I did! Isn't it perfect! I get excited being Daddy's Little Girl..." What a perfect little minx!

I went over the scene with them.
In the scene she is David's natural Daughter. Unfortunately, Mom passed away when she was only ten (so sad!). She was disturbed and acted out, and Daddy was very patient with her, but it's more than ten years on now, she still acts out, and she walks all over Daddy like a rug. I am her new Stepmom, married and moved in three months ago. She has treated me with coldness and disdain since the moment she met me, and rather than disciplining her, David just says, "give her time to adjust..."

Secret to her, David and I have a BDSM relationship with me on top. It's very, very annoying to me that we have to constantly work around his daughter being in the house, as Daddy does not want to expose his little Princess to such things, and won't kick her out of the house either.

There was then a situation that would be Daddy's "last straw" with his daughter (we discussed what that would be). As a result of this, she would finally be spanked. As it involved me, I would watch, and then take a turn spanking her myself. The spanking would work wonders on her.

The scene would then evolve with me getting a little more BDSM'y on her as I make her father watch in great discomfort. As he tries to object, I shut him down strictly saying he has not taken care of this at all until now, and from now on it will be my way. He also slips into his submissive mode with me as a result of my dominance display. After making Daddy even more uncomfortable, I turn the tables on him, and say he needs to be punished for not listening to me for so long, and Daughter agrees.
David made a point of going over safewords (I had already gone over it with her, but she listened attentively to "Daddy" nonetheless as if I hadn't). He explained "red" and then "yellow". He said "red" was to be used if anybody needed it to stop, for physical or emotional reasons. We would immediately stop what we were doing and get out of character to discuss. "Yellow", on the other hand, meant "keep going" but that the bottom was at their limit. Stay in scene, back it off a little, or change something, but keep going. He also explained that during a scene the word "no", or anything like it, does not have its usual meaning, that it's just acting. During a scene, only "red" means "no".

So with all the preliminaries out of the ways, we said "let's do it!". We started the scene with Daddy and I in the living room.

Daughter breezes by and says "I'm going out."

"When will you be back, sweetie?" asks David, cloyingly.

"When I'm good and ready!" she answers, bratilly and impolitely. [She is a natural at this role!]

"You answer your father properly!" I say, with more than a hint of anger in my voice.

"Shut up you bitch, you're not my mother!" [Ouch, that stung!]

"Jessica!" warned Daddy.

"What? I should listen to a gold-digging whore cunt bitch. She can go fuck herself!"

[Oh my! We had agreed that she would say something super rude to me to finally get herself spanked by her Daddy, but what a potty mouth on our girl. I felt like spanking her for real!]


"What are you doing? What are you doing?" she asked as David took her by the arm, sat himself in the middle of the couch, pulled her across his knee, and started spanking her pants-covered bottom. [He was pretending to spank hard, and scolding her harshly for her behaviour towards me as he went, but I could see that he was "pulling" his spanks and in fact going quite lightly on our little girl.]

I let him spank like this for a while, then I stepped in. I put my hands around her waist while she was still over David's lap, unclasped and unzipped her pants, and pulled them down to her knees, leaving her panties up for now. "Here, this will help you make more of an impression!" I told him.

"No! Don't! Please!" she begged as her pants came down. [But her ass went up belying her words - tee hee]

"What are these underwear!?!" said David. He was commenting on her sexy red and black lace bikini panties.

"Scandalous!" I said. "Those are much too old for you!"

"Where exactly were you going tonight?" asked David as he began spanking her bare cheeks beneath the lower hem of her panty.

"Just out with some friends," she said.

"Any boys?" asked David.

"Yes, boys," she answered.

"And so you wore these panties for those boys?!?" he asked incredulously, while intensifying her spanking.

"Yes Daddy!

"These slutty panties need to come down," I said, as I reached for her panties and pulled them down to her knees as well.

"Honey," said David, going back to his beta male whiny mode, "I don't think it's appropriate for her to be bare like this in front of me."

"Nonsense!" I said. "A good spanking is on the bare, always. Now spank her properly," I commanded.

David did as he was told and intensified her spanking as she wiggled and writhed across his lap, pumping her bottom in the air to show she was just getting warmed up!

"Ah Ah Ah Ah ..." she was uttering as the spanks fell.

[I noticed she was on the verge of bruising a bit on one of her cheeks (she had earlier said that she bruised easily), so I silently pointed out the area to David who backed off a bit and avoided it.]

"Wait, David, do you see what I see?" I asked my husband.

He stopped spanking and asked what.

I grasped her cheeks with my hands, and spread them apart to display her asshole and her pussy. "Her vagina is completely shaven, see? Why would that be? Are you sexually active, young lady?" I asked.

"Yes!" she cried out.

"I let go of her cheeks and said, "spank her some more!" and David complied, though relatively lightly. Although he did go down to her thighs and spank there a bit harder which she seemed to enjoy based on her vocalizations. She was quite hot to trot as a spankee!

After a bit more spanking, David stopped and said, "Young lady, from now on there will be rules to follow and chores to perform around here. And if the rules are not followed, or the chores not done, or if we see any of that old 'attitude', you can expect another spanking just like this one, either from me or from your stepmother who has my full authority, so long as you are living under our roof, to discipline you as she sees fit!"

There! That's telling her.

"Yes Daddy," she said very submissively. David had spanked the rudeness and sassyness right out of her ;-)

"I think you should spank her now, Dear, so that she knows were in this together!" said David. Oh goody! My turn! I knew her bottom could not take much more of the same, so I thought I would change tacks. Fortunately, I had a drawer-full of gear pre-prepared.

We had her stand up with her pants still around her knees.

"Apologize to your stepmother for the rude things you said earlier," said David.

So there she stood facing me, her pants and panties down at her knees, her bare pussy fully exposed, as she said, "I'm sorry for the rude things I said earlier... Mommy." [Ha ha! She said "Mommy" to me.]

I started exerting more control. I grabbed her by the arm, got closer to her, and said, "clearly you've been lacking this sort of discipline for quite some time, and need a lot more of it."

"Oh yes, Mommy," she answered, squirming.

"David. Take off her pants and panties," I said. He looked bemused (in role). "Kneel down, and remove your daughter's pants and panties from around her feet."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, responding to my assertiveness. He knelt at his "daughter's" feet and removed her tight pants as she assisted by stepping out. This got her bare from the waist down. I was intending to leave her breast-baring as a treat for David for later.

I took her to the dining room table. I had her bend forward, reach her arms forward, and spread her legs. With some furry restraints I restrained an ankle to each table leg, spreading her widely. I fetched a pillow and put it under her. David was watching with a foolish grin on his face. Too much visual stimulation for him. I sent him to the far end of the table and told him to hold his daughter's arms outstretched. I then picked up a fairly light leather slapper. It has a small handle and then a 4 inch wide, 12 inch long strip of floppy leather. I don't use it much on David as it is not very strict, but has a nice sensation to it.

I aimed the spanker at her lower cheeks and gave her a swipe. She moaned and shimmied her bottom. I drew back again and began rhythmically spanking her with it. David was grinning at her and they were making eye contact with one another as I spanked her.

That's when I noticed a remarkable thing. There was a strand of liquid coming out of her pussy. It was clear and viscous, a very thin thread with a teardrop at the end. It was about a foot long.

{thank you, Fondles!}

David needed to see this!

"Come around here, David," I said. He let go of her wrists and came around. "Put your hand under here, to catch any drops. He knelt and put his palm out another 6 inches below the end of the strand. then to her I said, "What a little hussy you are. You're pussy is dripping young lady. Don't think I'll go any easier on you just because you're sexually aroused by your punishment!"

"No, Mommy, I don't expect you to," she said.

I kept paddling her with the light leather spanker. She had developed a very pretty rectangular band of red from beneath the midpoint of her bottom to the tops of her thighs. The strand of pussy juice got longer and dripped into David's open hand as I spanked her. He raised his hand up to capture more of it. She moaned with an "Ohhh!" as his hand contacted her wet and ready pussy lips. I could not let that go!

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked him.

He looked sheepish and removed his hand. The question was appropriate both in scene and in real life. In fact, she had earlier conveyed her complete consent for literally "anything goes", so I was not concerned for her sake and on any issues of consent. However I felt he had disrespected me by toughing her pussy without being told to do so.

"Sorry," he said, holding his glistening hand out, "I just, just, wanted to make sure to get it all so she wouldn't, you know, drip on your carpet?"

"Touching your daughter's wet pussy? Really?" I then took his hand and shoved it into his mouth. "Here! You can taste her now? Is that what you want? To taste your daughter's wet pussy???" I made him lick his palm and each of his fingers clean of her juices. Jessica had turned her head and was watching the whole show, David on his knees licking her pussy juices off his own hand.

"Is your cock hard???" I asked him.

"Sorry!" he said.

I told him to stand up and to drop his pants and underpants. He begged and pleaded a bit, not in front of his daughter, but I made him do it.

"Just looks at that!" I said. "Jessica, do you see that?" She was looking and nodding her head appreciatively. David was rock hard, and he has a very pretty and quite large cock. "Can you beleive that your father is getting hard at the sight and taste of his own daughter's wet pussy? I'll bet he's even getting off on watching me discipline you. You stand right there, mister. Pants down and hands at your sides while I finish whipping your daughter. Jessica, you keep your eyes on your father's hard cock. Just see what your misbehavior has done. Causing your father to get hard like a naughty teenager."

I put down the spanker and I picked up a light flogger. I used the flogger to whip her gently and sensuously. I was also sure to whip upwards against her spread pussy, and down her crack towards her asshole, as well as all over her pretty bottom and bare thighs. As I whipped her pussy like that, I could see her juices flying. A very responsive girl. Ha ha!

Then I got a wicked idea. "David. Step out of your trousers. Go upstairs and bring down my Hitachi, some lube, and a couple of condoms." What do you think he thought I intended? We had not gone into detail on activities leading up to this. David ran upstairs as I continued whipping little miss. I bent over her and whispered in her ear "would you like to cum now? Can you do it with the Hitachi?" She answered very affirmatively to both questions!

David brought the Hitachi down and plugged it in without turning it on. I put a condom over it. I handed it to her. She brought it down to between her legs, flipped it on, and pushed it against her clit just under the tabletop. She seemed experienced at this!

"David," I said, "touch her pussy now. Gently." David sat down on the carpet and reached his hand up and under her to lightly touch her pussy. "So wet!" he said. She was apparently sopping wet. She moaned as the Hitachi was doing its work, and moaned more as my husband's fingers caressed her inner lips and vaginal opening, penetrating slightly. I used my hand and began slapping her bum cheeks and fondling her ass. It did not take long. She moaned louder and louder and came quite thunderously very soon after with a good scream.

"Well that takes care of you," I said to her, "how about your father? David. Come here. Stand here." I indicated he should stand directly behind Jessica, his cock pointing at her pussy and bumhole. "Would you like to get off by fucking your daughter? Eh?" I asked him. No, no, he begged, it wouldn't be right. I opened a condom and began sliding it over his cock. "Which hole would you like, her pussy hole or her bum hole?" I asked him. What a choice! Jessica wiggled her ass.

"Ummm, ummm, her pussy, Ma'am?" he asked tentatively.

"No, no, no," I said. "I can't go spoiling you with hot twenty-one-year-old pussy. It's too good for you. Choose again."

Ha ha! Aren't I just a bit mean? So tantalizing close and available. Strange pussy. Strange wet and willing twenty-one-year-old pussy! But too bad, so sad. He still had a chance with her ass, though.

"Umm, her bum hole then?"

"Oh yeah!" Jessica moaned and wiggled her ass again. "Stuff me, Daddy!" Minx!

I got some lube and I gently coated her bottom hole. I put some more lube on his condom-covered cock. I spread her cheeks and directed his cock tip towards her small brown hole. When he was real, real close, I closed her cheeks, pushed him away, and ripped the condom off his cock.

"You would actually do that??? Oh my God! You would actually fuck your very own daughter's asshole??? Unfasten her. Now!"

Oh yes. I did. Ultimate tease and denial! No pussy. No ass. Ha ha. And in case you were wondering, no, no mouth or hand later either. All right there. Hot and ready and willing and available. But no. Wife rules.

David undid Jessica's binds from around her ankles. She stood and came over to me and we hugged. "Can you believe your Daddy actually wanted to fuck you in the ass?" I said.

"So inappropriate. Bad Daddy!" she said.

"There's only one ass that's getting fucked tonight, David, and it certainly is not your daughter's!"

"Oh no!" he said.

"Oh yes. Adam. You'll take every inch, hard and deep, and for a good long time, and your darling daughter will watch it all as restitution."

"Noooo!" he cried out. While he was expecting an ass fucking tonight, and was prepared, he was hoping it wold not be from Adam, his largest dildo, but I thought we should put on a show for Jessica.

But this had been my concept all along. Jessica is a self identified "whore". She loved calling herself that, so I'll use that vulgar term here. The life of a whore culminates in bending over for a good hard fucking from all her gentleman callers. I thought it would be fun for Jessica to watch a gentleman of the same vintage as she regularly deals with, try to do her job for an evening, and take a good hard fucking like a well-used whore. The irony of it was just too appealing to me. Imagine his emotions as he's bent over, taking it from his wife, while a true-to-life whore watches, and I imagine is quite sympathetic to his plight. Is this not the best way ever of making david into a whore?

We go upstairs to the bedroom. Jessica leads, (deliberately) wiggling her bare bum in his face as she goes up the stairs. He goes next, pantless as well, and I follow.

I get him to the King bed, strip him to nude, and I bend him over three pillows right in the middle. I reach between his legs and I grab a fistfull of cock and balls. I pull them up high and hard as he screeches and jacknifes. I make him close and cross his ankles, trapping his cock and balls where we can see them. Jessica is perched on the side of the bed and seems to be enjoying the show. The roleplay has gone a bit by the wayside by now, however they are still Daddy and Daughter.

I use my hand to spank him. I spank him all over his ass and his thighs. I ask Jessica if she would like to try. She does! Her hand was a bit flat so I suggested she cup it a bit more and that worked better. She seemed very new to spanking!

"How do you like your daughter's newbie hands spanking your ass, david?" I asked him rhetorically.

"Nice," he answered, naughtily, all pretense of roleplay gone.

I then used the same leather spanker I had used on Jessica, and I spanked him with that. During the course of this I notice his legs had slipped open a bit and his cock and balls had slipped a bit between his legs. I grabbed them again with my hand, cruelly pulled them up, and put them back into place.

"Keep you legs tightly crossed!" I told him. "If they slip down again, they'll get spanked!" I warned. Oh my gosh, he pushed his legs together so tightly they strained!

I kept slapping him with that floppy light leather spanker. As it was light, I did not worry too much about his junk and did smack them a bit anyways. I asked Jessica if she would like to try this, and she did. She did a good job smacking him as well, and only caught his balls once or twice. Such a reaction!

I put a latex glove on, used some lube, and stuck a finger up his asshole as Jessica watched intently. Most "normal" guys don't have their Girlfriend-Experience whores spelunking up their asses, apparently, as this also appeared new to her. Ah, youth!

"What am I doing now, david?" I asked him.

"Stretching me," he said. Not exactly what I wanted.

"No. Describe what I'm doing to you, completely," I said.

"You have your finger up my bottom hole and you're pushing it around inside of me."

"That's right," I said, "but what specifically am I doing inside of you right now?"

"You're massaging my prostate..." he said.

"That's right, and how does that make you feel?"

"Like, I need to cum and pee at the same time?" he ventured.

"It's his prostate gland," I explained to Jessica, who actually had no clue. "It's a smooth rounded bump and you massage the far side of it with your finger. It's the male clitoris. Or maybe male G-spot I guess. Now I'm going to put two fingers in." I do that and ask, "what am I doing now, david?"

"You're stretching me, deep in my ass with two fingers, so I can take the dildo."

"That's right, so you can take the dildo," I confirm.

I turn to Jessica, "would you like to, while I get my strap-on on?"

"Sure!" she says. She's game. I glove her and add some more lube, and she goes at his ass with her finger. "Where is it?" she asks. I turn my finger in the correct orientation and curl it up. She matches me and finds it. "I feel it!" she says excitedly. Poor david is moaning down there the whole time. Ha ha!

As I'm adjusting the straps on my strap-on I ask david, "what does it feel like to have your daughter's finger up your ass?"

"Embarrassing," he says sheepishly. By now, Jessica is finger fucking his hole.

I've taken my skirt and blouse off. I'm in my black pantyhose with the strap-on in front. I go over to the bed and kneel. "Come over here, you know what to do."

"Does he have to suck it?" Jessica asks as she removes her finger from his ass and peels off her glove.

"He does," I say.

david crawls over to me and begins sucking on his big dildo, Adam. Adam is quite a mouthful.

"I've very good at this," offers up Jessica, "I can give him some tips," she says with a giggle. She is clearly enjoying watching david having to go through this!

"Go deeper," she says, "really deep. Gag on it!"

He actually obeys her and goes deep and then gags on it. Ha ha. Submissive boy.

At one point I grab the back of his head, hold him still, and throat fuck him.

"Yeah, take it!" she offers. "I love it when they do that," she says, referring to when her clients do that to her. What a perfect whore!

"Make it nice and wet," I tell him, "I'm a little short on lube". I'm really not, but I enjoy the slurping and slobbering porn-star worthy show resulting from me telling him that.

I tell him to go back to the pillows and bend over. He complains that it's "too big". Boo hoo. Cry me a river. I push the tip up against his opening and I bump it a few times. I call Jessica over and ask her to spread his cheeks so I have a better view. She's now holding his cheeks spread for his penetration. I push in a bit. He complains and tightens up. I pull out and push back in, a bit deeper. He cries out. I feel like it's almost there. Need to rip that bandage off. I push the tip all the way to a cry of pain. I'm in! I hold there, allowing his asshole to accustom itself to Adam's considerable girth.

I looke over at Jessica and she looks back at me. There is lust in her eyes and she's licking her lips.

I feel my husband's body relaxing under me. I start gently pumping. I go deeper. I go faster. I go harder.

With each thrust he cries out. I'm a bit worried, I ask "is that too hard, baby, do you want me to slow down?" It was a genuine ask. "No!" he yells out. Even though he's in pain, he wants it hard like that, I look at Jessica and she looks at me, and I keep fucking him hard, even harder.

"What do you think, Jessica," I ask, "is he being fucked like a whore?"

"I'm a bit of an authority," she says, "and he's definitely getting fucked like a whore. Better! In fact, I wish it was me under there! I want your dildo!" Mmmm, I considered taking her up on that, but did not respond!

I simulate my male orgasm into him with a few deeper and more uncoordinated thrusts and grunts, and then I gently, gently pull out with a paper towel at the ready. Minimal mess, quickly wiped away.

He is all shagged out. Ridden hard and put away wet! I take the strap-on dildo off and then hop back on the bed on the opposite side of him from Jessica.

"You can turn over," I say. He does so. His cock is not hard. It never is during or right after a hard fucking. I put my hand down there with some lube and start stroking him. I won't even let Jessica stroke him off. Total tease and denial.

"Would you like to see your daughter's breasts?" I ask him, while stroking. She still has her "Daddy's Little Girl" shirt on. He nods his head affirmatively, Jessica slowly exposes them. They are delightful! Nice and high and pert. Not too big, not too small. Small nipples and pale aureola. She ends by taking her shirt right off. She shakes them a bit and we discuss their virtues.

"May I touch them?" asks david, politely. I look at Jessica. She nods. "Ok," I say.

david eagerly reaches up and cups her breast and plays with her nipple. She enjoys it. He is getting harder under my hand. Jessica dips her other breast down towards his mouth. He reaches for it with his mouth as she pulls it away and giggles. "Oh, please?" he begs. She relents and drops her tit into his mouth. He starts sucking like an infant. His cock is getting very very hard by now! I feel his precum, he is getting close. I give him a few hard strokes and I remove my hand. "Ohhhh!" he moans. "Please!!!!" he begs, his cock twitching in the air. Jessica raises up out of reach and looks. I grab his cock again and give it another quick five or six pumps and then let it go, allowing it to twist in the air as he moans in pleasure and frustration. "Oh please!" he begs again.

"You want to cum?" I ask. "Oh yes please Ma'am!" he answers, emphatically. I grab his dick and rub it a few more times quickly and let go. "Ohhhhh!".

"Gently, play with your daughter's breast." david reaches up and begins playing with her breast again. She lowers her other breast back to his mouth and he sucks on it. I give his cock a few more strong strokes and let go again. His hips buck up and down, "Oh Please!" he begs. "Oh please!"

"Jessica, come down here and watch." Jessica disentangles her breast from my husband's grabby hands and comes down to cock level, about a foot away and gazing intently at it. I tell david to stroke Jessica's ass and pussy. He very readily does so! Jessica seems to enjoy it.


I grab his cock again and give it another five pumps and let go. He bucks his hips and writhes and begs some more.

"He really wants it," she teases.

"I grab him again and give him another five strokes. That's done it! I quickly let go. He thrusts his hips and scrunches up his eyes and lets out a muffled cry as the ejaculate spurts and then sort of dribbles out the tip and down his cock shaft. There is plenty of it, though.

I scoop it up and feed it to him. Jessica is delighted and claps her hands.

"Cum is good!" she says. Then she dips a finger into it and slurps it up herself. Naughty minx!!!

And that was basically my Christmas-gift adventure for my husband!

Sunday, December 16

Fiction Continued!

My pen-pal darryl has been hard at work (under my demanding lash!) writing a continuation to our story, The Bargain, first presented in Fiction: The Bargain.

So we now present The Bargain (Chapter 2) for your reading pleasure! The action moves along, very very, slowly, just the way I like it! But there are some really, really good teases in there that had me wetting my panties. I made very few edits to Chapter 2, as darryl is beginning to mind meld with what I like.

I should also point out that I created a page that collects a number of my fictional works together and linked it top right. The index page is Fiction with Julie in case you are interested in catching up on anything you may have missed previously.

Thursday, December 13

Kitchen Punishment

I had to spank my husband yesterday. Here's what happened.

I get home from work quite late, well after dinner time. It was a long and frustrating day. I walk in through the back door that opens onto the TV room. The door is locked (as usual), and the light is off, so I am outside in the cold and dark stumbling for my keys. I get them into the door and open it. Right there is david, lounging on the couch, playing Mario Kart!

I mean, he didn't even pause the game for a second to turn on the outside light or open the door for me. He heard me fumbling at the door for my keys. Five feet away in the cold outside. Brrrrrrr!

FYI, his chosen Mario Kart character has always been... you guessed it: Princess Peach.

Ok, whatever. So I say hi, and he gives me a curt hi without even pausing. Whatever.

I walk into the kitchen. Steam comes out my ears. It's a total mess. There are dishes piled in the sink. The dishwasher is still not unloaded. There are dishes on the counter, paper wrappers not in the trash. Food on the plates. The mess was partially my fault, but the worst of it was HIM. Moreover, he had gotten home from work nice and early, and instead of tidying up the kitchen so I don't come home after a long and difficult day at work to an unholy disaster of a mess, he stuffs his face with take-out dinner and plays Mario Kart.

I take a few deep breaths. I know exactly how I'm going to deal with this. I leave the kitchen without saying anything. I take off my coat, I go upstairs to freshen up and change into house clothes. I pick up the big wooden hairbrush, and seeing it there, a little travel tube of toothpaste. I bring them downstairs and put them on the kitchen countertop.

I go into the TV room. He is oblivious. He is still playing Mario Kart. I pick up the TV remote control. He's right in the middle of a game. I turn off the TV.

"Hey!" he says, upset at me for terminating his game.

I reach out and grab him by the ear and pull him up out of his seat. He always goes docile like a lamb when I do that. He knows he's screwed up as soon as that hand grabs his ear, and he knows he's in trouble.

I ear march him into the kitchen in front of the filthy sink. I don't have to say a word.

"Oh..." he says. "Sorry..."

"Strip!" I tell him.

He always looks sheepish at this point, and a little embarrassed, despite his familiarity with humiliating corporal punishment. He does as he's told, and folds his clothes properly putting them out of the way on the kitchen table. He can't have failed but to have noticed the hairbrush and the toothpaste waiting for him on the kitchen island.

He comes back to me and stands in front of me, totally nude, facing me. His penis is hard.

"Stupid penis," I say, "it doesn't know what's about to happen to you, does it?"

"No Ma'am," he says.

I make him stand in front of the sink. I make him bend over so that his nose is right up against the filthy dishes piled there. I run some lukewarm water. I get a big glob of toothpaste on my finger, wet it and rub it all around his anal opening and up into his rectum. I repeat a second time. I have him stand. I squeeze another big glob onto my hand, and wet it, and rub it into his testicles, then up and down his shaft, and then all around his penis head. I repeat with another big glob. At first it's sticky, but pretty soon, with the water more mixed in, it becomes relatively slippery. I am essentially giving him a toothpaste handjob. I get yet another glob, wet it, and again go all over his balls and dick. He's still hard at this point.

"Now empty the dishwasher, throw out all that garbage, and get those dishes rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher!"

"Yes Ma'am!" he says. Ha ha!

As he starts working I walk over and pick up the hairbrush and gently smack the back of it into my palm over and over again. He looks nervously over to me every now and then. He knows what's coming. He doesn't need to be told.

About thirty seconds into the cleaning I see the first twinges of pain from the toothpaste. He's wiggling his bum and his legs are doing a little dance as he's doing the cleaning. I see him spreading his legs so that his balls are not at all touching his thighs. Every now and then there is big twinge and he shakes all over.

From debrief afterwards I know,
  • the burning in the bum started almost immediately, and just got worse and worse for the first three minutes or so, and then just stayed there;
  • at first his testicles did not feel much of anything, but after about a minute in (I guess the toothpaste had penetrated a bit), his balls started getting painfully "icy hot" and became sensitive to touching anything, but also sensitive to the cool breeze from the air as well, though the former was worse than the latter, and hence the spread "cowboy" legs;
  • his penis shaft was relatively unaffected;
  • his penis tip was icy hot, but bearable;
  • but the worst part was the frenulum (the ridge under his circumcised penis tip) which truly burned painfully and kept him hopping and on his toes, penis bouncing.
Jonsmith 93 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
So in this quite pathetic state he fully cleaned the kitchen which took somewhere around five minutes, I would guess. He seemed to be in a bit of a rush and worked very efficiently despite the excess hopping around.

As soon as he was done he turned to me and faced me, and looked at me with big puppy dog eyes. I just give him my best "angry wife" stare while I continued to tap the hairbrush into my palm as I had been doing the entire time.

"ouch..." he said pitifully as he writhed around on the spot, his bumhole, balls, frenulum, and tip burning icy hot.

I reached out and took him by the ear again. I marched him into the living room and made him face the corner, hands on his head. I wanted him to experience that burn for a few more minutes before his spanking.

"oh please..." he whined.

"Stay!" I ordered, as if commanding a dog.

He could not help but squirm in place, and when I said nothing, implicitly allowing his squirming, it intensified to the point that he was dancing foot to foot, bending and straightening his knees, and shimmying his ass. Some Dommes might insist on absolute stillness, despite the pain. I, on the other hand, enjoy seeing his natural reactions play out.

I gave him a full five minutes of writhingly painful corner time and then came to get him. I pulled him along by the arm, sat on my stright backed spanking chair, and pulled him across my knee. He sort of yelped and jumped when his "junk" came in contact with my lap. For the duration of his spanking, his bare naked toothpaste-impregnated testicles and frenulum would be rubbing painfully against my lap as he bounced, kicked, and wriggled to the swats. As I parted his cheeks to have a look, his anal ring was still quite white and was burning icy cold.

I lay into him with the heavy wooden hairbrush. I started lightly but solidly as a form of warm-up. After the first twenty I started increasing the intensity. By the time I had reached fifty, I was going at full strength and speed, and he was kicking his legs and crying out. Ahhhh... music to my ears!

Afterwards he told me that going across my lap like that was truly painful for his penis and testicles, and that was occupying his mind more than the spanking during the warm-up phase. His bumhole just stung him that entire time at a constant level. Once I ramped it up, his focus moved more to his cheeks, but he was nonetheless very conscious of his penis and testicle pain, and his consciousness flicked back and forth from ass to junk as the brush came down and then went up again. As the spanking became more intense, then as he kicked and wriggled his asshole does a sort of "pumping" motion in the air, sort of opening and closing involuntarily (that is something I can see, it "opening up" as he jacknifes up and then "shutting tight" as he gets swatted back down again). Once that started happening, his anus started burning anew and yet another painful sensation was thus added into the mix.

Once I hit my stride at fifty strokes, I continued on and gave him another full fifty bum-blistering spankings with the back of the big wooden hairbrush.

Once I had given him his full measure of one hundred, I let him up. He rose slowly and awkwardly and I could see the pain in his face, both from the hairbrushing and the toothpasting.

Once his punishment was over, I took on a more nurturing and motherly demeanour. I stroked his hair and kissed his cheek and told him "Mommy is sorry she had to punish you like that. Will you be good from now on and make sure you've done your chores before video games?"

"Yes Mommy," he said.

Ahhhh! It genuinely warms my heart when he calls me Mommy. I like it!

I could have let him go to the shower to clean off and out the nasty still burning toothpaste, but I wanted him to know that I had the power to both bring the pain and to make it all better again. So I helped him over to the sink. I used some liquid soap, a dishrag, a dish towel and a scrub brush to thoroughly wet him, soap him up, and scrub the toothpaste away.

I started in his bum by squirting a lot of soap onto my bare fingers, wetting my palm with nice hot water, and then rubbing around the outside of his anus and sticking my fingers in and out of his bumhole. I also washed down his perinium towards the backs of his testicles. I used my hand first, and did several applications of soap, both inside and all around. I had him standing on one dish towel as I used the rag to scrub him first, and then had him bend over further and used the scrub brush (pictured) to finish him up. I got a lot of winging and whining during the scrub brushing! Ha ha! I then used the other dish towel to dry him off.

"Is that all better in your backdoor?" I asked him gently.

"oh yes," he said, sounding very relieved!

Next I moved to his front. Again, I got plenty of liquid soap into my hand, added lots of nice hot water, and started soaping up his testicles, his penis shaft, and his frenulum and tip. I rubbed good and hard. For all the world it looked like I was actually hand-jobbing him, ha ha! During this treatment he went from "half-mast" to "full attention". Boys!

I then used the dishrag to scrub him all over and ended with the scrub brush (amidst more yelping and hopping around), scrub brushing his sensitive penis tip to make sure no remnants of nasty toothpaste remained.

"There now," I said, "is it all better in front as well?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said with a big sigh. The sting truly was completely gone, he told me later, as if by magic.

His penis was also very stiff. I took pity on it. "Would you like to cum?" I asked him. He nodded affirmatively. "You do it then, into the sink," I said. "Don't make a mess."

"Here," I said, "you may as well clean it off some more while you're at it," and I adjusted the water to a nice very hot bath hotness, and squirted some more liquid soap into his wetted palm. "Go on, rub."

He looked sheepish. I was showing no signs of going anywhere. He needed to stand on his tiptoes to get his dick and ball sac up above the countertop, and even so his balls smooshed down onto the marble countertop in front of the sink. His hand started moving very quickly up and down his shaft, the suds built up, and a little pool of water formed underneath his balls.

"That's it, that's it," I encouraged him as I very gently smacked his bottom and rubbed his chest, back, belly, and abdomen.

"Do a nice big one, right into the sink," I cajoled him.

"Yes Mommy!" he cried out. There it is again. Still loved it!

He arched his back, screwed up his face, and squirted a big load of white goo directly into the kitchen sink.

"Good boy!" I praised as he cajoled the last few spurts and dribbles out of his cocktip. I then used my hand to rinse off the soap and his man-goo, and the dishrag and towel (though not the scrub brush this time, figuring he'd be pretty sensitive!) to clean and dry him and the sink.

"No more video games tonight," I told him. "I want you to read a book." And I kissed him on his forehead and we went about our business.

What a great stress reliever after a hard day's work!

Sunday, December 2

Would you do it?

I have an e-subby I have been corresponding with for a while now. Due to various twists and turns, he may now be required to deal with this:

He is not gay, but nonetheless he will do his best (for me) to suck cock and present ass. Many of you submissive males have a secret longing to be "made to". Would you do it if required to by a beautiful and dominant woman?

The man who will be submitting to that penis is best characterized by the below self-portrait.

Don't you enjoy the contrast between the two pics?

This particular e-subby has a "thing" for a grown up niece who is very attractive. When she visits, he lives to sneak into her room and collect a pair of her soiled panties to sniff and taste. His biggest aspiration is to find a discarded tampon of hers to suck on. His dream scenario is that she finds out about him and dominates him mercilessly.

Yes, welcome to my world of pen-pals!

I am not particularly alarmed over this. Many men who read my blog have deep rooted fantasies similar to these. Some won't admit to it. Others are racked by guilt over it. I find it quite amusing the extent to which this one is enthralled by his young lady. He is very conflicted because at the same time as having these feelings about her, he is also very protective of her and has been a great Uncle to her over the years. I judge he is of absolutely zero danger to her. Quite the opposite in fact, he is so enthralled that if she ever caught on she could abuse him mercilessly, no doubt destroying his marriage and draining his bank account in the process if she was that kind of girl.

Now, if I was that niece, and if I discovered an uncle sneaking into my room and stealing my panties to sniff and taste, well let's just say that it would be "open season" on his ass. Under dire risk of humiliating exposure and possible arrest, I would require him to submit to the punishment I decree. I would meet him in a secluded spot. I would tie his wrists and his ankles, and then tie him bent over a makeshift spanking horse. I would get out the most vicious strap in my arsenal. I would, literally, remove the skin from his ass with that strap. I wouldn't think twice about it. I wold enjoy it in fact. I would rub some iodine in afterwards, for safety's sake.

Oh well, it's not my panties he is stealing.

He is in the process of arranging a spanking from a Pro Domme, and combining this with a trip to Vicotria's Secret for a bra fitting that I suggested. This is hot on the heels of his going to the same store earlier to purchase several pairs of panties, and interacting with the saleslady. Here is his account of that.
I was visiting my mother in my old home town to help her with some chores and errands. When I took her to a hair appointment, I had some time to visit the local mall which contains a Victoria’s Secret. Walking into that entrance knowing what I’m about to reveal about myself always hits me hard. The shop had just opened and I had a few moments to browse all the sexy underthings on display as I made my way to the panty section. An attractive woman in her early 30s approached and asked if she could assist me.

My heart rate went up as I explained that I was in trouble and I wasn’t allowed to go back home without buying some sexy panties for myself. She asked about size, style and colors. I said I wasn’t sure about size, but they needed to be as sexy, frilly and feminine as possible. Pinks or other pastel colors. As she selected some examples, she estimated I would need size medium panties. As for style, I indicated that they should cover me sufficiently, but that it wouldn’t be difficult to do. Through it all, she remained very professional as I wilted inside, feeling my masculinity draining away. We finally settled on 3 after I let her select what she thought was sexiest and what colors she liked.
Finally I asked if I could possibly wear one of them out of the store. She agreed and when I couldn’t decide on which, she had me pay, then cut the tags off and led me to the dressing rooms. The store was already busy and we passed several shoppers and sales people on our way. I couldn’t be more obvious what was going on. Moments after the changing room door shut, I heard several women laughing loudly. I was certain it was about me.

I excitedly undressed and slid on the first pair. A streak of precum stained the front panel. I finally decided to wear one with a shiny fabric that looked like something a stripper would wear. I dressed, walked out, checking if anyone saw me leave the dressing room (no one was there) and walked with my head down, stopping briefly to thank my saleswoman again before I left with my cute little VS bag, my balls pushed up inside me and my little cock tucked down.
Ha ha! Here he is modelling all three of his purchases for me.

And he included a readout of his heart rate during this encounter...

I suggested that next time he also go for the bra fitting. He is taking me up on it (poor sweet man, wrapped around my little finger as he is - it amuses me to torment him like this!).

He wrote to me about some of his inner thoughts regarding his niece's upcoming visit.
Dear Mistress Julie,

This is Thanksgiving week in the US, and starting Wednesday we will have a houseful of family staying here, including my niece.  There will be so many people here, it will be difficult, but I am hopeful to find a way to spend some quality intimate time with her panties.

I haven’t let myself cum in five days and am feeling very horny in anticipation of seeing her bottom sway as she walks to our hot tub spa in the back yard and watching her high, firm breasts bounce in the undulating water.

Over the past few days, I have had some extended alone time during which I watched femdom porn involving ball busting and faggot humiliation. There is something about that look in a woman’s eyes when she taunts you with verbal insults like faggot, cocksucker, panty-wearing sissy; insults which cut deep because I know that some of them are true and some might be someday!

To keep myself under control while waiting to see her, I have put myself in chastity.

While she is here, I was thinking of wearing panties, although with all the people, that might not be safe.

Nothing says, “Please fuck me!” like Victoria’s Secret panties, does it? And oh, do I want to be fucked! Or raped, in some way, physically or mentally.

If panties don’t work out, I’m thinking of taking Viagra every day while she’s here and trying to hide my erection every time she looks my way with her green eyes and pouty lips.

Regardless of how things go with her awesome face, tits, ass and panties later in the week, this Tuesday will be my time to play. I have found a pro domme in a convenient location for me using the website I told you about last time. There is a small chance I may be able to meet with her in the morning for some spanking fun, but more likely I will be headed to Victoria’s Secret to be fitted for a bra!

I will be arriving about the same time as my last visit, and I am hopeful that I will find the same saleswoman who helped me with panties last time. I intend to embellish and add to the story from last time, when I said I needed to buy sexy panties for myself or I wasn’t allowed to come home. This time, I will thank her for helping me with the panties because my girlfriend “Julie” had caught me trying on her lingerie and she demanded that I purchase some for myself or she would end the relationship and kick me out. Now she is demanding that I be fitted for and purchase a sexy bra to wear home for her. I will tell her Julie says she is embarrassed by me and my lack of masculinity and she wants me to be embarrassed during this shopping experience. I am thinking of writing a short note from Julie to give to her to encourage her to make my experience as public and embarrassing as she is comfortable with. Julie is embarrassed and disgusted with me as a man and now that I have shown that I “want to be a woman”, she is going to make me share her humiliation and have the “complete” woman’s experience.

My heart is pounding and I have a lump in my throat thinking about what might happen in just 2 days.
I get very excited reading about his excitement, and his upcoming humiliations. I even like hearing about his worship for his niece. It is soooo pathetic.
Dear Mistress Julie,

My niece and her mother arrived late last night. She looks phenomenal! I’m not a breast man, but hers are perfection, high and firm. I was admiring her long arms and wondered how hard they could spank me.

I will enjoy watching her move and hopefully be able to sneak some time with her panties in this crowded house.

I am urgently horny! I haven’t allowed myself to cum in 9 days. I have teased and edged so much that my little penis is getting sore. My balls are so full! I heard an appropriate expression for precum today. My penis is crying!

I am thankful that I am blessed with someone like you that I am able to share my feelings and experiences with!
My pleasure! Sharing with me, and now with all of you blog readers as well. I hope you will be as encouraging of him as I in the comments section.

I wrote him back.
I love the image of your "crying" penis in your grown up niece's presence.  You do realize, of course, that she is completely aware of your sexual infatuation with her? Pretty girls have a sixth sense about it, and with the sorts of subconscious vibes you must be throwing off, she knows for sure. Who will be the first to mention it?
After the weekend, he sent me a response and a recap.
Dear Mistress Julie,

You are so right. My niece must notice the way I look at her. I’m sure my submissive desperation must be easy to feel for anyone tuned in.

I did have some success in spending some quality time with her panties. Even with a crowded house, I was able to fish a worn pair out of her overnight bag and sneak into the bathroom. I edged twice while inhaling deeply. No cumming! At least until Monday. I will let the events of the day; bra shopping and possibly a spanking, determine if I am worthy to spurt. I was almost caught sneaking the panties back! I believe she might be on her period. If I am able to find one of her used tampons, I think I would lick and suck it.  I’m such a dirty pervert!

After 9 days of teasing and edging, I officially have blue balls. They are full, heavy and they ache. It is such sweet suffering! It scares me where my mind goes when I get this desperately horny. I feel very vulnerable and seduceable. "Control the cock, control the man."  Although, I cant really call this thing a cock, can I? And I’m certainly not anything like a real man. 
Isn't the pathetic angst just wonderful?
No, you’re really not much of a man, are you, existing at the whim of pretty young women, willing to do anything demeaning at a snap of their fingers, such as sucking on their used tampons!?!??

Real men snap their fingers and have the women running around trying to please them, so I really don’t even know what to make of you.

Tut tut,
He wrote back to me the other day about his attempts to setup a session with a Pro Domme. In his online wandering he came across a different type of ad. This is what he wrote to me.
Dear Mistress Julie,

Why does it excite me so much to confess how weak and pathetic I am and for you to confirm it? So desperate!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any used tampons when I dug through all the trash. I did find a couple applicators, which I sucked, of course, knowing that will be as intimate as I will ever be with my niece's sweet pussy. So desperate!

I don’t know if you are getting hit with this same storm pattern, but we are snowed in here until tomorrow, which will delay my bra shopping and spanking adventure for 24 hours. By then, it will be two full weeks of teasing, edging and no cumming! So desperate!

While I was perusing ads, looking for a spanker, I found one from a man wanting to have his cock sucked and/or fuck a man’s ass. I responded! He responded back! I told him that I have someone who wants me to do this, thinking of you, of course. We are still discussing logistics, but I think ultimately, me going through with this will depend on you... You understand what deep humiliation this would be for me and how much I crave humiliation and how much it scares me to death. My question is, are you interested in participating in this in any way? Would you “snap your fingers” and make me do this demeaning thing for you, knowing I would struggle with the shame of being a true faggot cocksucker for the rest of my life? Would you push me into it? I think you are the only woman who is both able and willing to make me do this.
The only woman? Perhaps not, but I know what he means. He says if he does it he will struggle with it for the rest of his life. So what? If it amuses me, why not make him do it? I mean, wah wah wah. That's my attitude. Does that make me unbearably cruel? His fault for denying himself for so long. Men can make some spectacularly bad decisions when they get so "pent up". I wrote back.
Very interesting development.

As to having an experience with a man. Yes, I want you to do that. You will do it because it pleases me, and you deserve it.

I want you to arrange a meeting with this man. Tell him I want you very soundly spanked first. Starting across his knee with your pants and panties pulled down (yes, wear your pretty panties). First his hand, hard as he can. Then a stout wooden hairbrush or paddle that you will supply. Then I want him to take his own belt off from around his waist while you watch. After it's off, I want you bent over, bare ass high, for a nice long drawn out belt licking. I want your bum nice and tenderized so you can feel his thighs later on as he's fucking you.

Then I want him to wear a condom for your safety. You will suck him until he is nice and hard. You will go down on him deeply. I want gagging. Tell him to not be gentle with you. I want you thoroughly face fucked like a little $2 whore, his hand at the back of your head, forcing you to deep throat. But tell him not to cum. Oh no. Not yet. When he is ready, you will bend over and he will give you anal intercourse to completion, hands on your hips, ramming you as deeply as he can. If you do a good enough job on the blowy, it ought not last overly long. You are, of course, not allowed to cum at all, even if he offers.

And lest you think I am being overly cruel, there is nothing I'm requiring of you here that I have not subjected myself to for you and the other blog readers' amusement.

You will send me an account of it, and what pictures you can, and then I will give you permission to stroke yourself off and consume your ejaculate. Are we clear on this? On ALL of this?

Consider this as punishment for you OUTRAGEOUS behavior vis-a-vis your adult niece.
There, that was easily enough said, wasn't it? Took very little of my time to express that. Subby men are so grateful to me when I tell them to do the most demeaning things imaginable.
Dear Mistress Julie,

What have I done? You took the worst, most humiliating scenario I could imagine and made it worse! Much worse!
Turning me into a cocksucker and ass-fucked faggot is such a huge leap from anything I have done before! My stomach is doing flip flops! 

But you are right. And VERY clear about your directions for me. I have enjoyed reading about the very same things happening to you. And you are right that this is a very much deserved punishment for everything I have done and fantasized about doing with my sweet niece. I deserve it, and you deserve it. I want to please you! 

I have forwarded your explicit instructions to the man via text. I will let you know how he responds and progress toward setting up the meeting. 

Here is a photo from the ad of the cock that will be using me:
I am afraid and shaken like I’ve never felt before.
Isn't that just marvelous? I can't wait to see if he will actually go through with it! I am pleased enough with just the torment of it all for him, but will only be truly pleased once that cum hits that condom thrust deeply into my boy's submissive ass.

Wednesday, November 28

Fiction: The Bargain

For some reason, I've been the lucky recipient of a lot of stories in my email from fans recently. I took one of the best of them, from a fan named darryl, and turned it into a collaboration.

It recounts the story of a young man who was strapped on his hands at college, which then required that he also be paddled at home by his Mom afterwards, a fact that all the student body seemed to know about thanks to his little sister's blabber mouth.

To make things worse, his sister had stealthily arranged for her two best friends to be at home with her working on a "science project" when news of the strapping was sure to arrive in the form of a phone call from the college.

Through some tactical lies, the girls got the boy into even more trouble, which resulted in his spanking taking place in the living room where all the girls could see.

However, the spanking was only the start of his humiliations. His inability to control his arousal in front of the girls earned him the ultimate embarrassment that is every boy's worst nightmare...

I hope you enjoy it: The Bargain

Sunday, November 11

Horny Little Wife

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately. Work is busy for both of us, and we don't have as much time right now to fool around. As a result, I was getting quite horny. I wanted my pussy licked, bad, but my husband took advantage of the situation and insisted that would only happen if I got spanked first. The things a girl has to do to get her pussy licked around here...

It was the evening and I was feeling horny and I went up to my David and asked him to lick me.

"Only if I get to spank you first," he said cheekily. Ohhh!

"Yes, Sir," I said.

"And..." he continued, "69. In your mouth. No spitting." Ohhhhh! Foot stomp! Give him an inch and he makes me take a yucky mouth fucking...

"Yes, Sir," I said. The things a wife needs to do to get a little action around here.

So he takes me to bed. I was wearing socks, pants, panties, bra, and blouse. He sits on the side of the bed and beckons me over. He helps me out of my pants and socks, and blouse. I am standing there in just my bra and panties. He is still dressed in his jeans and a coarse blue lumberjack shirt. He pulls me over by my arm and spins me around. He unhooks the clasp from my bra and my breasts swing free. He turns me around to face him and begins fondling my tits. Overly aggressively, if you know what I mean. He squeezes my nipples hard which makes my eyes water. He pulls me across his lap.

He fondles my ass through my panties (they are just simple white cotton).

"What a naughty girl," he says as he fondles my rear cheeks.

"I've been good!" I protest.

"Good girls don't constantly need their pussies licked," he explains. Well, he got me there!

He hugs me in closer to himself with his left arm around my hips. My knees and my chest are on the bed, and he's angled me a bit towards him across his lap. I am feeling... small... in a nice squishy way. He begins spanking me over my panties. Nothing terribly hard, and it's feeling nice. He comments that he's just getting my pussy ready for its licking by bringing all the blood flow down into that region.

In a little while he lowers the backs of my panties to just below my cheeks. Like a Daddy would reluctantly do to his little girl if he needed to spank her without exposing her pussy.

He continues spanking my now bare bottom with his palm. The spanking is intensifying.

He lowers my panties some more, this time down to me knees, exposing me. More like a Daddy spanking his teenage daughter's bare bottom, pussy bared as added object lesson. He hugs me in tighter, bending me more. I feel my bare pussy and bottom hole starting to sick out. His slaps go there. Still on my bottom, but all around that "area", fingers whipping in where they ought not.

He straightens me out and uses his hand hard, like a paddle, about 20 strokes. That was a real spanking. I start getting worried midway! Will he spank me hard like that? But he slows down, and then he bends me over more again, pulls me into him, and puts his hand between my legs, feeling my by now moistened pussy with this fingers. Playing with my folds, rubbing me, finger fucking me.

He pulls my panties right off. He spins me so that I am now straddling his knee, my tip-toes on the ground, my chest on the bed, my weight mostly on my pussy grinding into his hard jeans-covered knee. He learned this from my sister (blush!).

My weight feels like it's directly on my clit! I am feeling myself being embarrassed by this. I flashback to my sister putting me in this position over her knee, one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life. I actually could not contain myself, and rubbed myself across her knee despite my ass getting fucked up by one of the most intense spankings of my life. He jiggles me on hs knee. He spanks me some more, all down low and insides and such. He fondles my cunt as well, and finger fucks me. I moan and grind myself onto his knee. As a reader commented, like a kitten on her scratching post. How humiliating that I am so "in heat".

He takes me back across his knees. He hugs me into him. He says, "now I'm going to spank you." Now?!? What was all that??? He means, really spank me. Oh oh.

His hand comes down brutally on my exposed backside, alternating cheeks and low across both. All in all he gives me 50 spanks. All really hard. My ass is on fire! I hate it and I love it. It seems to go on forever but also seems to stop before it even started. My man is spanking me. He is spanking me because he loves me. His entire attention is captivated by my wriggling, jiggling, reddening, ass. I am the center of his entire universe. My pussy is the center of me.

He stops and rubs me, saying, "wow... so pretty when it's so red..."

He puts me to my feet. Yikes! Sore butt!

He kneels up on the bed. I follow him and start hungrily removing his clothes so that he will be as naked as I. We lie down on the diagonal of the bed in the "69" position. I pull a pillow along with me and put it under my head. His head wrests on my lower thigh. I hold my upper thigh up off him. He pulls it down so that it is clamping his head. He does not want me to strain my leg holding it away from him.

Meanwhile, his cock is in my face. It is already very hard. I know my duty! I purse my lips and pull it into my mouth and start sucking on it.

I reach behind him with my hands. Though his legs are together, one on top of the other, his balls are half sticking out the back. I fondle them from behind as I suck on his cock.

He has started gently lapping at my cunt. Nice gentle wet strokes of his tongue.  I guess I like when I am "distracted" by sucking his cock skillfully. I don't focus my conscious mind on my own pussy licking, and it seems to get me excited faster that way. It just sort of all of a sudden out of nowhere, just gets to be amazing.

I am diligently working his cock, and his hips are becoming more insistent. He is starting to face fuck me and his cock is going in deeper on each thrust. His hips strain towards me. I back my head off a bit to get some breathing room. His hand clamps down on the back of my head and pushes me back into him. Doesn't he know it's hard to catch a breath??? I force my head away and remove his cock from my mouth. I use my hand on him vigorously. He cries out in frustration. He was super close (I could literally "taste it"). He swats my ass hard several times.

"You better finish what you start, woman," he says to me, "in your mouth," he adds. Oh God! I stick it back in. He pushes the back of my head, and I start sucking like crazy, as deep as I can. His hips have begun thrusting into me, driving his cock down my throat. At the same time, he is licking my pussy full on, his lapping getting more and more excited and "rough" as his cock gets excited.

I am having a correspondence with a pen pal. We are mutually fantasizing about me going to live with him in the South of France for the summer to improve my French. As "payment", I will be required to suck his cock like this. I flash to that fantasy as my husband drives his cock deep into my throat. I am thinking, "Merci Monsieur, Merci Monsieur" as I "take it".

I feel the sightly bitter taste of his pre-cum in my mouth. Oh no! He is about to explode into me. I can feel his cock getting harder and more insistent. I am imagining my Frenchman's friends all sitting around, watching him extract his payment from me, egging me on to suck it properly, petite salope Canadienne ("little Canadian slut"). Men and women. Older couples watching me.  I feel the spurt against my soft palate, and another and another. I need to breathe, but I don't! I suck his cum out of his cock. "Merci, Monsieur". His friends shake their head at my sorry display.

My husband's spent cock softens and leaves my mouth. His cum is still mostly in my mouth. He does not slow down his pussy licking. He intensifies it! Ah fuck. I swallow it without making a fuss. Little whore.

I am close. I am grinding into him. He stops. I am momentarily confused. He spins me around and places me in a fetal position on the bed, sopping wet pussy well exposed.

He jams a pillow between my legs so that my pussy is freely accessible. He molds his body to me in a reverse 69 type position, his head buried in my cunt, his knees at the back of my head. Sort of like this, but more wrapped around me.

He licks me from behind. One of his hands roams my tits, belly, abdomen, and pubis. His other hand is roaming my pussy. As he licks my clit his finger plays at the soppy wet entrance to my cunt, not penetrating, just rubbing around the entrance. Feels soooo good. Then his finger plunges in and he is rubbing my G-spot. Feels even better. I cum with a massive scream and spasm. He keeps licking until I physically push him away.

Am I not a totally slutty wife?