Tuesday, June 30

Mixed Wrestling

David and I are a bit of a fan of "mixed wrestling". We think it's very sexy for a semi-athletic D/S oriented couple!

He is into mixed martial arts (MMA) which includes striking, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ).  I have done a little bit of kickboxing and BJJ myself under the encouragement of my husband. Taken a few classes over the course of a few months several years ago. Not my "thing" as it turns out, but he loves it. But I learned enough to be a decent "play wrestling" partner for him, and can beat him in a somewhat convincing manner when he lets me.

We move the furniture aside in our family room. We put the gloves and shin guards on. And we spar. The rules are that I can hit or kick him, and he can't hit or kick me. I can even hit him in the face, but he's pretty good at moving and blocking so I rarely land. But he lets me wail away at his body.

Sometimes I can get him to say uncle and collapse to the ground as I go down punching him!

Other times we do BJJ-style wrestling. We start on the ground and we "roll", which means he lets me do almost anything I want to him and he moves clumsily to avoid my awesome submission holds. I like getting behind him, wrapping my legs around him to "sink in the hooks" and then put my arm around his neck to choke him. If he lets me get that far and my arm is all the way under his chin, he is tapping for real!

Sometimes he plays weak-as-a-kitten and I have my way with him, which includes me stripping him and putting him into all sorts of embarrassing "holds" and spanking him on his bare ass.

Other times he gets to win. When he starts doing it for real I am so totally helpless it's ridiculous. It's not that he's even over-powering me. He's so much better that it's actually all quite delightful. It turns me on to be so thoroughly "handled" by him. He will not resist the opportunity to strip me and spank me either, so turn around is fair play.

Sometimes when we're making love in bed I can feel him jiu-jitsuing me to move me around into a different position. Like, If I'm on top and he wants to be he will "sweep me" onto my back. He'll then come up on top and fuck me. BJJ is fun.

There's lots of interesting videos on the 'net of various types of sexy fighting, so it's clearly "a thing".

What prompted me to write this blog entry is that a new fan sent me an email saying he loved my blog. He also pointed me to his own work which is a webcomic done with poser art called Hillside Texas Wrestling at https://htwrestling.com. It takes place within a fantasy wrestling league, and every episode a girl gets spanked by a male wrestler by the end!

Here's some panels from Episode 1:

She was his opponent's "valet" who tried to interfere in the match and got her just deserts. I love the theme of the girl being overpowered like that and getting her ass very publicly reddened.

Here's some from another episode.

You can see he is an equal-opportunity spanker.

I like this episode where the girl is put in a virtual "corner" after her spanking with her tights wedgied up into her bottom crack!


Ok, ok already. She learned her lesson. Let her go hide!

Run in with Young Lady

I had a very interesting run-in with a young Asian-Canadian lady today!

She's early twenties, very attractive, the daughter of a former work colleague of mine who lives quite close to us in the neighbourhood. We've had a few dinners with her family and her over the years. Several years ago, when she was starting University, she asked me for some career advice. After she graduated, she went abroad for a prestigious Masters in the field I suggested. She had just finished and had received a very good job offer in that same field, but because of pandemic she is stuck back at home living with her parents until September.

At any rate she dropped by today to thank me for the advice and to catch me up on her situation. We shared a bottle of wine and some cheese on the patio mid-afternoon.

She had a boyfriend for the past year and a half while studying abroad, but they split up recently. She found evidence on his phone that he had cheated on her and she dumped him. I commiserated with her about men, in general. She pointed out that I seemed to have a great relationship with my husband and wanted any "tips" I could give her.

I know, I know. I shouldn't have. Her parents are friends. She's barely an adult. But I couldn't help myself!

First I swore her to secrecy. I told her that I would tell her some very private things, but she had to promise to tell nobody, especially not her parents. When you start a conversation like this, it has been my experience that nobody, ever, says, "oh, in that case don't tell me". Quite the opposite. They are dying to hear after that. She agreed.

I told her that early on in our marriage, that David had cheated on me.

She was shocked. She asked why were we still together? I think she lost a little respect for me... momentarily.

I explained that before we had gotten into our marriage he had gotten into the habit of receiving massages from young ladies, and not the normal kind...

The poor, sheltered dear had no clue what I was talking about. "What do you mean, like, massages?"

"Naughty massages," I told her. Where the man is naked and the young lady rubs his penis until he ejaculates. I used those words exactly.

We were both a half a bottle deep into the white wine by now. It was a very free discussion. I had certainly never been intimate like this with her before now. Last time we talked she had been a kid.

She was shocked that I said this. She expressed a certain incredulity that that was at all common. I assured her it was very common. I told her about a naughty massage place literally at the end of our block that she had never noticed before. Toronto is full of them. Usually second-story affairs on main thoroughfares with "MASSAGE" written in neon lights and discrete front doors. I said that many, many men, including married men, frequent them.

"Men are such dogs," she said. I agreed. "And he kept doing it after you were married?" she asked me. Exactly. "What did you do about it?" she asked. She was enthralled now.

So that thing with the massage parlours actually really did happen. It happened before I got into spanking him. He had told me he did it before we started dating. I was like, really? But it turned out he never stopped. I had found him out because he was reluctant to have sex with me (which never happened back then) but he agreed to it, and then I went down on him and I smelled and tasted the residual massage oil on him and confronted him and he confessed. I was soooo angry! We didn't sleep in the same bed for a week, but he begged and pleaded and promised to never ever do it again so I forgave him.

But it stuck in my craw, and after we started in on our spanking adventures I "scened" him by bringing him to a massage parlour I had pre-arranged by phone. He was suspicious but I convinced him he was getting a treat courtesy of his super-tolerant wife. I said what I had had a problem with was the deception, not the act itself, and would prove it. Instead of his desired "happy ending", though, he got teased by the girl while I watched, then I spanked him in front of her, and he went home hard. Other girls in the massage parlour got a bit into the action as well. It's all recounted in Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking! It was a blast and it really closed the book for me on this unhappy incident in a delightful way.

So she had asked, "what did you do about it?"

I answered, mixing up the timelines a little. I told her that I played along and told him it was no big deal. And to prove it, I organized a trip to the massage parlour so I could watch the girl doing it and get some tips from her on how to be a better wife.

"No way!" she said.

I told her it didn't exactly work out the way he had expected, and told her the whole true story of the massage expedition. It was a sexy story!

I told her how he got showered and naked on the massage table while I talked to the girl. She went and massaged him and got him all excited. Then when he was ready to "burst" I told him that it was payback time. I took a big old hairbrush out of my purse and told him to get off the table and over my knee. The girl encouraged him and we sort of suggested that he would get to finish if he took his spanking like a good boy. I told her that I gave him quite a spanking while the massage girl watched. Afterwards he got put back up on the table, teased again until he was rock hard, then I stopped her and made him go home in that state. I also told her how he was teased by multiple massage parlour girls on the way out who heard the spanking and wanted to know what happened. They all seemed delighted that a "cheating husband" got his just desserts at the hands of his wife!

I told her that after that incident there were no more "cheating" incidents and he has been the perfect husband.

She said, and I quote, that that was "fucking amazing!" I found all that lost respect flowing back to me now. Ha ha!

I knew she wanted to know, but she didn't know how to ask so I volunteered the info that I kept up with the spankings for whenever he annoys me.

"How does that work?" she asked.

I told her that it was simple. That whenever he annoys me, he gets a spanking, no questions asked.

"and he just goes along with that?"

It was so amazing talking spankings with a young lady!

I told her that it was a kink of his, to be dominated by his wife like that, and even more so with others watching (see what I did there, huh, huh?), but he often regrets it while he's across my knee.

"Wow..." was her reaction.

I asked her if she wanted a coffee before she went. She said sure. I offered various and she picked a cappuccino. I picked up my phone and called David, who was working on the third floor. (Funny how we use our cell phones as intercoms nowadays!)

"I have a guest, David, so-and-so from next door. She would like a cappuccino chocolate sprinkled on top; and I'll take an espresso. Right away please."

I can order my husband around like that. Ha ha!

She and I moved off the spanking stuff and went back to her future job and living arrangements. Before too long, David came out onto the patio carrying a tray with the coffee drinks and a bowl of sugar and some extra steamed milk.

"Hi Mr. X," she said with a GIANT smirk on her face. He greeted her, obliviously, and then said he had to get back to a call he was on. Ha ha! I had interrupted his business call to have him serve us coffee.

"That's fine, you can run along," I told him. No "thank you" at all.

After he went back in the house, just as he closed the door, she let out a giant laugh she had been holding in while he was serving us. Poor hubby. Zero masculinity left at all. If only he knew.

On her way out I told her if she ever needed help with her next boyfriend, she should just give me a call. Then I bucked up my nerve and added, in a conspiratorial whisper, "and if you ever want a demonstration on how I spank my husband, give me a call and we'll arrange a date." Darn, though, she looked a bit weirded out by that suggestion. I left it at that.

Que Sera Sera.

Thursday, June 25

Front Yard Spankings

I've been fascinated lately by the concept of the "front yard" or "front porch" spanking as "extra" punishment. I know it's very impractical so has to stay in fantasy land, but OMG, what if?

Courtesy Miss Chris (https://www.missschris.com)

I think I was first introduced to it in a spanking story one of my readers said was his all-time favourite. I can't find it now, maybe somebody can point me to it once I describe it? I think it was called "Counting Down From Ten" or something along those lines?

It was about a single mother and her older teenage son. The son was getting increasingly lazy and unruly. There was some straw that broke the camel's back. Mom decided she would punish her son with a first-time ever spanking. He was reluctant and resisted but in the end gave in to matriarchal authority. She told him to take his pants and underpants down. He refused. She said she would count down from ten and if they weren't both down at his ankles by the time she ended her count, she would take him out onto the front porch for his spanking. He continued to resist as she counted down. She counted down as she dragged him by his ear towards the front door. She unlocked the door. He said "ok ok ok ok!". She said she still does not see those pants down and kept counting down. He very quickly pulled his pants down but left his underpants up. She kept counting down saying "I don't see those underpants at your ankles yet" and started opening the front door. He quickly pulled his underpants right down to his ankles, baring himself completely. She closed the door and locked it, took him into the living room, spanked him, and made him stand bare bum in the corner afterwards.

I thought it was so much more exciting and evocative that the front porch spanking didn't happen in this story. We are left to imagine it as being the worst thing in the world! You would actually have your pants pulled down, be put across your Mother's lap, and then be spanked to tears while anybody in the neighbourhood could watch and tease.

And I don't think it's only boys from their Mothers who are potentially at risk. If Daddy gets too fed up with Daughter's antics, she might find herself in the very same situation!

This sort of punishment is reserved for only when you have been at your absolute naughtiest and a example must be made. It is for when a naughty boy or girl has become too big for their britches. It will be a demonstration to the entire neighbourhood that in fact this "little" boy or girl is NOT too old for a spanking, and a spanking delivered in the most childish manner possible: across the knee and on the bare bottom. Modesty will not be a consideration. The only consideration will be imparting the most humiliating "last resort" lesson imaginable, regardless of who is there to see it.

A pen-pal of mine wrote me an email with a bit of a "Julie Spanked' fan-fiction story to this effect. He wishes to remain anonymous. I present it here with some additions of my own. If only!


So Julie, are you going to be a well-behaved little girl who thinks twice before breaking the rules set for her by the adults... or are you going to be a naughty brat who can't keep a civil tongue in your little mouth?

When it's the latter, I'm sure you'll spend some quality time in the corner, told to push your pants and panties down to your knees, hands on your head, in the corner of the dining room, while the adults talk about what-ever-shall-we-do-with-her, it seems she keeps being a brat. You'll start to turn around to interject a suggestion and David will sharply correct you - Julie, get your nose back in the corner, we've heard enough out of you for tonight.

Your Mom - not Sue or David, who are playing into your kink - but your Mom, who isn't playing on the sexual side of this, will sigh heavily and say "no punishment is going to make an impression and change her bratty behaviour if it's not so memorable that it's actually shocking. She seems to enjoy being spanked. Let's see if she'll enjoy this..." She'll turn to your Dad and say "well, we talked about this - take her into the front yard, and whip her, right on the seat of her panties. I'll go post an event announcement now on the neighbourhood Facebook group so she'll have a good audience." Dad - "and I'll let Bill, the policeman who lives down the road know, to keep it all nice and legal."

The blood will drain from your face and you'll think, I didn't sign up for this and you won't be able to stop yourself "WHAT?" David - "I told you - not another peep. You're in enough trouble as it is!"

Your Dad will turn to David and say "I take it you agree, Son?"

"I do, Sir," David will say. "She keeps getting brattier and brattier, deliberately to get spanked, and honestly my patience, and my belt, is wearing thin. It's affecting all our relationships."

"You're absolutely right," Dad will say. "The other day when she drove up to visit she had a veritable temper tantrum on the front yard just because the neighbour had stopped his car in the mutual driveway to unload groceries. I think she did it deliberately to earn herself a spanking from me. I was too angry to even give it. Mother suggested after that I ought to have, and right on the front lawn at that. I think she was right."

"I completely agree, Sir. She needs to be made an example of."

"David! NO!" you will say, stomping your little foot and turning to face the room, covering your pussy with your hand, your bare bum hanging out. "I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!"

"Shush Young Lady!" your Mom will say, "you DO NOT speak to your husband like that!"

"I'LL SPEAK HOWEVER I WANT!" you scream, turning to face the room, stomping your feet, completely losing it.

"IN THE CORNER!" David rages standing up and moving towards you. He takes you by the arm, places you firmly back into the corner, and gives your bare bottom several hard smacks. You realize that you've pushed things too far and begin behaving. At least mom said it would be over your panties. It would be humiliating, but you figure you could handle that.

Your Dad will say to David, "That's the way it's done, Son. Give me a hand bringing around the saw horse from the garage" and then you'll hear the two of them walk outside. Sue will stand to start to clear and your Mom will stop her "Julie will clean up after her spanking - don't do her chores for the naughty girl." You feel very small, standing in the corner, knowing you're going to be publicly punished, and hearing your parents. You hear David and your Dad talking from the sideyard as they're carrying something around, and wonder exactly what is going to happen, is this really going to happen, or is your Mom just trying to scare you...

Your Dad comes inside and says "all right then, everything's ready, it's time. Julie, turn around." You turn around sheepishly, trying now to modestly cover your shaved pussy with one hand as you start pulling your panties back up your legs with the other. "Not so fast there, young lady," says your Dad. "Your Mom suggested you get your belt whipping over your panties, but given your outburst just now your husband and I have decided that we want everything off, now." David chimes in - "You heard him - NOW. You better be a perfect model of obedience if you don't want another and worse when we get home."

"Mommy... please!" you beg, hoping now only to be allowed to be whipped with your panties and top on.

"I'm afraid I agree with the men, young lady. You've acted up and mouthed off one time too many," your Mom would say, "There's nothing I can do to help you now."

"I won't! I refuse!" you'll say.

David will walk over with a scowl, pick you up, and throw you across his shoulder.

"Strip her, ladies" your Dad will tell your Mom and Sue as David holds you over his shoulder. Your Mom will head to your feet and remove your socks, pants and panties from around your ankles, rendering you bare from the waist down. As you wriggle and kick, you'll be showing off all your charms for all to see. Meanwhile Sue will be deftly removing your blouse and then your bra, stripping you completely, saying "you brought this on yourself, Sis."

David puts you back down onto your feet. You stand there with your hands desperately covering what they can. You are completely naked in front of your family, and soon to be escorted out to the front yard for your whipping.

Your Dad says "Mary, go get the strap - you know the one I'm talking about." Your Mom responds "yes sir" and goes up the stairs. You'll wonder about this later - was it naturally just playing along with a family led by a strict and in-charge father? Does she know the one he's talking about because they discussed this punishment before... or because she's been on the receiving end? These thoughts will come later - right now you're too busy blushing at being totally nude, wondering if this is *really* happening.

Your Mom comes back down the stairs and the moment of truth arrives. She hands your Father a thick strap. In fact, it's an old-fashioned razor strop!

"No. Not that. Please!" you beg, realizing what your Daddy has in his hand.

Ignoring you, your Dad walks over to you, grabs you by the ear, and begins marching you to the front door.

"No Daddy! Please! Please!" you'll beg as he drags you to your very public date with the razor strop. "I'll promise I'll be good! I promise! Please! Not the strap! Not outside! Not completely bare naked! Please!"

"Too late for promises, young lady, you've had this coming and now you'll be getting it," your Dad would say as he opens up the door and then pulls you out it.

You're outside, in the front yard, completely naked, being pulled by the ear by your determined Father, who is carrying a heavy leather razor strop in the other hand, about to whip your ass raw. Let that sink in a moment. A month ago you were seen by your family and the world as a 30-something year old married woman, living an adult life. Now - not just your family, but the entire neighbourhood will know that you may seem that way, but you're still really an unruly child or disobedient teenager who can only be kept in line by the promise of a painful and humiliating punishment.

There are already people gathering. Word had gotten around from Mom's quick Facebook event post.  Contrary to people staying away, they had actually turned out! Officer Bill was there as well, and gave your Dad a nod and a wink. There are also some older teenage boys present!!!

There's a saw horse sitting in the middle of the lawn with some rough material on top of it.

Your Dad marches you to the side facing the street, and bends you over it. He pushes your feet apart, so your legs are spread and David ties your ankles to the sawhorse legs. David then takes your wrists and ties each of them to the legs of the sawhorse as well.

*Everything* is on display, your pussy lips, your ass, your bumhole, your bare breasts visible directly through your spread legs, everything - to your Dad but also to the entire street.

"Oh my gosh, just look at her, she's wet, the trollop," one of the older women in the audience would say.

You blush in embarrassment hearing that, but know it is true. You could feel your pussy dampening from the moment you learned your fate and were stripped. As you were escorted outside you could feel the dampness squishing down there as you walked!

Your Dad asks you "Julie tell me where you are and what's about to happen."

You have never blushed so much and you sheepishly choke out "I'm bent over in the front yard, naked, so everyone can see me. You're about to whip my bottom."

"And why do you find yourself here?"

"Because I've been a naughty brat and have been nasty to everybody! Wahhhhh."

"And has it been deliberate young lady? Have you deliberately been a horrid brat in the hopes your husband or I put you across our knees? Because you're a spank happy brat? Is that it?"

"yes Sir!" you would wail.

"And you have been spanked, haven't you? Spanked by your husband, your sister, me, your mother even. But it's never enough for you is it? Never enough for the spank-happy brat. No matter how much we wear out our hands, hairbrushes, and belts on your bare bottom. No matter how much time you spend in the corner."

"It is enough! I'm sorry. It is enough!"

"Apparently not, because you continue your bad behaviour upsetting everybody around you and being an annoying pain in the ass! You were even a pain in the ass to our neighbours, weren't you?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Well, you've been a pain in the ass, so now I'm going to give you a pain in your ass. Right here on the front lawn in front of all the neighbours."

"Please no! Please!" you would beg.

"Too late for that. We'll see if this spanking will finally be enough for you to behave. You're getting your age in strappings. Get ready."


SNAP! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Noooooo!

The very first blow with the razor strop raised a thick wide, rectangular of red band across your ass. The assembled audience gasped. There's no warm-up - this isn't sensual, it's punishment, and you know immediately that while the exhibitionism made you wet you are not going to enjoy this.

SNAP! AWWWWWWWW! You cried as the second stroke landed full across the middle of your bare bottom.

"Please Daddy! No! I'll be good I promise! Please!" you begged after only two strict whippings.

SNAP! Yahhaaaaaaaa!

"You'll be good after you get your age in strappings," your Dad says while continuing your strict whipping.

The audience is entranced as your Daddy paints thick red welts across your ass with his razor strop. While you are tied securely, you are not tied securely enough to prevent the inevitable exciting wriggling of your punished hind-quarters, or the bouncing of your bared breasts. Your legs are lewdly spread parting your pussy lips to display a most intimate view of your fuck hole. Even your bottom hole does not escape scrutiny, it being evident to more than several adults in the crowd that you are no stranger to receiving anal intercourse either.


You are crying big wet tears. Your Dad pauses and speaks to you: "It isn't what I want - to have to strip my adult daughter naked and whip her in public. But your mother and I are of one mind on this - we will not have a disobedient, badly behaved daughter, no matter how old she is. Whatever it takes to get through to you is what we will do. You belong to David, but when you're under my roof you play by my rules and get punished by me when you break them."

You feel the leather strap laid across your ass for a moment, and then another searing stripe on the top of your thighs. SNAP!

He whips you hard, over and over again, and your attempt to be stoic - you are in public - is quickly forgotten, as you plead with Daddy that you'll be a good girl, you'll never be naughty again, you promise, it hurts it hurts it hurts... but he's unswayed, and the leather mercilessly whips your ass and your upper thighs, till you're sure it's at least four times its normal size.

In the meantime, as others join the small crowd that has gathered in the street the newcomers are pointing at you saying "isn't that their daughter Julie" and "why, yes, it is - I wonder what she did to deserve that" and "wow, her ass is really flaming - she must have done something really bad" and "she must have gotten too big for her britches - and now she doesn't have any." The few teenage boys stand there silently, transfixed, staring at your red ass, your bare tits with their little rock hard nipples, your pussy lips, and your anal hole. They'll have a spanking fetish soon, if they don't already. They will have a wet dream imagining your Daddy left you there after your whipping for them to enjoy. You, however, hardly even notice your audience - all you can think about is the razor strop, how much it hurts, and how sorry you are.

Eventually, finally, it's over. David unties you. Daddy tells you to stand up and you slowly come to your feet, and then he grabs you by the ear, marches you back to the front door, and right before you walk inside he turns to the crowd and says "hopefully she learned her lesson." As you walk inside, you hear an older woman remark, "This gives me hope, you know. I thought no one knew how to deal with a woman when she's being a brat anymore..."

You're marched into a corner, told in no uncertain terms to keep your hands on your head, and the family sits down 'more comfortably' in the living room. David asks your mother, "Let me know when you want her to come out of the corner - I know you don't like it when she's there all evening." Your Mom replies, "Oh, thanks for asking, that's very considerate, but she's right where she needs to be for tonight."

Monday, June 22

Catching Up

Hi guys! Took a little holiday after posting that very emotional blog two weeks ago that I needed to get off my chest,

and the events from the start of the month where my Mom and Dad spanked me, So a roller-coaster June for me so far.

Interactions with my parents have been totally normal, and it's turned into a bit of a running joke about my spankings and how "spank-happy" I am. This is embarrassing to me, but it's only from those I love, and it turns me on and makes me feel loved and accepted. So yes, there have been a few passing comments here and there. When it's just the inner family circle there is not a gathering that goes by in which my spankings are not at least mentioned in passing by somebody (not me). Sometimes it's a subtle as "has she been a good girl this week?" to David, and I blush on cue. They seem disappointed when here is no spanking to report, and tease me when there is. On one such occasion Dad quipped that I "wanted nothing so much as a good spanking," and Mom agreed that was true.

I've asked David to cool it with pushing the issue of spanking me over there. Sue does not 100% approve, and I don't want to force anything uncomfortable with my folks. I'm very grateful that my spankings have been normalized like this. It sets things up in case a spanking needs to be given in future, even one in jest.

It was actually in jest once that Daddy threatened to put me across his knee when I made a face at one of the dishes Mom had cooked (some really disgusting cabbage thing = yuck = running "joke"). The spanking "threat" was said as a joke, but as a result I ate them and told Mommy how yummy they were, which was embarrassing in and of itself, 'cause Daddy has proven he will spank me and everybody knew it and it was in their minds as I swallowed it down and complimented Mom on her vegetable cooking skills. In fact, the very last spanking from my childhood was Mom spanking me for being stubborn and not eating my peas and eventually throwing them all over her and the room when I was way old enough to know better. She got so mad at me that I think that was the catalyst to stop spanking us kids.

I am biding my time, hoping for another spanking. If Mom serves that dish again, I swear I WILL get up the courage to have a temper tantrum and throw them against the wall. They will know I did it to get spanked, but Mom will have served it knowing that also. I think a whipping for a grown daughter throwing veggies against the wall is reasonable. I can imagine myself scrubbing the wall and floor after with a very sore hairbrush-spanked and belt-whipped butt!

David and I have settled into our switch routine. We've decided the households rules are a) either of us can get spanked anytime for any reason, and b) you get punishment spanked if your spouse is annoyed with you for any reason at all, even if you are in the right. Our theory is that the spanking is to get out some frustrations to keep the relationship healthy, and for the person who annoyed the other to do penance, as our goal is to NOT annoy the other and when we do we have failed.

David got punishment spanked by me the other day for something that was not his fault but that legitimately annoyed me. Let me tell you about it.

We are both working from home of course. Sometime soon after noon we check up on each other to see if we have a mutual good slot to share lunch between meetings. I was free 12-2, so I checked in on David at around 12:15. He was on a call, but he said he would be free 12:30 to 1:30 so we agreed on 12:30. I went ahead and prepared two plates for us. At 12:35 he had still not come down. At 12:40 he had still not come down. At 12:45 he came down and apologized, and said that his call was with someone important and it had gone a bit over and then he needed to send a related email immediately after. We ate a pleasant lunch together outside on the patio. Afterwards we jointly brought the plates in. I rinsed them and opened the dishwasher to put them in, and oh crap, the dishwasher was full with clean dishes, so I asked David to help me unload. He said he was really sorry but that a 1pm call had just come up and he needed to get on that, and he left. None of it was really his fault, but obviously I was annoyed!

But you know what? As I toiled at putting the dishes away it made me much less annoyed planning his punishment spanking.

At 6pm he quit and I already had dinner underway. He came down and we ate together. After dinner was over he was very solicitous about the cleaning up.

"You're being a very good girl, cleaning up all the dishes," I told him, observing his fervour. "But you know that's not going to save your ass, I hope?" I asked him.

"I deserve it..." he said. He knew.

"Finish up the dishes then go take a shower, and come down to the living room and put your nose in the corner until I'm ready to deal with you."

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"Bra and panties," I added as an afterthought.

"Yes Ma'am," he said again.

See how smoothly it works? He knows when he's annoyed me. I know he really had no choice and I would have done the same in the situation, but we're still going to work it out.

I curled up with my iPad in the living room. He came down and shamefacedly scurried to the corner. He was wearing his red panties and pink bra with the inserts. I let him stand there a bit in anticipation (maybe five minutes).

I left him standing there as I left the room to go upstairs and select an implement. I decided on the little hard rubber paddle. He hates that thing, but it's not injurious and it's very little effort for me to wield effectively.

I went back down to the living room and placed an armless chair in the middle of the room. I sat in it and beckoned David over,

"oh no..." he exclaimed, seeing his instrument of chastisement on my lap.

I picked up the rubber paddle and fondled it in my hands. "Oh Yes," I answered him. He looked very nervous! I think the panties but especially the stuffed bra accentuates the roles we are playing. We both associate the spanker as the more male, Yang sort of role; and the spankee as the more female, Yin sort of role. I was in the jeans and T-shirt. He was in the bra and panties. Don't fight it. Use it.

As he neared me I put my fingers into the waistband of his panties and I pulled then down to his knees. He was erect.

"Do you know why you're being spanked, young lady?" I asked him as I lowered his panties.

"Yes Ma'am," he said. "I annoyed you because I was late for lunch and couldn't help you unloading the dishwasher."

"Yes you did," I agreed with him. "It was extremely annoying, and that means you're getting a good hard spanking. Now get across my knee."

"Yes Ma'am," he said as he draped himself across my knee. I put him right away into the classic "leg lock" position with his right arm bent behind his back and held there, my right leg across the backs of both of his, and his ass hoisted quite high and acutely jacknifed over my left knee. This keeps him in position, opens up his asscheeks that serves up the more tender flesh inside his crack, and makes the backs and insides of his thighs very accessible to me. I could also see his penis and testicles pushing out the back between his legs.

Well, the spanking was memorable, I can say that! I visited all the areas exposed to me. It was a quite extended spanking. I would say fifteen minutes and uncountably many strokes. I varied my intensity but quickly went to a high level and stayed there. He was definitely blubbering, crying out, and begging well before it was anywhere near over.

It felt very cathartic and totally made up for any brief annoyance I felt at lunchtime.

An implement like the one I used is the great equalizer. When David spanks me, his hand is more than sufficient to bring me to the same state I got him into. But my hand only, while hard and practised, can get David nowhere near the level of contrition I expect of him. The evil little rubber paddle is perfect for that. It was not even much effort to swing it to get that result.

I let him up and we hugged and kissed. I told him he could go back upstairs and get changed, as his punishment was over.

Love it!

Friday, June 12

Spank the Leftists!

In these times of troubles, I've been seeing many bloggers use their platforms to speak out for what's right, but it's all been from one side of the political spectrum. While I'm sure it will not be a popular post, I thought I would take this opportunity to speak out for what I believe is right from the other end of the political spectrum, and hopefully give a little spanking to leftist ideology!

I believe that the real problem is poverty. And no, I do not mean wealth inequality or racism. I mean poverty.

Across all skin colours there is a cycle of poverty that is hard to get out of. When I saw George Floyd's life being callously snuffed out in front of my eyes, I did not see a black man. I saw a human being. Far from a perfect human being, but a human being nonetheless who for whatever reasons became caught up in a cycle of poverty, drug addiction, criminality, and incarceration that brought him to the time and place where he was murdered by the police.

One of the best takes I saw on this was from the powerful conservative voice of Candace Owens.

Police brutality does not favour one skin colour over another. The rates do, as expected, line up with the number of contacts police have with people of each skin colour, which lines up with the crime statistics for people of each skin colour. This is what you would expect. I have some numbers on that below.

Police brutality crosses all skin colours, both perpetrators and victims of it. It's so easy to cherry pick anecdotes and generalize to a big racial problem, and the media loves doing that for its click-bait appeal, but the numbers do not back that up. In addition to my numbers below, Tucker Carlson on his opinion show also breaks this down for us.

Yes, police brutality is a problem, and it will forever be a problem that we must vigilantly keep on top of. Power corrupts. The culture of silence amongst police officers, while I get where it comes from, especially needs to go.

Leftists will in general agree that poverty is a problem, but their solution is forcible wealth redistribution. That did not work well in Communist Russia or Communist China. The conservative viewpoint is that a rising tide powered by responsible capitalism lifts all boats, and that the best policy to combat racism is a true colour-blind equality of opportunity.

Capitalism has proven to be the most efficient economic system. If you interfere with capitalism, for example by more and more extreme wealth redistribution, you make everybody poorer. If you promote responsible capitalism, it makes everyone wealthier.

Of course, we already have massive wealth redistribution going on, and I am in favour of it, but there needs to be a limit. The wealthiest 50% of the citizens already pay almost all of the taxes (98%), and the top 10% are paying more than half of all taxes (60%). I am concerned that if you take it much farther it interferes with socially positive capitalism.

And when I promote capitalism I am not talking about disgusting crony capitalism, where certain organizations get an undue advantage due to government interference. Especially in regards to war profiteering and drug profiteering. I find that despicable and anti-capitalist. Republicans who claim to be conservatives are some of the worst offenders (e.g., Dick Cheney).

Nor when I promote capitalism am I talking about a complete laissez fair capitalism, where the profit motive reigns supreme and excesses are not reigned in through reasonable government regulation.

I am not advocating for any sort of extreme position. A well-regulated capitalist system where working hard and clever ideas are appropriately rewarded, where the wealthy bear the brunt of taxation, and where democratically arrived at laws are fairly and evenly enforced is the sweet spot.

This is a true conservative's approach to the problem, and President Trump's approach to the problem as well: a rising tide lifts all boats. Already his administration has taken multiple actions that help the underprivileged. These include
  • Criminal Justice Reform.
  • Guaranteed enhanced funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • Opportunity Zones.
  • Historically low levels of black unemployment (and overall unemployment) via his economic policies around tax reductions, responsible de-regulation, and trade (which, yes, does include quid pro quo tariffs in the short term in order to level the playing field).
In addition to this, and in response to the current crisis, he announced a four point response:
  1. Aggressively pursuing economic development in minority communities.
    • Building on previous Opportunity Zones initiative.
    • Increasing access to capital for small businesses in black communities.
  2. Address health care disparities in poor communities.
    • Investing substantial sums in minority-serving medical institutions.
  3. Executive orders to encourage improved policing.
    • Meet the most current professional standards on use of force including tactics for de-escalation.
    • Encourage pilot programs to have social workers join police on calls.
    • Make sure police are well trained, with the best equipment, increasing funding to do so.
    • Improved hiring practices for police.
  4. Renewing the call on Congress to enact school choice.
    • Allow choice in poor communities not being well-served by government schools.
He is also clear that he is strong on law and order, and takes a very hard line against the violent rioting and looting that went hand-in-hand with the protesting. He explains his administration's four point plan and his position on police and law and order in the following recently delivered speech.

I think those are all reasonable, common sense approaches that do not fester a racial divide, but that help the poorer members of society generally, and therefore help blacks disproportionately, which I am all for.

I encourage healthy, reasonable debate on these points in the comment section if you are so inclined. But please, if all you can muster is "Orange Man Bad", and can't address actually policies and proposals as I have done above, then please don't bother.

Some facts and figures backing up some of the claims above.

See the following for data on who pays what in taxes. https://taxfoundation.org/summary-latest-federal-income-tax-data-2018-update/

Data on median household income by ethnicity.

(based on 2018 US Census Data)

The statistics on deadly use of force by police is as follows.
Based on 2018 FBI Data

Given that blacks make up only 13% of the US population, the above numbers seem disproportionately high for that group. But according to FBI data, blacks account for 38% of all violent crime. So as indexed to violent criminals, we see deadly use of force disproportionately smaller for the black population.

The bigger tragedy is the amount of Black-on-Black violent crime. For homicides, blacks commit about 50% of all murders in the US while making up only 13% of the population. However, their victims are disproportionately (81%) black.

2016 FBI Homicide data

Thursday, June 4

Whipped for Ungratefulness

Right after my Sunday Spectacular, I caught a whipping followed by a rough sexing from my husband for ungratefulness.

As I shared in Grown Daughter Spanked by Her Father, I received a wondrous hairbrush spanking across my real father's knee while Mom "supervised". I begged Mom to be allowed to have Daddy spank me, and she relented. It was honestly all I could ever hope for and I was a very satisfied daughter!

On the way out and home I was excitedly chattering to David  the entire way. He was not up there, so I shared every minute detail with him, whether he wanted to know or not. At one point he asked, "so, was it everything you dreamed of?".

I should have just said yes. But of course I always want more. I wanted to be nude. I wanted to be stood in the corner. I wanted the belt from Daddy. All I did was tell David that.

"You're just never satisfied, are you?" he said with a sharp tone.

"Nope!" I answered, cheekily.

"Well we'll see what we can do about making all your dreams come true as soon as I get you home."

Uh oh! My butt was already sore. Not really my butt, My damned inner thighs where Mom smacked me with the hairbrush. She used the same force she might use on my ass, but it is tender there!

When we got home David was all, get upstairs and strip and put your nose in the corner. You're getting the belt from me.

Oh no.

Of course I did as I was told. I relinquished full 24x7 spanking rights on me to my husband. He owns his wife's ass, as he was going to most capably demonstrate over the course of the next hour.

I scurried upstairs and I stripped and I stuck my nose deep in the corner to wait for him.

David came in a few minutes later.

"Julie, turn around, face me," he said. I did so. I saw his hands go for his belt buckle. "You're ungrateful plus I need to remind you to whom you belong," he said as he pulled his belt out.

"yes sir," I said submissively. Pussy tingle!

David went to the bed and arranged several pillows in a stack . "Get your ass over there," he told me. I scurried and draped myself across the pillows, ass high.

I looked at him sideways, a bit fearfully and excited at the same time. It was not only going to be Daddy who spanked me today.

David made a show of dropping the full length of the belt so the tip hit the ground. He was holding the buckle end in his hand. He then wrapped the belt around and around his hand, leaving an 18-inch or so "single tail".

Rather than standing behind me, or to the side, he put a knee on the bed alongside me, facing down my body. He put his free hand on my lower back to hold me in place. Then he whipped the single tail of the belt vertically down my ass cheeks. The tip of the belt wrapped around to the under-curve of my bum. OUCH!

What an evil position to belt whip a girl! It stung like the blazes. He could easily target my ass crack as well as the under-curves on my ass and right down my thighs. He made me spread my legs and continued my whipping. The single-tail whipped down the middle of my crack, just licking my sex. By angling the stroke, he could whip my inner thighs that Mom had already visited so painfully.

"Please! Please!" I begged.

I knew what a show I was making of myself, writhing around, leg spreads across three pillows, humping them.

"Arch your back! Stick that ass out!" he ordered me.

I arched as hard as I could, making a complete spectacle of myself.

The belt continued licking down on me, indiscriminately striking the backs of my thighs, my inner thighs, my low sit-spots, my ass, my bumhole, and my sex.

"Your father gives you your dream spanking and all you want is this?" he asks me as he whips. "Stick your naked little ass up for his belt?"

Oh God yes I did want that... I imagined myself under Daddy's belt. Under Daddy's watchful gaze as I was whipped with my breasts bare, my legs widely spread, my pussy and asshole on complete display.

"Who do you belong to?" David asked as he whipped me.

"You Sir! You Sir!" I said desperately.

"Your husband owns your ass. Say it!"

"My husband owns my ass, Sir!"

"Who has complete rights to whip your ass whenever he thinks you need it?"

"My husband has complete rights to whip my ass whenever he thinks I need it, Sir!"

"Who else has permission to whip your ass if I don't agree?"

"Nobody else has permission to whip my ass unless you agree Sir!"

My complete and utter show of submission seemed to placate him. He put the belt down. he opened the bedside drawer, pulled the liquid lube out and dribbled it on my asshole. Oh no!

He stuck a meaty finger deep up into my ass. Ahhhhh! He gave me a rough finger fucking with it. Then he pulled out, applied more lube and knelt behind me.

"Who owns this ass?" he asked me, more softly, the tip of his cock at the entrance to my asshole.

"you do, sir," I responded pitifully.

"And I'm going to prove it to you right now, you little spanking slut."

With that he pushed his cock into my asshole. FUCK! He got the tip in and I started freaking out. "Relax!" he ordered me, and I did. I made to go potty to loosen it up, and then it started sliding in the rest of the way. Owww! Owww!

"I'm going to teach you a lesson Julie, in who owns this ass. Ask me for your lesson."

"Please, Sir. Please teach me a lesson on how you own my ass, Sir, Totally!"

"That's good. Take it. Take it. Every fucking inch you little ass whore."

[I LOVE it when he talks dirty to me and he's good at it! - he called me spank slut and ass whore and later bitch]

"Yes Sir!" Please fuck me in the ass, Sir. Teach this little ass slut her lesson."

"Spank slut, bitch, get it right," he said as he slapped my ass hard.

"Yes Sir! Please Sir, teach this little spank slut her lesson."

David started pumping his cock now, in and out of my ass. Getting harder. Getting faster. Getting deeper.

"Please teach me, Sir!" I cried out.

"Here's your fucking lesson!" he said, as he spasmed and came deep up my asshole.

"Thank you Sir!" I said as I received his sperm donation.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch," he said. "Now you're getting a real licking," he said.

Oh no!

He picked up his belt, wrapped it around my thighs, and cinched it tight. He then picked me up a bit from behind to double me over more, and stuck his hot toungue deep down into my cunt.

Oh. This kind of licking!

I came in no time flat, imagining myself getting whipped by Daddy. David might own my physical ass, but Daddy owns my fantasy ass. I guess I need more whipping to learn me my lesson!

Monday, June 1

Grown Daughter Spanked by her Father

It actually happened! I was spanked by my Daddy! Not everything I had hoped for, but pretty darned much! Certainly a real emotional release. Mom was there to watch and even "lend a hand". It all went smoothly and ended well for all concerned and with no harm done (except to my butt and thighs!).

If you are new to all this, I recapped how we got here in my last blog entry My Upcoming Spanking. Please read there if you want the background, and it links to earlier things leading up to it as well. Just to very briefly recap, I was bound and determined to become a "Disciplined Wife" to my husband, and I wanted my close family to know and somehow be involved. We talked about it a lot, and as Mom especially seemed sympathetic to my emotional needs, and Dad enjoyed teasing me in a good-natured way about my spankings, I eventually wound up by asking them, via Mom, if it was ok if Dad gave me a spanking. Mom and Dad agreed, and promised me a spanking a week later, which was earlier today.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, after having tea with me, my Mom checked with David before promising me my spanking. So my beautiful RAT FINK of a husband was in the know, and did not let on until after it was all over. I should have fucking guessed that Mom would have talked with him! So when he was showing them where on my ass he spanks me, what implements he uses, my safeword, and how hard he goes, he already knew that I was 'gonna get a spanking from Daddy. They talked this past week also, again unbeknownst to me. Mom asked David to borrow the hairbrush he uses on me as she did not think she had a suitable one.

And they talked more about how I need it to be "real" and hard, and my use of the safeword, and how anything I say or do or carry on outside of using the safeword is not an indication I need it to stop, despite appearances to the contrary. Apparently it was a three-way phone call with Mom and Dad huddling around their portable landline speakerphone. David sold it to them as me really craving the emotional release of a spanking from my real Dad as some kind of expiation of guilt for things I have done to myself over the years. He told them I was seeking the same level of emotional intensity that I perceived during my spankings as a child, which requires a serious spanking as a grown woman. There was discussion about my state of undress, and David said that I associated a bared bottom strongly with spanking discipline and would be disappointed otherwise. So David was assisting a lot behind the scenes to set this up, for which I am eternally grateful. He so looks after my needs in every way imaginable! I love him so, so much!!!!

So rewind to earlier today, before I know any of this, and there I am jabbering away to David asking him all sorts of questions about if he thinks my spanking will happen, how he thinks my spanking will go down, how I should behave during my spanking, what I should wear, and on and on and on, and he already knows all the answers and is not saying anything. I thought he was just being a good listener. Ha!

In the end, I decided to wear pants (jeans in particular), not a dress or a skirt. I know that disappoints some of you, but here was my reasoning. If Daddy did not tell me to pull my pants down, then when he told me to get across his knee I could pull my pants and panties down quickly myself, as if that was normal and expected for my spankings, and it would be awkward to get them back up again. Harder to do that with a skirt, as I'd have to be actively engaged in holding it up. My panty choice was a full cut white cotton with a touch of lace around the waist and leggings and tiny little flower print. I know, a bit "little", but the alternatives were either sexy or frumpy. For my top I had on a nice short-sleeved V-neck T-shirt that would not cover my butt. I was debating bra or no bra, but I always wear a bra and it would have been noticed by Mom especially had I not, and therefore risked sending signals I did not wish to send and might have jeopardized the vibe. So bra it was.

Just before we left, as a "sudden thought", David thought he should bring my spanking hairbrush to offer to Dad in case they didn't have anything suitable. Well that would be embarrassing, having David hand that over to Dad, but I thought it was a good idea so as to put a hairbrush spanking into Dad's head. I'm so dumb! That was prearranged.

As we got there, Sue was already there. As we greeted she said, "so, are you excited for your spanking? Is it really going to happen you think?" She seemed pleased about it for my sake, not angry. "I dunno. I hope so," I told her. "I think it will," she said. She had no more information than I at that time.

Dinner was surreal. All these people talking about perfectly normal things. How could they TALK ABOUT PERFECTLY NORMAL THINGS?!?! I didn't say much. My quietness was not commented on. I was always first to hop up to clear and serve. "I'll get that, Dad," took on a new meaning for me as I cleared Dad's plate from the table. I was starting to feel very submissive towards everyone at the table and was acting accordingly.

Once dinner was done and everything was put away, my Mom raised it for the first time that evening.

"Julie, sweetheart, I assume you still want to do this thing?" asked Mom.

I nodded my head affirmatively.

"Well then up you go to your old room and wait for your father and I. We'll be up in a minute." said Mom.

Oh gosh. It was happening.

I went straight upstairs without interacting with anybody. My room had changed since I was a kid. It used to have a small bed pushed against two walls, a desk in it, a couple of little chairs, a coffee table of sorts, and bookshelves. The room had been completely redone since I moved out. It was now dominated by a much bigger bed with a small makeup/dressing table at the foot, and a dresser-drawer off to the side.

I sat there on the side of the bed. Appropriately, my feet don't quite touch the floor. I was wondering what to do. Should I stand facing the corner? Should I do that with my jeans and panties lowered? Should I strip? I was nervous and in the end did nothing but sit there and wring my hands. My heart was beating wildly. This was unlike any other sort of anticipation for a spanking I had ever felt in my life before. There was no sexual element to it at all. I found myself regressing, in fact, into a "little girl" state, worried much less about anything I'd done, and much more about Mommy and Daddy coming upstairs to spank me.

What I learned later was that Mom and Dad had briefly consulted with Sue and David before coming upstairs. They wanted to confirm again with them that they thought this is what I really wanted, and if it was a terrible idea or not. David said that he and Sue were both super supportive and said that I was looking for some sort of emotional release that only a spanking from Dad could give me. Mom said that she thought it best that she should be going up with Dad. David and Sue agreed. David handed over the hairbrush he had brought to Mom.

Mom asked if they had any last minute advice for them. According to David, Sue independently told them to give it to me "bare butt" like I got when I was a kid, that it was important to me. David re-emphasized that I had a high pain tolerance and wanted a real spanking that would bring me to tears, and that crying out, saying I was sorry, and even asking for it to stop was part of what gave me my emotional release, and they could ignore that, and that I was responsible with my use of the safeword "red" that David assured them I knew could be used and respected. Sue agreed with all of that, and re-iterated how hard I wanted it. So all of that is largely responsible for the very decent spanking I was to imminently receive. Without that guidance, it might have been a joke, so I am grateful to the both of them for that.

After about five minutes of waiting I could hear footsteps on the stairs coming up to my room. My tummy did butterflies hearing that!

They both walked into the room together. I could see that Mom had my big dark wooden hairbrush in her hand. I guessed at the time that David was successful in encouraging them to use it on me. Oh boy. I felt my butt tingle at that. Though still not my pussy. There was no pussy tingle. I was a little scared and very embarrassed.

"Well let's you get spanked then," said Dad.

"Yes Daddy," I said, getting up off the bed.

Dad sat on the side of the bed where I had been. His feet easily reached the ground (Dad is 6' 2").

Mom was in the doorway, leaning against the door frame, with the hairbrush still in her hand. The door was not being closed. The spanking would certainly be heard downstairs by David and Sue.

"Lie across my lap," Dad told me.

What? My jeans were still up and fastened closed. It would be impossible to get them down once I was across his knee. I went to the clasp of my jeans and started to unfasten them, but then I caught Mom's eye and thought better of it. I couldn't just pull my pants down uninvited like that, in front of Mom and Dad. I decided not to top from the bottom at all and just do as I was told. If Mom and Dad had decided to spank me over my jeans, so be it.

Without lowering my jeans I went to bend across Daddy's lap.

"Take your pants down first," said Mom.

Oh Shit! What a roller-coaster. I stood back up, unfastened my jeans, and peeled them down to the floor. I was careful to leave my panties up. As I said, I had decided I was going to do exactly as they told me and nothing more.

"Take your jeans right off," said Mom.

Off? Why? I don't care. I'm doing as I'm told. I bent down to take my jeans off my feet. I had short ankle length socks on. I slipped those off at the same time as my jeans. I would feel self conscience with only socks on. Amazing my thought processes. THAT was what I was worried feeling self-conscious about???

I picked up my pants and folded them and placed them on the floor in the corner of the room. I also picked up my two socks and bundled them like I do after doing the laundry and put them on top. Now that I no longer had my socks to worry about (!) I got to feeling self-conscious in what I considered to be my somewhat childish cotton panties.

"Go across your father's lap," said Mom. Gee. Mom was really calling the shots. I resigned myself to getting spanked across the seat of my panties. That made sense after all. They did not offer much protection, and this preserved my modesty mostly intact and was more appropriate, for sure (if any of this could be called appropriate at all!).

I did as I was told and I lowered myself across Daddy's lap. His thighs were pretty long and he was sitting more on the edge of the bed, so I had no support from the bed. My toes were on the carpet on the one side, and my hands on the floor and my head near it on the other. I felt soooooo vulnerable draped like that. And so embarrassed!!!! Arguably this was more embarrassing than being naked. Especially with Mom there directing the action and seeing it all.

I felt Dad's arm wrap around my waist and his hand go under me at my tummy. He hoisted me up a little and pulled my panties down to mid thigh. It was going to be bare bottom after all!

I couldn't help myself. I said, "Daddy! No! Please!"

"Shush!" said Mom harshly.

Dad hoisted me up a bit higher across his knees so that my head was closer to the ground and my feet were off the ground. I could only imagine the view that Daddy and mommy saw of me. Oh blush!

Then Dad said, "Julie, I understand this is something you want very much so I'm going to do it for you the way I understand you want it. You have your safety word if you need it. Correct?" He called it "safety word" :-)

"Yes Daddy," I said. "Thank you," I added.

"Ok then," he said and slapped his hand down hard across my right cheek, low down onto the under-curve of my bum. SMACK!

"Ah!" I yelled out in surprise. There's usually a warm-up! But why should there be? The first smack was hard and then the next and the next and the next as well! Daddy strictly alternated butt cheeks and concentrated most down onto the undercurve, straying up a bit from time to time, but not lower.

I was getting spanked by my father! For real! A hard OTK bare butt spanking while Mom watched. OMG!!!!!!! The spanks were hard and each one genuinely hurt my butt. They also rang out like gunshots and I was sure the spanking could be plainly heard from downstairs.

I started kicking my feet and squirming in pain across Daddy's lap.

"Ah! Oh! Oh! Ouch! Daddy! Ow! No! Please! Ow! Ow! Ow!": that was me.

"Is this what you want?" he asked as he continued spanking me.

"YES DADDY!" I cried out as the spanks continued to rain down on my ass.

He paused for a moment and I heard him say, "give me that." All I could see was Mom's feet as she walked, handed him what was certainly the hairbrush, and then returned to the doorway.

Next thing I felt the wood across my bum. Daddy had not struck me yet, he just placed it there getting ready.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked again.

No no no no no no no I really didn't want it! At all! "yes daddy..." I meekly said.

Holy shit fuck! I said in my head as the wood exploded onto my backside!

"Ow Ow Ow No! Daddy! Please Ow! Ow! No! Ow! I'm sorry! Ow!" All the concept of me remaining quiet so that Daddy would not be spooked was totally out the window. The hairbrush really lit a fire!

Dad paused for a moment. Mom walked over. I felt Mom reach for my panties and pull them down my legs to beneath my knees. "A few down there," she said. Next thing you knew the back of the infernal brush started burning my upper thighs. I think I screamed out loud. I didn't care at all anymore if my vocalizations were such that Daddy thought it better to stop spanking me. Maybe he would have been right to! Little did I know at the time how well set up my parents were to continue my spanking regardless.

David said later he knew the exact moment my upper thigh spanking started, as the quality of my screeching changed considerably.

I honestly did not know what sort of spectacle I was making of myself. I was too concerned about the backs of my thighs!

When Dad paused again, Mom, who was still standing over me said, "here, give it to me." My panties by this time were more dangling around my ankles and Mom took them right off me. She came to beside my legs and pulled a bit on my right inner thigh, taughtening the flesh there. "Open a bit," she told me, and I spread my legs a bit.  This certainly had the efect of showing me off even more lewdly to my father. Why did she want that? She then smacked me right there, near where her hand was, on my right inner thigh, with the back of the hairbrush.

I started crying out anew, and I knew my legs were splaying and kicking like a little frog as Mommy spanked the inside of my thigh. They must have gotten an eyeful of very penitent daughter parts!

Mom then walked around to behind me, reached over with her left hand to pull the skin of my left thigh taught. "spread your legs a little bit more," she said. "You like putting on a show," she added. OH BLUSH! OH BLUSH! OH BLUSH! Mom seemed a bit genuinely angry at me manipulating matters with all the spanking nonsense so that Daddy could see my shaved-bare pussy. Funny that she made me show it more! I meekly spread my legs a little more and then Mom spanked the insides of my left thigh with the back of the wooden hairbrush.

"Mommy! Mommy! No! Please! I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry! Wahhhhhhhhhh!"

Mom probably delivered a total of about twenty smacks inside both thighs. When she was done, she stopped spanking me and gave the hairbrush back to Daddy.

"Giver her a little more and that will be enough," she said to him.

Daddy gathered my legs back in with his left hand and re-hoisted me up over his knee. I felt very exposed still. Daddy started back in with the hairbrush punishing my sit spots over and over and over again.

"No! Daddy! Please! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

Daddy gave me another twenty or so and then called it quits.

I must admit that while the spanking hurt, it did not hurt that much to have me carry on so. The inner thighs stuff was brutal, but the lower butt stuff I was used to. But I wanted to put on a "show" to make sure Daddy looked good. I did manage to conjure up some tears. It wasn't hard.

"Alright, up you get," said Daddy.

I hobbled to my feet and immediately reached back to clutch my inner thighs from behind. Shit that stung! I was of course presenting a complete view to my Mom and Dad.

Mom picked up my panties from the floor where she had dropped them and helped me into them while Daddy watched. I was being dressed by Mom like when I was a little girl.

"Put your pants and socks back on, and come downstairs after you've collected yourself," said my Mom.

They made to leave. "Mommy, Daddy," I said before they left. They stopped at the doorway. I went up to Daddy and gave him a hug, and then I hugged Mom also. "Thank you, I needed that," I told them, my eyes still fresh with tears. They left to go downstairs to join David and Sue.

How did I feel? I felt relief. I felt a certain freedom and joy I would say as well, unlike from any other spanking I have ever received. I was happy! I rubbed my bum and my thighs a bit. I tried to burn every detail of my spanking into my memory. I got dressed and went to the upstairs bathroom I used to use as a kid. I washed my face to refresh myself. I found myself humming. I looked at myself in the mirror and took a deep breath. I went downstairs.

David noticed it right away. "Well you look very happy for a little girl who just got a spanking," he said.

"I'm feeling happy!" It was great. It hurt. A lot! It was a good spanking. But I really needed it.

"Well look at you, and after all that fuss you made," said my Dad with a chuckle.

"She sure did make a fuss," said Sue, "we could hear it from down here. Come on, then, Julie, show us the damage."

I suddenly felt myself blushing at that. We were done for the evening. "Sue... no..." I sort of complained.

"Julie, do as you're told," commanded David.

"Yes, Sir," I said.

With a big sigh I walked over to the fireplace, turned around so I was facing away from them, unfastened my jeans and lowered them to my ankles along with my panties.

"Happy?" I said. It was a bit snarky. I think David decided to punish me for that.

"No," he said. "Bend over and grab your ankles."

Ohhhh. He knew what he was doing to me. I am a total exhibitionist. For the first time since I was sent to my room for my spanking, I felt a tingle and a gush in my pussy. I very much hoped it didn't show! I bent over.

"Good job Dad!" said Sue, admiring his handiwork. My ass was red from the midline of my butt down to halfway to my knees, and the redness suffused in an uneven line into my inner thighs on both sides. Bent over as I was, I was totally exposing my pussy and my butthole!

"Pull your pants up, Julie!" said Mom, overriding my husband's orders. I did so with alacrity!

"Happy?" I asked Sue as I turned.

"Very," she said.

We sat down in the living room and Mom wanted to discuss and dissect the emotional side of my spanking. We did so in vague terms. I was unrelentingly positive about the experience. Mom said that she didn't enjoy seeing me and hearing me cry out, but she could see how it was cathartic for me. We asked Dad what he thought. We'll leave on his words:

"Oh well, sometimes a girl just needs a spanking I guess."