Saturday, April 27

My boyfriend's back and you're 'gonna be in trouble!

I heard an old song by a 1960's girl group, "The Angels".

The song is sung by a girl whose boyfriend went away but is now coming back. While he was away, another boy wanted to get into her pants, but she rebuffed him, and now he is spreading lies about her. However, the girl clearly has her big strong boyfriend wrapped around her little finger, and that other boy is in big trouble now that the boyfriend is back.
Now he's back and things'll be fine
You're 'gonna be sorry you were ever born
Cause he's kinda big and he's awful strong
Hey he knows I wasn't cheatin'!
Now you're 'gonna get a beatin'!
What made you think he'd believe all your lies?
You're a big man now but he'll cut you down to size
My boyfriend's back he's gonna save my reputation
If I were you I'd take a permanent vacation
I find this whole thing to be very femdom (or is that just me?)

I picture the boyfriend as kind of big and dumb, but exceptionally devoted to his girlfriend. She will send him out to find the boy and forcefully bring him to her. I imagine the boy might get a bit beaten up in this process. Maybe punched once or twice. She will have him stripped and held bent over as she takes a cane and a belt to this boy's ass, saying "Now you're 'gonna get a beatin'!" And it will be a very severe beating, enough to leave his ass red and welted.

Then she'll put on a strap-on, and while her boyfriend watches teach this lying boy not to say untrue things about her. They will let it be known around the neighbourhood exactly what was done to him.

Well, that's how I hear the song anyways!

Tuesday, April 23

Husbands who are Allowed Other Women

My last post was about cheating husbands. I thought I'd do another post on the flip side of cheating, which is wives who allow their husbands to have sex with other women.

I am such a wife, for sure. In this post I'll recount my experiences, fears, and motivation and tell you how I felt about them when all was said and done. I am also looking forward to getting comments back from husbands and wives out there on this flip side of cheating, so please post your thoughts in the comment section.

1. Public Outings

It started with me taking him out for embarrassing public panty shopping expeditions where the salesgirls knew who we were shopping for, and he was once even made to change into a pair for the trip home.

Not really "sex" with another woman, but involving another woman in his kink felt quite sexual to me. I had a ton of fear going into it, but fear in a good sense. A giddy sense.

What motivated me was that david shared his fantasies of being dominated by me in front of other women. He shared them with me not in the least sense hopeful that I would ever act on them, but just that I would use these fantasies as a tease for him in verbal play. But at some point I just said "why not" and acted on his fantasy, mainly because it had also become a fantasy of mine.

It turns out we both share the same fantasy from opposite points of view. david fantasized that being dommed by me in front of another woman would increase my dominance over him significantly, which turned him on. As I thought about it, the thought of me demonstrating my complete dominance over my husband to other women turned me on as well. It felt almost territorial!

It was definitely a very sexual experience for both of us, and bringing another woman into it was a big taboo that I broke right through, and it turned out to just be fun for all concerned, which is how sex ought to feel.

I took him out panty shopping a  few times, and took him out shopping to a sex store once where the shop ladies and I had in depth discussions on which paddles to use on his bum, and the size of the dildo I should be using in my strap-on harness!

2. Spanked In Front of Others

Given that my first public outing went so well I thought it would be fun to up the ante for david, and I gave him his first spanking in front of another woman.

It was our personal trainer, Rebecca.

She was my personal trainer first, and I brought her home to train david as well. I knew she was liberated and fun loving, and she and I had a great relationship. I first just started hinting a little, and as she took the bait and didn't bat an eyelash I went further and further, culminating in giving him a pants-down (bare butt!) spanking across my knee in front of her.

As I was arranging all of this, I did feel certain pangs of jealousy and possessiveness at one point. Not the least because she was very young and attractive, and I could not fault david for being attracted by her physical attributes. But Rebecca was great. She was happy to watch but did not want to participate at all. She was genuinely interested in keeping david motivated for his training, and was so open-minded that if watching me spank him would keep him training, then it was all good by her.

In retrospect, Rebecca was the perfect first-time spanking witness, as she was so non-threatening and was just a fun person who had no qualms about me exposing my husband's bare butt to her, and who had fun with it as well. I think Rebecca was a launching pad for me to be even more daring.

From Rebecca I graduated to my sister, and eventually to one of her friends as well. For my sister Susan I had him dressed in lingerie for his first spanking in front of her, and gave her a full frontal of an erect husband as well before I spanked him! She participated that first time by watching and holding him a bit. Sue was also great, and also so open-minded about the whole thing, and enjoys the domming thing herself as well. Sue eventually progressed to spanking him herself, quite strictly, and even things like watching him trying to (unsuccessfully) control himself during masturbation. We even went so far as including a strictly-delivered "milking" by her of him in our play as a Christmas gift from Sue and I to david.

3. Taken to the Massage Parlour

After the experience with Rebecca went so well, I decided that I would fulfil a fantasy of his, sort of, and with a twist.

david had cheated on me in our marriage by having gone to get handjobs at massage parlours before I started spanking him. This was something he had been doing routinely for many years, and I knew about this before we were married as something from his past. Well, I was very angry with him when I found out that he had kept it up even after we were together. It almost ended our marriage, but I forgave him and made him promise never ever to do that again.

Fast forward a few years, and a new spanking kink discovered, and I got to thinking that it would be quite fitting if he were given a spanking at a massage parlour. I was also thinking that I would allow him a handjob from the sex worker, but make it stop before he came and take him home hard as a lesson in cheating.

My motivation was not punishment at all. I knew david would love it, even if he was spanked and frustrated. And I knew that he loved massage parlours, and it was a thing he no longer had, but I had the power to give it back to him under my terms.

So I arranged it all and carried it all out, and it was a great experience because our lady was so great. She even stripped naked (with my approval) and waved her very pretty pussy in my husband's face and told him he would never ever get to fuck that.

As she was giving him his sexy handjob I did not feel jealous at all. Not in the least. It was because it was me who was making this happen, and it was me who could make it all go away as well. Just to prove that to myself is why I made her stop before he came, and drove him home hard and bothered, much to the delight of those half-dozen sex workers who saw me march him out to our car with a tent in his pants as our girl explained to them that an angry wife had just given her cheating husband his come-uppance!

I took him again to the massage parlour, and this time let him cum. He was positive I wouldn't let him cum that time, so again I demonstrated who was in control (especially as I had him in panties that needed to be pulled down off his cock for his handjob!)

I actually found that I enjoyed giving him the gift of allowing other women to sex him. Just so long as he knew who could give it to him and who could take it away from him.

4. Visiting a Professional Submissive/Dominatrix

One of the things I allowed david was a threeway with a pro switch. It was under my instigation, but I allowed him to arrange it all. It was a lot of fun and I really liked the lady. I got to spank her, and my husband got to spank me in front of her (that's what I get for letting him arrange things! Ha!), but we ended with the two of us severely domming him where he got whipped hard and then fucked in the ass by each of us while the other stuffed a cock down his throat.

It was fun for me, and it was a fun gift for david as well.

5. Oral Sex

I had kind of expected that the very occasional handjob from a sex worker would be as much sex as he was ever to see from another woman. But that changed when my sister asked if her bisexual submissive, Trina, could be allowed to act out a fantasy of being "punished" for being a slut tease by being "forced" to have sex with a man by her dominant girlfriend.

Well, the cast of characters was perfection for this fantasy, so we went ahead and acted it out. Sue and I decided that "sex" would consist of a blowjob for my husband. So I allowed him to receive a very deep-throated blowjob from Trina, and even allowed him to clamp the back of her head, thrust into her, and cum inside her mouth.

I was pretty conflicted deciding to go ahead with this, but in the end the sheer sexiness of it just won out, and I also thought that it would be fun to give my husband the very unexpected gift of a blowjob from another woman completely out of the blue (he was not "read into" the fantasy at all - it just unfolded in front of the poor bewildered dear!).

He did have to pay the piper later though, and Sue and Trina were both treated to the show of me "explaining" to my man who owns his ass in front of them.

Again, I just love demonstrating the control, and frankly, I love delighting david with these very unexpected gifts.

6. Intercourse

Well, I've given him the gift of everything else, is intercourse with another person anywhere in his future?

With another man? Yes, in a second. I would love to see a handsome stud fuck his ass hard for me.

I think that would learn him who owns his ass all right! But he has not yet agreed to this, and it's nothing I will ever force onto him.

How about allowing him intercourse with another woman?


Here would be my fantasy if I did it...

They would both be submissive to me. I would be the Mistress of the manor. They would be two of the help who were caught fucking. They would both be bare naked. I would be dressed in an elegant riding outfit holding a crop.

She would be flat on her back, with her hands tied above her to the headboard. She would have already received her belting in the stables. He would be made to lie on top of her, missionary style, and insert his penis into her vagina. He would then get a strict whipping from my riding crop as I made him thrust into her. The dear boy would last about 10 seconds I am sure. I'd ridicule him for his poor performance. I'd tie her ankles spread-eagled up to the headboard as well as her wrists, bending her over double. I'd make david clean her out, giving her with his tongue what he is so obviously incapable of doing with his penis, and not escaping the whip to his backside as he performs his duty to the girl.


Thursday, April 18

Cheating Husbands

I know from my pen pals that many of you kinky lads cheat on your wives in one way or another, so here are my thoughts on the degrees of cheating you get up to. My observations are based on all of the pen pals with whom I correspond (my blog generates a lot of male pen pals), and my own experience with my husband.

It's a particular kind of cheating which you are driven to by your kink. I think many of you buried (and/or continue to bury) your kinky side when looking for a mate. Probably a good thing, as it seems that 9 out of 10 women can't handle a kinky boy, and you do have to reproduce after all.

Some of you keep it buried from your wives, and others gradually let on. It seems that some wives just shut you down completely, others will play half-heartedly, and for you lucky few, some wives will embrace it enthusiastically (like me!). But women like me are in the minority. I can understand that some wives want to be dominated more than they dominate, and that also leaves the subby or switchy guy in a quandary. How do you get her to spank you?

I think the bulk of wives do wind up dominating you boys a bit, but as they aren't really into it, it's not that satisfying. God bless them for trying.

But where does that leave you? Do you leave your wife because of sexual incompatibility? I sure hope not! Most of you boys can enjoy plain vanilla sex, and can enjoy a little guy-on-top dom play also that seems to go so naturally with vanilla sex. So you wind up with a wonderful woman who loves you and whom you love, you have great sex, she is no doubt highly satisfied sexually (because you subby boys seem to love going down on a woman!), and you are mostly sexually satisfied, except for this one huge thing you don't get from her. Hence the cheating.

Let's now inventory the various types of cheating, starting with the most benign, I'll give you my thoughts as we go, and I am looking forward to your comments.

1. Cheating With You Own Hand

This is the most common form of cheating. But make no mistake, it is cheating. Once you are married, you have no call to tug on it anymore. There is no reason your wife should not be more than enough for you. And you know it's cheating, which is why you are so embarrassed about it. I mean, imagine if you are tugging on your penis with your pants around your ankles in front of your computer and your wife walks in on you.

I believe that other than those whose wives keep them in chastity, 100% of my readers jerk off to Internet porn. My husband does it too. I let him. And sometimes I catch him at it and then punish him with a good hard spanking, which I love doing, especially as he is still very embarrassed when I catch him at it. I usually make him finish the job, with whatever trash was up on the screen still there (he likes young Internet sluts the most - he imagines he is fucking them - Ha! - or getting spanked by them - better!). Sometimes I will stand there with my arms crossed and his hairbrush in my hand until he is finished, and then he gets his spanking, after he's all played out and his cummy is already coating the back of his throat.

But like I say, I allow him this and only use it as an excuse to punish. I have monitoring software on his computer, and I enjoy checking up on the sites he chooses to visit. Gives me ideas!

It might be a problem if I wanted sex from him but he is played out from abusing himself. So far this has never happened. After all, I don't need him to be erect or enthousiastic, pretending to be enthousiastic when his head is down between my legs is fine by me. I almost enjoy the thought of that more for some reason...

2. Cheating with an Internet Pen-Pal

Clearly I have no problem with this, being the "other woman" in many cases myself! I think it's all good dirty fantasy play. The rules are you may never, ever exchange real identities and meet up. And also you must keep this from your wife and not get all guilty and spill the beans (as you men are apt to do when confronted with a wife/mother figure).

3. Cheating at the Massage Parlour

I don't have firm stats on this one, but I am thinking a lot of married men go to the "rub and tug". david cheated on me like this before I started spanking him, and oh boy was I mad! I must say I was very misinformed at the time. I assumed it was straight out prostitution, but since then I have visited one such place, and now understand that with rare exceptions it is limited to a hand job. Nonetheless, I am sure this is a "stepping stone" to a husband seeking a full blown prostitute.

So this definitely needs to be nipped in the bud. This is total and complete cheating, and has little to do with your spanking kink. If you are fortunate enough to have a wife who will take you to an upscale massage parlour for a handjob, then lucky you. Otherwise, stay away or risk your marriage.

4. Cheating with a Whore or Another Woman

Absolutely off limits. If you are married, no other woman should ever touch you in a sexual manner, and you should never touch another woman in a sexual manner. Period. The only exception is if your wife arranges it. Otherwise, divorce and pay up, brother!

5. Cheating With a Dominatrix

This one is tougher. If you have genuinely tried, but your wife still cannot get enthousiastic about spanking you, then, under certain parameters, I think it may be acceptable to seek another woman who will give you what you need.

The parameters are that you need to control your thoughts and not "fall in love" with the dominatrix in any way. You may not have regular sex with the dominatrix. She may choose to fuck you in the ass with a strap-on or make you pleasure her orally, and you'll have nothing to say about it. I think this is ok when it's part of you being dommed. And you absolutely must be discrete. Your wife must never ever know.

I'm sure other wives may disagree with me on this one, but to me it's preferable to you a) leaving your wife, b) never getting dommed.

So those are my thoughts on the subject. Let me know what you guys think!

Sunday, April 7

Daddy Punished by Daughter and Maid!

A naughty pen-pal of mine who shall remain nameless and I have collaborated on bringing a little daddy-daughter-maid fantasy to my blog for your reading pleasure!

This is how it all started. I received comments and eventually an email from a gentleman follower of my blog who confessed to masturbating to its contents. It turns out that this gentleman is literally old enough to be my father, which kinda turns my crank (see my Daddy's Little Girl post where I blogged about just this). I have always had a little fantasy around daddy-daughter stuff. Please don't get me wrong, if I think about my real dad in this context, or any actual father-daughter interaction of this nature, well that's just gross! I would never do anything for real in that regard, and am not turned on by it in the least. But there is is this shadowy "fantasy daddy" that has always made we wet. I think Freud and Jung would have something to say about me!

So I started eFlirting with him as his daughter, and he my daddy. For those of you thinking he is creepy, please rest assured that this was all me, and he was catering to my little fantasies. But he was a good sport, and together our flirting evolved into a nice little fantasy. My artist pen-pal lill jo volunteered to provide a couple of illustrations, and so our fantasy was born.

I want to put a big disclaimer here. What follows is a father/daughter fantasy that might make some feel uncomfortable. For the record, it is NEVER, EVER, right for a father to take advantage of his daughter in a sexual fashion. EVER!!!! Of course, in my fantasy it is the daughter calling all the shots and taking teaching daddy a good lesson. I suppose that's ok... ;-)

Lets get to the fantasy now...


Daddy has been very naughty...

Because of his bad behaviour he will be made into his grown daughter Julie's little bitch in order to teach him a well-earned lesson. Too bad his daughter lives so far away. Not a problem. The family maid, Consuella, and Julie are very close, and Julie sees no reason not to expand the scope of willing Consuella's duties.

The whole situation started when Julie was visiting back home, and accidentally walked in on her daddy jerking off to spanking and femdom material on the web. Julie had a little freak out. But she walked over to daddy's computer, checked the bookmarks, and found her own blog prominently bookmarked!!!!

Julie was very angry with her daddy for his invasion of her privacy, and (yuck!!!) jerking off to her blog articles concerning her life with david. Julie also was angry because her daddy spanked her once when she was younger, and now that she knows he is into spanking thinks that was entirely inappropriate.

Julie threatened to tell Mom, stormed out, did not really speak much to daddy, and left to go back home. And thus begins the correspondence...

Wednesday, April 3

eSubbie Punished

I had a bad little eSubbie reach out to me with a transgression to report. Here was his email.

Hi Julie

A bit of a transgression recently which I maybe should deal with. In the local supermarket (I was a customer) one of the youngish supervisors was crouching down stacking shelves, I noticed her jeans had ridden down a bit so deliberately walked past the aisle to see some if she was showing some butt cleavage.

Sure enough her jeans and panties had ridden down and half to thirds of her naked arse was on show. I walked back again a minute or two later.

I feel a bit ashamed of this and suspect I deserve an espanking?

I currently have a wooden spoon a couple of belts and some cables (but they are vicious). I was thinking maybe 25 with the spoon over jeans, but you may have other views, particularly as the original offence involved a bare butt.

Presumably you will require a photo of the results?


Hmmmm... I am feeling a little topped from the bottom here. Subbies must not invent their own punishment. I thought I would let it go, give him what he was desperately asking for between the lines, but then add an extra couple of little humiliating touches. 'Kinda a "Signed by Julie" sort of thing. I wrote him back.

How naughty of you!! You actually went out of your way, twice, to disrespect a young woman.

I think you need to take that wooden spoon and spank your own bottom with it, hard. And, no, of course not clothed. Bare. And 25? That's ridiculous. I want 100 very hard ones. If you think one of them was not hard enough, you do that stroke over again. And I want them all 100 to your spank spot, on one cheek only. When you send me the photo, I want to see the contrast between your cheeks.

And since you are so fascinated with ass cracks, when you send me the photo, you stick a toothbrush up your rectum (bristles may stay out) and snap the photo with that stuck up there. A little embarrassment for you will do you a world of good, young man.



And you want to know what? Of course he did what I commanded. He reported that 20 of the smacks were not hard enough and he had to redo them. Here is one of the photos he sent.

Look how ridiculous he looks! I want ALL of you out there to laugh at this "man". This is what you get for disrespecting women, steve.