Friday, May 29

My Upcoming Spanking

As you all can imagine, I've been absolutely obsessing over the spanking I am due to receive on Sunday evening from my Dad.

Will this be me Sunday evening???

The circumstances leading up to this are detailed in A Promise Made in case you missed it. It's not what you think. It's not a punishment per se, although I expect it will feel like it. It's my Mom and Dad catering to their grown-up daughter's silly request.

My flirting with being spanked in a family setting was first exposed to my Mom and Dad more than two years ago. I set it up in advance with David. I playfully (and inappropriately) swatted his bum while he was standing chatting with Mom, and so he "chased me down", turned me under his arm, and gave me six hard swats to the seat of my dress in front of the extended family.

 Julie Spanked in Front of Family

This was done with the explicit permission and encouragement of my Dad. David asked him, as a joke sort of, if he was allowed to give me "just one" as I dangled there ass out after he had caught me. Dad told him to give me more than one! I got six zingers over the seat of my tight dress while everybody watched.  It was played as more a sort of fun affair, but as I wrote at the time,
I am proud that I am married to a man who knows what a woman sometimes needs and gives it to her regardless of who is there to see it!
My Dad definitely enjoyed it and my Mom was very tolerant of it. My younger sister was disgusted, and Sue, my older sister, thought it was hilarious. My younger sister's teenage sons and her husband also saw it. They seemed to enjoy it also! I think there's something universal about a "naughty wife" being playfully spanked on the seat of her dress by her husband. It was very clear (due to all my giggling and my cheeky naughtiness leading up to it) that it was playful with no hint of abuse.

That event, more than anything, set me off on more submissive thoughts regarding my husband taking on a more dominant role in my life, with my family as witness to it. I wanted it "out there" among those I loved. As a badge of some sort. As well, I wallowed in all manner of public spanking fantasies, such as the one below, imagining that David had raised my dress not knowing I was not wearing panties.

I also spun off into fantasies of my Dad spanking me, in the most embarrassing ways, such as bare breasted.

or whipped,

Eventually those extreme thoughts faded, though they still lingered, and I became increasingly more and more subby generally, though I could (and can) still readily switch into Domme mode.

That domestic submissive thinking re-surfaced with a fury over the past two months where, as described in Julie Spanked for Being Irresponsible, David had legitimate cause to spank me (against'ish my will), but at home, in private, and very much for real. I was spanked then stood in the corner with my hands on my head and my freshly spanked ass on display as I was  lectured. I found myself (legitimately) receptive in that state, and legitimately obedient fearing a continuation or escalation of my spanking which had already brought me to tears.

As continuation of all this, my Mom and Dad were told about it as it involved me endangering them. This revelation was very embarrassing for me, as it was not a play spanking, but a real one for real justifiable reasons (if you are of the camp that spanking a woman is ever justifiable, which I am).

I must say though, they did not take it too seriously. Partly because they thought what I had done was not too serious (David disagreed, and it was his assessment that mattered!). So they assumed we were playing and their reaction was a combination of amused and supportive of my at-home spanking from David (they spanked me growing up, but only until age 10, so they were not against the notion totally). They also think it is cute and sexy for David to be doing that to me "against my will" (nudge-nudge wink-wink) or not.

The whole incident had me spinning in submissive space, and really, really craving to be taken in hand properly. We subsequently tried a DD Contract of sorts that did not work out as written, but the essence of it is intact. David spanks and otherwise punishes me whenever and wherever I need it, at his sole discretion.

When I was still very much in DD Contract mode,  I really, really wanted to tell my close family that we were adopting this as a new lifestyle: the dominant husband and the disciplined wife. I admit I am obsessed with them knowing that and taking it more seriously. It's not just nudge-nudge wink-wink fun. There's an emotional need wrapped up in there somewhere that I feel is very important to me. (Yes, it's all me me me, I get it.)

So one Sunday, David and I were alone with Mom and Dad, and I told them about our new "lifestyle" (Honesty is the Best Policy). Mom and Dad expressed zero surprise at the announcement that I had become a disciplined wife. She and Dad had already figured that much out. I still felt they took it lightly, as if indulging a child (which was in fact what they were doing), and treating it as naughty fun.

I explained a bit more about why I wanted this. As I mentioned above, I actually have two motivations. Yes, one is sexy, but the other is emotional. I focused exclusively on the emotional component, the idea of regaining my inner child through childish treatment and temporary abdication of responsibility from being self-disciplined to being externally disciplined. I think it's similar to what my blog friend michael is going through with his weight loss problem he describes at Held Accountable: giving his self-discipline a motivational boost by "pretending" (honestly pretending) at external discipline.

Mom was very understanding. She thought it was sweet and sexy as between a husband and wife. It was going so well that David told them that part of what I craved was for them to be involved in some way. One thing led to another and David wound up giving me a demonstration spanking in front of them. Full bare bum and everything  Oh God, that was so embarrassing yet exciting!

This was literally the view my Dad and Mom had.

Having my Dad see me like that, submissive, spanked, on display, really had my fantasies around being spanked by him spinning up. My folks played it off as no big deal to see me like that. I am their baby girl after all. Their "baby girl", though, masturbated to the thought of receiving a legs splayed belt whipping from her Dad...

Not so long after that I had some alone time with my Dad, which was rare, and I sort of spontaneously and shamelessly draped myself across his lap as he was sitting on the couch next to me. I asked for a playful spanking, baring my bum a split second before flopping across his lap to catch him off guard (Spanked by Daddy). He gave me a few playful swats and laughed it off. But he for sure enjoyed having me across his lap like that! (No, there was no erection - that I was aware of - it was just playful and he laughed it off as he does, and said that it was a bit of fun.)

And then on another Sunday there was corner time... (Monday Dinner + Politics = Nose in Corner)

We were over for dinner and I was egging David on to raise my spankings in a cute way, but he did it in a legitimately embarrassing way, not the way I wanted, rather in an overly sexual context that involved hints of him being submissive to me, which I did not want. I got a bit mad and decided to be a brat and for some reason deliberately rile up everybody with politics talk at the dinner table. I even insulted Mom a bit, sort of inadvertently. David got angry with me and sent me to stand with my nose in the corner for the WHOLE rest of the dinner and until we left. I have never been treated like that before (at least since I was a little kid). Humiliating. My Mom even asked if I could be released, but David told her no, that I needed to learn my lesson, so I had to stand with my nose in the stupid corner, like a child, for a ridiculously long time in front of everybody, even after they left the dining room to go to the adjoining living room and turned out the lights. Plus, as we were leaving my parents' house I was made to apologize and they were basically told I was getting a spanking as soon as we got home, which happened. Total cringe.

A few days after that incident, mid week, Mom called me and asked me to stop over for tea, just the two of us (Tea with Mom). She wanted to know I was still ok with that kind of treatment, and we spoke very openly and honestly between just the two of us about my domestic discipline needs. I straight up asked Mom if it was ok that we kept involving her and Dad as we had been. My Mom said yes to that. I then pushed my luck and asked if it was possible for me to get a spanking from Daddy... Mom had to think on that one (and no doubt consult with Dad as well), so she left it at that.

Then just this past Sunday, a lot of the conversation I had with my Mom was recapped with my Dad, David, and my sister Sue present as well (A Promise Made). Sue came out very openly that she had spanked me herself, and really hard ("blistered my butt", which was literally true - evil big wooden salad spoon).

That provoked a discussion of safewords for me and spanking technique. David got into it and explained about the hand/paddle/strap progression,

where on my ass and thighs he spanks me, and for how long and for how hard I seem to need it to get the emotional release I am seeking. Everybody was talking about how to spank me and how hard I wanted it! OMG!

Right towards the end, Mom said that I had asked if Dad could spank me. She said that in discussing it with Dad, she discovered that I had already taken matters into my own hands. I don't think she was really mad about that, but she used that, I would say, as a little excuse to promise me that next week, and I quote,
after dinner, your father will be taking you upstairs for a proper spanking, young lady, just like David described.
Mom and Dad had clearly talked about it, and had decided to grant my wish. Yay? Gulp? I do not know any more details about it than just that, and "just like David described" could mean a variety of different things, all the way from a hand spanking over Dad's knee to a nude strapping with bare naked corner time, and anything in between.

But at least it meant a "proper spanking" for sure.

I have since discussed it all with Sue over the phone. She's looking forward to hearing me get spanked by Dad. She thinks "high time!". She scolded me for putting Dad in this position. She is convinced I engineered this whole thing. She accused me of being the type of person who goes into the revolving door behind you and comes out in front. She says I have been trying to provoke Dad sexually since I was a kid, and she hoped Dad would give me "more than I bargained for" (she meant spanking wise, not sex wise, get your heads out of the gutter! Or is that my head...)

While I fantasize a lot of things about my Dad, I don't want this spanking to be any of that. I just want a straightforward punishment spanking from him, with the requisite baring and inevitable exposure that comes part and parcel with such a punishment. I realize that inherent in a spanking punishment is removal of clothing, and that's deliberate. For an adult woman it's embarrassing when it's done for that purpose. Modesty is a privilege that is lost for the duration of the punishment. I accept that, as if I had a choice.

And so that catches us up to my present state of anticipation for next Sunday where Dad will be spanking me, for real, for sure.

While it was not said, I'm pretty sure Dad will be spanking me in front of Mom. That in itself makes it more embarrassing. With my Dad we can play it off as fun. With Mom there watching over it, it becomes more punishment than fun already, which I suppose is good, but more embarrassing. Mom already thinks I should be seeing a therapist, and this will not help that cause! But she indulges me. She does not see the harm in it, but doesn't really approve.

I am almost certain I will have to go across my Dad's knee, my bum will be bared, and he will give me a significant spanking with at least his hand. Dad's "manhood" may be a bit at stake if he is unable to raise a ruckus from me that can be heard downstairs, and is unable to make me cry. Dad is not one to back off from a challenge, and he is still in really good shape for his age!

Holy shit...

Thursday, May 28

Held Accountable

I'm still very giddy and excited that this Sunday, with my Mom's blessing, I'm expecting my Dad to give me my first "proper" grown-up spanking from him!!! I'll have more to say on that prior to the big event. But first, I wanted to introduce you to a new blog friend of mine named mike.

mike is overweight. He is 6'1" and 300lbs. He has a wife and young daughter and something I wrote on a previous post (The COVID 25) about david's recent weight gain struck a chord with mike. I had written about david,
Listen, I love him and find him super sexy regardless of his weight. It's more the lack of self-discipline and self-respect that is a turn off than any visuals because I know he is capable of losing that weight. And most importantly are the health risks! He is my partner for life, and he BETTER stay healthy.
mike felt a big twinge of guilt reading that. He wrote to me asking if I would help him. In his note he said,
Miss Julie, While I’m sure that you’ve been and will be thoroughly inundated with similar emails given your last post, I simply can not keep myself from sending this one.

I’ve viewed your blog from afar for so long and read your tales of domination, nearly always imagining myself in many of the predicaments poor David seems to get himself into. Your last several posts have hit me incredibly hard and felt very personally important.

Weight loss has been a struggle of mine, and on and off the roller coaster of doers and regain have been my story for many years. I’m 36 now, and with a newly adopted daughter in my home, I simply can not continue the same decisions I have been making, for my and her sake. It’s up to me to make sure that I am with her for as long as I can be.

You’ve talked about accepting e-subbies, and I would like to humbly request any assistance you can give with accountability in my situation. I understand that Strict Julie can indeed be very strict, but I feel that I’m ready to take the next step in becoming the new me, and that accountability to a demanding woman such as yourself will help keep me on track.  Employing any means you find appropriate will help me make better choices for myself and those around me.

I know you’re a very busy woman, and I thank you for reading if you’ve gotten this far. I humbly accept any decision you make, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have or suggestions for alternative solutions as well. Thank you again, Ma’am. 

I was eager to help mike, and as we got started, mike began blogging about his experiences. This is mike's avatar on his new blog.

I think it says it all. I am melted. There was no way I was not going to help mike!

I wrote mike back with some specific directions and telling him the program was starting the very moment he read my email. No more than 50g of net carbs per day shall pass his mouth! I gave some other specific directions as well and made him study my blog entry Fat Loss and Spanking that details the routine I use for my husband and the rationale behind it.

mike displayed a fantastic attitude. He instantly jumped on the program full force and with both feet, and I am monitoring him daily. We are only a week into it but it has been a very promising start.

mike thought he would start an online diary for him to write about what he was going through and to share with me. I read the first article he posted and found that mike is a very talented communicator. I encouraged him to open up the blog to the public. I have linked it in my blogroll. It is called Held Accountable and is at

He posts articles about his situation, our interactions, and his progress. I made mike post nude pictures of himself weighing in, and we see the progress on the scale. I encouraged mike to fantasize on the blog as well. If his wife was like me, how would he want to be treated by her? He came up with a lovely fantasy where she found out about me and then took him in hand herself.

 Taken in Hand

I unfortunately also had to punish mike as well. Not for his diet and weight loss which has been exemplary, but for the numerous typos in his fantasy post that I had to point out as I wanted that article especially clean prior to this post. You can now read about his punishment as well.

First Punishment

Please visit mike's blog and say a word of encouragement. It is now up to all of us to hold mike accountable!

Tuesday, May 26

A Promise Made

After my conversation with Mom last week (Tea with Mom) I wasn't sure what to expect at Sunday family dinner. Was I going to get a spanking from Daddy??? I asked Mom during tea if that was possible and she smiled and said they would consider it. I hoped for it...

So I came into Sunday dinner all a tizzy wondering what would happen. So no big spanking happened, but there was a bit of exciting "show and tell" from David and a lot of spanking conversation. But most significantly there was a promise of something very exciting to come... read to the end to find out!

There was the usual crowd: my Mom and Dad, my big sister Sue, my husband David, and I. The first thing that happened as we got seated was Dad who said, "no more politics at the dinner table, right Julie?"

I answered "Yes Sir!". Everyone smiled a bit but that was all that was said. I think David, Sue, my Dad, my Mom even, may have wanted to say more, but nobody did (like, a reference to me standing in the corner last week, or of me getting my spanking after David got me home, or a reference to what would happen to me if I did it again...).

That was that during dinner. Boo. I was thinking the evening would be a spanking bust. I was wrong!

After dinner we gathered to "sit more comfortably" in the living room. That was when my Mom made things interesting. She said, "Julie and I had a talk earlier this week about her spankings."

My "spankings". That's definitely how she started: "her spankings". Already feeling the blush!

She summarized why I thought I needed it, and I agreed with her assessment. Basically along the lines of feeling the need to be taken care of in a childish sort of way, a little holiday from grownup responsibilities, in a playful and sexy sort of way for me.

Yes, she did say "sexy". Mom for sure had me pegged.

Mom went on to explain how she and Dad did not mind being a part of it, within limits. She did not specify those limits though. She then asked Sue if she felt the same way.

Sue could have made trouble, as in "you're all crazy! She's just doing it to get her rocks off!" But she didn't. She played along and said something along the lines of, "No, I don't mind at all. I've seen her spanked and spanked her myself already. I think it's a bit of fun and if that's what she thinks she needs then I'm fine with that."

Wasn't Sue great? She knew what I wanted, and even though she did not 100% approve, she said just the right thing to normalize it. To make it seem like not such a big thing.

Sue went on, "But based on the fact that I blistered her butt, I'm not sure if she ever wants me to spank her again."

"Of course I do, I deserved it," I said.

Mom expressed some surprise that Sue "blistered my butt". Sue said that I had misbehaved with her, that I had suffered the consequences, and all was forgiven.

"How hard was this spanking?" Mom asked a bit incredulously.

"Oh, it was hard," said Sue. "She has a very high pain tolerance. And she won't get injured, no matter how hard you go, that big butt has a lot of padding on it."

"Sue! It's not that fat!" I remonstrated.

"It's a lovely bottom," offered David, "but she does have a very high pain tolerance."

"You went light on her when you spanked her here, I take it?" asked my Mother.

"Yes," said David, "that was an uncharacteristically light spanking. Normally she wants it much harder than that."

"How do you know how hard to spank her?" asked Mom.

Oh my gosh. It was a whole conversation between Mom and Sue and David about how hard I "take it". Dad was just sitting back and munching on the pocorn, figuratively speaking.

"We have a system," said David. He went on to explain my safeword (RED) and how I try hard not to use it, but everyone feels better knowing it's there.

"I've heard about this 'safeword'," said Mom. I wonder where? "So how do you usually spank her?" asked Mom.

David then elaborated on his spanking technique!

He said he takes me across his knee and bares my bottom... oh gosh! He said he starts with his hand. He goes fast and hard, usually until I'm kicking up a storm and crying out, and that's usually enough. Sue chimed in that his hand may be, but hers not nearly. David said the next level up was a wooden paddle of some sort. Or maybe the back of a wooden hairbrush. Sue added, "or the wooden spoon, Mom." And the top level is some kind of a leather strap, could be a doubled-up leather belt. He usually has me bent over for that. "And butt 'neked," added Sue helpfully, "from what I've seen."

"Yeah," confirmed David, "I make it extra memorable by having her strip for a strapping."

"Oh my!" said Mom.

"David!" I complained.

David then made me stand up and turn around so my butt was facing them. He showed them the prime areas where I get spanked: lower butt cheeks and upper thighs. He demonstrated with a few hand swats across the seat of my jeans.

"Spread your legs a bit," he told me. I did so. He gave me a couple of smacks to the insides of my thighs. "Very sensitive in here on the bare skin. I give it to her there if she kicks around too much, or otherwise makes a fuss. Especially with the paddle."

Oh my gosh! Doesn't he realize that the only way you can get in there with a paddle is with your legs spread wide!?!

David had really gotten into the spirit of it and explained it all quite exuberantly!

"I can tell you enjoy this," said Mom to David.

"Oh I do. I definitely do. Now, if you're using the belt, just make sure the end of it is aimed for a butt cheek, rather than having it wrap around to her hip. Bend over a bit, Julie."

Oh my! I put my hands down on the sofa seat I was sitting on. David whipped off his belt and doubled it up. He showed where to aim it. Then he took a couple of swings.

I said, "Ow! Ow!"

"That seems intense," said Mom.

"She can take it, can't you Julie?"

"Yes Sir," I said, as he put his belt back on and let me sit back down a bit flushed.

"As I said, your father and I, and Sue it seems like, are fine if you wish to give her a spanking like that when you're over here."

"Like that"? Stripped??? No, she must have meant just harder. Right?

"Thank you so much," said David. "It actually means a lot to Julie that you're accepting of this part of her."

"Of course we are, and, as has been said before, it's a bit of sexy fun to see our all grown-up daughter given a spanking from her husband!"

"Thank you Mommy, thank you Daddy, thank you Sue," I told them all.

"Thank your husband," said Mom.

I turned to David and gave him a big hug and a kiss and said, "and extra-specially thank you, hubby!"

Mom went on, "you also asked about your father spanking you..."

"Uh huh," I admitted.

"We discussed it," she went on, "and it appears you've already gotten yourself a little spanking from your father."

"What?!?" said Sue, very surprised.

Uh oh. Was I back in the doghouse again?

"From what I understand," said Mom to Sue, "your sister quickly bared her own butt and then threw herself across your father's lap."

"She was pretty quick!" laughed Dad, "Nothing to do but give her a few whacks and send her on her way. They weren't very hard ones!"

"What a little minx!" said Sue.

"I understand you know about this, David?" asked my Mom.

"Yes," said David curtly. "After the fact. I was quite angry with her for not getting permission first, from any of us, and I gave her a pretty hard spanking with the hairbrush just before coming here a couple of weeks ago. She was sitting on a very sore tush during dinner."

"Well that's all well and good," Mom said, "but I think your father and I are the most aggrieved parties in this, wouldn't you say?"

"I would," said David.

Oh boy. I was gettin' spanked! By my Mom and Dad!

And then Mom turned to me and with a little smile, not angrily, said, "so next Sunday, after dinner, your father will be taking you upstairs for a proper spanking, young lady, just like David described."

Mom said it with a smile and a virtual wink, but OMG!!!!!!

On the way out we all said our goodbyes. When my Dad said "I'll see you next week," it had a certain extra meaning!

So now that's 'gonna be a thing...

Thursday, May 21

Tea with Mom

I got called over to have a cup of tea with my Mom the other day. I was a bit worried!

I recently got punished at my Mom and Dad's for talking politics at the dinner table. It was in front of my Mom, Dad, and older Sister. My husband sent me to stand in the corner right there in the dining room for the last part of main course, all through desert, and then stay there, in the darkened room, until we left to go home. Before we left I had to apologize to my Mom. David then strongly implied, in front of them all, that I would be getting a spanking back home, which I sure did get, across his knee and on my bare bum.

Of the people present, Sue knows exactly what I'm doing and why and thinks I'm crazy, but goes along with it. My Dad seems amused by it, and his only comment was that David should not "go too hard on me". Mom looked dubious throughout, I would say, but played along. After I apologized to her she quipped that she "liked the new Julie". It was all described in detail in Monday Dinner + Politics = Nose in Corner :-(

I had previously shared with them what I was doing, as recounted in Honesty is the Very Best Policy. At that time I had just signed a DD Contract and I, with David at my side, explained the general concept of the thing to Mom and Dad. Actually, that discussion followed a couple of weeks after a revelation from David (and I) that I had just been spanked for punishment, which they did not take too seriously, I would say.

What we explained was that I crave, from time to time, to not be so responsible for my behavior and to be treated like a child by the "adults" around me. It's psychological and fucked up, I know, but it's real. Mom and Dad were surprisingly accepting of what we told them. I was "in for" a spanking at the time of that discussion, and while we originally thought I would be taken upstairs for that by my husband, one thing led to another and it wound up being "on the spot", bare bum and everything, in front of Mom and Dad, who thought it was "cute" (it was a very mild spanking by my husband's standards).

I guess it went to a slightly different level with David, a bit angrily, sentencing me to corner time during dinner. It must have been weird for my Mom and Dad to see their grown-up daughter so publicly punished by her husband like that. David insisted my nose touch the corner (both walls), which if you've ever done corner time before, you know that it's for sure extra punishment and makes you mush your breasts against the wall and stick your butt out in a silly way and is just darned humiliating.

So a few days later Mom phoned up and suggested we have tea together, just the two of us. She didn't say what the topic of conversation would be, but I could sure guess!

I arrived at her place and we went to the sun-room off the kitchen for tea. Dad was nowhere to be seen. I guess he had been told to make himself scarce. After serving, and after a bit of smalltalk, Mom asked "so how is this spanking thing going?" I told Mom it was going good, that I felt good about it, that I liked it when David took charge of me.

"You spent a lot of your last visit standing in the corner. Is that what you really want?" she asked. There it was.

I told my Mom that I know it looks stupid, but that I had asked David to hold me accountable, and that I deliberately pushed some boundaries, and got what I had asked for.

"I like my grown-up Julie," said my Mom to me.

I told her that I like that too, most of the time. It's just that I've been really needing to be "taken care of" like that. That it made me feel good. Warm and loved.

My Mom asked if I thought my childhood, my emotional needs, and my sexuality all got tied up together somehow. Something like that I said, blushing a bit. Mom was making clear she knew my sexuality was involved in this as well, but what did I expect. Of course it is.

She then asked if I thought this was at all related to what happened to me...

I never told Mom the details of it, but she knows something bad of a forced sexual nature had happened to me just after I had moved out on my own. I did cry in her arms, but I did not want to speak of it, to anybody. She really pushed for me to see a counselor at the time, but I pushed back. Even angrily at times. I wanted to just move on.

I told her it probably was, and that this was actually a positive step. I told her how I was pretty messed up around dating until I had met David (she knew that much!), but that I had shared everything with him, and how supportive he had been and still is. I even confided in her, in strictest secrecy, that for a long time it was him getting all the spankings from me! That it was really empowering for me. And then somehow I just got less and less nervous and eventually wanted to explore David dominating me, and that I was delighted that I could do that now without any fear or anxiety at all, and just the opposite in fact, it felt good to be "taken charge of".

Well that gave Mom some pause. "Hmmmm," she said, trying to figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Mom had come into the discussion open-minded and now rendered her judgment. "Well, if this is what you want, and you think it's healthy for you, then I suppose we can put up with it. Your father even seems to enjoy it."

"I know!" I said.

"I enjoy it too, a little bit," added Mom in a whispery voice. "It's very cute in a way. And sexy for you and David!"

Sexy? Mom!

I was so relieved, you can't believe it. I was worried I'd be called out for being a sick pervert or something, but Mom was amazing. I knew that. But... amazing!

Encouraged by Mom's words I blushed and asked, "is it ok if David, still, like, spanks me in front of you and Daddy when he thinks I need it?"

"Yes, if that's what you want," answered Mom with a little laugh.

I thought I'd push my luck, "can Daddy spank me?"

Mom looked thoughtful and said she'd have to think about that, but she said it with a little smile!!!

And then Mom scolded, "but tell David no more making you spend the entire visit with your nose in the corner. A little bit is fine, but not the whole time. We want a proper visit from you!"

"Yes Mom, I'll tell him," I said. Wow. Carte blanche to be stood in the corner for a "little bit of time" and get spanked. And implicitly spanked bare bum, like i had been the first time. This was going better than expected! I was dying to tell David.

And then Mom added what I figured she was going to say all along. "You know, you can still go and see a therapist about all of this, even now. It may be very good for you."

You know, maybe I should? I am a pretty messed up chick in many ways. But I'm worried they'd cure me and then where would we all be???? Remember the "joke" from the Woody Allen movie, Annie Hall?
 A guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's a chicken. Then the doc says, why don't you turn him in? Then the guy says, I would but I need the eggs.
I thanked Mom for the suggestions and told her I'd think about it seriously. She raised her eyebrows at that because it was the first time I had not made light of it or been angry at her for suggesting it. I hope she thinks it's progress!

And so that was my visit. I came home and told David all about it and he was not surprised. He did admit that it opened up certain possibilities for the future for me...

I wonder what Mom's ruling is going to be about whether Daddy can spank me? Is she going to discuss it with him? What a terrible situation for Dad. Dad is rarely tongue-tied, but what's he supposed to say? "oh, well, ahem, well, you know, if it's for her own good, I maybe can, you know, bring myself, yes that's it, bring myself to, well you know, carry something out along those lines... if that's what you want, of course... and everything..." 😁😂

Wednesday, May 20

Writing Lines in Chastity

I had a fan reach out to me who asked for a line writing punishment from me, and I was happy to oblige.

I share this little vignette with his permission.
Hi Strict Julie,

I'm a submissive male who has always harbored a schoolboy fantasy of having to do a repetitive line writing punishment at the command of a strict and uncompromising woman. While doing a Google search for related terms, I happened across your wonderful blog -- in particular an older post (from 2012) about a lucky sub named Daniel who was required to perform a similar punishment at your behest.

I am writing in the hope that you may consider demanding such a task of me. If I am indeed so lucky, please know that I hereby commit to completing any task you assign by whatever deadline you impose. Of course, I am also happy to express my penance and gratitude via a Paypal tribute in whatever amount you consider appropriate.

Thank you.

Steve (name changed), was referring to the post Lines from Daniel from 2012. I responded as follows.
Hi steve!

Paypal is not necessary, I run a non-profit blog.

I'm very happy to, but I do need some material from you. What are some of the things you are most ashamed about? Based on what you send me, I will assign a line writing punishment, and will expect photographs of your lines emailed back to me by my deadline. Fair enough?

steve wrote me back as follows.
Oh, wonderful! Thank you so much, Julie...I'm so excited! (And, to be honest, a little nervous in the best of all possible ways. As a genuine masochist, the fun for me is not in the punishment itself (that is an ordeal), but rather in testing the punitive nature of an unfamiliar (and self-described 'Strict') Woman. Knowing that this task is a genuine punishment for me, but that I am preemptively committed to completing it, how sadistic will she be?

Okay: what am I most ashamed about? I've got a LOT of fetishes, but there is one very embarrassing one I didn't even realize I had had until I was confronted with it almost accidentally. I'm a huge fan of endurance (read: overnight) bondage. At one point I developed this arrangement with a lesbian couple. Basically, they'd call me up and say they wanted to hang, and I'd tidy up my apt. and stock the fridge according to their tastes. They'd arrive, strap me down to my bed with improvised restraints, and then have the rest of the apartment to themselves until the morning. Their only real responsibility was to check on me periodically to make sure my circulation was okay and stuff, but they were mainly interested in ignoring me and  partying by themselves. And that was actually fine with me.

So the first few times we did this, the one thing I could tell they were increasingly annoyed about was having to let me up every so often for bathroom breaks. It could take fifteen minutes to undo and redo all the straps. So one time when I either woke them up or interrupted them, the one was like, "Can't you make it through the night without going to the bathroom?" And when I said, "Not always," she just kind of rolled her eyes impatiently. The next time they came over, though, before tying me up, one of them handed me something and said, "Put this on first."

It was an "absorbent undergarment," which of course means "diaper." That moment struck a deep and resonant chord with me -- especially the fact that it was nothing for her to suggest the most abjectly humiliating thing in the world a grown man could wear as long as it would make her night more convenient. After that, a diaper became a regular part of the bondage.

Quite surprisingly, the intense humiliation I felt at being so attired in the presence of two attractive woman was unspeakably exquisite. It was definitely NOT an age-play or AB thing, but rather the shock and humiliation of being stripped and denied that fundamental final level of dignity and equality -- it created an instant and deep sub-space for me. Though, again, it's probably the thing that causes me the most shame to admit even among my more fetish-friendly peers.

I now stand ready to accept and complete whatever punishment you impose; I await your instructions with nervous anticipation.

And thank you: Thank you.

I especially loved steve's first paragraph. It made me salivate! He wrote that to me on April 10, and I got a bit busy with things and did not get back to him for a bit (that happens oftentimes - eSubbies beware - I am not at your beck and call). Then on April 12 we had the following exchange.
Happy Easter! I hope me email has not offended you. I am still eagerly awaiting a writing punishment, but if you have changed your mind I will of course understand. I hope you are having a wonderful day. :)
Oh, it's coming steve, it's coming...
Exquisite! To quote a pop-culture masterpiece, I am trembling with anticipation!
I had not forgotten steve, but his impatience bothered be just a little. He did not make things any better on April 15.
I remain sooooooo unpunished!
Yes, you do. 🤣
Okay, I have an even easier idea: How about I just do Daniel's original assignment? That way you wouldn't even have to come up with a new one. I could just email you the pix when I'm done.
No! You will AWAIT your instructions!
Bad Boy. Whatever I was thinking of before, it's just DOUBLED
yes, Ma'am.
So steve had now managed to piss me off. Even my first reply I was a bit annoyed, but kept it light. When he started suggesting his own fucking punishment!?! WTF? I decided then and there to double it. I have a way of deciding how many lines I was giving to somebody, and I already had a good idea of what it was reasonable for steve to do for me. But at that moment I literally doubled it. The next day, April 16 at 3pm, a Thursday, I got back to him
Alright steve, I'll put you out of your misery.

I was going to assign you 500 lines, but of course it now has to be 1000. It really was only going to be 500. Too bad. Remind yourself of that for every line past 500. I want it handwritten, each repetition numbered, all pages scanned, and sent to me by email before Sunday at midnight.

"Because I am a submissive baby that cannot make it through the night without having to go pee, I need and deserve to be diapered when restrained by dominant women."

Off you go.
I had decided on a sentence that I thought would resonate with the boy. He would be spending a lot of intimate time with it after all. The sentence would become his Mistress. When I decide on the sentence, I write it out a few times by hand myself, and then I multiply to figure the total elapsed time. 500 repetitions would have been 10 solid hours of writing, over a 3 day and 9 hour period including the weekend, which was what I had in mind for him. Of course, due to steve's bad behavior I had had to double that to 20 hours. steve was suitably impacted:
Oh, wow. Wow. I've got a genuine knot in my stomach and only myself to blame. I've just crunched some numbers on this: 1000 reps breaks down into just over 50 sets of 20. Divided into four days, that's 12 sets of 20 per day -- so basically twenty minutes out of every waking hour for the next four days. Devious. I am literally shaking. I will need to get started right away.

Thank you, Strict Julie, for your overwhelming generosity of attention regarding my correction.

With the time it took to write that email, you could have done 2 extra lines, I'll bet.
I thought steve may have been exaggerating the amount of time it would take him, but the nice thing about being the one assigning the lines is I did not really have to give a fuck, you know? And you know what? I genuinely did not give a fuck. The next morning I got my first report back from steve.
Ten hours and thirty full pages, yet I am only a quarter of the way there. I will upload photos of the pages I have so far and continue working after I get some rest.

That was only a sample of the pages. He sent me 31 pages total. By his own reckoning he had spent 10 hours from April 16 at 3:30pm to April 17 at 10:30am. Other than sleeping, he must have worked that entire time. Hee hee! I wrote him back that afternoon:
Hmmm... I was expecting more like 20 hours total. But it looks more like 40 hours. You are slow. Well that's good, because there will be extra lines for errors and poor penmanship, so maybe you're better off taking your time.
steve must have been too busy writing lines to respond, because I received my next email from him Saturday morning at around 8am.
Good morning, Strict Julie:

Your calculations are correct. When it comes to actual writing, 1000 reps of the assigned sentence will take approximately 21 hours to complete -- but that's SOLID writing time. The tedium and cramping necessitate short breaks roughly every ten to twenty minutes.

I have reached a major milestone: 500 reps completed. But instead of a sense of relief and accomplishment, I am rocked by the dread of understanding that I am only halfway there thanks to my own boneheaded impatience. Looking at 60+ pages filled with my handwriting and realizing that I literally have to do it all over again is spiritually crushing. But I remain eternally grateful for your edifying lesson.

Newest pages will follow as attachments over several emails.

Thank you,

Steve sent me another bunch of pages, 63 in total out to 502 repetitions. I wrote him back to his whiny complainy email.
Am I supposed to feel sorry for you steve? I don't. I was looking deeply inside myself searching for even a small iota of pity, or feeling sorry for you, and... nope. Nothin'!

Yeah, it's rough, isn't it? You could have been done by now. I really thought that 500 of those lines, ten hours of solid line writing, by Sunday, would have been plenty. Punishing even. But then you pissed me off by topping from the bottom. So have fun with your next 500.

And I'm not play acting either. I genuinely feel this way. Sometimes when I'm beating my husband I'm told my eyes will glaze over and I just won't give a shit. It felt like that.

Next morning, Sunday morning now at 9:30 am, steve wrote back with another dump of pages.
I understand with each excruciating repetition that the "Strict" before your name is no joke. Here are the next pages.

Thank you.
-- steve

I was so glad he was learning that I was not to be trifled with. In the afternoon I wrote back to him at 3:30pm.
Is your hand cramping? Are you bored? Awwww.
250 more lines steve. Chop chop now. Sunday midnight approaches...
At 10:48 pm Sunday evening I received the final batch of pages along with the following note.
Dear Strict Julie,
After obediently writing thirty-thousand words of yours, I hope you will permit me a few additional words of my own to sum up my experience of the past four days.

I have to admit, when I first saw the number I thought I had misread it. “A thousand times? That’s just not realistic,” my mind rebelled. “She can’t expect me to do that many.” But after having made such a deal out of preemptively committing — and after you were so generous to grant me my masochistic wish — there was no way I was backing out of it. I would write every single line demanded of me, and I would do it by her deadline.

It was four straight days of exquisite torture. There was never any real sense of progress. I would work for hours and hours and produce page after page of increasingly painful handwriting, but it constantly felt as if I had barely made a dent in my total. I would wake up the next morning with my thumb on fire, and realize with a sinking feeling that I would have to get started on that day’s quota right away if I had any hope of meeting Sunday's deadline. I wanted to quit so badly. But the whole point of a punishment is that you don’t have the option to quit. And I, after all, had asked for it! I was determined to finish it to the letter of your instructions.

I’m not sure how enjoyable it was on your end knowing that somewhere in the world a man was locked in a prison of continuous, repetitive, menial work at your command — but if it any way appealed to the playful sadist in you, then consider this a standing offer: 

If you are ever so naturally inclined to truly reach out and punish someone — anyone: a random stranger — in this manner, please consider me a potential whipping-boy. Someone pisses you off at work? Rude construction worker cat-call you on your way to lunch? Just pissed off in general and having a bad day? Take it out on me! Dash off a few simple words, determine a figure based on how pissed you are, and hit send. No matter how bad your day is, you can rest assured that someone is now having a worse one. And after a thousand reps, you know I am a man of my word.

Feel free to email me at any time with whatever assignment parameters you require me to follow. I will acknowledge my acceptance of the task upon receipt, and you can expect photographic proof by your deadline. If for whatever reason I am unable to meet that deadline, I will let you know upon receipt of the assignment the earliest completion time I can have it back to you beyond your original deadline; if that is acceptable to you, I will proceed as normal.

And even if you end up never taking me up on this offer, please know: I am eternally grateful for your generous engagement in indulging my masochism. It was torture, yes; but oh so much fun!
— steve

Isn't that nice. A true masochsist, our steve. I expected no less. I wrote back that night just past midnight.
I'll have more to say after I've reviewed your work.
I thought I would keep steve in a bit of suspense, and I did have to sample some of the lines to see how good or bad it was. I made him wait a couple of days and finally wrote back.
Hi steve,

I reviewed your work and find it to be very satisfactory. There will be no further lines for you at this time. I hope your hand has recovered. I can be remarkably cruel. I think I will do a blog entry about it. It was a special feeling for me knowing you were desperately working away like that. I thought of you many times during your punishment. Thank you for that experience. And, really, careful what you wish for.

steve wrote back,
Thank you, Miss Julie. I am so relieved that you have judged my work satisfactory; I did work very hard to maintain good penmanship, and to avoid mistakes. My hand is recovering nicely, thank you for asking. Your cruelty commands my absolute respect, and I am elated that my suffering brought you some degree of amusement and satisfaction -- that is truly my greatest reward in this.

I am also excited that you are considering writing about my punishment from your perspective in your blog. It will be humiliating to have my deepest secret exposed to your readers, but what an honor to make an appearance on the most compelling and best-written BDSM-themed blog on the net.

- steve
And that was that, one would think, but after being so terribly abused by me, steve wanted more. He wrote me on the weekend
Subject: Another Crazy Idea...

On the off-chance that you might get a kick out of keeping a man in chastity...

I’ve got a maddeningly secure chastity device called the ‘seed-pod’. It’s metal, shaped like an egg, and looks like a medieval codpiece. Once the hinged front panel is secured with a screw to the base, everything of ‘importance’ is locked away out of sight in a metal vault. Access to the screw can be prevented by attaching a lock. Until now, I have only ever really locked myself up for short periods to try it out; I've even managed to sleep overnight in it -- but I lack the willpower to go much further than that on my own.

But what if...

Instead of an actual lock, I use one of those tamper-proof plastic locks — the ones that are sequentially numbered and can’t be replaced once they’re broken off. I could lock myself up with one of those at an agreed-upon date and time, and then email you photographic proof of the numbered lock in place. Then you would email me the duration of my chastity sentence. Will it be a day? Two? The whole weekend? An entire week? Etc.

From that point on, you go about your business as usual, secure in the knowledge that I will remain locked up. Whenever the mood strikes you for proof, simply email me with a word or a number -- something I couldn't predict that I will write down and take a picture of alongside the intact lock.

If this sounds like fun, let me know and I'll order some plastic locks from Amazon.

Again, seemed like a low maintenance activity (for me), and if steve wanted to play some more...
Oh steve,

What a spectacularly bad idea.
Yes of course.

Fair warning, I would say.
Sadly, I have learned the hard way that my seed pod chastity device is not suitable for more than a few hours' use. But I did a bit of research and ordered a CB6000s, which has great reviews for adjustability, security, and long-term use. It arrived today, as did the locks -- which means that I am prepared to receive and serve my chastity sentence at any time.

Just let me know what day and time I need to lock up, and I will email you a picture of the numbered lock as proof. I will then await your confirmation and official sentencing.
I forgot about steve for a few days, and he must have been very trepiditious reminding me after last time!
Hi Strict Julie,

I am desperate not to bother you -- especially when I am about to relinquish control of anatomical access -- but I am curious to know if you have received my last email. If you have, and for whatever reason have changed your mind, please know that I accept and respect your decision, and remain eternally grateful for the attention you have granted me thus far.

I wrote back right away.
Oh, I'm so sorry steve, I like, totally forgot about you. Which is one reason why this is such a spectacularly bad idea, but whatever...

Yes, please put yourself into lock up for me and send me a photo. After I see you in it, I'll decide how long you'll be locked. Reminder: I did give you 1000 lines...

And steve responded,
Oh, Miss Julie, I did not forget. That's why I was so hesitant to email you a reminder this time -- I'm loath to provoke your wrath, especially when facing this particular challenge. (Left to my own devices, I'm at it roughly every eight to ten hours. So this will not be easy for me.)

Here is a photo of the installed device with the plastic numbered lock. (I've also added an extended-wear condom catheter for hygiene.)

One honest note about device security: I can (with considerable effort) pull out of any configuration of ring-size and spacer. But I CANNOT get it back on again without cutting the numbered plastic lock. So as long as it's on and the numbered lock is in place, you can rest assured that I have not been out of it. Which means it's actually 100% secure for our purposes.

That said...

I hereby place myself at your mercy, Miss Julie, and await my formal chastity sentence.

Please let me know, too, when and how you would like to conduct check-ins. (One foolproof way would be for you to email me periodically with a word I must write on a piece of paper and photograph next to the lock.)

-- steve
Monday May 4, 3:30 pm

Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear. What a pickle steve has found himself in. At my mercy? What a terrible idea! I wrote back to him the next day.
576835 - got it.
How are you doing? No injuries please. Take it off if you need to for medical reasons. But if it's just to jerk off, then no!
I want you to go a week and then ask me if you can be let out to jerk off. You may send me a pic as often as you like, and I would enjoy it, but I certainly want one at the end of your week. I may, or may not, let you out at that time.
You are ok to tease yourself by watching movies or reading blogs and such. In fact, I insist on it. Send me a list of the websites or videos you watched to tease yourself over the next 24 hours.
Fairly merciful. Only one week. I was not sure how experienced steve was.
Thank you, Miss Julie, for your fair and just chastity sentence. I will endeavor to serve it with grace and gratefulness.

And thank you for your concern about injuries; safety always comes first, and I will definitely take your advice should the need arise. Actually, the device is shockingly comfortable -- much of the time I can literally forget I'm wearing it. Of course, that changes instantly with the slightest arousal. And then it is absolute torture to have to ride it out, unable to give myself even a whisper of relief, knowing that I am days away from that hope and that the best thing for me to do is to erase my mind like a monk until I can eventually subside back into forgetfulness.

The problem I'm experiencing is that I'm increasingly becoming aroused by the slightest stimulus, and my interludes of forgetfulness are becoming shorter and shorter. I cannot even escape into sleep for more than a few hours at a time without being jolted out of sleep by the desperate need to jerk off. I literally have to get out of bed and pace around before I can hope to return to sleep.

So these videos have been unbearable. Simple music videos are surprisingly effective. And, of course, anything showing a man having sex with a beautiful woman is so brutally unfair I could almost cry. Seriously. (Here are the first few url's. These were so torturous to watch that I haven't had the courage yet to delve into my more kinky triggers.)

Dua Lipa Video

 Key Lingerie fashion Show

So cute that he watches music videos and lingerie shows to get himself all excited, and then jerks off to a woman taking it from a Big Black Cock!
Hi Steve,

Send me a photo of your locked cock ASAP. I want to check up on you.

4pm Monday I would consider to be the end. But check your email before unlocking. If none from me, then take a photo, send it, and then you may unlock and play with it until further notice. Depending on my mood (which is not very good right now but may get better) I might decide to extend you.

Re. Your choice of "porn". Very cute! Dua Lipa, lingerie show, and a massage where the girl winds up getting fucked by a massive dick! For that last one, do you imagine you are the guy, or the girl?

He wrote back,
Here is your requested photo, Miss Julie. I am sorry you are not in the best of moods; I do hope that improves soon -- and not merely for selfish reasons.

So, I don't really imagine myself as the girl OR the guy in that last video. I actually imagine myself as a third, offscreen character -- the woman's husband, locked in chastity while his wife enjoys her 'massage'. So much fun!

I'll send you some more url's in a bit...
Saturday May 9, 2:30 pm

Cuckold fantasy. Who'd have thought? :-)

On May 11, 7 days after he started, I found I had not received anything in my email. I sent steve a note.
Hi steve -
I did not receive a photo from you at the appointed time. Can I presume you remain locked?
He responded that evening,
Hi Miss Julie,

No, I took it off as soon as I could. But I've been working all night, so haven't had a chance to send you the pic until now.
Monday May 11, 4:40 pm

The photo had the right lock on it, and the title of the photo proved he was still in the cage 7 days after he started (Monday May 4, 3:30 pm). But I have a suspicious nature. I saved the attached jpg and looked up the timestamp in the photographs metadata.  It was from Saturday May 9, a full two days BEFORE he was due out. I wrote back simply,
I think you've been dishonest with me, steve...
Have you ever heard more terrifying words spoken? Did he take me for a fool? He responded in a bit of a panic.
No! I didn't, I swear! I had it on the whole time -- even longer, I just forgot to take a picture when I took it off on Monday so I used one from before. (I actually DID take the picture, but when I went to upload it afterward it wasn't there. I panicked because it was already late and just sent the one from the other batch. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be dishonest. I was proud of my achievement and I wanted you to be as well. I hope you can forgive me...
I believed him. But he may have sent me the wrong photo deliberately to get additional punishment out of me? But what if he had done that and I had not checked the timestamp? I would have been the fool. I did not appreciate that.
Well I'm glad you've come clean with me, but what you did I consider to be dishonest regardless. You failed at sending me the photograph I asked for, and then you attempted to pass off another photograph as the one I asked for, and you took me for a fool.

I feel you need to be punished for it.

First, I would like you back in your cage until further notice.

Second, I want lines.

"I will never again lie to Mistress Julie and take her for a fool."

1000 repetitions. You may set your own deadline, but you will be locked in your cage for a minimum of 4 times the elapsed time for you to do all your lines, so I would get moving if I were you.

I thought that was a good punishment. Even though the phrase was shorter, the 1000 number would no doubt resonate horribly in his brain. I was unsure of what outside commitments he would have, so rather than set any kind of unrealistic deadline, I let steve choose his own deadline, with very clear consequences if it was too far out.
Yes, Mistress Julie. I am so sorry. What I did was stupid and I am ashamed. Your punishment is fair, and though the last thing I want to do is write lines right now, I can only be grateful to you for this harsh lesson in the consequences of my behavior: thank you, Mistress Julie.
-- steve
That was May 15. I did not answer that email. steve was cutoff until he delivered his punishment to me. He delivered on May 17.
Dear Ms. Julie,

It is with sincere humility that I submit for your approval my completed punishment. I can promise you that I felt every line as a just rebuke of my failure of character. The cramps in my hand, arm and shoulder will be a continuing physical reminder, as will the duration of my continued chastisement. (I didn't realize how much I would hate wearing this thing; your using it to motivate my dedication to completing my punishment as swiftly as possible was as smart as it was effective.)


steve sent me most of his lines. He "forgot" to scan page 1 and page 2 and send it to me. Hard to miss that! Having a very finely honed sense of "brat", I was pretty sure I was being bratted and he craved even more and harsher punishment. I briefly considered having him repeat all the lines all over again for his omissions, and adding that time onto the original for 4x to unlock, but I didn't want to kill the poor boy, so I pretended not to notice.
Well done, steve, I believe you have learned your lesson.

Elapsed time was approximately 2 days, so you are locked for a further 8 days from the time I receive a fresh photograph of your cage with a new lock on it (your time locked while writing lines certainly does not count, nor does any time bumbling around to get me that photograph, in case you were wondering).

This time, once your time is elapsed, send me another photo but do not unlock your cage until I explicitly allow you to.
I was originally intending that his time writing the lines be part of the 4x time, but I felt a bit capricious so changed my mind.
Yes, Mistress Julie. I understand your instructions; you can rest assured that I will follow them to the letter this time. I did remove the cage briefly for cleaning after my 1000 repetitions, but I had not jerked off before reading your email and putting it back on with a new numbered lock. I am emailing you this photo as proof of my compliance. As instructed, I will email you a new photograph of the intact lock at 9pm on Monday, May 25th, but I will remain locked up until you grant me explicit permission to remove the cage.

Sunday May 17, 9 pm
Update: It hasn't even been a day, and already I hate being stuck in this thing. The fantasy of enforced chastity is fun, but the actual practice sucks. I woke up this morning with one thing on my mind, and it is depressing to realize that I have NOTHING to look forward to today in that regard. Or tomorrow. Or the next. That thought alone keeps trying to trigger an erection, but the stupid two-and-a-half inch cage won't allow anything more than semi-flaccid. So there's an infinite bio-feedback loop in which I'm stuck on this tingly plateau of arousal that is as distracting as it is frustrating. And when finally, exhausted and defeated, the feedback loop eases and I manage to relax again inside the cage, I produce a single drop of pre-cum that stains my underpants like a teenager's tear. That is all the physical relief my body can manage, and it is a profound insult to me as a man.

So that's my first half-day. Hooray!

-- steve
He seemed to be suffering even worse this time. Good!
You have no idea how much your account fills me with joy, steve.
Now please go and find me some super sexy videos that turn you on and send them to me to further revel in your chastity.
He obeyed.
Not that I really need it at this point, but this is a video that has been driving me crazy...

Poor steve is really torturing himself with his primo fetish. He sent me another follow-up next day.
Hump Day. Yeah...not for me, though, huh? Not even close...

I cannot BELIEVE it has only been two days I've been stuck in this thing. It's like being three years old and having to wear a new pair of dress shoes to church, only I can't take them off for a whole week -- and it's on my junk, which is way way worse than ANYTHING.

As a punishment, I totally get it. That's the one thing that keeps me going -- "I brought this on myself for being stupid, and I'm going to endure every second Mistress Julie requires of me." I just wish I had done the whole thousand lines in one day. I tried, but only made it to 500 before passing out. And now because of that I've got six more days instead of two. Two would be hell. Six is... fuck.

-- steve

P.S. Should you decide in your infinite wisdom to let me out early, I can assure you that I have COMPLETELY learned my lesson.
Morning "Wood" - Wednesday May 20

 Oh, how amusing. Of course not.
Awwwww.... poor wee wee.
You're being punished stevey.
With what you tried to get away with, you're lucky if I don't keep you in it for a month.
Mind you, I still have that option...
And that brings us right up to the current day. I'm definitely considering extending steve past May 25th, but for how long? Perhaps the readers would like to chime in with some suggestions, or maybe most of you being male subbies, you will all come to his defence and want him unlocked on schedule. Let's see!