Monday, June 17

Personal Trainer: getting interesting!

So things are starting to get interesting with david's new personal trainer, Michelle.

He had his first full session with her on Wednesday of this past week after work. Before describing what transpired, let me bring you up to speed on the week preceding. On Friday we had all agreed that david was to keep a daily food, exercise, and weight diary. That he has been doing. On the weekend david and I drove north to meet with my younger brother and his family. We met at a restaurant in their town. david had a beer. Then there were bar appetizers. Then he ordered a giant pulled pork sandwich (as a nod to his diet, he ordered the coleslaw instead of the fries on the side... big deal!), and another beer. I didn't say anything. I thought I should let Michelle deal with this on Wednesday.

david is nothing if not honest, so I knew all that junk would be meticulously recorded for Michelle's viewing displeasure. He also knows that if I were to catch him in a lie in his diary, then oh me oh my (the words "punishment stool" come to mind. Ha Ha!)

As it turned out, this ill-advised meal also set him back on his weight loss by a not insignificant amount. This would displease Michelle, both because she would like to see him reach his goals, but also because I have her on a bonus plan whereby if david keeps his weight under certain decreasing thresholds for an entire week, she gets an ever increasing cash bonus.

I emailed Michelle in advance, told her about his food binge, and she and I discussed what an appropriate reaction from her should be. It was all settled in advance, without david's knowledge.

I made it a point to be home from work when Michelle arrived. david answered the door dressed in his blue gym shorts and red gym shirt. He brought her into the living room where I was sitting and relaxing after having just gotten home from work. Michelle took a seat in the middle of the two-seater couch, and david sat in a chair just to the side of the couch.

david had a full printout of his diary prepared and on the coffee table, as agreed, and it was accurate, showing both the crappy meal and the next morning's resulting weight gain. The first thing Michelle did was to sit and examine it. She went immediately for the binge eating and started scolding him about it, asking rhetorical questions, such as "is this what you think you should eat when you're trying to lose weight?" At one point, she threw the report down to the floor in disgust, looked him in the eye, and said "what am I supposed to do about you?"

She was playing it perfectly. Just the right mix of amusement and anger.

david shrugged and looked guilty.

Michelle turned to me and asked "what do you think I should do about him?" (as pre-arranged: my evil plan unfolding!)

"Well, I think he should be punished." I said, "but you're in charge of his training so it's up to you," I added.

She got a glint in her eye and a little smirk, and said "I agree completely. What do you think his punishment should be?" By this time she had dropped the anger and was being more playful.

I looked over at david, and he looked back at me. I could tell he knew what was coming next. Looking him straight in the eye, I answered Michelle: "If he misbehaves with me, I spank him."

I knew david would be excited by this conversation, but for all the world, he just looked horribly embarrassed by it. He was blushing and his eyes were downcast as soon as the word "punished" was mentioned, and he let out an audible little grown with the word "spank". david thought he was playing along with me for her benefit! Ha Ha!

She laughed aloud and said, "An unusual training method, but I think that would be very fitting. Hear that, david? Julie is going to give you a spanking after I leave."

"Not me." I said. "I pay you to take care of his training. If you want him spanked, you go ahead and spank him. I have my hands full getting him to do the dishes!"

"Right! And you wouldn't mind?" she asked me.

"Of course not. I'd think it was fantastic," I said. "An embarrassing little spanking across your knee would help you get your point across. I also have some whips and things I use on him if you really want to give him something to think about. And you have my complete permission to take his pants down whenever you want."

"I think I better leave all that to you." she said.

"No, I'm serious. He's a kinky boy, and a little kinky play would motivate him. I want you to." I said as earnestly as I could. "Isn't that so, david?"

"Yes Ma'am" he answered me.

"I don't know," she said, playing coy. "It's not very professional, and if this were to get out..."

"You would have our utmost discretion, and we would expect the same from you." I said.

She sucked in her breath.

"I'll tell you what," I offered, "he can really benefit from this kind of discipline from you, but I understand it's beyond what's usual, so if you agree, I'll increase your bonuses by 50%."

"Wow," she shot back, "that is very generous."

"It would be doing me a favour, him a favour, and yourself a favour. What do you say?" I pressed home.

"You promise nobody will know?" she asked again.

"I think it would in all our best interests if nobody were to know." I said.

"I suppose you're right about that," she said. "And actually, I've always been tempted to do something like that to my more difficult trainees, and I'll doubt I'll ever get another chance like this one!"

Of course, all this arm twisting and her final acquiescence was pre-arranged for david's sake.

"Good," I said, and added, "And there's no time like the present for his first spanking from you."

"No there isn't", Michelle echoed, and turned to david. "Hear that? It looks like I'm going to be the one giving you your spanking for those poor food choices. Now get up and stand over here, next to me."

I was loving this whole thing, and congratulating myself silently for arranging it all. It's so much easier to get a pro domme trainer to spank him then a vanilla trainer. And she knows exactly what she's doing and exactly how to humble a boy!

david got up, still blushing, and walked over to her.

So now I was getting excited, and squirmed in delight in my big chair as Michelle took on her strict tone with my husband and he obeyed her. It excites me to see him humbled.

"You point that at your wife, not at me!" was the first thing Michelle said. david had a half-erection under his gym shorts, and that was what she was commenting on. david actually half turned to face me before he realized it was not an actual command, and turned back covering himself with his hands.

"Get your pants down!" she said.

Never one to stand in the way of a spanking from another woman, david pulled his gym shorts down, and they dropped to his ankles, revealing his underpants. He continued covering his no doubt growing erection with his hands.

"Underpants too," she ordered, "I'm not going to spank them."

david turned away from us, dropped his undies to his ankles to follow his shorts, and turned back, nude from the waist down, his hands furiously covering his genitals. He was blushing up a storm.

Here was my husband, pants down in front of his twenty-something trainer, and I was loving every moment of it!

"Get over here," she said, pointing towards her lap, "and don't touch me with that," she added, referring to his genitals. As he approached her knee and started hunching over to get across her lap (while still covering himself) she completed what he started by grabbing him by the arm and roughly pulling him down diagonally across her knee on the two-seater sofa.  As she pulled his arm, she looked away so that she would not see his bouncing genitals. It looks like we can reserve a "full frontal" humiliation for another day! He definitely did touch at least her black Lululemon pants with "that". I was keeping my fingers crossed he wouldn't embarrass himself with a spontaneous spurting over her expensive black workout pants!

Then she started spanking his bare ass and upper thighs with her hand. OMG she spanks hard with her hand! Michelle is a very small lady, but her arms are very strong, and she spanked him vigorously, scolding him all he while.

david meanwhile was diagonally across her lap, with his toes touching the carpet and his head on the seat of the couch, pressed up into the crook of the arm. His gym shorts and underpants were a pool around his ankles. His ass and upper thighs were getting redder and redder by the minute. The force of the spanks actually made him jump and yelp and kick his legs a little. He would alternate between burying his head face down in the sofa cushion, and turning his head to look over at me. The look on his face I can only describe as shock and surprise, especially with regards to the force of his trainer's bare-handed blows. She obviously keeps herself in good shape and has great spanking technique!

"You're a natural!" I told her as she was spanking david.

"I workout a lot," she offered by way of explanation, "and I must confess that I spank my boyfriend on occasion."

"Ha! I knew it!" I said. "An experienced hand. We'll have to compare notes."

She ended with a very hard and fast flurry that had him twitching his legs and mewling uncomfortably. "Stand up!" she commanded after she decided the spanking had ended.

david stood, again clutching at his genitals in order to keep them covered up from her gaze.

"Are you going to be watching what you eat more carefully from here on in?" She asked him.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered.

"If I have to do that again, it won't be just my hand next time," she threatened, "maybe it will be one of those whips your wife mentioned."

"I understand Ma'am. I'll do better, I promise."

She let him squirm there for a few more moments, facing her and nude from the waist down, hands desperately covering his private parts, with his sore backside hanging out, as he contemplated what Michelle might be able to accomplish with a whip in her hand.

"Pull your pants up," she finally said.

david gingerly reached down with one hand as the other tried to keep himself covered.

"Not here. Over there." She said, in an exasperated tone, pointing around the corner to the hall where we would not see him struggling to pull his pants up. I loved how she made it seem as if david was a complete idiot for not understanding he was to do that intuitively. I am going to be learning a thing or two from Michelle. david hobbled off around the corner, his pants and underpants at his ankles, his red butt shining.

He arrived back a few moments later, re-dressed, looking sheepish but with a little smile he couldn't hide.

"Did he actually enjoy that?" Asked Michelle of me.

"He does enjoy the idea of it, but sometimes not so much the execution. But your continuing to spank him, and just basically treating him like your little bitch, will definitely motivate him. He's quite a kinky lad."

"I'll bear that in mind... I think I can keep things very interesting for him, with your permission?"

"Go right ahead, but his cock and asshole are mine, you understand?"

"No problem. And for my part I won't ever be undressing or having sex with him." she clarified.

"I think we understand one another perfectly," I concurred.

"Well let's get to the training," said Michelle, "and let's see if we can't keep it a bit spicy to motivate him."

This session was similar to last. but nicely kinky. They started with a series of yoga sun salutations and variations on it in the family room. She was again quite "hands on" with him. I only heard about this from david later, but at one point he said he was standing there sweating a bit from having done the forms, standing at attention and being told to breathe deeply, when Michelle reached over and tweaked one of his nipples through his shirt, saying "that nipple's a little hard, isn't it?".

I had relayed david's feedback on the "girl handling" sexual harassment he had felt on the previous session, and I guess she stepped it up a notch. Probably she had always wanted to do that to the girls in their pretty little workout clothes at their yoga classes (I know I always have!). Well this was her big chance.

david said that he felt as if he got a sense of what it would be like to be sexually harassed as a woman from that nipple tweak. Mind you, unlike the countless Women made to feel that way every day, david, of course, enjoyed his humiliating sexual harassment.

Then she was going to have him run up and down the stairs to get his heart rate up. Before she started him off, she reminded me that I had mentioned I had whips and such for david, and asked if I happened to have a a riding crop she could use? Of course! I told david to run up to our bedroom and bring down my riding crop for Michelle to use when she's here, and in fact every time she is here as a symbol of her authority over him.

Michelle took the crop and told david that he would be running up and down the stairs, and each time he passed her he should bend over and touch his toes, and she would crop his ass twice, and then off he would go again. I just had to stay and watch this entertainment, and my goodness but she sure put him through his paces! He was pretty spry for the first two stair runs, and bent over nicely each time he passed. By the third time he was looking a little ragged, and by the fourth was positively stumbling. The bending over and touching his toes was increasingly laboured, but it was actually a bit of an opportunity for him to catch his breath as he bent over like that, awaiting his two hard croppings.

They then went down to the home gym and I lost track of what they were doing. david told me afterwards that he received one more kinky thing. Just before starting a series of exercises on the weight machine, she had made drop his drawers, bend over, and she cropped him about a dozen times across his bare ass, then made him pull his pants back up again and proceed with the exercise in what she claimed would be a more "motivated" state of mind.

After Michelle had left, david and I discussed the events of the day. david started by saying how amazing and wonderful it was for me to allow him to have such a kinky training experience. He asked if I knew in advance she would be willing to do all that stuff? I lied and told him honestly I had no idea, that we just lucked out on that one. Perhaps our little miss reluctant act had him fooled, or more likely he suspects I am more behind it than I let on, but he cannot prove it, and I wouldn't think he would want to anyway.

My evil plan continues...

Thursday, June 13

Lill jo Punished

You might have got the drift in the comment sections of my and Dianne's blogs, but lill jo, my sketch bitch, screwed up big time and needed to be punished. Severely punished.

You see, he was two timing me with Dianne. While he was sending me sketches, he was also furtively emailing Dianne and sending her sketches as well without telling me. Fortunately, Dianne and I stick together and email back and forth with one another quite frequently, and she let me know what was going on and just wanted to double-check with me if it was ok if she used some of his sketches on her blog. She was very surprised when she learnt that he had not sought out permission from me beforehand. It was absolutely obvious to both Dianne and I that lill jo was, in fact, cheating on me by his actions.

Well we were both very angry with lill jo. He immediately realized the error of his ways, and begged our forgiveness.

It was around the time our story Panty Thief Punished!, came out, so my first punishment for him was as follows:

[...] you still need to be punished for sending sketches to another woman behind my back and without my permission. So I think a nice punishment for you would be to write a true confession comment on my blog listing explicitly everything in the story that you wish would happen to you. [...]. And I want a nice explicit apology from you at the end regarding being an unfaithful sketch slut, and reminding everybody to whom you eBelong. Now hop to it.
The cheating slut's public punishment comment was as follows:
Ms Julie, 
I hereby humbly apologise to Ms Julie for sending sketches to Ms Dianne for her site without first getting permission from Ms Julie to do so. And I note that Ms Dianne did not solicit said drawings and I apologise to Ms Dianne also for any hurt or embarrassment this may have caused her. 
Furthermore, I acknowledge and confess that the post 'Panty Thief Punished!' was written about me and that Ms Julie was very accurate in her post and in her assessment and portrayal of me in the post. Explicitly I am bound to admit to Ms Julie that:
  1. I am "just a little pervert. A little pervert with submissive tendencies who wants to be treated just like a girl, and quite possibly bi-sexual tendencies as well,";
  2. I wish that I had been caught and made to stand at attention in an ultrashort pink dress so i would have no way of hiding my humiliation, even with my tiny pink panties;
  3. I would love to have my hair put in pink ribbons and to have my face made up with bubblegum pink lipstick because this would make me totally aware of what a pathetic pansy I am (and not even a fully grown girl) who deserves to be humiliated and punished. 
  4. I deserve to be spanked and strapped as described in the story for being a little pervert, a sneaky panty thief and a closet cross dresser.
  5. I am lucky to have Ted in the story bend me over and give me a lesson with his truncheon about what happens to twenty year old bois who go to jail.
  6. I admit that I would love to be forced to take a cock like Ted’s in my mouth with his big hand on the back of my head forcing it deeper into my throat.
  7. As in the story, I would be forced to admit that I actually wanted Ted's cock up my ass and I wasn't really being forced to take it at all.
  8. Thankyou Mistress Julie for putting me in the corner in the story with pink frilly nickers around my knees like a snivelling, well spanked girl/boi so i could reflect on what a pervert I am.
  9. I deserve to be exposed in front of the daughter in the story so I could stand there with my blushing face downcast in front of her and admit my perverted crimes and then be punished by her as well.
  10. I would love to become someones sissy slave and be humiliated, punished and used by them for a year (or more).
Finally I deserve to be humiliated, by admitting the truths above, for not seeking Ms Julie’s permission as her sissy-sketch-bitch should. And I promise Ms Julie not to provide drawings to other-than my e-sketch-Mistress, Ms Strict-Julie, in the future, unless permitted. And I beg her, with my lips kissing her foot and with my ridiculous pink-pantied ass high in the air to forgive me for being an unfaithful sketch slut. 
Please forgive me?
lill jo

Fine as it is, a nice little humiliation, but it's not as if everybody reading the story didn't  know that already about sketch slut. But I was not satisfied, not by a long shot.

Next, I told him I wanted him to give himself as hard a spanking as he could possibly bear, and then to snap a self-timer photo of his ass, plugged with panties around his knees, send me the photo, and then sit and draw a sketch of that very same photo. These would be posted. I told him I was still angry with him for his cheating ways, and some further public humiliation would go a long way towards making that up to me. So here is what he produced, that cheating little sketch slut:

Not so bad.

At least my slutty lill sketch bitch can follow instructions. Paddled, plugged, and pantied: the three P's. To try to please me, he also stuck his pathetic little wiener between his legs to further humble himself as he knows I favour the position. So I want everybody to go have a good close look at what happens to cheatin' lill sketch sluts.

When he sent me the evidence of his punishment, he also wrote a little note to accompany (and no, your eyes do not betray you!):
Hi Dianne, 
[...] I hope it is satisfactory. I gave myself around 120-140 flicks with a nasty thin stick (it was a bit hard to concentrate on count at end). I made sure i gave myself some nasty clips on the thighs also. The panties are lacy pink though they look white in the pic. The butt plug I bought specially for you Ma'am. Sorry about the body. I have been fitter I must admit. [...] I honestly wish i could have spanked harder Ma'am (i was trying to think of something nastier than the thin stick but couldn't) 
I hope you will forgive me soon (curtsey). 
lill jo
My chilly response...
Really lill jo? REALLY??? 
Say your wife catches you with your mistress, would you accidentally address your wife by your mistress' name? WOULD YOU???? 
Do it all over again. Find something more severe to use on that careless backside!
I firmly believe in being strict. The kind of Woman I am, I would be willing to start a punishment all over from the beginning, as many times as it takes, regardless of the prior state of his bum, if I get any sass or backtalk during a punishment. I believed that horribly careless email qualified. Another mistake would have earned him a threepeat. And so on and so on. Simple math for simple males.

And his response to it:
Sorry Ms Julie. Sorry doesn't cover it. I can't believe I put Ms Dianne's name. I can only think to beat myself with a coathanger. [...]. Actually teary now. I don't want to lose this through my own stupidity.
I reassured my broken lill sketch bitch:
You were just careless, there was no ill intent. I remain very fond of you. Nonetheless, careless little boys need to be punished... [...] make sure it's done properly.
lill jo took that coat hanger to his bare backside, and here are the results, round 2.

Dear Ms Julie, 
Attached is my respanking with wire coathanger (over a wooden paddled base spanking) as required and deserved. I think I did 60 or 70 coathanger swipes and I made sure to attention my thighs. I have never used a coathanger before and yes it did hurt a LOT more. [...] I have to admit I felt like I really deserved this as I have been so careless and inconsiderate of you. 
Thank you for taking the time to punish me so properly Ma'am. [...]

lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo

Once again, lets all take a good close look at what happens to careless little boys. Paddled, welted, deeply plugged, pantied like a little bitch, bare penis and pee hole on full public display. I hope you are very proud of yourself, lill jo.

As a continuous and ongoing reminder of his unfaithfulness,  I would like to run a contest to name my sketch slut. Here are some suggestions to vote on. Other suggestions are welcome. I will choose whichever I please and he will sign all online correspondence from his sketch persona in this manner in future, no matter whom he is addressing:
  1. lill (Ms. Julie's sketch bitch) jo
  2. lill (Ms. Julie's cheatin' slut sketch bitch) jo
  3. lill (Ms. Julie's skanky sketch whore) jo
and so on. You get the idea. It will be his brand forever more, so please be creative and help me teach him a lesson he will NEVER be allowed to forget.

Tuesday, June 11

Personal Trainer: Introductory Session

I mentioned last time (Personal Trainer: third time lucky) how I had set up david with a new personal trainer who, completely unbeknownst to him, is also a pro domme on the side. My evil plan as she and I call it!

Well, we had our first introductory session on Friday around 7:00 pm. She and I had agreed in advance to play the first one low key.

We arranged to meet at our house. She rang the doorbell and I sent david to open it. I had already dressed david in his workout outfit. She came dressed in her Lulus and carrying a yoga mat. I could tell that david was pleased with her youth and her appearance. She is small, but looks very strong, and has an engaging personality. As she shook his hand she said "so you're my new victim, are you?" with a smile.

She started by telling david about her experience and qualifications. Then she turned to me and asked me about his current diet and exercise habits. Ha Ha! I gave it to her straight about his crappy diet and how slack he was regarding regular exercise. "Would you say that's pretty accurate?" she asked him. "Yes Ma'am" he said. Beautiful! He was already Ma'am'ing her and she's at least 10 years younger than him.

Then she turned back to me and asked me about my fitness goals for him. She and I discussed and we agreed that we wanted to put on some muscle and get him to a target body fat percentage of 15% with a six months schedule for getting him there.

I told her that what's worked for him in the past was for him to produce a weekly report detailing everything he eats (calories, protein and carbs counted), all the exercise he did (with calories burned estimates), and a daily weigh-in (weight, fat % according to the Tanita scale, and waist measurement). She said that would be fantastic, and david agreed to commit to doing that (he knows it's good for him).

Then she got quite strict with him. She said she would let him choose his own foods for the first couple of weeks and she would monitor it. But if she didn't like what she was seeing, she would be setting his diet for him, and he WOULD NOT like that at all.

david then offered to show her around the house, including the big flight of stairs, the family room that can be cleared out for a big free space, and the basement home gym. They returned to the living room, and she said they would start out in the family room.

Now, her bag was right there and she could have easily picked it up herself, but instead she looked down at the bag, looked up at him, and said, "bring my bag", a bit impatiently. She stood there, standing over it, as he picked it up and carried it to the family room. Ha!

I hung around a bit, just to see what they were doing. I didn't quite know what she was going to do with him on the kinky side, and was a bit curious!

They started out with some yoga. She didn't tell him what they were doing, but it was actually Sun Salutations.

The first one she demonstrated for him. She's a sexy little bundle for sure. She stuck her tight little ass right in his face demonstrating downwards facing dog! She was also very accomplished.

Then she had him go through one. She corrected his form in a very hands-on fashion. She even stuck her hand on his butt, and grabbed his hips with both hands, and pushed him around a little! Remember, david is not at all in on this, and so was expecting a boring vanilla trainer.

Then she had him do five in a row, with her doing them beside him. They were very cute together. She breezed through them, and poor david was already sweating!

Then they went down to the gym together. I could hear her pushing him through five minutes of pretty intense cardio, and then various exercises.

They came back up about fifteen minutes later. She told me she had a pretty good idea where he was at, and they would start in earnest on Wednesday. I asked her about him. She said he was pretty weak, but that she would fix that. He could only do five proper, deep, slow, tricep push-ups before collapsing, and she thought that was a pretty poor showing, especially for a man. She did compliment me and him on his attitude though, and said she was worried he would be whiny and uncooperative but that he did everything she told him to "like a good little boy." I told her that I had him trained pretty well, and she said "I can see that."

I told david to pay her, and told him how much. He didn't bat an eyelash. After she left the first thing he said was "that's pretty expensive, isn't it?" I told him him she charges a premium because she is the best at what she does, and we were lucky to have her.

david commented about the touching also. He joked that he was feeling very "girl-handled", sexually harassed, that it made him feel very uncomfortable, and that he loved it! He had never done yoga before, and I told him that was pretty normal (and in case you're wondering, it's not!).

He then said, "she's pretty strict, isn't she?" I told him I suppose she is, but aren't they all? "Do you think she might, you know, go in for a bit of spanking at all?"

I pretended to be disgusted with him: "Oh david! You only ever have one thing on your mind! No she's not into spanking you! She's a very highly respected personal trainer and don't you dare suggest it to her!"

He looked chastened.

What a muffin-head! Ha!

Saturday, June 8

Personal Trainer: third time lucky

So far david has had two in-home personal trainers. The first left town, and the second did not work out. So this time, I took matters into my own hands. This time I wanted to start with somebody who was kinky first, and a professional personal trainer second, rather than take a chance on a vanilla lady getting into it.

Why you ask?

I want david to stay fit, and he has been getting out of shape lately. Don't get me wrong. I don't care at all what he looks like. But I do want him to live a nice long life and be full of energy when we are older, and if he starts slipping now I'm worried about what will happen when he's in his forties or fifties.

I believe you need to get into the habit of being fit when you're young, and then just keep it up as you get older.

I do it, and so should he.

The trick with david is motivation. He has all the knowledge he needs to eat well and exercise well, he just goes into long periods where he doesn't do what he knows he ought to. It's like the old joke: "She's real good at quitting smoking, she's done it five times." Same with david and getting in shape. He's really good at it because he's done it many times now (both before I knew him and after). Enough is enough!

So what motivates david? I think we all know the answer to that: the possibility of spankings from another woman in front of me is a HUGE turn on for him.

When we were working on his previous personal trainers, trying to get them to be a little more kinky, david was really excited and looking forward to each training session. When the second one turned out to be very vanilla, it got very boring for him, he lost patience and interest, and she had to go (she was doing no good, and it was just getting argumentative). She was a real beauty, but beauty without kink is ho-hum for my boy.

No chance of a spanking? Ho hum.

As I've mentioned several times on my blog, david is not submissive to me in real life. He is submissive when I scene him. But he can be stubborn and pig-headed at other times. When he gets like that, I don't want to even reward him with a scening. I believe more in the carrot approach to motivation, not the stick (in david's case, the stick is the carrot, so it's complicated!)

So what he needs to keep him motivated is for his personal training sessions to have the possibility of getting kinky and exciting for him, of fulfilling his fantasies. If the whole fitness thing can be turned into one big "scene", then he will obey and get himself into shape.

There were two approaches possible. Find a personal trainer who we can make kinky, or find a kinky lady who can also do personal training. I tried the former and it did not work out, so I decided I would need to go for the latter to ensure success, but where to start?

Remember the Pro Domme david and I visited? I reached out to her by email and asked  if she knew of anybody in her field who happened also to be a qualified personal trainer? I figure these girls need to stay fit for their jobs, so just maybe she would know of such a person. To my surprise I got an answer back, and a name and a number!

I phoned her up and left a message on her voice mail indicating the general idea of what I wanted her to do:
Hi, my name is Julie. I got your number from Mistress xxx. I am looking for an in-home personal trainer for my husband, but who is also willing to give him the occasional spanking to keep it interesting for him. He's a kinky boy, and this will really help keep him motivated to train hard. If you're interested at all, please give me a call back at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you!
To my immense surprise, I got a call back the next day and I was able to speak with her in person. She said that her friend had asked her about it before she sent on her contact info to me, and she really liked the idea. We agreed to get together for lunch to discuss it at greater length. Naturally, I was keeping david utterly in the dark as this was going on.

She an I met at a discreet downtown lunch spot (my treat, of course). I asked for an out of the way table so we wouldn't be overheard!

I liked her a lot. She is younger than I and very well qualified and experienced on the personal training front. She was also very complimentary about me going out of my way to arrange this for my husband. Apparently I am "one in million". We agreed on a fee, which was a bit pricier than what I had been paying the other trainers, but I thought was still good value for money. It was not anywhere near what we paid for a real pro domme session. She stuck closer to personal training rates, but with a bit extra for the domination aspect.

We discussed my thinking on motivating david. She initially thought that I thought that the spankings would be something he wanted to avoid and so would do as he was told. I told her that was not my intention at all. That he was a kinky boy and anything kinky would be a reward for him, not a punishment. But for it to appeal to his fantasy, we needed to pretend that it was "punishment". A little of that would keep him coming back for more, and if she dommed him, he would do as he was told just because he was being told in a forceful way with the "threat" of a spanking held over him.

She understood all this, and was a bit relieved as this way she could keep it lighter and more fun, and concentrate on the training aspects throwing in just enough "punishment" to have him coming back for more. Perfect.

She wanted to discuss limits and boundaries with me, and basically we agreed that smacks to the ass and legs were fine, clothed or unclothed, implements or not. I also told her that if she wanted to use his nudity or feminine clothes to humiliate him during  the training, that would be fine also. I basically told her there was to be no nudity or sex on her part (she wholeheartedly agreed!), and that I was reserving his cock, balls, and up inside his asshole for me, but she could have the run of anything else.  I think that she was impressed that I knew my mind so well and spoke it!

She also asked about how experienced he was and how much he could take. I described one of my more epic beatings and she seemed impressed. Ha Ha!

Most importantly, I told her we would be playing it "straight". I would be introducing her as david's new personal trainer to replace the last one, and we would not talk about anything of this with david. She and I agreed we would have some glorious fun with him. We ended on a more serious note, talking about his exercise and eating habits. She was pretty appalled with what I told her!

After this was all arranged, that evening I told david that I had found him a new in-home personal trainer, and that he was GOING TO do it and he was GOING TO get into shape! He agreed (he knew it was coming: only a matter of time until I found him a new girl).

"Any chance she's kinky at all?" he asked me. Ha!

"I have no earthly idea," I fibbed to him, "but she is an experienced trainer who comes highly recommended, and that should be good enough for you."

He looked very crestfallen at that.

"But," I went on, "she and I did talk about your diet, and she used the word 'childish' to sum it up."

I sat down next to him on the couch and put my hand on the crotch of his pants. He had stiffened slightly. "You want to be treated like a child by her, don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am" he said, stiffening more.

"Go bring me your hairbrush." I whispered in his ear.