Saturday, January 28

An Odd Request

I probably shouldn't blog about this. It would be very embarrassing for david for you all to know his slutty little sexual preferences. Oh well. He's my slut, I'll blog about what I want concerning him.

We were watching TV at night and I told david I'm going to bed. He looked up at me and asked "take me to bed?"

I took him by the hand and led him around, like a little boy, as I put the house to bed.

We got to the bedroom and he bent himself over the bed. I smiled and smacked his bottom a couple of times.

With his head buried in the bed sheets he asked "could you..."


"Could you, please... use your hand?"

"I suppose I could"

"With a dildo up my bottom?"

"Bad boy!"

I went to the bathroom to get ready. While I was away he stripped and bent himself over some pillows. He stuck his cock and balls up behind his thighs and closed his legs tightly. What a sight!

"Really? Like that?" I asked.

"Yes. Please." He said.

"I'm going to have to spank you first." I told him.

"Ok" he said, as if he had a choice.

Before I started spanking him I got some baby oil from the bedside drawer and let it flow onto his lewdly exposed cock, balls, and ass; and massaged the oil in.

When he was glistening, I got a wooden paddle from the bedside drawer and started smacking his ass. I was careful not to hit his balls though they were a tempting target. I did squeeze them a bit with one hand as I spanked him with the other.

I put some nice colour in his cheeks. He moaned nicely. As he was squirming from the smacks he let his slippery cock and balls fall back between his legs.  I scolded him and he quickly put them back where they belonged. I told him to make sure he keeps his legs pressed tightly together or he'll be getting a long hard belt whipping instead of a handjob from me tonight. I spanked him some more.

When his butt was nicely pinked I put my paddle away and went back to massaging his cheeks, his cock, and his balls.

"You won't forget the dildo?" He asked.

"How silly of me."  I had forgotten it.

I got my largest dildo and some lube. I poured some lube onto his asshole and massaged it into his anus. I finger fucked him. Then I put some more lube onto the dildo, and pushed it in. He moaned like a woman as he was penetrated.

I got some more oil and started rubbing his penis with my right hand as I played with his dildo and balls with my left.

He was moaning and humping the pillows as I hand-jobbed his cock from behind.

I said, "You know you should be ashamed of yourself. Imagine if my sister could see you like this."

He moaned and stuck his ass up higher. He liked that kind of talk.

"Should I have Sue over and show you to her like this?"

"no..." he said, moaning and humping.

"I think I should. I'll make you explain to her how you like it. And then we'll come up here and you'll give her a demonstration."

"no... oh no... no please..."

"Oh yes you will. You'll stick your cock and balls out like this and beg me for your rubbing. I'll oblige and rub your naughty slutty cock until you explode down the backs of your legs."

"no no no"

"Maybe I'll ask Sue to give your cock its milking instead of me?"


"Yes! You'll cum like a slut in my sister's hand."

As I rubbed, he put his hands up against the headboard and his feet flutter-kicked the bed, bending only from his knees to keep his cock and balls from falling back between his legs. He knew I was serious about the belt whipping. Besides, he enjoys kicking like that, showing off what a little girl he can be.

"Maybe more than just my sister? Maybe Anne and Patricia would enjoy seeing what a slut you are? Or that little dental hygienist you're so fond of? Hmmm?"

"Oh... No... Oh.... Oh!!!!!"

He shot his load down his legs. The first spurt was unusually large and went almost down to his ankles. The remaining spurts creamed his thighs down to his knees. He screamed as he came and shook the headboard with the palms of his hands. I'll bet he'll be hard in his pants and blush like a girl the next time he gets his teeth cleaned!

"Don't move" I told him.

I went to get a warm washcloth to clean him up. He moaned in pleasure as I did that, as I cleaned the cum off his legs, as I cleaned the oil off his cock and balls. As I removed the dildo and used the washcloth to thoroughly clean his anus.

There. That's how my bad little boy likes to be gotten off. Isn't it humiliating for him that you know that?

Thursday, January 26

The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo (fiction by Julie)

david asked me if I would be interested in role play games with him. Hells yes! I loved acting in high school plays. It's fun pretending to be somebody else. He suggested strict nurse, or strict teacher, or some such nonsense. I thought we could get more creative than that.

We have just seen "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (Twice! once in Swedish on Blu-Ray, and then the uncannily similar thing from Hollywood on the big screen. I thought both were good but give the edge to Sweden.) If you have any interest in women dominating men, that is the movie for you! Even my plain vanilla friends are wildly cheering Lisbeth when she gets back at her rapist by tasering him, stripping him, putting him in bondage, shoving a dildo up his ass, literally kicking it in, and then tattooing "I Am A Rapist Pig" on his chest and belly. Go Lisbeth... I think... wow... gulp...

Anyways, I have a little butterfly tattoo on my lower tummy (I always joke that if a man gets that far, the butterfly points him home!) I wanted to role play a somewhat milder form that we called "The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo". I sat down with david, and we collaborated on the major plot points, wrote a little outline, studied our parts, got our props, and played our scene. It was fun! I even got to wield a big ass dull metal knife david has from some martial arts he does.

I have taken our role play, fleshed it out into a story, in the process rendering it into a fictionalized account for your reading (and my creative writing) pleasure. I was inspired by fiction dedicated to me from Clara's blog.  I hope you enjoy my first attempt at kinky femdom writing. It's very late, and I need to go to bed!

The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo
by Julie (with story ideas from david)

Julie Jameson looked at the paper in front of her in disbelief. Her paper did not deserve a 'D', It was an 'A' paper, 'A+' more likely! It had a note from Professor Smith beside the grade: 'See Me'. She certainly would.

After class, Julie emailed the professor to set up an appointment to discuss her grade. When he answered her that it would be most convenient if she dropped by his home office, Julie was instantly suspicious; however, she also knew exactly what to do.

Julie belonged to a sort of 'sorority'. Really a Cyber-Sorority of like-minded college-aged women banding together to make sure lecherous male Professors would not get away with sexual harassment of female students. Julie therefore had many resources and much online advice to draw upon, and prepared herself completely for her visit.

Julie showed up at the appointed hour at Professor Lecher's house. Unbeknownst to him, Julie was recording every word that was about to be spoken. She would play along until she had absolute incriminating evidence. Then his ass would be grass.

The Professor ordered her in. As Julie suspected, it soon became very clear to her that the only way she would get the grade she deserved was if she put out. Her sisters had prepared her well, however. She knew exactly what she needed him to say to make a legal case. It was going to be a bit humiliating until she got what she needed, but then, oh my!

All through the tiresome and predictable preambles Julie could not get what she needed. It came down to her having to play along. The Professor made her strip to only her little panties. For some reason the lech wanted her in her panties, not bare. He fondled her bare tits and her pantied ass. He made her spin around, bend over, dance and pose, and generally put on a bare-tittied panty show for him. All the while, Julie kept trying to get him to say what she needed. He got so close, but it was not quite enough, and she wanted to be sure to nail him completely.

"Nice little butterfly. Points right at your cunt, you slut!" said Professor Smith, referring to the little tattoo of the butterfly on Julie's abdomen.

The Professor then pulled her over to his couch, yanked her across his knees, and started slapping her ass saying "bad little girl". OMG, thought Julie, this pervert is into spanking ass! He wanted her to call him "daddy" and promise to be a "good little girl". Gross. Julie gritted her teeth and played along, lulling the pervert by doing exactly what he wanted, and even wiggling her tight ass provocatively as he whacked away at it. "Bad little sluts need their panties taken down," said Professor Pervert.

'Great,' thought Julie, who hoped it wouldn’t have to get this far. She was on her period and had a Tampax stuck up her vagina. Maybe it would turn him off.

Professor bared her butt and immediately caught sight of the feminine product up her pussy. "Is it that time of month?" he asked sarcastically as he tugged playfully on the Tampax string (tug a bit harder, bitch, thought Julie to herself, and you'll get a nice surprise on your pants).

"Bad, bad, girl. You're too little to play with Mommy's tampons. You need a good hard spanking from your daddy for being so naughty!" said the Professor as he renewed the ass-whacking, this time on her bare butt, while Julie squirmed and grimaced in pain. She tried waving her pussy in his face to hopefully get him to move on. This perverted ass slapping was killing her.

"Professor, Sir, can you please stop hitting my ass? I'll give you a blowjob or something. Then maybe you can give me the mark I deserve, ok?"

"To get the 'A' you deserve, you little slut, you not only have to take a good hard mouth fucking, but then I'm going to put you on your back, put your ankles in the air, pull out that tampon, and pound your slut pussy until you're too sore to get the tampon back in again. Then I'm going to bend you over and fuck you up that tight little asshole so hard you beg for another sore-pussy pounding. THEN, after you beg real nicely for that cunt banging like the dirty little whore you are, THEN you'll get the 'A' you deserve, on THIS paper. We'll have to see about the next one."

Bingo, thought Julie. Julie dropped his junk, stood up, and pulled her panties up. "Where are you going, bitch!?" demanded the Professor. "Need to get something, 'sir'." said Julie. Julie went to her bag, opened it, looked inside to make sure the digital tape recorder had captured the last minute, and then stopped the recording. She picked up a fucking vicious-looking 6-inch blade. She turned to the Professor with a six-inch knife in her hand, and started walking slowly towards him.

The look of panic in the Professor's eyes was priceless. He tried jamming his private parts back into his pants as he stumbled backwards, away from the wild-eyed student. He tripped backwards onto the couch and Julie quickly closed the distance, put a knee on his belly, and held the knife to the side of his neck. With her other hand she grabbed at his exposed ball sac and squeezed. "None of that's 'gonna happen, 'sir'. In fact, I'm going to make you my little bitch and see how you like that."

The Professor grabbed for Julie's knife hand. Julie squeezed his balls so hard he cried out in pain and tears ran down his face. "Let go of my hand, bitch, or I'll crush your balls to jelly." He let go of her hand. "Pull your pants down." The Professor squirmed out of his pants and underpants as Julie maintained her grip on his balls and kept the knife at his throat. "Kick them off. I want YOUR slut ass bare"

When he was bare from the waist down, Julie removed her knee from his stomach and grabbed a fistful of hair, keeping the knife at his throat. "Turn over, bitch!" The Professor turned over as Julie maintained the grip on his hair. Then she stood up, pulling the Professor by the hair with her, keeping the knife at his throat. "Over to my bag." They walked over. "Down on your belly, worm." The Professor got down, and Julie followed him, putting a knee on his lower back. Julie pulled out a set of handcuffs from the bag and snapped them onto his wrists. She then straddled his bare ass and used the knife to cut his fine shirt off him, baring him completely.

Julie dismounted and said. "Get up. Sit your ass on the couch."

Handcuffed and bare, the Professor did as he told, eyeing Julie and her dangerous-looking knife. Julie was still only in panties, her proud breasts bare, Amazonian in her power.

"What's your first name?" asked Julie.

"d…d…d…david" stammered Professor Smith.

"Actually, I don't care. I'll call you 'bitch'. So, do you enjoy sexually harassing powerless girls, bitch?"


"bullshit" said Julie as she stood, one foot up on his coffee table, staring at him. For a long time she said nothing, just fondled the knife. Then she started throwing the knife, tip down, into the Professor's wooden coffee table, again and again.

"You have something to say, bitch?" asked Julie, seeing his expression each time the tip of the knife embedded itself into his expensive coffee table.

"Well, ah, if you don’t mind not…"

"Shut up, bitch!" Julie continued tossing the knife.

After a while, Julie asked "So what's with the daddy's little girl whack my ass shit? I mean that's fucked up. That shit fucking stung. You know before I do anything else I have to get even with you for that shit. You know that, don't you?"

The Professor nodded.

"But I didn’t bring anything to beat your ass with. Where's your kitchen?" asked Julie.

The Professor glanced towards a door.

"Don't move, bitch, or I'll cut your balls off." warned Julie.

Julie went rummaging in the kitchen and found a largish hardwood spatula that looked like it could do some damage.

Julie came back into the room carrying the spatula. "Time for an ass beating, bitch!"

"no, please!" begged the Professor.

"Shut the fuck up!" said Julie as she sat beside him on the couch, grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him across her knees. With his hands cuffed behind him he had little say in the matter.

"So you like spanking ass, eh? Let's see how you like this." said Julie as she started beating at his bare ass with the heavy wooden spatula. Julie did not "warm him up" or anything of the sort, she started in on the beating hitting his ass as hard as she humanly could with the heavy wooden spatula. The Professor immediately started screaming in pain.

"Yeah! Scream, bitch, scream. It's fucking music to my ears!" Julie continued the merciless ass-beating, until she was in lather. "You like that shit you mother-fucking perverted bitch?!?" The Professor struggled mightily, but Julie easily held him across her knee by his manacled wrists. Once her arm was done, she pushed him away from her, rolling him off her knees and dumping him unceremoniously onto the floor at her feet. "That's one fucked up ass, Professor Bitch," said Julie, flushed and breathless at the intense beating she had just doled out.

The Professor sobbed into the carpet, his face turned away from Julie, his bare beaten ass displayed to her. His ass was indeed fucked up. Where it wasn't an angry red it was black and blue. The marks would not fade for several weeks, she judged.

"Wittle Baby cwying from his spanky?" mocked Julie. She went to him, grabbing him again by the hair and making him look up at her, the knife again at his neck. "Say, 'I been a bad wittle boy and deserved the spanky mommy gave me.' Say It!"

The Professor looked up at his student's eyes, her bare breasts prominently visible above him. "Say It!" screamed Julie, as the knife cut his skin.

" been a bad wittle boy and deserved the spanking mommy gave me!" said david, terrified at the small cut and trickle of blood he felt running down his neck.

"Yes. That's right you little fucking bitch. You do what I tell you," stated Julie.

"Yes. Yes" said the Professor.

"Yes, fucking, Miss, you worthless piece of shit." corrected Julie.

"Yes Miss. YES MISS!" said the Professor.

"Good. I think we understand one another." said Julie. "Go sit that beaten ass back down on the couch." The Professor did as he was told, grimacing in ass-cheek pain as he moved and sat.

"Now, bitch, I need you to listen to something." said Julie as she went to her bag to get the recorder. Hitting the play button, the Professor heard his own words played back for him:

"To get the 'A' you deserve, you little slut, you not only have to take a good hard mouth fucking, but then I'm going to put you on your back, put your ankles in the air, pull out that tampon, and pound your slut pussy until you're too sore to get the tampon back in again. Then I'm going to bend you over and fuck you up that tight little asshole so hard you beg for another sore-pussy pounding. THEN, after you beg real nicely for that cunt banging like the dirty little whore you are, THEN you'll get the 'A' you deserve, on THIS paper. We'll have to see about the next one."

"No!" wailed the Professor in disbelief.

"Oh yeah. Your ass is grass, bitch!"

"Please don't send that to anybody! I'll do anything!" begged the Professor.

"I know you will. First though, we need to make sure this is safe…" Julie walked to the Professor's desktop computer. "What's the password, bitch?"

"spankpussy. One word." He answered.

"Pervert." Julie plugged the digital recorder into the USB slot of the computer, transferred the audio file to the hard drive, and then emailed it off the premises. "All safe and sound." She said.

"That file is now with a girlfriend of mine who knows exactly where I am. If she doesn’t hear from me, she's calling the cops and broadcasting that clip. Do you get it?"

"yes, Miss"

"Stand up and turn around." She walked behind him and uncuffed his wrists. "Fuck. Look at those bruises. I did a number on that ass! Now sit on it again, bitch."

The Professor sat.

"This is how it's 'gonna work" started Julie. "Me and my girl-pals, we have a sort of club, you might call it. We take care of each other, and take care of your kind of shit. We've sentenced you to a punishment. If you take it, then you're on probation for five years. After five years of good behaviour, we destroy the evidence."

"Five Years?!?" exclaimed the Professor.

"Shut up, bitch," answered Julie.

"What's the punishment?" asked the Professor.

"It doesn’t matter. But I will say that you won’t be injured and you'll be able and free to work. We won’t cut off your balls, in case you were wondering, unless you give us a reason to," clarified Julie. "But you won't be getting off easy, either. And probation can be a bitch! After all, your ass should be in jail for ten to twenty, and I guarantee it will be, if you don’t take your punishment from me and my girls. Oh, and you should know, we've recruited into our club a couple of former students of yours, Marny Kennedy and June Warren, ring a bell?"

Professor Smith paled. The two girls Julie had named were both girls he had forced to fuck for grades.

"You'll be happy to hear that Marny and June have both agreed to be probation officers for you. So what will it be, bitch? Take it from me, or take it from the Judge. Oh, and if you decide to take it from the Judge, we might still decide to fuck it all and cut off your balls anyways."

"I'll accept the punishment from you," Said david

"Then time to get dressed, bitch. The punishment fits the crime, you nasty little sexual harasser. We intend to have you experience what you put women through first hand. I brought a sexy bra, panties, stockings, garter, and fuck-me heels for you to wear. We need you to feel like a woman before what happens next."

David reluctantly started dressing in the humiliating feminine garb. He thought to himself that if this was the worst of it, it wouldn't be so bad.

Meanwhile Julie also dressed herself, putting on a spandex top and shorts. Over the shorts she put on a large and intimidating strap-on dildo. She then pulled a WebCam from her bag, and hooked it up to the Professor's computer. She then set it up to broadcast the images and sounds from the room.

"Now, how are you coming with your lingerie, bitch?"

David saw the strap-on dildo, and started sweating. He was starting to get the picture of what his punishment would entail. He didn’t like it one bit, but he figured he was still getting off easy. And he'd figure out some way of getting even with these sluts.

"Oh God. Pathetic. Get the seams of your stockings straight at least, and make sure your garters are hanging nice and straight. Get your heels on now. Stand up straight. You don’t have your frilly little red bra on yet. Put it on. No. No. The right way. Reach behind you and fasten it properly. Inspection time. Let's see. Not bad. Not bad at all. A bit of makeup needed. Pout nicely. There, some bright red lipstick goes nice. Bat your eyes closed. A little eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. Now just a bit of blush on your cheeks. Very nice. You make a pretty little girl, you know. Are you ready for the show?"


Julie clicked a key on the computer.

"And we are live! Hi ladies! Welcome to the next episode of bitch Professors who sexually harass their students! This little lady standing here is Professor David Smith of the Geography Department of BumFuck University. Professor Smith has attempted sexual harassment on three women that we positively know of, and God knows how many we don’t know of. As you'll hear on the accompanying recording, Professor Smith has a particularly foul mouth, and obviously likes to give it rough. As a new twist this time around, Professor Smith has developed a fetish for ass beatings, pretending he's 'daddy' and smacking his 'little girl's' bottom against her will. Delightful, I know. Turn around, and pull those panties down in back, bitch, let our audience see that marked up ass of yours. As you can see, ladies, I've already given him his punishment for that little bit of perversion, but for you probation officers out there, remember that he likes beating girls' asses against their wills, so I would suggest a good hard ass beating on every visit. Pull your panties up, bitch, and get down on your knees."

"The first thing our big, bad sexual harasser wanted was a blowjob. No, more than that. What did you say on your recording? Oh yes, you wanted me to 'take a good, hard mouth fucking' to get the grade I actually deserve. Well let's pretend I'm the sexual harasser and you’re the sweet innocent little girl he's taking advantage of. You certainly look the part, and I seem to have the necessary equipment! So let’s get busy, bitch! Time for a good hard mouth fucking. Open up. Open wide. Purse your lips. I don’t want any teeth on my dick. Nice lipstick. You're turning me on. Hold still. Get ready. Get ready for your mouth fucking. And in it goes! Woooh!"

David gagged as Julie's big cock penetrated deeply into his mouth and down his throat. Julie grabbed the back of his head, and started thrusting into and out of his mouth, banging the butterfly on her abdomen into his forehead over and over again while her large cock penetrated his mouth. After pounding his face for a full minute, she let up. The Professor gasped for air. Drool was dribbling all down his chin, soaking the floor.

"Now work it, bitch. And if I don’t think you’re trying I'll throat-fuck you again."

David worked his mouth up and down the length of the dildo. He did not want another throat fucking. He thought he would die from the first one!

"I'm losing my patience, bitch! You can do better than that. Remember a porno you watched and pretend you’re the girl in it. Let's see it."

David thought back to a pornographic video he had seen and became more energetic on Julie's dick, bobbing up and down, slurping loudly, licking with his tongue, taking the balls into his mouth, and so on.

"Good bitch!" said Julie. "What do you say, girls?" asked Julie to the webcam, can this slut give head or what?" On a hundred computer screens around the world, the girls could only agree. They revelled in the sight of this sexual harasser on his knees, humiliated in feminine lingerie, being forced to give head, completely against his will, to one of his female students. Sweet justice and more to come!

"Now what's next, bitch?" asked Julie. "What did you say I would have had to take next?"

"a… a… fucking in your pussy?" asked David.

"I believe it was a 'pounding' to my 'slut pussy', but close enough. But what am I going to do with you? You were born with that birth defect you call a cock. No pussy to fuck. Have you any suggestions what I can pound with my big fat dildo, bitch, in place of a pussy?"

"my… asshole?" enquired David.

"Right the first time, bitch, I'm impressed. University-grade intellect. Get on your back, straighten your legs and grab your ankles. I want those legs nice and high, braniac."

When David was in the required position, Julie pulled the panties up to around his ankles, and looped them around his shoes to tie him up a bit. David's ass and asshole became visible, as were his shrivelled cock and balls.

"Time for your pussy pounding!" said Julie as she knelt in front of him. Using only the lubrication supplied by his own mouth from giving the dildo head, she pushed the tip up against his anus and then drove it to the hilt in one firm thrust, eliciting an ear-splitting scream. Julie then pushed back on his upraised legs, practically bending him double, as she proceeded to give him the pussy-pounding he had intended she receive.

"please ahhhhh, ahhhh, not so hard! Please! Please!"

"shut up, bitch, and take it." Said Julie.

"Not so deep! Please!" begged David.

"Balls deep, bitch, it's the only way I ride!"

"nooooo!" wailed David as he received his pussy-pounding medicine in front of the webcam audience.

After an eternity, Julie pulled out and then pulled david to his feet. She conducted him over to the couch, and bent him over the back of it.

"What's next, bitch?" asked Julie.

"No please. You've already done that. Please no!"

"I asked what's next, bitch?" reiterated Julie.

"An ass fucking!" wailed david.

"Exact words, bitch?"

"I don’t know!" said david.

"Your exact words were, 'Then I'm going to bend you over and fuck you up that tight little asshole so hard you beg for another sore-pussy pounding'. And you also called it a 'cunt banging'. Hey, your choice of words, not mine."

Julie jammed the dildo up his back passage good and hard, and continued his public punishment.

"Please stop, please!" begged david.

"What do you have to say to get me to stop, bitch? You know. I just told you." Said Julie.

"Oh God. Please Miss, please may I have another, p...p…pussy pounding?"

"No. Another 'sore-pussy pounding'." Corrected Julie.

"Please Miss, please may I have another, sore-pussy pounding?!?" said the increasingly frantic david.

"What else".

"Please may I have a cunt banging, Miss?"

"Wow. I didn’t think you would want another after that last one, but ok." Teased Julie. "On your back again, legs up."

"Oh God!" wailed david, doing as he was told.

The missionary style pussy-pounding cunt-banging was repeated once again, using his oh so sore asshole as a surrogate once again.

David was then hauled up and made to stand facing the camera, panties at his ankles, his makeup running.

Julie addressed the camera. "So here we have Professor Smith, dressed as a whore and fucked like one against his will. So Professor, what do you think of forcing women to have sex against their will now?"

"it's not good" said the Professor.

"No it's not, is it. And will you ever be doing that again?"

"No Miss, I promise I won't. I swear it!"

"Well, that ends another episode of bitch Professors who sexually harass their students. But that doesn’t end the Professor's punishment, does it ladies? No indeed. Check back to the site to see how the rest is coming along. See you later, babes!" With that, Julie walked over to the computer and shut down the broadcast.

"What do you mean that that's not all the punishment?" asked david worriedly.

"You have a month of penance that I'll describe, a little appointment I need you to keep to get something done, and then if you do that, the punishment is over and the probation can start." explained Julie.

"What penance?" enquired david.

"First a gag in you. We don't need to hear you during penance. And then I want your wrists tied behind you. Like that. Won’t want you accidentally reaching forward. Come over to this wall. Put your little high-heeled feet here. Now bend forward and hold up this quarter against the wall with your nose. That's it. And then I have a tampon here. You were having a little fun before with mine, so a Tampaxing is going to be part of your penance. It goes right… up… here!" There we go!

"This is your penance pose. Every day for a month you need to get home before 7pm. Gag yourself. Put a fresh Tampax up your ass. Dress yourself up in your hose, garters, heels, bra and panties, and then you hold that pose. I'll put a mark on the floor for your feet and another for your nose. When I'm not here, you pull down your own panties and you hold your hands behind your back. Before you start, there's an app you start on your computer so that the webcam can broadcast it. We'll be checking on you.

"I also have a timer here. We set it for three hours of penance, starting right now."

"mmmmmm!" exclaimed david.

"And if you drop the quarter or move from position, you need to add fifteen extra minutes to the timer.

"And remember, it's a full thirty-one days of penance, with today being day one. You can expect to be extremely sore by the end of your three hours. That's what we want. It's punishment, and it's in female lingerie to remind you of what you are being punished for.

"Now, while you're doing your first penance, I'll explain the final part of your punishment. I'm sticking a card into your bra cup. It's a card for a tattoo parlour. You ask for Clara. You go there wearing the lingerie you're in now under your clothes, and your tampon, of course. Then she's going to give you a pretty tattoo on your left butt cheek that I've designed for you.

"The parlour has little areas towards the back. You'll be in one of those. You strip to your bra, panties, garter and hose. Then hop up face down on Clara's table. She'll pull your panties off and you'll have to spread your legs so she can get between your cheeks for my tattoo. You'll look so pretty in your frilly bra, and the garters and stocking will frame your ass so nicely for Clara's work. And of course you'll look so silly with a tampon in there! There are curtains that can close off the area from curious onlookers. You won't be having any of those. I want everybody in the store to see you getting your tattooing on that bruised little ass of yours, and see you in your lingerie and tampax and know what a sissy slut you are.

"I'll be leaving you now, but be sure to think of me whenever you look at your ass in the mirror for the rest of your life!"

Sunday, January 22

Impromptu Shopping Trip

On Saturday, david and I had just had a bit of early dinner downtown and were walking through a big shopping mall when I saw a little lingerie boutique in the mall and could not resist. I turned to david and said, "let's go!" He was all, "oh no," not expecting this turn of events. He knew we would not be shopping for me. Ha Ha!

I scoped the place and spotted my "victim" right away. It was a young and fit looking salesgirl with almost a full sleeve of body art, and a couple of facial piercings. She looked very sure of herself, even from a distance. Looked totally out of place in a lingerie shop, I must say.

I walked up to her and told her I needed to buy a few pairs of panties for my man here. This did not seem to phase her one bit. Downtown boutique, I suppose! The next bit I made up, basically on the spot. I said that we were recently married and I had just caught him in our bedroom, trying on a pair of my panties. I told her I did not mind at all, but I might have, and you would think that would be the sort of thing a guy might tell you before you got married? I didn’t want him ruining my panties, so I thought I should buy him a few pairs of his own for prancing in. If he's a little embarrassed in the process, well that's just a bit of payback, now isn't it?

The girl just smirked a little, and went to the appropriate rack. She knelt down and started sorting through them. She and I discussed sizes and styles, and picked out three frilly pairs for him. david said not a word throughout.

I thanked her profusely and went to the checkout, my man in tow. The lady at the cashier was also young, but more conventional in her personal style. As she was sorting through them, she pointed out that one of them was a different size than the others. These two were XL, but this one was XS. So it was! Oops. Our original girl got back involved and made the swap for us. Poor david just wanted out by now!

Now, the whole store was only the size of one small room, so absolutely nothing in any of our interactions could possibly have been missed by any of the staff, or by the two other customers (both young women) in the shop, although they studiously avoided any overt sign of interest.

As the cashier started wrapping them up I told her that I would like for david to wear one of the panties home. You would think that would be a very peculiar request, and I was expecting a rejection. Instead, much to my surprise, she acted as if I had asked for the most natural thing in the world. She said "He can use one of our change rooms if you like." Wow. Sure, I said. She asked which pair did I want? I made a point of studying all three, and picked one. She set that one aside and wrapped the other two and placed them in a little bag. I paid.

The cashier then led the way to the change rooms, just at the back of the store. There was a little corridor with three change rooms each having a full length door. I grabbed david by the hand and walked him over. She opened one of the rooms for us, and I told david to go in and change into his panties. My was he blushing!

The cashier excused herself and went back to the front. I could see the other patrons and the salesgirls watching me out of the corner of their eyes. david emerged from the change rooms. I asked him for his underpants, please. He sheepishly fished them out of his coat pocket and gave them to me. I held them out to inspect quickly, and then put them into the little bag. "Come on then!" I told him and walked him out of the store.

On the way past the first salesgirl, I thanked her, and told her that maybe he had learnt a lesson about being honest with me? She just smiled again, and didn’t say anything. Then I turned to him, right in front of the salesgirl, with the cashier not five feet away, and the other patrons cocking an ear in our direction, and in a very normal voice I said "and I'm going to spank you in those panties as soon as I get you home!"

Then we skedaddled out of there double time! God, my heart was pounding! I am always afraid in these situations that somehow we will get arrested, but all my little public outings have so far gone off without a hitch, and with everybody involved seeming to enjoy themselves (except david, his reactions are not quite so simple to describe!).

We were both giddy when we got out of there. It was a big game, and david's heart was also pounding. However, I was true to my word, and as soon as I got him home, I told him I had made a promise in front of all those girls in the shop, and I just couldn't let them down, so I took him over my knee and gave him a fine spanking. Over his panties, and then with them down.

Now what's remarkable to me is all those young women in the shop listening in on that and watching that, and not saying a word, but obviously enjoying it. I was in a bit of a haze, but I counted at least six women. They all acted as if it was the most natural thing in the world for a husband to be pantied by his wife and then spanked at home. I am thinking there will be a lot more dommie women in the not so distant future!

Tuesday, January 17

My Sister and a good Toothbrushing!

As I recounted in my Writing Lines post, my sister Sue was over for dinner last weekend, and we were both all geared up to do something naughty with david when he blew it by deliberately acting up to "earn" himself a spanking. I made him write lines instead, which made him a very unhappy boy (mainly because he missed out on getting dommed by us in a more substantial fashion).

When I spoke with Sue afterwards she said she was disappointed she did not get to spank him. I told her that if she wanted to spank him, she has my complete permission to just go ahead and do it. She said she wouldn’t feel right doing that. So I dared her to initiate a spanking herself and not to worry about it so much. I challenged her to surprise me, and told her I will love watching it, whatever she chooses to do.

The upshot of this was that Sue came over this past Sunday, and did indeed spank david, although it was a pretty meagre spanking by my standards. Fortunately, I had some more, ahem, "interesting" ways to discipline david planned for after Sue was done with him.

As it happened, Sue had me worried she wasn't going to do anything by waiting practically all evening. In fact, she waited until the exact same time as last week, just as we finished up dinner and david was getting up to clear (I suspected she might do something then, so I had not given up all hope).

She told david to hold up a moment. She said that last week she and I wound up clearing dishes while he was writing lines. She asked him if I had punished him for that yet?  He said that writing out lines was the punishment. Sue disagreed. She said writing out the lines was punishment for deliberately misbehaving, not a punishment for not actually clearing. Looking it up now, david's exact lines were.
I must not try to manipulate my wife and her sister into giving me a spanking by deliberately misbehaving.
So she was absolutely right. Point Susan! I guess she was paying attention. More than david who wrote it out 200 times, anyways!

She went on to ask him if he thought that it was fair that he did not receive a punishment for making us do his work? david said she was right, it was not fair.

"How does Julie usually punish you for something like this?" She asked him. I was entertained. I wasn't going to jump in and answer. I was wondering what he would say.

"She usually gives me a spanking with the hairbrush," he said in a soft voice, barely audible. Aha! His old friend the hairbrush. That's what he first asked me to spank him with. I guess he still kinks out over that.

"Then you better go get me the hairbrush." Sue said, as if speaking to an infant.

david made a cute little "ohhhh" noise and then went upstairs to get the hairbrush. Sue gave me a look and asked "is that ok?" I told her "you go, girl!"

david came back and handed Sue the hairbrush. She took it from him, smacked her palm with it, and said "pull down your pants, leave your underwear up."  david dropped his trousers. He had on his boys underwear and his shirttails covered those up. Sue pushed her dining room chair away from the table and said, "go on, get across my knee." david draped himself submissively across her knee. This was great!

Sue sort of flicked up his shirttails in what I can only describe as a nervous gesture. Then she rested the hairbrush on the small of his back and very delicately, with thumb and first finger of either hand, peeled his undies down to just beneath his bum. Yes!  Then she picked up the hairbrush and started spanking his bare bottom with the back of the wooden brush.

I know that brush can do some damage, but once again Sue's spanking was way too gentle, and david just lay there across her lap not really reacting at all to it. But I really did not want to say anything, as Sue initiating a spanking of david, and a pants-downer to boot, was just great in my books. I was certainly not going to criticize her at all!

Before very long she was done. She pulled his undies back up his bottom and said "I hope you've learnt a lesson". david stood up, pulled up his pants, and said very nicely "yes ma'am", although he had not learnt any lesson at all from that tiny little spanking! Well I was planning on adding some more myself, and that's when david helped me out considerably.

Sue asked him if he was going to be happy about clearing the dishes now? david gave an answer that had both of us incredulous. He said "Well, I won’t ever be happy about it..."

What! I thought. Was he trying again to manipulate us? Unbelievable if so! "Exactly what do you mean by that?" I jumped in and asked him directly, ready to put a stop to things and have him write out those same punishment lines from last week, only this time until his fingers bled! "I mean, I'll do it, I'm just not going to enjoy it, of course, but I'll do it because I have to." He was looking very panicked as he said this, seeing the look in my eye (I was always good at "that look" when I'm mad, even before I started spanking him).

I calmed down and thought things through. I know david, and on balance I didn’t think he was trying to manipulate us. It's just the way his brain works. His statement may have been strictly true in his mind, but it is hardly the right attitude. He can say very stupid things and insist they are "logical".

No, I told him patiently, you enjoy clearing the dishes because you enjoy knowing that Sue and I can relax. He said yes, that was what he meant. I told him that was not what he said, I very much doubted that was what he meant, and what he did say displayed a very poor attitude. I asked Sue if she agreed with me, and she said she absolutely did. Turned out I didn’t need to truck out any of david's other misdeeds during the week to justify punishing him as he had just got himself into a whole heap of trouble all by himself.

I told him I didn’t think he had learnt his lesson at all from Sue's spanking, and he needed another spanking, much more strict and from me this time, to make sure he learns it properly. "Strip!" I told him. "Now. Bare naked. Not a stitch for your spanking." david was a little shocked with my ferocity, but did as he was told with a meek little "yes dear".

Sue and I watched him strip bare, and we were both angry with him. I was angry because I still thought that maybe he was trying to manipulate us. Sue was angry because she picked up on my emotions, I think. What made me angrier, given my suspicions, was what we saw when he was nude. He was hard. He tried to cover himself but I slapped his hands away and told them to keep them by his sides. I also told him he should be ashamed of himself for always having an erection.

I grabbed him by the ear, and threw him across my lap (big boys go so easily across your lap when you have them by the ear!). I asked Sue for the hairbrush, and I started in on david's butt and upper thighs. No warmup! I had him howling from the first smack. I can tell you, he did not just lie there passively across my knee. He was bucking and yelling like a banshee (sorry... I guess that's not PC anymore!).

Sue stood there with a bit of a "yikes" face going on, but did not tear her eyes away from my strict spanking. I gave him about a hundred or so in a couple of minutes, and his butt was red and bruised. Half-way through I threw my right leg over the backs of both of his as he was squirming so much I thought he might fall off. He was really helpless after I did that and he had to endure the rest of his strict haribrush paddling from me without kicking his legs at all.

While still across my lap I asked if he liked clearing dishes now? He said "Yes ma'am, I love it!" I asked him why did he love it so much? He answered because he loved that Sue and I did not have to. "Don’t you forget it!" I told him as I smacked him hard another couple of dozen times.

Honestly, I could have controlled myself more, but I didn't feel like it. I used the emotion of the perceived manipulation to really let him have it. I think I scared david and Sue!

Sue said "Wow. My spanking was nothing like that, was it? Is that how hard he wants it?"  Funny thing, david was lying right there, across my lap all bare as she asked me. So I told david to answer. I told him to tell Sue if he needed his spanking to be that hard. He was again on pretty thin ice, but he managed to say the right thing, "when I need to learn a lesson, yes ma'am". Sue then said, bless her heart, "I see I need to spank you harder next time." Absolutely!

I wasn't done with him yet, though. I had planned a very humiliating little additional punishment for david, and I was going to do it come hell or high water, whether he deserved it or not.

One of my commenters, "ken2", responding to my request for suggestions regarding what mischief Sue and I could get up to the first time suggested the following in this comment:
While you want to refrain from rear end penetration this time, you can still enhance the exposure off his little pucker. Have him spread his own cheeks to show it off while over your lap (or Sue's). Then apply a dab of menthol toothpaste. That should result in some delightful pucker winking for your entertainment. (For a more intense sensation use a drop of hot sauce!)
I answered him as follows.
Toothpaste on his bum hole? My my, what will they think of next! I have a love/hate relationship with this sort of suggestion. I would love to do it to him, but I feel like I would need to know how intense the experience is first, so I hope it makes you nice and hard knowing I will have to try it out on myself (in private, thank you very much) first, and I blame you!
Yes. Sigh. I did try it out on myself. All you boys may now jerk off to the thought of me with toothpaste up my butt!

This is how it came about. As soon as I woke up in the morning I thought about Sue coming over later, and I started thinking about things to do to david in front of her to keep it lively, to shock her, to have something to write about, to demonstrate my total control over david in front of her, and to feed my naughty exhibitionist tendencies. A few things came to mind, but nothing perfect. I got up to brush my teeth, and that's when ken's suggestion came to mind. I practically laughed out loud imagining me brushing toothpaste into his bum hole in front of my sister! I'd even get her to hold his cheeks apart as I did it! Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Only thing was, I didn't want it to be a joke. I would only do it if he was going to feel it. Only one way to find out ahead of time. I brush with a whitening paste, and I wasn't about to try that out on myself (or him!), but david has his tube of regular right there. I took a quick look around to make sure he was not around. I squeezed a bit of the toothpaste onto my finger, thought I should wet it a little, and then stuck my finger up my bum and spread it around in there.

Oh My! It felt minty fresh, in a very unpleasant sort of way! I endured it for about three minutes, long enough to know what it felt like, and to be pretty sure it was safe. I was sure hoping the burn would not stay! I got into the shower and washed it all out with a lot of soap. It's very strange. It's uncannily similar to having toothpaste in your mouth. That cool fresh feeling works down there also. Very very strange, and very, very, unpleasant. After it was all washed out, however, I was almost as good as new (but still knew something had happened down there, and was reminded of it gently all day long, in fact). No lasting effects, but very hard to take while it's going on. Perfect! The things I do for science.

Anyways, so there was david, lying nude across my lap, with a very well-spanked bum on display. I told him that since he didn’t like clearing dishes, his punishment would be for him to watch Sue and I clear the dishes, and he could feel bad about that. Sue argued with me, saying "hold on there, I think he should clear the dishes, just like he is!" (she meant all bare naked - Ha Ha!). I told Sue I had a better idea.

I asked her if she could possibly fetch me the big tube of regular toothpaste up in my bathroom, along with the old worn out toothbrush next to it. She looked at me skeptically. "Trust me," I said. She shrugged and went to get it. david asked "what are you going to do?" sounding a bit worried. I smacked his bum for an answer and told him to mind his own business (I guess it his business, but who cares). I unhooked his legs, but kept him draped over my knee as Sue got the toothbrush and paste.

When she brought it for me, I undid the lid (not putting the lid back on his toothpaste is a spanking offence - one I've doled out a couple of times already) and squeezed out a generous dollop onto the brush. I asked Sue to pass me a glass of water that was on the dinner table, and dipped the brush briefly in it. Then I asked Sue if she could please hold his bottom cheeks apart for me. "Oh, you wouldn’t!" she said to me. "I certainly would!" I said back to her. "Is it safe?" she asked. I assured her it was safe, but plenty unpleasant. He would know he was being punished. I told her I researched it on the Internet (only a half-truth. Ha Ha!) She shrugged, and bent at the waist and pushed his cheeks apart. "The things I do for you," she said. I very gently used the brush to push the toothpaste into his rear end.

david started kicking up a little fuss of "no, please"s but he stayed in place for this little bit of humbling humiliation at our hands. Ha Ha!

It kept coming off at the entrance, so I had to push it in several times that way. Sue was very enthousiastic about her job, getting a firmer grip and pulling him wider apart as she saw I was having difficulty stuffing all the toothpaste into his hole. She made his bottom hole spread as wide as it possibly could for me by manipulating his cheeks.

Feedback from him afterwards was that this was a new most humiliating thing in his lifetime. Yes! Score! I know it is, but why is the butthole such a shameful thing for him? I'm just glad he has one, and that he gets so deliciously embarrased when my sister spreads it wide and stares at it while I ass-fuck him with a toothbrush. Ha Ha!

Once it was all mostly in, I again very gently pushed the brush in and gave the insides of his bottom hole a gentle brushing, all around. Around and around in there, back and forth, and up and down. david said "oh no!" and "ouch!" or something along those line as the bristles of the toothbrush were going in. Sue did a wonderful job holding his cheeks nice and wide. She had a nice bird's eye view of his brushy penetration and even offered a few helpful suggestions such as "go in and out a bit more," and "how about on the outside there?" She was getting into it alright.

I got a little more toothpaste, and brushed it around the outside with a little scrubbing action. "Ouch, ouch, ouch" was all david could say. His little brown hole became a little white hole!

When I was done, I said "I think we can throw this out," referring to the toothbrush. I got david to stand up, left him with Sue, and went into the adjoining kitchen to toss it out. When I got back, david was looking rather pained and squirming around. Sue was holding her nude and violated brother-in-law steady with a grip on his upper arm. "It hurts!" he said. "Good," I said, "it's meant to."  He then said, "but it might hurt me down there," looking worried. I took his face in my hands and said, "trust me." I wasn't going to leave him like that much longer than I had done to myself, so I was quite confident he would be fine.

I took him by the arm to the kitchen and made him stand against the wall, hands on his head, facing out. "You can stay there and watch Sue and I do your work for you." I told him. Not surprisingly, his penis was completely limp, and he was doing a little wiggle-dance for us the whole time, which was very amusing because his little limp penis did a dance all its own, as did his testicles each time he squeezed his thighs tightly together and then released them again.

It took us five minutes or so to clear and load the dishwasher. Sue made a few joking comments, and asked david how the toothpaste up his bum felt? All he said was "It hurts ma'am. Ouch. It hurts!" He kept wiggling the whole time and wouldn't stay still, but his feet did stay where we had put them, and his hands did stay on his head, so we didn’t mind.

Once the dishes were cleared and in the dishwasher I asked david if he had learnt a lesson? He said yes ma'am he had. And what is that lesson, david? "That the reason I enjoy doing chores is because I know you and Sue won’t have to do them." Very good.

I told him that when I allow him to, he may go upstairs into the shower and wash the toothpaste out of his bottom hole. After that I wanted him naked, face down on the bed, bent over three pillows, because I was not finished with his little bottom-hole yet.

david looked very pained at that, expecting a dildoing from my strap-on up his abused bottom, and no doubt embarassed that I had said that in front of Sue. I imagine Sue thought the same. Actually, I was planning on applying some cream to his bumhole if he needed it (he didn't). But they didn't need to know that!

"Go ahead," I said, and he darted up the stairs like his bum was on fire (and I guess it was!).

Once he was gone, Sue turned to me and said, "I hope he's going to be ok. You are so bad! I'm so bad to help you!"

I said "He'll be fine. I tried it on myself first." Her mouth dropped open. "You didn't!" I told her I did, and it burned like the dickens, but no harm done. Then I asked her, "but did you have fun?" She hesitated, then said one word, "yes," and hid her face in her hands.

As Sue was leaving we could hear that the shower was still on. I joked with Susan that I bet he's having anal sex with a bar of soap right around now! Ha Ha!

That was amazing, and I would say that it is now pretty much official that david is my and my sister Sue's beeyotch!

P.S. Thank you ken, for the inspired suggestion.

Saturday, January 14

Julie Spanked!

I was reading Ms Clara Hewitt's blog, the How it began entry. While Clara is new to blogging she is very experienced as a dominatrix. She advises,
I can and do take spankings in my personal life still, so I know exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end - crucial for a dominatrix, I feel.
I am new to this, as you know, and Clara obviously knows what she is talking about, so I decided that I had to give it a try on her advice. Her particular advice to me was,
Honestly, Julie, I think you should be spanked, just once, so you know what it's like! In my experience the boys who take the hardest spankings are the gentlest when they dish it out - wimps will always hit you much harder. Have a few glasses of wine, start very gently and agree a code word. I can't wait to read what happens!
david takes a pretty darned hard spanking, so if Clara is right, I'll have nothing to worry about. Ha Ha!

I went up to david earlier this evening and told him that he needed to give me a spanking, so I would know what it feels like, to allow me to be a better domme to him. To my surprise, he was very eager. I thought he was all about getting a spanking, and that this might turn him right off. Guess not. Good I guess, so long as he doesn’t plan on making a habit of it!

I took Clara's advice, and told david to open a bottle of red. I had a couple of glasses and allowed him a half glass (I needed his wits about him!). I told him that I would be in control, and he should not get any ideas. He was to use only his hand, and he would stop or lighten up the moment I told him to. We were not role playing naughty girl or anything like that, so he could get that out of his mind.

When I was ready I got david to sit in the middle of the sofa. I hiked up my skirt (I already had bare legs in readiness for the event) and draped across his knee. I told him to go ahead, and take it easy.

He started spanking me over my panties, but it was a complete joke. I could barely feel his pathetic little swats. I told him "For fuck's sake, don’t be such a wimp!"

He started spanking a bit harder and it was quite nice. I could feel my seat warming up a little. I actually enjoyed the sensation.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not cut out to be a subbie at all. The thought of being submissive to david would have been a complete turn-off. But as long as I was in total control of the situation, which I definitely was, it felt rather pleasant, the physical sensation of getting my bottom warmed.

I told him to peel down my panties slowly. He did that, and that was pleasant as well. "Keep spanking." I told him. He did. I started getting him to spank me a bit harder, and to experiment by moving the smacks around a bit. The nicest place was right at the bottom of my bum. I did not like too high, too low, or too much to the side. My am I fussy.

"Spank harder" I told him, and he stepped it up a bit more. I really enjoyed the sensations! He asked if I wanted to spread my legs a bit. I accommodated him, and he shot a hand down to my pussy, which felt nice. He took his fingers away and then put them back a second later, nicely slick with his own saliva. That was really, really nice. He used his other hand to keep spanking me. That was a good combination. I felt like so long as he was rubbing my clit like that, he could spank me all night so far as I was concerned.

But I wanted to see where the limit was, and I wasn't anywhere near that, so I told him to finish me up with a nice hard spanking, just in the spot where I liked it the best. He started spanking me pretty hard, but I still liked the sensation. "Harder!" I told him. I went into a different little head space as he ramped it up. After a minute or so of that, I felt my bum had had it, so I told him to stop.

The sensation was pleasant. There was a lot of heat in my butt. I went to a mirror in the hall and saw that I was red all over my backside. I couldn't believe the heat. But it was pleasant, not painful.

I took him by the hand up to our bedroom, and basically raped him.

Good advice, Clara!

Wednesday, January 11

Writing Lines

Seems like everybody was interested in reading about my sister and I. Thank you for all the hits and all the wonderful comments! I wonder what it is about bringing my sister specifically into it (as opposed to other women) that excites men so much? For me, it's a bit of extra naughtiness, for sure!

I spoke with david about the experience at some length. He said it was a constant humiliation-fest from the moment I mentioned it to him until the moment Sue left. That's about 3 hours of intense humiliation. He said he was feeling almost sick to his stomach, the butterflies were so strong. He also said he was nearly in tears, not from the swats, but from the humbling, but that he loved it all. He said the worst/best part was when I had him that diaper position, with me holding one ankle and Susan the other, and lectured him on who's in charge. He said that the fact we were both fully clothed, looking down on him, while he was basically naked and "on display" after having had his ass beat so thoroughly was what did it.

I also spoke with Sue on the phone. She told me that it was fun. That it's like david is a toy we can play with, like the dolls we used to play with as kids. I asked her if I should set up another session, but she said she'd rather it just occurred spontaneously when she was dropping by. For example, if I needed to punish him anyways, and she was there, she would love to help out. Or if he was being punished for something, she could just drop in and tease him for it. I planned an encounter like that for this past weekend, but it didn't work out. More details below. She did tell me me that she gets it better now. That it is kinky fun for all concerned, but that it also changes the way the marriage works for the better at the same time. She said it makes him a better man. I can’t agree more!

Since I wanted to focus my blog on the whole Sue thing during the holidays, there was quite a bit of spankings and such that I did not blog about. At Christmas, david bought me a riding crop. I love my riding crop! It's a bit like a cane, in that I can put some nice stripey marks on his butt and thighs, but it also has the leather bit at the end, and I can use that to smack all sorts of different and very sensitive parts on him. I took it for a spin the evening I got it. What a way to end Christmas! I stretched him out nude on the bed, ass up over pillows, legs spread, and must have spent at least a half an hour cropping him all over. I also had him lie face up, and used the crop on his nipples, tummy, thighs, and privates. I like that this is the first implement I have where I feel I can use it on his balls without endangering a possible future family! It also fits nicely into the crack of his ass for whipping him in there, which is fun.

Rebecca and his training went on a bit of a hiatus over the Christmas season. What I did see was a bit of a disappointment, though. I had not been around for his training sessions (work). I had the "b&p time-out" annotation next to my initials. Rebecca did not even ask david what it stood for! Boo! His last grade before the holidays was actually an 'A'. I think she was just trying for a good Christmas bonus from him, the tart (just kidding!). Had to give him a blowjob for that.

She was here on Monday, and david revealed that he had not even been keeping a food diary over Christmas (as I suspected). He thought he had a "holiday off". Rebecca therefore did not give him a grade and told him she would let me deal with him. I am wondering whether I should give him a break, or treat it like an "F"? I'll let you know what I decide on Saturday.

Sue was by for dinner on the weekend. I was planning on finding some excuse for spanking david after dinner. You know what he did? When I told him to clear he said "I don't see why only I should do the clearing". What was that? I'll tell you what it was. It was his deliberate attempt to manipulate me into giving him a spanking in front of Sue. I was going to anyways, so I was pissed off at him. I made him sit at the end of the table, gave him a sheaf of ruled paper, and told him to write out 200 times:
I must not try to manipulate my wife and her sister into giving me a spanking by deliberately misbehaving.
He was writing as Sue and I cleared, he was writing as we were chatting in the living room, and he was still writing when Sue left an hour later. That'll learn him!

Tuesday, January 3

Husband Spanked by my Sister!

Sister spanking husband? Check that one off the list! Woo Hoo! And hopefully many more to come.

Before I start in on what happened, I wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who made suggestions and offered advice, both in the comments of the previous blog entries and by e-mail. It was all gratefully received! Some of the ideas I will likely take a pass on, other have been put firmly on my "to-do" list, and others I did incorporate. But thanks to all of you equally!

Let's start with a little recap. As I described in previous blog entries, I have been hemming and hawing about including my older sister Susan ever since I started spanking david. We have always been extremely close, and there was this giant new thing in my life. I was feeling disloyal and dishonest towards her not sharing it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel compelled to share details of my sex life with my sister, but this is more than sex, and has become important to me. End of the day, I explained our domestic situation to her, and she accepted it with grace. Later on at family Christmas she gave us a signal by gifting my hubby a set of wooden spoons, at which point she told me privately that she knew my little game concerning her (she is very smart!), and that she would be happy to "lend a hand" if called upon. We discussed boundaries on the phone, and set up a first date to jointly spank david for 3pm today. david only knew that Sue was coming over. Nothing else was confirmed with him.

Andy over on his Someone's gonna get it blog posted a Strict Julie and her sister Susan entry containing images of slutty teenagers he imagined were Sue and I. I found a photo on Google Images that is somewhat closer, so you can imagine a bit what we look like together.

Not us - but 75% similar (Sue on the right - taller and slimmer than me)

I started the day finding myself quite nervous about the whole thing, in a good, sort of tingly way. I kept having to pinch myself as a reminder that it was actually going to happen. I could only imagine how david would feel. I had the whole thing planned out in my head in advance. I had decided to not go too overboard this first time. Just getting his bare butt spanked by Sue while I watched would have been amazing. I also had a few plan B's and C's if things were working out that would take it a bit further.

I got the proceedings going an hour and a half beforehand. First I sat him down and reminded him that Sue was coming over at 3pm. I told him that it was going to be for a discipline session. Sue would be watching me spank him, and then she would be spanking him as well. I asked him how he felt about that. He blushed, but said that he wanted it, and was suspecting that it was coming. I explained some of the ground rules to david: there would be no sex, Sue and I would be clothed at all times, and that he was not to touch Sue at all with his hands. I also informed him that I expected him to be on his very best behaviour, and to do everything either Sue or I told him to. He was squirming deliciously as I said this to him.

I especially told him that it would not just be a giggly, pit-a-pat spanking for fun. I would be going hard on him, and I was going to encourage Sue to do the same. He was in for a real disciplining, because all fun aside, I wanted Sue to know that is what he is now subject to. I had decided that above all else this was important to me.

What excites me about the situation is that I can demonstrate my control over david to Sue, and that I can share with her that new found power and control I now possess. If it was just a light little spanking, then I would feel like he was controlling me, and moreover controlling me to the extent that I would get my sister roped into his little kinky game for his jollies only. I wanted to show Sue it was more than that. I had tried to explain this aspect of it to her before, and she seemed sceptical, but this time I would show her. If she freaks about the hard spanking, well so be it. I don’t want to involve her under any other terms (although I'm sure david would).

david thanked me profusely for setting this up, and told me it had always been a fantasy of his to have Sue and I dominate him together, even before he had first asked me to spank him. Even if it meant a very sore bottom, and a lot of humiliation, he was still extremely grateful to me. Good boy.

I told david that I wanted him to prepare himself by having a hot bath, and scrubbing himself thoroughly all over, and I meant all over. I told him that I was not sure what parts of him would be exposed to Sue, that we would see how she feels about it, but I wanted to make sure he was super clean and scrubbed no matter what Sue chose to look at. I drew a very hot scented bubble-bath bath for him (hot enough for me - way too hot for him!) and told him to get into it. It was funny watching his nose wrinkle at the scent, and then watching him try to get into the hot tub.

I had been giving some thought to how I would present david to Sue when she first came in. I landed on bra and panties as my choice for how he would be dressed.

I decided this for a few reasons. I know that the bra and panty treatment humiliates him the most of anything I have yet done to him. I wanted him to be very much in a totally submissive space when Sue came in, and I figured that would do it.  Secondly, when I first told Sue about things, I shared with her the fact that I dress him up in women's underwear to humiliate him, and she was very clearly intrigued by that, so I thought she would enjoy it. Finally, he would still be clothed. His private parts and even his nipples would be covered, so she would not be shocked or grossed out by nudity hitting her in the face. On the other hand, he would just be one panty-lowering away from being nude. I am hoping she will be very amused seeing him in bra and panties, and it will set the stage right away for her to be dominant towards him, as she has up until now treated her brother-in-law as an equal.

I laid out david's outfit for him on the bed, and told him that after his bath I wanted him to change into the bra and panties, bring his folding spanking chair, and sit in the middle of the living room by 2:30 pm sharp. He didn't like that and tried to beg off. I got quite a good dose of pleading, which secretly turned me on no end.

I ended it by reminding him to be obedient, and that if he was not going to be obedient I would call off the whole thing, and that would be his last chance to ever get a spanking from my sister. I reminded him that he needed to take the good with the bad, and that I was in charge, not he, and soon Sue would be as well. Poor boy was in a very conflicted space. The absolute last thing he wanted was to be presented to my sexy sister dressed like that, but on the other hand he was not about to let his chance to be dommed by us two sisters slip through his fingers.

As a result, I got an inevitable meek little "yes dear" out of him. Too late to avoid at least a bit of a punishment. I told him to stand up, and put his hands against the wall in the tub. There was a little plastic hairbrush in the bathroom, and I spanked his soapy little bottom a dozen or so times to remind him who's in charge, and get his head right. I then inspected him and, even though he was very clean, I used the Loofa on his private parts and between his bottom cheeks to pinken them up a bit. He hollered, especially when I Loofa'd the tip of his penis (Ha Ha!), but was very hard nonetheless. He also smelled very nice, if not a bit feminine!

After that, I let him rinse and dry off in peace, and went downstairs. Before too long I heard my little boy coming down the stairs, get the folding spanking chair, and set it up in the bright, sunny living room. When I went in, he was looking darling, all freshly scrubbed and in his black and red lingerie. He had neglected to stuff his bra, so I got some Kleenex and filled out the cups with it. I instructed him to sit up straight, hold his knees and ankles together, and rest his palms on his thighs, and to stay like that and think about what was going to happen to him for the full half hour until Sue arrived.

As he was sitting there, I got the middle one of the three wooden spoons that Sue had given david at Christmas, and laid it out on the coffee table in front of him. I told david that he would be spanked with that, and so he got to enjoy contemplating how that spoon would feel on his butt, especially after my lecturing him on Sue and I spanking him "for real".

david sat there like a good little girl. I had to come back in once or twice to adjust his posture. It seems my boy has trouble sitting like a lady for a half hour even though he was dressed in lady's underwear.

Sue was a few minutes late, so that built up the suspense a bit more. Then the doorbell chimed. I saw david take a very deep breath. I went over to answer it.

Sue was looking a little nervous as well, I'm happy to report. The first thing she said was "so, we're really going to do this, right?" I told her I had not changed my mind. She asked if I was sure. I asked if she was. Turns out we were both sure we wanted to do this. Yes, the conversation was as awkward as this! I took her coat and hung it up. She was nicely made-up, and was wearing a dress with hose and heels, as was I. I escorted her into the living room, where david was sitting in his bra and panties.

The first thing Sue said when she saw him was "oh my!" or something like that with a little laugh in her voice. david closed his eyes, tilted his head downwards and blushed furiously. You may recall how I've said previously that david is a bit of a blusher. Well my goodness, if his face wasn't as red as a tomato! That blush of his is a totally reliable telltale. I can always tell if he is fibbing to me by his blush. I can also tell when he is absolutely mortified, and he sure was just then. Even Sue commented on his blush. I think she said "how sweet, you're blushing" or something like that.

Sue mentioned how I had told her about dressing him up like that, but that she couldn't picture it before. Now she sure could! I told her that I dress him in bra and panties, and sometimes even with stockings and heels, as part of his discipline, to remind him who wears the pants in the family (I love using that phrase, even though I was in a dress!). Sue asked what he had done wrong today. I told her that he was a little angel today, and today's discipline was all about reinforcing with him who is in charge. Also, I told her that we needed to take her Christmas present for a spin.

I told david to get up and serve us some white wine I had chilling in the fridge. As our little serving slut poured, his big erection tenting his panties was pretty plain to see, but neither of us commented on it. After david had served I told him to go stand in the corner.

Sue jumped in and asked for a little turn from david first. I echoed the sentiment, and we watched david turn 360 degrees. "Slower" she said. david turned around more slowly. Sue mentioned that his exercise regime seemed to be paying off, as he had a very cute butt, and nice strong looking arms and legs. We discussed david's body a bit as he stood there. I pointed out that there was still a bit of fat around his middle we needed to work on. Sue then commented that david seems to be very excited to be dressed in women's underwear, about to be spanked. I agreed. david blushed and said nothing of the clear reference to his panty-tenting erection. What could he say? The proof was in the pudding. I released him off to the corner then as Sue and I sipped our wine.

Our conversation then turned to his discipline. Both our eyes were on david's pantied butt standing in the corner. I suggested that I spank him first with my hand, and then Sue should inaugurate the spoon on his butt, and then I would finish him off to remind him to whom he belongs. Sue thought that would be all fine.

I went to get david. I ear-marched him over to the chair, sat down, and pulled him over my lap. I rubbed his pantied backside a bit and quizzed him on who was in charge in our house. He gave all the correct answers of course. Me, me, and me! I told him that even though he knows the right answers, I need to be sure to remind him every now and then in a more forceful way to make sure he does not forget. I asked him if that was fair, and he said that it was. I looked over at Sue, and she gave me a thumbs up! I then started hand spanking him over his panties.

I have taken to warming david up a bit before his spankings. If I lay right in with a wooden implement, his pain threshold is very low and he is in agony from the first hard smack. If I warm him up first, I find I can spank him harder and longer. So I spanked the seat of his panties and his bare lower cheeks with my palm until they were glowing. I made eye contact with Sue and she was clearly enjoying the spectacle of her brother-in-law being disciplined like this across my knee.

Sue asked if he was going to be allowed to keep his panties up for his spanking. Perfect I thought! I asked if she was ok with me lowering them, and she told me not to be bashful on her account. So I immediately lowered the backs of his panties to just beneath his cheeks, and was rewarded with a plaintive little wail of humiliation from david. I started spanking his bare bum with my hand. I asked him if he was proud of himself, being so pussy whipped that he was being given a bare-bottomed spanking from me in front of my sister? He said "no ma'am".

I wanted to leave a bit of an impression so I spanked as hard as I could, until my own hand was stinging. I got a bit of little grunts and fanny wriggling from david for my efforts. I asked Sue if she would like to have a turn? She said sure.

I pulled david's panties back up his cheeks and made him stand. The little darling was still hard as anything. Sue and I exchanged places. I sat on the couch and watched the proceedings with great interest. Sue pointed to her lap and told david to get across. He did so, and I could see him moving around across her lap, trying to settle his erection somewhere safe. Sue gave me a little smile and a wink as david lay across her lap. She no doubt felt his erection across her thigh as I had.

She rested her hand on his butt and asked david if she should pull down his panties for his spanking as I had done. That little minx said "yes ma'am" to her! She didn’t hesitate, and pulled his panties down to just below his cheeks as I had done. She then started spanking his bare bottom with her hand. Thinking back on it now, the master plan was for her to inaugurate the spoon, but in the moment we forgot to get that part straight and he got another hand spanking.

I can’t describe how I felt watching Susan spank david like that. First of all, he looked ridiculous in his bra, with his panties banded around the tops of his thighs. I was not at all jealous watching her dish it out. I was feeling almost smug if that makes any sense. I felt the world was somehow right watching Sue spank him.

Sue did a great job, and tried to match my spanking intensity with her own. She even said, "I bet I can spank him harder than you". I told her to try if she thought she could. She ramped it up some more and really laid into him nicely. david was "ow"ing a bit from the spanks, and squirming as he had done for me. Sue asked him which of the sisters spanks harder. david was diplomatic and said "you both do." She then pulled his panties back up and asked if I wanted to break-in the spoon on his bottom. I told her sure and she had him stand up.

I took the spoon and changed places with Sue. I asked Sue if she thought he should lose his panties for this part? She said "by all means". With david still standing beside me, I told him to put his hands on his head, and I very slowly lowered his panties. Just an inch at a time at the back, then at the sides, then at the fronts, and then around again.

At a certain point his bottom was bare and his panties were at their highest at the front, where they were still covering and hung up on his erection. But his lower abdomen and pubic hair were quite visible. I turned him to face Sue like that, pubic hair and all. "Should he lose them?" I asked. "Definitely!" she answered.

I slowly slid his panties along the length of his cock and around the tip. david gasped as he was exposed like that. When his cock sprung free, Sue said "nice!" I then slid the panties down past his knees to his ankles.

I asked Sue what she thought. She looked right at his erection and said that he seems to be enjoying his spanking far too much.

I pulled him across my knee and started spanking him with the wooden spoon. I didn’t hold back at all, and had him "ow"ing from the first. First time I had used the spoon. It's different than the hairbrush. The spoon is much smaller, and each time it hits you can sort of see its outline on his butt. I found I had to use more wrist snap than I was used to with the hairbrush. Once I got the hang of it, it started being pretty darned effective, and he started kicking his legs and screeching, and his panties went flying off his ankles. Always a good sign that I'm getting the job done! I paused and asked Sue to get his panties, please. She got up and grabbed them. I told david to hold them in his mouth as he was making too much noise. Sue stuffed them in there for him. He still made a fair bit of noise, but it was muffled by the panties, half in and half hanging out of his mouth. After a while I asked if Sue would like to take the spoon for a spin on his butt? She asked if it was ok to keep going, no doubt because his butt was very red and somewhat messed up by now. But there was no deep bruising so I said "Hell yes! he can take a lot more than that!"

I stood david up and stood up myself. "Look at that" I said, pointing to david's limp penis. "Not enjoying your present?" Sue asked, sarcastically. He could not really answer because of the panties stuffed into his mouth. Then she sat, pulled him across her lap, took the spoon and picked up where I left off. I encouraged her to smack him harder. She did two or three increasingly harder ones, and the last got a real rise out of david, stiffening up his body across her lap. I went behind david and knelt, holding him with an ankle on either side of me, spreading his legs. I encouraged Sue to smack the backs and insides of his thighs, which she did. I had to hold hard to keep him from moving. As Sue smacked him there, she had to be careful to avoid his prominently displayed balls.

Her wooden spoon spanking was a bit of a disappointment, as I did not think she spanked him nearly hard enough. I think she was feeling sheepish because of the redness and the marking. She suggested that I had better be the one to finish him off.

david was again made to stand. The darling still had his panties stuffed half in his mouth. I took them out and threw them onto the couch. This time I folded up the chair and put it to the side, and told david to lie down on the carpet on his back. david seemed confused by the order.

I had decided earlier that if Sue allowed me to strip his panties off, I would give him what is referred to as a "diaper position" spanking. I had never done this to david before, but I have seen pictures on the Internet. I get a lot if inspiration from reading blogs, and this one came from Spanked in the Diaper Position on D's Naughty Boy Spanking Blog. There was an image of two women spanking a man in this position, and one of the commenters said that this one was his clear favourite. The position looks simple enough, and I imagine is highly, highly embarrassing especially with another woman present.

I told david to put his legs up in the air. I grabbed one ankle and asked Sue to grab the other, and we bent him over backwards. I slipped a pillow from the couch under his butt to make it easier for us to keep him up there. In this position, his penis, balls, and bottom hole were all very exposed. I was glad I had scrubbed him so thoroughly earlier! Holding an ankle with one hand, I gave him a dozen or so good hard swats to his butt and thighs with the other. This seemed to really make him suffer, I guess with his skin pulled tight over his butt cheeks like that and his legs spread. Sue had a perfect bird's eye view of his nether regions as I spanked. His crack was nice and spread open, so I was sure to pinken up those places we had missed earlier inside there.

When I was done, but we were still holding him bent backwards, I asked him who's the boss in our family? "You are! You are, Ma'am!" he yelled out. "Good boy!" I said as I patted his balls. We could see his cock visibly starting to stiffen again as I made him say who was in charge.

Once we stood him up, his penis continued to stiffen. Sue and I watched it kind of inch its way upwards in little jerks. Our little comments of "would you look at that", and "tsk tsk" did little to slow it down. Ha Ha! I went over and grabbed his balls again, and that made him stiffen up even more. Holding him by the balls, I told david to thank Sue for spanking him, which he dutifully did. I told david that from this point onwards, Sue has my full authority to spank him whenever she wants to and for whatever reason at all. david gave me a "yes ma'am" as I squeezed, and Sue added "so you better behave when you’re around me." and david gave her a "yes ma'am" as well. I squeezed his balls a bit and he moaned in pain. By this point, his cock had again swelled up and was straining towards the ceiling.

I had one more little humbling I had planned for him before our session was over, however.

I told david he may go upstairs now and take off his bra and get changed. Just as he was leaving the room I said, oh, but first, I want you to jerk off. "What, here?" he asked, looking a little aghast. No, I said, I wanted him to jerk off in the bedroom. He looked uncertain. "Do it!" I ordered. "Yes ma'am," he said, and he turned to leave. I stopped him again, "you may jerk off to the centrefold of that Playboy magazine you have under the bed." "Yes ma'am" he said.
"One more thing," I said. "I don’t want you thinking about having sexual relations with her at all, I want you to imagine you are across her lap, getting a spanking. ok?" "Yes ma'am" he said, and he scurried upstairs. Sue was looking very amused at his little plight.

When he left, Sue turned to me and just said "Wow". I asked her if she enjoyed that. She said that she did, that she could see what I meant by how empowering it was, and that I got a very obedient little husband out of the deal. I agreed with all that. She said she was surprised that his butt was beaten so bad, but right away afterwards he seemed fine and was right back to being turned on. I said that I told her he could take a lot more than that. Sue then asked if I thought he was upstairs now, jerking off? I said I was sure he was, and asked her if she wanted to go up with me and catch him doing it? She declined, saying she thought we had done enough for the one day!

We sat, sipped our wine, and chatted some more, and gradually the conversation moved away from david and his discipline, and back to our more regular topics. After another half hour, david came down the stairs freshly showered and dressed nicely.

I got him a glass of wine and asked him how he felt. He said "very, very embarrassed, but I was very, very turned on". "How's your butt?" Sue asked. "Sore!" david said. "but not too sore to jerk off to Miss December?" Sue asked him. "not that sore" he answered with another blush. She then said, with a smile on her face, "you know you'll never live this down with me, don’t you?" david said that he knew that, and he was glad it was her. I asked him if he was feeling even more submissive towards me now, now that I had disciplined him in front of Susan? He said he definitely felt that, and felt pretty submissive towards Sue as well now.

We chatted a bit more and then Sue had to go. Hugs and kisses at the door, and that was our first co-sister domming experience. Amazing, and to be repeated!