Sunday, March 30

Should I let his trainer hand-job him?

david is stripped fully nude for his weigh-ins by his trainer whether he likes it or not. And even now, after this having been repeated dozens of times, it's true that he still sprouts an erection. We always tease him about his erections, because it's really him getting excited by submitting to a woman, even if it's his young physical trainer of all things who is about to (quite literally) kick his ass!

I write today, because Michelle is very happy with david's progress. She has earned herself another bonus and david is looking very fit. She offered that really david should be getting a reward. I asked her what she had in mind. She suggested maybe a hand job or a nice ass fucking. I asked me or you? She said, "either way" so long as it's what I wanted and so long as I was present. She could watch or she could do the honors while I watched. Well that sounded very non-threatening to me.

Let's put it to a vote, why don't we? Those are the four choices:
  1. hand job from me while Michelle watches,
  2. hand job from Michelle while I watch,
  3. gentle anal sex with a strap-on from me while Michelle watches,
  4. gentle anal sex with a strap-on from Michelle while I watch.
Whichever one of those 4 options you choose, you can also suggest some embellishments such as what the other person should do while this is going on, his outfit, a spanking before or after, the position we should put him in, a relevant preparation for him, and so on.

Let me know. Majority rules!

Thursday, March 20

Spanked Red by Trainer

I came home a bit early today and arrived just as david's training session with Michelle was about to start so I observed it all.

Michelle started by taking david up to the bedroom and making him strip to nude. Despite his familiarity with the process, he is still embarrassed to be fully nude like that in front of his Lulu-bedecked trainer. He blushes and develops the beginnings of a stiffy.

This time because we were both there and we talked about the progress he has made in shedding fat and building sleek muscle from the Yoga. He really is looking very good! I especially commented on how skinny his ass has become, and emphasized my point by grabbing and squeezing it. Michelle had a feel as well and agreed it had shrunk and hardened up nicely.

Michelle then said "come on", grabbed him by his semi-stiffened penis, and led him to the ensuite where the bathroom scale is located (bold as anything, grabbing his cock like that in front of me!)

She had a good grip on him and it was funny to see him hop along behind her, close enough that the pressure on his penis is relieved, but not so close that he runs over her as she leads him. She was none too gentle either!

He made weight once again, and is on a bit of a streak with a new bonus for Michelle coming up around the corner (7 days in a row under the next weight threshold and she gets a bonus - we were on day 4 and hanging in there).

She then led him back into the bedroom, went to his clothes drawers and chose to dress him in a tight Lululemon (male) top that hugged his new found physique and showed off his stiff little nipples nicely. That and a pair of loose shorts, no underwear.

We then went down to the living room where they push the furniture to the side and put down their yoga mats. Before they got started, Michelle informed david that he needed a spanking to make sure he stayed motivated to be under the threshold for the next 3 days.

I was a fly on the wall for this, and enjoyed watching Michelle "do her stuff" with my boy.

She made him strip nude again (why dress him if you're just going to make him undress a minute later?). She then sat on the two seater couch and had him across her lap. She made sure his right hand was grabbing the sofa leg, that his head was on the ground, and that his feet were off the ground. No question about it: david was about to be spanked bare naked across his trainer's knee!

She sentenced him to 100 strokes of the little hardwood paddle. The paddle was right there beside the sofa where we keep it within easy reach.

The first 50 she gave him in sets of ten at a time with breaks for rubbing and motivational talk between the sets. During these, she rubbed his glutes hard and also squeezed them and parted his cheek to expose his bottom hole to her. Her hand never touched his bumhole or his balls during this, but the teasing was evident and david reacted by moaning and alternately pushing his ass up in the air and then grinding his private parts into her yoga-panted lap. He would then stick his ass up high for his next ten, breathlessly, begging for the strokes with his bum and putting on a real sex show for us at the same time. All in all it was a shameful performance. And one that might need to be dealt with later...

The last 50 were given hard and fast and continuously. david was again breathless, though in a different way. I don't think he breathed at all during those last quick fifty!

His eyes were wide, his mouth was open, looking like he was going to scream, but not doing it. Sort of like a silent scream if you know what I mean? The strokes each sounded like gunshots and were clearly very very hard. Michelle has a lot of yoga-powered arm-strength, and I could see that even she was exerting herself for these last 50. His ass got very, very red.

"Get up!" she said, in a sort of disgusted voice. He stood sheepishly. And you know what? There it was. A giant, full-blown, full-grown erection. Quiveringly hard in fact and arcing up towards the ceiling. Michelle and I both teased david over what a perv he was for reacting like that to what for all purposes looked like a pretty darned severe trainer-paddling!

Michelle told me she enjoys seeing him hard, and then letting him stay that way without any relief. She says it gives her a kick.

Michelle told him to get his clothes on, which he did, though he was definitely tenting his gym shorts. Then, in honour of my presence, she had david put on a demonstration of what yoga he had learned so far. He went through an extended sequence of moves she had taught him. She was very strict with him, giving him harsh little reminders along the way to pull in his shoulder blades, not bunch his toes, keep his arms straight, bend his knee more, and so on.

At one point he totally confused a move. Michelle jumped up from her seat telling him that was entirely unacceptable. I guess david knew this routine. He pulled down his pants to the floor and bent forward and grabbed his ankles.

Michelle came behind him and gave him some very hard hand spanks onto his already red bum. david had to struggle to keep his balance during his punishment. She went to sit down and david pulled his pants back up and restarted the botched movement.

"No! From the beginning!" said Michelle. poor david had to start the rather gruelling sequence of moves over again from the very start. He didn't miss that posture the second time, though Michelle still had plenty of small things to critique along the way.

Once he got to the end we both applauded his efforts. david was sweating and rung out. Time was up and Michelle had to skedaddle to another client. I paid her on the way out and thanked her for her continued efforts.

Hey, it's the results that count!

Friday, March 14

Husband Slut-Spanked

There's something I like to do to my david every now and then: give him a proper slut-spanking.

What is a "slut spanking" you may ask. Let's start with the definition of a "slut" as "a sexually promiscuous woman". Promiscuous generally means multiple sexual partners, but I like to think it can also apply to hyper-sexual behavior in general even when not involving multiple partners.

For example, a woman whose pussy dampens as soon as she sees her husband's hard cock, and then debases herself by begging to suck on it and get fucked by it. I think we can use the term "slut" to apply to her, but in the best sense of that word. Nothing negative about it. No slut-shaming going on here. In fact, many husbands would want their wives to be sluts for them, in this sense of the word.

Now I know there are women who dislike the word. I'm not one of them. I love the word. Though I am not a slut myself, I can only admire women who have the cheek to be sluts.

I then consider a slut spanking to be a spanking given to a woman to playfully "shame her" and "punish her" for being a slut.

Imagine once again that woman that was so turned on by her husband's big cock that she dampened herself and begged to suck on it. That husband would be fully justified if he took his little slut across his knee, and gave her a spanking for being such a slut.

Or perhaps ass up on the bed instead?

A good position for a slut, to be sure.

Our little slut, in turn, would only be getting wetter and wetter and more and more eager for the cock as her bare bottom was spanked. And if the man were to pause the spanking, reach between her legs, and discover her even more disgraced state? Let the punishment fit the crime! I imagine her legs would be spread and the spanking would continue to her sensitive low inner cheeks, with her husband's fingertips flicking against her soggy pussy on every spank, "punishing" it well.

Of course, after it's all over the slut will be hugged and loved, red bottom notwithstanding.

But before that, or maybe right after, I'll bet that slut would finally get, in spades, what her wet little pussy has been begging for.

Why all this talk about women? I know the demographic of my reader. My boys see a photo such as the one above, and their only thought would be to lick it. They wouldn't dare presume to fuck! And not even lick the wet pussy. They would not imagine they were good enough for that. No. My boys would imagine their tongues going right up that asshole. Am I not right, boys? Is that not all you imagine you deserve? Well I agree with you. I think that if you are a male who fantasizes about being spanked by a woman, i.e., not a "real man" in the sexual sense, then that is basically all you deserve. I know, the truth hurts. Now DO try to not mess up your computer screen by masturbating onto the photo of the nice woman's asshole, ok?

But I digress. The reason I start with women is that "slut" is a term applied to women. Something my husband told me a long time ago has stuck with me: that I should use derogatory terms for a female to apply to him. I have interpreted that, successfully, to mean such words as "bitch", "cunt", "pussy", "whore", "tramp", "slut" and so on. And also referring to his asshole as his "pussy", his cock as his "clit," and his erection as him being "wet".

So it is only natural, therefore, that in our household it is my husband who is the recipient of the "slut spanking", not I.

When I decide to give him a slut spanking I will often start by having him dress in racy stockings, garter, and panties. Despite the acquisition of his new bra and falsies, I will have him be bare breasted so that I can tug and tease his nipples. Maybe bind him and gag him, and have him in stiletto heels for me.

He will get hard for me. He always does. That's when the slut spanking starts.

He'll go right across my knee. I will feel his slutty little erection poking me in the thigh. He'll get told off for that. Told off for being wet. Told off for being a wet slut across my knee, even though he is about to be spanked. I'll reach between his pantied legs and fondle that wet clit of his, checking to see exactly how much of a slut he is. He will moan and buck his ass. That won't help his cause at all. In fact, for continuing to be such a slut, even when punishment for it is imminent, he will have his panties lowered. Oh yes, my little slut will have her bottom bared for her punishment!

Not only will her cute buns be displayed, but her tight little pussy hole will be visible to me as well. Now my little slut has a hormonal imbalance, it's called being a male, and she does not generate enough lubrication in her pussy on her own, even despite her highly sexed state. I will compensate for this with a tube of lube that I will liberally use to wet her pussy for her, and her clit, and my thighs if they are bare.

With her panties down I will spank her cheeks. I will pause every now and then to test the wetness in her clit, and the new wetness in her pussy. When she moans again I will tell her off, call her a slut, a whore, a tramp. I will spank her with my open palm.

I will make her spread her legs across my knee, and my palm will spank her lower, inner cheeks while my fingers wrap around to spank her balls, her bumhole. She will behave as a slut is expected to behave. She will harden even more, right across my lap during her spanking if you can believe it!

I will tease her with a finger into her pussy. Do you like this, whore? Do you like my finger fucking your pussy, whore? How about two? She will moan and push her ass into my fingers. What a tramp!

Now my slut is nothing if not sexually responsive. After a few minutes of this it will all be too much for her, and writhing her bare clit across my bare lubed-up thighs she will likely cum as I spank her. My slut is a gusher. She will come all over my lap. Bad Girl!

It will then be "clean-up duty" for my slut. With her mouth and tounge only. She had better do a good job. My strap is nearby...

So that, gentle readers, is a slut spanking. It is a very enjoyable evening between a wife and her husband, and I can highly recommend it.

Friday, March 7

Sister Feels Up My Husband

Believe me when I say I am delighted with david's recent purchases (see Bra Fitting at Victoria's Secret!). I like it so much, in fact, that I absolutely needed to show off my husband's new breasts to my sister Sue!

So I invited her. I had phoned her soon after our shopping trip so she knew already that david had a new bra and was filling it out nicely with realistic inserts. So it wasn't to be a surprise to Sue. She was eager to see for herself, though. She and I arranged a visit. She told me she would only be able to stay for a short time, however we did make plans for a little extra surprise for david that she agreed to do for me. I am her only kink outlet right now, so I figure it's good for her.

As a refresher, here is what the bra looks like on a proper Victoria's Secret model.

I thought, wouldn't david look marvelous modelling that for Sue? Especially if he was filling out his cups like this woman!

Here is david's bra with the inserts.

Notice how there are a pair that fit under, and another pair that fit over. The little notch in the bottom ones is for his nipples.

Here is how they fit inside the bra, leaving room for his nipple and filling out the B-cup nicely.

They are very squishable too, and feel real. This was all new to me, and it felt like a jigsaw puzzle as I was figuring it out (I've never had to bra-stuff myself).

For this post, I managed to snap a couple of photos of david showing off his B-Cup breasts. I did this to humiliate him. I told him I would be sending the photos around to ALL my friends! Of course I was kidding, and he begged me afterwards to please delete them. After much pleading on his part and teasing on mine, I eventually did promise to not email them anywhere and to delete them off my phone. You'll be happy to know I did delete them all off my phone and I have not emailed any.

Here is david in his bra.

I just don't know why, but there's something very sexy about having breasts on my man. The wife I've always wanted. Housework, bitch, NOW! Is it wrong of me to want to get him double-D's? I'd love to watch the girls dangle as he scrubs the toilets...

Don't be bashful, sweetie, lift up your shirt for us...

Awwwww.  Soooo cute!!! david, you are going to get felt up like a teenaged girl on Prom night when my sister gets here!

I decided to dress david in the same grey t-shirt and jeans we went shopping in. Bra and panties underneath, of course.

Yes, I know, I really need to go back and get him a matching set.
But I figured this is what I had to work with for Sue's visit.

david knew he was dressing for Sue's visit. He was quite reluctant. He seems to be exceptionally bashful about the idea of showing my sister his new breasts. I told him that if he persisted in his obstinacy then Sue would get to see him bent over the back of the couch, panties down, for a grade-A punishment strapping. He would then be put into his breasts anyways, and on top of that he would be spending all next weekend, night and day, with breasts. I asked if he wanted that instead?  We reached common ground, agreeing he did not want that, and would prefer showing his new breasts to Sue without the big fuss.

So he dressed in his t-shirt and jeans over his bra and panties and waited in the family room, watching television, until Sue arrived. Big breasts and everything. Ha!

When the doorbell rang, I told david to answer it. He made his way to the door, checked out the peephole first, and then opened the door, hiding behind it, as Sue walked in.

Sue immediately let out a big "Oh No!" type gasp, and turned him to face her. She spun him around and looked at him from all angles.

"They look so real!" Sue said. "I thought they'd look ridiculous, but they actually look pretty good," she added while david stood there, blushing severely!

david took her coat, and we all went to the living room where I served tea for Sue and myself. david sat by himself in a solitary chair. Sue was alone on the couch.

I told david to be more friendly and to go sit next to his sister-in-law. Sue looked like the cat that was about to eat the canary, and david looked like the canary!

"You need to feel them, they even feel real." I told her.

"They do, do they?" asked Sue as she reached a hand around david's shoulders, and started feeling him up with her other hand. "Wow. Those are amazing. I'm actually getting turned on." (Sue likes women, in case you didn't know that already).

"Lift up your shirt for Sue, baby. Show her your bra. Don't be a tease."

david sat on the edge of the couch and lifted his shirt up above his bra, to his neck, closing his eyes and looking ashamed. Sue admired the pretty pink bra and how well david was filling it. Very unexpectedly (to him) she grabbed the back of his head with one hand, grabbed one of his tits with another, started feeling him up hard and kissing him flush on the mouth! With tongue!

This was my surprise for david that Sue and I had arranged. I thought it would be fun to have him treated like a Prom date by my very gorgeous, ex-cheerleader, ex-fetish-model, sister.

She broke off, and with a big grin for me she said "Hope you don't mind. I can't resist a girl showing me her big tits in a pretty bra."

david looked stunned. The only kisses he had ever received before this from my sister were chaste and on his cheek. He told me after that Sue's tongue penetrated him deeply and he felt very tongue fucked into his mouth. Because he's a good boy, he was a gentleman about it, and did everything he could to keep his own tongue out of Sue's way, not reciprocating at all (he joked that he knew his ass would be strapped black and blue if he did - right thing!)

I didn't mind at all. I liked it! I knew she was teasing him and was doing it for me. Frankly, it even turned me on a little seeing my sister "have her way" with him like that.

david's stunned look started turning into a suppressed grin.  I think he liked being kissed by my sister!

"david! I hope you didn't enjoy that. Stand up! You better not be excited!"

I went over and grabbed his cock. Sure enough, he was hard.

"That is disgusting, david! You react like that, to my sister? You are getting a whipping, young man! Now bend over the back of the couch and drop your pants."

"I can't stay, you know." Said Sue quickly.

"I know," I said.

david went over to the couch, dropped his trousers to pool around his ankles showing off his pretty sheer black panties, and bent over double so his breasts were dangling in front of his face. His shirt was still raised above his bra. I went behind him and lowered his panties to his ankles, and removed the leather belt from around the waistband of his lowered trousers while I was down there.

"There," I said to Sue. "You should think of him like that as you go."

"Awww," said Sue, "You know I'd love to stay to watch him get spanked, but I've really got to go. I'm already late meeting my friend... Next time, I'll make it up to you guys, I promise!"

"Well, thank you for treating him like a little Prom Queen," I  said. "I'm sure he enjoyed that. That was CLEARLY a very nice kiss you gave him."

I hought I would tease him just a bit more before Sue left: "david, are you still hard, young man? Let's see, stick it out back behind your legs." david reluctantly put his cock and balls back between his legs and pressed his thighs together keeping them there. He was still erect. Would his shaming never end?

"Oh david!" I said. "Will I have to masturbate you after your whipping?" I turned to Sue, "If he goes to bed in that state he'll be tossing and turning all night and I won't get a wink of sleep."

"Well," said Sue, "I'd love to stay and help you with that, but I do have to go."

Then she went over to david who was still bent over the couch, panties down, B-cups on display, bare ass high, anal pucker visible, erect genitalia pushed out behind him. "Bye, bye, sweetie. You look darling in that new bra. And I'm sorry I got you all excited down here," she said, as she patted his testicles, feeling him up for a second time that evening. Then she bent way down and gave him a kiss on his cheek while squeezing his balls.

I think Sue enjoys making sure david is excited for me to play with. It is true that he will have this immense sexual energy all night that we can have some fun with. And while playing with a guy's equipment does not particularly do anything for Sue as far as I know, I'm sure some of the sexual energy rubs off on her as well. And she was heading out for a date with a girl, so who knows...?

I showed Sue out, still holding the belt in my hand.

"You two crazy kids have fun now!" she yelled out as she exited my front door.

Mmmmmm... I was intending to I thought to myself as I turned to contemplate my husband's quivering bare cheeks and the doubled-up leather belt in my hand...