Sunday, June 22

Sex Last Night

My husband and I had sex last night. As always, I called all the shots.

This time I decided we would do a "69" with a twist. We got on the bed, both bare naked, in the classic 69 position.

Only I was not going to use my mouth on him. I was going to use my hand in various ways.

I had him licking me the entire time, making sure his face was nicely buried in me.

First I inserted his bum toy for him, the vibrating Lux prostate stimulator.

It plugs into the wall for a recharge, and then packs quite a wallop! It has a little button on it. The longer I hold it the more intense the vibration gets. I start out middle of the road, and crank it up when I want to. I insert it so that the hooked end nestles between bum hole and balls. I hope that's right? Seems to do the job at any rate.

For this insertion he gets the KY Lube.

I coat the toy, and I also put some on my fingers and push it up into his bum hole.

It's always a bit uncomfortable for him as it goes in, but nestles in nicely once accomplished.

I turned the Lux onto medium and then put away the lube. You have to understand, I am doing all of this while he is licking out my pussy. Hard to concentrate!

So far I have not yet touched his cock or balls (except by accident). His cock is rock hard and straining towards me. I keep my distance (wouldn't want to get poked in the eye with that!)

Next I get out the baby oil.

Lube I find is good (and safe) for penetrations, but not for hand jobs. For hand jobs I much prefer the baby oil which stays slippier longer and has a nicer feel on my hand.

I then rub the oil into his cock and balls. He's still licking, though he falters momentarily but then snaps right back into it as he realizes.

He squeezes his legs together. Somehow his balls wind up in back and his cock out front. I use my two hands. With one I'm fondling, squeezing, and tugging his balls from behind.  With the other I'm stroking his cock. Sometimes I move from his balls to the vibrator in his butt, and play with that a little.

I can tell how close he is to cumming by how fast and hard he laps at my pussy! He cums from cock stimulation (mainly tip as far as i can tell), so I leave off his cock when he gets too frantic and concentrate on his butt and balls. He DOES NOT get to cum before I do! I tell him so: I'll strap your ass black and blue if you cum before me... He starts licking me even more frantically. Mmmmm!

I hold on around his hips and grind my pussy into his face. Ahhhhh! First orgasm for me!

"Keep licking..." I tell him. He knows to be more gentle just after I cum. I will likely cum again, but it's his turn now.

I push his cock back behind his legs as well. I nuzzle up closer and get both hands behind him. I turn the vibrator up to full power. I put some more oil on my hands and then onto his cock, balls, and butt cheeks. He moans.

I start spanking him. Hard hand spanks to his oily cheeks. I alternate that with hand jobbing his cock, tugging and kneading on his balls, and pushing on the vibrator.

I end it by stroking the shaft up to the tip of his cock as I spank his cheeks as hard as I can, the vibrator still humming away full blast. It will need a good recharging tonight!

He buries his face hard into my pussy. His tongue is paralyzed, though. He cums onto the backs of his thighs.

I roll him over towards his tummy to keep the mess on his thighs and not on the duvet cover as I untangle myself from him and get up. I turn off the vibrator but leave it lodged where it is. Don't move, I tell him.

I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, and wet a hot washcloth. I bring back the washcloth and a small dry towel. Before I clean him, I scoop up as much cum as I can with my fingers from the backs of his legs and feed it to him. I make him lick and suck on my fingers until they are clean, and until he has swallowed his own full load. That's a rule in my house and my bed: my husband eats what he ejaculates.

I clean him with the nice hot washcloth, and then dry him off.

I take the hairbrush from the bedside table. I take him by the arm and have him stand. He is still weak kneed. I sit on the side of the bed  and pull him across my knee. "Oh no! Please!" he begs. My david is not so excited to be spanked after an ejaculation. "Oh Yes!" I say, and I start laying into him with the hairbrush. The vibrator is still sticking out of his butt. I like how it wiggles around as I spank. I give him a good blistering 100 with the hairbrush. Hey! He's the one who first asked me to spank him!

I let him up to go to the bathroom and take the vibrator out in privacy. I have a little cat who ate the canary grin on my face as I watch his red cheeks wobble towards the ensuite.

Sex Julie style!

Monday, June 16

An e-subbie humiliates himself

I have a little e-subbie who desperately needed some panty training.

He was told to go to the lingerie shop, pick out the prettiest panties he could find, and buy them in his size. I was very interested in what he would pick out...

Here is what he came back with.

Awwww! How cute! A very telling choice of panty. I think this boy imagines himself as a little girl, about to get those little panties pulled down for a good hard spanking across Mommy's knee!
For part 2, I told my little e-subbie to put those cute little panties on, reach into the waistband with his hand, and tug on his poor little no doubt regularly abused penis until he disgraces himself right into those panties. Then he can send me another photo of those panties with the stains from the ejaculate clearly visible.

Bad boy! Bad! What a mess he's made of his panties! I told him that I now needed him to hand wash those panties, at the sink, with plenty of soap and hot water,  hang them up to dry and send me a photo proving he had done as I demanded.
All nicely hand-laundered, ready for round 2 with his little penis no doubt...

After I received these images, I found myself quite busy and unable to get to my kinky email for a time. My little e-subbie was incredibly whiny during that time. "Please Mistress, I've done as you've asked, is there anything more for me..." Nyah Nyah Nyah Whine Whine Whine.

I finally sent him back a note, telling him that he whines like a baby, and since he was so keen to get my attention, well, now he's got it.

I told him to go out and buy a baby's pacifier from a drugstore. Put on his new panties and nothing but, and then sit at a table with pen and paper in front of him, sucking on his pacifier, and write out 1000 times "I must not whine like a little baby for Ms. Julie's attention".
So, what do I make of all this?
I find it very amusing that grown men will email me requesting to be dommed by me. They will do the most ridiculous and embarrassing things just because I tell them to. That makes me smile. This particular e-subby, after I am finished punishing him with the line writing, will be made to spank himself until he is well-reddened and well-marked and then send me a photo of his bare bottom to prove it.

I keep thinking that men like this are an absolute delight for women, and I cannot understand why they are not all snapped up by dominant gals.

I mean, all they really need is to be humiliated, femmed up, and taken across the knee. In return, they'll do anything, no matter how abject, for their mistress. I think that's a pretty good deal, especially when you "role play" maid and Mistress and have them do all the laundry, cooking, and house cleaning while you relax.

And, what's more, you can have girlfriends around and they can watch and participate in his little humiliations too. Who wants to spank him? Who wants to borrow him for a day of housekeeping duties? The only rule is that the plug goes in and the humbler stays on as he works.

Wednesday, June 11

Husband bathed and spanked

I gave david a good scrubbing with a bath brush, and then an equally good spanking afterwards!

Before I get into that, first a little update on my new adventure. My lady friend appears to be getting a case of cold feet. She has a new girlfriend who is not quite as adventurous, and she doesn't want to do anything behind her back. She is in a bit of a dilemma. The new adventure is not dead yet, but I would judge it on life support. I'm not pushing hard, so we'll just have to see.

Meanwhile, I have a husband who needs regular spankings, and so that is just what he got the other day. I can't wait for flaky people to make up their minds if they want to play. There's work to be done! Husbands to be spanked and shamed!

I told him in the morning, before we left for work, that he would be getting a bare naked spanking that evening. I told him that it would be a very hard spanking, and that it would be very hard for him to take, but that he would be taking every last stroke I decide to give him. I told him that I would be expecting him to pleasure me afterwards. I whispered in his ear that he would be licking out my pussy, and then using his tongue on my asshole, until I came two or three times. Then I went to work with a little happy grin on my face. Let him think about that all day long!

We got home in the evening and prepared ourselves a little dinner. Nothing was said about the impending spanking. After dinner I told him that I felt sorry for him, but that it was time for his spanking. I ordered him upstairs to go get ready for me. I told him to get upstairs and into a hot shower, and that I would be up in a moment to wash him myself

I had previously decided that I would give him a good soapy scrub all over before his spanking starts, followed by some kind of shaming corner time. For the washing, it's not that he is particularly dirty, it's more that it is a very maternal thing to do to a male, and puts him the right submissive state of mind to accept a very hard spanking. Shameful corner time just adds to that.

I followed him upstairs after cleaning the kitchen. I opened the shower door and a haze of steam came out. "Get yourself all soapy", I told him. he stepped out of the stream of water and soaped himself up. I then used the long-handled bath brush and scrubbed him very properly. No, I didn't beat him with it! (This time, anyways). I used it to scrub him. I scrubbed his chest and underarms, then his cute little tummy, and then low low down on his tummy. I then got to his private parts. They need to be especially clean. It seems to really perturb him when I scrub away at his private parts with that bath brush. Especially his testicles, and even more especially the tip of his penis. What a baby!

I told him to turn and bend over so I could continue his scrubbing from behind him.

I then used the bath brush all up and down his crack and all over his bottom hole. I made him reach behind and hold himself open for me when I did that.  I pushed the bath brush bristles up between his legs to do that hard to reach bit between his anus and scrotum. Then I had a second go at the undersides of his testicles and penis shaft (and apparently the underside of his sensitive tip as well, by the fuss he was making!).

Despite the discomfort of the stiff-bristled bath-brushing, he was still rather hard. How delightful. As a bonus, his little bumhole was clean as a whistle.

Good thing, as it would be getting some unwanted attention later on. I was determined that he would be spanked thoroughly, and all that area between his cheeks and near his bum hole that normally gets off Scott free would be reddened and sore by the time I was done.

I told him to rinse off and come out to get his spanking.

I marched him still damp to the bedroom wall by his ear. I got out Adam (my big pink dildo), stuck it into his mouth, and told him to stand with his hands on his head, giving head to my dildo against the wall. Adam is a real mouthful for david, and heavy as well, so he needs to suck very hard to keep it from falling out.

I told him that if Adam falls out of his mouth, if he uses his teeth at all on Adam, or if I catch him taking his hands off his head at all to help keep Adam in his mouth, then he would be hogtied naked and left in the dark bathroom until bedtime, and we would try again in a week for his spanking.

In the meantime he would be getting a lot of practice holding Adam in his mouth, a half hour each and every day bare naked against the wall while I watched TV. And too bad if we have visitors ;-)

I then left him and told him he will not hear me when I come back, which may be at any moment, and so he better obey me. He knows I am perfectly capable of what I threatened, so I knew he would be good.

My philosophy as a Domme is never threaten a punishment you are not willing to carry out, and always carry out a threatened punishment if earned. david knows this about me by now. I don't kid around with stuff like this. Consistency is so important in training your male.

I left to do a little more tidying in the kitchen, and then came back upstairs again (quietly). I was kind of hoping I would catch him slacking, as the promised consequences would introduce a new punishment dynamic that would shake things up and allow me to reinforce with david that my threats are not to be taken lightly. But he was good as gold, and was struggling valiantly to hold Adam correctly and without help from his hands.

If you ask me, there's nothing so sexy as a damp naked (hard) man standing against a wall with his hands on his head, struggling to hold a big cock in his mouth. I definitely wet my panties seeing that. He was not aware of my presence at first. We have carpet and I was in my stockinged feet. I just watched him struggling to hold position for a minute or so. I love that he struggles so hard to obey me. When I told him to turn, I could see his mouth making a big "O" around the dildo with his lips a perfect circle around its girth. He also had a big erection. He looked so gay like that, and I told him so.

I took the dildo from his mouth and asked if he wanted a good hard fucking with it tonight? He said he did not (he was genuine in that - we have a smaller dildo he generally enjoys up his ass - not Adam). I told him in that case he better continue to obey me and behave during his spanking, or we would end with a solid five minutes of hard fucking.

With these preliminaries out of the way it was time for his spanking.

I had decided that this evening's program would be a no warm-up spanking with a hardwood paddle, then a hand spanking to his inner crack and thighs with him in the "wheelbarrow position" (I had never tried that, but saw it recently on Banjo's BBS and wanted to give it a try). I would end with a caning with him face down on the bed. I promised him a hard-to-take spanking, and I was determined to deliver the goods.

I sat on the end of the bed, and pulled him across my knees. I then put my right leg over the backs of both of his, locking him in. I demanded his right hand, and bent it up between his shoulder blades. His head was practically on the carpet, and he was jackknifed across my left knee. His upper thighs and lower spank spots were perfectly exposed to me.

For this spanking I would use a newly acquired paddle I had yet to take for any serious spin.

It's round and made of quite thick hardwood. Poor baby.

I started in with the paddle. No warmup. Just hard strokes to his sit spots: right, left, middle, repeat. The paddle is big enough that when I target the center at his sit spots, the lower edge spanks his upper thighs. And oh my goodness did he wail! From the first spank to the last. He wailed and struggled, but I was holding him very firmly. Even though he is bigger than me, when I had him in this position I truly felt I could control him. He did start begging for it to stop. And as you may know about me, I love that begging!

It wasn't terribly long by spanking standards, but it sure felt long to him. I started to think about letting him up once I thought I heard genuine tears in his eyes. But I needed to make sure, so I carried on until there was legit sobbing and frantic cries of "no! no! please! no!".

A word on safe play. I know david well by now. We have been playing very regularly for over two and a half years. We initially had safewords. "Yellow" for slow down and "Red" for stop. We don't really talk about them any more. If he said "red red red" I would stop. If he said "yellow" today - well I don't think I would slow down. I'd probably go harder on his ass. But he didn't even try to say "yellow". He yearns for a true "disciplinary" experience. That's his kink. Along with the public humiliation thing. And if that's what he wants, well it's not my ass getting dusky red, bruised and blistered!

I pushed him off my lap onto the floor. There were real tears in his eyes. yay. He clutched his cheeks and just lay there on the floor, in a sort of fetal position, breathing hard and still half sobbing. What a little bitch.

"I'm not done with you yet!" I told him in a forceful voice. Get up here, I told him. He didn't know what we were doing, and so it took a bit of prodding and male acrobatics to finally get him into the "wheelbarrow position".

I could really admire up close the damage I had already inflicted on him. His spank spots were as red as I had ever seen them, and the very tops of his thighs were quite discolored and looking like they would bruise up nicely. I put the paddle away and just used my hand. But hard. I spanked up and down his thighs. And inner thighs especially that this position is so great for getting at. david is sooo sensitive on his inner thighs. You have to move his junk out of the way to spank there. So I just sort of grabbed a handful with my left and pushed it to the side while my right hand slapped his inner right thigh right up to the crease where his scrotal sac attaches. Then I switched hands. He was yelping and wailing again, with just hard hand slaps!

You can also really easily access the area between his ass cheeks, deep into his crack. so I parted his cheeks and also spanked up and down each side of his ass crack. Especially the skin nearest his bumhole. I found no online image of the view I was getting, but here is a female approximation.

Yup. Penis, testicles, bumhole, all perfectly displayed. And see that white area around her bottom hole? Was not white after I was done with my david! If it ever happens with my new lady friend (and maybe even her girlfriend?) then I will want to put david in this position over my lap and have them watch from over my shoulder as I spank his inner thighs and inner crack.

The wheelbarrow position spanking really rounded out the redness nicely. He was now red from stocking top to mid ass and everything in between. But I was not done yet!

I relocated my david to face down across a pillow on the bed. I stripped down to my bra and panties and got my punishment cane.

It's fairly thick and has a handle part wrapped with leather. I put the cane down across the midline of his bottom cheeks. david was so cute. he grabbed at the comforter with his hands making cute little fists, and bit down on the comforter as well while making funny "nnn... nnn... nnn..." sounds getting ready for his caning.

I gave it a good swishy swing and brought it down CRACK across his little red rump. I was rewarded with a little line, a comforter-muted scream, and some furious pillow humping to chase the sting away. Ha Ha!

I lay the cane back down onto his bum, which was his signal to settle down. He started mewling again into his comforter. I tapped his bum lightly a couple of times saying "up up" as I did so. david arched his lower back and presented me his bum most submissively for his next cane stroke.

A big backswing, a big swish, and CRACK, less than an inch below my previous line and almost perfectly parallel with it. david screeched again and flattened his ass into the pillow trying to escape the searing pain, and when that proved singularly unsuccessful went back to humping the pillow. I added several more similar strokes. Some higher and some lower. I made him arch his back and put up his ass for each and every stroke. After about a dozen his ass was shaking as he held it up to beg for his next one, please. I also alternated sides of the bed, trying to even out the "far cheek" effect in that manner.

The caning on top of the slapping and paddling left a red and purple base coat with dark dusky tram lines across his ass. he would certainly be feeling the effects for several days to come, and I was hoping for at least a week with the marking.

Deciding he was more or less done I scooted onto the bed beside him. Kneeling there, I pulled him gently across my thigh. I started giving him light hand spanks. Once I lingered behind and just gave him a little itching type scratch with my nails. That got a reaction of "oooh oww ooooh", so I kept going. Poor baby was laughing and crying at the same time as I gave his tender, reddened skin a nice healthy itchy scratch!

I rolled him over onto his back and moved him down the bed a bit. I stripped off my panties and straddled his face. Then I just told him "lick". He started licking and lapping at my pussy. He is such a pro at that. Ladies out there reading this, I highly recommend a submissive and well-spanked man for great oral sex! I guess I was a bit worked up by david's spanking, because I came very quickly from the licking. In about a minute I'd say. After I came, I recovered a bit and then eased back down on his face and told him to keep going. Next one in another minute or so. And both were good ones too!

Then I sat more upright on him and put my asshole on his mouth. reaching over, I picked up my Hitachi Magic Wand (always nearby and at the ready!) and started pleasuring myself with it as I instructed him to lick out my asshole. I talked dirty to him the whole time as I pressed the Hitachi against my clit. I can't cum just from him licking my asshole, but the combination of the Hitachi on my clit and the ass licking really makes me wild. Both the feel of his tongue burrowing up inside contributes, but also the thought of my "making him" lick me in that dirty, dirty place. Those things together make me wild. And I came again. Three times in maybe five minutes. All mind blowing good orgasms. I love spanking david.

But that was it for me! I put my Hitachi aside but kept my asshole on his mouth and insisted he continue to ream me. I thought david deserved a little something something, so I spat on his cock and started rubbing it with my hand as he continued polishing my butt hole with his tongue. I got a little fatigued bending over like that and so sat up more on his face and told him to finish himself up. He managed to get a hand out and down to his cock. I spat on his cock again for lube and he started rubbing it furiously. I egged him on by calling him a dirty ass-licking slut, and so on. I also told him that next time we did this I would have some girlfriends over and really show them how to keep a husband in line... (he loves that kind of public shaming talk).

He exploded hot white cum all over his tummy. The rules for david are the same as the rules for you subby guys reading this blog. Scooped up and into the mouth. Every last cummy drop. And then every drop swallowed like good little whores.

Yes, you heard me right boys. If you haven't cum yet, do it now. Right now. And then swallow it all down for Julie.


Well that was it for my little solo spanking adventure with david. We'll see how the marks develop. I'll go back to more spontaneous, little spankings for a bit now, playing the "domestic dommy wife". Plenty of opportunity as spring cleaning is by now overdue!