Saturday, July 28

Real Life versus Scening

I received an anonymous comment on my last blog entry "Husband Taught His Place in front of Sister and her Girlfriend" that gave me pause, and I wanted to blog about my thoughts.

Sorry if this post won't be up to my usual standard of kink. My special apologies to my loyal follower who is playing a denial game with my blog and not allowing himself to jerk off until my next post. I have a little something something for you at the end, but it's sweet, not nasty. I give you permission to jerk off to an earlier, nastier post, just this once!

That last blog entry described the most intense scene I have played out to-date with my husband. It involved me, my sister, and her girlfriend; an enema for david (with a public "expel" - yuck!); deep-throat cocksucking lessons for him while dressed in girly clothes; a cropping from my sister and a hard strapping from me; a very public ass fucking, hard and long and humiliating; and then corner time with his fucked up asshole spread wide for us. Very intense, yes!

The commenter suggested I was making it all up, was sick to the head, that my readers were sick and how would they feel if it was a woman treated that way, and that I needed to think about the negative impact of what I was writing before putting it out there. Now I'm feeling the blog police breathing down my neck! Is this step one in getting removed? I'm surprised I've lasted this long!

Am I making it all up? Argggghhhh I hate that question!!!! It's a "when did you stop beating your wife" kind of question. Any answer you give is a bad one. I would love nothing more than give you all my address and declare next Saturday "open house". I'll have Sue and Trina there of course. Trina will be getting a spanking over Sue's knee the whole time. david will be serving cocktails in his schoolgirl outfit with a butt plug shoved up his ass. Sound like fun? Not going to happen! I have a career, as do david and Sue, and goodness knows Trina may want a bit or privacy while pulling espresso shots. For me, the only possible way I can blog about these things is if I do it pseudonymously. Besides, even after the open house, these types of people will assume that was all made up as well, and all the commenters were clever deceptions. You really can’t win at this game!

But ask yourself, is every single person who is blogging about a kinky real-life situation making it all up? How ridiculous! And how enraging to think that the only "acceptable" way to live is by some vanilla standard, and every other lifestyle described is some perverted imaginary-only fantasy indulged in by "sick" people. What a dreadful world that would be in which to live. I read other people's blogs and believe them. Maybe that's because of my situation. I know what's possible. I know how freaky people are behind closed doors. There is no limit. And even if it is a fantasy, I'm the richer for having read it and believed in it.

The vast majority of my readers tell me david is a very lucky guy. A small minority (all men) feel the need to tell me that it's all made up. I personally believe that those men have these fantasies as well (why else find and read my blog?), but sit there at home doing nothing about them, not acting on their fantasies for whatever reason, or even imagining that they possibly could, and then lashing out in jealousy and frustration at those of us who do live out our weird-ass fantasies.

Whenever my readers tell me david is a lucky guy, I counter by saying I am lucky as well. I know why men think david is lucky. There are more subby men than dommie women. I could probably snap my fingers and have ten guys bending over for a hard whipping tomorrow. You poor guys snap your fingers and nothing happens. Boo!

But you guys seemed to be wired a bit differently than us women. Wired for indiscriminate sex, sewing your seed all over hell's half-acre if you could!  So, while I'm generalising and I apologise in advance to you sensitive guys out there (pen-pal david with the nice butt I am thinking of you amongst others! Write me soon!), I think any technically proficient woman who can act out your fantasies well would meet your needs. That is why there are so many pro domme women out there (and prostitutes, by the way).

My needs are more complex. Like you men, I need a compatible play partner. But I also need somebody I can trust completely, who is my best friend, that I am head over heels in love with and he with me, that is my soul mate. Without these things, the sexy playtime is blah, and just does not do it for me. And I mean, do it for me at all.

Don’t get me wrong, we all, men and women, want what I just described. The difference is that I cannot separate my kinky play from those things, and it does nothing for me in their absence. You guys can play (and fuck, and get blow jobs, …) with any woman you find attractive, be wonderfully fulfilled sexually, and then keep looking for what I just described. That's why you need to be taken in hand! Just kidding. I think it's wonderful that you guys can do that. Sucks for us women, though, as you play us for sex with promises of love, and then leave us looking for the same for yourselves, crushing our souls in the process, don’t let it bother you, though.

So I feel I am incredibly lucky that I can play with david. Now you can see why I say that.

On to the next point, what would my readers think if it was a woman those things were being done to rather than a man? What a naive question! Some of my switchy readers would love it; some of my subby readers would leave it; and other subby male readers would imagine they were the girl. It's all fantasy playtime for Pete's sake!

I play safely and everything I do is with david's consent. He has no safeword, and we have never felt the need. We know each other well enough that I know the difference between "no" and "stop, stop, stop" by the way he says it. It shouts at me louder than a "PeachyFuzzBunnies" safeword would. If you’re new to one another, use a safeword. Sue and Trina have one (yes, that one (!), they apparently settled on it while in a drunken stupor).

He also rarely knows the scene in advance. Sometimes he knows the general outlines, sometimes not. I will scene with him completely spontaneously, sometimes when he least expects it. He loves that! I know what turns him on, and I know what turns me on (or may turn me on - I am open minded), and I only will ever scene things that I think will turn us both on. For example, I will not ask him to take a fucking in the ass from a guy, even though that would turn me on tremendously to see that. It does not (currently) turn him on, and he would not consent to it. I did set him up to take a hand job from a guy, but it was a great call, because he liked it and was surprised by that, and he was in a position to not consent to it (he could have told Michael to stop, he was not being forced at all).

After our scenes we come back out of character and discuss them. We are not "full time" that way. Most of our life is very normal. But when the time is right, and the mood hits me, look out, we are in a scene without any discussion! He could say "stop" and I would respect that. He doesn’t. He takes a deep breath, gulps nervously, and gets his ass into character! Good boy. He explicitly asked me to be spontaneous like this. He didn’t need to ask twice. If he ever wants me not to be that spontaneous, he will ask again, and I will respect that. That is our particular balance between consent (absolutely required) and acting out the fantasy of "being forced".

Did he really "consent" to having a rubber cock jammed so down his throat he gagged? Did he really "consent" to having his ass strapped so hard it seared him like a steak on the grill? Why, yes he did. Did he like those things? No he did not. Does he want me to do it again? Yes he does. Don’t even try figuring it out. I certainly can't!!! Did he "consent" to having Sue whip his balls hard with the tip of the crop? Ah, well, no, actually. I got told off for that afterwards. Sorry, baby! I owed him a bj and a "real man" cunt slamming for that, already paid in full. I am apparently responsible for Sue's behaviour during our scenes. "Strict Julie" indeed!

Here's the funny thing, though. If I unilaterally decide by myself on a scene, and spontaneously carry it out, and he invariably submits to it, then is it real life, or is it a scene? My lines are starting to blur.

Sometimes he initiates a scene. The other day he was very frustrated with our cable box not working, and him trying this and that to fix it, on top of an already rough day for him. I had come home late, had changed into baggy track pants and a T-shirt, and was sitting at the kitchen counter reading the newspaper and having a bite to eat. David taps me on the shoulder. I turn around to look at him. He is in his skirt with a red shirt tied up at his midriff, and holding a hairbrush. He said "I really need it…" I laughed and asked "and what's under here?" lifting his skirt. His black and purple panties, of course, the ones I had forced him to wear when Sue and Trina were here. I smirked a bit and looked back down at my newspaper. "Wait for me in the living room." I told him.

I finished what I was doing (no rush, mind you) and went to the living room. He was standing in his corner, his hands on top of his head. The hairbrush was in the centre of the sofa. "Come here" I told him. He settled over my lap with a sigh. I lifted his skirt, started spanking his panties with my hand, and told him off for being such a girl. He squirmed in pleasure over my knee.

I pulled his little panties up into his crack, grasping them with my fist, and spanked his naked cheeks.
I then pulled down his panties and gave him a long hard gentle caring hairbrushing.
Afterwards, he got on his knees and kissed my feet. Then he put his head in my lap like a little puppy, looked up at me with his puppy eyes, and asked if I might, well, fuck him with my strap-on? How could I resist those big puppy eyes! I took him upstairs and put him face down on the bed over a pillow. I lubed him and inserted my smaller dildo to stretch him. Then I put my strap-on harness on over my track pants with the larger dildo in it. I grabbed my crop and whipped him a bit. I like whipping the dildo which makes it jiggle up his ass and gets some delightful girly booty shakes from him. I pulled the dildo out, flipped him over so he was face up, ass still on the pillow. I then mounted him, his legs high, panties at his ankles, and gave him a slow fuck. I made sure he enjoyed this fucking. I played with his cock as I fucked his ass. He is not always hard when I fuck his ass, but he is turned on regardless.

After a bit, I pull out. I whispered to him "turn over, put your cock and balls behind your legs, I'm getting the oil."  I insert the vibrating dildo and turn it on. It slides in very easilly. He loves this position for a hand job.
He moans as I hand job his hard cock while playing with his balls and working the vibrating dildo in his freshly-fucked asshole. He cums hard all over the backs of his thighs. "Wait there" I tell him. I clean up the stuff and get a warm washcloth. I go to him and clean him all up. He thanks me over and over again. I want my pussy licked, but he is too sweet and spent, lying there. I tuck him into bed, give him a kiss, and turn out his light.

That is what our weird-ass relationship is all about.

Sunday, July 15

A Good Little Cock Sucker!

After my exciting evening with Sue and Trina, david was anxious to know about Sue's new situation. Naturally, I lied through my teeth. I told david that Trina was cute enough, but really seemed to have a problem with men. Sue didn’t think that she could play with us herself anymore because of this. Poor david was crestfallen! It was all for his own good, though. When we did play together, he would be the only one not in the know from the start, and the surprise would be that much more exciting for him.

I talked to Sue afterwards to discuss next steps. She said Trina was excited to play with us. In fact, Trina had a little fantasy that this would be the perfect opportunity to play out. She had always fantasized about being made to have sex with a man by her dominant (female) partner, but had never done that before (apparently one of the few things she had never done before!) I asked what she meant by "sex", and Sue said whatever david and I were comfortable with "you know… up to and including… whatever…" she added. I was surprised and asked if she was ok with it? She said that she thought she could be ok with whatever I was ok with.

I had to think about how I felt about that. I told Sue I'd get back to her. Then I stayed up all night thinking it through. I knew it would come to this, but right away? I'll free associate for you guys the sorts of things that went through my mind, stream of consciousness style, as I lay awake.

On the one hand, david and Trina do not know one another at all, and therefore had no emotional connection, so it was all just pure fantasy fulfilment. I guess that was why Sue was willing to go along, for Trina's sake. On the other hand, what if david has sex with Trina, and falls for her? She is way younger than me, and very attractive in a way I think david would like. On the other hand, Trina is lesbian. But then she says she also likes guys. But Sue and I will be there supervising and controlling everything. And I know david is committed to me, and I feel very secure in that. Besides david is a confirmed subby and so is Trina, so that relationship would never work, would it? But could david switch permanently? Or would he get a taste for younger women? But I trust him. And if there is someone better for him than me then I don’t want to hold him. Except I do. But it would be kind of a once in a lifetime shot for david to enjoy another woman. And what a gift from me to him! And it's kind of sexy the way we'll be calling the shots. After all, I had already allowed him to be fondled and teased by a massage parlour girl, and that was fine. And I allowed him be fucked up the ass by the pro domme, and that was also good. But those were pros so no chance of a relationship; he might never even see them again. I also had him get a handjob from a male masseur, but that wasn't the same. And I had spanked him in front of other women. But regular hetero sex? Oh dear…!

In the end, I decided that Trina wanted it, david would really want it also (although he may not admit that to me - or at least better not!), Sue was pimping it so she was at the least ok with it, and based on past experience, I would likely totally get off on it all said and done. The main decider was that I really do trust david. He is my soul mate and he's not going anywhere. So I decided to go along with it. But based on how conflicted I felt, penis-in-vagina sex is going to be definitely out of the question, likely forever. But something less than that I could make myself comfortable with.

I phoned Sue and told her that it sounded fun, and I was in, but was it ok if we just kept it to, say, a blow job?
She assured me it was, and actually thanked me, and agreed that more than that was not on for them. She asked if I had checked with david. I laughed at that. I think I know my man well enough on that count! I told her I had not, and told her how I had been setting him up. She loved that he would be coming in cold for the scene. She promised that she and Trina would play up their parts. We discussed ideas on how the scene would go and settled on the general outlines, and we set a date. We also discussed some limits and boundaries and details. I'll not share our plotting with you readers, so you can read about it as it unfolded.

After I hung up with Sue, I told david that tomorrow Sue and Trina would be visiting us after dinner for some drinks. I told him there would be none of the usual messing around with Sue this time, and to please be patient with Trina, because she apparently has some guy issues.

One of my skills is that I am actually a great little liar. david is a terrible liar. I can smell a lie on him from ten miles away. The trick is to convince yourself first, and then say the lie as if it was the truth. He did not doubt me at all. Sucker!

When Sue and Trina showed up, Sue was in jeans and a blouse, and Trina was in a very bratty looking tank top and short cutoff jeans. And I mean "butt cheek" short! She had no bra, and her nipples were painfully prominent. I also very much doubted she had any panties on underneath those shorts.
Trina gave me a hug, and when I introduced her to david she kept her distance, acted very cold, and kind of grunted out a curt and distasteful "hi". As they went into the living room david looked at me with a "WTF?" look and I just shrugged and whispered "told you."

We talked a bit, but Trina just sat there sulking and not saying a word except for rare one-word answers when questions were specifically directed at her. I asked david if he could open a bottle of wine for us. david looked relieved to leave the room. When he was out, Trina smiled for the first time and winked at me!

david came back and served us all white wine. "I hate wine." Trina said, her guy-hating scowl firmly back in place as per our plotting. Ever polite, david apologized and asked if there was anything else he could get for her. "A cranberry vodka cooler." She said. I thought that was going too far and was surely giving up the game!

"Just stop with the attitude, already!" said Sue all of a sudden (or something along those lines - I can’t remember all the dialogue exactly, but I'll come as close as I can and not bother you again with my doubts as to my accuracy - the gist was definitely what was important and I've captured that).

"What attitude?" bitched Trina.

"That attitude!" said Sue. "We talked about this! You come visiting my sister and her husband, dressed LIKE THAT, and you've been nothing but rude since you got here!"

"FUCK YOU!" said Trina.

"Don't you speak to me like that!" said Sue. With that she got up, grabbed Trina by the hair, sat on the couch, and pulled Trina across her lap.

I looked over at david, and he looked back at me with a "you got me" look. My boy is no dummy and I found out later that while he was fooled (and confused) at first right up to Trina's "FUCK YOU", the start of a spanking gave it away. At that point he clued in that, once again, he was the last to know anything that goes on in my world, and sat back to enjoy the ride, just grateful that I had been bullshitting him about Sue and Trina's attitude towards spanky play. The show was just getting started though, and there would yet be quite a little surprise for lucky lucky david!

Sue spanked Trina over her short shorts, whacking the bare butt-skin exposed by her entirely inappropriate shorts.

Have you ever seen the John Wayne movie called "McLintock!"? I channelled the young man character as I went to the kitchen to get one of the wooden spoons (one of the ones Sue had bought for us, in fact, intended as a spanking toy) and handed it to Sue saying (I swear I did!) "Maybe this will help you get your point across?"
"Perfect!" Said Sue. "Now you’re going to catch it, you little brat!"

But I stopped her and said, "Your girlfriend has been cock-teasing my man since the moment she got in with those little pants, do you mind if I drop 'em and end the tease?"

"Be my guest." Said Sue.

"Noooo!" moaned Trina.

Sue put her arms in the air and leaned back, and I reached around to the front of Trina's shorts, undid them, and pulled them down her legs to her ankles exposing her sexy thighs and all that lay between for david's viewing pleasure.

"What a slut!" I said. No panties, of course. "I guess david will get more of a show than I intended!" Not really.

Sue then spanked the wriggling Tina into submission using that wooden spoon on her bare bum. Trina was a big kicker (though not with me nearly that much the other day) and pretty soon the shorts went flying. Sue tried to scold, but was not a very good scolder. I pitched in a bit with "what a rude girl - give her a good spanking" and things like that. david just sat and watched with a big smile on his face. He was getting a VERY intimate view of Trina's spanking, due in no small part to Trina's wriggling, kicking, and leg spreading. There was no doubt she was putting on a show for him. She really is a tramp! (And I mean that in the nicest way!)

Trina's butt was satisfyingly red when Sue said "now you apologize to david for your behaviour!" Trina looked away from him and said a curt "sorry." Sue spanked her some more and told her to look at him and say it with feeling. This time Trina turned to look at david and said "I'm sorrrry" drawing out the middle syllable.

"And what about this outfit she put on?" I added. "Her shorts were so tiny that anybody could see her bum, and what about that tank top and no bra? You’re just a little tease. Do you know that? You dressed like that to taunt my husband, show him what he can't have, is that it? And then you're even rude to him on top of that? Spank her some more, Sue," I finished.

The moment of truth...

"I have a better idea," said Sue. "If she's going to tease david like that, then let's have her see it through. That'll teach her a lesson"

"No!" wailed Trina from across Sue's lap.

"That's a great idea." I said.

david looked surprised and confused. He at first thought that he was just going to see Trina across Sue's knee in her little shorts and slutty tank, and that was fine by him. Then I upped the ante by taking her pants off, and instead he got a wriggling pussy and bare butt spanking show. Now Sue had upped the ante again, in a way david did not entirely understand at the moment. All you readers say david is a lucky guy. I usually counter by saying I'm a lucky gal. This time I might have to agree with y'all!

"Get up you little tease!" said Sue, lifting Trina up by the hair and turning her to face david. "Get this off!" said Sue, pulling off her tank top, stripping her naked in front of david.

Trina's pretty tits bounced into view. david's eyes were wide, taking in the full frontal of Trina in all her glory. Did I mention her nipples were pierced?
Oh yeah! She bad!

She didn’t even try to cover up, and in fact I could even see a sly grin on her face that she just couldn’t keep off it.

"Get on your hands and knees," said Sue. "Crawl over to him and finish what you started. Go on. Undo his pants. Take his cock out. You’re going to give him a blow job. Get going, missy!"

I remember exactly that she did say "missy."

At this point david looks over to me, for my assurance. I say "That's right. This little slut is only getting what she asked for." Too true!

Trina kitty-cat's over to him, unfastens and unzips his pants, spreads them, and pulls his underwear down around the base of his balls, pulling out his stiff cock. She looks him in the eye, licks her lips, and then dives in!
david goes totally wide eyed and his mouth hangs open. Trina has skills! She's bobbing up and down on him like a porn star, spitting and drooling all over him, her right hand working his shaft and her left his balls! Oh My! I need lessons!

How do I feel?  I love it! I am definitely turned on watching him get a blow job from another woman. I am not in the least jealous. I'm happy david's getting some and that I'm calling the shots. I am she who giveth, and she who taketh away, and hubby darn well knows it! I'm feeling powerful!

Trina's skills extend to her throat as well. She takes him in all the way down her throat. She gags a little, comes up for air, and goes back in. This is something I am definitely not capable of doing! What a champ!
Afterwards, Trina told us that when she was younger she lived with a male "master" for the better part of a year. He did not share her, but did teach her to give him a good blow job. He insisted she learn to deep throat him. All said and done, she outgrew him and decided that she was more sexually compatible with women, but at least she picked up some skills along the way.

david's hands reached out to the side of her head. He always does that when he is close to cumming. What he really wants to do is grab the back of her head and push it down hard on his cock. But since I won’t have that at all when I give him a blow job, he instead pretends to gently stroke the side of my head, only imagining that he is doing that. Yes, of course I know him that well! He looks at me.

"Go on. Do what you want." I say. "Don't worry about her. She's being punished."

He knew if he did that, he would not be able to hold on, so he asked me breathlessly "may I cum in her?" What a respectful lad! I love that he asked me and not her. How humiliating for little cock-sucking Trina!

"She had better make you cum into her mouth!" jumped in Sue, deliberately twisting the question. "If she can't finish what she starts I'll strap the skin off her bottom." I remember Sue said that last in a prissy, sort of affected way, rather than in the stern way she was aiming for. We laughed about it afterwards.

"Cum in that little teaser's mouth," I said, much more forcefully, "and clamp her head good and hard to make sure she swallows every last drop!" I can be such a total bitch. Poor little Trina.
But hey, this is her fantasy isn't it? Forcefully given to a man by her woman.

[As an aside, OMG there are a LOT of images of blow jobs on Google Images to choose from. And the majority, like this one, make it look pretty unpleasant for the girl. You guys are all evil and obsessed. We need a lot more guys being made to take a strict face fucking from a woman's dildo. Maybe then you'd all behave a bit better? Do you think? I mean, I train my man properly. All you women out there should be doing the same.]
david grabs the back of her head and pulls it down hard onto his cock, giving her a deep throated face fuck he could NEVER do to me. Trina takes it like a trouper, gagging a bit and slobbering a lot, and within a couple of thrusts it's all over and the poor dear is coping with a load of semen coating her tonsils. He lasted less than ninety seconds, beginning to end, I would say. Ha Ha!

And yes, in case you were wondering, the ejaculation in Trina's mouth was pre-arranged between Sue and I, and indirectly with Trina. It was all as this sort of thing can be. Trina and Sue had had the discussion, and Trina assured Sue that she was clean, as she had a scare a while back and got tested, and had been very careful since then. On david's end, earlier in our marriage, when I discovered he still frequented massage parlours, then as a condition of staying together I had made him get tested and show me the results. It sounds funny now, but it was no joke back then. It was a huge drama and it was far before we had the spanking thing going. Since then he has been on a tight leash, and I am sure he has not slept with anybody besides me. Sue actually knew about this history, and so was comfortable with david "swapping fluids" with her girlfriend, and I guess so was Trina, obviously! So it was nice letting both of them do this "au naturel". And yes, Sue and I are like that. We tend to over-analyze!

After she swallowed it all down (like a good little tramp!) she cleaned him all off with her mouth (what a well-trained girl!), looked up at him, took a deep breath, and in a perky voice said "Let's try this again. Hi, I'm Trina!"

"Well hello Trina!" Said david. "I am VERY pleased to meet you!"

Well THAT was uncalled for, and with me standing right there! Ha Ha!

We got them both dressed again, and then we sat down and really got to know one another after that. Trina thanked us all, telling us this was her little fantasy and it played out perfectly, and even though we've really just met it doesn’t really seem like that, and she couldn’t have thought of better people to play with. david also thanked everyone for the amazing experience, and as an extra thank you for me spontaneously got down on his hands and knees and kissed my feet in front of Sue and Trina. I definitely deserved that for the blow job I let him have. Not every wife would let her man do that!

But beyond kissing my feet, I thought david needed to be brought down a peg or two after that experience. So at one point I said, "Trina, you are fantastic at giving blow jobs." That's when she explained about her "master" thing. I went on, "I think david needs some lessons from you." I elaborated, "I don't know if Sue told you about our vacation, where I made david get a hand job from a guy?" Trina had heard the gist, but wanted me to tell the story, which I did. She thought that was really sexy. I told her and david that it was only a matter of time until I make him give a man a blowjob. david immediately objected and Trina and Sue clapped their hands in glee.

I told them that next time they were over, we'd have david dressed in his panties and bra, with his little plaid schoolgirl skirt on (david started really blushing now!), I'd put my strap-on dildo on, and Trina could teach david to give me head properly. Trina said she'd love to. It would be like teaching the sister she never had! (Ha Ha! That was a fun thing to say!)

I asked Sue if she thought I would need the riding crop and strap to make sure he was doing it properly? Sue said she definitely thought they would be needed, and likely well-used before he was doing it as well as Trina could, especially the deep-throating part.

"And you know what I like after getting my cock sucked, don't you, baby?" I said to david. He thought it was a rhetorical question. I made him give me my answer "a f...f...fucking." he said.

"Sue's never seen me bend you over and do that to you, has she?" I asked Sue if she would like to see that. She said she absolutely would love to see that. She added that maybe Trina could learn a thing or two watching david take it like that, as she understands he has a lot of experience.

"Trina likes me to clean her out back there beforehand. Do you do that with david?" Sue asked.

I asked what she meant exactly, and Sue said that Trina showed her how to give her an enema.

"It would be nice to not worry about any mess..." I said. "Can you show me how to do that to him?"

Sue said Trina was the enema expert. Trina said she'd be happy to. She said she'll pick up everything I need from the drugstore, and bring it along next time.

"Would you do it to him while I watch the first time?" I asked.

"Sure. If that's ok?" said Trina, turning to Sue.

Sue said that would be fine, and she'd love to watch that also.

Poor david!!!! He wasn't going to have much say in the matter!
Can't wait until the next time! Cocksucking lessons for david, very publicly administered enema, and then I'll bend him over the couch bare, strap his ass raw, and show Sue and Trina how to fuck a man! That's something I really know how to do!

Wednesday, July 11

I Spanked Trina!

I was dying to meet my sister's new partner, Trina, since the moment Sue told me about her. Sue told me she was relieved that I was so accepting of the situation. I gave her a punch for saying that! What did she think, anyways???

david had an evening planned with some friends watching some big fight on tv, so I snuck on over to Sue's to meet Trina without him. Sue had already told Trina about the more kinky aspects of david's and my relationship, and about her involvement in it. Hmmmm… Hope she was trustworthy. But I trust Sue in that.

Trina was indeed as cute as her picture. But she didn't act any differently than normal (I mean, not especially subby or anything). As Sue and I do, we used beacoup alcohol to make all of us comfortable around one another. Trina held up her end. We talked about all sorts of the usual things when you first meet someone. I liked her a lot. She's a great match for Sue.

At a certain point in the evening Sue said that she had told me about how Trina likes to get spanked. Without even a blush or any awkwardness at all, Trina said "It's true. I do."

"Well I think you know I like giving spankings." I said right back to her.

I remember she said, "Are you good at it?", or something like that with a bratty little challenge in her voice (we were a few drinks in by now so sorry if I mess up on the details!).

Well one thing led to another, and before you know it Trina was going to be going across my knee so she could judge my spanking technique. Trina, despite being in her mid-twenties, has been getting spanked (and a lot more!) in a kinky way with both men and women since she was seventeen. The upshot was that she by far the most experienced kinkster in the room despite her tender years.

I told her I’d pull up her skirt and give it to her over her panties.

She said "You can't do that."

"And why is that?" asked Sue, apparently already knowing the answer.

" 'cause I'm not wearing any…" said Trina in a submissive little voice.

Well, next thing you know Trina was across my knee, skirt up, getting a spanking on her bare little bottom. I was a bit nervous, spanking such an experienced sub. So I took my time, and started lightly down low on her cheeks. She moaned in pleasure at my light spanks. I gradually upped the tempo and the force of my hand spanks, colouring her cheeks beautifully. She was very reactive and panted and moaned at the spanks, and seemed to really enjoy them. And by then they were getting darned hard!

When I let her up she threw her arms around me, hugged me, and said that I was a great spanker! Yeah! I passed! And she had a darned cute bottom, and could take a hard spanking!

Trina then went over to Sue and cuddled up beside her on the couch and said "I like your sister."

I then asked her if she would be interested in playing with my husband, Sue, and I all at once. She was very enthousiastic and said a big "Sure!" I asked about any limits as far as david was concerned and she said "As long as you and Sue are ok with it I'm in. I like guys too."

Fun, but it looks like I'll have to watch this little one. No babysitting david for her with me and Sue out of the house!

Saturday, July 7

Breaking news!!!!

Well, you can knock me over with a feather! My sister Sue is in a relationship!

Sue was married to a guy until a few years back. He was an abusive cheat and we say good riddance to bad baggage. Since then she dated a few times, but nothing more. Well Sue has announced that somebody is moving in with her.

What's so surprising about that you may ask? It's with another woman! And, no, it's not just roommates. They are sharing a bed!

The surprising part is that I never knew she inclined that way. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely fine with it, it's just that she never, ever, hinted at leanings in those directions. The whole family is in "processing" mode, including me. Good for her I say!

The fun part is that her new partner, Trina, is a hot little submissive!!

Sue has shared with me that she found through her play with david and I that she really enjoyed being dominant. So the spanking of Trina will be a regular occurrence in Sue's new household, as will (get this!) strap-on play up her poor little pussy and bum! Poor little Trina! Sue showed me her picture and she is a little cutie, and quite a bit younger than Sue. I am very much looking forward to meeting her, especially as Sue has asked if I would like to play with her also! Yummy!

david knows about Trina moving in with Sue, but neither Sue nor I have shared with him any of the sexy details.

Sue and I both think that double-teaming a boy and girl submissive would be fun for all. That should be a nice little surprise for him.

Sue says Trina leans lezzie, but is a bit bi, and might need some cock from time to time. If she is serious, I am thinking of allowing that for david, properly supervised by Sue and I of course!

Sunday, July 1

Massaged while on Vacation - part 2: husband hand-jobbed by a man!

CONTINUED from previous blog post

After my massage I padded out the door and called for Michael to come back in. I once again told him how wonderful his massage was, for which he expressed gratitude. I then told him that I really wanted my husband to experience the same kind of massage I just received. Was that possible and did he have time this afternoon? Without hesitation Michael said "Of course" and that was it. I wasn't sure if Michael caught my full meaning, so I elaborated "with the more intimate touching?" Michael said "I understand you, Ms. Julie" (I loved how he put 'Ms' in front of my first name like that!).

I then explained to Michael that my husband had never been touched intimately like that by another man. "So long as he is comfortable, Ms. Julie," he responded. I said I was sure he would be and we set a time for the late afternoon, and I told Michael I would bring david up to him and introduce him.

Michael needed me to sign the hotel bill for my massage. There was no place for a tip and I had brought no cash with me. "Where do I put a tip, Michael?" I asked. He said "There is no need Ms. Julie". I said I wanted to, and when I came back with my husband I would give him a nice tip. He just said "thank you" to that. What a nice man!

I went down to david in the hotel room and he asked how was my massage? I told him it was wonderful. The best massage ever. So good in fact, that I had booked the same massage for him later that afternoon. "Ok. I have to try this." He said.

Now david did not know it was a male masseur. He had actually heard me on the phone requesting a female, and I always make it a point of requesting a female, so he naturally thought it would be a woman. I also did not let on that the massage had been quite so "intimate". When he pestered me a bit on the details I just told him that he'd have to see for himself later and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

We went out for some sightseeing and lunch, and came back a half hour before the appointed massage time. I dressed again in my bikini and my robe, and told david I would be lying out on the rooftop patio in the sun while he got his massage. When david went to put his suit on I told him there was no need, the sun would be too low for tanning once he was done and he should go bare under his robe.

"Really?" He asked. "Trust me" I said.

We walked through the hotel to the elevator and up to the top floor. There was an older couple in the elevator with us for part of the way. I found it fun that david was standing nude but for his robe. Felt a bit naughty.

At this point I should say that for the remainder of the narrative I will mix what I know from direct experience with what david told me afterwards. We discussed the experience at length, relishing every tiny detail. I quizzed him like a reporter (knowing I was going to blog about it - but he didn’t know that). So I will describe his experiences and his emotional state as I know them from our discussions afterwards.

I took him to the massage room and there was Michael standing in front of it. I introduced them to one another and we all went into the room together. david was surprised to see a man. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn’t want to say anything impolite such as "I thought it would be a woman therapist".

I turned to david and told him that I had asked Michael to give him a very special massage and that I wanted him to just relax and go with it. I asked him if he could do that for me?

At this point david knew that I was up to my old tricks, and suspected strongly that this man standing quietly in front of him would become intimate with him. He knew I was interested in that, but had put me off it when I brought it up in the abstract. Here, faced with the actual fact of the matter, a flesh and blood man standing in front of him, he agreed to my request. His biggest worry was that he did not know what he was agreeing to. He worried that he would be getting a fucking! I thought it was telling that he agreed nonetheless, and would have submitted to a fucking for me. Very interesting!

I left them to it, telling Michael that I would be just outside sunning myself on the terrace. He should come get me after the massage was over and I would come in and collect david and pay for it.

After I left Michael said to david "if you like you can wear this" indicating a small little blue bundle on the massage table "please then lie down on the table and we will start face up." Michael then left david alone in the room to prepare.

The little bundle was a little disposable massage thong. It was thin string of elastic to go around the waist, with a strip of blue tissue-like material hanging off it attached in a loop at two ends to cover his crotch and butt crack.

At this point david started wondering. Michael's words were "if you like". Was the little panty thong optional? He looked at the massage table. There was a towel on it. Under the towel was the vinyl of the table. There was nothing to cover him. And what if I was just jerking his chain? Making him believe that more would happen than just a regular massage. I hadn't said anything overt, just that he should relax and go with the flow. I could be playing with his mind. He could get naked on the table, there would be a scene, and I would be laughing my head off! He decided that the panty was not optional and put it on. He was embarrassed to be wearing such a skimpy thing in front of another rman, especially given his panty fetish. He was already getting a bit hard thinking about wearing the garment and all the associations of panty-wearing, and had to work to control it!

The only way to get the waistband high enough was to wedge it into his crack in the back. He felt that the front barely covered him, and the he was not sure what was visible from the sides. Nonetheless he lay on the table in the disposable paper panty thong, exposed.

Michael came back in, and the massage proceeded exactly like mine, starting with the leg stretching. As Michael held his leg high and rotated it in the hip joint, david felt his penis sliding around under the thong, and felt the friction of his penis squeezing and releasing between his inner leg and his abdomen.

david took a deep breath. He found he was getting excited by this treatment. He felt the oddness of a man's strength touching him so intimately. He was wondering what he was displaying as his leg was rotated so vigorously in the hip joint. He felt himself hardening! He tried to think about something else. Some math problems. Michael went to the other side and repeated the procedure. It was a lost cause, david felt himself becoming completely erect, and felt his hard penis popping out the side of his thong. He felt so embarrassed. He was not gay!

When Michael was done david quickly grabbed his hard penis and shoved it back under his thong, saying nothing and feeling highly embarrassed. Michael went up to his head and massaged his temples and said "relax…". Like wife like husband. Ha Ha! Must be one of Michael's tricks when clients get too excited too soon!

david figured, "ok, that was not supposed to happen". But he's a guy, he's seen my thing, so what? It was the friction.

When he was flaccid again, the massage continued. Michael did the same technique with david as he did with me, bending him back at the waist to stretch his back. For him, Michael got up on the table, kneeling, lifted david's feet high into the "diaper position" (as david knows it), slid his hands under his butt cheeks, and lifted him up with some effort, stretching his back. David felt like a little child in Michael's arms, and was embarrassed anew. He also found himself getting hard again from the childish man-handling! He thought Michael must think him a total man-whore.

The massage proceeded despite david's little stiffy. During the massage, with david on his back, Michael's fingers would "accidentally" brush up very slightly against his balls at the end of the long strokes up his inner legs. Bless his little naïve soul, but david still did not know if anything sexual would be involved, or if guy masseurs just cared less about brushing balls than women massage therapists did. What a dodo!

Michael repeated the same "pressure point" progression with david as he had with me, going down the middle of his body from head to perineum. As Michael's pressure points moved progressively down his body, david wondered where would it end. Surely at the abdomen? Nope, the next pressure point was just above the root of his cock. Was that it? Nope! Final pressure point was between his legs, between balls and butthole! Michael nonchalantly had to lift david's balls out of the way to get at it. The little dummy was still not sure if this was "normal" or not!

Towards the end of the massage, the hot oil came out, and it was dripped all the way down his body. david wondered if his penis would get involved??? Michael dripped the oil directly down onto the front of his panty, warming his cock and his balls, and feeling the oil moving down his panties to his asshole.

Michael then went down the table and started rubbing upwards, passing his hands right through the side of his panties and rubbing his by now very hard cock and balls. The panty was pushed aside in the process and his private parts were fully on display as Michael hot-oil hand-jobbed him.

It was only at this point that david thought, "oh my, he's going to make me cum. A man is going to make me cum!!!"

The feeling of Michael's strong and sure hands was very different from a woman's softer gentler hand, and was a constant reminder to david that he was crossing a line he had not imagined he ever would.

Michael pushed his hand under his bum and massaged him between his cheeks, blatantly massaging his asshole. He felt Michael's thumb run up the underside of his cock. He did this three times and david thought "this isn't doing anything for me" until the fourth stroke when suddenly he had an uncontrollable urge to ejaculate! david moaned "oh no!" as he felt himself starting to cum, as the enormity of being a man's hand-bitch hit him!

He ejaculated onto his tummy as Michael milked the last drops from him.

Quickly as anything Michael returned with a hot towel to clean him off, there first, and then getting another towel finished the massaging by cleaning him off and rubbing him vigorously. Somehow during the process Michael had restored his penis to under his panty.

After the massage, david got the little bell as well, and was told to take his time, and he would go let "Ms. Julie" know that his massage was over.

Michael came onto the sun terrace and let me know david was finished. I got up to go into the room. I told Michael to join me. I entered without knocking and found david face up on the massage table in his little panty which was wet with oil that told a story.

"How was that?" I asked him as Michael held back standing stoically and silently in his legs spread arms behind his back pose I saw him in when I first met him.

"It was fantastic!" said david, looking up at me and looking very satisfied with himself! Looks like my boy doesn't mind a little "man-on-man" action when his cock is involved!

"What's this little panty you have on?" I asked him. "It's sooo cute." I said. And I started pulling it down his legs and off him, baring him naked. I then massaged his balls and asked coyly "was it nice down here? To have a man's hand down here?"

"Yes ma'am" he answered. What a good boy!

I laughed and helped him to his feet, still bare naked. "Michael gave me a very nice massage down there also, you know. I had a lovely orgasm," I said, looking over at Michael who nodded back to me. "When we get home, sweetie, you’re buying me a massage table and will learn to use your hands properly, like Michael does. None of your fumbling down there. Ok?"

"Yes ma'am" he answered again, feeling rather submissive being the only naked person in the room.

I went over to Michael then and gave him a big hug and said "Thank you again so much for the wonderful experience!" My hug was full on, breasts to chest.

"My pleasure, Ms. Julie" he responded. He didn't hug back, but he didn't pull away either, and it felt nice hugging him.

Disengaging I told david, "david, give Michael a big hug and thank him."

david hesitated and looked for his robe.

"Obviously he's still not comfortable being naked around a man." I said, commenting on david's naked distress.

"No problem," said Michael, "It was my pleasure, sir."

I held david's robe out for him and let him put it on as I went over to Michael and signed for david's massage. I also passed Michael a big cash tip as well and he said "Thank you very much, Ms. Julie."

We went back to the room and david was very excited. He wanted to relive all the details and he asked all about my massage as well. He told me that it was really humiliating being got off by a man. Every instant he was being massaged he was extremely conscious of it being a man's hands on him, and when Michael's strong and rough hands massaged his penis, he thought he would die. But it turns out that david got very excited by the experience.

Based on this, who knows what I might subject him to next????