Wednesday, August 28

I had to spank david today

The title of the post says it all. sigh.

The ceiling lights have been burning out one by one in our bathroom. I asked him months ago to replace the bulbs when the first one blew. Well now three out of four are blown and I reminded him forcefully a week ago. Still nothing. So I spanked him.

I would call this spanking real FLR, not scening.

I took him to the bathroom. I scolded him. I told him he would be getting a spanking. For real. And if the bulbs weren't replaced tomorrow, he'd get the strap. For real.

I went to get the spanking hairbrush. Then I sat on the straight-backed chair, pulled down his pants, put him across my knee, lowered his underpants, and then hairbrush spanked his bottom. No warm up. The first spank was hard, as were all the rest of them. This spanking without warmup seemed to really punish him.

I gave him about 200 hard whacks on his bare bum. He turned first red and then purple and then went white in the centers of his spank spots. He was apologizing and begging for it to stop from almost the first spank until the last. I was determined to punish him, though, and I did.

After I was done I took him into the dim, gloomy bathroom. I made him lie face down on the floor. I used light nylon ropes to tie his hands behind his back, to tie his ankles together, and then I hogtied him by pulling his ankles to his wrists.

I left the bathroom, turned out all the lights, and shut the door. I told him I'd come to get him in an hour. I informed him that if the lights weren't replaced tomorrow, he'd be getting the strap across his legs and bum as hard as I could swing it, and then he'd be spending two hours hogtied in the dark.

I guess we'll have to see what tomorrow evening brings. If the little bitch wants to play, we'll play...

Saturday, August 17

Begging for it to stop

In my last post I mentioned how I have trained my husband to beg for his spankings to stop. I thought I would elaborate on that practice in this post.

I have read some accounts and seen some video where the woman insists on the subby being completely still and not make any sound at all as he is being beaten. I guess I can understand that. Self control and all that. But it has never excited me seeing a man beaten like that. What excites me the most is his reaction to being beaten.

Now, is that reaction genuine or feigned? I feel there is a blurred line here. On one end is clear acting. Pretending to be in pain when he is not at all. On the other end is being still and quiet despite great pain. Both extremes are "acting" in my opinion. In the blurry center are various degrees of "letting himself go".

Guys often have trouble showing emotion and vulnerability. Crying and carrying on is a stereotypical "female" thing to do. Being stoic is a stereotypical "male" thing. I believe the stereotypes are more true than not in the emotional realm, but in the physical realm not at all. My how baby complains when he gets just a little sick!

So crying, kicking, begging, and promising to be good while being spanked are associated more with women and children in popular culture than with being a big manly man. That is one reason I like to see my man doing those things while across my knee. I despise the manly man thing. It is arrogant and a violence against women, so the more men are made to act like "women and children" the better if you ask me. I would love to see them all skirted and pantied in the streets, on big tall heels with pantyhose! Fuck them and that fucking he-man attitude.

Yes, I am sure david could take a very hard beating and be absolutely silent and still if his life depended on it. I personally don't want that.

If my spanking does not hurt at all, I want no pretending. If the spanking hurts a little I want a little mewling and ouching. If the spanking hurts like hell I want screaming and begging. And everything in between. I want him to reflect by his actions the pain he is feeling.

A nuance is that for many a subby pain is pleasurable. If I hit him hard I do not want a sigh of pleasure, even if that is what might come naturally to him. I want him to pretend as if he was being punished for real and act, key word here is "act", convincingly and proportionately according to the intensity I dole out. That is what I insist on from him.

I draw the line at him squirming so much that he is unmanageable across my knee, does not stay in position, moves around so much that he throws off my aim, or tries to block me in any way. He mustn't do any of those things. He must control himself to that extent.

Within those boundaries, though, I want and expect vocalization, squirming, kicking of heels, and ideally genuine tears. And I want it proportional to the intensity. There is a certain honesty in that.

This is one area where my subby hubby has some control. If he wants it harder, he need only act out a little less and his wish will be granted according to my mood. I usually enter into a scening discipline session aiming for a certain reaction. So he can make it harder by holding back a little, or lighter by accelerating a little.

If he accelerates his reactions too much, I will know it and I will consider it topping from the bottom. Likewise if he holds back too much. If he does that I stop and he doesn't get any scening for a while. If he apologizes and promises not to again, he might get some boring line writing to drive the point home before I will engage in any more kinky play.

I also want him begging me for the punishment to stop. A little gentle begging for the less intense spanking, a lot of frantic begging and pleading for a more intense beating. It drives home the point that my decision on stopping is mine alone, and no amount of begging or pleading from him will sway me in the least except in one special sense. He knows that the countdown to stopping is the start of his begging. If he is not begging it gets harder and harder until he is. Once he starts the begging it will be up to me how long I keep him at it.

While he still wants, needs and craves the spanking, he must not beg for it to stop. Once he has been "sated" in that regard, and has had his "discipline fix" so to speak, then he knows to start the begging process. At this point it is now me who is getting my "dommy fix", and I take as much as I want before I decide I have been fully satisfied, which means he might be begging for quite a while!

The rules don't change when another woman is watching. He may not act stoic, and he must beg for it to stop. How embarrassing it is for him to kick, cry, and carry on in front of another woman while across his wife's knee. And then how much more embarrassing for him to have to beg me for it to stop?

All of this kicking, crying and begging is good for him. It helps him to release stress and connect with his emotions.

It is also good for me. I genuinely enjoy being dominant, and his reactions make me laugh inside and give me a little thrill.

Thursday, August 8

Dildo Corner Time

The other night I was feeling that I wanted a little kink, and that david needed a little kink, so I decided to spank him and then fuck him up the ass.

First we went to the bedroom where I made him undress to nude and go stand facing the wall with his hands on his head. I got his hairbrush and made him clench it between his cheeks, bristle end. I pushed his nose against the wall and told him to wait like that until I was ready to spank his little tushy. I informed him that if he dropped the brush, he would be getting a long hard dose of strap oil instead of his hairbrush.

I then got myself ready for bed (taking my sweet time about it). I put on a nightgown of all things (I usually sleep bare naked), thinking david would appreciate being spanked by me in my nightgown for some reason. It's a little more domestic I thought, which he goes for.

I then hopped into bed and started reading on my iPad. Tell you the truth, it was more like I pretended to read as it was hard keeping my eyes off of david's clenched little bottom, imagining everything I would soon be doing to it!

After dragging things out a bit I got out of bed, walked over to him, grabbed the brush from between his cheeks, and dragged him over by the ear to the side of the bed. I pulled him across my left knee and draped my right across the back of both of his. I then proceeded to redden his butt with his hairbrush.

As it was not a real punishment spanking scene, I took my time at first with some lighter, more exploratory smacks all over. As he got warmed up, I started spanking harder and faster. I must say that I really enjoy spanking him until I see a genuine reaction. It definitely turns me on to have him squirming and ouching and begging me. He has been trained to beg for me to stop spanking him. I told him a while ago that it was a great turn on for me, and he knows the spanking won't even begin to stop until he is begging sincerely. What really turns me on his hearing him beg, and ignoring him and just spanking him harder. It gives me a little sexual power rush. I am a bad woman!

"Ouch! Ouch! Oh Please Stop! Please! It hurts!"

"It's a spanking, it's supposed to hurt, silly boy. And it will be over when I decide it will be over and not a second sooner!"


"No! No! Please No! Please!!!"


Once I was done spanking him I wanted to fuck him. Again I thought that a little anticipation would do us both some good. I stood him up again and led him back to the wall, which I pushed him against again with his hands on his head. I got my largest dildo out (Adam) and stuck it in his mouth with its base against the wall. Then I pushed on the back of his head, moving him closer to the wall until he gagged, then backed off a bit. I made him move his feet away from the wall and spread them, and then arch his back hard. A rather stressful position.

I walked away from him and came right back with a tube of lube. I then took my time lubing his nicely presented asshole. I like using a lot of lube. Then I allowed him to stand up a bit more. I am sure he felt the copious amount of squishy lube up his backside.

"Reach down and hold your cheeks wide apart for me. I want to see what I'm going to fuck." I told him.

I went back to bed and my "reading".

"That big dildo in your mouth is going up your ass in just a moment. Are you going to squeal like woman as I fuck you? Hmmm?"

I got a bit of an indistinct dildo-muffled answer.

After a bit more reading I asked "Is it time to get fucked?"

I took the dildo out of his mouth and heard him say yes, please.

"Then you better beg me for it." I said.

He got on his hands and knees and begged me to fuck his ass as I stuck the dildo in my harness and strapped it on under my nightgown. The cock kind of tented my nightgown in an obscene sort of way. Ha Ha!

"Are you going to take it up the ass like a two dollar whore?" I asked him.

"Yes ma'am".

I took him by the arm and draped him over three pillows in the middle of the bed. Then I lubed the dildo and entered him. Before I did that, I removed my nightgown. I like having my tits exposed as I fuck him. It feels sort of Amazonian. My little boy would be receiving a bare-breasted fucking!

I took it nice and slow. I love how one moment I'm pushing the big head of the dildo at his asshole, and it doesn't look like it has a hope in hell of fitting in, and then a moment later his asshole just opens up and sucks the thing in! Magic!

He usually complains as this happens and then complains again after it goes in, begging me to hold still, just for a second. But I know better. I know he can take it, and I just start thrusting gently. He'll feel the pain either way and I figure he gets over it faster being fucked.

I grab his hips and go to town on his ass, thrusting in and out hard and fast. I love looking at his beaten ass as I fuck him. After a few minutes of this treatment he kind of surrenders to his ass banging, and just whimpers and moans softly each time I thrust in.

"You're a good girl, baby," I say to him, "taking your hard fucking like that. Such a good girl."

I pull out. There's a bit of a mess because I didn't prepare him properly, but I am an old hand at this and had some paper towels right there. I don't get freaked out by it. I think he is very ashamed when he messes the dildo a little, though.

I leave him draped across the pillows and clean up his asshole as if he were a baby.

Then I flipped him over and gave him a real nice blowjob. All it took was less than a minute and I was rewarded with a big mouthful of hot cum. I then crawled up to his face, he knew what was coming, and I gave him a big French kiss, pushing all his cummy mess into his mouth for him to swallow.

Then he went down on me and I came pretty quickly myself. He had a finger nicely placed stroking upwards on my G-spot as he licked my clit and pushed down on me with his other hand just above my pussy and beneath my belly-button. I have him well-trained!

Sex in the Julie household. Ain't it grand?