Thursday, January 30

Good thing I never became a Teacher!

Recall from the A Very Public Tamponing episode how I mentioned the boy in question tried to "Horse Trade" with me for permission to use the photo? I put him in his place by having him panty and plug himself and then sit and re-write his note to me in a respectful fashion. Which he did.  He gave me his blessing, no strings attached, and then very politely suggested that a particular thing turned him on, and if I were to ever to write about that thing he would be tremendously excited.

In fact, that thing concerns his fantasy of being spanked by the schoolteacher in front of the class.

I triggered it by suggesting at one point that he was behaving very badly, that he should have learned things such as how to be polite and treat others kindly in kindergarten, and had I been his teacher he would not have left kindergarten without those lessons being well learnt!

In fact, I like to think of my blog readers as the naughty boys and girls in my classroom. I would have you all age-regressed into the bodies of children where I would have no trouble woman-handling you across my knee as the need arose!

I guess it's lucky that I never chose to become a teacher. I'm not sure I could not have restrained myself from spanking the naughty boys' backsides!

And yes, I would have played favourites, for sure. The girls would never get punished (well, except for YOU, Penny). They would get counselled in a gentle fashion. The boys, well they would have been punished at the drop of a hat. All the boys would have hated me. They'd complain to their parent how mean Miss Julie was. How she always punished the boys and NEVER the girls! And how IT JUST ISN'T FAIR!!!

Not just spankings, mind. If a boy spoke in class without permission, for instance, well he'd just be sitting at the little desk facing the corner and writing out 1000 times "I must not disrespect Miss Julie's classroom" until his hand ached and he'd have tears in his eyes at the injustice of it all. Especially since little Melissa spoke out of turn and I let her get away with it without even saying a word. I'm sure Melissa had a good reason.

If a boy and a girl got into an argument it would only ever be the boys who got punished, and quite severely as well. And no, I would not listen to the boy's side of things. the girl's word would be good enough for me. The boys would learn to respect their female classmates and do as they are told by them.

Petticoating would definitely be a suitable punishment. I would have a spare girl's school uniform in my desk. Right down to the shoes, panties, and training bra. I would hand the naughty boy the clothes and tell him to go to the bathroom and change. And if he was teased by the other boys and girls would I put a stop to it, you ask? Of course not! He was naughty, now he must suffer the consequences and just pray that won't include going across my knee while dressed like that.

And in case you were wondering, yes spanking would definitely play a major part of the disciplinary regime.

For the more serious offences, or even now and then for minor offences to keep a boy on his toes (I would be very capricious), the naughty boy would be stripped to only his underwear and be made to apologize at the front of the class, hands at his SIDES, to all the other children for disrupting their lessons.

If the boy did not strip willingly? Yes, this happens from time to time. He would be taken to the back room and I would forcibly strip off the boy's clothes myself. He would then be pulled out by his ear and made to utter his apology. And after that it would be more than just a little hand spanking across my knee he could expect. Oh my yes!

Assuming this was not required, and that he made his blushing apologies to the boys and girls, then he would be taken across my lap in front of the whole class. I would lower his underpants to just beneath his chubby little cheeks, and spank him red with my hand. Sometimes it would be just that. Other times, I would pick up my twelve inch wooden ruler and spank the naughty boy's backside with that. When the ruler comes out, the boy WILL BE in tears by the time his spanking is over. Guaranteed.

When my spanking is finished, and the boy is still draped across my knee bawling his little eyes out, I would pull his little underpanties back up over his red red bum and stand him up facing the class so all the boys and girls can see his tears. He would then be marched to the front of the class and be made to stand facing the corner with his hands on his head. His underpants would again be lowered to just beneath his cheeks so that the other boys in the class can see what is in store for them if they misbehave.

I, of course, would not be in a position to see the boy as I was teaching the class, and I would need to rely on the girls to tell me if the boy fidgeted or moved out of position at all. And if he did? Well then I would grab the boy by the arm, drag him back to the front of the class, and spank him again with my ruler. And yes, I would leave his underpants pulled down at the back during all of that. As he was marched back to my spanking chair the only thing holding up his underpants in front would be his underdeveloped private parts. His little pubic hairs would be all on show (assuming he had any at all).

And if another boy laughed? Well he would get just the same! A schoolroom has four corners, after all.

The girls may laugh all they want!

For more serious offences they boys would be given a dose of the good, old-fashioned strap.

This punishment would be administered with the boy across my desk with their little bums pointing towards the class. Once they were bent over, their underpants would not be just lowered, but REMOVED COMPLETELY.

The boys would be mortified to have their underpants removed in front of the girls, and they would strain to keep their legs pressed tightly together. But the best laid plans of mice and men, and all that, and inevitably as the strap landed the boy's legs would leave the floor, kick and spread, showing off to the girls everything they tried so hard to hide before. The girls always enjoy a good showing off ALL the boys' private parts as they writhe under my strap.

And, of course, I am just waiting for those legs to kick and spread. That is when the next stroke of the strap will curl around the insides of their thighs, or the insides of their bum cheeks.

For the most severe infractions, it would be a caning. The canings take place in the auditorium, during full assembly. The principal usually asks me to deliver the canings for some reason. Canings are administered with pants removed, underpants lowered.

And yes, this has happened, in front of the whole school. The boy sometimes does wet himself as I am caning him.

When this happens the school nurse takes him away (AFTER all the strokes have been delivered, of course, and the extras for wetting himself). She cleans him up and diapers him to prevent any further accidents that day. The puffy diapers under his pants are a source of great amusement for all the girls for the whole rest of the day.

Yes, some people are just not cut out to be teachers, and I am one of them!

Monday, January 20

A Very Public Tamponing

I have a very funny story to tell today. I have a reader, who shall go nameless, who complimented me on my blog and with whom I was exchanging emails. One thing led to another, and I asked him if he wanted a dare from me:
Have you ever been involved in any public play? I think I can dream up a dare for you if you are willing. Nothing that will get you arrested or be dangerous to life or reputation or anything, but that might humiliate the heck out of you! Are you willing and able?
He responded as follows.
I would love to hear the dare. I know you must be busy as hell returning emails, blogging and such, Thank you so much for responding.You are amazing, really.Anything I can do for you, say the word...
I always have time for my readers. It's no big deal, though sometimes I am slow returning mail. But I gave him a task, one that I thought was an easy one:
Go to a drugstore and buy a big box of tampons. You are to find a young lady to check you out. You are to buy absolutely nothing else, just that. Then, when you get home, you are to insert one up your bottom and keep it there for several hours. You might need a little lube to get it in, and a little water to get it out. Knowing that you are buying the tampon in order to insert it into yourself should make you blush just a bit more at the checkout counter.
I asked for photos as evidence. I just wanted one with the little string hanging out of his bottom.

Well, oh my goodness, but didn't the poor boy procrastinate and procrastinate. At first he ignored it. Of course I was not going to respond to his emails until he completed his task for me. For example, he wanted to tell me about some other thing he did
Would like to tell you about my day, I think you would be pleased. Not what you suggested, but quite an adventure.Hope to hear from you soon.
I was short with him.
Not interested. Where's my box of tampons?
He tried wheedling his way out of it...
I was wondering if you had another dare besides the tampon one. (wimp)
I stood firm, as you would expect, responding very tersely to him.
No I do not have another dare for you. Go buy me a box of tampons.
Then he said he tried, but he went all over the place and could not find a young lady to check him out, only older women. Yes, the letter of the task, but not the intention. I told him to get himself checked out by an older lady!

Well, he finally did it, and came through with what I consider to be flying colours. Now this gentleman considers himself to be quite good looking (he sent me a photo and I can confirm it, and his bum is nice and firm as well!). I did receive my photo of his bum with the string dangling out his backside. Sooo funny!!! He is shy, though, so I will not publish that photo.

BUT, as a special added bonus, he asked the cashier to pose for a photo holding his box of tampons, and he, perhaps a wee bit reluctantly, agreed to allow me to publish that photo. I say reluctantly because he attempted to "horse trade" with me when I asked, so I made him plug and panty himself and re-write his response to my enquiry properly, which he did, giving me permission to publish the photo and recount the story here, no strings attached (pardon the pun).

So, drum roll please, here she is!

He also sent me the receipt, a photo of him holding the same box, and the tampon up his bottom.

Here was the experience as he described it.
Well, I see why you dared me to do this! I just went to the store, purchased a box (by itself) got a picture of the girl holding it for me, told her I was dared to do this. She was very understanding, I said "I have to follow through with this" she said, "I would be the same way" (she held up the box while I fiddled with my iphone because it was on video! and it took 5-8 seconds to fix the fucking thing!) getting redder by the second, I took both vid, and photo.  As I left, I thanked her again, and said "this is phase one"... she did a double take and smiled. (I wanted to die).
Oh my lordy lord! Well, he certainly fulfilled his dare in full. That look on the checkout girl's face is priceless!

I understand he masturbated with the tampon up his bum looking at the photo of the checkout girl.

He told me he felt violated by sticking a tampon up his butt. Well, at least he now might have some greater empathy for women going through their periods.

I find it very exciting that he embarrassed himself like that in front of the checkout girl. I am so glad he included that "part 1" comment. I am sure she is picturing him inserting that tampon into his back passage and walking around with the string dangling out, and positively laughing her head off. I bet you she shared the story with several girlfriends and they had a good laugh together at his expense. 

Our boy is currently unattached. Who knows, maybe the checkout girl can turn into a nice dominant girlfriend for him. I think she has all the makings of it. Taking this in stride with confidence, and humbling the poor man. Maybe he should embarrass himself even more and ask her out? Take another look at her, I think she would spank, what do you all think?

Wednesday, January 15

Story I just heard

I was out with some girlfriends and we were recounting old college adventures and one of the girls who went to a school in the states had the most amazing story that I know you guys will love!

Apparently there was this frosh guy who had violated some stupid frosh rule and his punishment from the upper classmen was to be dressed up in lacy racy lingerie (sound familiar???) and handcuffed to a lamppost on campus!! Apparently it was full-on bra, panties, stockings and garter belt, all matching and all arranged for by one of the sorority sisters, but enforced by a group of big beefy guys! My girlfriend and a group of her girlfriends came across this poor guy and started "chatting" with him. One of her friends totally "pantsed him" (or should I say "pantysed him"), and with his hands handcuffed high up on the lamp pole he really had nothing to say about it.

Another one of her girlfriends immediately restored his panties out of pity for him. I don't know what would be more embarrassing for him, being pantsed like that by the one girl, or having the other pull his panties back up for him so that he could continue serving his frosh sentence as it was intended. Somebody soon after called the campus police and they released him and took him back to his dorm room.

That must have been somewhat embarrassing for him as well! Don't know if he got into further trouble or not.

Isn't that an amazing story! Have any of you guys heard or seen of anything similar?

Actually, I hope he got into trouble with the school, and that the school punished him in a manner that "fit the crime".

The only thing that would make it more perfect for me was if he had a dog collar on with a big spanking paddle attached to it by a long chain. Then he'd get paddlings from half the passers-by (males and females both I imagine, with the males going none too gentle on his pantied little ass!).

But I was a little disappointed by the campus cops letting him go just then. I imagine he must be breaking some public decency law or other. Sure he was forced into it, but he also consented by being part of the whole frosh thing, and since he wouldn't want to file a complaint or anything I imagine he would be the one in trouble with the law.

If I was the cop and my time was being wasted by a prank like this, I'd take him off his lamppost, sure, but then I'd use my own cuffs on him and bend him over the hood of my car while I fill out the paperwork and maybe call my sergeant in to consult on what to with the perp.

The outcome would be taking him down to the station, taking photos of him for the judge, doing a cavity search on "little miss", and then tossing him into the communal holding cell. Imagine a pretty little thing like that in a cell with a bunch of horny male criminals?

Probably they'd send a sorority sister to bail him out. She might masquerade as his real sister. Bat her pretty little eyelashes at the desk sergeant and tell him it was all a little prank by the frat boys, how sorry she was for all the trouble, and assure the sergeant that her dumb-ass brother would get his comeuppance from her for ever agreeing to be part of such a stupid thing.

He'd likely be released into her custody, don't you think?  And he'd have to play along or else he'd get into trouble with both the law and his classmates. The cops would return the handcuffs, dog collar, leash, and paddle to his "sister" as well. I bet as soon as she got the paddle she'd ask "what's this???" and then "do you mind?" to the sergeant, and then without waiting for an answer sit on the bench, take her "little brother" across her knee, scold him for his irresponsibility, and paddle his pantied behind until he howled while the whole police station looked on and laughed at justice being delivered.

Then she'd handcuff him in front, attach the dog collar and leash, march him out paddling his legs and behind the whole way, and tell him that what he got at the station is NOTHING compared to what he'd get as soon as she gets him home, and this time on his BARE BOTTOM, and how Mom and Dad would hear about this as well, and then, oh boy, freshman or not, he'd get the belt to his bare behind

Then she'd have to see that through, no? The bare bottomed spanking I mean. And the belting afterwards. And then, if it were me, well you know how hard I'd find it to resist a boy in bra and panties, for sure I'd get the strap-on out and rape his little sissy ass silly!

Then, for the rest of the term, as payback for risking myself like that for his sake, I'd have me a little sissy boy toy to service my every want and need...

Sunday, January 12

david got fucked!!

As you know from my last post, Julie Got fucked!!, I was honestly trying to get some penance done, which consisted of me getting fucked hard, like a "woman" if you will. Unfortunately, david disgraced himself by ejaculating inside of me within the first thirty seconds or so.

Really, david? Really????

His premature ejaculation is something we have already dealt with on my blog. I used it as a means of humiliating him in front of my sister (see Trained in front of Sister) which was fun for me and her, but david seemed sensitive that I shared his premature ejaculation problem with my sister. Who'd have thought? For you men out there, if you assume something really embarrassing of a sexual nature (such as impotence, premature ejaculation, or your disturbing little "spanking fantasy") is private between your lady and you, just know that means casual acquaintances, strangers, and most men won't know. Sisters, Mothers, bff's are of course in on it. Foolish of you to think otherwise!

At any rate, I thought his performance (or rather, lack of performance) required a response from me, so I got to that the other day.

I went upstairs and prepared things in the bedroom and then called him up to me. I told him off for his performance and asked him what does he think I should do about it? He suggested a spanking. I told him, no, not just that, he obviously needs some more training also. He tried begging off telling me he's no good at it and maybe all he needed was more practice inside of me (the cheeky man!). No, I insisted, he needs more remedial training and I told him the rules that I had fully worked out in advance. For you blog readers out there, you have my permission to get your dicks out of your pants (if allowed and not locked into chastity), and read the rules as if they apply to you.

  1. I'm going to use my hand on you and try to make you cum.
  2. If you can show me that you can hold off for five full minutes, then I'll let you practice in my pussy.
  3. If you spurt (not just dribble) then I'll bind you hand and foot, ball gag you, and take my strap to your backside and legs as hard as I can.
  4. If you feel you are close, and want to avoid that strapping, you may beg me to stop.
  5. If you do that, then we stop, I take you across my knee, and I give you a spanking. Then we start the five minutes again from the beginning.
  6. If that happens three times, then for the fourth I'll allow you to cum without the strapping, but right afterwards you will hold the cum in your mouth and then get fucked by me with a strap-on dildo. Hair pulling and dirty talk included. A long and hard one to teach you how I wanted it.
  7. You will only then be allowed to swallow, but before you do you will open your mouth and show me that you still have a mouthful of cum. If you don't it will be the strap.
  8. After we are done you may then swallow, and I will check that you have swallowed every last drop, otherwise it will be the strap.
  9. You will then be made to lie down on your back and I will sit on your face. You will use your tongue to thoroughly clean out and fuck my asshole. If you are at all hesitant or squeamish about the job, you guessed it, you will not be sitting comfortably for a week.
  10. While you're doing that, I will be using the Hitachi to orgasm while watching your limp little spent dick bobbing around on your stomach.
So those were the rules. Do you like them?

I remained clothed and I had david strip nude. I sat on the side of my bed with his hairbrush at the ready and a watch to time the (ha!) five minutes. I made him stand beside me. He was already quiveringly hard. This was not going to go well for him!

I used some lube and I rubbed it over his cock and onto my hand. I then started rubbing his penis. david immediately told me he wouldn't be able to hold out very long. I told him he better hold out! I looked him straight in the eye and told him that if he came I would strap him so hard and ruthlessly that he would not sit or even walk comfortably for a week.

Here's the odd thing. He legitimately hates and fears a strapping such as the one he knew he would get from me if he fails. But me telling him those were his consequences turned him on fiercely, with the predictable result! david reached down and grabbed my wrist and begged me to "stop, oh please stop!" I had hardly started!!!

His penis was hard and luby, and I still had my skirt on, so I put a towel across my knees and took him down across my lap for his spanking. I gave him what I would call a mild to moderate hairbrush spanking, scolding him the whole time for his lack of control.

I had engineered the scene so that there was really not a lot of downside in david begging me to stop using my hand. He wants spankings from me, but does not want a tied down, ball-gagged strapping that would leave him sore and marked for a week. Nonetheless, towards the end of this first hairbrush spanking he was already begging me to stop and promising to try harder.

I let him up and I could see that this spanking had not doused his desire. He was still hard as a rock. I told him that this time around I was upping the ante. I made him kneel on the bed, head down, little red ass up. I used the lube on his bum-hole, finger fucking him a few times to get it in deep. Can you believe my little slut moaned as I did that??? As an aside, I love the whole idea of a "finger fucking". Don't you think it's humiliating for him to be fucked, with a finger?

I then took my vibrating butt plug, the one that pushes up against his prostate, and inserted that. "Oh noooo!" said david, knowing how challenged he would be to not cum now. It was really a favour, though. I knew he had an intense fucking coming up later, and this would help ready his asshole for the forceful and repeated penetration he would be receiving.

I then stood him up again. I reached for the button and turned it on a medium vibration setting. I held it in with one hand, working it a bit, and used the other to masturbate his penis. "You can do it. Hold on!" I told him. But he really couldn't, and before too long he again crunched over, grabbed my wrist and begged me to stop. He really didn't want that strapping despite how much he clearly wanted to cum in my hand!

Well, back across my knee it was, this time plugged. I again put the towel across my lap and then laid him face down, bare bottom up, across the towel. I turned off the vibration and proceeded to spank him a second time with his haribrush. I again scolded him for his very poor showing, asking him if it was fair that a wife had to put up with a premature ejaculator like him, and wasn't a wife within her rights to trade such a one in for a real man, who could actually fuck? He was in an agreeable mood as I spanked his red tush to a deep crimson with that hairbrush, not at all neglecting the backs of his thighs.

I let him up and told him I was upping the ante again. I made him stand facing the wall, butt plug still in, hands on his head. I then slowly started taking all my clothes off. After every item I walked over to him, patted his red bum, gave his hard cock a stroke, and his pent-up balls a squeeze.

With me now naked, I sat at the side of the bed and stood him next to me. I turned on the butt plug vibrator to full, and then I started stroking his penis. I could see his eyes wandering down to my breasts, tummy, and pussy. And then he looked quickly away and started mumbling something to himself, looking to be quite distressed!

But then he couldn't keep his eyes away and looked down at my tits and pussy again. I told him to look me in the eye. I asked him if he liked my tits? "Oh yes ma'am!" he cried out.

"Would you like it if I let you suck on my tits, like a little baby?" I asked him.

"Oh yes! Yes please!" he said, barely able to contain the cum from jetting out his penis.

"Well if you were a real man, baby, you could suck on my tits whenever you wanted to. I'd let you throw me onto the bed and bite my nipples hard while you suck. But that's not for you. That's not for a little panty boy who lets his wife spank him, is it? No. It's not for a boy who can't hold his cum in and give his wife a proper fucking, is it?"

"no ma'am" he answered pathetically.

"Look at my breasts, david!" I commanded him. He did. "Should I let you suck on them? Suck on them like a little baby. Should I let you do that?"

"Oh please! Stop!" he said as he again hunched over and reached for my wrist to stop my insistent hand motion.

"tut, tut," I said, looking disappointed as I took him across my knee and prepared to start spanking him again.

"You forgot the towel! You forgot the towel!" david cried out as he went across my lap. Well I was naked, I didn't need it any more. But apparently david's hard lubed penis rubbing against my naked thighs were a bit of a problem for him! I paid it no mind and just started spanking him lightly. I told him he better not cum across my lap or he'd get the strap all the same! He wiggled and wobbled and eventually worked his lubed-up penis out from between my thighs and his tummy and out back between his legs, almost cumming in the process, and with me relentlessly spanking him the whole time. Ha Ha!

He then reached his left hand around to my butt, and with his right he clutched at my ankle. This is a very submissive position for david, and I approved as I continued his light paddling. All the while the vibrating plug was still in place and humming. I made sure to spank lightly over the base of the plug a few times as I paddled him. this sends jolts through his body, or so he tells me.

I then took him off my lap, put him on his back, and made sure the vibrating plug was on full speed. With my right hand I rubbed his cock and balls. At the same time I dangled my tits in front of his face. He reached out to try to lick my nipples, but I kept them just barely out of reach. I told him this time he was allowed to cum, but if he did, he would have to get fucked afterwards. Fucked limp, holding his cum in his mouth. Then I let my left breast descend down onto his mouth. He latched on and started sucking like a baby. I pushed my breast further into him, suffocating him as he sucked. I then made the final strokes on his cock and was rewarded with a nice geyser of cum landing square on his tummy.

"Bad Boy! So fast!" I mock scolded him a I fed him his cum and reminded him not to swallow at all until after his fucking or there'll be a strap at the end of it waiting for him.

With a big mouthful of cum I made him kneel up on the bed. I pulled out his plug and re-lubed his hole. I then put on my strap-on dildo and got behind him. I was gentle with him, and the vibrating plug had already loosened him, so I slid in without too much ado or pain on his part. Then I grabbed his hair and really started fucking him.

As I did it, I told him that this was how I wanted it done. He had nothing to say except for the occasional cum-mouthed mumble.

I told him he was my bitch, my whore. I told him he was a little cunt. A cum-bucket only good for getting fucked in the ass. A gash. A slash. A tramp who deserves only hard fuckings up her ass or pussy. Meanwhile, david was grunting and moaning rhythmically as I fucked the shit out of him, breathing hard through his nose as he dared not open his mouth, spill any of his precious cum and risk a strapping.

I must have gone hard for at least ten minutes straight, and he was exhausted. I was just getting a nice glean of sweat from the workout! I pulled out and had to do a little clean up, including wiping his ass. I told him to lie there on his stomach, not move, and hold his cheeks apart so it wouldn't spread while I got the toilet paper, washcloth, and towel. I honestly don't mind, but I know it embarrasses him no end that he "messed himself" like a baby!

When he was clean I made him kneel in front of me and had him tilt his head back and open his mouth so that I could make sure he had not swallowed his mouthful of cum. He had been a good boy, and while it was diluted with saliva and I'm sure some of it must have gone down his throat and coated his tonsils, he had adhered to the spirit of the instructions and so had spared himself the hard strapping.

I grabbed his hair again, tilted his head back further, and told him to swallow it all down NOW, like the little tramp he is, and to swallow every last drop or there'd be hell to pay. He swallowed hard and I made him open his mouth again so I could check. He had done it. He had swallowed down all his cum. Such a good little cum guzzler my man!

I put him on his back, straddled him facing down his body, and made him hold my cheeks apart while very thoroughly licking and tongue-fucking my asshole. As he was doing this I reached for my Hitachi and gave myself two mind blowing orgasms.

A productive evening well spent!

Friday, January 3

Julie Got Fucked!

I got fucked last night in a very submissive and humiliating way by my husband. It was penance for me.

There is a sequence of comments on my previous blog post, Forced Feminization for Hubby, where a reader named manny accused me of being lazy and reusing a lot of old photos. I took issue with the statement, but he proved me wrong and I had to suffer penance as a result. You can go back and read the entire comment train if you simply must. At least he will be getting spanked and having to do corner time with a plug up his butt. His girlfriend Andrea agrees with me that his comments were impolite and smartassy and he needed to learn a lesson himself. But that doesn't mean I can escape my just due... sigh...

Long and short of it was that he wanted to see me spanked, but I was having none of that and offered up either vigorous oral sex on my husband, allowing him to cum in my mouth and I would be required to swallow his ejaculate; or a hard pussy pounding from behind with hair pulling and dirty talk, allowing him to cum deep inside of me. Or, for the more visually oriented:

My tormentor chose option "B" for me and I carried that out last night.

Of course, david was not "in on it" at all, so to add to my humiliation I had to actually pretend that I actually wanted a hard fucking from behind myself as a "change of pace". I even had to ask him to treat me like a total little whore. To take me from behind, pull my hair, and call me dirty names. How humiliating for me!

david was, to say the very least, surprised by my request. I assured him that it was for one night only, use me or lose the chance sort of deal. He asked about "the catch" and I told him there was none. I even had to promise no retribution on his ass (though that may be a hard promise to keep in that while I won't beat the crap out of him and pound his ass because of this, I likely will just because I feel like doing it after being so violated myself, which is admittedly a subtle distinction I didn't bother trying to explain to david).

So I got naked and then got up on the bed on all fours, and then put my head down on the bed. I could really feel the submissiveness of being in this ass up posture, ready for penetration.

I can only imagine the sight I was presenting to my husband!

It's not that he hasn't seen me from this angle before. I mean, he frequently does in order to lick my ass or my pussy. But this time was somehow different. This time it was me, not him, who would have to be "the woman".

I don't lubricate as freely as some women, and so david applied some lube manually to my naughty little pussy.

But then it couldn't be put off any longer. The penetration!

Now start doing it, boy. Come on. Harder!

Now grab my hair. Do it! Call me a whore. A bitch. A slut. A cunt. Pound me hard. Pound me like the naughty girl I am.