Wednesday, November 29

I Asked Her...

So, I did it. I asked my older sister Susan to actually spank me... a bare-bottomed punishment-grade spanking... What have I done????

It all started out of our last play session, Husband Made to Take the Breast, where I basically made my sister spread my husband's cum (that she jerked out of him into his diaper) onto my nipple so he could suck it off. Sounds crazy just now writing that last sentence!!! What a wacky world I've made for myself. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oh my gosh she was blushing as she did that. She likes girls, and maybe spreading ejaculate onto my bare breast made her a bit hot? Nasty little sister fucker...

I pointed out that she was blushing and she told me to shut up. I asked her what she was 'gonna do if I didn't, and she said, jokingly, that she'd "put me across her knee".

Of course, being me, and having a thing for Dommy women, I've been thinking about it ever since. But I never ever connected my sister with that! That is new. I deliberately did the tit thing to see what kind of reaction I would get 'cause I'm a little shit disturber. When I then teased her more and got threatened with a spanking, well, what can I say, I 'kinda see my sister in a bit of a new light, and I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

You reader guys are no help, you've been egging me on in the comments to take it further. So, guess what? I did. I actually did. I mean, you only live once, and worst that could happen would be that she would shut me down and I'd be a bit humiliated (no way it would threaten our relationship at all, though I thought I might get teased by her forever without actually getting spanked). And besides, I need a sister spanking for my blog, right?

So, I did not have the courage to phone Sue, so I texted here. Heart was pounding a bit.
Me: hi
Sue: hi
Me: embarrassing question...
Sue: yes?
Me: you alone?
Sue: yes
Thought that was a good way to get things started. Then I thought I'd pivot to what she said, like it was her idea (which it sort of was).
Me: other day you said you'd put me over your knee. Were you serious?
Sue: of course
 Oh... my... gosh... But is she just playing with me?
Me: really?
Sue: if you ask me to
She's not playing.  It's like, all consensual and everything. My sister!!! Well I wasn't going to chicken out now, having come this far...
Me: I'm asking...
Sue: then I'm spanking
What? How COULD she! As if it was nothing. I thought she would never. Guess I was wrong. Thought I better get some clarification as to to exactly what I was in for.
Me: on the bare?
Sue: yup
Me: not hard though?
Sue: hard. very hard!
Me: No!
Sue: YES
Me: Please no!
Sue: if i do it, there will be tears.
She's serious. And I've seen her spank david (and a girlfriend once). She's gotten much more severe over the years! I shared with her some of my subby thoughts and experiences from earlier in the year. She's catering to my subby side (and her Dommy side!).

I thought I should figure out david next. Tell her I didn't want him there and see how she reacts. Kind of didn't want him there?
Me: but not in front of david, ok?
Sue: ok. He can jerk off to the sound of you getting spanked from his bedroom :-)
Seemed like a good compromise! My next random thought was that I didn't want to talk about it at all with her.
Me: Let's not talk about it at all ok? Just come over, spank me, and leave. Ok?
Sue: ok. I'm sure david will take care of any special needs afterwards. when do you want it?
Me: week sat? 
Sue: can't then.. week sunday? 3pm your place?
Me: works
Sue: be standing bare bum in the corner when I get there. t-shirt on. no bra. Will let myself in
Me: yes Sue
Sue: you're getting the wooden spoon and the big hairbrush. Have them ready. Get your spanking chair out, and a box of kleenex for your tears.
Me: yes Sue
Sue: ;-)
Me: now I'm the one blushing! thank you...
Sue: my pleasure. It's your butt that will be blushing on Sunday. been wanting to ever since you told me about subby side >evil grin<
Me: thank you
Sue: now run along to bed you naughty little girl. Sweet dreams
Me: thank you Sue
Oh My Gosh!!!!! How kinky is that all???? My poor bum! She called me her "naughty little girl"! She is Dommy with her girlfriends, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. But I'm not her girlfriend, I'm her little sister!

I don't think there's going to be anything "sexy" about my spanking from her. She seems to be all business.

What have I done????

Tuesday, November 14

Husband Made to Take the Breast

Thank you everybody for all the great ideas from my last blog entry Sister Play this Weekend. I took a whole bunch of your suggestions and made them happen last Saturday with sista' Sue.

If you haven't been following, my older sister Susan phoned saying we hadn't co-dommed david in an age, and did I want to on the weekend? Don't need to ask me twice! She especially requested that he be feminized and pegged while she watched. I am liking the stepping it up from Sue! With spankings from the both of us thrown in of course. I also asked for creative suggestions from you guys and gals last week and got a boatload. Thank you again!

After I read the comments on the last blog and digested them, I decided what I wanted to do, and I cleared it all with Sue (well, almost all, as you will read). I particularly wanted a "breast feeding" from me for david in there. Sue was ok with it... (a bit dubious... but ok). I suggested that for taking his spanking and pegging "like a baby" (inevitable), we would diaper him and make him suck on my breast as Sue "lent a hand". Sue actually agreed. It makes her giggle to make hubby spurt, and tickled her funny bone to do it into his diaper. I love that! And double giggle at the thought of him in a diaper and with his head under a baby blanket sucking on my nipple while she reaches into his diaper to make him squirt (!!!). I love my twisted kinky sister.

Sue and I brainstormed ideas as to what the "disciplinary excuse" could be for his feminization and pegging. His inability to control his ejaculation is a nice one I haven't used in quite this way before. So we decided that on the night before I would actually let david fuck me (after getting him very excited with my hand and mouth first) and pretend I was for once getting close to cumming from his cock in me (a funny conversation to have with one's sister, for sure!) Of course he would blow his load in my pussy before I got there. I would then be mad at him, and promise him a punishment to fit the crime next day. Even agreed that immediately after his embarrassing performance, that I would call Sue right then and there and tell her about it and we would discuss and "agree" on his punishment while he listened!!! Sue was fully in the loop and thumbs up, and david would be kept in the dark.

Evil plotting sisters we are!

So Friday night I take my man to bed. We are both naked. I'm stroking him and sucking him off, and he's getting very excited. I tell him to lie down on his back, and I get up on him cowgirl style, and lower my pussy around his cock.

"This is nice..." I tell him. I start squeezing him with my pussy and rocking and riding him. "Oh my gosh! I think I'm actually going to cum!" I say. I never cum from cock alone, and this time is no different. I'm faking it. I start moaning and writhing more and more. david suddenly gets this panicked look in his eyes, and then his face screws up and he busts his nut inside of me. Ha!

"Did you fucking cum?!?" I asked him rhetorically. "Sorry," he says. He doesn't know I'm playing. "I was so fucking close!!! For once in your life! Arghhh!"

He repeats, "sorry" again. His cock softens and kind of just slips out of me. I move up towards his head, plop my pussy down on his face, and say, "clean it!" none too gently. He licks me out and swallows down his own load, or at least as much as he could get and that dribbled out onto him.

"Let me make you cum with my tongue," he begs.

"No!" I say as I get up off him and go to the bathroom. "I'm angry with you," I add. My poor baby!

I go back to bed and get under the covers on my side. "Can I make it up to you?" he asks. He's serious. I'm still acting.

"No!" I say.

"Come on..." he whines.

"Ok then. A punishment. A real one." I answer.

"Yes ma'am," he says, reverting to his subby self.

"No. I mean really real. Beat your ass black and blue real. In fact, in front of Sue. I'll get Sue to come and watch and help. And I'll tell her exactly why this is happening to you. Agreed?"

"Yes ma'am," he confirms.

From having debriefed with him afterwards, I know what was going through his mind. He genuinely thought I was close to cumming and that I was disappointed with him (sucker!). He knows that a "punishment" with Sue present is not punishment, it's a treat. But he found it hard to reconcile the one thought with the "real punishment", and was worried that the session would be totally unpleasant for him (Sue and I once had a friend over and the three of us caned him until he could barely cry anymore Husband Caned to Tears - like that).

"Fine then, this weekend, if I can arrange it with Sue, you're going to pay for your lack of control," I tell him, "no joke."

"Oh.. you never minded before..." he said. Whining little bitch.

"I've never been so close to cumming before!"  I grab my cellphone and I dial Sue. david hears my half of the conversation. It went something like this:
"You won't believe it. So we're having intercourse... No, him in me for once, and I'm actually close, which you know never happens, and then guess what happens... exactly. You know him well. I told him I'm going to whip his bitch ass black and blue on the weekend and was wondering if you wanted to help?... Of course you're always welcome!... ah ha... ah ha... no, if you want to use the cane you use the cane, he has no say... Aha? Yes! Very fitting! If he can't be a man, we'll make him take it like a woman! Perfect! Saturday good? What time? We can make that work. See you then! Bye!"
I hang up and I turn to david and with an evil grin I say, "now you're in trouble, Sue wants to help."

"Ohhhh," he groaned.

I wanted to rub it in a bit, leave him thinking about what would be done to him.  "You know what else she says? She says if you can't be a man in the bedroom she thinks you should be made to take it like a girl. All dressed up. Your ass beaten. Then the strap-on while she watches. She says seeing as you're certainly not a man in the bedroom, we're going to treat you like a little bitch instead. And I'm promising you that I'm going to make you take it so long and so hard that you're going to learn the meaning of 'staying power', and wish you had a lot more of it, mister."

"noooo please," he says.

"Oh yes." NOW I'm smiling. "TEN whole minutes. By the timer. Not one second less. Right to the hilt every time. And that's after an epic spanking from the both of us and five minutes of deep throating first. You're going to learn your lesson this time."

"But honey, you know I can't fix it... we tried!" (OMG... how pathetic is that????)

In a softer tone I say something along the lines of, "I know you've been either unable or unwilling to fix it. I don't care which. You are going to be punished for it, regardless. Maybe you get more motivated? I don't really care. Normally I like tongue anyways, but I was SO FUCKING CLOSE this time."

I'm kind of feeling bad about this, but I'll make it up to him with a great scene and a lot of great aftercare. It will be worth it for him for the experience of the "legit" punishment.

But then, you won't believe what he says next. This is the part that sort of convinced me the most I was really fucking with him.

"But when John did it, you didn't cum then, and he lasted, no?"

Bring that up????? WTF!!! He's referring to an incident around the new year where I got a little subby and played with a girlfriend of mine, Tracy, and her husband, John. I actually let John fuck me. If you missed it, you can read about it at Schoolgirl Punishment (part five).

"Of course I didn't cum! He was fucking my brains out! Not gently! But he kept at it as long as I wanted, and he came into me exactly when Tracy told him to. If I wanted to ride him to an orgasm I would have been able to. He wouldn't have cum within the first thirty freaking seconds!"

"You can be with him again if you want. It's ok with me..." said david. Awwwww! He had not said it in a mean spirited way. He had encouraged me to do it the first time. He genuinely wanted to make sure I got what I needed. What a little cuck. It probably turns him on. But I had all I needed with my david.

"No, baby. All I need is you. And all I want is you. The situation just frustrates me sometime. We'll get you a dildo that fits over your penis, or something like that. And as you get older you might still slow down. In the meantime, my sister and I are just going to give you some extra motivation. It probably won't solve the problem, but at least I won't be so frustrated afterwards." I kissed him on the forehead and with that we shut down for the night.

So at this point, in his mind, it's one of these half scene half real sorts of things. In my mind it was all scene of course. The half real in his mind meant he was would be in for a very embarrassing, painful, and long Saturday afternoon. His sister-in-law would witness every humiliating second of it, and know it was for his very real bedroom shortcomings. Exactly the sort of real bedroom shortcomings that would rule him out of contention as a bed partner for a good half the female population. I mean, what woman, who gets off on cock in pussy, would want an adult premature ejaculator as her bedmate? Really?

Next morning I keep it up and still play a bit angry with him. He suspects it's an act, but I'm being pretty convincing so he's doubting himself on that. "I almost came," was a frequent phrase throughout the day, accompanied by a wry little smile that reminded him he was in for it! He was a man in the doghouse.

Sue is due at 3pm. At around 1pm I get david and I tell him it's time to prep for his punishment.

I was really, really excited. I had this thing all planned out and was excited to see it through. david looked, quite frankly, equal parts excited and worried. Perfect!

I take him upstairs to the bedroom. I make him undress and take him to the bathroom. I tell him we're going to clean him out with a few enemas first.

He does not particularly enjoy enemas. He gets tummy cramps as the water goes in. "Oh, please, honey, I can clean myself out back there." He's referring to DRF, which is usually good enough for me.

"No. Sue is coming, and you're going to get fucked hard, so you're going to need this. Otherwise it will come out a mess. And right in front of Sue! Do you want that? Do you want to mess your ass and my dildo like that right in front of your sister-in-law? Shit everywhere?"

"Noooo..." he reluctantly agrees.

"So you need to be cleaned out then." I walk over to him, bend him over a little and give him three hard hand spanks to his bare butt, one on each word as I say "No More Arguments!", ending the discussion. He looks like a little boy, standing there naked, freshly swatted bottom stinging, waiting for Mummy to clean him out. His cock's reaction to me being stern and maternal with him gives away his "subby" status. I ignore it.

I fill the bag up with warm soapy water. I use the liquid hand soap from the dispenser on the bathroom cabinet to make it sudsy inside. I use a wire coat hanger to hang the bag from the top of the shower stall. I release the clamp on the hose to test the flow. Looks good.

I put a big towel down on the floor, a couple of pillows from the bedroom, and then another big towel on top. I tell him to lay over the pillows, ass up. I use vaseline to grease the nozzle and his asshole and then gently insert the nozzle until it's buried. And then I let the warm soapy water flow.

He starts cramping up and I stop the flow and watch him writhe around a bit. When the cramping subsides I release it again. This happens several times before he takes the entire bag.

I have him stand and face the toilet with the nozzle still in him.

"Please!" he begs. There's a lot of pressure. He needs to release it.

"Don't you dare spill a drop on my floor!" I tell him. He puts his hand back there and holds the nozzle inside of himself and squeezes down on it. He dances from foot to foot as I make him stand there, facing the object he so desires to use.

"You can hold it for five minutes," I tell him.

"No I CAN'T!!!!" he wails, wiggling frantically. But, in the end, he does. But how he carried on the whole time!

For the record, there are few things funnier than watching a naked man frantically holding a large enema only steps away from the relief he so desperately craves! Ha ha!

After his time, I have him turn around and half squat near the seat. I reach for the nozzle and I quickly pull it out. He falls onto the toilet and immediately expels. A huge gushing mess! Sounds like a firehose, and it stinks to high heaven! I flush after the first couple of jets to clear the air, but he's still expelling for what seems a very long time. Near the end he just sits there and moans, occasionally letting out little squirts. I stay there and watch him the whole time he's expelling.That's true embarrassment for him! Worth the smell.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing a rinsing enema. I rinse out the enema bag and fill it halfway with clear warm water. I make him wipe his ass and then lie back down on the pillows. I re-vaseline him and put the half bag into him, and let him expel. I repeat this another two times until the water is coming out clear.

Next it's time for the clippers and the shaver. He keeps himself fairly hair free but I touch him up so that he's bald as a baby everywhere. I even used the clippers and then shaved his legs for him this time as well. That took more time than I thought! I've never done that before, so it's a special treat. I don't neglect his underarms and I pay special attention with the razor to his pubic area, cock, balls, and bumcrack. There we go!

He was a bit red and irritated in places. I draw him a warm bubble bath and have him soak in it. The bubble bath has a very girly smell, and will leave him smelling the same.

While he's soaking I pull out the clothes he will be expected to wear and lay them out on the bed. His outfit will consist of his usual "go-to":
  • White stockings and garter belt
  • Pink ribbon around his cock and balls tied in a pretty bow on top
  • Pink polka-dot and lace panties
  • Pink bra with silicone inserts
  • Short red plaid schoolgirl skirt
  • White blouse
  • Large black butt plug
I also get a selection of spanking implements, my strap-on and lube, diapering supplies, a baby blanket to cover myself during his feeding (I have a real one!) and stash them all in a cabinet in the living room for later.

I fetch him out of the tub, have him dry himself off and bring him back into the bedroom where his outfit is already all laid out. He is completely hairless beneath the nose, and smelling of lilacs.

As I dress him I remind him, "if you can't act like a man in the fucking department, you're going to have be punished like a woman. You're going to get your ass beat, and then your holes fucked. And you're going to look the part, little missy."

I started with the butt plug. I made him bend over as I lubed the plug and inserted it. He will need the stretching given what I have in mind for him. Then I tie the ribbon around his cock and balls. I mean, if he's going to be allowed to keep them, they need to be feminized as well.

I then have him sit (on the plug - ha ha) and pull on his stockings carefully. I help him with his garter belt, attaching the clips for him (something he is totally useless at).

Feminized humiliation! Love it.
So appropriate an outfit for him to receive a spanking and
anal intercourse from me in front of my sister.

Next come his panties over top, and his bra and inserts. Then skirt on, and finally blouse. I leave it a bit unbuttoned at the top so you can see the top of his bra, and I tie it in a knot at his belly to expose his midriff.

I get a lipstick and apply it on him. It's tasteful. Not TOO much. I then have him sit, and I apply some mascara to his lashes. Three coats upper, two lower. A particularly crummy brand I bought by mistake that is definitely not waterproof and runs like a mofo. I over-apply to be sure I will be getting my runny black tears later. And voila. A star is born!

Then it's by the ear down to the living room and nose against the wall. I have him put his hands behind his back to hold up his skirt, and I lower his panties to his ankles. He gets a slip of paper to hold up between the wall and his nose. And there he will stand, in bare bummed butt plugged disgrace until my sister arrives.

Lucky for him he does not have long to wait, and my sister arrives within about ten minutes. Good timing, eh? I greet her at the door and we hug. She comes into the living room and sees david standing there. I tell david to pull up his panties and lower his skirt and come to us. He's so cute pulling up his lacy little panties!!!

I make him give Sue a peck on her cheek. He really is adorable, and Sue says so effusively. She comments especially on the lipstick and mascara, and on his pretty stockings and garter. She makes him hold up his skirt in front to show her and comments on his shaved legs. She even reaches over and gives him a squeeze on his breast, saying "nice tits, honey."

Sue then goes on, "But I can't believe what you did to my sister last night! Lost control did you? Spurted before you should have? Didn't that happen to you in high school? Into your pants? Didn't you learn your lesson then?"

Sue was referring to an old story from early high school when he was making out with a girl and ejaculated into his pants. The girl was disgusted, never saw him again, and told at least one friend that he is aware of. Very traumatic for my poor boy. Ha ha!

As she said that last part, he's still holding his skirt high in front, and she taps her finger on the front of his panties, right where his erection is.

I step in, "Sue and I decided that if you can't behave like a proper man in the bedroom, we're going to treat you like a proper woman. Do you enjoy having to wear women's clothes like this?"

"no ma'am..."

"But that's what happens if you don't behave like a man, you get treated like a woman, don't you?"

"yes ma'am"

"And you're going to be punished like a woman also. A few good hard spankings, a cocksucking, and then a long hard ass fucking. What do you think of that?"

"I don't like it ma'am."

"I guarantee you won't like it!" I tell him. "But you better take it like a woman. If you act like a baby during your punishment, we'll treat you like a baby afterwards," I say, shaking my finger at him and setting up my part two. david has been diapered before, and figures that if he earns himself a diapering that it's likely staying on all weekend long, with all that entails.

I turn to Sue, "would you care to go first? What would you like to use on her?"

I show her some of the options. She says, "I think maybe the hairbrush this time." Great choice!

I put out his spanking chair in the middle of the living room, and Sue sits, tapping the brush against her hand. "Come on," she says to my husband impatiently.

I chose this one because the model resembles Sue a lot:
tall, slim, blonde, high cheekbone model type.
Devastating for any man to have to go over her knee!

Poor david walks over and drapes himself across Sue's knee. She scolds him for his inability to control himself and to properly satisfy me in bed the way a real man should. She asks him if he is proud that he needs to be dressed as a woman and spanked for his sub-standard bedroom skills? She's really laying it on thick! As she's scolding she's also slowly drawing his skirt up to his back and lowering his panties to his knees, leaving his bottom bare and nicely framed on all sides between garter belt, suspenders, and stocking tops. Sue asks me if we can remove his plug for the spanking. She says she doesn't want to accidentally hammer it in.

I oblige and extricate the plug into a paper towel while he is still draped across Sue's lap. Thanks to the extensive enemas, it comes out clean as a whistle (if not a bit damp).

Sue adjusts herself and him, scolds a bit more, and then starts in on his spanking. She starts relatively lightly, but builds the intensity. She backs off a bit and then re-intensifies several times like that. She ends it with an long intense flurry of very hard spanks that has him yelling "her" little head off!

I LOVE watching this!!!! Sue is so elegant and has such nice posture. She moves so well. And there is my "husband", dressed as a girl, getting his poor bottom beat to a crimson red by my big sis!!! And what's even better, he's being explicitly punished by her for his premature ejaculation and how it impacted me.

She has him get up off her lap. She tells him to leave his panties down and his skirt up, to face me, and to apologize for his poor showing last night.

I sit there as a Queen as david does exactly as he is told by Sue, nursing a very sore bottom, and giving me a heartfelt bare penis apology. So appropriate.

"Strap and cane next," I tell him and he groans. I point him over towards the back of the sofa and have him bend over it. He knows the drill. I hand Sue the cane. She swishes it through the air brutally.

I take the strap and show it to him.

He has two angry sisters to deal with!

I start in first. My blows are good and hard. Nice full follow through. I keep them all nice and low, whipping upwards under his chubby red cheeks. Predictably, he screeches and begs for mercy. Nope. "No more! please! please!" he blubbers. Perfect.

"Stop acting like a baby and take your medicine," I tell him, "or you know what happens." Another "baby" reference.

I finish up his strapping, and tell Sue she's all hers for his caning. She lines up behind him and taps the cane onto his bottom (it's the nasty Delrin cane). I ask her to hold up a second, and I go fetch my strap-on dildo.

I snap my fingers and say, "david, look!" He raises his eyes and looks at me. "Keep looking at me while Sue canes you," I tell him. Sue gets a smile on her face and lines him up again. I de-skirt down to my panties, and start putting the strap-on harness on my hips.

Sue starts his caning at the same time. She takes her time between strokes, each one getting a good reaction from david. I can see him screwing up his face from the pain of his punishment as he watches me tighten up the big dildo (Adam) against me.

I stand there facing him, hands on my hips, in my blouse, panties, and cock. I slide up near him and tease the tip of my cock into his mouth, I make him put his lips around it and take it in.

Sue gives him a stroke of the cane as his mouth is thus occupied. "No teeth!" I warn him as he grunts from the force of the cane stroke. Between cane strokes I take his mouth a bit more forcibly. Then I hold it in there deep as Sue lets one rip against his ass. It's a real ordeal for him! Sue counts the strokes until she reaches two dozen and then puts the cane down. I pluck the cock from his mouth and go behind to see the damage. Nice! Love neat horizontal cane marks on top of a red, blistered bottom!


Leaving him bent over, I go to the adjoining kitchen and rinse off his butt plug. I come back in and re-insert it as he remains bent over, grunting as I do so. But plop, in it goes.

Sue is watching this whole operation with a smile on her face. Once the plug is firmly seated, I grab him by the hair and say get over here, pulling him up, back up around the couch and onto his knees in front of his spanking chair. I sit down on the chair and I spread my legs. I ask Sue to set a five minute countdown timer on her phone. "Ok!" she says cheerily when it's set. I tell david to "get busy".

He leans forward and puts his lipsticked mouth on my cock. I immediately grab the back of his head and pull him down onto my cock forcefully.

The next five minutes is a no holds barred face fucking as my sister cheers me on.

My sister is perfect! "That's it, you take it!" she says. "You'd have cum two minutes ago by now, wouldn't you have? Julie can go all day long. Should I add another five minutes on?"

Meanwhile, david is misbehaving, trying to direct the cock into his cheek. I know his little tricks, "Down the throat or we're adding time," I tell him.

Five minutes is a long time to have a large cock shoved violently down your throat. Poor david was suffering. But he needed to learn his lesson. In fact, Sue echoed the sentiment, "now you're learning, aren't you?"

When the timer went off, I let him off. Did not have the heart to double his time! Besides, the main event was still coming. "Get your ass back over the back of the couch," I told him.

david was breathing hard and still retching a bit from his face fucking. His mouth was a slobbering mess. His lipstick was smeared and his mascara had run. But he did as he was told. I pulled the butt plug out of him. Sue crouched down in front of his face, at the front of the sofa, as I lubed and started to insert.

"That's a good girl, take your medicine," said Sue. She put a finger under his chin and lifted his head so that she could look him in the eye. You have to imagine david, bent over, still in schoolgirl attire. White stockings and garter, panties long gone, skirt flipped up, skimpy blouse holding tight his pink brassiere and silicone gel inserts. Makeup ruined. Ready to be fucked like a slutty little lady.

The cock went in. It's a lot easier on him after he's been plugged like he has been for a while. It's why I did it. It still does not go in painlessly, however, as his cries and complaints attested.

"Take it," encouraged Sue, "You're acting like a baby!" He took it all right.

I start pumping slowly in and out, going deeper on each thrust. When it's going in balls deep I ask Sue to set her timer for ten minutes and to make an appropriately upbeat music selection. She chooses "Maniac" from Flashdance. She plays the video on her phone! She puts it where both me and david can see it as I fuck him. When it ends the first time, she starts it once again from the beginning.

"Doesn't she have a pretty ass, david," Sue said, referring to Jennifer Beal's behind in her little dance outfit.

The music REALLY gets me going. I am POUNDING away at his poor asshole! I'm dancing and thrusting to the beat of the music (fast!). Putting my hands up and swaying my hips as Sue is cheering me on. Grabbing his hips and pounding it in. It's a party in his ass. A real sweaty workout for me! Phew!

When it ends the second time she looks at the timer: about 9 minutes or so in. Only 1 minute of ass fucking left to go. Now the teasing starts again.

"Do you understand what a REAL fucking is now?" Sue asks david.

"YES MA'AM!" he yells through gritted teeth. I take long, hard, super, super deep thrusts while this questioning is going on.

"You'll never be able to fuck like that, will you?"


"Of course not. And that makes you my baby sister's little bitch, doesn't it?"


And then finally the timer goes off. Phew! Hard freakin' work!

I slow down and pull out of david's ass. It's gaping, but super clean. The enemas did the job alright. david is still laying over the couch, mewling softly.

"That was a pretty poor showing," I said, as I started taking off the strap-on and putting my skirt back on. "What a lot of yelling and complaining, all the way through. What do you think, Sue? Did he take it like a woman, or like a baby?"

"Baby. Definitely!" said Sue.

"You know what that means..." I said with a sing-song voice.

I stood david up. He was a bit shaky. "Let's get him into his diaper in that case."

We both worked on undressing him down to nude. He still had smeared make-up, but I thought I would let it go, as it would take a bit to get that running mascara off. I put a towel on the floor and then laid out a diaper for him. I had him lie down with his sore butt on the diaper. I lifted his legs, and Sue helped, and I used wipes on him to get the lube off, and then sprinkled baby powder onto his ass.

"Awwww. Is baby getting her diaper?" asked Sue in a cooing voice.

We put his legs back down and I brought the diaper up between his legs in front.

Before closing the diaper, I took some lube and dribbled it all over his cock. Then I fastened the diaper loosely around him.

Rather mortifying for my young man! A full-on diapering from his wife with his sister-in-law watching it all.

"Come here," I said to him. He stood and followed me to the couch. I took a baby blanket and put it over my shoulder on the way. I sat on the far left side of the couch and had baby david lie on the couch, his head on my lap facing me. I put the blanket over my breasts and opened my blouse under it. I asked Sue's help to undo my bra. That was dumb of me to wear it! She reached behind me and unhooked it, I shrugged it off as she helped, and then she pulled it away free. She definitely saw my tits as I was doing this. Hee hee. She does like girls. I wondered what her thoughts were about me, her little sister that way? Well what's a breast between girls?

I cradled david's head in my arms, covered him with the blanket, and brought him to my left breast.

"Go on, take it," I told him. Poor baby! In front of my sister no less! He latched on and began sucking. Sue got a couple of couch pillows and used them to help me prop him up to make it more comfortable for me to hold him. "That's it baby, you suck on Mommy's breast like a good girl." david moaned as I embarrassed him like this, but sucked like a baby. He was very gentle.

Sue came and sat down on the couch next to me. david had to scooch away towards the back of the couch and facing it on his side. Sue reached around and slid her hand down the front of his diaper and began rubbing his penis. "MMMmmmm!" he said as he continued sucking on me.

"Come on baby, make a nice little mess into your diaper for your Aunty Susie," said my sister to him.

david moaned and sucked more violently on me as he writhed around on the couch under Sue's hand.

"Keep sucking," I encouraged him, "and make a nice pee-pee for Mommy."

We kept it up for a bit. The sucking, the handy, and the baby talk encouragement, Before too long I felt david convulsing as he shot his load onto Sue's hand and into his diaper.

"There we go!" said Sue. "What a good girl!"

Sue took her hand out and it was a bit goopy with his cum.

"Here," I said, taking david off my tit, uncovering it and offering up my nipple. "Put it here for him to suck on."

This was the part I HAD NOT cleared with Sue. One of my readers pointed me to a story that excited me called Miss Barbara Reminds Jackie of Her Place as a Sissy in which the sissy is "breastfed" his own cum. I decided I would ask Sue to assist!

"No!" said Sue, but with a laugh in her voice.

"Oh come on, don't be such a square," I said, then, hopefully, "baby needs her milk?"

Sue took her hand and smeared his cum onto my nipple. "Yuck!" she said, for show.

"More," I said.

Sue reached into his diaper and pulled out more of his cum, and smeared that on my nipple as well.

"You're blushing," I told Sue. She was!

"Shut Up!" she said.

"What if I don't?" I asked her in my brattiest voice.

"I'll put you across my knee," she responded. Oh my!

"Promises, promises," I muttered under my breath, but so she could hear, and then I took david's head and put him back onto my breast, and had him suck the cum off my tit, like a baby drinking its mother's milk. As I was doing this, the blanket was off to the side and both of my breasts were exposed so Sue could see david sucking his cum off me.

"You're staring," I told her. She was. What a brat I am!

"I told you to shut up!" she said.

david licked up and swallowed the last of it. I extricated myself out from under him and walked over to the sink, tits out. I used some paper towels and water to clean them off and then buttoned up my blouse again.

I came back and Sue was smiling at david, and david was smiling back up at Sue. "What a big baby!" she said to him in a good natured way.

"You stay in those diapers the rest of the evening," I told him, "and your runny makeup. I'll take that off you before bed. And be sure to tell me after you need a change - everything into your diaper tonight. Now go prepare supper, baby." then to Sue, "can you stay for dinner?"

"No, sorry, plans tonight. But they won't top this!" She said.

"Thank you," I said.

"My pleasure. Thank you. I love domming your boy with you," she answered. "But you," she added, extending her index finger at me, "no more pealing off in front of me!"

"Awwww," I said and gave Sue a hug and a kiss. She went into the kitchen to give baby david a hug as well, and then she left.

So that was a thing, don't you think? I have such a shit disturber streak in me. I like making people uncomfortable. I clearly made my sister a bit uncomfortable with the breast touching and the banter and all. I wonder if she would ever spank me? If I asked, maybe? One of these days I'll find out!

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions from last time. It worked out really well. I got to incorporate a lot of what was suggested. And in case you were wondering, I did reassure david afterwards that I love his spurty little over-sensitive cock, was nowhere near cumming the other night, and to the very best of my knowledge can only cum from direct clitoral stimulation, something I very much made him do to me with his tongue after this was explained to him!

Thursday, November 2

Sister Play this Weekend

My older sister Sue and I thought it would be a nice idea to co-domme my husband this weekend.

As you long-time readers know, this is nothing new, but it does wax and wane depending on how busy we all are and Sue's interest level. While she clearly enjoys it, I tend not to bug her about it and wait for a hint from her to set something up.

Hint received. Actually, more than hint, a straight out request: "Hey, we haven't dommed david for a while now. This weekend?" How's that for a hint?

We then discussed what we wanted to do with him. She specifically requested feminine garb for him, spanking of course, and watching me peg him! She says she enjoys staring him in the eye and teasing him as he takes it from me in the bum!!!

Any additional ideas/suggestions from you guys and gals? A comment I just read suggested making him take the breast from me. I'm thinking as if he was a baby, sitting on my lap, a blanket covering his head, him sucking as I chat with Sue. That might be nice towards the end!

Should he get to cum? Sue is no stranger to "giving him a hand."

All responses welcome!