Friday, August 31

A Trip to the Sex Shop for david

I have been hankering for a larger dildo for david, so I thought I would take him to the sex shop for a little public outing. There are lots of very pleasant and open women in there, so I thought it would be fun, and david thought it would be embarrassing for him. Right on both counts!

Whenever david goes, he tells me he sort of skulks in, avoids any help, picks out his stuff, pays for it shamefaced, and skulks out again hoping nobody he knows sees him going in or coming out. It would be a bit different this time.

I take him by the hand and lead him in. We got a few "hi!"s from the staff. I take him to where the dildo section is. A man comes up and asks us if we need any help. I look at david, and he is shaking his head a little no. This is not his fantasy. He wants to be humiliated in front of a woman. So I say "just browsing, thanks." and move on. But the man is hovering around still, making it awkward for me to get female sales assistance. Upstairs there is spanking stuff, so I decide to take him up there and come back later to the dildo section.

We go upstairs, and there we are greeted by a little cutie I have never seen before. A subbie girl with black hair, blue glasses, and a Betty Page cut. I pretend to be less experienced than I actually am, and tell her I had just read "Fifty Shades" and wanted to try some of this stuff out, but on my husband, not on me! The reason I lied was that I wanted to have her do all the talking so I could learn something, so it was a white lie.

She suggested blindfolds, gags, and restraints, and shied away from the spanking implements. I told her forget that, I wanted to spank him! david played along as well, pretending to be a newbie, and said, "but not too hard, right?" It was fun him playing my blushing BDSM bride! I asked her what she particularly liked, and she pointed out a few implements. She encouraged me to try them out on my arm to see what they felt like. So I did that, but then progressed quickly to trying them out on david's arm and then on his (clothed) bum! She did not seem to mind.

I got a big nasty flogger made of little metal chains (like those lamp chains?) and took a swing at david's ass with that. I sort of got it tangled in a clothes rack and knocked it partially over. david said "You're a menace!" and we both laughed as we righted the thing. I had to get it right though and tried again, and gave him a good one that made him jump!

One of the things I picked out was an evil looking hard rubber paddle, with little ridges and stuff all over it. I tried that on my arm and it really killed, so I turned david around and gave him a hard whack with that across the seat of his pants. He yelped and jumped, and rubbed his behind. The salesgirl, who was standing behind us, saw him rubbing his ass and laughed aloud. I told her I needed to buy this one. david disagreed. I overruled and told him this is the one I would use when the housework was not done! The salesgirl suggested my plan might backfire on me, and mimicked a little subbie saying "Ooooh! Housework's not done again. Do I get a paddling?" as she rubbed her ass for us!  I said in that case maybe I shouldn't paddle him unless he does the housework. david joked "I already don't get any if I don't do what she tells me". How shocking! My little shame artist.

At one point she said it was good being on the bottom, because you have complete control and can stop it at any time. david turned to me and said "you hear that?". I said, "can you show me the restraints?" There was wall of restraint kits there in fancy packaging, all of them featuring model type women tied up. david pointed this out and asked rhetorically why all the packaging showed women, as in "am I the only guy on this end of the whip?"

That got her going a bit, and she said that it's because contemporary marketing only has one image of beauty they use on packaging that they have conditioned us all on, and so on. You go girl! Right on! I picked out a nylon strap cross with arms and wrist restraints for holding him in a hog-tie. Sort of like this but nylon, and a boy would be in there, not a girl!

I told her I wanted it to use it in front, to hold him doubled over, as we were getting a bigger dildo for my strap-on next downstairs and this might be needed. She smiled.

We then went back downstairs, and headed back towards the dildos. Mercifully, a woman came up to us this time and asked if we needed any help. We certainly did!

I went right out and told her that I wanted to buy a bigger dildo to use in my strap on to fuck my husband with. "not too big..." david peeped. Both the saleslady and I had a good laugh at that. She asked how big our current one was, and I made david point to one about the same size. She picked a much bigger one and showed that to us. david panicked and said "no way!"

"Ok, then" she said, and picked another one, midway between. It cost $100 and she proceeded to do a salesjob on us, saying how natural it felt. I found it described online:

Fleshy, weighty, lengthy, and veiny – Adam is one beautiful dildo. Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line delivers maximum satisfaction through a realistically familiar feel. A Super Soft outside and a hard muscle core both made of Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. Adam is available in three skin tones and features a bulked up base perfect for harness play.
Well I was sold! david looked a little nervous at that 1.5 inch fleshy looking baby, as his existing dildo is less than 1 inch and in a nice tame purple. I need to be preparing him for the real thing after all. I mean Deirdre (from Spanking My Husband) and I are thinking of meeting up and getting evan and david together for some 69'ing action while we paddle their asses. Don't bite down now, boys!

To further humiliate my little man, I asked the saleslady if she had any suggestions on how to prepare him for the larger dildo? She brought us over to the butt plug section and suggested progressively larger plugs he could hold inside himself. One line was called "The Anal Trainer". Priceless! She even volunteered that with certain models you can have him walk around town with it in.

I had enough stuff by now, and already have a vibrating remote-controlled butt plug for him which would be my definite choice for him wearing around town! So I just told her that I don't think I need that after all, that he would just have to take it "as is", "or else", and held up the vicious little rubber paddle from upstairs. She laughed out loud again.

I took david to the front of the shop to pay for our haul. There was another striking looking lady in horned rim pink glasses, a sexy outfit, and also a Betty Page cut, but clearly a Domme type (I wonder if the two were sexually related?). As she rang up the various items, I described their use on david, and she loved it as well. Nice full voiced laughs to top off our little adventure.

So now that I have my new dildo, david won't be getting off so easy anymore! Ha Ha!

Tuesday, August 28

Naughty Boy!

I have a few bad boys that I punish remotely. My very favourite is the one I posted about a few days ago with the very, very, red bum! This one is not allowed to ejaculate until I let him. He was on denial while I posted my Julieverse story. Several days later I sent him a message as follows:
I have decided to allow you a release to the story I posted. However, I want you to really "feel" the story, so before your release I want you to go to a drugstore or supermarket, and purchase a small box of Tampax tampons, and nothing but that (no hiding them in a mountain of other things!). Find an attractive young woman as your cashier. No false bravado at checkout either. You are a male who has been sent on a humiliating errand and you know it. You should act appropriately embarrassed. 
Once you have the Tampax, insert one into your bumhole, and send me a photograph bent over and holding your cheeks apart. 
Then, with that Tampax inside of you, you may masturbate to my story, imagining yourself to be the male character. As always, swallow like a good little girl and post what you have done (Tampaxing and everything) afterwards. 
I am so looking forward to my photo of my very own little-miss-cotton-tail! Don't you dare disappoint me!
Here was his immediate reply.
I don't know where to start! 
I will do as you ask, my heart is just beating like crazy at where you are leading me!!! I never thought that in just a few days I could go from posting comments on a blog, to switching my balls and whipping my cock at your direction, never mind the utter humiliation of the paddling with thousands of people seeing my shame. 
You are so clever!

(no hiding them in a mountain of other things!) 
How did you know that is exactly what I would have done?!? 
I'm going to try to get this done for you this evening, I am so completely desperate for release, I'm laying on my bed as I write this, my hard cock under me as I hump the mattress in frustration. 
Thank you so much for this journey, Julie. 
PS, this just killed me:

As always, swallow like a good little girl

With love and respect,
I love the mental image of him humping his bed in frustration.

Well, he actually did it, the little subbie. Can you believe it?  And here is his photo to prove it.

Little miss cotton tail indeed! And here was his reply he included with the photo.
Here is your picture, miss Julie. 
I know I don't have any say in the matter, but I'm begging you not to publish this one. sooooo humiliating. The girl at the checkout didn't say anything, but she gave me a surprised look when I put the tampax on the conveyor, like "Really?". 
I felt about 2 inches tall and my face was red. I didn't try to explain or anything I was just super polite to her and got out of there fast. 
Can you see how my poor full sack is just hanging!!!!! I'm going to go give that poor thing some relief now and just pass out. 
It's going to be such a H U G E load of cum, I'm dreading it a little because I know it's going to be hard to swallow... 
(Any tips on how to get THAT TASTE out of your mouth??? Even brushing does not work...)
At first I was a bit upset that the tampon does not appear to be in deeply enough. When I called him out on it, he told me he tried his hardest but that is as far in as it went, and he had a dickens of a trouble getting it out as it was stuck in there. He was worried he would have to go see a Doctor for a tampon extraction. Ha Ha!

The silly goose no doubt did not use lube (always lube up, boys), and also apparently did not realize that tampons are designed for a, shall we say "moister" environment than a man's bumhole. I'm sure a nice hot bath would have allowed his little tampon to slide out like a woman's on a heavy period. Silly, silly boy.

So what do you all think? Should I let him get away with this, or should he be punished? Who votes I order him to take his own belt to his backside for being so silly?

Wednesday, August 22

The Julieverse?

I was inspired by the Emilyverse post on Banjo's blog, and not to copy or anything, but I started in on the Julieverse! Also there is another blog called Female Future that charts the inexorable course towards Female superiority in all things that also inspired me.

As a result, I was having a discussion with my david wondering when and how women would just completely take over the world. We worked out this whole elaborate "future history" about how it would go down. It was fun, so we decided to write a story together set in the Julieverse, and we could role play it later, maybe even with the help of Sue and Trina.

The Julieverse has Women in charge of everything. All males need an FG (Female Guardian), and while FG's aren't completely free to abuse their charges, there is an institution called the RD's (Registered Disciplinarians) who can take things further.

david and I collaborated on the story every bit of the way. We've been working on it for quite some time.  It was enlightening writing it, because he got to share his fantasies with me in a very fun way.

david thinks we should publish it on Kindle or something. It's not that good! I'm just going to stick it up here, and tell him the story stays in our bedroom drawer. It's got a lot of images illustrating it, which david and I found together on the net. That was fun, believe me, and spawned a few little spankings here and there!

The story is about Amanda's naughty husband, david, who misbehaves and is sent for a good RD'ing (I imagine I am the RD, not the wife - that says something!). After he returns, things will be different around the house from now on! Lots of public humiliations, femdom, and FLR themes. I hope you enjoy reading it! I put it on its own page. It's called CE2047 (as in that's the Common Era Date in which it takes place). Please click below and let me know what you think!

this is the link: CE2047

Sunday, August 19

Don't Piss Me Off!

A reader of mine pissed me off by trying to top me from the bottom in our email exchanges. Instead of the punishment he wanted to manipulate me into giving him, I made him spank his own ass as hard as he could 100 times with a hairbrush, and then send me a picture for my wall of shame.

I mean, fine, if you want me to punish you remotely by e-mail I have no problem with that. I enjoy telling men what to do, giving them cruel things to do without hardly a thought. But don't try topping me from the bottom, you little bitches.

Here is what he got. Don't piss me off, people!


Saturday, August 18

Spankings for two please

We just got home from dinner out with Sue and Trina and I had to run up here to blog. Spankings for two were definitely on the menu!

The four of us went out for dinner. I was totally outvoted and we wound up at... yikes... Hooters! OMG I had honestly never been. Our waitress was young and blonde and perky and quite a bit of fun. But grrrrr, talk about degrading to women or what??? The three of them seemed to enjoy it, though.

We three women teased david all evening long, and our little Hooters girl had some fun with it too. Every time she came by, one or the other of us would tell him off, no matter where his eyes were pointed. It became a bit of a fun joke.

My most outrageous comment was "If you can't keep your eyes on your wife, mister, you're in for a serious spanking once I get you home!" Our waitress shot back with "Yeah, but I think he'd enjoy that." I gave her a big tip when we left!

Trina was also naughty, making eyes at the waitresses, and pointing out their ASSets to us. Sue told her that she's definitely getting a spanking once she gets her home.

The dynamic felt so natural and fun despite being strange. Two sisters out with their subby partners. What's so strange about that, huh?

We wound up back at their place, dropping them off. Sue invited us in, saying "spankings for dessert?" Dessert? I expected that to be the main course!

Sue had a little miniature hardwood canoe paddle she let me borrow,

and she used a leather slapper that has "Ouch" stencilled in.

We went to her living room, we arranged two of her dining room chairs in there to face one another, and we each took our significant others across our laps.

It was synchro paddling. They both had pants on, and we unfastened them and lowered them at the exact same time. Trina had no panties and I took david's undies down with his pants, so they were both bottomless at the same time. We pulled them both over our respective knees.

"Ready? GO!" I said, and we both started paddling them at the same time! Ha Ha! We didn't mean to, but we found ourselves synchronizing our strokes. It's hard not to! I had as much fun watching Sue spank Trina as I was having spanking david. They were both draped across our knees, and if they turned their heads, they could see one another getting spanked, which judging by david's erection across my lap, he seemed to be enjoying entirely too much!

We stood them up, stripped them both bare, switched them off, and then I was paddling Trina and Sue was paddling david. Sue and I were totally clothed, of course, and our two little minxes were naked as jaybirds as they crossed paths between our laps.

When Sue pulled david across her lap she said "your man seems to enjoy seeing my Trina naked," commenting on his bobbing erection now sticking into her thigh.

Fortunately I could get some of my own back: "Yeah, well how about your little tramp, soaking my leg?" A bit of an exaggeration, she was not exactly soaking my leg, but as I spanked her I could see a definite wet sheen on her pussy lips as I jack-knifed her tiny little butt up extra high! Ha Ha! I'm definitely starting to get more comfortable with pussy (other woman's pussies, I mean, I've always had an excellent relationship with my own). I even let my fingertips stray as I held her ass a bit open for the paddle and felt her wetness. It was different and exciting for me. Sue didn't say anything, but I might have some 'splainin to do later!

We decided they needed one more spanking "to teach them to whom they belonged" so we switched them off again, and ended with a huge finale of paddle whacks that had both of them kicking their legs out and crying out for mercy.

After they were done we let them both up and had a bit of a laugh at their expense. They were both of them marky marked. We hugged our partners, and then switched them off again, so I hugged her little naked Trina and Sue hugged my fully naked husband, blazing erection and all!

"david... give Trina a nice hug." I said. Remember, they were both bare naked, and david very-well remembered the consequences he received the last time he got a little somethin' somethin' from Trina.

He actually tried to beg off, but I insisted, and when he bent way over at the waist to hug her I said "Don't be rude, hug her properly!" Sue and I smirked at one another as his erection poked into her tummy and her tits poked into his chest as he gingerly hugged her. Trina, however, grabbed his ass hard with her nails and made david yelp!

"That was naughty," said Sue, "you may give her one spank on each cheek as payback." david looked over at me. "Go ahead," I said with a smile, "no consequences this time." He needed a little fun after a hard week, and goodness knows he doesn't get to spank my butt! He hugged her to him closer and gave her two hellacious slaps, one to each cheek, enjoying himself once again entirely too much!

They stepped away from each other, Trina rubbing her cheeks where my man had double-whacked her. Yay david - spanking the tramp!

I got david dressed and we said our goodbyes. Trina stayed naked. I couldn't resist, "You're not going to let her get dressed?" I asked Sue.

"I have plans for her," Sue assured us with a wink...

Now, it's not too late yet, only 12:30, and I think I have some plans for david too...

Honey!  Time for bed sweetie! Time to lick momma's pussy!

Saturday, August 11

Reader's Contribution: collage and beach story

One of my pen pals, david, sent me along this little story, inspired by my little beach vacation with my david. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. It is so hot! Thank you very much, david!

Life's A Beach

You've decided that we'll spend a day at the beach, soaking up the sun.  We go to a small, quiet beach not far from the hotel, with a dozen or so people swimming and soaking up the sun.  Our hotel is "adults only," and most of our fellow beach-goers are ladies of various ages, with a couple men mixed in.  You make me hold your hand on the way while we seek out a spot to lay our towels in the sand, which already has me feeling managed, although appearing perfectly natural to everyone else.  After applying location to your back and legs, I ask if I can go swimming in the water.  Looking over your shoulder at the ocean, you give me permission, but remind me about the signs warning of the currents further offshore.  In a not so quiet voice you say, "You may go swimming david, but don't go out too far.  I want you to remain in site of me at all times, do you understand?  You'll be in serious trouble if you disobey me."  Blushing slightly, I nod my head, hoping no one overheard the way you had spoken to me.  And then I trot off to the water, my cheeks protruding slightly from the little bikini you've put me in, and you watch me over your shoulder in pure delight.

You close your eyes, face down on the towel, feeling the warm sun on your beautiful body as you fall into a state of relaxation.  Meanwhile, I'm swimming after fish, having a good old time, and not paying much attention to the beach, which is slowly getting further and further away.  Before I know it, the current is pulling me away faster than I can swim, and I work myself to death trying to gain some ground on the distance between me and the beach.  Some of the other beachgoers have noticed my predicament, and you hear the commotion.  You realize that I'm the cause of the commotion, seeing how far offshore I've gotten myself.  Suddenly, the female lifeguard on-duty blows her whistle, climbs down from her perch, then hops on a board to paddle out and save me.  Though I'm happy to see her, the feeling of embarrassment sets in as we paddle back to shore, getting myself into such a dangerous situation, and then having to be saved by a young girl.  As we near the shore, my embarrassment turns to full-on dread when I see you waiting at the surf-line.  Your mouth is flattened out in a straight line, with your hands on your hips, and your warning from earlier comes echoing back into my mind.  We exit the water slowly, and I have a frightening suspicion that my already embarrassing experience is about to become much worse.  You prove me right, of course, with a fiery question and answer episode, right there on the beach.  "david anthony," you ask, "didn't I warn you about NOT going out too far?  What did you not understand about that?"  My face turns a deep red as I stand there, helpless in my situation.  You turn to the lifeguard and thank her, making apologies for your immature husband, "who doesn't seem to be responsible enough to be allowed to swim without supervision."  Turning back to me, you ask, "what happens when you disobey me, david?"  My mouth drops, and my eyes dart back and forth between you and lifeguard, both of you waiting to hear my answer.  Naturally, everyone on the beach is watching and listening, too, my unfortunate predicament in full public view.  Waves of humiliation course through my body, standing there in a skimpy woman's bikini, being childishly scolded by my wife, and each second seems like an hour, as both of you stare back at me.  Unable to bring myself to answer in front of the lifeguard, I merely shake my head from side to side, whispering a desperate, "no Julie, please!"                         

Now completely furious with me, you grab my upper arm with one hand, and the back of my binki bottoms with your other, practically lifting me off the ground as you pull up on the waistband.  "Back to the hotel room, david, this minute!"  And off we go, marching swiftly across the sand.  I try desperately to maintain your speedy pace, hoping to slow the creeping of the bikini into my crack, as you lead me along with that firm grip on the waistband.  Despite my attempts to avoid it, the bikini soon ends up completely wedged between my cheeks, with my bottom almost totally bare.  My naked cheeks jiggle and wobble throughout the humiliating trip across the sand, and I can feel all those approving eyes upon it.

Wednesday, August 8

His Hairbrush and the Mystical Feminine

I was blogging around today and happened to visit andy's blog at He posted a captioned picture that started making me think and inspired a blog entry. I reproduce his delightful captioned photo below.

I was taken by this image and andy's caption. Here is portrayed a physically slight woman, completely in command, in no doubt whatsoever that her hulking man will docilely fetch her the paddle and endure a hard spanking from her, meekly staying in position just because she commands him to. It's no coincidence that his mother knows his wife spanks him, and encourages her.

How many of my male readers would meekly go over her knee when ordered to? No doubt the vast majority of you. I think you should all agree to wear a special pin or something. That way if any of us dominant women see one of you in the street, we will know it is fine to haul you into the lady's room and take your pants down for a good old-fashioned bare bottomed spanking. I have no doubt you would obey us, you poor, enthralled boys.

I feel like her. I am much smaller physically than my husband. Yet I can command him to fetch me his hairbrush, lay across my knees, and endure a very long and hard hairbrush spanking. It will be painful, and it will be punishment if I make it so. Nonetheless, he will kiss my feet afterwards, and beg only to be loved.

I punish him in front of other women, I embarrass the fuck out of him, and I make him stand with his nose against the living room wall wearing panty, bra, and heels while my sister and I finish a bottle of wine and watch his strapped thighs quivering from the strain. He does the housework when I tell him to, and if he doesn't do a good job, he's spanked and in panties for a week. (Yes, he has been "panty trained" like that, even having to wear them to work, much to his embarrassment!)

What's with that? Is it breast or vagina that makes them obey like that? Or is it more subtle? Is it femininity that makes them obey?

Certainly, society and the law is on our side. If he lays a finger on us he is in jail. If we spank him too hard will he press charges and take us to court? Ha Ha! I think I for one would actually enjoy that, testifying in court about all the little humiliating details, and having my lawyer cross-examine him on them "and you were in women's underwear you say? And this small woman here 'forced' you to wear them you say? How much do you weigh, sir? A background in martial arts you say?" I would no doubt emerge as some sort of a folk hero. If he touches me, he's a disgusting wife-beater, throw away the key!

Or is it a "Mommy" thing? andy clearly confuses the two, bringing "Mom" into his little fantasy. Is it true that men's behaviors are conditioned by a repressed "Mommy" fetish? I once made david call me "Mommy" as I spanked him. He slipped into it surprisingly easily, as in "no Mommy, please Mommy, I'm sorry Mommy! Wahhhh!"

If not Madonna, perhaps Whore?

I've known since I was a teenager the pleasure of using my sexuality to make boys do what I want them to do. With some boys and men it backfires. With my husband it never does.

When I peg him, he asks if I can do it missionary style, with his legs raised high. He says he likes me topless as I do that, as a reminder that it is a woman who is subjugating him like that, treating him like a slutty whore. I happily oblige. I love the image as well. Often I band his panties around his ankles as I fuck him like that. That puts an extra blush on his face, as that is where he must look.

I say we are not 24x7 FLR, but sometimes even I wonder. It is true that I make up scenes, and we go into character and then out of character to discuss it afterwards.

Other times my "scenes" consist of "why the hell is the laundry not done???" Actually, doing the laundry is not his "chore". This is nothing we ever discussed as being "his chore." Sometimes I happily do it. Completely arbitrarily I will see it not done and take him to task for it. Why the fuck shouldn't he do it before I do? Usually there is some pathetic excuse from him, some scolding from me, and the inevitable "bring me your hairbrush. Now, mister!" After I spank him part of the "scene" is making him do the laundry (generally in feminine lingerie as he still has this idea that housework is "woman's work" so I oblige him in that regard). After the laundry is washed, dried, ironed, folded, and put away, then our "scene" is over. We often don't bother de-briefing after a "scene" like that. Is that FLR or scening? You see what I mean?

The hairbrush I use on his bottom is definitely "his hairbrush". It magically showed up out of nowhere that first day he ever asked me to spank him. Therefore I still think of it as "his hairbrush". So therefore it's, "honey, fetch me your hairbrush," or "your hairbrush is going to be getting a workout today!"

Other implements are mine. I bought the wicked strap. It's mine, as in "I am going to teach you a lesson with my strap you will never forget, mister!"

His cock is also mine. For example, if I catch him masturbating in front of the computer, it's "did I give you permission to play with my cock?" Then he gets a spanking, usually right there in front of the computer, with his naughty images still on the screen. I grab him by the hair and make him look at the images as I spank him. Truth be told, unlike some other wives, I like that he has a sex life with his hand. I think it's very amusing. Usually the end of his "punishment" is making him stand facing the computer monitor, bare ass naked, jerking off into his hand as I watch, me enjoying the clenching and jiggling of his bare red ass cheeks as he tugs on his penis and pulls on his balls. Then, when he has a big handfull, it's down the hatch, mister cock tugger! If those girls on the screen could only see him now.

Why does he allow me to do these humiliating things to him? Why does he crave me doing them to him?

I think it's the mystical feminine, and it's the best way I know of for me to get in touch with it. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, August 4

An Olde Fashioned Switching

I had been mentioning that dead branch on the tree in the front yard for months. david had said it was no big deal. He had an electric chainsaw and could have it off and cut up in an hour. That was last year. I needed a good pretext to punish david, and this was perfect. So I mentioned it again on Friday. He said he would take care of it on Saturday. Well Saturday came, and Saturday had almost gone, and no action on that tree branch.

I have taken a hankering to the idea of giving david a "switching". I had read about it somewhere (I don’t even know where anymore) and then had googled it and found a lot of stories to inspire me. I was determined to give david a "switching", and I thought his lassitude regarding the dead branch was a perfect punishment fitting the crime.

Some key ideas in my research was the ritualized "cutting of the switch" where the naughty boy or girl would have to go outside (usually bare bottomed) and prepare their own switch. I knew that the switch had to be from a young green hardwood tree, really whippy, and had to be prepared by having the leaves and bark stripped off. Buds left behind could increase the impact. I understood that the switch had to be wielded hard and fast, and would leave thin lines behind. A popular switching position was standing up, being held by the arm, and being made to dance in a circle as the switch cut up the naughty boy's or girl's legs and butt.

To prepare, when david was out I found a young maple tree (yeah Canada!). Discrete and out of the way in the backyard. I prepared a couple of switches myself, and tried them out on my own ass. If wielded too gently - nothing. If I put full force into it, then youchie! Not damaging, but incredibly stingy. And leaving thin little marks. I judged david could take a lot of these at full force. He would suffer, but nothing permanent. I tried a couple of thicknesses. I took pictures for you guys.

Yes, those switches actually touched my lilly white butt. The thicker one was just a WHAP stick. Cane or crop would have been better. The thinner one was pure burning hellfire evil. Applied hard and fast and whippy, he would be suffering for sure. The things I do for science!

At about 3pm I went to david, sitting on his ass watching Olympics on TV. "How about that dead branch?" I asked him. "Oh yeah, I'll take care of that tomorrow." He said. "I've heard that before. I think you need some added motivation."

That was like a code word. He knew he was about to get scened.

I shut off his TV and took him upstairs. I told him that for his procrastination, he was getting a switching. I gave him a paring knife, directed him to the young maple tree in the back yard, and told him to cut me three switches, as I would be wearing them out on his ass. I gave him instructions. I wanted them young and wet and whippy. Stripped down to their bark. Two to three feet long. As thick as a pencil. Go.

david looked at it sheepishly, but took the paring knife and made to go out. He knew he was in the wrong about that dead branch.

"Hold on, mister." I told him. "I believe it's traditional for the bad boy to cut his switches without his bottoms on."

Oh my how he complained! The neighbours might see! Wah wah. Cry me a river. Our immediate neighbours were away this weekend I happened to know. He didn't, apparently.

I had him out of his pants and his underpants. He was wearing a T-shirt that came to his waist. I let him keep that. "Go cut me my switches." I told him, impatiently. "you really don't want to keep me waiting," I added for emphasis.

I watched from the sliding glass doors to the backyard as david gingerly made his way to the tree I had indicated. He cut three little branches and came back. I was standing on the inside of the screen door. I waved my finger no and told him to go back to the tree. He needed to prepare those switches back there, not in the house. david made his way back to the tree. Bare ass and private parts jiggling! There he stayed and whittled away at the switches until they were properly prepared for me.

He told me after it was intensely embarrassing for him to do that. Bare bottom out in the backyard where he was afraid neighbours might see him. And preparing the instruments he knew would soon be making his bottom burn like fire, accentuated by the fact his bottom was bare, and a focal point of his attention.

He came back. I had him hand me the switchoes and I inspected them carefully. He was waiting outside the screen door, bottomless, while I did so. "These two will do" I told him, "this one is too flimsy. Try again." He had to go back to the tree and re-cut and re-prepare the third switch for me. Ha Ha! He was so embarrassed, bare-assed in the back yard!

He came back, and I let him in after inspecting his work. The third was the thickest of the three. Poor boy. I guess he didn't want to go back there again.

I brought him into our sunny living room and told him to clear a space. He moved the coffee table and the chairs to make a wide open space for me.

With my left hand I grabbed hold of his left forearm. With my right, I started whipping the switch down onto his ass and his thighs. OMG did he whoop and dance! I knew from my self-switching experiment that I had to be hard and fast. He danced around me in a circle as I switched him hard. I tried to be accurate and aim the tip for the centre of his butt cheeks, but because he was moving and twisting so much, I couldn’t be that accurate, and more than once the switch whipped around him and caught him on his sensitive side hips. I also deliberately targeted his legs. Not only his high thighs, but also his calves. I left thin little whip marks all up and down the backs of his legs, as well as full onto his bum.

I literally wore out a switch doing that to him. It had turned into flimsy jelly. I picked up another and continued the onslaught. The fresh switch made him jump and yelp all that much more.

He probably got about five minutes of that. Giving that I was whipping that switch down more than once a second, that's several hundred little whippings he endured. He must have made twenty laps around me, knees high and dancing the whole time. This should be an Olympic event. He was sweating and exhausted, and in some measure of agony.

As I reached for the third switch he tried to beg off. No way! I was determined to wear out three switches on his lazy hide.

I saved the thickest (and shortest) switch for the last. For this one I knelt with one knee on the floor, and took him over my other knee. I then used that switch hard and fast all up and down his legs and bum. He was howling and begging. I love it when he says "please honey! I'm sorry baby! I'll do the branch!! I'm sorry! Please!!!!"

Oh no. No mercy. I kept that last switch coming down hard and fast. His ass and legs were messed up! I found I couldn’t wear out that thick switch, so I called it quits when I felt he was done. He's generally "done" when he stops complaining with his words and just takes the whip, whimpering like a well-beaten husband should. His bottom was marked, just like this, and his legs too:

I shove him down onto the floor and mounted him. He winced as his ass made contact with the carpet. I crushed him and kissed him and shoved my tongue down his throat. I stripped and then guided his hard cock into me. I rolled him over and put him on top as I grabbed and raked his whipped legs and ass cheeks with my nails. Despite his pain, he exploded into me with an anguished cry of release.

"Get down!" I told him, pushing his head down to between my legs. I made him lick me out. He "hates" doing this just after he's cum into me. He says he has to navigate his own cum as he licks me. Tough for him. It turns me on knowing he's eating cream pie for his desert. I cum vi-o-lent-ly, grabbing him by the hair and grinding my pelvis into his mouth.

"Sorry about the tree branch." He says breathlessly, his head resting on my tummy.

"What branch?" I say.