Tuesday, November 29

Yoga Girl and Story

I was recently in touch with a relatively new blogger named Yoga Girl, whose blog is called FLR101. I recently added a link in my blogroll to the right. I would highly recommend it. It is thought provoking and you submissive males will find it titillating (though that is perhaps not the intent).

She is a professional woman with a science and medical background as a primary care provider. She is also an avid Yoga practitioner.

It so happens that she's also a very strict FLR wife who insists that her husband practice the Taoist tradition of semen retention.
I introduced semen retention to my husband, and he also has an ejaculation schedule which is enforced by consequences that he agreed to.
She argues convincingly that there are many great health and relationship benefits to the practice.

I love her blog name, Yoga Girl. It conjures images of a strong, fit, attractive, centered woman, who in this case brooks no disobedience from her stay-at-home husband.

To get you interested in going over to her blog, I will quote some choice passages (slightly edited for continuity out of their original context).

She says,
I decided on one ejaculation every 5-7 days. Thanks to the application of consequences for unauthorized ejaculation he has learned restraint and waits for me to give him the release command which once given produces a large amount of ejaculate immediately every time. After riding him daily for 5-7 days for extended periods in his pre-climax state (the moment just before ejaculation), he's more than a little anxious, and I'm kind of eager to watch his release. It's a special day all around. Now that he’s trained, retaining his semen, and maintaining sustained thrusting, I typically enjoy at least nine orgasms in intercourse and about 50-100 orgasms before he has his special day. It’s so much more intense having intercourse with a man that's writhing on the brink in excruciating pleasure beneath me.
At this point we need to discuss the "brink". You're on your bull ride cranking out those orgasms which for me tonight ratcheted up to 18 full and powerful orgasms. Thank you, hubby! Now what do you do with the quivering whimpering mass of man lying between your thighs in excruciating pleasure on the brink. It's over for him and he's still humping the air like something might happen but it's just not. Unfortunately, ejaculation is still 5-7 days away for him. You need to take solace in the fact that the orgasm he's going to have days from now will be far more mind blowing than the one you could give him now. Women want so much to please their man, but you need to realize that this delay is the best thing for his health and the long term passion in your relationship.

This transition from thrusting and stopping without completion can be a big hump to get over for him. I don’t mean to be graphic here, but this is the most effective way I’ve found to deal with this transition. I’m almost always on top riding the bull until I’m almost to orgasm, and when I’m on the brink, I jump off onto his face, and he licks me to climax. And rinse and repeat about 9 more times ... sometimes 18. On the last time, after my orgasm, Instead of getting up and walking all ten feet to the bathroom to pee, I use the "Open" command and just use the convenience that’s already between my thighs, and have him hold it in his mouth until he cools off losing his erection. Meanwhile, while he's holding it in his mouth, I can use the bathroom and get dressed with no annoying begging and then give him permission to spit it out as I'm walking out of his room.
In addition to the health benefits for him, she speaks to the benefits in obedience that such a regime brings about:
Tell him what chores need to be completed before ejaculation. My husband may be on a 5-7 day schedule, but that is contingent upon his behavior, and certain things getting done. If he's had an instance of poor behavior, his 7 day schedule just became 8 or 9 days. Would you like to try for 10? It corrects bad behavior instantly.
For example let's take a typical experience that most couples encounter. This happened today. We're having a discussion in the car, and he raises his voice. I don't like that, in fact I hate it. I simply calmly said "You've just been bumped a day," meaning his ejaculation day on Sunday is no longer tomorrow, it's on Monday. The drive to ejaculate is so strong in a male, it was less than ten minutes before he apologized, and asked if I might reconsider as he has been looking forward to his release all week. I said we'll see how the rest of the day goes. He doesn't have to apologize either. He could just wait until Monday. But he does what he can to repair it, and he hopes he's back on track for ejaculation tomorrow. We'll see, I haven't decided yet. Does an intercourse session take place if the kitchen is dirty? Or if the kitchen is clean and orderly 99% of the time? Answer not required. A clean kitchen does not guarantee a session will happen, but a dirty one 100% guarantees a session won't happen.
Your opinion will be highly valued, and your words will be closely listened to. Indeed, once my husband approaches 10 days without ejaculation with daily intercourse sessions, everything is "Yes, mam." No, mam." And he will even ask for permission to speak if it's about a subject we may have disagreement about. Your opinion will move from just being your opinion to law. I don't require these things at all from him, there are no rules issued by me. This former alpha male just adapts these behaviors as his biology changes.
She speaks about how to enforce the regime.
The only authorized ejaculation in our relationship follows the words coming from my lips: "You may release your load now." He lives to hear these words, and ejaculation always follows on the last syllable of that sentence. He will do anything to hear them. But those words won't mean anything if the schedule you set for his ejaculation isn't enforced. There's no getting around this. Males have such a strong evolutionary built in desire to plant their seed. They'll just do it and apologize afterward. It's a sincere apology, but it doesn't get my schedule followed does it? I believe he really means it, but it doesn't solve the problem. When hormones take over, they can't help themselves. When my husband's passion has pushed him to the brink after thrusting me to 18 orgasms, the only thing I've found that works to keep him from teetering over the edge is something that's so horrible that awaits on the other side of his ejaculation that he wouldn't even consider violating the sacred ejaculation schedule. Violating the schedule should be almost as serious to you as him sleeping with another woman.
The consequences that you decide on must be so completely aversive to the subject, he will do anything to avoid them. It doesn't bother me to deliver the punishment because I know what I'm doing is for his own good. I administer it with a firm tone and make sure that it is severe, but I don't do this out of anger. It's in a loving manner but fierce.
It's likely that he'll be aroused by being punished by you. The aversive stimulus must overwhelm the "punishment at a women's hands reward" that he just earned by violating your schedule. My husband wants no part of his aversive stimulus, and it's why he hasn't touched himself in close to a year. He has gone from masturbating 30-60 times a month to masturbating 0 times a month. That's all I require from an aversive stimulus.
Yoga Girl is coy on specifying the aversive consequences, as she feels it is up to each woman to select what's best in this regard for herself, taking her own male into account. But in the comments section she does give some more prescriptive advice.
Averse punishment need not be harsh. An aversive stimulus could be as simple as bumping his ejaculation day 2 days later than it otherwise would've been. The threat of bumping my husband's ejaculation day has a huge impact on his behavior.
For an infraction of the schedule I could implement an 8:00 bedtime for a week or whatever time and length I choose that would be aversive. The threat of a bedtime terrifies my husband so it works. An 8:00 bedtime is aversive in that it removes all stimulus, and gives him time to reflect on what he's done and how committed he is to following his wife's wishes. Before the wife goes to bed, she should check in with him and ask him to explain why he now has a bedtime. My husband finds one day with an early bedtime akin to Chinese water torture and is very aversive. It keeps him very alert during intercourse about warning me about any spill that may arise. He actually would prefer a whipping with a leather strap than an early bedtime.
Corner time can also be effective. Turning a chair facing the corner and having him sit there for an hour. The wife should check with him periodically during this time out and have him explain why he has a time out.
Nose against the wall. The wife can have him stand with his nose against the wall with a quarter between his nose and the wall for fifteen minutes. If the quarter falls, the time is increased. It's pretty aversive.
Putting a man on an allowance for a period of time is also aversive. If his behavior is compliant, spending limits go up. If he's not, spending limits get tighter.
Whether he has permission to go out with friends should be determined by compliance with the ejaculation schedule.
Accidents happen, but I really don't like them as it wrecks all the work we've done in retaining. I can probably count on one hand the number of accidents he's had in the past year.
And, while Yoga Girl does not stress it in relationship to his retention training, we do find out buried in the comments that she is not averse to applying additional discipline on the side:
I find that firm discipline helps my husband focus on his role as well which is of course to be a loving and supportive husband. I have used a brush, but more commonly use the 16" drilled wood paddle, and the 20" leather three tailed strap which are also very effective in helping him align his priorities.
A truly strong FLR wife and a truly pussy whipped mate. Please go and visit her blog and leave a nice comment for her. FLR101.

By coincidence, as I was getting ready to write this article, it just so happened I got a story submitted to me by a blog follower on the topic of Yoga Girl.

His name is michael, and he also goes by the name "Proud Servant". You may email him at proudservant4women at gmail.

Here is his wonderful little story inspired by a mixture of myself and Yoga Girl.

An Exercise in Humility

When I acknowledged to Strict Julie that I'm over 65 and I frequently masturbate to her blog she replied, "It excites me to know a man your age is still jerking off to my stuff!!!"

I was very gratified to know I'd excited her.

Then she added, "You should go ask your Doctor's permission, though ;-)".

Yikes! I hadn’t expected that. My immediate reaction was resistance, even defiance. She couldn't make me! She only knew me as a nearly-anonymous commenter on her blog, so I didn't have to. There would be no consequences. But soon my desire to please Strict Julie won out, and I resolved that I would do as she said. I am a submissive man, after all, and I love to please women. Especially dominant women. And Strict Julie had provided me with countless hours of happy stroke-time, so it seemed only fair, even fitting, that I be willing to humiliate myself for her amusement.

Gulp. Had I realized how much humiliation would be involved I might not have gone through with it. But I'm glad I did.

As it happened, I had my annual physical exam with Dr. Gibson the very next week. I've been seeing Dr. Yvonne Gibson for eight years. She's probed, diagnosed, prescribed, explained, and helped me be a healthier man. I really appreciate her skill and dedication. Dr. Gibson exudes confidence when she speaks, when she makes eye contact, and in the way she moves. She's an attractive woman, in her mid-thirties, I’d guess, and I always give her my full attention when I'm in her presence.

I was nervous when I arrived at the clinic. I hadn't rehearsed, but I was resolved. The nurse took my height and weight and led me into the exam room, where she took my blood pressure. A bit higher than last time. I knew what that was about. Fortunately, my blood pressure is generally low (in a good way), so my nervous energy didn't lead to any concerns.

The nurse gave me an exam gown and left the room. I changed and waited. And waited, it seemed like a long time. I thought I could hear my heart beating. Then there was a knock on the door and Dr. Gibson announced herself. I acknowledged her and reflexively sat up straighter. Dr. Gibson entered, followed by a younger woman who also wore a lab coat. Dr. Gibson introduced her as Ms. Slater, a medical student. Dr. Gibson explained that Ms. Slater was shadowing her as part of her education. Did I give permission for Ms. Slater to be present during my exam? Of course I did. I was always quite compliant with Dr. Gibson. It's just my natural reaction to confident, assertive women.

The exam started routinely. When Dr. Gibson looked in my ears, eyes, and mouth, Ms. Slater stood up and watched closely. I felt like I was being probed by both women. I gave it up for them, opening wider, following directions intently. When it was time to listen to my heart and breath Dr. Gibson asked if it was all right for Ms. Slater to listen, too. I nodded. So they both leaned in, their stethoscopes on my chest, on my back, listening closely. In such close proximity I felt awash in their sexual energy. I got just the slightest glimpse of Ms. Slater's  cleavage and imagined nuzzling her there. I was starting to get aroused. This wasn't good.

Dr. Gibson put on gloves and had me stand up. Time for the testicle exam. She had me lift the gown and then she nonchalantly held my somewhat-engorged penis out of the way with one hand while she felt my balls for lumps with the other. Ms. Slater stared, intent on getting full value out of her day beside Dr. Gibson.

"Do you examine yourself this way?" Dr. Gibson asked me.

"yes...", my voice was weak.

"How often?"

"Ummm, about once a month?" I exaggerated.

"That's not enough. For best results you should examine your testicles every week. I suggest you pick a day of the week and make it part of your routine when you shower."

"Yes, Dr. Gibson. Thank you." If only she would do the weekly exam! Sigh.

Dr. Gibson let go of my penis, and I was aware that it didn't go back to just hanging down. Her little touch-and-talk had gotten me more aroused. I could feel my cockhead pressing lightly against the gown. I wished I could detach from my body and float away somehow.

Dr. Gibson consulted her tablet and announced that I was due for a digital rectal exam. I smiled weakly, turned, and bent over the exam table. The gown fell away, exposing me completely, I'm sure.

It was Ms. Slater who spoke next. She told Dr. Gibson that she hadn't gotten much practice at rectal exams in medical school, and asked if she could perform this one. To build her confidence, she said. She gave quite the little sales pitch. Dr. Gibson was sympathetic, but pointed out that since Ms. Slater didn’t have her MD degree any exam she conducted could not be part of the official record. But she offered an alternative. She asked if I'd let Ms. Slater conduct an exam, just for practice, to be followed by her official exam. I agreed, of course. I adore confident women, and I want there to be more of them in the world. I spread my legs a bit as a gesture of acquiescence.

So I got two rectal exams for the price of one. Ms. Slater was tentative at first, then a bit rough, and it seemed she took a long time. She found my prostrate all right, and I felt my erection grow. She pressed on it repeatedly, and rubbed across it, back and forth and around, and I swelled with every movement. Eventually I shifted my hips just to free my very hard cock from the weight of my torso. This brought a mild admonishment from Dr. Gibson.

"When you move it makes it harder for Ms. Slater to examine you. Can you hold still, hmm?" When she said, "makes it harder" I had to stifle a giggle. But I did hold still.

"Thank you," said Ms. Slater. "Now just bear with me while I find your prostate again." And then she repeated her exam, complete with all the probing she'd done the first time. I lay still and visualized my anal sphincter opening wide. My humble contribution to women’s advancement.

Eventually Ms. Slater withdrew her gloved hand and Dr. Gibson entered with hers. She was quick and precise, in and out in just a few seconds. She announced that my prostate was in fine shape. And well-stimulated, I thought to myself. Dr. Gibson stripped off her gloves and handed me a large wad of toilet paper to wipe myself. I always hate this part of the exam. I didn't know if they'd encountered any fecal matter, and even if they hadn't I had a mess of lube back there. I didn’t want that in my underwear, so I turned sideways and wiped myself, then dropped the toilet paper in the trash without looking at it. This part is humiliating every time, but especially so as I tried to hide my erection.

I eased myself gingerly onto the exam table, closing the gown behind me. I bent forward slightly, but still my erection poked up against the gown. I wanted to be done, but I knew the hardest part lay ahead.

"So, you're in good health, as usual," said Dr. Gibson. "Do you have any questions or concerns?"

Oh, Lord, that one tumbled around in my brain for a while. Yes, I had a question, but it wasn't really mine. I was just carrying it for Strict Julie. I looked up at Dr. Gibson, knowing I had to ask, but not yet ready to. Dr. Gibson met my eye with a steady, inquiring look. She really did want to hear my question, and address my concern. Such compassion. I love that woman. Ms. Slater bore witness.

I drew a quick breath, then another. "I, umm..." I couldn't get it out.

Dr. Gibson gave encouragement. "Yes?"

Another full breath, and then I plunged ahead, into the dead silence in the room. "Do I have your … permission…" That word was hard, and the next was harder. I barely got it out. "…to masturbate?"

There was an explosion of sound as Ms. Slater jumped up, knocking her chair over. She retreated to the far wall of the small exam room, one hand at her heart and the other held out in the "stop" sign, as if to hold me back. "No!" she fairly shouted. "Don't you dare!"

Oh, shit! She thought I was asking permission to masturbate then and there, to relieve my obvious erection. I turned fifty shades of red. I shook my head "no", but I couldn’t manage speech. Ms. Slater turned to Dr. Gibson, close to tears, and said, "I can't be with this." She emphasized "this" by shaking her outstretched hand at me, as though shooing away an annoying animal. Dr. Gibson just nodded. Ms. Slater shot me a look of disgust and horror and made a quick exit, closing the door loudly behind her.

"I'm so sorry," I offered to Dr. Gibson. "I didn't mean now. I meant, in general."

"I see," said Dr. Gibson. "Well, your timing wasn't good. I can see why Ms. Slater misunderstood you, since you were aroused. Do you understand that?"

"Yes. I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to upset her. Or you."

"I'm not upset. But I am curious. Why are you asking my permission to masturbate?"

Oog. I couldn't exactly tell her the truth, that a woman I didn't know had told me to. Fortunately, Strict Julie hadn't told me to go into any detail, so I was on my own as to reason. "Well, I just want to be careful, at my age. Am I in good enough health to masturbate? Are there any risks?"

Dr. Gibson assured me that I was in good enough health, and that it was safe for me to occasionally masturbate to orgasm. She emphasized the word "occasionally", and told me that excessive ejaculation was definitely bad for a man’s health, as it drained his life energy and weakened his immune system. At my age, that was the primary risk of masturbating.

Dr. Gibson spoke at some length about the benefits of semen retention, as she called it. She spoke with great conviction, and I listened intently. Eventually she asked if I had any questions.

"How often is it safe for me to masturbate? For my health, that is."

"It's not masturbation that’s the problem, per se. You can masturbate frequently, but you should limit how often you ejaculate. At your age, I recommend ejaculating once every two or three months. And less frequently as you get older." Dr. Gibson was matter-of-fact, with no discomfort at all. I found her confidence reassuring, and felt that I would be all right whatever was said. At the same time there was no erotic edge for me at all, and I was sure I had completely lost my erection. Which was a relief.

"Are you able to masturbate without ejaculating? I only ask because many men seem unable to control their urges."

"Yes, I can. I have." I felt calm, and would have submissively answered every question she had about my masturbation habit.

"Good for you, that's a good sign. Many men are very attached to ejaculating, to their own detriment. Now one more thing. You asked my permission to masturbate, but it's not really my place to give or withhold permission. You have my approval, as your doctor. It's safe, medically, with the caveat about ejaculating. But male ejaculation has social, as well as medical, effects. So the question of permission belongs more appropriately in the context of any intimate relationship you're in. I strongly recommend you defer to any intimate partner in this matter." She spoke slowly and made forceful eye contact. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Dr. Gibson." I dropped my eyes.

A few moments of silence, and then the exam was over. I thanked Dr. Gibson. I told her I would like to apologize to Ms. Slater. She said it was up to Ms. Slater whether she wanted to see me again or not. Then she set the chair back upright and walked out, on to her next patient. I got dressed, feeling rather deflated. As I walked back through the clinic I looked around for Ms. Slater, but she wasn't in sight. The nurse gave me the evil eye as I passed by.

At home I made myself a cup of tea and thought it all through. I was pleased that I'd carried through on Strict Julie's assignment. It had been worse than I'd expected, far worse. But it was worth it. I had been a loyal blog reader, and I'd repaid, to some extent, all the pleasure that she'd given me over the years. And I thought over what Dr. Gibson had told me, about not ejaculating. Retaining my semen, that's how she put it. I hadn't heard of this before, but it did make sense. When I ejaculated I always felt a big drop in energy. I'd often fallen asleep, and even if awake I was moribund. Did ejaculation really drain my life energy away? It seemed entirely plausible.

That evening I visited Strict Julie's blog, as I do every few days. She didn't have a new post, so I scanned through the blog list on the right side. I have a few favorites there (thanks, Strict Julie!), but none of them had new posts, either. Then I noticed a blog I hadn't seen before, FLR 101. I checked it out. It was written by a woman for women, but it didn't say it was off-limits to men, so I read on. It was well-written, with conviction and lots of detail, and even research. It was about how the author, who went by Yoga Girl, had transformed her marriage by taking control of her husband's ejaculations. She went into great detail about the importance of reducing the frequency of male ejaculation. This was completely in synch with what Dr. Gibson had told me just a few hours ago. There was a whole lot more, about how controlling her husband's ejaculations had transformed their marriage, along with many intimate details about their much-improved sex life. Dr. Gibson didn't go into that, of course. But it was a very much the same material, maybe even the same voice. And Yoga Girl wrote "I'm a professional woman with a science and medical background as a primary care provider." That sounds a whole lot like a physician.

Was Dr. Yvonne Gibson also Yoga Girl? The parallels were striking. But really, that would be too much of a coincidence. Wouldn't it?

I finished my tea and briefly considered moving on to other sexually-explicit sites I've got bookmarked. They had been a reliable aid for getting it up and getting off. But they just didn’t appeal. Something had shifted for me. I wanted to read and think and not ejaculate, and that was enough.

Friday, November 25

Julie to get the Belt and worse?

Dear Readers:

I've just arranged to get a painful and humiliating belt whipping from Tracy in front of her husband John, and possibly worse as you will read below, and I will appreciate your advice on the issue. And while the scene will be fun, and what will come after the scene, the belt itself will likely not be fun at all!

Lucky girl. I know I won't be allowed
to keep the girls covered up during my whipping!

But sometimes you get what you ask for, and I have specifically asked for a good hard belt whipping. And having experienced Tracy, I'll likely get what I asked for!

This will be Tracy's second time spanking me. The first time (Julie's Paddling!) I got the paddle from Tracy. I was very keen to get it on with her afterwards, but she held back. Then she came over and got to witness me paddling my husband (david paddled in front of Tracy). He was also made to jerk off in front of us while Tracy fingered me under my skirt and panties right in front of him. Again, though, that's where it ended. She has made it clear that she will take me to her bed, but only if I submit to another spanking from her, and only if it is done with her husband as a witness. So there was no escaping it (not that I really wanted to - I need to be bedded by her!)

So I've had a txt conversation with her setting up our next scene. The thing about txt is that I do not need to try to remember exactly what was said, I have an accurate record of it. I just wish there was some way of copying a conversation from my iPhone so that I don't have to retype the whole damned thing. Oh well, it's my pleasure to do so. So here it is (I've corrected a few autocorrects)
Me: hi! did you like seeing david paddled?
Her: yes! very hot!
Me: when do you and I get together next?
Her: soon I hope
Me: good!
Her: but you'll need to be spanked
Me: I know
Her: with John watching this time
Me: I know
Her: bring paddle?
Me: may I have the belt this time?
Her: wow ok if that's what you want. Which hurts more?
Me: gonna find out I guess! I need a good hard one to compare
Her: are you sure, crazy girl?
Me: yes! I've been a very naughty girl lately...
Her: have you now? tell me more
Me: rubbing myself... thinking of you...
Her: that is naughty!
Me: will you punish me for it?
Her: Oh yes! The tears will flow.
Me: golly
Her: will you send me an email, on how to do it right with belt?
Me: sure, if you want
Her: I do
Me: ok
Her: I want to suggest something also
Me: what?
Her: bring your strap-on?
Me: oh oh!
Her: it gets worse. I want to give it to you in front of John
Me: what??? with him watching... I don't know
Her: no pressure. If you bring it I'll know it's on
Me: ok will think about it
Her: your choice. we'll have fun either way
Me: pussy right? not ass?
Her: up to you
Me: pussy, please! if we do it at all!
Her: can you O like that? With just cock?
Me: Bad! no - need my clitty played with - Hitachi works
Her: bring that
Me: oh my. but regardless he only watches, right?
Her: yes, that's what we agreed. no touching at all
Me: not with anything right I mean not with Hitachi
Her: relax. I know
Me: he can touch himself when you and I are alone in the bedroom!
Her: he won't. I'll be the one bearing the brunt after you go home!
Me: spanked?
Her: maybe! then everything else. I'm sure he'll be worked up!
Me: ha ha
Her: laugh while you still can. you'll be crying after your belting 😁
Me: gulp
Her: 😁
Her: will get back to you with date. need my mom and dad to take kids overnight
Me: ok. let me know soonest. excited!
Her: me 2!
Me: hugs
Her: xox
We'll get back to the bombshell in a sec.

First. Why do I actually go out of my way to get myself a hard licking??? I know I'm not going to like it while it's happening. I think it will be fucking painful. Is my brain messed up??? Why not ask for just a nice gentle hand spanking across her lap? Why do I go there? Truth is, the thought of uncontrollably screeching while I'm getting my ass roasted by Tracy is a turn on. Having her husband watch me getting frantic is even more of a turn on. Why??? That's just sick!

Ok, deep breath, onto the bombshell.

WTF???? She has proposed fucking me with my strap-on dildo while her husband watches me take it! How blushy will that be if I show up at her door and discreetly hand her a bag with my strap-on and Hitachi in it?!? "Here is my complete consent for you to fuck me like a $2 whore while your husband watches! Oh, and please use this Hitachi to make me cum in front of him cause getting whipped and fucked is obviously not embarrassing enough."

So... do I do it, or is that too much for a "first date" with her and John? I want to. But I don't know if I should. I know John a bit. We've been out socially. He's super nice. And I'm in lust with Tracy and want to please her. But this?

david is totally cool with it. Even seems excited, the pig! When I told him he laughed and told me he'll love hearing about it when I do it. I told him "if", not "when".  He repeated "when". The bastard! He thinks he knows me...

What do you guys think?
(she asks coquettishly, hoping for the right answer...)

And why do I go out of my way to arrange a painful whipping from a doubled up belt???

Signed: Confused in Toronto

Wednesday, November 23

david paddled in front of Tracy

So my friend Tracy came over and got to witness my husband getting paddled by me. Plus, he got cuckolded big time by the both of us!

This time Tracy came by our place. I had david go open the door for her. They had met casually a few years back, but did not really know each other at all.

"Hi!" she said when he opened the door for her. She had a big smile on her face. david said his hellos. I went over and greeted her with a big hug. We pushed up against one another. It was sexy. This is the girl who saw me at my most vulnerable and whom I am going to sleep with!

We went to sit down in the living room. david poured some drinks for us, and we had some veggies out for munchies.

I started off the conversation in the spanking direction, thanking her for coming by and watching david get paddled. She said that she had been looking forward to it. david asked if it was true that she had no experience at all with this sort of thing.

"Outside of watching a few videos and paddling your wife, none," she responded.

As the conversation proceeded, she explained that before they had kids, her and John were into the swinging scene. They saw a lot S&M stuff and leather fetish outfits but never actively took part themselves. They thought the whips and leather was a bit over the top. We started asking some questions about this "swinger" stuff. She said they went to various swingers clubs and also did some weekend retreats. There's music and dancing and drinking to lower the inhibitions, but little drug use, as everybody is keen to be "present". Downstairs it's more mingling.

Upstairs is where your clothes come off and there's all sorts of rooms with beds where the action happens!

Some rooms might be decorated more in an S&M style and other rooms may be decorated more like a sultan's tent and have four beautiful big beds in the room. She said everybody is very welcoming to a new couple, especially if the lady is hot. The women were definitely the ones in charge, as the guys would put it into anything, but nobody plays if the ladies are not comfortable. Often she said they would just go to the club to meet a couple, and then if they seemed a match they might go out on a date together, or be invited back to each others' houses to play.

But as experienced as they were in all that, "this sort of thing", was new to her and her husband. We defined it for her as BDSM or DD as opposed to S&M. She said she had really gotten a kick out of paddling my butt, really enjoyed dominating me. She contrasted it with the S&M scene in the clubs, which they never got into other than as passive observers, but that they are both much more interested in this DD stuff since my paddling, because they both thought that putting me across her knee for a real butt-burning spanking was just sizzling hot!

We were sitting next to one another on the couch, with david across on a chair, and as she said this she snuggled up and put her arm possessively around my hips. She asked david if he minded that she had paddled my butt? He said not at all, if that is what I wanted. "Is that what you wanted?" she asked me. I said "yes" and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips! A nice long lingering kiss...

Now, this was not entirely spontaneous on her part. We had conspired to give david a good "cuckolding" experience. She and I had talked at length on the phone of the sorts of things she could say or do to intensify that experience for him. She even starting taking notes at one point in the conversation! I did say she should act possessive of me in front of him, but no details. So the kiss was a welcome improvisation on her part.

She turned to david again, and asked if he knew that we had planned to do it again, spank me that is, but with her husband watching this time? david responded that he knew that. "How does that make you feel?" she asked, "knowing that your pretty wife is going to be stripped all bare, and spanked across my knee while my husband enjoys the show? And that your wife and I are going to make love after? How does that make you feel?"

"Ummm... I don't know..." he said inarticulately.

"He does what I tell him to," I said confidently. Then I thought with the momentum as it was, I should get the show started. "What do you think? Should I paddle him now?" I asked Tracy.

"Sure!" she said. "But remember, it has to be just like yours."

"Oh that's right," I said. I had not told david about this part yet. "david, sweetie, you're going to be getting exactly the same treatment from me that Tracy gave to me. You remember how red my ass was when I got home? Yours is going to be even worse, because I know exactly what you can take and I won't be holding back at all. I want to impress Tracy, after all."

"Absolutely. Don't hold back on my account," she said.

"But I don't take it as hard as he does!" I quickly added, in case she got any ideas that what she had done last time was insufficient!

"You'll take it as hard as I give it," she said, leaning in for another kiss on my mouth, this time with her tongue probing me! Shameless... Dommy... SEXY! Quick study! A natural. She wasn't giving an inch. She had claimed my ass!

"How did we start?" I asked Tracy, breathless after her kiss, knowing the answer.

"You had to strip right there in the living room," she said to me. "I remember you being very bashful. I had to encourage you out of your bra and panties with a few smacks to your legs." Then to him, "you should have seen your wife blush."

"Oh right, I remember that now. How blushy! So you hear that, honey? Go on upstairs and change into one of your pretty pairs of panties, and nothing but, and then get your tushy back down here for your paddling."

"Oh no!" said Tracy. "Panties???" I had not mentioned any cross-dressing to her before.

"I usually put him into a pair of panties for his spankings. Reminds him of who wears the pants in the family. Isn't that so, david?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

I told david to go upstairs to select his panties and to undress. After he left to get them on, I told her he had many pairs, but I was pretty sure he would pick the pink polka dotty pair...

When david came back down again, sure enough! He had on my guess of panties. He likes those the most. If left to his own devices, he always picks the pair he considers to be the most humiliating. "Good call, you!" Tracy told me. david did not know what we were talking about.

I made him stand there with his hands at his sides in the middle of the living room while Tracy and I inspected. He had become erect, a fact which the little panties only seemed to accentuate. From behind they were pulled up into his crack exposing a lot of lower cheek. I touched and tugged on the material while Tracy watched. I grabbed his crotch, cupped his junk, and squeezed a bit which made him moan. My submissive little panty slut. Tracy laughed.

"John will positively die crying of laughter when I tell him about this," said Tracy.

"Whaaaat?" said david.

Lest Tracy get the wrong idea I jumped in quickly and said "I've already warned him that you share everything with John. He agreed to it."

"Don't worry, your shameful little secret's safe with us," said Tracy with a wink. "And you don't tell anybody about us!"

"Besides," I continued to david, "I've always had a fantasy of having a man put you across his knee while I watched. Maybe we can get John to do that to david?" I asked Tracy while fondling david's balls through his pink panty.

I was teasing david at this point. Involving other men in our play was a hard limit for him. But teasing him about it was fair game! Of course, never say never is my motto.

"I don't know," said Tracy, playing along. "John is pretty much a man's man. Maybe he can be enticed to if he gets to fuck both of us after..." she ventured. That's what she is angling for. I know it. She seems very loyal to her husband and committed to making sure he gets to play as well. I was getting the sense that his cock in my pussy was the price of admission.

How do I feel about being pressured like this? I enjoyed it. End of the day I'm not going to do anything I don't want to, and all the teasing is fun. I also know that I have a few cards to play myself where it comes to her husband and her!

"Would david get to play?" I asked her.

"Oh I don't think so. I don't think John would let a spanked little panty boy in bed with us. Maybe he'd let him watch him fuck us as his spanked buns cool, though?"

This was one of the things Tracy and I had discussed in advance. It was not going to happen, but part of the cuckolding was pretending it would!

"How is John? In the fucking department, I mean?" I asked. "Does he last?"

"Oh yeah, he can fuck forever. And he sure knows how to use it!" she answered, proud of her man's sexual prowess.

"That would be so great for a change," I told her, wistfully. "david... well.... he doesn't last very long. He barely makes it to my pussy before he shoots his load."

"That must be terrible for you," she says.

"I do miss it. Real cock, I mean. But david is really super talented with his tongue. Sort of makes up for it..." I said.

"Well that's not so bad then," says Tracy. "It's hard to get John to go down on me. Men! He just loves to make me cum over and over and over again with his big hard cock."

"Not an option for david," I said, "so he certainly goes down, usually after a good ass whipping to put him into a properly submissive frame of mind."

"John makes me go down on him, gagging me with his big dick before he fucks me. If you want a fucking from him, he'll make you do that also," she added.

"Maybe I can make david suck him instead of me?" I asked, hopefully.

"Oh no! John has his little rules. If he agrees to fuck you, you'll have to get down on your knees in front of him and prove to him you really want it."

"Sounds like it's worth it," I concluded. Then, and since, I have been fantasizing about Tracy "forcing me" to have sex with her husband while she directed the action.

But poor david! Having to stand there and take all these insults to his manhood! Ha Ha! Tracy and I had not worked out all that dialogue in advance. We knew the general direction: praising John's manhood at the expense of david's; but we were riffing off each other. Who would have thought how filthy it would get!!!

I did not know at the time if david appreciated this level of cuckolding talk, and he was being hard to read. As it turns out, he felt uncomfortable with the bits involving John, but not as uncomfortable as I would have thought, but turned on by the bits involving Tracy spanking and fucking me.

Turning the attention back to david, Tracy said to me,  "I didn't think you got to keep your panties during your spanking, little missy. Is he going to be allowed to?"

"Oh no," I said, "those are coming down. A nice bare butt paddling." I went and sat on the sofa. I told david to take his panties off. He started to. "No wait!" I told him. "Come here." He approached me. "Wasn't I a little reluctant, Tracy?" I asked.

"You were, and you know how that turned out," she said.

"Yes, I got smacked on my thighs," I said and then gave david a good SMACK to the front of his right thigh. And then several more to both the fronts and the backs of his thighs, as I had gotten. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" david complained as I gave him his smacking.

"Oh my," said Tracy, "he squeaks and wiggles as bad as you did."

"Now get back to the middle of the room and get those off!" I ordered, and he went back to the middle and pulled his panties down his legs and off while Tracy and I feasted our eyes. "Hands at your sides!" I told him.?
"It wasn't as obvious with you," she said, referring to both his erection and my moist pussy when I was the one who was made to strip naked in front of her.

I walked over to him and started fondling his erection while Tracy observed.

"You see, Tracy," I said, "he likes being treated this way. Paraded around in panties. Stripped. Ready to be severely paddled." I ran my soft hands gently up and down his hard dick, fondling his testicles, squeezing the tip. david can never resist this treatment, and very predictably his knees started shaking and he started moaning.

"Oh! He's moaning," commented Tracy.

I kept going until I felt the first little bits of super-slippery pre-cum. Two more strokes would have had him spurting. I immediately stopped and let his excited cock dangle there. I held up my palm for Tracy to see the glistening pre-cum. There was also a little rope of pre-cum coming out the tip.

I grabbed his cock once more and quickly rubbed the pre-cum at the tip and on my palms down the shaft to make it glisten moistly as he yelled out in painful pleasure and desire, and then I quickly released his cock to bounce obscenely in mid air, right on the very verge of ejaculation. Just where I like to keep him.

"Eyes down, sweetie," I told him. Then to Tracy, "if he looks at you he's liable to make a big dribbly mess without my even touching him. And if he does that, he'll be taking that paddling without any sexual excitement at all. That would be very bad."

We both watched david stand there, hands and arms glued to his side, squirming and straining to not completely embarrass himself in front of us, glistening cock twitching in mid air. Ejaculation roulette.

As he struggled with himself, I went to the adjoining kitchen and moistened a kitchen rag with cold water. I brought it back and then roughly cleaned off his cock. The rough treatment plus the cold water helped him to stay under control.

"What's next?" I asked Tracy.

"Umm... naughty spot?" she said.

I directed david towards the wall and made him stand there with his hands on his head.

I then arranged the spanking chair in the middle of the living room and got Daddy's paddle out. david would be tasting its kiss on his cheeks for the first time tonight. I suggested Tracy have a seat on the couch facing us.

"Shall we cut his timeout short?" I asked Tracy.

"Sure. I'm anxious to see that butt paddled!"

And with that I sat on the chair, hiked up my skirt and spread my knees so that his erection would fit between my legs. I called him over and pulled him across my lap. As he lay across me I clamped him in place between my thighs. "Do I start right in with the paddle?" I asked Tracy.

"No. We need to give him what you got. You got spanked by my hand first. And did you ever seem to enjoy that treatment, squirming all around across my lap. You were such a squirmy little girl. Especially when I smacked you close to your special place. I loved it. And John will love seeing it next time..."

Oh dear. Hard to stay in role with david when she says things like that!!!!

I started in smacking david's rump. Nice gentle and sensuous hand spanks all over his ass and legs. I looked up at Tracy and she was rapt with attention. When we made eye contact she smiled at me broadly. I increased the intensity and gave him a very nice spanking, pinkening up his cheeks in preparation for the intense paddling he had coming. Despite all, I love doing this!

"So, what do you think?" I asked her as I kept gently spanking david.

"It's sexy as hell!" she said. "Big strong man across your lap getting a spanking like a little boy."

I bent forward and leaned towards the paddle on the coffee table in front of me. Tracy helped out by handing it to me. I rearranged my legs so that he was hiked high over my left knee, while I clamped down the backs of his two legs with my right over the top.

"I remember the first 24 as being pretty intense," I told Tracy. "This helps keeps him in position."

Then I started right in. I took about 2 seconds between smacks to let each settle in a bit, but to also keep him off balance. I smacked with that paddle as hard as I could, cracking into his ass with a vengeance. He can take it.

What a well-made paddle! I never had any fear that it would break at all. From the first stroke I had him going frantic across my knee. I had to work hard to keep him clamped in place. He was crying out "no! no! no! please! please! no! owww! no! owww! please! please! no!" After the 24 I paused.

"Fucking hell!!!" he complained. I had very much the same reaction. This paddle brings out the swear words!

Tracy giggled.

"Too hard?" I asked her.

"Not at all. I enjoyed seeing him suffer. I could get into this. That was worse than you," she said. "Poor thing. Look at his cheeks already."

They were a healthy shade of red!

"How many more?" I asked her.

"Another four sets," she said.

david groaned.

"Should we let him off early?" I asked. Just testing.

"Hell No! Paddle his ass!"

"Sorry david. Tracy wants you paddled."

I started in on his next set of 24. I eased up a bit on him with those, and also slowed the pace. Then I gave him his third set after rubbing his butt a bit.

"I think we changed position now?" I asked Tracy.

"Yup. On the fourth set. Legs up!"

I stood david up and had him lie on the couch on his back. I then had him lift his legs in the air.  "Do you mind? Holding his legs up?" She did not. She went to his head, reached down his body, and pulled his legs back towards her, doubling him over in the legs up diaper position. I asked her to spread his legs which she did.

Sort of like this. Was it a coincidence that the only photo
I could find that was close had this orientation???

"Look at you," I said. "All exposed." As I said this I played the paddle over his ass, his inner thighs, into his crack, and over his cock and balls. I paused the paddle across his punished cheeks. I knew (from experience!) that with his ass stretched out like this, the paddle would hurt a lot. So I took it a bit easy on him. I made him cry out and squirm, but was not brutal with him. Tracy holding his legs back like that for me to swat his ass was just too good.

I commented on how seeing his hole exposed like this makes me want to fuck him with my strap-on dildo.

"You do that?" asked Tracy.

"I do. Quite regularly."

"You're giving me ideas..." she said.

"What? Fucking John like that?" I asked, never dreaming otherwise.

"Oh no! He'd never go for that. I was thinking of someone else," she said, tilting her head and looking straight at me. GULP!

After that paddling, Tracy released his legs and we made him stand up and then bend over for his final 24 which he took like a trooper.

We left him like that as we both admired his ass. We both fondled it and touched it to feel the heat.

"What do you think?" I asked again.

"Sexy as hell watching you paddle him, all squirmy and exposed," she answered.

"Thinking of taking it up with John?"

"Gawd no! I mean maybe if he asked me to. But I pretty much know he won't. Besides, I like being taken to bed by my big strong man and shown who's boss. I mean, no offence, but I don't think I would want to marry one like this," she said, patting david's severely reddened ass. "Maybe keep one around as a pet, because it does look like fun to have one of your own."

"To each their own," I said. "I like my subby boy best. I like showing him who's boss in bed. Hey, do you mind if he jerks off now?" I asked Tracy.

"No. He should go right ahead."

"Do you want to jerk off in front of Tracy and me?" I asked him.

"no ma'am..." he said sheepishly.

"Oh ho ho. That's a good one. I know you do. You just like being made to, don't you? Well you have your wish. Do it. Or maybe you'll need another trip across my knee for a paddling first? Huh?"

"no ma'am"

"No what? No to the jerking off, or no to the paddling?"

"no to the paddling, ma'am"

"Well get busy then. Show Tracy how fast you can cum tugging on that poor abused cock of yours, like a little monkey."

I made david stand in the center of the room facing us. I sat next to Tracy on the couch. His penis was flaccid. "Show Tracy how you can jerk off, sweetie," I encouraged him.

david blushed and then licked his palm and reached down to start stroking himself.

"Fondle your balls with your other hand," I told him. He did that.

"Keep your eyes up. Look at us." I told him.

He did so. He looked so silly hunched over with his eyes up looking at us, jerking his penis.

"Just like the monkeys in the zoo," I told Tracy.

Tracy reached over to my knee and started fondling me. Then she slid her hand up my thigh under my skirt. All the while david is looking at us and jerking off.

"Did you like your paddling?" asked Tracy of david.

"Yes Ma'am" he answered, getting a little more frantic now.

"Are you going to blow your load right in front of me, while I finger your wife's pussy?" As she said that, she slid her hand further up my thigh, slipped under my panty, and rubbed my hot little pussy and drove a finger up my honey pot!!! All the while she was doing this, she was staring straight at david. How hot is that!

david soon exploded. He doubled over and shot his jiz into his hand. Tracy took her hand away from my pussy. Fuck! He couldn't last another two minutes?

"Lick," she told me, giving me her fingers to suck on. I had to put them in my mouth and clean them off. I could taste myself! All the while, david is standing their open-mouthed holding his load in his hand.

"Go clean that up," I told him. He ran to the kitchen to clean himself up and then came back.

"Did you enjoy that?" asked Tracy of david.

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you!"

"Was it worth having your wife paddled to have me come over and watch?" she asked.

"I just do as she tells me, Ma'am," he said.

"You certainly do!" she said.

We had david get dressed again, and with david present we talked more about our DD relationship and about some of the mischief we've been up to. She was surprised that we had never swung with other couples, given how open we were otherwise. "Would you consider it?" she asked.

"I would," I told her, "but david has this thing about other men even being present."

"Oh, it doesn't work if we can't all play," said Tracy, sounding disappointed.

"We'll think about it," I said, and david nodded also.

Tracy stood up, put her index finger on my nose, and said "but before I even consider that, you and I still have a date, little missy."

"Yes Tracy..."

Sunday, November 20

Husband to be Paddled and Cucked

Planning to engage in some mild lesbian cuckolding play with my husband and Tracy later this week, so wish us success!

Not quite this - not yet...

First of all, have I mentioned how amazing my life has been recently? I have been getting into so much mischief lately. I attribute it to my being a moderately hot (?) kinky and open-minded lady, with a kinky and open minded husband, and always looking for an opportunity. It certainly helps that david and I are both into public stuff and BDSM threesomes.

This latest series of events was such a lucky break. It just so happened that my formerly fairly casual friend Tracy was signed up for a service that accepts parcels from the US. One thing led to another, she winds up paddling my backside (Julie Paddled! - for which I have been teased absolutely mercilessly by all you blog followers!), I find out (out of the blue!) that her and her husband were swingers before having kids, and now they both seem itchy to play with my husband and I to get themselves out of their sexual rut.

As I mentioned, I got my first real disciplinary style paddling from Tracy. She told me that her one condition was that she needed to tell her husband John about it, and get his approval, as they were always very open with one another about everything. So that was a bit blushy, having to agree to that. As one of my commenters, AJ puts it so well, referring to the moment Tracy told John that she was receiving a paddle in the mail and that I was going to get bare-butt OTK paddled by her,
I'm trying to picture their merriment at that moment. It had to make both their days. I'll bet they couldn't wait for their kids to go to bed that night so they could talk some more. And laugh some more. Even when they got into bed for the night and the light was off, there just had to be more talk and laughter.
I have not confirmed this with Tracy, but I certainly cannot imagine it being otherwise!

She wrote me back a letter, ostensibly to Daddy, which was a total come on to me (see Followups with Tracy). When we subsequently txt'd back and forth I so wanted to get into her pants that I found myself signing up for another paddling from her. I am nuts! But she lay down the law with me and told me that this time her husband had to witness it. She wants him to be part of her adventure, obviously. And I am such a dirty slut that I totally agreed. And now I have to be exposed and paddled to the merriment of a strange man. The worst part about it is that it turns me on to do it. SLUT!

Real Spankings Institute

My reward for doing this is that I get to be taken by her into her bedroom after my strict paddling, all alone, and she will make love to me (with her husband in the house!) And yes, I will subject myself to another paddling in exchange for this, and the embarrassment of her husband as a witness. LESBO SLUT!

But that is all still in the future. The other thing Tracy and I decided to do was to have her come round our place and witness david getting one of his spankings. I mean, I need to keep my boy happy and motivated as well with this arrangement! And she was very enthusiastic about that as well, which is great.

Another of my commenters on Followups with Tracy, kdpierre from Collected Submissions, suggested,
Great development! Perhaps it's the sub-leaning switch in me but I LOVE a woman in the middle of a D/s "chain of command ".

I can't help but think that you might want to consider setting a hierarchy even within the sexual elements you both seem eager to try. Have you thought about possibly engaging in your "fun" unequally as opposed to mere mutual consummation of desire?

Perhaps only Tracy gets an O and you have to get yours from david? Perhaps you have to tongue Tracey's bottom the way david does for you? It's up to you but it might be a good idea to set an imbalance as the precedent since once you indulge equally it might be hard to try the hierarchical approach.

Knowing that your friend is sole disciplinarian and sole sexual beneficiary and you exist only to be spanked and then provide service could be very hot? Even if you both wish that you have an O perhaps yours is done in a very submissive way?

Just a thought.
Well I liked that thought! So when I set up the time and circumstances for david's witnessed paddling with Tracy, I ran a watered down version of some of that past her. I told her that it would be fun if she teased him about all sorts of things. We talked about what some of those could be, but basically all revolving about what a pussy he is to be spanked by his wife who is now submissive to her and her husband even. I assured her it would be a big fantasy for him to be spoken to like that (I think it will be - I have not asked him, but he does seem as turned on by my paddling as you blog readers!) She was fine with it and thought that would be fun.

I have not yet broken out the new paddle on david's ass, so we decided that to inaugurate it that I would exactly recreate the paddling Tracy gave to me. She would guide me through it, correcting me on whatever details I "missed", and commenting on how I behaved while under her paddle, comparing it to his behaviour. She totally agreed to that. So basically I cleverly got her consent to strip him bare and put him into all sorts of compromising positions, including, of course, the very revealing, embarrassing and painful legs up paddling position!

When he's exposed like that will be a perfect time to comment on how he is often subject to a good session with my strap-on dildo after a paddling. Perhaps she will encourage me to do it even while she watches?

She declined to wield the paddle herself. She thought that because John was only going to be allowed to watch next time, that it's only fair that she do nothing but watch this time. I think I'm being played!

Reminds me of once as a first year high-schooler I was making out in the car with a boy. I wouldn't let him put his hands on my bare chest (only bra). But I was fondling his bare chest and he told me to stop because if he couldn't do it then I couldn't either. Ha ha! What a little bitch! But I was easy back then. I totally let him feel me up. That kind of pressure is probably considered rape nowadays? I think I'm being slowly raped by Tracy and she's the one in control...

Tracy's visit to witness and comment on david's paddling is coming up later this week, so stay tuned...

Sunday, November 13

Followups with Tracy

Lest you think the whole thing stopped after my paddling, in fact there has been quite a bit back and forth with Tracy since the events described in Julie Paddled! which I shall now recount. My life is crazy!

For you new to this storyline, I got a friend of mine named Tracy to give me a "real" discipline style paddling, with predictable results.

Tracy started out only being peripherally involved as a vehicle for getting a paddle delivered to me anonymously from a blog reader we call "Daddy", but one thing led to another and before we both knew it she was going to be paddling me. Tracy is an old friend, but we had never played like this at all. She also confessed to never having done anything like this before. I was frankly hoping to get into her pants, but she was the more mature one and we didn't do anything, but neither did she close the door on that entirely.

For this scene, which was arranged in cahoots with Daddy, Tracy was handed a letter ostensibly entirely from him directing her on the use of the paddle on my backside. It included specifications such as my being totally bare, having to stand with my nose in the corner, and to spank me to tears (mission accomplished!).  Tracy was very grateful for the letter as it gave her an excellent guide on how to give me my first real disciplinary experience. At the end of the letter, Daddy asked if she wouldn't mind writing him a little note via me on her impressions.

I have the full txt exchange with her on my phone, and she also wrote that letter which I will publish here.

Night of the paddling was my first message to her:
Me: thank you! exciting! fun!
Her: you're welcome. how's your butt?
Me: sore!!!!
Her: good!
Me: hugs!
Her: xox

Then a few evenings later I checked in with her again:
Me: you serious about wanting to see david paddled?
Her: for sure!
Me: I'll set it up
Her: great!
Me: what evenings are good?
Her: most weeknights - John can put the kids to bed
Me: ok. I'm traveling a bit. in around a couple of weeks time?
Her: that's good
Me: ok will get back to you closer to date
Me: are you going to write that letter Sir asked for? you don't need to.

Her: sure, give me a few days
Me: great. he'll like that.
Her: let me know when you need your butt paddled again
Me: will do 😊
Her: maybe John watches next time?
Me: you wouldn't dare!
Her: sounds like a challenge, little missy
Me: πŸ˜‰
Her: so I guess we'll just have to see
Me: but kids will be in the house
Her: grandparents are nearby
Me: but not on the bare... over my panties... please!
Her: nope. stripped bare, just the way u like it
Me: ohhhh!
Her: xox
Me: hugs
Oh my gosh! She is getting into it. Did I just set myself up for another paddling from cute Tracy with a man watching this time? Bare naked??? How... how... unthinkable!

Well that's for later. First I need to setup a visit for her to see my husband experience the paddle for his first time.

She did send the letter along a few days later. Here it is.

Dear Sir,

What an incredible experience I had spanking my friend Julie! Thank you so much for that helpful letter. I don't know if I could have pushed it so far with her if you hadn't given me the instructions. I have NEVER done anything like that before. 

I felt very nervous before she got there. I couldn't stop thinking about having that gorgeous body draped over my knee. My husband and I have played around in the swinging scene pre-kids, so I am no stranger to being attracted to women, but it surprised me just how excited I became at the thought of being that close to Julie.

I had a frustrating time obtaining the paddle you made, as I'm sure Julie has told you about, but it was worth the wait. What a beautiful paddle it is.

I'm happy to report that Julie did in fact take 5 rounds of 24 strokes on her BARE bottom as instructed. It seemed to really hurt her, but she never used the safe word! I felt the need to try and redden her butt like the picture you sent and I think I almost nailed it. I wouldn't have even imagined that that's how a bottom could look after a spanking! That picture really egged me on. 

She struggled and howled over my knee. Many times she tried to cover up, but I just wouldn't let her. Tee hee...

I believe the whole thing turned us both on...I can only speak for myself, but I felt all hot and bothered with a naked julie writhing over my knee. We had a little kiss at the end of the night. I felt myself blushing. I didn't know quite what to do. I plan on really turning on the charm next time I see her. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ I told my hubby about it and it fueled a very hot night that night. My husband asked if he could watch if anything happened between she and I... I'll think about it... maybe I'd like her all to myself. πŸ˜‰



Ok... we need to break this down together!!!!! Woo hoo! That IS DEFINITELY a come on to me! And the revelation that she and her husband have been swingers. Wife swappers! Of dear! That clears up a bunch of things!

My only question, will I need to take another paddling from her, in front of her husband even, before we can get it on? Is he allowed to watch her and I making out? A little lesbo action? I've allowed david to watch when I've been with another girl. I think getting spanked in front of him excites me, but I share Tracy's feeling that I would also want her all to myself for that part. He can jerk off in the other room to those fresh images of my bum getting beat while she and I go at it in private. Ha Ha!

After I got the letter I txt'd her back.
Me: got the letter
Her: was it good?
Me: last part got me excited...
Her: it was meant to
Me: you're bad
Her: no you!
Me: A swinger? really?
Her: yes, but not for a while now.

Me: can we do that last part in private, just the two of us?
Her: yes
Me: wow
Her: πŸ˜‰
Me: he's ok with it?
Her: yes. yours?
Me: yes
Her: but spanking in front of john ok?
Me: that's ok
Her: he will like seeing that!
😊 >*blush!!!!*<
Her: he's right here. says he will enjoy seeing you...
Me: of dear
Her: ALL of you!
Me: oh golly!
Her: blushing?
Me: yes!
Her: looking forward to seeing david paddled
Me: him too!
Her: xox
Me: hugs
I'm very excited! The reason she held back the first time is that she did not have her husband's consent that first night. Now she does. And my david is comfortable with it as well. Isn't it awesome having two such supportive 'fellas? Of course, they're getting something out of it also. david will get his spanking in front of Tracy. And John will be allowed to see me get spanked by Tracy! So they can hardly complain. Nice having new playmates!

There were some comments on the blog regarding the diaper position Tracy put me in. I thought I'd ask her.
Me: Need to ask. Sir wants to know where you got the idea for the legs up paddling?
Her: research
Me: where?
Her: google - so much filth!
Me: yes!

Her: even got girl on girl spanking videos - watched them with john
Me: you didn't!
Her: yes. fun. but not as much fun as real thing!
Me: hugs
Her: xox
So there's your answer. Tracy did her research. Good girl! More women should. If she started researching wife spanks husband stuff she's very likely to find this blog. "Tracy" - if you do - hope you don't mind! And don't tell david or "John", it's a secret!

Saturday, November 12


A long-awaited milestone for this blog! 5,000,000 pageviews!

That was achieved today, November 12, 2016. The very first post was How it all started on November 6, 2011, an incredible 5 years of blogging ago!

In that time, I've made 277 posts (including this one), averaging about 1 per week, and published 13,000 comments (which includes my responses). From the very start it was always going to be "my brand value" that I responded to every comment made, and I've pretty much kept that up.

I've got a bunch more stats for you below. Figure some of these may be useful and meaningful to you other bloggers out there.

Posts & Pageviews

In terms of posts per year, here are my stats:

2011 was a short year, so an awful lost of posts then and 2012, then I seemed to lose some steam in 2013 and 2014, then turned it around! Here are my pageviews over the same time.

I have no idea why it fluctuates like that!

In terms of distinct viewers, in the past 30 days I've had 33,000 unique devices hit the blog, which I would guess corresponds to around 10,000 real people? There are A LOT of you kinksters out there! Shame on you all!

Had about 50,000 unique viewing sessions during that time. Let's say 10% of those result in a subbie splooging himself, and the average ejaculation is around 3ml, then that's 1.5L of cum spilled per month, or somewhere around 50L over the lifetime of the blog, or 13 Gallons. A bathtub is about 50 gallons so I still have some ways to go before I can actually bathe in all that ejaculate.

Most Popular Posts

In terms of most popular posts, here is the all-time top rankings for those that stand out from the pack.

Clearly sister scenes get a lot of play, but also many women are very interested in how to beat their man properly! yay...  I wish more of them would read Advice for Wives, though. I also think it's quite titillating, so if you have not read it yet, even you boys out there, you should consider doing so.

In terms of number of comments, these are the top posts.

The whole thing with my paddling was massively commented!

Country & Device

By country, here is the breakdown.

In terms of per-capita page views for the English speaking countries, the US leads, followed by the UK at 94% of that, Canada at 90%, and Australia at 43%. So it's official. The US is actually the per-capita most kinky amongst the English speaking countries! Who'd a thought? Though Germany is tracking unexpectedly high at 26% of the US, given English is not their native tongue, so that's pretty kinky too!

In terms of how you view your kink, Safari and Chrome are neck and neck, with Firefox a close third. IE does not seem to be the choice of kinksters.

As to OS, Windows is the most popular masturbatory platform, followed by the combo of iPad/Phone and then Droid, with Mac pulling up the rear in a big way.


Let's now get into demographics. This data only applies to a subset of the blog viewers who are somehow being nefariously tracked by cookies, but is likely representative.

I seem to attract a more mature crowd, but even so surprised at the number of 65+ out there! Shame on you, grandpa! Put that back into your pants!

Not doing so bad on the women, though! If we look at the age breakdown for just the ladies,

Biggest demo is 25-34, far outstripping the males in that age range. But what's really surprising are the number of 18-24 young ladies out there taking a peak. In fact, if you take into account that 18-24 is a smaller age range than 25-34, they are tracking nearly equal. They clearly need a good spanking and to be sent to bed without their supper! Just kidding! I think it's great, all those young women checking out my blog, getting ideas to use on their boyfriends and young husbands. Yummy!

In fact, 18-34 is a combined 36% of the female viewership as compared to only 22% of the male viewership. That translates into about 400 or so young women a month. But there's still way more boys out there at that age range who need spankings (about 2000).

In terms of these ratios, 18-34 is 5:1 boys to girls, 35-44 is 6:1, and 45+ is 10:1 (ouch!). Looks like it's headed in the right direction, though!

Google does not report any viewers younger than 18, but I doubt that's because of the stern warning when you enter the blog. If you are reading my blog and are younger than 18, for goodness sake close the browser and go tell your parents what you have been up to!

Traffic Sources

In terms of where I get my traffic, here are the channel sources.

Referrals are visits linked from outside sites. My big 4 by far are as follows.

Social are visits from social media, including Blogger itself which obviously dominates.

Direct are from people clicking around within my own blog.

Organic Search are things that come from search engines.  Most people visit my blog by typing in some variant of "Strict Julie Spanks" into a browser, rather than by bookmarking it. If you take away those search terms (which constitute 46% of the total), we are left with the following top queries. The numbers are the number of times that search term was used within the last month. I cut it off at a minimum of 5 times.

spanked husband91panty punishment78spanking my husband59
spanked and diapered53penis spanking50forced feminization46
spanked husbands44husband spanked34wives who spank28
diapered husband27good boy spanking24how to spank your man21
strict wives19diapered and spanked19diaper spank19
i spank my husband19wife spanks husband17caned husbands15
punishment panties15caned to tears15spank your husband15
caned by wife14strict spanking14diapered cuckold14
wife spanking husband14caned husband14spank your man13
wives spanking husbands13good boy spankings12strapon marriage12
spanking husband11how to spank your husband11husband spanking11
testicle spanking11spanking massage11how to spank a man10
whip his balls10femdom corner time10spanking your man9
spanking husbands9spank my husband9husband caned9
spanking my man8daughter spanks dad8massage spanking8
diapered spanked8spanked balls8spankingtube8
penis spank8cock whipping stories8spanking your husband8
spanked by daughter8diapered husbands8pantie punishment8
wife caning husband8spanked by sister8wife spank husband7
panty discipline7spanking balls7spank husband7
diapered by wife7spanking blogspot7punished by wife7
forced feminization by wife7strict miss7spanking penis7
anal training blog6spanking ejaculation6punished in panties6
spanked hubby6spanking testicles6wife spanks husband stories6
husband gets spanked6why i spank my husband6strict juile spanks6
she spanked him5forced feminization husband5husband feminization5
spanked penis5femdom cornertime5women spanking men5
she spanks5forced feminization blog5flr spanking5
diapered husband stories5i spanked my husband5women who spank5
forced feminization ideas5husband forced feminization5sissy corner time5
husband anal training5diapered spanking5spanking tube5

An awful lot more "diaper" fetish going on than I would have thought. I shall have to break out the Pampers more often!

The top referring sites across all channels are as follows.

And thank you all for all your attendance at my blog! It was fun, and continues to be. There will be a  lot more to come. 10,000,000 or bust trying!