Saturday, February 15

Valentine's Day Spanking

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Just got done having a romantic evening with my husband. He's in bed now, and I'm up at the big computer blogging about it.

We had planned to go out for dinner and we did that. We met at our house. I told him my Valentine's Day plans for him. First I would spank him.

Then he would wear panties and a butt plug out to dinner.

When we got home I would put on my strap-on and make sweet love to his stretched asshole.

The spanking was up first. I made him strip to bare naked in the living room. After he was stripped and his hands were on his head, I went upstairs to our bedroom to fetch the big hairbrush (and a couple of other things).

I placed an armless wooden chair in the middle of the living room, sat, and brought him across my knee. Then I started in on his spanking. I went light at first, but quickly picked up the tempo and really blistered his poor backside before I was done, a couple of hundred strokes later!

I then kept him over my knee as I lubed his tight little backdoor and inserted his butt plug.

I put him into a pair of panties, and allowed him to put his boy's clothes on over top of those.

We then went out for a very nice dinner. My boy was sitting very gingerly all evening long, and squirmed like crazy trying to get comfortable as he sat on his plug. It was about 2 full hours with over an hour of sitting in a restaurant! The most I did in front of our waitress was tell him he was very squirmy today, to which he said, "sorry" and blushed like crazy. Ha ha!

When I got him home I took him straight up to the bedroom where I ravished him. I stripped him back down to his panties and had him kneel on the bed. I stripped as well and put on the strap-on dildo. I removed his panties and then his butt plug, and prepared to fuck him.

"Wriggle that bottom for me, baby, show me you want it," I told him. He did what I thought was a half-hearted job at it. I picked up my twin-tailed strap and said, "I have just the thing to make a young lady wriggle her buttocks properly for the cock!"

And boy did he ever wriggle for me. I told him the strapping would not stop until his ass seemed genuinely excited for my cock. It did not take long! That twin-tailed heavy leather strap is a powerful persuader. I made him beg for my cock, with both his words and his wriggly little ass. On more than one occasion as he stuck his ass up and out for me and wriggled it in the air, begging for his fucking to start, his little bumhole winked at me and I targeted it accurately with a near cheek wrap-around into the cleft that had him howling.

When I was finally persuaded of his enthousiasm for my cock, I re-lubed, lined up, and penetrated him forcefully. The butt plug had stretched him well. We have a bedside clock, so I could keep my eye on it as I fucked him. I was determined to keep going for a good 10 minutes. At an average pace of about one per second, that's a lot of fucks! About 600 fucks to be exact. A few, of course, were at a slower pace, but many more were at a jackhammer pace, so it probably averaged to that. After the first five minutes I started getting the begging amd the waterworks: "Please! Please no more! Please! Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Please! Boo woo hoo. Please! Wahhh!" But he has a safeword that he chose not to use, so he got the full 10 minute treatment. But I was not totally mean. I relubed after 5 (he thought we were done, silly boy).

After his Valentine's Day fuck, I cleaned him off, turned him face up, and then sat on his face and allowed him to masturbate as he licked my asshole.

I had my Hitachi ready, and had a few marvelous orgasms myself as he tongued my backside. I made him keep dropping his penis as he got close until I had cum three times. Then I just rode him, making him repeat "I love you!" over and over again with his tougue very deeply lodged up my asshole as he stroked and spurted for my amusement.

"Lick it up," I told him, "And then off to sleep. You need your rest."

I left him scooping up his cum and stuffing it into his mouth as I came up here to the computer and typed this up.

Lucky hubby to get such a treat from me.

Happy Valentines Day you all!