Thursday, March 22

Radio Startle

I was driving home from a business dinner and I heard the following on the radio which made me smile. The topic was regarding how women are treated at car dealerships. The host was a man named Ryan, and there was a wonderful caller, named Kathy, whom I think is definitely one of us.

In case you want to have a listen, here is the podcast (it's for March 21 2012 and is at about 32:00 minutes in).
Kathy: My husband and I a couple of years ago went and bought a new car and my husband doesn’t have a driver's license so the car was very definitely for me. When we went into the dealership I was the one leading the conversation and the sales rep consistently responded to my husband instead of me. And then when we went to take a test drive because I asked for a manual transmission they tried to hand my husband the keys because women didn't know how to drive manual transmissions.

Ryan: You know it's interesting that you bring that up, Kathy, because my wife and I went to a dealership about six months ago […] and the test drive moment came up and this car wasn't for me in any way shape or form because I don’t drive. [...] And he went and he handed me the keys. And that was one of those things where I could tell on my wife's face, yeah, we're getting out of here and we're getting out of here quick!

Kathy: Well that's what I did, he offered to let me pick the colour of the car and at that moment we took our business elsewhere. We got the exact same car, in a colour that my husband picked, not me, and we went to a different dealership and got a female rep to sell us the car.
Ha Ha! I approve, but I wonder if the colour he picked was the same colour as the panties he was wearing when he got his spanking later that night?

Wednesday, March 21

Visit with a Pro: part 3

Finally time to write and do part 3 of our outing justice. This was by far the best, most exciting part, so I didn't want to just dash it off. david really got his, and oh my did she and I ever hit it off!

In the last couple of posts, I have been recounting what happened when david and I went to visit with a pro domme. david had arranged it all (at my request) and had even auditioned her without me. He had then planned out three short scenes so we could get the most out of the place.

The first scene was a medical fantasy, where I played david's Mother and she his Doctor. He was brought for an intimate examination because I suspected masturbation, and when it turned out that the medical evidence was overwhelming he got a spanking right then and there from each of us.

In the second scene, she and I played schoolgirls, and david played the Principal. I was the head girl, and she was a spoilt rotten first termer. She tattled on me and got me in trouble. I got a spanking in front of her from the Principal. But then the Principal didn’t think kindly of tattletales, and allowed me as head girl to firmly correct the new girl. I gave her a good hard spanking, and then a very exposed caning, letting david see all her girly parts in HD. Afterwards I got French-kissed by her, and I grabbed her ass, and I don’t even like girls (or thought I didn’t before then, anyways).

For the final scene we went down into "the dungeon". This was a scary looking room with whipping posts, chains, all sorts of floggers, canes, and paddles on the walls, a cross-like contraption for fastening boys and girls down onto and all sorts of other fascinating paraphernalia. We were still in our schoolgirl clothes, which was a very strange juxtaposition! david told us that this scene was a free-for-all: anything goes. My choice.

She and I put our heads together, and decided we wanted to play out another scene. We had picked david up at a club. He thought he would be in for an exciting threesome. We were bringing him home to use him and abuse him! Woo! We promised him that if he did everything we said, he would get to have a good fucking, including oral sex and even anal sex from us. Little did he know that he would be on the receiving end!

We wasted no time in stripping him bare naked. We each got a crop off the wall, and whipped at him as he crawled around beneath our feet. We made him kiss our high-heeled shoes. She even made him lick and kiss the soles of hers!

We tied him to a whipping post, hands high above his head, butt facing out. The post had a pulley contraption, so that when she tied him, she was able to pull on the rope and fasten it down so that he was high up on his tiptoes. So vulnerable.

She taught me how to use a beautiful heavy leather flogger on him. We flogged his back, his butt, and his legs. He danced around on his tiptoes as we flogged him. He was all pink and glowy, neck to ankles, after we were through with him.

Then she flipped him around. Put him on his back, tied his hands to the base of the post, and tied his ankles to the rope that went upwards. She pulled again, and this time his legs went up. She did not pull him all the way. Just far enough to get his lower back off the ground. In the position he was in, his ass, cock and balls were very exposed. We both used riding crops on him. She smacked at him right on his balls (with my encouragement). It was fun standing back and watching the tiny evil schoolgirl whip his balls like that. Ha Ha!

His next destination was a leather horse It had a place for his knees and for his elbows, and the center of it supported his body. We fastened him down with lots of little straps up and down his arms and legs, and one big one around his waist, and another small one around the back of his neck. He wasn't going anywhere.

"What do you say we fuck, like we promised him?" she asked me. She went to get two strap-on harnesses and dildos, one for me and one for her. I knew this was coming, as it was my special request of david, and I was hoping it had not been forgotten.

We stripped off our skirts and put on the harnesses and dildos. She needed to help me with the unfamiliar harness, which was fun. "Would you put a condom on me?" she asked, handing one to me. I got down on my knees in front of her and slid a condom on her dildo. Oh My! Then she did the same with me. When she stood up she kissed me on the mouth again and I kissed her back. I could feel our dildos crossing as our tongues danced together and we ground into one another.

She then bent down in front of david, lifted his head as much as it would by his hair, and told him that we were going to pound his ass with our dildos until he screamed for mercy.

"Is this boy a good cocksuker?" she asked me.

"Let's find out." I said. I went to his head, and made him take my dildo into his mouth. She went behind him, grabbed a paddle off the wall, said "Better yet, let's teach him", and paddled his ass as I made him suck me.

She asked me if he was doing a good job? I told her he could be more ennthousiastic. So she told him off and laid into him with the paddle until we both agreed he was sucking and slurping up a storm. Each time the paddle whipped down on him he sort of screamed but it was pretty muffled by my dildo in his throat. I said something like "Suck like you mean it, you little slut!" and I got a nod of appreciation from her!

Then she put the paddle away and got a tube of lube and a pair of latex gloves. She lubed his asshole and finger fucked him. I stood there, cock still in his mouth, watching raptly. Then she lubed her dildo, and got up on a little platform at the rear end of the horse. She grabbed his hips with her hands, and pushed the dildo into his asshole. I took the cock out of his mouth so we could hear him. Despite the tough talk, she was actually quite gentle with him, and pushed in slowly, slowing down when he begged, and pushing in when he didn’t.

When it was home, she pushed it in to the hilt, and then started by slowly fucking him with the full length of it. This was amazing! Seeing my husband taken like that by another woman was everything I had expected it to be. david helped matters by moaning like a woman as he was being ass fucked. I stuffed my dildo into his mouth, and started to face fuck him in time with her. This was exactly what I was aiming for when I first suggested a pro, and I had to pinch myself that it was really happening!

She started fucking him harder and harder, and got a beautiful rhapsodic look on her face as she did it. After a few hard thrusts she ended it and said, "let's switch off on him".

We changed places. She took the condom off her cock, put another one on, and stuffed the dildo roughly into his mouth as she grabbed his hair. I got behind him, got up on the little platform, and slid my dildo into him. It went in very easily as he was already all stretched out from her banging of him. I gave him about the same as she did, if not more. And she made him gag a couple of times while giving her head. She and I maintained eye contact throughout, and that was amazing and fun. My poor baby was in a fair bit of discomfort by now, so I thought I would put a stop to the ass and face fuckings.

He must have cleaned himself out before we got there, because there was no mess at all. His asshole was pretty gaping, though, and there was lots of lube around it.

She wasn't quite done with him. She said she always likes to finish them off with a caning. She selected a big nasty cane off the wall and got behind him. She said he should count out 20 strokes for her and then he would be done.

The first one was already very hard. I could tell. It was funny because his face looked like he was screaming, but no sound came out. I knelt in front of him and comforted him, stroking his hair and cheeks and telling him to be brave. I told him he needed to take all 20 strokes, and not to use his safeword. She laid into him over and over, taking her time, until the full measure was delivered. Poor boy's eyes were watering profusely by the end. He had to count each one out, which also seemed to be quite an ordeal, but I helped him with his numbers, so that made it easier for him.

After she was done, I went around back to see the damage, and he was surely well-marked up this time! He had those classic cane welts across his ass and around the crease where ass meets thigh. I had never marked him like that in my life. He was also a bit deep red and purply from that paddling earlier, and he looked like he had a sunburn all over from the flogging as well, with a few lash marks for good measure.

We unfastened him from the horse and he got off it very gingerly. Despite all the female attention, his cock was flaccid (likely for the first time all evening!).

"Do you mind if I get him off?" I asked her.

"No," she said, "I think he deserves it for taking that."

I told him to stand in the middle of the room. I got the lube and some paper towels. I gave him the towels and told him not to spill a drop on the floor or he'd be licking it up. Then I stood to his side, put some lube on his cock, and hand jobbed him. She had put her skirt back on, and was sitting there in front of us, legs crossed provocatively, looking interested in the proceedings and laughing a little bit as I jerked him off. As he got closer and closer, she very coquettishly unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse and pulled a tit out for him to see. I had one hand on his ass, with my finger straying into his crack, while I was rubbing him with the other. As I was doing this to him I looked into his eyes and saw he was transfixed looking at her. She squeezed her breasts and tugged on her nipple. I slid my middle finger up his bumhole and jerked him firmly. It was all too much for him and he moved the paper towel in front of his tip, doubled over, moaned, and shot a load into the towels. She put away her breast and literally applauded at his climax!

There you see? Obedient little boys do get a nice reward!

What an amazing time we had. I am still looking back on it, weeks later, in amazement. I don't want to take him too often, but I definitely want to go back again.

Since then I have kept up with his more regular spankings, and I'll get back to blogging about those now that I have finally gotten through the whole account of that one night out. Sorry it took me so long, and thank you for your patience with me!

Tuesday, March 13

Visit with a Pro: part 2

In my previous post I recounted the first role play we did when david and I visited our pro domme. I'll now blog about the second role play which was a "switch" scene.

I know what you’re thinking. I'm no switch. That is correct, but I did get him to spank me once and I enjoyed the sensations so long as I was totally able to domme him from the bottom. It would be scary and uncomfortable for me to be really subby and not be in control. He convinced me by saying that our pro domme would be switching also, and that in the scene, after getting a little spanking, I would wind up on top. He said it was all arranged, and had these big puppy dog eyes. Well, I didn’t want to be a spoilsport, or disappoint Clara who suggests all us tops should bottom every now and then... So fine.

After we finished up the medical scene we went to the schoolroom. She took off her Doctor's labcoat, and had a plaid schoolgirl skirt underneath with a white blouse and white knee socks. Very cute. The schoolroom has a traditional old blackboard and a desk and a couple of chairs. And there were all sorts of paddles and canes hung up against the wall.

david explained the scene to us. He said he was going to play the Principal, and she and I would be students. I am head girl of the school and she is a spoiled rich new girl in a starting grade. She and I do not get along. I don’t think she pays me the proper respect. She thinks I'm a bitch and trying to make her life miserable. I don’t know why I'm being called into the Principal's office. He told me that as head girl I would never tell a lie, and would take any comeuppance I have earned with good grace. Gulp!

She asked me if I want to change into an outfit like hers. I told her sure! We left david in the schoolroom to get into character, and she showed me to a room with loads of outfits and picked a plaid schoolgirl skirt and a white blouse like hers. I changed into it in front of her, and got a nice compliment. I like this girl! I returned the compliment, of course, because she was very cute in her little outfit.

As an aside, why the hell do adults dress real little girls in these outfits? It's obviously completely sexualized in the male brain, time to move on already!
You ready? She asked me. I was. Let's have some fun with it.

She and I knocked on the schoolroom door and the Principal said "enter".

He sat us both down in little chairs. He sat behind his desk, and every now and then rose to come in front of it while talking down to us. He said that "Trixie" (new girl) told him that I had been sneaking out of the dormitories after dark to be with a boy. He asked me if that was true.

Figuring it was in character, according to my briefing, I admitted that it was true. I gave Trixie an evil glare and she stuck out her tongue at me! Ha Ha!

He asked me what the punishment for that was. I hesitated a bit. He went on to say that I should know the punishment, as I was the chair of the student disciplinary committee and had laid out most of the punishments myself.

I figure I knew what the Principal wanted to hear, unfortunately, but he made me say it. "A spanking, sir!" I said in a loud clear voice. Just as I said that Trixie guffawed. She's great!

The Principal went on to scold me, and say how as head girl I needed to set a proper example for the younger girls like little Trixie here. "Yeah!" she agreed. The Principal hushed her. He said how disappointed in me he was, and how he hoped I would take my punishment properly, like a big girl should (ooooh - he's having his fun now, but he's 'gonna get his, I thought to myself!)

"Well get over here, then, let's get this over with." He said that as he walked in front of the desk, pulled up a chair, sat in it, and started rolling up his right sleeve. He was enjoying this WAY too much!

"In front of her?!?" I asked him.

"You set a bad example for her before, now she'll see a good example of how a head girl receives her punishment stoically," he answered.

I went across his knee. I was feeling genuinely pretty humiliated to be in that position in front of her. I was supposed to be the domme here! He flipped up my skirt, peeled down my panties, and started whacking my butt with his hand. Grrrrr! I answered any of his enquiries about whether I would be a good girl from now on through gritted teeth (both in character and for real!). I couldn’t believe I was getting a spanking in front of another woman! How did this happen!?!?

What's worse, my legs are pretty skinny, so when I'm bent over for a spanking, my parts are definitely all on show for the spectators. As I looked over at her, I saw her move her head to the side to get a look at me from back there, and then she winked at me! Blush blush blush!

The spanking was mercifully short, all clothing was restored, and I was put back on my feet. "Thank you, sir!" I said, "I deserved that, sir!" Trixie made some snide comment like "You sure did, Miss Red Butt" and "Wait until I tell all the other girls what a show you put on for the Principal!"

"We're done Julie. Thank you for taking your punishment so well. You’re a credit to your class," he said.

"However," he went on, "we have one more matter to deal with before we're done here. As head of the student disciplinary committee, Julie, what would you suggest we do with a new girl who shows nothing but disrespect for her seniors? And what's worse, is a tattletale who has no compunction in selectively telling the Principal about the misbehaviour of girls she seems to have a personal grudge with? Hmmm?"

"This is clearly between you two. I better be going now!" Trixie said, and tried to leave.

"Hold on one moment, young lady, I think you know who we're talking about!" said the Principal. "So, Julie, what is it you think such a girl deserves?"

"A good, hard, spanking, sir!" I volunteered.

"Indeed," he said, "and I think it should be administered by the head girl herself, as an object lesson.

Oh, what a sweetie my david is! He wasn't even going to spank her himself, though he had the opportunity to do so. I had decided in advance, when he told me she would be switching, that I'd let whatever happen just happen and see how I felt about it afterwards. I didn't even ask him who would be spanking her. And based on the scene up to then, I thought that he was indeed going to be doing the spanking, and I don’t honestly know how I would have felt watching him smack another woman's bare bottom, but now I didn’t even have to find out! And better yet, I got to do some smacking myself of this little cutie pie!

I'm not bi-sexual at all, and don’t get excited thinking about sex with a woman, but somehow giving a girl a spanking was very intriguing to me. I was excited by the chance to domme a woman. Some of my recent spanko pen pals have asked me if I would be interested in ever doing that, and when I thought about it, I surprised myself by discovering I would. david knew this, of course, and had arranged this for me. I repeat, what a sweetie I have.

"I suggest you take her over your knee first, give her a spanking on her bare bottom, and then give her a taste of the cane afterwards. I'll just sit down over here and watch the proceedings." I knew david had cleared it all in advance with her by email, and was conveying to me what had been pre-negotiated. He also knew I was hankering to administer my first caning, and even arranged that for me!

So I was feeling rather nice to my husband just then, and decided I would put on a show for him before we were done. What comes around goes around. She was so intent on scoping my pussy, so in return my husband would be getting an eyeful of a bare pussy girly show from her, courtesy of yours truly thank you very much! Ha!

I sat in the chair david had vacated and pulled the complaining Trixie across my lap. She's a tiny girl, and it was like taking a small child across my knee. So different from david! I flipped up her skirt and started spanking the seat of her white cotton panties lightly, warming her up. I was going to give her the best spanking I knew how!

She obliged by cursing at me, so I took her panties down. Very cute little butt, and I went on to build up some heat in it. She was obviously experienced, because I did not seem to make much of an impression on her. She continued acting bratty across my knee. So I upped the tempo and intensity, and really warmed her backside. I had built up to a good hard spanking, and had definitely reddened her little backside.

"I think she needs a taste of the cane." said the Principal. "I agree, sir!" I said.

I stood her up, with her panties still down, and made her bend across the desk. She is short and the desk was high, so she was a bit up on her tip-toes. I went to select a cane off the wall. It was so exciting. This was going to be my first caning. How appropriate it should be to a bratty little schoolgirl! There were some nasty thick ones and some tiny thin ones, so I chose one in the middle that was not too long.

I walked behind her. I yanked her panties right off her legs. Then I used the cane to flip her skirt up over her back. That's what you're supposed to do, isn't it? Then I tapped the insides of her thighs and told her to spread her legs. She really had to get up on her tip-toes now, and her pussy and bottom hole were both very exposed.

"Is that good, sir?" I asked david all innocently. david stammered a bit and said that it looked fine. I don't think he was expecting quite this much of a show! Ha Ha! I enjoyed giving my husband his treat and "humiliating" her like this, even though she did not seem to be complaining (I could tell by the way that twenty-something little hussy stuck up her ass for my husband to see!)

I measured her up and brought the cane down across her cheeks. I had not swung nearly hard enough, I could tell that myself. I was determined to do a better job, and the second stroke I put some arm into it and got what I thought was a pretty good stroke on her. I'll teach her to wiggle her tight young ass in my man's face! "Are you sorry now, Trixie?" I asked, to check in on her. "I'm only sorry it's not you getting the cane!" she said. Yummy! She wants more!

I caned her ass another dozen or so times. She made a few cute little squeaks as I whipped her bottom. Then I stopped, not wanting to hurt her.

The Principal asked her "Will you respect your seniors now, Trixie?"

She said, "No! She's a nasty bitch who's just trying to make my life miserable!"

Ooooh! Ahhhh! She used the B-Word on me!?! I obviously have to step it up a notch. I felt pretty proud. She was definitely asking for more than I had given her so far. I guess she considered me a competent domme or she wouldn't be calling for more that way.

I put that cane away and got a thicker one. I swished it through the air behind her butt (remembering instructions from Clara's blog I believe). That made her jump without even touching her. Then I whacked her with that cane, nice and low and good and hard. That made her jump and gave david an exciting little fanny wriggle to consider!

"What did you call me?" I asked in my best mock angry voice (and I'm pretty good at that voice by now!).

"nothing..." she said in a sheepish voice.

"I want you to say that word five more times" I told her. "I'm going to beat that word out of you once and for all. Now say it!"

"bitch..." THWACK! "ow..."

"Say it again. Four more times."

"bitch..." THWACK! "ow... ow..."

"Say it! Three more." I warned.

"bitch..." THWACK!

"Say it! Two more times."

"bitch..." THWACK!

"Say it again. Last time."


"Say it again!"

"no!" THWACK!

"Say it again!"

"no" THWACK!

"Say it again!"

"ok... ok... ok..."

"Say it!" ...



"ouch! ok! I will"

"Say it!"




Wow. Intense. She wasn't even satisfied with the six. She dragged it out to whatever (I lost count).

I looked over at david. His eyes were mesmerized staring at her butt. I smiled. It was nice and red and she had some nice little tramlines across it, though nothing too severe (but more than david showed Sue and I after he had visited her the first time).

"Did I do a good job, sir?" I asked him, all innocent like.

"You certainly did!" he said.

"It's very hot to the touch, sir. You better come over here and touch it to make sure it's not too hot." What a good wife am I!

david got up and gingerly touched her very cute butt. "It's just right," he said. It sure was! I was watching him very carefully as he laid his hand on her ass. Her girly parts were spread wide open and were glistening (which, surprisingly, made my pussy tingle), and while fine for a show, I was not comfortable (for my sake or hers!) with him touching her there. While no doubt tempted, he was a perfect gentleman and only touched her cheek, getting nowhere near her more exposed parts.

"Are you going to be a good girl and respect your elders now, Trixie?" The Principal asked.

"Yes, sir!" she said.

"Good, because from now on Julie has my permission to punish you like that anytime and anywhere she pleases. Is that clear, Trixie?"

"Yes, sir!" she repeated.

I helped "Trixie" up and helped her step back into her panties.

"That was amazing!" david said, ending the scene.

"Yes it was!" I agreed with him, a little flushed by the excitement of my first caning and my first girl-spanking.

"Hmmm. That was a nice caning." she said to me. Wow. She sure could take it!

"I needed that," she said to me, then she grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth like she meant it! Oh my! I opened my mouth and got a furtive little tongue dancing around in there. I hugged her hard and grabbed her ass, and held onto the kiss for as long as she did.

Maybe I could get to like girls after all?

Stay tuned for part three! We head for the dungeon and double-team my bad boy, and believe me, we were both in the mood to play rough with him!

Saturday, March 10

Visit with a Pro: part 1

Last week we finally did it! david and I went together to play with a professional domme at her "dungeon".

As I recounted previously, my first introduction to pros was by means of Ms. Clara's Blog. I thought she was just great, and thought I would not mind sending david to see a lady like her at all. Only trouble is, she's a bit far away from us. But perhaps there was somebody local? I told david to do some web research, and when he found somebody we both liked the look of to go try her out first (under some very strict conditions) and come back and tell me all about it. Well, first time was a charm for david, so I made him set up a three-way session next.

I told him he could arrange it all, and that he should surprise me, but the session needed to include her fucking him hard up the ass while I watched. Her website said that she would do that, "dildo training" she called it. The "hard" part and the "me watching" part she did not specifically called out, but I thought it not too much a stretch and told david he should be sure to clear it with her in advance.

For some reason that is so hot for me, and is something I cannot ask my sister to do (or even watch me do). I want to be on the other end of him, with my strap-on dildo in his mouth while I'm watching it. I want him to suck hard on my dildo so I can grind it into him and into my pussy while I watch him taking it from her. So hot!

I had changed into a sexy red mid thigh dress. We met for a very nice early dinner first (all arranged by david), and then would go over to see her afterwards at 7:30pm. Dinner was fun because I told him to make the whole thing a surprise for me, and I was trying to pump him for as much information as possible. He was pretty coy, but he did reveal that we would be doing three role-playing scenes, each in a different room of "the dungeon". (Apparently the whole place is called "the dungeon", but only one room really is a dungeon, and the other rooms are made up differently - one is a bedroom, one is a schoolroom, one is a doctor's office, one is a dressing room, and so on).

He would not tell me what the role plays were going to be, but he did say that in the first it would be she and I domming him, the second would be a switch, and in the last it would be back to us domming him. I am not much of a sub, but he assured me the switch would be fun and to my liking, and be pretty dommy for me even though I would get a little spanking. He actually cleared this with me beforehand, so I knew to "dress to undress."

After dinner we drove a short distance to the place. It was a pretty normal looking house. We knocked and she opened the door for us. She is very young and attractive and quite petite. She had a white lab coat on, like a Doctor, so I guessed what the first scene would be!

We hugged a bit awkwardly. It's so strange! What a situation. The meeting was so... normal. "Hello, we're here to have you spank and ass fuck my husband." I told her that I hoped this was ok for her, to have me there. She said she loved it and that she really enjoys working with couples; in fact, she said that it's her favourite thing.

She commanded him to take his shoes off, but told me it was fine for me to keep mine on. I like it! Despite her age, she knew how to give a command.

david gave her an envelope with the payment, and she showed us upstairs to "the medical room". She and david had exchanged emails, and they both knew exactly what was going to happen, it was only me in the dark. The medical room was amazing! Exactly like the real thing, but maybe just a tad scarier!

david explained the first scene: I was to pretend to be david's Mother. She was to pretend to be his Doctor. I had spotted stains on his sheets and suspected he was masturbating. He denied it vigorously. So I am taking him to the Doctor's to learn the truth.

Simple enough setup, but what a naughty boy my david is, wanting me to play his Mother of all things, and in front of a much younger woman. Grrrrr. Not really. It actually sounded fun, and was!

She said she would leave and come back in as the Doctor. She said she had read his email, and knew what sorts of things he wanted to happen, but asked if there was anything I specially wanted to happen, or any boundaries I had. I told her that anything goes as far as I'm concerned, as long as we don’t permanently injure him. She laughed and said that goes without saying. She gave david a "safeword" of "mercy". Then she left to get into character. But first she hunted around for a stethoscope for around her neck and a few things for her pocket.

After she left I got right into character with david. "We'll see about those stains on your sheets now, young man!"

The doctor came in and introduced herself to me and to david. She asked what she could do for us. I explained the situation with the sheets, and the concern that he was masturbating, though he flat out denies it, and asked her if there was any way she could check on that?

She said she could, and that she gets this request all the time from Mothers of teenaged boys. "Take off your clothes, david, down to your underwear." We stood there watching david undress. How precious, he wore some tightie wighties for us, right in character.

The doctor told him to stand on the scale so that she could weigh and measure him. david clearly had an erection in his underpants. I decided to comment on it. "david, how rude!" I said.

"Unfortunately, that seems to happen a lot when I'm examining teenaged boys." she answered.

When she wrote down his height and weight (she really did measure it!) she said, "let's get a temperature on you." She got a pair of latex gloves and put them on.

Then she took out a thermometer and some Vaseline. She shook down the thermometer and coated it with Vaseline in front of david. How exquisite! I guess david was going to have his temperature taken up his little bummy by the cute Doctor!

"Hop up on the table, on your side." she said to him. david groaned and did as he was told. The Doctor lowered just the backs of his underpants to the crease of his bumcheeks. Then she parted him a little bit with one hand as she inserted the thermometer with the other. She chatted with me about the weather as she held the thermometer in place with her hand on his butt. Poor david! After what seemed like quite a long time (longer even to david, no doubt) she pulled it out, looked at it, and declared his temperature normal. Then she took a wet wipe and cleaned the Vaseline up from around his bumhole and restored his undies. david was looking very red-faced throughout.

Then she told him to lie on his back. When he was on his back, with his knees bent. She slowly peeled his underwear down his legs and off him completely, leaving him nude in front of his female Doctor and his Mother.

The Doctor pulled up a chair at the end of the exam table, and got david to scrunch up closer to the edge. She sat and was right at eye level with his very erect penis. Then she handled it very clinically, and looked all around, and up and down, and into his pee-hole.

"Do you masturbate, david?" she asked.

"No, Doctor." he said.

"That's a lie, david. I'm a Doctor, and I can see clear evidence of very frequent masturbation."

"I thought so!" I said, sounding angry and vindicated.

"Look here," said the Doctor to me. I got up and got closer to david's penis. She handled it and pointed out certain fictitious marks and abrasions on his penis. I played along and said "yes, I see. Is there any other way he could show those signs?" I asked. "Absolutely not. It's 100% certain he has been masturbating, and masturbating frequently. At least once a day if not more."

I was wondering how I would feel, having a woman I don't even know doing things like this to my husband. As it turned out, I thought it was great!

"david!" I said. "How dare you lie to me and lie to your Doctor!?!"

Before I could go further, the Doctor said, "I had better examine his anal area as well. I sometimes find that frequent masturbators will insert things up there, and can damage themselves. Is that ok?" she asked me.

"By all means!" I said.

She stood, and made david pull his knees into his chest. She pushed on his ankles and pushed him back more. Poor david was now in the classic diapering position.

He afterwards told me he had specifically requested this in his email to her. I had done something similar in front of Sue, and he had been fantasising about it frequently as a result.

I volunteered to hold his legs up so that the Doctor's hands could be free.

She spread his cheeks even more, and put a gloved finger right up and onto his anal ring. She got a little pocket flashlight from her lab coat and shone it up there. She was well equipped!

"Oh dear" she said to herself. "What is it, Doctor?" I asked. "There's clear signs of anal abuse here as well." She had me take a close look. "I see" I feigned.

"david," she asked, "do you insert object into your rectum while you masturbate?"

"yes, Doctor," said david, acting very shame-faced, which was not hard for him!

"What do you put up there?" she asked.

"a... a... a deodorant bottle..." stammered david.

"Oh My Goodness!" I said, expressing shock. "That is disgusting!"

"What else, david?" asked the Doctor.

"my... my... Sister's tampon..." he said.

"Oh Dear Lord!" I said. "When I get you home, I will give you such a spanking you will not sit for a week!"
[I found out later from david that he got the idea for the deodorant bottle and his Sister's tampon because he actually did that when he was a kid! What you naughty boys get up to is simply unbelievable!]
"No need to wait to get him home," said the Doctor. "Many Mothers spank their children in my office, and for much less than this."

That was my cue! "Get over here, young man!" I said, grabbing him by the ear and hauling him off the table. The Doctor's office was quite cramped, but I managed to sit and pull him across my knee. Then I used my hand to give him a very fierce spanking as his Doctor looked on. I also scolded him for his bum adventures and his sheet staining. I tried to make it as humiliating as possible for my little boy.

After a bit, I said, "You know, he lied to you too, Doctor. Would you like to give him a spanking as well?"

She agreed enthusiastically. We switched places and I stood back and watched her give him a hand spanking as well. She was great! She could really hit hard with her hand. Poor david! He was going "ow... ow... ow..." on every spank. She also gave him a scolding while across her knee. I wish I could remember it all, or have a tape recording of it, because she gave great scold!

I had one more thought, because I thought he might appreciate it: "And as soon as I get you home, young man, you will apologize to your sister, with your pants down, for taking her tampons, and we'll see if she thinks you've been punished enough!"

Ha Ha! We ended the scene and gave each other a big hug. She looked very surprised at me and said "you were great!" I thanked her and told her she was great, which she was. So well prepared, and really into her role with no hesitation at all. I was also proud of myself for getting into my role so quickly, and on no notice. Boom, and I'm into it. I also enjoyed getting  a compliment from a real pro! We both congratulated david on his naughty imagination. She said he was pretty unique coming up with these ellaborate scenes, and it was fun for her as well.

And that was the first of three scenes.

The next moved into the schoolroom, and a couple of naughty schoolgirls needed their panties lowered for some spankings from "Principal David".

This post is getting a bit long, so I'll write about that one soonest!

Sunday, March 4

Magazine Startle

Don't you love it? Especially the hand on his ass. This was in a very mainstream Canadian publication, Macleans magazine recently.