Saturday, July 24

Strict Julie Switches!

As some of you may have noticed, after almost a decade of blogging and more than 12M pageviews, I changed the banner title of my blog from Strict Julie Spanks! to Strict Julie Spanked! Most of my long-time readers will understand why...

My new reality...

Yes, there's no longer any point denying it, I am now more on the receiving end than on the giving end. Here is how my blog, which reflects my kinky life, has shifted over the years:

Back in the day it was the rare post which had a female subby theme, maybe 5%-10%. In 2016 it started ramping up. That was the year I got so excited by having my friend Tracy give me a paddling (Julie in for a Severe Paddling). There had been some mild subby play leading up to that, but that event is where I got really turned on by relinquishing control, and started getting more and more into it, as you can see by the chart which shows a fairly consistent rise up to around 2/3 of the posts with me being subby and 1/3 me being dommy. I think it's likely to stay around there, not by design, just because that's how I am.

I updated my blog and profile blurb to reflect my more subby-first, switchie status. I also, reluctantly, updated my age to early forties, though admitting only to a mental age of 19! Importantly, I also made the definitive statement that while I am a switch at play, I am also a real-life spanked wife at home. Oh, how writing that brings goose bumps to me!

I decided to make these changes after being inspired by PK Corey's life and works as described in The Work of PK Corey. PK is a woman in her mid sixties, a lifelong spanko who came out of the closet to her husband at age 50, and then just stopped caring who knew after she retired from her job as a schoolteacher and became a full-time writer of spanking fiction. She is still spanked by her husband. PK writes what she wants to read. We exchanged emails, and I was just inspired.

I thought about starting a new blog for subie stuff and keeping the old one for dommie stuff, but I'm pretty far down the one blog path already, and I switch very spontaneously, so why not be unique and be one of the only switchie blogs out there? Hence leaving "Strict" in the title along with "Spanked". A switchie title for a switchie blog.

I've noticed that many bloggers shelve their blogs before ten years, and maybe that's because they lose interest as there is just not that much more for them to say about the topic after ten years of blogging. That would have been true for me had I kept it strictly femdom. But the discovery of femsub was an exciting journey of discovery for me, and you all came along on that with me, and that certainly kept it fresh and sexy for me.

I'm not sure what the name change and acknowledgment of the orientation change will do for pageviews. All of us bloggers are at least a little bit pageview whores, and brand confusion is never a good thing. Already took a bit of a hit when I started writing some of my social commentary. Betwixt and between. Oh well! I figure I need to be honest to myself as a first priority, and people who are interested will drop by and be friends with me.

Thank you all for continuing on this journey with me!


Monday, July 19

The Work of PK Corey

I love that after so many years of blogging I am still able to stumble across blogs new to me that have been around for even longer than mine. I was perusing the links of one of the blogs I frequent and came across PK Corey's Reading Room. PK is a longtime blogger and a multi-book author in the M/F DD genre. I decided to pick up one of her books and read it, and I loved it! The one I chose initially was this one:

Buy it at Amazon

It's not at all a short book at 115 pages, but I consumed it entirely in a sitting on Sunday at the cottage, reading it on my Kindle with my left hand often down my pants (!), the sign of fine spanko literature IMO :-)

From PK's contact info at the back of the book I emailed her just to thank her for her book, tell her a bit about myself and my blog/book efforts, and ask if I might publish a bit of a book review on my blog. She responded right away (cool!) to give me permission. She also asked which blog I had seen, as she had two. Two? I immediately went to search for the other based on the name she gave, and came up with what you might say is her main blog, New Beginnings. PK has been posting there since 2006.

Before getting into the book, I'll tell you a little about what I learned about PK from her blog. I am hoping PK will read this and correct me on anything I get wrong in the comments below!

"PK" is a nickname, and stands for "Pissed Kitty", a name she was given by some friends as a cute thing! She is a lifelong spanko and wrote little fiction stories privately for years.

PK was a schoolteacher, now retired. It was not until she turned 50 around 2006, after 23 years of marriage, that she "came out" to her husband Nick after finding Bonnie's My Bottom Smarts blog. According to PK, their sex lives improved dramatically after that.

Nick is not inherently a spanko, but spent a lot of time learning about PK's kink and trying to address PK's needs. There seemed to be a lot of communication back and forth over the years, including lengthy emails, to try to fine-tune things. But as it is with many non-spanko partners, it never came completely into focus. So PK was always frustrated that her attempts to get a more "real" DD dynamic going in their relationship always seemed to come up a bit short. Fortunately for us, she channeled these frustrations into a wonderful series of books for us to read patterned after her fantasy life.

I hear about this problem often in reverse, where the guy is the spanko and the vanilla wife never quite "gets it". Very often the guy gives up completely on any sort of spanko activities with his wife. I think this is because a non-spanko wife expects her man to be a man, and his wanting to be spanked, at some deep level, disappoints her. I hear about valiant efforts for the wife to cater to her husband's needs, often with really good intent, but it is is often the guy who backs away, not wishing to create tension in the relationship and even subconsciously disappoint his wife.

In PK's case, she considered backing away many times, but Nick was always willing to keep at it because he knew how important it was to her. I think with a female bottom you don't get the same dynamic as with a male bottom in that it is falls more in-line with traditional gender stereotypes to have the man dole out the spankings.

Fortunately, I never experienced any of this personally in my relationship with my husband.

Here I think I'll take a little interlude to introduce myself to PK (and any new readers) so she has a sense of my history with TTWD ("This Thing We Do" - I learned that reading PK's blog) without backtracking through my entire blog.


David is a lifelong spanko like PK, and he hid it from me for the first few years of our marriage, like PK. David started with fantasies of spanking women, but had about 10%-20% fantasies of being spanked by women as well, especially in more embarrassing public settings with witnesses. When he first approached me, he asked if I was turned on at all at the thought of being spanked.

That was an awkward question. I had endured a legit sexual assault in my past (from a creep I had foolishly invited into my apartment while I was drunk in my early twenties). I have spent years dealing with the psychological and emotional fallout from that incident (which I completely ignored for a long time). So the concept of being held down and struck by a man, even for play with the man I trusted completely, made me irrationally panicked.

When he saw my reaction, he immediately pivoted to asking me if I had any interest in spanking him. This was an idea that appealed to me! After some false starts, I really got into it, and found the action to be super empowering and super sexy at the same time. So I was off to the races, and devoted an inordinate amount of time and energy into researching the kink and manufacturing ever more kinky situations for my husband, often involving embarrassing situations with other women (which he craves and I enjoyed). 

But I was obviously a latent spanko. I haven't really heard of any other spankos who were not into it from as early as they can remember. But that was genuinely the case for me. And when it bloomed, it bloomed fully in me. I consider myself as much of a spanko as any lifer now.

Throughout the time I spanked my husband, I always maintained full respect for him as a man and as a provider outside of our spanking playtime. Play was play, and that was how I approached it. In vanilla public life, I always showed him respect and stroked his ego. Mind you, "play" sometimes dribbled into real life in the sense that I might latch onto some real thing as an excuse to spontaneously start a scene, and he knew that and played along with it, sometimes even in anonymous public settings. It was all amazing fun and games.

I don't know if it was age, or the catharsis from all the spanking I was doing, but it eventually kindled in me the desire to play as the bottom, and we started exploring that. I was no longer panicked by it, but sought it out to a quite frankly scary extreme in some cases.

Not too long ago, near the start of COVID, events conspired and I had done something we both believed was careless, and he spanked me for it, and the spanking felt very, very, real. Real in the sense that I went along with it grudgingly and got my attitude adjusted for real. I was hooked. I found that the play we had been engaging in was some kind of sublimated desire on my part to be actually taken in hand by my husband.

As a result, we changed the parameters of our relationship. We still play, switching top and bottom as we please, but we're also in agreement that I'm subject to his discipline when he thinks I have screwed up in some material way. As a grown up woman, that does not happen very often, so we have playtime to take the edge off, as it were, and we reserve the real discipline for when I have really earned it, which is infrequent. And the relationship is not at all symmetric in this sense. I am the taken-in-hand and he is the Head-of-Household, despite role reversals during playtime. It's a subtle difference, but an important one to me.

Fortunately, being a confirmed spanko himself, David knows exactly what buttons to push for me. Many of the things I have done to him over the years are things that turn me on equally when done to me.

Hope that helps in setting the stage for how I read a book like Cal's Law. So on to my book report.


As I mentioned, my first stop was PK Corey's Reading Room, which PK describes as more a "professional blog" for her writing. The blog features snippets from her work, and lists out all the books she has published. I liked the direction of the snippet, so I thought I would try out a book.

PK's most enduring character is Cassie, an older woman in a DD relationship with her husband. There are currently 10 books in that series. I thought of starting with book one of that, but thought it would be better to sample some of PK's more recent writing as perhaps being more representative of her current abilities.

Her latest book, "On the River", is the first in a new series also featuring Cassie but more cross-generational. It looked intriguing, but PK has not yet moved it to Kindle Unlimited so it would cost me money. I knew most of her books were on Kindle Unlimited, so thought it was just prudent to start with a book covered by that program before going deeper (cheapskate!).

Therefore I settled on a book from 2017, part one of a four part series, called Cal's Law. Here is the blurb from Amazon:

Jenny is the typical rich-kid, sorority girl. Getting good grades isn’t high on her priority list. In fact, that sits well below getting into the secret faction of her sorority. To do that she must pull off a daring bit of mischief.

Cal Bennet is the town sheriff. He’s a relatively young, no-nonsense kind of guy – with a heart of gold. He is the moral center of this small town in North Carolina. But when his and Jenny’s paths cross unexpectedly, things get complicated and he questions his morals and his heart.

His plan to save Jenny from herself by enforcing strict discipline seems like a sound one. To both of them. At first. He enacts a touch of martial law and Jenny agrees to learn more than English Lit. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are but a few of her new subjects. Along with time-management, telling the truth, and doing homework. Breaking any one in this new set of rules will result in a sound spanking. It all sounds simple enough when she signs on the dotted line of the contract between her and the sheriff.

But life is messy, and she is faced with one tough decision after another. She’s a college student! Shouldn’t life be easier than this? Less complicated? Jenny finds herself being pulled in two directions: her moral, upstanding sheriff leads her down one path, and a cute frat boy leads her down another. In one direction lies maturity, and a future. In the other, the simplicity of being a rich kid in college where Mommy and Daddy pay for everything. Now she must choose: Will she continue to let her parents pay for it all, or will she learn to pay the price for her own actions?

Publisher’s note: This love story is a steamy, hot romance novel that includes spankings, and sexual scenes.

Well this was clearly up my alley. I have a bit of a Daddy fetish, and I liked the age difference (her 19 to his almost 30, I believe). Nineteen feels like my perpetual age when I am getting spanked, and I imagine my disciplinarian as a 30-year-old minimum (or older - even to gramps age!).

The plot seemed a bit contrived in the blurb, but in the book it fell out quite naturally alongside what we know about the characters and the situation in more detail. This was done efficiently, getting us to the action quickly, which I appreciated. The first chapter established Cal as having some "old fashioned" ideas on discipline, and on his caring nature. In chapter two we are immediately thrown into the action.

Jenny snuck into Sheriff Cal's house as a sorority hazing prank to steal some innocuous items. She did not know she was sneaking into the Sheriff's house! Cal awakened and apprehended her at gunpoint. Of course, Jenny was begging that she not have her life ruined by being prosecuted, and Cal suggested an alternative.

Yes it's classic and cliched, but I loved it nonetheless. I don't need an elaborate plot to explain the situation to me, just enough for me to suspend my disbelief, and this did the trick nicely. And heck, I would have taken Cal's deal, so I was immediately having empathy for Jenny (and feeling that tingling in my bum and from miss puss puss that drew my hand down the front of my pants).

I loved that Sheriff Cal handcuffed Jenny's wrist to his bed while he gave her time to think it over alone. That is SOOOO sexy, OMG!

For her introductory spanking, Jenny is spanked across the seat of her sweatpants by Cal using only his hand. This felt "real" for the situation. 

Cal pulled the straight chair to the middle of the room and sat. He reached out for Jenny's hand and quickly guided her over his lap. He had momentarily thought of pulling out the old paddle he had in the back of a drawer, but noting her thin sweats he realized he could do all that was necessary with his hand.

Jenny found herself dangling and her fingertips touched the floor for balance. She couldn't even begin to sort through her emotions at the moment – fear, embarrassment, shame and somewhere in there a little excitement. From above her Cal spoke, "Why are you getting this spanking?"

Jenny stammered a moment before answering, "I broke into your house and tried to steal from you."

"That's right," Cal agreed, "Did you know stealing was wrong?"

"Yes, sir." Even with all that was going on Jenny wondered where the 'sir' had come from.

Isn't that writing marvelous? First, it foreshadows a spanking with the paddle and with the sweats down. Second, it indicates that Cal is masterful enough to make his point even with just his hand over her sweats. If I'm to be punished, David often uses just his hand. For you guys out there, if you've never experienced, as a woman, a man's hard hand spanking, you have no idea! I thought it was perfect that the sweats were allowed to stay up. Too creepy otherwise at this stage.

The positioning and the emotions from Jenny were bang on. Fear, embarrassment, and shame, are all things I experience for a disciplinary spanking. And, yes, a tinge of excitement as well. So perfectly captured.

The back and forth verbal exchange is such an important trigger for me as well. I need to acknowledge why I am being spanked. And then asking her if she knew stealing was wrong. That's something you might ask a three-year-old, right?

This was the first 'sir' in the book. She has probably never called any man 'sir' before in her lifetime. It was only when she was across the knee, being prepared for a spanking, that it spontaneously escaped her lips from her subconscious mind.

The spanking proceeded with Cal lecturing her throughout on how foolish she had been, how she could have been taken for a burglar and shot, how she could have ruined her life.

Pausing, Cal asked, "Are you sure you know how serious this was?"

"I do know, honest!"

"Good," Cal answered "Now let's make sure you never forget."

Oh my gosh how my heart flutters there! She has already been taught her lesson. She has learned her lesson, absolutely. But now she will be taught to remember her lesson.

With that, Cal delivered the last twenty firm hard spanks. "Are you going to be able to remember, Jenny?"

"Yes, I will! I promise. I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Jenny sobbed. "Please stop, I'll be good."

Cal stopped. He knew that was enough and somehow her small, "I'll be good" had spoken to him.

Yes, the spanking reduced her to the status of a naughty sobbing little girl across Daddy's knee. Now she really is sorry, and she promises to be good.

Cal ran his hand gently over her sweats knowing how red and painful her ass must be.

We are made to imagine her bare bottom under those sweats. At this point we know that neither party would object to a pulling down of her sweats and a closer examination of her well-spanked derriere. However that would not be proper, yet. Again, this foreshadows things to come.

She winced as Cal stood her on her feet. He put his arms around her and held her as she sobbed. "Shhh..." he cooed to her "you're all right now. It's all over and everything's okay."

Ahhhh! Complete forgiveness. The ultimate reward of a spanking punishment. The expiation of guilt. The ability to let it all out. The ability to sob uncontrollably into a caring Daddy's arms as he comforts you. Another HUGE trigger for me.

Over the next couple of months, Cal straightens Jenny out. He teaches her how to focus on her schoolwork and how to perform domestic chores around his place. He is giving her wife training! (so sexy). They each have sexual dreams about the other. She wants him. He wants her.

Part of their deal was Jenny needed to be on-time for her classes, even the 8am ones. After a few weeks she started backsliding on this, but Cal was keeping tabs on her via the Professor whom he knew. So her second spanking was given to remind her to get to her classes on time and not to sleep in. It's an offense I would have committed, easily!

This spanking she got to keep her jeans on, but the paddle came out. Yup, a paddle can do a lot of damage, even over jeans! I loved that PK was taking it slow with us, one step at a time, building the anticipation.

Jenny reflects on her spankings. A particularly poignant passage, for me, was this one.

How could it be that being spanked and knowing that a spanking was a very real consequence if she messed up, could make her feel more like a real woman than anything else in her life?

Oh my gosh yes! PK expresses exactly my feelings when I don't have the words to do so myself. I feel exactly this way. It is the real thing that ultimately does it for me. No play spanking can take its place. In my book, Julie's Spankings, I try to express this sentiment throughout, but nowhere as succinctly and with as much impact as PK does here.

Later on, Jenny screws up very badly, missing an exam because she got lured into attending a frat party, getting drunk, and oversleeping.

Like a Dad, Cal steps in and smooths it over with the professor. She will be allowed to retake the test under Cal's supervision at home, after her spanking. There is a definite hint that her Professor, a friend and mentor of Cal's, knows exactly the score. For my part, I love that other people know I am a spanked wife. It gives me goose bumps and makes me extra proud of my man.

Jenny is taken home and is shocked that Cal wants to put her in the corner!

"I want you standing in the corner. I'm going to take a shower while you think about the decisions you've made in the last twenty-four hours."

"The corner! Are you crazy? I'm not a child, I'll be damned if I'll stand in the corner like one. You have lost your mind."

Yes, at some point, even a girl like Jenny will reach her breaking point of humiliation. This is exactly how I feel when I am sent to the corner, but now I've learned the good sense not to say that aloud!

"You think this is a good time to tell me how mature you are? You lied to me, you broke your promise to me, you got drunk and passed out in a frat house and you damn near screwed up your semester of school. You are a woman, Jenny. I'm more aware of that than you realize, but you acted like a four-year-old yesterday. So you are going to stand in that corner and you're going to do it with your pants down."

Oh no! Look what her backtalk got her. Not just in the corner, but in the corner with her pants down! I love how Cal's barrage of unquestionable righteousness sort of ends that discussion completely. And yes, it is four-year-olds who are sent to the corner for timeout. But if she acts like a four-year-old, she is going to be punished like one. Unbreakable top logic!

I love it how this is the first time her pants will be coming down. In this context. In the context of it being a childish humiliation for her backtalk. I mean, pants coming down can be sexy, right? But not like this! Never like this! How totally, utterly, humiliating.

Jenny stared at him for a long moment. Then before she could think anymore she turned and walked to the corner.

"Jeans down to your knees, Jenny. You can leave your underwear on."

Yes, she's been mastered. Utterly and righteously mastered. By her actions, she's admitting she acted like a four-year-old and deserves to be punished like one. That's a hard pill for a pretty nineteen year-old to swallow. Cal reminds her that her childish penance would be done with her jeans at her knees. He graciously gave her permission to keep her underwear on. It's the blank space here that is so sexy. He could just have easily required her underwear be taken down as well, but he benevolently, and in a gentlemanly manner, allowed her to keep them up. Entirely his decision, and make no mistake about it.

However, here things take an unexpected turn.

Cal noticed the sharp intake of breath and the briefest hesitation before Jenny did as directed. He watched as she slid her jeans over her slim hips. His eyes widened as he realized she was wearing a thong. He stared for a moment, transfixed at this beautiful sight. then he turned silently and headed to his bedroom. "Let's make that a cold shower," he muttered to himself.
Ha ha! Love it. That sexual tension. When Cal ordered the punishment he was expecting a modest set of cotton-print panties no doubt. Not only must Jenny display her cute bare buns to Cal, but she is exposed for being a bit of a naughty young lady as well. We also immediately discern that this time her paddling will be on her bare cheeks!

The book proceeds with a bit of a love triangle with the fratboy Kyle. Honestly, I could have done without that subplot. There is no way that Jenny would risk her nascent relationship with Cal for that little twerp. Not believable, but maybe I'm biased. And maybe it's just good book writing to give me something to be angry about: "Jenny! You idiot! (sputter, sputter) Cal is the perfect guy! What are you doing????". And I guess we need a tension that needs resolution. So, ok, well played, PK. (Grumble - how could you do that to me?)

There's one more monumentally stupid thing that Jenny does, and it's realistic, and she gets her worst spanking yet. I won't spill the details, you'll need to buy the book. And I won't tell you if the conflict with the love triangle gets resolved, you'll have to read it to find out. But it's really, really good writing!

I will say, though, that her final punishment is a good one. There's an added element of line writing, and sitting on a super uncomfortable prickly mat after her initial spanking in just her thong on the bottom to do it, in case that turns your crank (it does mine!).

At one point when Cal tells Jenny to remove her pants, Jenny has this thought.

Turning away from Cal she started to slide her pants off when she remembered she'd planned on changing to panties that at least offered the thought of protection, but again she was wearing a thong. Buy some damned granny panties, she thought to herself. But it was too late now and with no cover for her condemned ass, the pants came off.

Yes! Exactly. That last experience should have taught her that lesson. This is just getting slutty now.

But more seriously, one of my triggers is the embarrassment of knowing that my pussy goes on parade during a spanking. A thong allows for the bum to be bare without that added humiliation. Making her take the thong off would be exclusively and only for that single reason, and that seems a bit sexual in context.

I would have preferred had Jenny sworn off thongs after that earlier embarrassment and bare bum spanking, and opted for more girlish cotton print panties (my fave during a spanking), believing she would be allowed to keep those. Then, much to her infinite dismay and embarrassment, learning that her offense was so severe that even her childish panties would be coming off for this punishment. She would be mortified having to display little miss puss puss to Cal, then to later have to crawl across his knee and feel the cool air on her vagina, imagining the view she must be presenting to him!!!! And would Cal "notice" her excitement in the process, and would Jenny notice his?

I wonder why it did not go this far? I'll have to read more of PK's books to see if stuff like this happens. Or maybe it's PK's sensibilities? Or perhaps it's her editors, to keep it more R than XXX?

But all in all, a minor quibble in the scheme of things. The book was superb, it very much turned my crank, and the writing was just great. I'm going to recommend it to David as "required reading". Even though he's a confirmed spanko, he can still pick up a trick or two from PK's men!

Saturday, July 17

Cornertime Pics

As recounted last time in My Spanking, I was given a for-real behaviour-adjusting spanking by my husband last weekend, and also had to do 10 minutes with my nose in the corner. In the comments, I said that I thought I got off lightly with only 10 minutes. David has more commonly given me 30 minute nose in the corner timeouts. I suggested a full hour of cornertime would not have been out of step, though I would have hated every minute of it.

The photo above is of me doing corner time in a scene with a couple I knew. I was given a spanking over both the husband's and wife's knee, then a hard paddling from the wife (the paddle was made by a blog friend for the occasion). The wife then took the photo of me. Later on the husband was allowed to fuck me silly after I blew him (see Schoolgirl Punishment).

Ahhh... memories.

But I digress. Cornertime! After the exchange, a correspondent sent me a link to a micro-blogging website with nothing but pics of girls standing in the corner! You have to sign up to get in, which I did (it's free). A good 50% of the photos turned me on greatly. I'll reproduce some of those here, with my thoughts below.

I've numbered them, so please indicate in the comments your favourites and why!


According to my husband, this is "proper" corner time where the girl is naked, arms are crossed behind her back, and nose is literally in the corner touching both walls. I've spent 30 minutes like this as punishment. The position creates an arch in my back which makes my bum stick out and my pussy peep out. Very Embarrassing!

This girl looks like she has not been spanked yet (at least, not very much, maybe just a few swats to get her into the corner). So she is doing corner time anticipating a spanking to come. There is no way a naked girl in the corner gets off without being spanked!

I always imagine that visitors drop by at just this moment, but my husband is adamant about carrying out my full corner time sentence, followed by my spanking immediately after. If you were Uncle Bill, dropping by, would you excuse yourself and leave, or stay and watch?


This cutie has already got her spanking, with the belt she is forced to hold. Her little short shorts were lowered, and her bare bottom was belt whipped. Those shorts are staying DOWN during corner time.

I like that her head is drooping in shame. She should be ashamed!


I love her little red bottom. Allowing her to keep her bra somehow signals this is about bottom punishment, not sex. No need baring her tits, her tits are not being spanked.

The way she is holding herself just screams shame and embarrassment. I feel sorry for her shaming.


Whats the back story for this? The little blonde was naughty and got herself stripped nude and spanked by her boyfriend, then displayed in the den. Her roommates are enjoying her distress. They're getting ideas for how to get her to do all the housework from now on, now they see what a little submissive she is.


I love the panties puddled around her ankles. She's being lectured now and looking towards her man. A spanking is in her near future.


Another body position communicating abject shame after a spanking. She'll stay there so that everybody can see exactly how she's been punished.


I find the fully clothed shots super embarrassing also. It's possible there will be no spanking at all. She's being punished by being put into the corner, and she's to stay there until her attitude improves. How long do you think it will take before Mom gets an apology from this naughty girl?


Very domestic! I imagine she left quite a mess in the kitchen. After a quick cleanup her husband spanked her and gave her on-the-knees timeout facing her kitchen sink. She'll be kneeling there for a good hour which ought to teach her a lesson.


This poor girl received a very severe spanking with a bath brush and now is doing her 60-minute timeout properly: nose right in corner.


This wife received a nice bum colouring with that bath brush. The back outsides of her thighs also. She was made to pose for this photo for her punishment scrapbook kept on the living room coffee table.


A very typical childhood punishment for a snippy teen. That nose is not to leave that wall until Mom says so.


A good caning for this wife. Six of the very best followed by an hour's worth of penance in the corner.


He's had enough of his wife's nagging, especially with company over. She'll cool her heels with her nose touching the wall until he releases her.

My husband once made me stand with my nose in the corner during dinner time after I provoked a political conversation. It was sooooooooo embarrassing. He kept me there until we left!


I just feel like this teen got put here by her Mom and is waiting for Daddy to get home to give her a spanking.


Young girlfriend newly moved in with her boyfriend. He is establishing his boundaries with her.


She was just spanked with that rug beater and now has to kneel on a tray full of little pebbles for punishment. This is the sort of punishment that is routine for teenage girls in Eastern Europe.


Here's a snippy, spoiled, American teenager. She was caught stealing from the mall. She is spending the entire day with her nose in the corner.


I once corresponded with a gentleman from France who is a retired school teacher in a town near the sea. We discussed me spending a summer with him, doing his cooking and cleaning in exchange for French lessons. He would be free to discipline me as he saw fit. He would also have complete access to my body for his sexual pleasure, and be able to loan me out to his friends as well. I imagine this is me after a failed French test.


There is something extra humiliating about being punished like this outside the house. I imagine the teenaged boy neighbours, who frequently play sports in their back yard, will get an eyeful of this spanked wife next door. They will wonder why she just stands there, squirming in embarrassment, a deep blush on her face all the way down to her breasts, hands on her head, as she exposes her bare breasts and shaved vagina to them.


This would totally be me! Provoking our friends with my right wing political conspiracy stories, not stopping when I am told to, spanked by my husband and put in the corner with much approval from the friends.


She is being properly spanked in front of witnesses. Her husband made a point of lowering her jeans and panties and setting her to kneeling as he takes his belt off and whips her. The witnesses will see her vagina dancing as she writhes under the blows.


What a total cutie! She's "my type". Notice that she's been told to do her timeout on her tiptoes. Shows off her legs and bum nicely.


She's had a hand spanking already, and is made to wait for the belt. She is being very obedient, which I find very sexy.


Another teen waiting until Daddy gets home to give her her spanking.


Halfway through a 3 hour timeout.


She's been told she's getting the belt. She looks nervous.


I see myself in her. The picture of domestic discipline. Her husband has handcuffed her for her timeout as an extra measure of control. She seems penitent.


Naughty wife sent to the corner to await her spanking. You can tell by her posture there are guests in the house, likely her Mom and Dad who very much approve of how her husband deals with her.


I approve of corner time where the nose stays ON the wall. I must say, I am disappointed those times when my husband does not strictly insist on this. It's not the same sticking my own nose on the wall. I can only imagine the view from behind this cutie as she does her penance.


Her crossed arms and sulky body attitude tells me she hasn't learned her lesson quite yet, despite the very red bottom. Coach may need to up his game.


Bared breasts as a means of punishing a girl should not be under appreciated. Men witnessing her punishment will delight in seeing her tits out whether she likes it or not.


I can't tell for sure, but is she clutching something between her thighs? Perhaps the paddle she was punished with?


Ha ha ha ha! She looks very sorry for herself, sitting her spanked butt down on an acupressure mat. If she's naughty, that's what she gets in that household.


A naughty pupil in class. This is a punishment that will make an example of her for the other students.


Proper timeout. We approve. Keep that spanked butt sticking out, young lady.


You can tell by her body attitude that she is a sorry little girl.


This one gets the added humiliation of doing her corner time with a butt plug. Witnesses know that the plug is only a prelude to being required to submit to anal intercourse. And a word to the wise, she had best squeal in delight as she's being sodomized (I certainly do after my spankings!) else she'll be spanked again. 


As I said, PROPER corner time. Being made to hold something against the wall focusses the mind. If it's dropped, she's spanked. When I'm bare-breasted with nose on wall, my husband insists on nips on wall and squished breasts as well, "and stick that butt out, young lady!"


Handcuffed and ankles shackled awaiting punishment. Her breasts, pussy, and ass will all be spanked.


Yes, believe it young lady, this is what happens when you backtalk.


"I was spanked for having a temper tantrum" it says. Good! I'm glad.


Look at that sulky attitude. She won't be sulking for long, she'll be yelling her lungs out as her man spanks her raw!


Christian Domestic Discipline. When you devote yourself to the Bible, it's easy to slip up, but your husband will bring you back on course.


This wife is being made to wait for her strapping like this. Do you see her pussy?


Yes, sweetheart, you can do your corner time with your teddy bear.


"In the corner, young lady, and stay there until I tell you that you can leave."


The punishment stool. How childish! She'll be properly embarrassed when their best friends drop over. But she has an hour bare bum on the stool regardless of who drops by.


No, it's not fair.