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Saturday, November 14

F'ing B*tch

Oh boy did I have to ever punish my husband the other day!

He was driving in traffic in the city, I was in the car, and another driver cut him off. It was pretty egregious. They cut right in front crossing three lines of traffic causing david to have to brake hard, and then cut into a right turn only lane, and then went straight through the intersection cutting off another car and not even turning right! In the natural flow of traffic we happened to catch up and it turned out it was a female Asian driver (Chinese I believe). Fairly young looking. Fairly oblivious looking. david glared at her (she did not even see) and then muttered "fucking bitch".

Ooooh! He didnt! Nice opportunity for a scene.

My response was, "she is a fucking bitch and I'd tell her that to her face. But YOU NEVER use those words to refer to a woman!"

"sorry..." he said.

"Not as sorry as you'll be after I get you home," I told him in a sing-song voice. That's the same voice I use when I'm giving him his hardest beatings.

Knowing he was going to get a punishment calms him, and the rest of the drive was peaceful with him driving like a little lamb.

As soon as we got in the door back home I told him "Into your panties, nothing else, and then nose against the living room wall."

"yes ma'am"

He went up to our bedroom to strip and don his punishment panties, and then came back downstairs sheepishly, shuffling up against the wall so that his nose touched. I got some scotch tape, made him put his hands behind his back, wrists overlapping, pulled his arms together uncomfortably close, and scotch-taped his wrists, round and round.

I then went upstairs and brought his ball gag back down, my heavy wooden hairbrush, and my Delrin Cane.

I put the ball gag into his mouth and tightened it uncomfortably hard at the back. I find if you don't do it really really really hard, it loosens a lot as his mouth stretches. He had used his mouth to utter something offencive to women. The punishment was that he would not be allowed to use his mouth for a while. Very fitting I thought.

I then got a "toonie" (a Canadian two dollar coin - in common circulation here) and made him hold it against the wall with his nose.

So there was my boy. Dressed in nothing but his pink polka dottie lace trimmed panties, hands painfully scotch-taped behind his back, ball gag inserted painfully deeply, holding the toonie up against the wall with his nose.

Then I sentenced him. By the time I was done, he would know he was punished.

"That is language I NEVER want to hear from you directed at a Woman. You will stand there like that for ONE FULL HOUR."


"If that coin falls I'll use the Delrin Cane on your bare ass so hard and for so long that I guarantee you'll wish you hadn't dropped it, and then we'll just start your timeout again from the beginning, and after you'll still get the full punishment I intend to give you anyways except right on top of those stripes."

david needs motivation to get through a full hour of such uncomfortable corner time, and the prospect of a Delrin Caning would be his. And he knows I'm dead serious. I never fuck around with a threat I'm not perfectly willing to carry out.

"After your corner time you're coming across my knee for a spanking, and then I'll teach you the meaning of the phrase 'fucking bitch' in this house."

With that I reached out and pulled his panties down to just beneath his cheeks. I then measured the Delrin across the crest of his buttocks, said "don't you dare drop that coin" and let loose one very hard stroke straight across his ass. david gurgled a scream into his ball gag and contorted terribly but did not let the coin drop. One angry thick cane welt came up right across the middle of his ass. It was a hard stroke! I then stuck the cane between his cheeks and told him to clench it there, and told him that the same as what goes for the coin goes for the cane. Let him be bare-ass, single-striped, and clenching the thick Delrin with his rear cheeks for his one hour timeout to better contemplate what happens if he drops that coin or cane. The cane sort of stuck out from his ass crack at a forty-five degree angle the way I had wedged it in on top of his pulled-down panties, and under his balls.

Now, if you've never been made to experience it before, let me tell you that a full one hour timeout is difficult at the best of times for a male, much less when bound and gagged so uncomfortably and holding up a coin with his nose. I am fully aware of the implications of ONE FULL HOUR. He craves being dominated and punished by a woman. Well here it is and no joke about it. And a dreadful caning to boot, a tiny welting taste of which he had just received, if he so much as moves a muscle and loses that coin or cane to the floor. Just imagine having to clench your ass cheeks for a full hour. They would be jelly by the time he was done!

I then went about my business and roundly ignored him until his hour was up. The lovely thing about this punishment with arms bound is that there is no hiding a coin drop, and therefore no need for close supervision.

Not surprisingly, by the end of the hour he was still standing there. His legs were quivering, the poor dear, but he was still standing there and still desperately holding that coin and clenching that cane. The cane had for sure drooped and he was sticking his ass out a bit more, as it looked like the coin had slid down the wall a bit, his face with it. But he had successfully gotten through his timeout avoiding consequences of a caning and a repeat performance.

I removed the cane from between his ass cheeks, tossed it to the side, pulled up his panty, removed the coin from betwixt wall and nose, and told him to stand up straight and wiggle the stiffness out. I left him in his ball gag and with his wrists bound. He did a nice little panty dance for me, trying to wiggle out all that soreness from one hour of punishment.

I then picked up my hairbrush and grabbed him by the arm and conducted him over to the three-seater sofa. I sat in the middle and pulled him over my knee.

I started him off with a very thorough hand spanking. It was very much along the same lines as how Chris punished Joseph from my last blog post (I discovered Spankingtube!). I lowered his panties to his knees and made sure to redden his ass all over and have him squirming.

Then I picked up the hairbrush and proceeded with the punishment itself. It was delightful with him ball gagged and wrists bound, as he was going nowhere. As usual, I made him kick and cry out and scream (all muffled by his gag). That hairbrush can really punish! I drove my point home with a lecture about respect for Women.

As I paused, I saw that I had really reddened every inch of his ass and upper and inner thighs. In fact, it looked like he was wearing crimson board shorts by the time I was done! It was so striking that I helped him to his feet, and then had him lie face up back down onto the couch. I then used my hand to slap the fronts and top insides of his thighs and his shaved pubis until they glowed bright pink as well to complete the 360 effect. Naturally I had to manipulate his genitals out of the way to reach certain places, an operation I was none too gentle with much to his distress. I was still "angry wife" at this point in our scene!

With his spanking done I helped him to his feet again, and then cut the scotch tape off his wrists, and peeled the sticky bits a bit painfully from his gently furred wrists.

I then took him by the hand upstairs to the master bedroom and into the ensuite bathroom. I made him kneel in front of the sink. I removed his ball gag. david moved his jaw painfully. He had had his jaw stretched for well over an hour and it was sore as well.

I picked up a thick bar of soap and started lathering it up. I told him to open, and I washed out his mouth with soap. Lots and lots of thick lathery soap.

I told him this is what would happen to him every time he used words that he was not permitted to. I then put the bar of soap into his mouth and made him hold it there.

Then it was off to the bedroom for the final phase of his punishment. I had him face up on the bed, still holding onto that bar of soap in his mouth. I put on my largest strap-on dildo, Adam. I asked david if he would like to take Adam right away, or be stretched first? He communicated that he desperately wanted to be stretched first.

I got out his vibrating butt plug, lubed it, and inserted it with his legs raised and his panties around his ankles, and then turned it on to high. I played with it and his penis and balls. I then got out my little flogger and flogged his ass and private parts just because I was bored and wanted to fuck him. After a few minutes I popped out the vibrator and knelt up on the bed to position myself to fuck him missionary style.

I pushed the bulbous head of the dildo into his ass. He cried out into the soap when I moved too fast. I accommodated him, to a point, but eventually pushed through and deep into him.

He looked just like in the picture above. Asshole widely distended. Penis flaccid. Then I started in on the fucking, looking him straight in the eye. He was so cute clutching that bar of soap in his mouth!

"Who's the bitch now?" I asked. "Who's the fucking bitch now? Are you my bitch? Are you my bitch that I use for fucking? Does that make you my fucking bitch? Yes it does, you fucking bitch don't you ever use language like that to refer to a woman!"

I fucked him good and hard. Not a gentle lovemaking. No. A punishment fucking. By this point he had been put in timeout for an hour, spanked silly, had his mouth washed out, and was being fucked. I could see his teeth sinking into the bar of soap and his eyes watering up as I pounded his asshole. But I maintained eye contact with him, and he with me, so we would both know it was his wife doing this to him.

Lest you think I am a bit crazy, please remember this is a scene. I really don't care that he called that fucking bitch of a driver a fucking bitch. But since we play at femdom, it seemed like a great excuse for a scene, and it sure was. And this was an especially great excuse for a mouth soaping!

Afterwards I pulled out and cleaned him up a bit. I made him take off my strap-on and wash it thoroughly. I told him he could take the bar of soap out of his mouth and rinse as his punishment was over.

We got into bed together and I allowed him to snuggle up against my breasts. I encouraged him to stroke his dick, and so he masturbated as he nuzzled me and came soon after clamping onto my nipple and sucking like a little baby, which I encouraged.

Mommy's spunky little boy!