Wednesday, December 30

Caning Aftermath

I was surfing around some blogs on my blogroll and came across this Merry Christmas post. It embedded a video of a poor fellow receiving a caning that I think demonstrates to some of you newbies why the subs live in fear!

This first one was taken before the caning started. He had already been warmed up with the wood while in the wheelbarrow position, thus the suffuse glow.

Not a huge cane by any means. I've seen (and used) nastier.

This next photo was taken 10 seconds later, after the first 10 strokes were delivered.

Doesn't look so bad, now does it? Notice the light little markings where the cane whipped around his far cheeks (and his near one as well).

He was allowed 20 seconds of recovery time, and then he received another 10 strokes in 10 seconds. This is what he looked like afterwards.

You could tell by his body language he was in quite some considerable discomfort. But still his butt does not look so bad, does it? Well that was the end of his caning. 20 strokes over the course of less than a minute.

We got to watch over the next 40 seconds as the marks developed (she soothed him with some cooling ointment to his bum). This was the aftermath.

He won't be sitting comfortably for the rest of the day!

My commentary?

What man would not respect his wife after a caning like that? What woman observing a wife do this to her man would not sit there in slack-jawed awe at the disciplinary power she wields?

Yes, she coloured "outside the lines" a bit. That high stroke and the three that whipped around to his right flank. But... if you're going to hand your wife matches and ask her to play with them, you're the one who's going to get burned!

Ha Ha!

Saturday, December 26

Husband Whipped on my Period

Yes, it's that time of the month...

I used to be quite self conscious about sex when I was on my period, which was a shame because I also find myself quite horny and quite sensitive in a good way. One of the definite up-sides of the kind of relationship I now have with my husband is that I no longer need to wait for my period to be over to enjoy sex.

On this occasion, sex started with a complete stripping of him. I made him strip bare naked in front of me downstairs in the living room while I remained clothed. I then told him to go up to the bedroom and to wait for me facing the wall with his hands on his head. I tidied up a bit downstairs, and then freshened myself up a bit upstairs and then went to him.

Without another word, I took him by the ear, dragged him over to the side of the bed, sat, and pulled him down across my knee. First I used my hand to redden his cheeks. The I reached for his hairbrush and gave him a good spanking.

I still really, really enjoy giving him a spanking like this. Him all bare. Me all clothed. Him across my knee like a bad little boy getting his comeuppance. The hairbrush ensures it's an unequal fight. I can and do bring him to tears just with that brush. In fact, I will bring him to tears like that across my lap in front of another woman, and have on several occasions. How humiliating for him to be given a punishment spanking like that across his wife's knees!!!

However that was just warm-up. While that gets me excited, what really turns my crank is giving him a whipping. I'm not truly satisfied until he's in some considerable pain and acting like a whipped little puppy.

On a side note...

I gave him a whipping the other day in front of his fitness trainer, Mags, who is quite kinky. They were in the middle of their exercise session when I got home. I went down to the home gym in the basement where she trains him and interrupted them, asking Mags if david was performing well today? She said reasonably well. "Does he need a whipping?" I asked her. "He always needs a whipping!" she answered me.

I took up the riding crop which hangs from a hook in the gym. I told david to remove his shirt and gym shorts.This had him standing facing us in only his frilly panty. "Lower your panties," I told him. Despite the number of times the both of us have seen him naked, he always gets embarrassed and blushes as he bares himself.

I used the crop to gently smack his penis and testicles. He was not hard at first when he was made to bare himself (as he had just been working out). But this treatment to his private parts "inflated" him.

"Just look at that," I said, referring to his erection. "You should be ashamed of yourself, becoming erect in front of your trainer. You're old enough to be her father! Lie down on your back. Feet back over your head. Now you're getting a good whipping!"

This is one of the more embarrassing spanking positions for david.

His panties are bunched around his ankles and his feet are touching the wall behind him. I have his legs spread a bit so that his penis and testicles both are on full display, pushing up between his legs. And of course his bottom cleft is fully spread, putting his anus on full humiliating display. I like the position both for the humiliating exposure, and for the fact that it's the sort of position a woman might receive hard intercourse in, to either her vagina or her anus.

And then the howling starts! With his buttocks stretched taught like that, the riding crop whipping hurts doubly more. I also whip between his cleft, and target his hole with the end of the crop. I also target his penis tip and shaft, and, a little more lightly, his testicles as well. I hope Mags is learning something, that these areas are by no means "off limits" during a whipping. What's ironic is while the gentle whipping that preceded acted to harden his penis in front of Mags, this whipping to his private parts had the exact opposite effect, rendering him limp as a little wet noodle despite the presence of his sexy young trainer.

I then left, handing Mags the whip and telling her to keep him naked and to give him all his spankings like that for the remainder of his session. I told her I expected marks!

I sat one floor up for the remainder of his session, enjoying the rhythm of the exercising, with her loudly exhorting him to continue and counting down his exercise repetitions, then a bit of silence as they prepared, and then the unmistakable sound of a strictly wielded riding crop on sensitive and bare flesh accompanied by the musical notes of his begging and pleading as she marked him for me. He knows he must submit to her, and in this extra humiliating fashion, despite her youth and position, to please me.

When they were done she brought him up to me to show off the markings she had achieved, which were quite fine indeed, and all at willy nilly angles across his ass and legs, and this time even deep between his legs and buttocks. I was more than satisfied, and showed my appreciation with a an extra cash bonus which I handed to my nude and whipped husband to kneel and hand to her as I watched.

As she was leaving I told david to not think his evening was over yet as he still needs to be given a strapping by me, and a long hard session from my strap-on, to remind him to whom he belongs.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes! I was giving him a whipping myself this time.

After his hairbrush spanking I had him face down on the bed with a pillow under his hips and I went to get my little whip.

It's very thin and whippy. A very thin cane, with a little two inch cord on the end. I really make him dance with this little implement. A lovely little dance of pain, humping his pillow. That little whippy tip I make go everywhere!

As you know, I encourage the whimpering and the begging for it to stop. And its never feigned. Never needs to be. He tells me I get a little glassy eyed and scary when I'm in the midst of whipping him. It does turn me on tremendously. I get into a zone where I just don't want to stop.

I really marked him badly that time. All over his ass, onto his flanks, and down his legs. Thin little angry whip marks. Shit but those turn me on something fierce!

I made him kneel up on the bed, and I fetched him his tampon.

I had a tampon in me, and he was about to see it. No matter how much of a Domme one is, early childhood conditioning on that one is tough to get over. What I find helps tremendously is to make sure he has a tampon well lodged up his backside. If he wants to make fun of me, well he's not really in much of a position to do that, my little cotton tail!

I lie him face up on the bed, take off all my clothes, and then sit on his face, looking down his body.

And yes, my little string dangles down onto his chin. Ha Ha!

I get out my Hitachi vibrator and give myself three Orgasms as I make him lick my asshole. Nice sensations!

Thursday, December 17

Girl Sex with the Escort!!!!

In my last blog post, Husband Punished by Wife in front of Escort, I explained how I had setup a scene where I had invited an escort to our hotel room to watch me punish david. It was a really, really amazing scene, not the least because it was my first ever real "girl-on-girl" experience. I totally lezed out with her and cuckolded his pantied ass in the process!

But we'll get to that...

I had booked two hours with Lacey the escort in our hotel room. She knew what to expect, but david did not. I confirmed with her an hour before and gave her our room number. david heard me on the phone with her and asked what was up? I told him I had a surprise for him. That I had invited an escort to our room to watch me punish him. I told him that all she knew was that he was being punished, for real, for having cheated on me with escorts in hotel rooms before.

david looked excited and scared at the same time. His mind was definitely blown that I had set this up! Cool.

"So, have you ever cheated on me with escorts when you were travelling?" I asked him.

"No. Of course not," he said.

"Well maybe I believe you and maybe I don't. But I'm just going to assume you did it, because you're a man, and men are generally pigs. So, I ask you again, have you ever cheated on me with an escort in a hotel room?"

"No." He insisted. Stupid boy! He wasn't understanding the game yet.

"We're assuming you have. So if you had, your answer would be..." I prompted.

"Yes... and... I'm sorry?"

That's what I was looking for. Roleplay on!

"Not as sorry as you're going to be, you fucking cheater!" Oooh! Venomous! "For cheating on me like that, I'm going to blister that ass. And you're going to get it right in front of one of those escorts you love so much. And if you don't take it, I'll kick your cheating ass to the curb and take every red cent. So are you going to take it, or is this marriage over?"

"I'll take it Ma'am. I swear I will. I'm so sorry!" Now he was getting into the groove!

"You like sleeping with whores? I'm going to dress YOU like one. Put on those things I told you to bring: stockings, garter belt, panties and bra. You're going to wait like that with your nose against the wall until our sexy little friend gets here to watch me beat that whore ass of yours."

Poor little boy.
So embarrassing to have to be "dressed"
in front of a strange woman!
I told him to shower and scrub himself clean first, and to prepare himself for some anal. david did that and then dressed himself en femme as they say, and parked his nose against the wall. I got the dildo from my strap-on and made him hold that in his mouth against the wall. A perfect little tableau just waiting for my guest Lacey to knock on that door.

I had gotten a slightly larger hotel room. It was all one room, but it was divided into a sleeping half with a king bed, and a living room coffee table half with the sofa back acting as the divider. Plenty of room for play.

Kind of like this, but picture a sofa where those two red chairs are.

For some reason a big king bed in a hotel room makes me frisky. And it made me even a little friskier knowing an escort was on her way up who is very well used to using those beds!


OMG! She's here! david is cowering against the wall, in full lingerie, with a dick in his mouth.

I opened the door and there she was, with a cream-coloured trench coat, tall high-heeled leather boots, and a big bag. She was a brunette with short hair. She looked to be in her late twenties.

"Hi! Come in. Please. You must be Lacey?"

She came in and we hugged, and we commiserated a bit on the cold weather. I took her coat, and she changed out of her boots and into a pair of heels she had in her bag. She was wearing a short skirt and a nice blouse. I handed her the agreed fee, which I had carefully counted and placed inside a folded piece of hotel stationary. She slipped that into her bag (without counting it). She also excused herself and made a quick phone call ("checking in" she told me).

david was out of sight from the entrance area. I conducted her into the room where she first caught sight of my "man".

"Oh my!" She exclaimed. "I suppose this is your little cheater?" She asked me rhetorically. "You have him all dolled up and ready for me, I see. Oh, and have you got a big dildo in your mouth, baby?"

She turned to me and said "Wow. You were serious. You really do have him dressed up like a girl!"

"On his last business trip he made a big withdrawal from the ATM and had no explanation whatsoever where it went," I told her. "He folded like a cheap suit when I pressed him and he got all teary-eyed and admitted he had spent it on an hour with an escort. Basically cheating on me. So it was either this, or I kick his ass to the curb. He chose this."

"Such a cheater!" She echoed. "What are you going to do to him?"

I told her I was going to take him across my knee and paddle his pantied ass until he was begging for mercy. Then I'd bend him over the back of the sofa, pull down his panties, and strap his bare ass until I was satisfied he had paid the price.

"And I only thought it fitting," I added, "that he pay for the privilege of having an escort here to watch him take his punishment."

"Very fitting," she agreed.

"And after that, I'm going to put on my strap-on and fuck him in the ass like the two dollar whore he is!"

I grabbed my boy by the ear and pulled him away from the wall. I removed the dildo from his mouth and chucked it on the bed. Then I brought him over to the seating area. I sat on the edge of a plush sofa-chair and brought him down across my knee. Lacey took a seat on the sofa and crossed her legs. I reached for my paddle that I had previously put there and started spanking his pantied backside.

As I spanked, I spanked his panties up into a bit of a wedgie exposing more and more nicely framed bare ass cheek. I love spanking him in panties, garter belt, and stockings because his lower ass and upper thighs are so nicely framed for me. And so humiliating for him to have to be spanked dressed like that in front of a prostitute! I mean, most men in a hotel room with a prostitute would get to see her dressed like that, and then get to fuck her. Not mine! He's the one who's made to undress to his lingerie like a whore and is then subject to strict over-the-knee discipline from his woman.

I made eye contact with Lacey and she smiled back at me. "That will teach you a lesson!" she said as I spanked him. She seemed to enjoy spectating, but I did not get the vibe that she was eager to join in and spank him herself.

When he was crying out and begging, and his ass cheeks were nice and red I had him stand and then conducted him over to the back of the sofa. Lacey got up from the sofa and moved to a chair facing it and him.

"Pull down your panties for your strapping." I told him offhandedly as I put down the paddle and picked up the strap.

I could feel him blush as he peeled them down, exposing his engorged penis to Lacey's eyes.

"Bend over." I told him. He bent right over the back of the sofa, balancing with his elbows on the seat.

"Lacey, would you please go in front of him and hold his hands down?" She seemed eager enough and crouched in front of david, placing her hands on top of his on the sofa cushion.

"You look Lacey in the eye for this strapping." I told him. "Lacey, tell me if he looks away at all, and I'll add strokes. You're getting 50."

I started in. I seared his bum cheeks with that strap each and every time. He cried out in pain, and I'm sure he and Lacey really connected through his pain as they looked one another in the eye.

Lacey muttered little words of encouragement, such as "Take it, that's it. Take that spanking from your wife."

"He looked away!" She said.

I gave him five very strict extras just above his stocking tops. Fun that Lacey was willing to prolong his strapping!

When he was done I reached down to the floor to collect his discarded panties. I handed them to Lacey and asked her to please put them in his mouth for his fucking.

I removed my dress, getting down to just my bra and panties. It gave me a little thrill to do this in front of Lacey and in this situation. There was a real sexual tension in the air. Lacey looked at me. I pulled on the strap-on harness and placed the dildo inside it. I put a condom on it for easy clean up in case anything got messy.

But this time Lacey had put david's panties into his mouth and was teasing him gently about his upcoming fucking.

I lubed his asshole and my dick, and I prepared to stick it in.

"Keep looking Lacey in the eye, david," I told him. "You fucked an escort in a hotel room did you? Well now you're going to get fucked in front of one by the wife you cheated on."

I pushed in quickly. It was the midsized dildo, not my larger Adam, so I was able to go in all at once, though not without a quick catch of breath from my david. I grabbed his hips and began thrusting. david cried and moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure and humiliation from every stroke.

"Keep looking at me..." said Lacey to david. "You're getting fucked, aren't you? Fucked in the ass. I don't even do that, baby. I guess you do."

So intense. And I was getting super turned on in my bra and panties in front of Lacey, and with the base of the dildo pushing into me. Yummm!

I finished his fucking and pulled out. I think a lesson had been imparted! "Stay there," I told him. I went to the bathroom to throw the condom away, take off the strap-on harness and dildo and to wash my hands. I returned with some toilet paper to wipe his ass, which I did in front of Lacey. It was more lubey then dirty, but a little dirty too. I went back to the bathroom to throw away the tp.

When I returned I told david to stand up, put his panties back on, and to go face the wall again. He did so.

Lacey then came over to me and said "that was fun, but I'm a little turned on right now..." She suggested that we still had plenty of time, and maybe I might like to play just with her? "If you really want to make him suffer, then let him watch but not touch."

I thought that sounded like a very interesting idea that would probably bring poor david to his knees. But I do have to question whether being intimate with Lacey was more for david or me? I had never really explored my full sensuality with a woman before. But the suggestion felt electric to me. I was both excited and a touch nervous.

So I instructed david to keep his nose against the wall for now. He wasn't going to be allowed to watch until I was good and ready.

Lacey slid her hands up and down the side of my body. I felt tingly at her touch. She was still dressed and I was in my bra and panties. She stepped toward me and I leaned in and felt my lips brush gently against hers. I was amazed at just how soft her lips felt. I'm so used to david's rougher face and skin. This was a whole new sensation. She started to kiss me more passionately and I responded.

I felt my heart race and my pussy start to get wet. She was so gentle. I pushed my body up against hers and caressed her beautiful C cup breasts. I felt her nipples get hard under her shirt. I started to moan as we started to sway together stroking each other's backs, breasts and backside. I almost forgot david was facing the wall...tee hee. I told him to go get the desk chair and bring it to where he was standing, and then to sit in it. He was allowed to watch us but he was not invited into our experience. I wanted her all to myself.

I enjoyed feeling his eyes on us. I could see that he was enjoying himself by the large erection that was tenting his panties. david asked if he was allowed to touch himself and I gave him permission but told him he certainly was not allowed to come.

I was so turned on by what was happening around me. I wondered why I had waited so long to have this experience. And here I was with this hot escort who certainly knew her way around a woman's body. I pulled her shirt off and she took off my bra, baring my breasts. She reached down to remove my wet panties. She felt how wet they were and giggled and left them in place. It seemed to make her happy that she was turning me on so much. She took off her high heels and her little skirt to reveal a cute pair of Brazilian cut panties. My favorite!

Because she suspected it was my first time, she laid me out on the bed and asked permission before she did anything. It was sweet. I showed her with my body, movements and sounds that I didn't just like it, I loved it!!! She brought her sexy lips down to my pussy and licked first through my panties and then took them down my quivering legs and took them off. I was bare and being made love to by a woman!!! The way her tongue felt, with that soft mouth was amazing. She knew my body as she would know her own. There was no fumbling around, she was a pro. She made me come 3 times in succession while david looked on. I smiled at him between orgasms to let him know what he was missing... :-)

Everything about her was sexy, the way she moved, how she looked and how she smelled. Her skin smelled fragrant and floral...distinctly feminine. I laid her down on the bed and started from top to bottom. I moved from her lips down to her breasts and along her smooth belly. When I got close to her panties, I started to kiss each of her inner thighs teasing her. I inhaled her aroma and I couldn't wait to taste her. When I pulled off her panties and pulled her close, she pushed herself right into my mouth. Lacey arched her back and moaned with delight as I licked her, gently at first and then with a hungry fervor. I felt her clit get harder and juices started to flow out of her. She told me breathlessly that I was a natural.

david had been touching himself and asked permission to come. I looked over to him. His panties were down around his ankles and he was stroking his hard dick. He still had on his bra and his stockings. So silly! "You're not allowed to come before Lacey," I told him. I asked Lacey if she would like to see david have an orgasm. She said, she would love to hear him when she had hers.

When I could tell she was about to orgasm, she pulled back and flipped me on to the bed. She told me she wanted to come with our pussies pressed together. She straddled me and pushed her wet pussy to mine. She rode me with a wild enthusiasm, I could tell she really was close again. Her excitement brought me again to the point of orgasm. She came so hard that she let out a scream and kept going, harder and harder. That was all it took for me to have another orgasm and I had another wave of pleasure after her. She laid down on top of me, our breasts touching. She smiled and wiped the beaded sweat off my brow. She kissed me and we smiled and giggled.

We were both spent and happy. I saw david over on his chair. I noticed that he was all shiny and covered with white goo. We laughed at the mess he'd made. "david, for goodness sake, clean yourself up and put those panties back on!" david blushed and sheepishly did as he was told. We giggled as he tried to cover himself with the revealing panties I had made him wear...

I guess now we were really even ;-)

Sunday, December 13

Husband Punished by Wife in front of Escort

Sorry for the little blog break, I've been off traveling on business. My husband joined me for a few days at the tail end so we could extend it into a long weekend mini vacation. We, of course, got into mischief, instigated by myself, naturally, and it involved a sexy escort we invited to our hotel room!

Before he left to join me I told him to pack some of my "equipment" (he's the one who always travels with the kinky equipment in case of customs or security searches). I wanted my paddle, a full set of women's lingerie for him (panties, bra, inserts, stockings, garter belt), the strap (tawse), my strap-on dildo and lube, and his butt plug. I made a list for him by text message. I imagine he was blushing as he packed!

I always enjoy making exciting things happen for my husband and myself (keeps things fresh), and this time I had the idea of inviting a more or less vanilla escort along to watch and/or participate in a little dommy play. I genuinely love involving other women into my play with david. It really gives me a thrill to domme him in front of another woman, especially a strange woman. It really increases the "Domme Quotient", and is really exciting (and super humiliating!) for him as well. I even thought it was sexy that I would be paying a woman to watch him get his beating!

I chose to go with a more standard escort-type rather than with a pro domme because I love introducing this kink to otherwise vanilla women, and thought it would up the humiliation factor if the woman watching was not so familiar with this kind of thing, and david could see her genuine reactions to some things she may not have seen before.

Also, my firm understanding is that escorts are a "thing" that cheating husbands do when traveling on business. Never our husbands of course. Only other womens' husbands (sure!). So why not harness it for good? I'm sure these girls are always a little conflicted being paid by a man to facilitate their cheating on their wives, so maybe they wouldn't mind being paid full rate to see a hubbie get some wifely comeuppance?

I had done something very similar before in a massage parlour in our home city (Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking!). It was really exciting for both of us. So that was running through my mind as I hit the wonderful world wide web and searched for an appropriate "lady of the night".

I had a few false starts (no answer, no returned phone call). One returned phone call who said she "didn't do that" when I described what I wanted. Really? Free money for just watching. Really? It was actually kind of scary calling out like that. My heart was fluttering a bit as I made the calls. I have no idea why.

I thought I was out of luck (which surprised me), however, one of the girls I reached out to who went by the name of "Lacey" phoned me back and was interested. She was intrigued that it was a woman leaving the message. I started out by breaking the ice, telling her where we were from and what we were doing there. I asked her a bit about herself as well, and just generally got to know her a bit. hoping that would soften her up when I told her what I wanted. Eventually we cut to the chase when she asked me what I had in mind (she had assumed a threesome, which she would have been up for).

I told her that in fact my husband was a submissive, and I wanted to give him a little thrill by having another woman watch me dominate him.  She asked me what I was going to do to him. I told her I'd probably make him strip or wear women's lingerie, spank him, and likely fuck him in the ass with my strap-on while she watches. She said that sounded amazing and what did I want her to do? I told her the main thing was for her just to watch, but she could touch him and tease him sexually if she wanted, and make fun of him for being dominated by his wife. And if she wanted to take a more active role that would be fine too, but that was totally up to her and her comfort level.

I added that we were pretty experienced at this, and that it would seem to her that I would be spanking him really hard, and that I would be leaving some nice marks, but that he can take it (and in fact craves it). I told her that it was his "thing" to kick and cry and beg during his spankings, but to ignore that as we have a safeword "red" that we use if he really needs it to stop. She should just tease him for taking his punishment like such a baby. I asked her if she was ok with that and she said that she was fine with it.

I told her we could play it straight, or we could add a role-playing element if she was game? She asked what I meant. I said that I could roleplay an angry wife who had caught her husband cheating on her with escorts in his hotel room sometime in the past, and this is why he was going to be punished by me in front of her as payback. We would stay in those roles and she wouldn't let on that she was there for anything different. She said sure and, as I predicted (!), thought it would come naturally to her to put a guy in his place for cheating on his wife with an escort! So we agreed to that, and I added that she should not let on at all that it was anything but that, because I was going to tell him that she would think it was "for real", and that she was genuinely there to help me to punish him "for real". To scare him a little!

So we agreed on all that, we agreed on a price, and we set a time, and she asked that I call her day of to confirm. It was expensive, but how often do we get to do something like this? Once a year maybe? And compared to the cost of the mini-vacation, it wasn't that huge (especially because I got a larger room in anticipation of some play).

So Yipeee! Fun times ahead!

I have to run now, but I'll post how it went down later. And, for your information, it went down GREAT!

(continued here)

Thursday, November 26

Saturday, November 14

F'ing B*tch

Oh boy did I have to ever punish my husband the other day!

He was driving in traffic in the city, I was in the car, and another driver cut him off. It was pretty egregious. They cut right in front crossing three lines of traffic causing david to have to brake hard, and then cut into a right turn only lane, and then went straight through the intersection cutting off another car and not even turning right! In the natural flow of traffic we happened to catch up and it turned out it was a female Asian driver (Chinese I believe). Fairly young looking. Fairly oblivious looking. david glared at her (she did not even see) and then muttered "fucking bitch".

Ooooh! He didnt! Nice opportunity for a scene.

My response was, "she is a fucking bitch and I'd tell her that to her face. But YOU NEVER use those words to refer to a woman!"

"sorry..." he said.

"Not as sorry as you'll be after I get you home," I told him in a sing-song voice. That's the same voice I use when I'm giving him his hardest beatings.

Knowing he was going to get a punishment calms him, and the rest of the drive was peaceful with him driving like a little lamb.

As soon as we got in the door back home I told him "Into your panties, nothing else, and then nose against the living room wall."

"yes ma'am"

He went up to our bedroom to strip and don his punishment panties, and then came back downstairs sheepishly, shuffling up against the wall so that his nose touched. I got some scotch tape, made him put his hands behind his back, wrists overlapping, pulled his arms together uncomfortably close, and scotch-taped his wrists, round and round.

I then went upstairs and brought his ball gag back down, my heavy wooden hairbrush, and my Delrin Cane.

I put the ball gag into his mouth and tightened it uncomfortably hard at the back. I find if you don't do it really really really hard, it loosens a lot as his mouth stretches. He had used his mouth to utter something offencive to women. The punishment was that he would not be allowed to use his mouth for a while. Very fitting I thought.

I then got a "toonie" (a Canadian two dollar coin - in common circulation here) and made him hold it against the wall with his nose.

So there was my boy. Dressed in nothing but his pink polka dottie lace trimmed panties, hands painfully scotch-taped behind his back, ball gag inserted painfully deeply, holding the toonie up against the wall with his nose.

Then I sentenced him. By the time I was done, he would know he was punished.

"That is language I NEVER want to hear from you directed at a Woman. You will stand there like that for ONE FULL HOUR."


"If that coin falls I'll use the Delrin Cane on your bare ass so hard and for so long that I guarantee you'll wish you hadn't dropped it, and then we'll just start your timeout again from the beginning, and after you'll still get the full punishment I intend to give you anyways except right on top of those stripes."

david needs motivation to get through a full hour of such uncomfortable corner time, and the prospect of a Delrin Caning would be his. And he knows I'm dead serious. I never fuck around with a threat I'm not perfectly willing to carry out.

"After your corner time you're coming across my knee for a spanking, and then I'll teach you the meaning of the phrase 'fucking bitch' in this house."

With that I reached out and pulled his panties down to just beneath his cheeks. I then measured the Delrin across the crest of his buttocks, said "don't you dare drop that coin" and let loose one very hard stroke straight across his ass. david gurgled a scream into his ball gag and contorted terribly but did not let the coin drop. One angry thick cane welt came up right across the middle of his ass. It was a hard stroke! I then stuck the cane between his cheeks and told him to clench it there, and told him that the same as what goes for the coin goes for the cane. Let him be bare-ass, single-striped, and clenching the thick Delrin with his rear cheeks for his one hour timeout to better contemplate what happens if he drops that coin or cane. The cane sort of stuck out from his ass crack at a forty-five degree angle the way I had wedged it in on top of his pulled-down panties, and under his balls.

Now, if you've never been made to experience it before, let me tell you that a full one hour timeout is difficult at the best of times for a male, much less when bound and gagged so uncomfortably and holding up a coin with his nose. I am fully aware of the implications of ONE FULL HOUR. He craves being dominated and punished by a woman. Well here it is and no joke about it. And a dreadful caning to boot, a tiny welting taste of which he had just received, if he so much as moves a muscle and loses that coin or cane to the floor. Just imagine having to clench your ass cheeks for a full hour. They would be jelly by the time he was done!

I then went about my business and roundly ignored him until his hour was up. The lovely thing about this punishment with arms bound is that there is no hiding a coin drop, and therefore no need for close supervision.

Not surprisingly, by the end of the hour he was still standing there. His legs were quivering, the poor dear, but he was still standing there and still desperately holding that coin and clenching that cane. The cane had for sure drooped and he was sticking his ass out a bit more, as it looked like the coin had slid down the wall a bit, his face with it. But he had successfully gotten through his timeout avoiding consequences of a caning and a repeat performance.

I removed the cane from between his ass cheeks, tossed it to the side, pulled up his panty, removed the coin from betwixt wall and nose, and told him to stand up straight and wiggle the stiffness out. I left him in his ball gag and with his wrists bound. He did a nice little panty dance for me, trying to wiggle out all that soreness from one hour of punishment.

I then picked up my hairbrush and grabbed him by the arm and conducted him over to the three-seater sofa. I sat in the middle and pulled him over my knee.

I started him off with a very thorough hand spanking. It was very much along the same lines as how Chris punished Joseph from my last blog post (I discovered Spankingtube!). I lowered his panties to his knees and made sure to redden his ass all over and have him squirming.

Then I picked up the hairbrush and proceeded with the punishment itself. It was delightful with him ball gagged and wrists bound, as he was going nowhere. As usual, I made him kick and cry out and scream (all muffled by his gag). That hairbrush can really punish! I drove my point home with a lecture about respect for Women.

As I paused, I saw that I had really reddened every inch of his ass and upper and inner thighs. In fact, it looked like he was wearing crimson board shorts by the time I was done! It was so striking that I helped him to his feet, and then had him lie face up back down onto the couch. I then used my hand to slap the fronts and top insides of his thighs and his shaved pubis until they glowed bright pink as well to complete the 360 effect. Naturally I had to manipulate his genitals out of the way to reach certain places, an operation I was none too gentle with much to his distress. I was still "angry wife" at this point in our scene!

With his spanking done I helped him to his feet again, and then cut the scotch tape off his wrists, and peeled the sticky bits a bit painfully from his gently furred wrists.

I then took him by the hand upstairs to the master bedroom and into the ensuite bathroom. I made him kneel in front of the sink. I removed his ball gag. david moved his jaw painfully. He had had his jaw stretched for well over an hour and it was sore as well.

I picked up a thick bar of soap and started lathering it up. I told him to open, and I washed out his mouth with soap. Lots and lots of thick lathery soap.

I told him this is what would happen to him every time he used words that he was not permitted to. I then put the bar of soap into his mouth and made him hold it there.

Then it was off to the bedroom for the final phase of his punishment. I had him face up on the bed, still holding onto that bar of soap in his mouth. I put on my largest strap-on dildo, Adam. I asked david if he would like to take Adam right away, or be stretched first? He communicated that he desperately wanted to be stretched first.

I got out his vibrating butt plug, lubed it, and inserted it with his legs raised and his panties around his ankles, and then turned it on to high. I played with it and his penis and balls. I then got out my little flogger and flogged his ass and private parts just because I was bored and wanted to fuck him. After a few minutes I popped out the vibrator and knelt up on the bed to position myself to fuck him missionary style.

I pushed the bulbous head of the dildo into his ass. He cried out into the soap when I moved too fast. I accommodated him, to a point, but eventually pushed through and deep into him.

He looked just like in the picture above. Asshole widely distended. Penis flaccid. Then I started in on the fucking, looking him straight in the eye. He was so cute clutching that bar of soap in his mouth!

"Who's the bitch now?" I asked. "Who's the fucking bitch now? Are you my bitch? Are you my bitch that I use for fucking? Does that make you my fucking bitch? Yes it does, you fucking bitch don't you ever use language like that to refer to a woman!"

I fucked him good and hard. Not a gentle lovemaking. No. A punishment fucking. By this point he had been put in timeout for an hour, spanked silly, had his mouth washed out, and was being fucked. I could see his teeth sinking into the bar of soap and his eyes watering up as I pounded his asshole. But I maintained eye contact with him, and he with me, so we would both know it was his wife doing this to him.

Lest you think I am a bit crazy, please remember this is a scene. I really don't care that he called that fucking bitch of a driver a fucking bitch. But since we play at femdom, it seemed like a great excuse for a scene, and it sure was. And this was an especially great excuse for a mouth soaping!

Afterwards I pulled out and cleaned him up a bit. I made him take off my strap-on and wash it thoroughly. I told him he could take the bar of soap out of his mouth and rinse as his punishment was over.

We got into bed together and I allowed him to snuggle up against my breasts. I encouraged him to stroke his dick, and so he masturbated as he nuzzled me and came soon after clamping onto my nipple and sucking like a little baby, which I encouraged.

Mommy's spunky little boy!