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Punished by Wife and Others

One fun thing about running this blog is that every now and then readers will send me their adventures around spanking and domination. A reader recently sent me the following recounting that I will paraphrase and change names on. Some elements are real and other elements are made up. I'll type the whole thing as if it was real, "Letters to Penthouse" style, because that's fun. He did send me a video where he recreated the most interesting part of the experience (I just asked for a few pics to illustrate the story). So that was fun as well! To give you a hint, here is one of the screenshots:

Yes, he had to have sex with the blowup doll in front of women!

Dear Penthouse Letters,

My name is Ted from Florida. I'm in my early 60's, in pretty decent shape for my age, and still sexually active.

A really terrible thing happened to me the other day. My wife, Ruth, accidentally stumbled onto my kinky email account and what happened next was crazy. Let this be a warning to all you married guys out there. If you have a kinky email account, be careful with it!

Ruth went to my computer to print something out from her email. I had apparently left it logged into my account. When she opened the browser to go to gmail, my kinky account came up. She found all manner of correspondence, and in particular found my correspondence with a popular spanking blogger named Julie. I had admitted to her all my kinky fantasies and she helped me to deal with my feelings about them. The thing I was most guilty about was fantasizing about my hot grown-up niece, Tiffany. She and her mom Judy (my wife's sister) often stay with us and hang out by our pool. When they come they are usually joined by a close friend of my wife and her sister named Sarah.

When they're here, we spend a lot of time out by the pool. They are all pretty heavy drinkers, but are also all into fitness and training. The friend, Sarah, is even a bodybuilder type, into fitness modelling for older women. Her muscles have muscles. She looks a bit like this lady.

I am often bossed around by the ladies in my life. You know how it is when it's three on one. They all really keep themselves super fit, and I struggle with my weight a bit (though I do work out). They kind of make fun of me regardless. I have a pretty small penis when it's soft, and I often think that's why my wife treats me like she does.

In the email and of particular distaste to my wife was my fantasizing about having sex with and being dominated by my attractive adult niece. In the emails I admitted to stealing and jerking into her panties. I also admitted to fantasizing about being dominated by her mom Judy and Sarah as well as my wife.

My wife is aware of some of my kinky tendencies, and indulges them to a certain extent. But I never wanted to "push it" with her, sensing the resistance, and kept it all fairly toned down as far as she was concerned.

As I discovered later, Ruth printed out some of the more compromising emails she found, without telling me, and set them aside to decide what to do about it. Her sister Judy is a social worker and Ruth decided to confide in her. I owe Judy a lot because she must have really calmed down my wife and made her see reason. She pointed out that I had not been unfaithful to her. There were many emails that professed my love of her. She knew that her daughter was a cocktease around the pool, yet I had never been at all inappropriate with her directly (panty stealing and sniffing notwithstanding). I had confessed in the emails about visiting pro dommes in the past, but it was not recent and the activities were confined to being spanked while she remained fully clothed. I even said in my emails that after these sessions I wanted to go home and be more inspired to give my wife pleasure. So while Judy did talk her out of divorce, they both decided that I needed to be taught a good lesson, and boy did they ever.

It was a Saturday and Ruth and I were planning on staying in at home by the pool and ordering food for the evening. Ruth suggested I take one of my "little blue pills". She only wants sex occasionally, and when she does, she always makes this suggestion. I took the pill and we waited out by the pool the two hours or so for it to kick in. It doesn't give you an erection if you're not excited, but it sure helps out when you are.

Yeah, that's me on my little blue pill "at my best".

Just as I was starting to get a bit frisky, the doorbell rang. Ruth went to get it and it was Judy with Tiff in tow. Awkward timing, but it was always nice to see them. I was really hoping, with my blue pill in me, NOT to pop a boner when I saw Tiff in her swimsuit! I opened a chilled bottle of white wine for them and served. After a little, the doorbell rang again, and it was Sarah (the bodybuilder) dropping by. That's not uncommon when Judy comes visiting for Sarah to pop over as well.

After the bottle was gone I asked if I should open another. Judy said instead, "not just yet, Ted. There's something the four of us would like to talk to you about first. Can we go inside to the den for that?"

I was super confused, but agreed, of course. We were still in our swimsuits. They each had body wraps of some sort or another. We all went inside. They took a seat on the two sofas and Judy told me to stand on the carpet in front of them. I was still so confused.

"So Teddy, can you imagine why you're here?" Judy asked me.

"No," I said, with a nervous giggle.

"Ruth logged into your computer the other day and discovered your kinky email account. She read and printed a bunch of the spicier ones. I have them here," she said as she showed me a sheaf of printed papers. "We've all had a chance to read them already."

I must have gone as white a sheet. It felt that way. Oh shit! I thought. How could I have done that!?! Everything was in that email account. Everything!

"We were particularly interested in your emails to your little blog buddy, Julie."

Oh God. I had confessed everything to Julie.

"And Uncle Ted, shame on you," said Tiffany. "I always wondered where those panties had gotten."

"I'm so sorry," is all I could think to say, feeling myself now blushing fiercely.

"It seems we were all the object of your perverted little fantasies, isn't that so, Ted?" said Judy.


"Sorry just won't cut it. We've all discussed it with Ruth, and she's decided there's only two ways forward from this. Option A is a very messy divorce, with plenty of evidence for the divorce courts." She waved the emails as she said this. "Option B is that you agree to be punished, by all of us."

"That's right," said Ruth.

I was very surprised. I had sort of assumed divorce would be the only option. Option B, horrifying as it may sound, was also my fantasies coming true.

"option B, please," I said, in a tiny voice.

"Take your swimsuit off," Judy said immediately. All the ladies were smirking at me.

I pulled my swimsuit down and off my legs, and then stood up again to face the embarrassment.

"Oh, Uncle Ted! It's so small!" said Tiffany, cutting me to the quick.

This is me when flaccid. Pretty pathetic, I know.

All four of them then laughed out loud at me.

"We don't have intercourse often, for obvious reasons," said my wife. "But he is good with his tongue." 

"Well at least he's good for something then, the dirty little pervert," said Sarah.

"Turn around. Show us your bum," said Judy, acting as Master of Ceremonies.

"A little flabby, but not bad," said Sarah.

"Show us your cock again, or whatever it is you call it," said Judy. I turned back to face them.

"How big does it get, Aunty Ruth?" Tiffany asked.

"Not very big, certainly. I've never measured."

"Can I measure it?" asked Tiffany.

"Sure," said my wife. "There's a ruler over there by the desk."

"Come on then Uncle Ted, stroke it. Make it as big as it'll get."

"no..." I said.

"DO it. Unless you want option A?" said my wife.

I always rub my cock after licking my plam. I licked my palm and reached for my soft cock.

"Oh gross!" said Tiffany.

"I'll setup my mobile on the tripod. We won't want to miss one second of this," said Sarah. She stood and did that. Pointed the camera at me, and started recording.

"Go on, Uncle Ted. Rub it."

I miserably started rubbing it. Dreaming of this fantasy was one thing. Having it actually happen was something else.

"You want to look at my body, Uncle Ted?" asked Tiffany as she dropped the wrap uncovering her bikini clad breasts.

"no... that's ok..." I said.

"Oh, don't be bashful now, Mister. Not after all I've read in those emails!" said Ruth.

I looked at Tiffany and rubbed. She stood and dropped the wrap completely and posed for me in her bikini. It was a cheeky bikini, and I could see most her smooth white ass cheeks as she turned to model for me.

"I think he likes what he sees," said Sarah, filming me rubbing my cock.

Tiffany walked up to me and knelt right in front of me. She looked up and opened her mouth.

"Oh Uncle Ted, you have no idea how much I dreamed of having your tiny little cock in my mouth."

Tiffany could not hold character and immediately rolled on the floor laughing as all the other women joined in and laughed with her. Nonetheless, Tiffany's antics and my rubbing together had done the job, and I became erect.

"Oh my God. He's actually erect!" said Judy. "Take your hands away. Let's see it."

All the ladies laughed again when they saw my pathetic little erection.

"Better hurry and measure it. It's not getting any bigger," said my wife.

Tiffany grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled me over to a bar sink. She then used the ruler my wife handed her and measured me.

"Four and a half inches! It's only found and half inches!!!!" said Tiffany, laughing aloud.

"What's considered normal?" asked Judy. "About six inches maybe?"

"If my dates don't pack at least a good eight I'm disappointed," said Tiff. "He's only a little more than half that. More like a big clitty than a small cock."

I was so mortified. I know I have a small cock, but for it to be discussed so openly, and amidst so much laughter, including from my very own wife, was hard to take.

"What's it at it's smallest?" Tiffany asked.

"That's usually after a dip in the ocean, or maybe a cold shower. Would you like to see?"


The ladies took me back out to the pool. We have an open air shower there to wash off the chlorine. They put me into it and turned the water onto ice cold. Sarah used the spritzer to direct a stream of icy cold water right at my cock. They shut off the water and looked at me.

Me at my most pathetic

"Oh no!" said Tiffany. "Now it really is just a big clit!" She used the ruler and declared it to be about an inch. "It's a tiny little inchworm," she said. "And you thought you could lust after a girl like me, with a cock like that?"

"Let's go back inside. There's another lady we'd like you to meet, Ted." said Judy.

What was this? Another person witnessing my shame. Who was it?

We went back into the den and the ladies went back to their seats.

"Tiff," said Judy, "why don't you go get your friend and introduce her to Ted."

Tiff got up with a giggle and left the room

"Who's this?" I asked with a shaky voice.

"Oh, it's just a very attractive friend of Tiffany's. It would be so inappropriate for you to have sex with my daughter. Even to have those thoughts about her. So Tiffany's brought a friend over. A friend of hers that you can fuck right here in front of us."

"no... I don't want that. I don't want to be unfaithful, please."

"Oh I think Ruth will make an exception for Tiff's friend, won't you Ruth?"

"Just this once," she said.

Tiffany came back into the room and she was carrying a blow-up sex doll!

"Meet, Jasmine, Uncle Ted. She really likes fucking! And look, I know how much you like my underwear. I put her into one of my bras and a pair of my panties, just for you."

Tiffany handed me the doll. I looked up and all the ladies were grinning. Sarah was manning the camera, ready to catch every moment of my humiliation.

I couldn't. I just couldn't!

Tiffany showed me the doll. It was the cheap plastic kind, like this.

It was all blown up and dressed in Tiffany's bra and panties.

"Please. Ruth, don't make me do this. Not in front of everyone. Not like this. It's so embarrassing. Judy, please,  can you tell her I shouldn't have to do this. Sarah, no, please. Ruth, please! Don't make me do this. Judy, can you please tell her I shouldn't have to do this. Tiffany, you don't have to watch this. Please don't watch this. It's so embarrassing. Please Ruth, don't make me do this in front of them. Please!"

"You better do it," said Ruth, "it's the only way you'll have intercourse with a woman ever again."

"Oh no, please! Not ever again. Please!"

"You won't be missing much, Ruth," said Sarah with a laugh.

"Here you go, Uncle Ted. Her name is Jasmine and as I said, she LOVES to fuck, even with guys like you."

Tiffany handed "her" to me.

"Go on," said Ruth. "Make love to her. Seduce her first. Pretend she took you back to her apartment and you're trying to get into her pants."

Oh no. I figured I had to do it. I held up the doll and faced it.

"Go on, Uncle Ted, seduce her."

I did it. "Oh Jasmine, I'm so glad you came home with me tonight. You're so beautiful. I want you. I want to be inside of you."

"That's it, Uncle Ted!" said Tiffany, laughing as the other women joined in."Give her a big kiss now."

I leaned in and started kissing Jasmine.

All the women laughed uproariously. Sarah was filming it all.

Tiffany said, "lots of that famous tongue now!"

I stuck my tongue into her mouth-hole meant for cock.

More laughter, of course.

"Go on, sweet talk her some more, Uncle Ted."

"You're so sexy. You look so sexy and good."

"I think she's hot for you Uncle Ted. Try taking her bra off."

"Let me take your bra off. What a sexy bra. Did you wear this just for me?"

"Look at those titties! Feel them up, Uncle Ted."

"Your tits are so beautiful."

"Suck on them!"

"Work it, Uncle Ted! Work it!"

I felt so embarrassed, sucking those plastic tits while the ladies looked and laughed and filmed.

"Ok, Uncle Ted, enough foreplay. Time to use that little thing now. Get her on the floor. You know what to do. Lube is here. I would think most women would need a tubefull of lube with you, Uncle Ted. Ha ha ha!"

I put "Jasmine" down on the floor and went to straddle her. I started stroking my cock, trying to get it hard.

"Don't tell me you won't even be able to get it up for Jasmine?" said Tiffany.

I felt as though my manhood, whatever little I had left, was somehow tied up in being able to get it up enough to fuck the sex doll. I mean, if I couldn't even do that? I stroked my cock, trying to harden it.

"Take her panties off, Uncle Ted, maybe that will help. They're used..."

Oh no! They were Tiffany's used panties!

I pulled them down and right off her legs, revealing the little fuck hole where her pussy should be.

"Go on. Sniff them. I know you want to."

I took the panties to my face and inhaled Tiffany's pussy scent.

"Ha ha ha! I think he's starting to get hard now. Pathetic!"

It was true, my penis hardened as I sniffed Tiffany's panties, assisted by my little blue pill I had taken earlier.

"Lube it up, Uncle Ted. Let's see some first class fucking now!" 

I got the lube that Tiffany had provided and first lubed my own cock.

Then I lubed Jasmine's pussy-hole.

 "Go on, now. Take that little slut, Uncle Ted!"

I went to mount Jasmine.

"Oh my God. He actually is hard!" said my wife.

"I guess he'll get hard for any pussy!" said Sarah.

It was true. I had humiliatingly gotten hard as I was preparing to penetrate the rubber blow-up doll.

I guided my cock inside and then penetrated her.

"Let's see how long you can last, Uncle Ted," said Tiffany, starting to time me.

I don't know what it was, but with little blue pill, the lube, the doll's tight "pussy", and the women laughing, I came humiliatingly early, shuddering into her.

"Oh no! That was literally less than a minute!"

I pulled out of the doll's wet pussy, my cock dripping cum.

"He actually came! He actually came!" all the women shouted in glee.

"Is that all he has in him, Ruth? Under a minute of thrusting?" asked Judy.

"Usually less. Sometimes he doesn't even make it to my pussy and just spurts onto my leg. But given his size, it's just as well. The difference between him inside of me and outside of me is barely noticeable. But I always make him lick me afterwards, and he lasts as long as I want doing that."

"I'll bet he does!" said Sarah.

Tiffany added, "show us, Uncle Ted. Redeem yourself with poor Jasmine. Give her a nice orgasm with your tongue."

I looked at them pleadingly.

"Do it!" said Sarah, sounding strict, still filming me.

I bent down and started licking out the doll's pussy.

"That's is, Uncle Ted! What a good pussy licker you are."

Sarah said, "make sure you suck all your cum out of her. And swallow it."

I licked and sucked as the women laughed at me. I pulled and licked my own ejaculate into my mouth and swallowed it.

"Good Boy, Uncle Ted! Is that yummy?"

"Alright, Ted, you can stop now," said my wife. Oh thank God.

"Sarah, get the bench," said Judy.

What now?

Sarah went into the next room, and came back in carrying a very heavy weight lifting bench by herself. She placed it down in the center of the room.

"Lie on it. Face down," Sarah said.

I didn't quite understand, but did as I was told. The women all jumped into action and used large cable ties to bind my wrists to the front support, and my ankles to the back legs. My legs were splayed and my knees bent, not quite touching the floor. Sarah took two canvas straps and bound my body to the bench at my waist and my thighs. She tightened them uncomfortably.

"What's happening?" I asked, piteously.

"Punishment," Sarah said.

"No! Please!" I begged.

Tiffany took her panties and stuck them into my mouth.

"You like sniffing my panties? This will remind you why you're being punished." She duct taped my mouth with half of the panty inside, gagging me. She took the gusset of her panties and pulled it over my nose, duct taping it on the bridge. I could only breathe through my nose through the gusset of her panty.

"Why don't you ladies go out by the pool," said Sarah. "I should be done with him in about fifteen minutes."

The three other ladies left the room. Sarah was holding a leather strap in her hand. Without saying a word she stood beside me and brought the strap down, full force, against my exposed ass cheeks. I screamed into my duct taped panty gag.

The next 15 minutes was the worst of my life. Sarah was unrelenting for the entire duration, not saying a word, just beating my ass black and blue as I screamed and struggled for breath.

"That should do it," she said fifteen minutes after she started. "You stay here," she told me needlessly.

I lay there, sobbing into Tiffany's panties.

"That's one well beaten bum. Learned your lesson yet?" It was Judy, Tiffany's mom who came in.

I nodded my head vigorously up and down.

"I think you need a little more..."

"Nnnnn! Nnnnnn!" I cried out as best I could.

Judy stood beside my head where I could see her. I was shocked. She was in a short light blue dress with a giant dildo strapped on and poking out!

"So you dream about having sex with my daughter do you?"

"Mmmmm nnnnnnnn!" I screamed into my ball gag.

"Do you dream about fucking her in the ass? With your tiny little cock?"

"Nnnnnn! Nnnnnn!"

She took the lube and started lubing up her giant cock. She got behind, spread open my beaten butt cheeks, pushed the tip of her dildo up against my asshole, and pushed in violently, splitting me.

"Argggggggghhhhhh!" I cried out.

"Now, tell me again what you'd like to do to my daughter."

Of course, I was panty gagged and could not respond. But she didn't apparently need any answer as she began thrusting violently in and out of my ass.

"Is this what you dream of doing to her, with that pathetic little cockette? Well, zero chance of that. Her Momma's big fat dildo is the closest you'll ever get."

As she thrust in and out, splitting me, the pain so intense, I finally learned my lesson.