Thursday, April 30

Sister Disciplines Me

I'm sitting on a sore bottom (and sore somewhere else as well), writing up the events of earlier today. I have just been thoroughly disciplined by my Big Sister Susan. It was a very, very emotional experience.

As I wrote up in my last blog post, Sunday Dinner, Sue told me I would be disciplined "by the book" for blabbing to my Mom and Dad about her involvement in my spankings which, unsurprisingly, she did not appreciate. "By the book" refers to my DD Contract I wrote up more for my husband's sake, and shared with Sue for her opinion, who read it and declared me "certifiably insane", but in a good-natured (?) way.

I was at my Mom and Dad's house and she "joked" that she would take me upstairs and spank me then and there. She laughed at me when I thought she was serious. Instead, she told me she'd come around Wednesday after dinner to discipline me. She arranged it with David who had no qualms whatsoever handing me over to her for that purpose. They agreed it would be "by the book", and accordingly David would have me nude, facing the corner, for when Sue arrived. With David we've agreed it's usually his hand. With Sue I was expecting the large wooden spoon.

I had not consciously considered my sister as a potential disciplinarian under the terms of my contract. In my mind, it was clearly intended as a thing between a dominant husband and a taken-in-hand wife. Yes, I had contemplated others spanking me in the contract, but not in the manner spelled out in the contract, which is very intimate in many ways. However, David and Sue both clearly interpreted it differently, and as it is a matter of discipline, I am not allowed to question my husband's interpretation, per the contract. Moreover, having Sue perform the duties is clearly not a contract violation, and there is a decent argument that it may even be specifically called out, so I made my own bed and must now lie in it.

Sue was due to arrive at 8pm. I had been dreading the moment since Sunday. Ok, to be honest, both dreading and anticipating. The "dread" part came from the fact that I knew Sue would not go easy on me with the large wooden spoon. While she always maintains a pleasant demeanour, she was legitimately pissed off at me this time. She did not want Mom and Dad knowing she was mixed up in my shit. So I was expecting the worst. I had been seriously spanked by her once before and it was no joke.

Of course, being who I am, the expectation of pain and embarrassment excites me as well. So I alternated between being sexually excited at the prospect of my disciplining, and being scared of it as well.

At 7pm David sent me upstairs to undress and bathe. He said he expected me down no later than 7:45pm to perform naked corner time in the living room while I awaited Sue's arrival.

I took a bubble bath and washed thoroughly. For some reason I wanted to smell nice for my sister. I felt it was more... submissive. I was done at around 7:40pm, and very self-consciously made my way back downstairs buck naked and stuck my nose in the corner of the living room. David was seated there reading, and he did not say a word to me as I did that. I was in a state of disgrace, as called for in the contract.

It was a very long 20 minutes until the front doorbell rung. All the dread and anticipation of the past three days seemed hyper-concentrated into my 20 minutes in the corner.

The doorbell rang. It was so loud! DING DONG. I could hear David go to the door, open it for Sue, and greet her. I could hear them kissing each other twice on the cheek.

"Where's our naughty girl," asked Sue. here I am.

David brought Sue into the living room. "Put your hands on your head!" she said sternly. I did so immediately and said "Yes Ma'am". She meant business, oh crap.

"Where do you keep that big wooden spoon?" Sue asked David as they walked to the kitchen.

"Not sure," replies David. "One of those drawers? No not that one. Over there maybe?" I could hear them rummaging around through my kitchen. I knew exactly where I kept the big wooden spoon Sue was referring to.

"Oh, here it is!" said Sue, finding it. oh goody.

The spoon she was thinking of is this one.

Holy shit! There are two kinds of wooden spoons. The kind my Mom threatened us kids with (but never actually used), and the kind that is used to make a big girl regret her decision-making. This was the latter.

She came back into the living room with David and they sat.

"You. Come here," she said. She wouldn't even use my name. I was "you" to her.

I came out of my corner, my hands still on my head, and went over to face her. I felt really naked. She was sitting and sort of sprawled out on the sofa, a foot on the coffee table. She had on blue jeans, her dark grey alpaca sweater, and suede ankle boots. She's blonde like me. The wooden spoon was tossed casually beside her, and in her hand she held a stapled together printout of what turned out to be my DD Contract.

"Kneel up here," she said, pointing to a spot in front of her, "cross your arms behind your back. Hold your elbows."

"Yes Ma'am" I whispered, and knelt up, and crossed my arms behind my back. My breasts jutted out. I was conscious of my shaved sex. This was some kind of "slave position" or something.

"I want to go over this contract with you before we get started," she said.

Sue then went over the contract clause by clause. I can mostly reproduce what she said by reading through it myself as I write this. It triggers certain phrases she used throughout that I remember. I'll just render the dialog here as best I can based on that.

"Purpose... Definitions... Effective Date. It says you've agreed to abide to this until October, correct? No renegotiation until then? You're bound are you? Ok, a lot of boilerplate about the renegotiation process. General Duties. Your Duties next. Obedience. You need to be obedient to David, or his delegate, yes?"

"Yes, Ma'am. David can delegate and all the terms apply. That's how he interprets it Ma'am."

"And all matters of interpretation are left to David. But do you agree with his interpretation?"

"It doesn't matter Ma'am."

"I asked you a fucking question," she insisted.

"Yes Ma'am, I agree with my husband's interpretation of my contract, Ma'am."

"You need to accept your discipline gracefully is how I'm reading this. No backtalk. Yes Sir, No sir. You can keep using Ma'am for me. Then there's a specific clause about Sexual Obedience. After being punished you have to accept whatever sex act is demanded of you, correct? Is that delegated as well?"

"Yes Ma'am," I answered. Was she going there?

"Sounds like fun for David. Then a bunch of stuff around your commitments.  Exercising, diet, weight, booze, keeping yourself waxed and shaved..." she looked me over. "Check. And, ha ha, highest standards of personal hygiene especially your ass and cunt. Did you clean them for me?" she asked with a laugh.

"Yes Ma'am."

"No nasty smells?"

"No Ma'am"

"You do smell nice. Chores. Safety. Oh! Ladylike comportment. Very nice. Kink. You need to scene your hubby. I can see that. Are you keeping that up, you two, with all of this?"

"Yes Ma'am." I answered truthfully. I had just scened David last on Saturday so I was good there.

"And here's the famous Oral Sex clause. Ha ha. You have to improve do you? And consult experts? I'm no slouch myself, you know?"

"I know, Ma'am."

"I'll give you a little training session some other day. Maybe I can demonstrate on David, while you watch, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am". She was teasing me. But she might also be serious.

"She is obedient!" she told David. I don't know what David made of that. Was she just teasing? She has blown him before, which got under my skin.

"And it says you can't spit. Are you a spitter? Men hate that. Even I know that much. Going Potty. Ha ha. Ok, here it is, the Discipline section."

She spent some time silently re-reading that part.

"Oh, this is carte blanche, sweetie."

She never uses "sweetie" with me!

"You do get a safeword. Are you going to use it if I spank you too hard?"

"No Ma'am"

"That's right. You can take it. Types of Discipline. Awww, punished like a child but more painful and more embarrassing. I think I can arrange that. Naked. Check. Public locations? Embarrassing and slutty outfits in public? Naughty girl. Spanking Discipline: here that is. David should mostly use his hand because he's a guy. I can use whatever I want, though, correct?"

"Yes Ma'am. Next clause Ma'am."

"Oh that's right, it says that right here anyways. Different positions. Exposure. Oh and here it is, David may invite other participants to apply Discipline on his behalf. Am I invited, David?"

"Absolutely," he said, "anytime."


"And naughty, naughty, naughty, you specifically mention Dad. You know I think he was turned on seeing you spanked. He hasn't stopped talking about it, according to Mom. That's gross. Cornertime, yada, yada, yada. Timing and Location. Basically anywhere anytime. Ha! Discipline Integrity. It says you need to come out of it Reflective, Remorseful, Surrendered, and Embarrassed. I'll do my best. And then, Awww, After-Care. That's nice. Then the Discipline Ceremony. Sounds very official. Disrobe completely. Yup. Cornertime. Check. Silent and kneeling. Check. Now I have to ask you why you are going to be disciplined. Do I do this here or upstairs?"

"If we're going upstairs, then upstairs, Ma'am," I answered.

"We are going upstairs. I'm not going to spank you in front of David. This will be a little sister-to-sister bonding time. Ok?"

"Yes Ma'am," Oh Shit.

"blah, blah, blah, little warmup spanking then the main event. Got it. More cornertime maybe, then After Care. Next something about Immediate Discipline which doesn't apply here so I can skip that, and then a bunch of stuff about Maintenance Spanking, again doesn't apply here. And that's all she wrote. You are a little perv."

"Yes Ma'am," I agreed.

"Ok, let's do this," Sue said as she put down the contract and picked up the big wooden spoon. "Stand up. Go up to your bedroom and park your nose in the corner, I'll be up in a minute."

I stood and went upstairs and put my nose in the corner. I wasn't sure where to put my hands, so settled on my head, as Sue had required before.

I found out afterwards from David that she double-checked with him that it was ok to spank me one-on-one in the bedroom, and she cleared the implement and the severity. She did not consult him on the "extras" she was thinking of for me. I didn't know any of that at the time.

I heard my sister coming up the stairs for me, and into the bedroom where I was cornered.

"Naughty, naughty, naughty," she said. "You know I am pretty mad at you. Come here."

Sue had taken a seat by the side of the bed. The wooden spoon was beside her. I went to her.

"Kneel down in front of me. Give me your hands. Eyes down."

This was all straight out the Contract. I knelt at her feet submissively with my knees spread and looked down at the carpet. I held out my hands to her and she took both my hands into hers. This was another one of those "slave positions" that Jenny over at Domestic Discipline, Jenny Style! adopted into her Contract. My pussy was spread and open in front of Sue.

It was humbling for me to be kept like that in front of my fully-clothed sister who was preparing to spank me for betraying her trust.

"Why are you being disciplined?" she asked me.

"Because I... I told Mom and Dad that you were involved in my spankings..."

"Yes you did. What right did you have to do that? You know I didn't want them to know, We talked about it when we started. It was supposed to be a secret to them. A secret to everyone we did not explicitly share it with, which we would decide together. You broke your promise to me."

"I'm sorry," I said. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.

"Why did you do it?" she asked.

"I didn't... didn't intend to... it just came out in the moment. I'm sorry." I started crying.

"I'm very upset with you, Julie." she said.

"I thought you weren't so mad about it," I said, still crying.

"I'm not going to yell. I'm not going to scream. But I am angry with you. You broke your trust with me."

"I'm so sorry..." I said, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Alright, I can see you are," Sue said. "and I'm going to forgive you after I've disciplined you. Is that fair enough?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said, sniffling.

"Thank you for recognizing you did wrong."

"Thank you Ma'am."

"Now get up here and crawl across my knee for your spanking."

The word spanking always effects me.

"Yes Ma'am," I said. I was still crying as I went across Sue's knee. My feet and chest were supported on the bed. My middle was across her lap, over her jeans. Her Angora sweater was soft against me.

"I'm going to start with a warm-up spanking with just my hand," she told me. She then started in on spanking my naked cheeks.

It wasn't very many, maybe a couple of dozen, and they increased in intensity, but it was pretty mild. She paused and must have reached for the wooden spoon, because the next thing I knew it was positioned squarely on my left cheek.

"I'm going to give you one-hundred spanks with the spoon," Sue said, "and I expect you to apologize to me, and keep apologizing to me, as I'm doing it." She lifted the spoon off my cheek and started my spanking.


"I'm sorry Ma'am!" I cried out.

Ow. Oh. Ow. Ouch. Ow. Oh.

"I'm sorry Ma'am! I'm really, really, sorry. I apologize! I'll be more thoughtful! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!"

Ow. Oh. Ow. Ouch. Ow. Oh.

I kept up the apologies. That was the toughest part. But apologizing constantly during a one-hundred spank spanking does drive the point home. I also got that feeling. I had done wrong. I was being punished. My Big Sister was punishing me. The point of the spanking was not kink. The point was punishment. That makes it different. Expiation of guilt feels good. Makes me feel... cared for. Cared for by my big sister. It also occurred to me, now that the cat was out the bag, would this spanking be a topic for next Sunday's family dinner? Dad did ask last week if I had been spanked. What would we say? I guess I would have to defer to Sue.

After the one hundred she said, "ok, we're done with your spanking. Stand up now." I must say, I was disappointed. It should have been much harder. I was frankly expecting much, much worse.

More like this.

I got up off her lap. I leaned in to give her a hug and say "thank you", but she held me away. "Oh, we're not done yet," Sue said. I suspected I had gotten off a little too easy.

"You really fucked me over with Mom and Dad," she said.

I was confused. Confused but also... sensing what was coming. No...

"I know, I'm sorry..." I said again.

"Where do you keep your strap-on?" she asked me.

Oh no no no. An ass fucking from my sister!?! Just earlier today a commenter had asked,
I was wondering what in particular made you definitely not want a spanking from Sue in your old room?[...] Maybe you made the wrong choice and should've taken your spanking in your old bedroom rather than have to take a naked spanking and a potential strap-on fucking.
How prophetic. I answered.
I was not thinking I was trading it off for a potential strap-on fucking. I really can't imagine she would go there.
But was she? Was she going to go there? I had no defence. The Contract allows for delegation. and in the Sexual Obedience section it states, "After having been Disciplined [...] [Delegate] may ask for any sexual act to be performed upon or by Julie, and Julie cannot refuse, regardless of the act." I would not back out of my contract. If she insisted, it was her right.

"Where do you keep your strap-on?" she asked me.

"in the... top drawer..." and I pointed to the bedside table. Sue opened the drawer and found my strap-on harness.

"where's the big dildo?" she asked.

"bottom drawer..."

"Is it clean?" she asked.

"yes ma'am" I answered back quietly. I always keep my toys clean...

She got them both out and assembled them.

Assembled for a painful and humiliating punishment
fucking from my sister to teach me my place.

She took her sweater off revealing a white T underneath. She took off her boots, socks, and her jeans. She had full-cut black panties on. She put the strap-on on over her panties with a practised efficiency and cinched it into place.

"Kneel down, I want to talk to you," she said. I knelt.

She got near to me and bumped the tip of Adam gently into my face.

"I'm not going to rape you," she told me. "I know I could do what I wanted to, because of your dumb contract. But I'm not going to make you. I think you fucked me, and now I want to teach you a lesson by fucking you, but it's up to you. If you don't want to, I'll forgive you all the same. But if you really want to apologize to me, you'll accept it."

Oh gosh, what a choice. I confess to being a bit... turned on. Mainly by her masculine-style dominance. And no matter what Sue said about letting me off the hook, it would be against my Contract to refuse, and I would not do that regardless.

I indicated my acceptance by taking her cock in my mouth.

"No no, you greedy little whore," Sue said, pulling the dick away from me. "That'll be for another time."

I felt embarrassed. I know it's stupid, but it felt like I was being rejected? And talk about embarrassing myself. Trying to suck my sister's dick?

"If you want to do this, get up on the bed, tits down and ass up," she said.

I went on to the bed as indicated. I put my arms out in front of me with my forehead and breasts down on the bedsheets. I waited.

"Arch your back more," she said.

I pulled my body in a bit tighter and arched harder, presenting my ass.

I appreciated that Sue gave me a choice (in her mind). But it's almost more embarrassing that I had a choice. I could have gotten away without submitting to this. I would still have been completely forgiven. So this was a choice I made. It was my choice to be presenting like this to my Big Sister for an ass fucking.

"Lube?" she asked.

"top drawer..." I answered. My ass was going to get destroyed. Adam is bigger and harder than David. And David's cock hurt in my ass already. I was not at all stretched out. This was going to be hard to take. I was scared.

She got the tube of lube and asked me for my right hand. I crossed it under me and put my hand out, palm up. She squirted a generous portion of lube onto my hand.

"Get yourself ready for me," she said.

I took the lube, reached around behind me, and started rubbing it into my asshole.

"Not your ass, stupid. Your pussy," she said.  "I'm not sodomizing you, I'm fucking you," she said. "Don't move now, I need to wash your hand."

Oh blush. Now I was an ass whore as well. But... pussy? That is very, very intimate... I didn't think she would... do that.

Sue came back with a washcloth and cleaned the lube off my hand. And then she cleaned my asshole off with the washcloth also! She made me give her my other hand, and squirted lube into that.

"Get your pussy ready for me," she told me.

"yes ma'am," I said. I passed my hand under me and rubbed the lube onto my pussy lips and into the hole. I was already a bit wet.

Sue took more of the lube and lubed up her dildo. She used the washcloth to clean both our hands, and then she wiped gently around the entrance to my pussy to remove excess lube. She lined up behind me and I could feel the head at my pussy lips.

"Guide it in," she told me. I put my hand back under me and using my hand a bit and my hips, I put the tip of the dildo where it should go. Sue gently pushed in. Oooh. Owww. Adam is pretty big, even for my pussy. The tip passed into me though, and Sue pushed it to about halfway. She pulled back and then pushed back in again. She did that a few more times and I could feel her cock going deeper into me each time.

Sue grabbed onto my hips and hoisted me up a bit towards her. "Ok, I'm going to give you one-hundred thrusts now. I want you to count them out." She pulled back and thrust all the way in. Ahhh!

"one," I said.

She pulled back and repeated


Again, and again and again she fucked me deeply. None too hard, none too fast, but all of them deep. She varied the pace, and varied the speed of the thrust, and varied the angle, and varied the depth of the thrust. Sue was actually good. She knew how to fuck. And she was fucking me! I was her fuck toy!

At fifty she paused. Pulled out. Applied more lube to her dildo. And pushed it back in. It went in easily.



and so on to


"one hundred"

On the one hundredth stroke she stayed deep inside of me. She leaned over me and almost in a whisper said, "do you get it now? If you fuck me, I'm going to fuck you back."

I had to answer, deeply impaled on her cock, "yes Ma'am, I understand."

She pulled out, gave me a slap on my ass (!), and said, "go rinse off that pussy and wash your hands."

I went to the bathroom and used a washcloth on my private parts. I'd just been fucked. Fucked by my sister. I put my fingers into my pussy. She had just been... there. I washed my hands, and then dried my hands and my pussy.

By the time I was back, Sue was already practically dressed again. She handed me the strap-on harness with the dildo inside. "Clean that off and put it away," she told me. I went back to the bathroom and washed the dildo with its special soap, and cleaned up the strap-on harness. I had to clean the dildo my sister just used on me. Oh bush. I took the strap-on harness and the dildo both back to the bedroom and stowed them and the lube in the bedside drawer.

Sue took both hands in mine. She was totally dressed. I was totally naked.

"David doesn't know about your fucking, and we're going to keep it that way. Nobody knows. Got it? Our little secret."

"Yes Ma'am," I answered earnestly. I would not be making that mistake again.

"Go back down to the living room and put your nose back in the corner where I found you."

"Yes Ma'am," I said. But before I left, and leaned in and gave Sue a massive hug. She hugged me back. "I love you," I told her. "I love you too," she said back to me. "Am I forgiven?" I asked her. "Yes. yes you are. Absolutely," said Sue with a smile.

I scooted back down to the living room and put my nose straight back into its corner. David came by to survey the damage. "She went easy on you," he said, observing the relatively mild state of my bum, and also no doubt on the lack of shrieking that had come out of the bedroom.

Sue was close behind me and answered him. "I don't know about that," said Sue. "I think she learned her lesson. Did you learn your lesson, Julie? Did you learn not to fuck with me?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered concealing a smile on my face.

"Keep her in the corner as long as you think she needs. I've got to go now," said Sue. David saw her to the door and wished her goodbye.

He came back to me and said, "you're done." I came out of the corner. "What went on up there?" he asked me, highly suspicious.

"I got a spanking, and a good talking to."

"Is that it?" he asked.

"That's it," I said. I couldn't disobey Sue on this.

"Alright, if you say so." He pulled me by the arm to the spanking chair, sat, and took me across his knee. He started directly spanking my ass with his hand.

"Just a little reminder to keep your confidences," he said as he spanked me. I think he was both reminding me about my earlier misbehaviour, but also reinforcing that he knew something else went on up there, and I was to keep it secret.

As usual, David's hand was hard and punishing. I was being spanked. He was letting me know to whom I belonged. He asked me, "are you going to be a good little girl the rest of the week?"

"Yes Sir! I'm going to be a... good little girl... all the rest of the week Sir!"

He finished spanking me and stood me up. "Now get upstairs to the bedroom, and get on the bed on your back and spread your legs for me."

"Yes Sir!" I said and ran to do as I was told. Did he know?

David came up, and gave me my second fucking in an hour. My pussy was a bit sore already, but it didn't matter. David was less than one hundred strokes, but it was raw and manly! He came inside of me as he grunted. He then immediately went down on me and started licking my pussy, and cleaning out his own cum. Midway through he came up to me, made me open my mouth, and French kissed a mixture of his cum and my pussy juices into my mouth. "Swallow," he said. I did. He went back down and "finished the job". Twice. He must have known! But I couldn't ask.

So that was all very unexpected for me. My sister and husband sure entertain me. I felt very dominated by my big sister. The fucking was almost... a-sexual in a way? She was using the big dildo to make a point, not to make love. Then afterwards, I was made love to by my husband. Oh yes. A very unique method of discipline, I must say!

Tuesday, April 28

Sunday Dinner, Good Girl, Wooden Spoon

Last Sunday was, once again, Sunday dinner at my Mom and Dad's house. Sue was there as well.

The previous Sunday it was just my husband and I with Mom and Dad where I "came out" about being a spanked wife to them. Mom was surprisingly really open to the idea. Because I had misbehaved around how I had intended to come out I was due for a spanking after returning home (I was going to deliberately break a glass and get spanked for it - never did - but argued with my husband about it). However, given how non-judgmental my folks were, David made me spill the beans about my desires for my spankings also to be outside the home, and for those closest to me to know about them; and then, well, one thing led to another in an improbable sequence of events, and I wound up getting a mild panties-down spanking from my husband in front of my freakin' Mom and Dad. They thought it was "cute" (see Honesty is the Very Best Policy).

Last Sunday was exactly one week later, and my sister Sue re-joined us as well. I had given her the whole run down around what happened, and she had spoken with my Mom, and I had debriefed her on that (see Reactions). I had personally not spoken with Mom all week long.

I was anticipating a bit of teasing this week and I did get some of that. There were in fact three notable events, and a promise as well.

The first notable event was over dinner. At a lull in the conversation, my Dad asked David, "so, was she a good girl all week?" He was asking my husband if he had cause to spank me during the week! I had in fact not received a spanking all week long. Nonetheless, David chose to embarrass me. Not one to mince words, he said, "Haven't had to spank her at all. She exercised almost every day. Cooked dinner three nights. Performed all her wifely duties..."

"David!" I said, blushing.

My Dad laughed. David had just implied I had been properly submissive during sex with him. In fact, part of my "wifely duties" consisted of my being his Domme (see A Strict Whipping), but I wasn't going to embarrass my man by saying that, so I had to eat the embarrassment of my Dad imagining me submissively spreading my legs for my husband "on command", or worse!

But what's with my Dad asking that question in the first place? He seems extremely interested in my spankings! Is that normal given what he saw last week, or is that unusual? My Mom did not shush him at all. She seemed interested in the answer as well. Sue put her hand to her mouth, concealing a  smirk or a smile I could tell.

So embarrassing. I'm one of five adults at a table, yet my Dad and my husband are both teasing me openly about my spankings (and my "wifely duties"), and my Sister and my Mom seem just fine with that. I brought it on myself, I recognize that. And I do kind of like that sort of attention, despite the embarrassment...

That was the only excitement during dinner. There was another notable event right after dinner involving Sue that I'll get to, but after that, the third notable event was just before going home, my Mom pulling me aside and asking me earnestly, "is everything ok?". Yes Mom, everything is really fine. Really.

Going back to the second notable event. It was in the kitchen. Sue and I were clearing. Mom and Dad and David were in the living room "sitting more comfortably" (tee hee re. my husband's butt if you've read my last blog entry).

"So, last week you told Mom and Dad that I've spanked you, did you?" Sue said.

I was feeling guilty about that, I shouldn't have, and I had told Sue straight away and apologized to her for it.

"You know I did," I said, "I told you and I apologized. I'm sorry, I thought you were ok with it."

"Oh I'm ok with it," she said. Then she went rummaging around in a kitchen drawer and pulled out the wooden spoon.

"Still going to spank you for it," she stated. "Go on, upstairs, I'll do it in your old bedroom."

What? I know this is my "thing", but my tummy dropped out and I became extremely self-conscious about being spanked by my Sister where Mom and Dad and my husband could all hear. And unlike David, Sue would not take it easy on me on account of them. It would be long and hard and I'd be in tears and howling for mercy long before the end of it. I know this from experience. That would be too much. No. I didn't want it. I was going to put my foot down.

"Oh, I'm just kidding. Look at your face," she said. "I wouldn't actually spank you here, where Mom and Dad could hear. You're nuts."

She didn't look like she was kidding!!!!

"I'll do it, let's see now, Wednesday evening after dinner, I'll drop by your place around seven. "I'll clear it with David first, then I'll do it by the book."

She was referring to my DD Contract which I had shared with her. "By the book" involved a lot of embarrassing things. It was more meant for my husband than for my Big Sister. There was full nudity, corner time, admitting of sins, after care, and even a "Sexual Obedience" clause after punishment spankings! Was she talking about that? All of that?

As I write this today, she's already arranged it with David, who has given her his "all clear". David's told me to be nude and in the corner awaiting Sue's arrival. And then I was to obey her, and accept my punishment from her, as if she was him. And if I didn't, he would make sure that I did.

Oh crap!

Monday, April 27

A Strict Whipping and Sunday Dinner

I gather my family's Sunday dinners are starting to garner considerable interest. There are some interesting developments to report on that front, but first I want to bring us back to Saturday night where I delivered a just terrific whipping with a stout riding crop to my husband.

As you know, it's one of the conditions of my DD Contract that I Domme him regularly, which I love doing so that's super easy. I decided I would go "single implement" on Saturday and really take my quite stout riding crop for a spin. It not only has the leather slapper at the end, but the shaft itself is quite "cane like" also.

I actually got dressed (or undressed, I should say) into sexy lingerie. I went for stockings, garter belt, high-heels, and a bra, all in basic black. Just like this...

In my dreams!

I came to get him like that, riding crop in hand, a Dominant Demeanour cued up.

"I haven't whipped you in much too long," I told him.

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, enthusiastically.

We went upstairs to the bedroom. I whipped his ass a little along the way. Once in the bedroom I had him strip to naked and stand there. I walked around him, playing with my crop, giving him little whips here and there, on his chest, on his shoulder blades, on his ass, on the backs of his legs, on his calves, on the fronts of his thighs, on his cock and balls.

I got a little harder. I gave him a vicious cut across the fronts of his thighs that doubled him over in pain. I was rewarded with a marvellous welt.

"Spread your legs!" I ordered him. He did so.

I used the slapper to crop him up and down the tender insides of his thighs. Some were quite hard and left marks.

I concentrated on his cock and gave him a dozen to the tip. He could barely stay standing, the poor boy.

How does this "spanked wife" feel about doing this to her "dominant" husband, you may ask? I love it!!! It turns me on. It excites me in a way being submissive does not. It's different. This is empowering! What makes me good at Domming, beyond a certain practised skill, is that I can be very cruel. Beyond a certain point, I just don't give a shit. His suffering actually turns me on. I'm told I go glass-eyed in that state. I love it.

I told him to put three pillows on the bed and to bend over them. I did very hard crop strikes to his ass and upper thighs. Whistling, swishing, short, sharp strikes that left welts. I didn't talk much, I just moaned in pleasure as he writhed under my whip.

I shot a video where I cropped him once. Here is a gif fom that. Picture him naked and me in sexy black lingerie with heels. This is how I crop.

"Cheeks," I simply said to him. He knew what he needed to do. He pulled his ass cheeks apart for me.

I really "touched up" his anus. It was because I would be fucking him in his ass soon.

"Look what I've got for you," I said, taking my large strap-on dildo, Adam, out of the bedside drawer. "You're out of practice and you're not even warmed up, it's going to hurt."

I then told him to go to the bathroom and to clean his ass out for me, and then to get back and present like a little whore. While he did that, I put on my strap-on, got the lube ready, got some paper towels ready, put a towel across the pillows, and also set up my Hitachi with the ass attachment. I wasn't going to fuck him with Adam cold. I'm not that cruel.

He got back to the bed, presenting in a doggy style position across his pillows. I lubed his nice clean asshole, shoved the Hitachi up deep, and started the motor. I also grabbed his cock and balls out between his legs, lubed them, and started hand-jobbing him.

"Yeah? You like that, you little slut? You like a vibrating cock up your ass? Huh?"

Everytime I thought he was getting close I stopped rubbing him and smacked his cock with my hand instead. Rinse and repeat. After about five minutes with that roto-rooter up his ass, his hole is loose as anything. I disengage the Hitachi and remove the attachment with the paper towels. I set the Hitachi down beside his head. I'll be needing that before too long again. I line up behind me and start bumping into his anal opening with my Adam. He gets scared with Adam, and his little hole closes up tight. I know it's been loosened though, so I push on. With a bit of pressure, and a lot of complaints, it pops in.

Once in, I start pumping him hard.

When I go that hard, that fast, that deep, with that dildo, he is crying out on every thrust. It's like,

"Hwa, Hwa, Hwa, Hwa, Hwa, Hwa, Ahh, Ohh, Please, No, Hwa, Hwa, Hwa, Hwa, ..."

"Fuck you, you greedy little ass whore, look at you take it!" I said. Do I know how to put a bitch in his place with my crop and strap-on, or what?

Once I was done with his fucking, I pulled out and cleaned up (there was some unavoidable mess). He looked wrung out! But he would get some fun time now.

I moved him away, stripped off my lingerie as he watched, and lay my back down on the bed, holding my crop. I bent my knees and spread them and invited him into my pussy. It was quite well lubricated already.

He pushed his cock into me. "Gently!" I told him, and whacked him across the hip with my riding crop. He went more gently and began softly fucking me. I pulled him down onto me in the pushup missionary position.

I told him to go very slowly and to match his rhythm to the stroke of my crop on his ass. Each time I whipped his ass he thrust gently and came back out. As I was getting loosened up I started whipping him faster and harder. He cried out in pain with the strength of some of his ass whippings. Poor baby was very confused. Heaven's gates in front, Hell's inferno behind! By the end I was whipping him as hard as I could from that position and he still came into me. He came hard as I literally whipped the sperm out of him. His ass was a marked up mess of weals willy-nilly all over the place after i was done!

I quickly made him turn and lie face up. I sat on his face facing down his body and told him to lick my asshole. Deep! He used his hands so that he could spread my cheeks and hole to get in deeper. I turned on the Hitachi and I vibed my clit. I could feel his cum dripping out of me and onto his chin. I came like that with my Hitachi on my clit, my pussy dripping semen onto him, and his tongue lodged as deep as it could get into my asshole wiggling away for my pleasure.

Nice lovemaking, eh?

I'll post in a couple of days (before Wednesday evening) about how Sunday dinner the next day went. Needless to say, David was squirming in his seat. Ha ha!

Saturday, April 25


As you know, through a series of strange events I wound up getting myself spanked bare bum by my husband in front of my Mom and my Dad.

Yup. In the dining room, across my husband's lap, pants at my ankles, panties at my knees, my bare bum directly facing and not five feet away from my Dad. David reddened my bottom with 20 resounding smacks, and I started crying a bit from the emotions. You can read all about it in Honesty is the Very Best Policy.

It really wasn't a spanking for anything. I wanted to "come out" to my parents as a spanked wife, and I guess this was more demonstration than punishment as things turned out. Oh yes, there was a "thought crime" of me thinking I would do the coming out in a more theatrical manner with some dish breaking involved, but I didn't do it in the end. And there was a question of a bit of an argument about it with my husband. But if I'm being honest, the spanking I got was more because David asked on my behalf if I could be spanked in their house (the house I grew up in and where I was spanked as a child), and my Mom and Dad assumed we were asking if I could be spanked in front of them, and they agreed, and then David just went with that. So that's a thing, apparently.

My Mom especially was really understanding. She's into "alternative therapies" sorts of things, and I "sold it" as me feeling down and wanting to reconnect to my inner child. Hence the reason I was in a spanking relationship with my husband, and my craving to be spanked in an embarrassing fashion in my childhood home where they could know about it.

My older sister Sue (who is lesbian) knows all about my husband's and my spanking fetish, and even joins in pretty freely and enjoys the fetish herself. My recently getting into a more "disciplinary style" relationship with my husband is something she does not get, but "fine whatever" is her attitude. Sue elected to stay away from that Sunday dinner to give me and David some privacy to "come out". During the conversation Mom asked if Sue knows because Mom knows that Sue and I are very close. I answered that she did know, and then blurted that Sue has spanked me as well, which is true, but no reason that Mom and Dad need to know that, and really, really not my business to tell them.

Next day I called Sue to tell her all about the previous night's events. She was pretty surprised that I got myself spanked bare butt in front of them! I told her the whole story, and then I apologized to her for blurting out private information about her involvement. She did not seem terribly fussed. I reassured her that my comments were taken as me asking her to do it more for disciplinary reasons at my request. She laughed when I related Mom's comment that she thought Sue always wanted to spank me as she thought I got off too easy as a kid.

Sue really dug into all the details. She wanted the complete how, what, where, when, why breakdown. She wanted to know exactly where David placed the chair and which way it was facing. She wanted to know what I was wearing, and then when and how my pants were taken down, and likewise for my panties. She wanted to know if I thought Dad had a clear view of me as I was being spanked (he certainly did). She called me a total perv. She wanted to know how many spanks and how hard. If it was just his hand or did I get the wooden spoon, as she certainly would have given me the wooden spoon, or handed it to David had she been there. Was I red at the end? Did I cry? Was I wet? Did I need to stand in the corner? Was I facing them at any time with my pants and panties down? And all that. She also wanted all the details of all the conversation. She said she'd phone Mom and tell her we talked and get her thoughts and relay them back to me.

Two days later I'm talking again to Sue. She had had a nice long phone conversation with Mom, mostly about me. Sue said that Mom sort of defended my choices. That I was clearly feeling a bit blue and was escaping things by regressing to a more childish state with the "spanking nonsense". Mom said how I had used "baby talk" when discussing it with them. Sue asked why they let me do it in front of them> Mom said because David and I had asked and she saw no harm in it, and was actually interested to observe the dynamic. She said I was very much like a child. That the spanking was not very hard but that I was crying softly at the end, and seemed as if I had a burden lifted. So she thought it was fine. She also said "and anyways your father enjoyed the show." (!!!)

Mom asked Sue about her spanking me. Sue said that David and I were really very kinky, and she's seen more than a few spankings over the years as a favour to me, but the "real discipline" thing is relatively new. Sue said that I had a preview of that as I had pushed some inappropriate boundaries with her, and had payed the price with a long hard session with the big wooden spoon across her lap, which is what I had referred to.

So, Mom thinks I'm searching for my "inner child" through spanking, and Dad "enjoyed the show". Yeesh!

My thoughts with almost a week's perspective. My husband, my Dad, my Mom, and even my Big Sister to a certain extent, have merged into this one "parental figure". I kind of like that they all know. It makes me feel warm and comfy inside.

The spanking in front of my parents was out of the blue. I really was going there with zero expectation of any spanking happening. I was going to explain to them my choice to become a spanked wife, and to get a reaction and maybe lay some groundwork for something to happen slowly down the line. I wasn't even expecting an accepting reaction. So I really had to screw up all my courage just to go that far.

When David made me talk about my silly glass breaking idea, and my desire to be spanked outside of the home, I felt something was coming. When he then asked their permission to spank me there, my heart fluttered. But I really thought we would be going upstairs for my spanking, which is what we had discussed but discarded as being too risque, and would have been bad enough. Instead, my parents immediately assumed we meant right there, in the dining room, in front of them. I started hyper-ventilating at that point! David had the good sense to ask pants up or pants down, and my Dad had the bad sense to suggest that David needed to keep his eye on his work.

Dad didn't even need to think about that. He said that right away. I think he actually wanted to see his grown daughter stripped bare below the waist (and likely above the waist as well!). David, on the other hand, was a total perv and oriented me and bent me over in such that my Dad had a closeup view of my pussy writhing and winking at him from between my legs as my husband spanked me.

This is me.
And this is literally the view I presented to my Dad.

It's just too fucking embarrassing. I've been studying some photos of myself that I've posted in the past, like the one above. That is what he saw. Not only that, but that across my husband's knee getting my bum spanked, with the inevitable moving around of the legs that entails as the spanks start having more effect. What, the actual, fuck????

You know, the panties do not need to go down to the knees, right? You can perfectly well spank a girl with her panties pulled "modestly" down to just below the butt cheeks, right? Why did David have to pull them down to my knees???!!!! What kind of fucking point was he making anyways?

But that's what I masturbate to. The thought of my pussy writhing around under the belt as Daddy whips my ass. It's why I posted earlier this week Pussy Whipping. I've become a bit obsessed with the view I presented, and that my Dad objectively enjoyed. In my fevered thoughts it's a small jump to the pussy whipping I saw. I masturbated to those videos, imagining it was me under Daddy's belt.

I've been a very bad girl. Daddy strips me naked and puts me on the bed.  He gets out his belt and he whips me on my ass, my thighs, and even my butt hole and my crack!

One of the strokes grazes my pussy lips. "DADDY! FUCK! NO! NOT THERE!" What is this foul language? This disobedience. "Hold it open!" he commands.

I must hold my own pussy lips apart as he whips me there. Then I have to roll over and continue holding myself apart.

After I've been whipped to Daddy's satisfaction, he makes me stay there. I may not move an inch. He says Mommy will be up in a moment to apply lotion.

Mommy comes up with the lotion. I am shaking in pain. She goes "tsk, tsk, what have you done now, young lady? You know you shouldn't anger your father so. This is what you get when you do." Mom sits beside me and applies soothing lotion to my pussy lips. She parts me gingerly and realizes she needs to apply lotion even deep inside my vagina, and onto my clitoris.

"Mommy, Mommy, no!" I cry as her spreading the lotion begins having a sexual effect on me.

"Hush now," she says, "it's perfectly normal for a girl to feel that way after a whipping."

"Mommy, what's happening?"

"Shhhh. You're having an orgasm."

"No. Mama. No Please. I don't know what's happening! Oh God! Oh! OH! OHHHHHHH!"

My last, actual, masturbation session. Complete with me spanking my own pussy, and then me applying lube to my vagina imagining it is Mom's hand. And then cumming. BLUSH!

Thursday, April 23

Pussy Whipping

For some reason, the topic of "pussy whipping" has been floated around my Inbox recently. A French pen pal forwarded a certain French Pornhub video clip and wrote to me as follows.
Pour toi qui est devenue officiellement une petite pute! C'est comme cela que je m'occuperais de toi. J'ai toujours trouvé David trop gentil avec toi. Trop doux. J'espère que cela t'inspire, petite pute. C'est comme cela qu'on doit traiter les salopes dans ton genre.
For you who officially became a little whore! This is how I would deal with you. I always found David too kind with you. Too soft. I hope that this inspires you, little whore. This is how we should treat sluts like you.
The English sounds way harsher than the intent! French is the language of love and lust and he and I have bantered together for years. I've encouraged him to write me in the dirtiest, filthiest terms possible so I can practice my French comprehension skills.

Anyways... on to the video he sent. I did a bit of research. The couple is Demian and Mary. She is 24 years-old. From the variety of videos, and her evident enthusiasm for a range of activites, she is obviously into it. Let's have a look and I'll tell you my feelings after.

The video he sent is a 17 minute severe pussy whipping. She starts with her hands bound tightly behind her, ass up and spread. He has a thick doubled-up leather belt in his hand.

He starts by whipping her across her ass and directly up into her pussy. Throughout she is shaking and screaming. She has trouble holding position, but as soon as she falls she immediately, mostly under her own power, scrambles back to present herself properly for the next stroke of his belt like a good slave girl.

At a certain point he frees her hands so that she can hold herself spread wide for him, allowing the belt to penetrate into the even more tender tissues deeper inside her vagina. 

She works very hard at keeping herself spread for him, and at times her hands look like they're practically ripping her cunt lips apart for him.

He puts the belt down and gets out a lamp cord and continues her beating with that.

He is not gentle with it. She is severely whipped. This is what she looks like by the end.

She will not be fucking comfortably for quite some time, though Demian usually includes a fucking as part of her punishment anyways.

You can view the video here: Hard ass and pussy spanking with belt for young slave girl

Here is another from them along the same lines.
Long pussy whipping with a young beauty, moans and trembles with excitement

These are her poor pussy lips most of the way through that beating.

 Look how red and sore-looking they are...

And another where he focuses more on the bottom hole and uses the belt there, then fucks her afterwards.

The trembling ass is spanked by a strap and fucked in pussy

Another pen-pal, quite independently sent me this photo with the captioned question.

In all seriousness - did David do this to you last evening?

Yet another pen pal also could not keep his eyes off it and felt really really guilty afterwards. He wanted me to tell him how it felt. I suggested it may be similar to taking a belt to his exposed cock tip. So... he did.

So, what do I think of these pussy whipping videos?

It seems some of my readers think David is going too easy on me :-)

I must admit that I could not tear my eyes away for the 17 minute train wreck of a pussy whipping that poor girl took.

Yes, I would like that, though would be scared if I could take it. I'd be willing to give it a try...

I imagine I did something really, really bad, like let a guy fuck me without David's permission. He wants a divorce. I beg him to stay! He stays under one condition: a severe pussy whipping with a hard fucking afterwards. Let the punishment fit the crime.

What do you guys think of those videos?  Let me know in the comments. Do you think I should be subject to that? No holds barred!

Monday, April 20

Honesty is the Very Best Policy

Went to my parents' place for Sunday dinner. Having just signed my sparkly new DD Contract, I was keen to tell my Mom and Dad about it, misguided as that may seem to some of you. I really wanted to tell them especially, while having a bit of a... fantasy, I guess you could call it... of being spanked in front of them, or at least near them. I don't totally understand why I want that, or even why I want to tell my parents about the Contract, but I feel I do, and after having done it, I think I understand it better, which we'll get into below.

My initial concept for "telling them" was deceitful and I regret it now. It took awhile to back me away from it. My older sister said it was a bad idea. My husband said it was a bad idea. I even argued with both of them about it. I made a defiant post about it (Spanking at Parents?) where I indicated that I intended to force my husband's hand, and was met with a deluge of universal condemnation from you guys for my idea. So ok, a girl can take a hint. Thank you all, by the way. As one comment best summed it up "currently you seem to be guided by your pussy rather than by your brain." Ouch. Guilty as charged...

My initial concept was to deliberately do something "spankable", and then have David spank me on the spot. When David refused, I decided I would do the thing anyways and "force his hand" to see what would happen.

How I imagined it would go down. Spanking to follow!
(courtesy Glenmoretales)

Ok, a whole bunch of things wrong with that plan. Deliberate misbehaviour is totally against the spirit of my DD Contract. Defying David and attempting to force his hand is just plain wrong. It would be deceiving my parents. David had no interest in participating in that way whatsoever. Breaking a glass, even under those circumstances, would seem trivial and contrived. My parents hearing their daughter being struck might consider it abuse and react accordingly. It was involving them in our lifestyle too abruptly, with no chance of their signalling displeasure so we could back off. I could go on. Dumb dumb dumb thinking, I admit now.

I apologized to David soon after coming to my senses on Friday evening. He was glad I was thinking clearly. Despite this type of misbehaviour not being explicitly called out in our Contract, I suggested it was worthy of a Disciplining, which he agreed with and said would occur after Sunday dinner (back at home, of course). I suggested, tongue-in-cheek,  he should spank my pussy, because she was the one that gave me such bad advice, but he went for the more traditional spanking discipline. We'll get back to that later.

David and I did agree that we could speak to my parents about my new DD lifestyle. I would do most of the talking, and emphasize that it was 100% me driving it all. You would think that was a step down from what I had planned, but I felt way better about this plan, and after settling into it got way nervous about carrying it out.

When I told Sue my initial deceitful plan, we argued and she wanted no part of it and decided not to attend Sunday dinner this week. So I called Sue and apologized to her as well. She approved of my new plan, but thought it best that she continue staying away so that David and I could talk to my Mom and Dad alone.

So we were all set for Sunday dinner.

David and I got there and we made it all the way through dinner talking about this and that. I got up to clear, and believe me I was very careful not to break anything, OMG! We served dessert and midway through dessert I raised it. I'll try to recall our dialog as closely as I can. I was pretty nervous talking about it, which I'll try to convey in my part of the dialog below.

"Mom, Dad, there's something going on that David and I, well me really, wanted to tell you about."

They looked concerned...

I went on quickly, "ummm. Well.... I guess you sort of know, that well, ummmm, sometimes I get David to, like, spank me?"

It's so hard talking about spanking with your parents! The "spank me?" had a distinct Valley Girl lift to it, which I normally despise.

They both smiled and looked relieved. I guess they thought I was going to say something worse! It was my Mom who spoke first, with a bit of a smile in her voice: "Your Father and I sort of figured that out, yes."

Yes. Not a big dark secret.

I've written extensively about my Dad before (e.g., Daddy's Little Girl), but I should explain a few things about my Mom for context. And no, I don't sexually fixate on Mom! My Mom worked her whole life. She started out as a teacher, and later became an education administrator pretty high up in the government hierarchy. She helped a lot of women to get ahead, and was an advocate for women's rights. She broke a few glass ceilings. She's retired now on a full pension. She's a smart woman, an educator/leader, and she was always professionally into stuff like psychology, self-hypnosis, primal therapy, and alternative stuff like that as an educator, looking for new approaches to education. So open-minded for sure.

My plan was to tell them I've been feeling stressed lately, but that the spanking David gave me made me feel a lot more centered, so I asked David to help me more along those lines.

Accordingly, I went on: "Recently I've been feeling a bit out of sorts really. Nervous. Distracted, Feeling like I'm slipping on the goals I set for myself."

"We're all feeling that way now," said Mom, referring to the pandemic.

I answered, "it's been going on for a bit longer than that with me, but yeah, this does not make it better. You remember a couple of weeks ago when David and I told you about that thing where I went out to get ice cream for no good reason. I mean, I'm even trying to slim down a little above everything else. He and I argued about it, and he... well, he spanked me."

It's so hard saying the words "spanked me" to Mom and Dad, especially in this context of me needing discipline.

"We thought that was a bit of fun?" said my Dad.

I knew that was what they thought, just based on the teasing comeback at the time.

"Yes, and no. I was deliberately being a bit bratty with David. And we certainly do play like that, so David just did it, more for real than for play? And afterwards it made me feel a whole lot better. Calmer. More at peace? And I wanted to tell you guys about it..."

"Do you think you're reacting to the stress by trying to find your inner child?" Asked Mom.

Yeah, that's Mom.

"Probably. Is that bad you think?" I asked her.

"Don't judge yourself," she answered. "It's neither good nor bad. It's maybe just what you need right now and that might change later."

That was acceptance, right? Mom is great, isn't she? I think blog readers have gotten the wrong impression of my Mom, mainly because I fixate on my Dad so much and she's been mentioned only obliquely. But I get a lot of my strength and determination from my Mom's example. With her retired and doing more grandmotherly stuff now, every now and then I need to be reminded of how accomplished she had been in her professional life, and how she still carries those skills and thought processes.

I went on, "I do seem to need it right now. So I did a bit of research online, and I got this idea to write up, like, a little contract sort of thing? Where I write down everything I want to be held accountable for and ask David to hold me accountable... you know... in that way."

"With a spanking?" confirmed my Mom. As opposed to my mealy-mouthed articulation of the word, or avoidal of it entirely, Mom just came right out and said it clear as day!

"Yes," I answered. "It's what I think I need right now. It makes me feel good. I need you to know, though, that it's all my idea. David was reluctant. He thinks it's silly. Like I'm sure you do."

"Not silly. It's sweet," said my Mom.

I'm sure I was beaming at the affirmation, or would have been had I not been so embarrassed.

I continued, "we just wanted you to know, in case you hear about it or anything like that. I want you to know I'm not, like, an abused wife or anything like that. It was entirely, I mean 100% my idea totally. I really had to talk him into it." I reached out and grabbed David's hand for support. "And don't worry, he's never too hard on me or anything, nothing I can't take, and we have a special word I can use just in case it's too much. It's more just kind of... childish and embarrassing I guess?"

That sort of hung out there. Both Mom and Dad seemed to think about it and then nod affirmatively, as in, yeah, if we squint we can see it, and if it's what you want.

"Tell them about where you want to get spanked," continued David.

Dad totally misinterpreted! "On her big bare bum I imagine?" He said.

Oh geeze. Mister bull in the China shop compared to my Mom's delicate surgery. And it's not that big!

I clarified, "Daddy! No, he means where as in 'in what location'. I told David he should do it wherever I am, like here, or at the cottage, or wherever."

I was surprised David had prompted me like that. I thought he totally disapproved of the idea of spanking me at my Mom and Dad's.

"Yeah, I wasn't so sure about that part," said David, confirming my thoughts about how he felt about it, and likely shutting it all down by saying that. But then why raise it, I thought? Maybe he wanted to shut it down :-(

Then my Mom really surprised us by saying, "well you be careful, and not when Nancy or her boys are around."

Wait. Hold the presses. It took me a second in real time, but that was Mom not objecting to the whole concept, right? Nancy is my younger sister and viscerally does not approve of my "fun and games". And her sons are a bit young. But rather than shutting the whole concept down with a big fat NO, Mom just added some conditions, but sort of implicitly approved the concept. Right? I wasn't imagining things? David had the same read, I confirmed later on.

"No, not Nancy or the boys, of course," I agreed, blushing furiously. You know when you can feel a hot flush in your cheeks and your heart skips. Like that!

"Tell your Mom and Dad about the argument we had," David said. Oh blush! Unbelievably, the way the conversation had proceeded, bless his heart, but it appeared as if David was setting me up for a guestroom spanking! Confessing now took on a new meaning. I was likely going to get spanked here, in my parents' house (the house I grew up in, by the way - at one point what is now the guestroom was my room).

"Ummm... yeah... I had this stupid idea that I would carry too many dishes out and deliberately break something so David would have an excuse to spank me up in my old room or something. And that would break the ice and then we could talk about this. And then I argued with him when he said it was a dumb idea."

"Oh honey," said Mom, "You don't need to break a dish to have a conversation with us."

"Yeah I know. Sorry," I said. And then I, stupidly (!) used a babytalk voice and said, "David says he's going to spank me for it after." Oh how humiliating I would use that tone of voice. It's not what our DD is about. I'm not a "little". I don't know what got into me.

"Well I guess that's up to you two," said Mom, ignoring my babytalk voice.

That's when my marvellous man just damned the torpedoes and actually did it.

"She'd like it if she got spanked here for that, do you mind?" asked David.

What a question! He is magnificent. Very, very brave. And he did it for me. Totally for me. But when he said "here", he meant (and I confirmed it later) 'here' as in upstairs in the guestroom. But then my Dad...

"Sure, Let's see how you do it," said my Dad.

Ack! Dad got the idea 'here' meant here here I think!! But then my Mom...

"Go ahead," said my Mom, shaking her head. "Nothing we haven't seen before when she was a child. I blame myself," she added.

Ack! Ack! 'Seen Before'? She expects to 'See It'. Ack! And she actually compared this to my spankings when I was eight. It was like, no big deal, we spanked her when she was eight, what's the difference? Hello? BIG difference! Mom! Dad! I'm a grownup! I'm a wife! I thought all that, my heart pounding in my chest. Literally pounding with the adrenaline. Oh No! This was going too fast! What had I gotten myself into???

Afterwards, David said he was initially not even going to raise spankings outside the home, but when my parents were so no big deal about my spankings, he thought he would broach it as a possible future thing, for my sake, because he knew I wanted it, and then see how they would react. When they reacted no big deal to that as well, David went for it and angled to get me spanked upstairs in the guestroom as I had originally wanted. That's what he meant when he used the word 'here'. He did not intend 'on the spot here'. But my boy is quick on his feet. When Dad and Mom were both "Sure, spank her right here," my fate was sealed.

Regarding Mom's "I blame myself" comment, I'm sure she meant she was the professional educator and was late in giving up spanking us kids. I've always imagined it was her who put her foot down when the question came up for Nancy (actually, my last spanking was from Mom, and she really lost her cool. I bet she felt guilty over that!). But when she said "I blame myself", was that for letting the spankings continue when the research was against it, or was she blaming herself for turning me into an adult spanko? That's me analyzing what was said as I write this. Me at the time was sort of in a daze!

David stood and moved his chair away from the table and towards the corner of the room. It was not lost on me that he oriented the chair so that my butt would be pointed towards my Dad and Mom. If he spanked me bare bum... oh gosh!

David sat and called me over. Boy but I felt myself blushing! It felt like I was walking through molasses.

"Pants up or pants down?" David asked my Mom and Dad. Oh no! I was disappointed. Why did David have to ask?!? My Mom and Dad would take this as an opportunity to turn my spanking into a PG nothing version. My heart dropped.

"Need to keep your eye on your work," said my Dad with a wink. I mean, a literal wink. As in, a single-eye blink.


"Oh Doug!" said my Mom, but did not say more.

Holy shit! Would it be bare bum?

"You heard your Dad, get those jeans down to your ankles," David said.

This was actually happening. This was ridiculous! My tummy churned, and I was breathing hard as the adrenaline coursed through me anew. I lowered my jeans, being careful to retain my panties. Would David pull them down? He wouldn't. He couldn't. Would he ask? Or had it already been asked and answered?

I was standing facing David, my jeans at my ankles, with just panties on beneath the waist. They were a simple cotton print panty. Little flowers. Oh blush. I could not see Mom and Dad, but I felt their eyes on my panty-clad butt, especially my Dad's! But that's no big deal, right? It's just like a bikini bathing suit, right? Even more modest than that.

David gave me a smile and reached his two hands out and grabbed the waistband of my panties. David told me after that he felt safe in interpreting my Dad's remark of "keeping your eye on your work" in only one possible way. He acted accordingly and he lowered my panties down to my knees. Ok, this was way more than my bikini. I was mooning my parents!

That's my Mom and Dad's grown daughter's
actual bare bum! That was their view!

David pulled me gently by my arm down across his lap. I pinned my legs together and I was stiff as a board. So much for my fantasies of a "pussy show" for my Dad. I was legit mortified!

"Head down," said David, pushing my head and my legs gently down towards the carpet. Oh no. David was not allowing me to get away with it. I knew my pussy would be visible. It could not be otherwise. I softened submissively and bent fully over David's knee.

The photo above was taken of me as I was being spanked
over a man's knee with my panties at half-mast. So I know
exactly what my Mom and Dad saw as David lowered my
panties to half-mast and took me across his knee.
How unimaginably humiliating for a grown daughter!

I felt David's hand on my butt cheek.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"yes, sir" I said quietly, absolutely mortified with embarrassment.

"Why are you getting this spanking?" He asked me. Oh gosh. I have to speak? This is straight out of the Contract.

I could barely squeak the words out: "I was going to be deceitful with you and Mom and Dad, and I argued with you about it when I should have known better."

There is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, more embarrassing than for a grown wife to have to squeak out her misbehaviour with her pants and panties lowered while draped across her husband's lap, knowing a spanking was coming, with her bare bottom and bare private parts on display to her parents. NOTHING!

"That's right," said David. "I'm going to give you twenty hard spanks, ok?"

He never tells me how many I would get. I guess that was for Mom and Dad's benefit. And 20 was very quick. I usually get, like, hundreds! David wisely thought he didn't want to sour the proceedings by them thinking he was going too hard on me. I only got around 20 or fewer when I was eight-years-old, after all.

"Yes, Sir," I said, accepting my "sentence". Just please to God get it over with! I was hanging out here!

He lifted his hand and spanked my right cheek. I would classify the spank as medium-hard. It was a resounding whack by most people's standards. I remember gasping and whimpering a little, more from the embarrassment than from the smack. Mainly I was flushed and hyper-ventilating from being a grown woman spanked bare across her husbands knee in front of her parents!

He took his time, about two seconds between spanks. He strictly alternated cheeks. It was all over in less than a minute. I kept my composure for the first dozen. After that the spanks hurt more and I yipped with each and felt my bottom writhing across his lap. David had made sure Daddy got a good pussy show. The chair placement. The panties at my knees. My head pushed down to bend me over more. He absolutely knows I obsess over that and had taken the opportunity to make sure it happened in real life. The thought of what I was showing Daddy (and Mommy) burns into me still, and I'm sure will never be erased. There's no doubt a whole blog post in analyzing all my conflicting feelings, but it was what I craved, for sure.

I was very emotional from that spanking. After the full enormity of the situation hit me around the fifth spank, I felt myself tearing up. By the last few spanks I was openly bawling. "I'm sorry," I cried out. David finished the twenty spanks, looked down at my no doubt rosy butt cheeks, and told me "I think you've learned your lesson."

He stood me back up. He leaned down and pulled my panties back up my legs, covering me.

"Pull your jeans back up," David told me. I bent over and did so. David took me into his arms and hugged me, and I hugged him back and said "thank you".

He sent me back to the dinner table to sit. He restored his chair to the table and sat as well.

"That was very cute," said my Mom, "feel better?" she asked me with a smile.

I nodded my head yes. I did. It wasn't sexual. I just felt loved and cared for by everyone there. And very embarrassed.

"David gave you quite a red bum," my Dad said.

"It's a little sore," I agreed.

"I'll bet it is," said Dad with a chuckle.

"And definitely not in front of Nancy and the boys," my Mom added. Oh gosh, she was referring to my vagina!

"No no, of course not," I promptly agreed, feeling my face flush.

"Sue knows, I suppose?" asked my Mom.

"Yes," I answered. "She's spanked me too," I added in a blurting of honesty. Why did I volunteer that???

My Mom laughed. "She's always wanted to. She thought it very unfair that we stopped spanking you younger than she."

We were having a spanking conversation with my Mom!

I decided I should wrap things up. "Thank you," I said, taking a deep breath. "I feel much better now. Very loved and cared for by you all."

"Good," said my Mom. "Now is grownup Julie back at the table?" She asked.

"Yes she is. Albeit sitting on a sore tush," I joked.

"Good. Let's clear up the dessert dishes and then go sit more comfortably," said Mom.

Ha ha. She didn't mean because of my tush. She always says that, at every dinner, to signal that we should go to the living room and chat.

I leapt up and cleared like you imagine a very well-spanked wife would. But more to just do something so as not to have to talk about it more! When I joined the others in the living room the conversation had been moved along to the usual topics. I took a seat gracefully and curled up my legs on the couch. I smiled at my Dad and he winked back at me. He's a winker.

On the way out we got one more quick spanking reference, from my Mom. During the goodbyes she said to David, "feel free to spank her anytime you're over." Oh Gosh! She didn't have to volunteer that!

We went back home. On the way home, and more of it back home, we analyzed and re-analyzed everything, many times over. David said he thought it was nice that he didn't need to worry about spanking me in front of my older sister or my parents. Oh blush!

He also decided that my twenty spanks, given the circumstances, was a sufficiently memorable punishment for me and nothing further was required. I agreed!

So I guess this means that it will be "open season" on my bare butt at my Mom's house and at the cottage. David teased that he's for sure not holding back now, and may even "save up" my misbehaviour for Sunday dinners! I think he's teasing. But what if he's not...

Will this be me from now on????

Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister Sue watching me get my spanking from David.
(courtesy Glenmoretales)

And the teasing!

David looking far too pleased with himself!
(courtesy Glenmoretales)

So that was it. Wild ride! I never, ever, expected it to go down like that. No way! My parents didn't treat it at all like something kinky, they treated it as if I wanted to regress to being a child, and that my bare bum spankings were part of that. They seemed to think no more of seeing me bare than when I was eight years old.

Parents can surprise you, I guess!

Thank you everybody for all your help. The honest approach was absolutely the best way to go, and I was amply "rewarded" for it.

After all of that, I feel like spanking me some man butt now! ROAR!

P.S. Glenmoretales posted a wonderful blog entry with a more fulsome imagining of one way this might have transpired. Check it out here: The Broken Glass Spanking Comic