Saturday, October 27

Husband Belt-Whipped in Panties

I'm afraid I had to take a doubled-up leather belt to david's naughty ass today.

I got home from work late, and the kitchen was a mess. I found david in front of the television with dirty plates beside him. Instead of cleaning the kitchen before I got home, he just let it stay messy. I really, really, hate that.

I shut off his TV, grabbed him by the ear, and brought him to the kitchen. We had a little one-sided discussion about him leaving a mess for me when I walk in the door after a long day's work.

"Give me your belt,' I told him, "go get your hairbrush, and meet me in the living room."

david undid his belt, pulled it out from around his waist, and handed it to me with just a little fear in his eyes. Then he started going up the stairs to get his hairbrush.

"Oh, and I want you in a pair of panties, young man, and nothing but!" I called after him. I call him "young man" when his in trouble, even though he is my husband and older than I (physically, not emotionally).

I set out the folding chair in the middle of the living room and waited for him.

"Over my knee," I told him when he arrived, so cute in the little panties he had chosen. He handed me the hairbrush and descended across my lap, an obvious erection despite what he knew was coming.

 I started him off with some hard whacks to the seat of his panties, and the bare skin below. After a time, I peeled his panties down his legs to his knees, and spanked his bare bottom. I went hard on him. I had him kicking his legs and begging before too long, which is music to my ears but doesn't affect my stopping-point in the least. I covered every inch, even parting his cheeks to spank into his cleft. Only when I felt he had fully learned the first part of his lesson did I restore his panties to his brightly blushing cheeks.

I then told him to clean up his kitchen. He had five minutes and would get one additional belt lick for every 10 seconds late.

Well you never saw a boy move so fast! He was very motivated and got it done barely in time. His reddened pantied cheeks were wiggling like crazy as he cleaned the sinks, countertops and the mess he had left on the floor. I inspected, and found a few faults. He had to do those parts over, and that put him overtime by about a minute.

"Bend over." I told him, indicating the back of the couch. He had a pained expression on his face, but did as he was told. "Lower your panties." I told him after he was bent over. He reached behind and lowered them to beneath his cheeks. They would not go lower as he was lying on the front of the panty.

I took up the belt, doubled it up, snapped it, and told him he was going to be belt-whipped thirty times, as hard as I could swing, for being a messy marvin.

I swung the belt hard right across his cheeks, and was rewarded by a yell, a stiffening of his whole body that raised his legs up off the floor, and a nasty red rectangular stripe across his ass.

I love the CRACK of the belt as it swings across those defenceless little man-cheeks!

I waited about fifteen seconds between strokes and did it again, concentrating on his ass. After a few such, I could see his hands start to come up and move towards his ass. He knew better though, and returned them to the seat of the couch without me having to say anything. It was funny watching his hands wave in mid-air, undecided. I did remind him, though, that if his hands came up we would be starting from the beginning, but he already knew that.

After the thirty, he thought he was done. I disabused him of that silly notion. He was a minute late cleaning the kitchen, and so had earned another six strict beltings. "Pull you panties down to you ankles," I told him, "you're getting these on your legs".

I belt-spanked the backs of his legs (which he hates), and left some great marks and one little bruise on the far side of his thigh where the belt had wrapped around.

"Are you ever going to leave the kitchen a mess again for when I come home?" I asked him.

"no ma'am" he answered in a small, shaking voice.

"You better not, you little belt-whipped bitch." When he talks so submissively to me, it brings this sort of thing out of me.

I helped him up, gave him a hug, and told him that he mustn't test me, because I will not hesitate to use the belt, or the strap if he pushes me. He apologized for the careless mess. I knelt in front of him and pulled his panties back up his legs.

Then I walked him over to the wall, and had him put his nose against it, holding up a piece of paper. There is a cardboard banker's box I keep there that he must stand in front of. It is so that his feet are away from the wall and he has to bend forward and arch his back to hold up the paper. I had him cross his arms behind him, at the small of his back, and had him hold his belt. Then I pulled down his panties to just beneath his cheeks so that I could admire the marks from his leathering.

I set the stove timer for five minutes, and told him that when the timer went off, he could come upstairs and give me an orgasm with his tongue, as punishing him had made me very wet and horny.

Saturday, October 20

Playing Doctor

As you'll recall, david and I went on a little shopping trip a month ago and purchased a new, larger dildo: Adam. I have been frustrated, however, as I have not yet been able to properly fuck him with it using my strap-on equipment. I got it into his ass once, but had to take it right out again as he was in too much pain. Since then, david has been afraid of trying again (poor baby).

I decided this needed to stop, so I had a little surprise for him the other night. I decided that we were going to be playing Doctor! david was game for playing Doctor, but he didn't know exactly what I had in mind.

I dressed myself up authentically in lab coat with a real stethoscope around my neck (don't ask where I got it!).

I made david clean out his ass thoroughly and put on his baggy white undies before we started (he says these make him feel like a little kid).

Then I ushered him into "my office", told him to strip to his underpants, and sit and wait for me. I left him like that for five minutes or so. He got to stare at some of the "equipment" I had assembled and get used to the idea of what was awaiting him.

I bustled in very professionally with a clipboard in hand, made a bit of the usual condescending small talk Doctors do to put patients at their ease, and started my examination. First I listened to his heart with my stethoscope, then to his lungs, getting him to breathe deeply in and out. I used my pink toy thingy to look into his eyes, ears, and mouth, getting him to stick out his tongue and say "ahhhh".

Then I looked away from him and felt up his chest "looking for lumps".

Then I slowly pulled on a pair of latex gloves in front of him.

I had him stand up and then pulled down his underpants to just below his cock. I then grabbed his balls and asked him to cough. 

When I was done, I pulled them back up again quickly.

I picked up the Vaseline and the thermometer and told him I needed to take his temperature rectally.

"Can't you do it in my mouth???" he begged. "This is much more accurate," I told him. I had him lie on his tummy and I pulled his undies back down to underneath his blushing bare cheeks. Then I pushed a glob of Vaseline up his bottom hole, and inserted the thermometer.

He jumped because it was cold! I left it like that for a good couple of minutes, adjusting it a little bit every now and then. Then I pulled it out and declared his temperature a little elevated.

Keeping him like that, I then pushed my finger into his bumhole telling him I needed to examine his prostate. I squirmed my finger up inside of him, stroking his prostate, and commenting on how tight he was back there!

I pulled out, declaring him to be a normal healthy male, pulled his undies back up for him, and told him to go back to sitting.

I sat next to him and consulted my notes. I told him his wife Julie had been in to see my just the other day, and in a routine discussion of her sex life she revealed to me how she is a naturally dominant women, but that her husband was resistant. I looked down at my notes again, and said that in particular his wife was interested in giving him spankings, and pegging him with a large dildo. I asked david what was the problem, why couldn't he do this thing for his wife, for her pleasure?

david played along and said he was afraid that being hit would injure him, and that it was so gay to have anything up his bum. I became a little angry with him for his homophobic comment, and scolded him for his attitude. I then scolded him for being selfish, and not thinking of his wife's pleasure at all. How did he expect to keep her if he wouldn't agree to sex the way his wife wanted it? Did he want a divorce? He assured me he didn't, and then asked if I could help him.

I told him that this is what I would do. I would give him a proper, medically supervised spanking, so there was no way he could be injured. I told him that I would show him that he can actually experience tremendous fanny pain, and a complete discolouration and even slight bruising of his bottom flesh, and yet be in no danger whatsoever of permanent injury.

I also told him that his wife was only excited by the prospect of taking his bottom hole wearing a dildo considerably larger than his own penis. "No!" he begged (a bit for real this time!). Oh yes, I told him. To be safe, however, he needed to be worked up to such a large phallus. I showed him the three graduated artificial phalluses, and told him that we would have each one in for ten minutes, stretching him out as he was learning about spanking. By the end, he would be spanked with the largest of the three phalluses lodged firmly in his bumhole. The, when he was accustomed to the girthy invader, I would use hand action to simulate a proper, deep, hard pegging from his wife.

I sat on the bed, made him stand beside me, I lowered his white underpants to his ankles, and pulled him across my lap. I used my hand to warm up his bottom, re-assuring him that I was a Doctor and would make sure no injury would occur during his spanking. I built up the strength of the swats, pointing out to him along the way that I was by now hitting him quite hard and that there was no injury to him whatsoever.

The I reached over and grabbed the smallest of the three dildos. With david over my knee, I condomed it, lubed him and inserted it. He pretended to be in great pain as part of the role play, but I knew this little guy gave him no trouble at all. I pulled it in and out, and gave him a little hand-fucking with it. Then I pushed it in nice and deep and started spanking him again. I reached over and grabbed my hairbrush, and started swatting him with that. Every now and then I would lightly spank the base of the dildo, which made him jump and yelp.

I started spanking his cheeks good and hard. He yelled out swearing he was being injured! I told him that was nonsense, I was a Doctor and I could assure him that he was not being injured in the slightest, and all he was feeling was the pain of a woman administering to him a good hard hairbrush spanking which he would need to get used to for the sake of his marriage.

By now his bottom was rosy red, and the small dildo was no longer popping out at all as I spanked him. I thought it was time for more anal stretching. I dislodged the small dildo, and then inserted the middle one after condoming it and lubing it and him.

He again complained, but he knew he was just playing along, as this was his usual pegging dildo. Once again, I teased his anal opening and tip-fucked him a bit. Then I pushed it in deep which made him gasp, and pulled it right out again, and repeated that a few times. While it is his regular pegging dildo, he still knows when he is getting fucked by it!

Then it was dildo lodged deep and back to the hairbrushing. This time there was no mercy as I spanked him good and hard onto his red, red, ass, and right down onto his thighs, bruising him a bit there as I spanked. I also made sure to give a few light taps to the base of the dildo as well each time it threatened to pop out from the ass beating he was getting across my knee.

Finally I pulled the medium purple dildo free of his ass and inspected. His asshole was nicely open. Usually it's clammed up tight, but after about ten or fifteen minutes of the stretching and hand-fucking, it gaped open at me nicely. He was ready for Adam.

I had him stand up off my lap, and then lie on his back, lifting his legs. I prepared Adam and then scooted in between his legs. I took the big bulbous head and pushed it against his rectum. "Ow ow ow!" he said (as usual) as I kept the pressure up, slow and steady. But very quickly it disappeared right up into him. He was in a bit of pain, so I didn't move it at all, just let it sit in there with the tip just past his anal opening. After a minute or so he calmed down and I was able to push it in a bit deeper, and move it gently in and out of him. I was fucking him with Adam!

I could tell that while he was being stretched and in pain, it was transitioning to a nice pain, and I was able to go a bit more vigorously. I then pushed it in as deeply as it would comfortably go (there was still an inch or so not yet in) and told him to stand up, holding the dildo inside himself with his hand. He got to his feet awkwardly. I sat down where he had been, and beckoned him across my lap once again, which he did very gingerly. If he moved too quickly, he experience a shot of pain I could see in his eyes, so I let him move at his own pace.

Finally he was back across my knee, with the huge dildo inside of him. I took up my hairbrush and spanked him some more. Later on, david told me he could barely feel these hard spanks, pre-occupied as he was with the huge anal intruder.

After a bit, I went back to the dildo, and started a gentle in and out motion. Each time in I went deeper and deeper. At last I was getting it in all the way, "balls deep" so to speak, on each thrust. I paused momentarily to re-lube, and then I picked up the pace again. By now it was a hard fucking, deep, with fast strokes.

At this point, I started lecturing him again on not being such a selfish husband. I told him that his wife enjoys fucking him hard with a large dildo, and he was being a total baby not accepting that from her. As I lectured, I continued the hand-fucking, pausing every now and then to hand-spank his red cheeks, and then returning to the dildo.

I finished him up by pushing the dildo in as deep as it would go, and then spanking him all over his cheeks. I made him stand and told him he may now go to the bathroom to dislodge the dildo for himself (the previous two came out clean, but I was concerned about this one!).

He was a few minutes in the bathroom and then came out sheepishly to me. He looked spent but happy, and we hugged, both agreeing that it was a hot Doctor's scene!

I did not fuck him with my strap-on this time, but next time I'm in the mood that is exactly what he will be getting after a hard spanking to put him in a submissive mood, and bit of dildo corner time for pre-stretching.

After that, he had better mind me because Adam will become his new punishment dildo!

Saturday, October 13

Another eSubbie

Here's a nice spanked bum from an eSubbie I made hit himself 100 times with his own belt.

I would say he did an adequate job, no?

Here is another punishment I made him do. Truss up his own testicles and whip them with a little cord.

I don't see any whip marks on his sac, though...

The time before that I subjected him to 100 whips with an electrical cable (he specifically asked me for that one, so I allowed it to him as a favour after he had done as he was told - am I not kind?)

My little eSubbie has an issue over-masturbating to Internet Porn and staring at Female backsides in the street. I made him find the image below and stand in front of it, imagining his tongue licking her asshole, while he whacked himself 100 times with a wooden paddle.

And here was the result of his paddling, in the pose I demanded:

Oh, how he begged me to please, please, not publish his photos on my blog! Here was his email to me:
hi miss thank you for correcting me i will do that
can i do it with a leather electric cable instead ? that's one thing
another is that i don't want this photo to be published
you can double my punishment if you think that's appropriate but no publishing
And my inevitable reply:
No ads, you are not to use an electrical cord. If I wanted that, I would have told you to do that. And you have no say about whether your pathetic little bitch ass gets posted on my blog or not.
But even after those punishments, he still confessed to being a dirty little masturbator. Here were my instructions to him:
But as you point out, you don't seem to have learned your lesson. You are still a dirty, dirty boy. You need to get a big glob of toothpaste, wet it thoroughly on the end of your finger, and then stick it up your asshole. Make sure it's in nice and deep. Then take a bar of soap, wet it and rub it into a good lather, rub it around the inside of your mouth, and then hold it in your mouth, dirty boy. Then grab the skin of your testicle sac, and pull up on that with both hands, nice and high, and I want your fingernails digging into it. You are to stand there like that for a full TEN minutes while you stare at a picture of big naked breasts. Maybe that will finally teach you not be such a dirty boy?
Here was the photo poor little ads chose for his punishment:

Can't you just imagine him standing there, staring at this picture, a burning bumhole, a soapy mouth plugged with a bar of soap, and pulling up hard on his worthless little testicles, nails digging in hard?

Ha Ha! What a little bitch.

Monday, October 8

Spanked and Masturbated by my Sister

We've gotten together a few times over the past month with Sue, but ever since she broke up with Trina I have not been initiating anything.  I took it as a great sign that Sue was a bit frisky earlier today. She came over for mid-afternoon drinks. david had bought some new audio equipment for the gym and was setting it up, so as Sue and I sat and chatted in the living room, we kept hearing songs cutting in and out from the gym below. david apparently likes Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Taylor Swift. What a pussy!

Anyway, when he came up, after a bit of a chit chat, Sue spontaneously came out with "you know, I haven’t seen you spanked in a while…". I asked Sue if she would like that, and she said she very much would. So I told david to change into a pair of his "punishment panties" and bring me down his hairbrush, because he would be putting on a little show for Susan.

Sue had a big smile on her face as david appeared in his little blue frilled panties and nothing else, clutching a hairbrush. He was visibly excited in his panties. I made him stand in front of Sue and I and explain why he enjoys young female pop singers so much. After torturing him for a bit, and watching his excitement grow under his panties, I took him across my knee as Sue moved out of the way and perched nearby for a good view.

I slowly peeled his panties down to his ankles and then started in with the hairbrush on his defenceless little cheeks. As usual, I didn’t spare the strokes, and my boy was bouncing around my lap in no time flat, and Sue had a big smile on her face.  In honour of Sue's presence, I pulled his cheeks apart with my hand, and smacked the hairbrush up and down his tender crease, concentrating my attack just near his little hole.

I got some very vocal begging and pleading from that, let me tell you. Even after all he's been through, he's still embarrassed to be spanked this way in front of my sister.

"May I?" she asked.

Of course! I stood david up, and Sue and I changed places. He still had a BIG erection which he was forced to lay across Sue's lap. She then started smacking him as well, not sparing his thighs. She also pulled his cheeks apart a bit and gave him a few smacks up in there. Sue has no problems seeing david's anatomy!

"Keep going." I said, as I went up to our bedroom to grab some equipment. I came back down with a butt plug and my Hitachi (it's still fairly new - a gift from david a couple of months ago). I told Sue I wanted to see if it would work on a boy.

First thing I did was slide a towel onto Sue's lap. Then, "hold him apart?" I asked her. She spread his cheeks nice and wide. I dripped lube into his hole, lubed the plug, and pushed it home. When it was in, Sue patted the end of the plug. Then I plugged in the Hitachi and touched it to the base of the plug. david moaned sluttishly.

"Get his cock out." Said Sue. Great minds think alike! I made him spread his legs, reached under and pulled his cock and balls back behind his thighs and told him to clamp his legs together tightly. Now, under normal situations, he loves this position, as it's a bit tougher for him to cum, so it prolongs things for him. However, I do believe this is the first time any woman other than I has seen him in this position, and so I'm sure it was mortifying for him.

I then played the Hitachi up and down his penis and balls.

Observing david's reaction, Sue asked "is he going to cum across my lap?"

"Yes" I said, simply.

"Let's switch places, I want to use it." said Sue.

So we switched again, and we had david, cock and balls back out again, but this time across my towel-covered lap. Sue had the Hitachi and was experimenting with it. When david wasn't looking, she even pushed it up against the front of her jeans and said "nice!"

I gave david a little hand spanking as Sue worked the Hitachi up and down, and up and down. She went from tip to shaft to balls to butt plug, then back down again. Up and down. Up and down. She was looking fascinated by the whole thing, but more like a scientist examining a bug rather than a woman getting excited!

Meanwhile, the sisterly masturbation was taking its toil on david, and he writhed across my lap, thighs clamped together. He couldn't help but stick his butt up in the air as the Hitachi worked its magic. Once when he did that I grabbed his ball sac and made him keep his butt up high like that. Sue mashed the underside of his cocktip into the crease between his thighs with the bulbous Magic Wand as I held him up by the balls.

Then it started. david yelled out "no! no!" (he often does that when he cums - it's a long-standing fantasy of his to be "made to cum" so he often has that running around his head when I do something that makes him cum). "NO!" he yelled as he spurted out a stream of white cum down the backs of his thighs. Sue kept her distance, and I grabbed his cock to aim it down towards his legs more.
Sue had a lovely little smirk on her face as she shut down the Hitachi.

I asked Sue for a dampened kitchen rag, and cleaned the cum off him. I kept his butt plug in. I led him to his very favourite living room corner, and made him stand there, hands by his sides, panties around his knees. As a little extra dose of humiliation, I made him hold an 8.5x11 sheet of paper in the corner with his nose. This ensures he stays put, and does not slack off on the nose in the corner thing.
Sue had to leave, but before she did she went over to david's corner and thanked him for letting her help out with his spanking, as she really needed a good dose of kink. She laid a little kiss on his cheek and patted his butt plug.

"How long should I keep him there?" I asked Sue.

"Hmmm... is a half hour too long?" she said.

"Not at all!" I said back. "You hear that sweetie, Sue would like you in your corner for a half hour. If that paper drops, or if that plug falls out, I bend you over for a strapping, and then you'll start corner time over from the beginning. Understood?"

"yes dear," he said, meekly, nose in corner.

Yummm! I love when he's obedient to me in front of my sister!

I think a half hour is a pretty long time. I have never tried it myself, but I'm sure it will be painful and the time will drag. But I figured after what he just got, he needed a little penance to balance the scales!

Besides, his butt hole needs a little stretching, because Adam still needed to come out to play!

Tuesday, October 2


The below is a story written by one of my pen pals after reading my latest post, Good Boy Spanking. It's about a man caught masturbating to my blog! Oh Dear!


Sometimes things have a way of backfiring completely. It was a case of extreme domestic discipline irony.

Brett sat down at his computer fully intending to get to the work needed doing. Instead he opened his web browser and carefully typed in the familiar search. He could have used a bookmark if he had ever had the nerve to save one, but a search for strict julie supplied the link he needed.

For a moment breath caught in his throat. He felt a stirring between his legs and was aware of his behind where it rested on the chair. He made a nervous tick of a look around but his wife had gone to the mall that afternoon. He was alone, and Tanya would surely not be home soon. In any case, he would hear the garage door and have plenty enough time to make it appear as if he had been working innocently.

In Brett's head there was actually little going on in the way of careful planning. He knew the situation was all. His focus was on his computer screen, where Strict Julie's blog was causing his stirrings. He read the three words over again, Good Boy Spanking. "What is this?" he asked himself. He was more than intrigued.

Brett knew well about spanking. The clear association for him was strictly at odds with what he was seeing. Spankings are for misbehavior. It is when you get in trouble that you get a spanking. Trouble is something to be avoided; case in point, his careful web browsing. He had learned the sorry fact a long time ago, and nothing in that regard had changed since his marriage to Tanya. Miss Julie Strict was also a strong proponent of spanking discipline. So he needed an answer. What is good boy spanking? More important, what did strict Miss Julie have to say about it?

He continued to read. Julie Strict took david up to the bedroom where she made him strip. Completely naked. Her description made Brett shift weight where he was sitting. There was nothing here he couldn't relate to. If david was getting a spanking, then getting it naked was understandable. Brett knew. When he'd been a bad boy, he'd forfeited all rights to modesty. But this that he was reading became an entirely different situation when Miss Julie also removed her clothing. To administer the punishment? Miss Julie naked. It was too much. Brett was no longer merely stirring. He was stiffening. His hand was down the front of his jeans trying to make room for what had become uncomfortably larger.

Miss Julie Strict then sat on the bed. Brett could picture her sitting prim and proper in all her naked glory, buttery legs, knees together forming a breathtaking platform for a boy's breathless surrender. Nothing threatening here. No pleas and promises to be good. No feminine voice scolding, menace laced with honey. This was new to Brett, but his heart pounded just the same. In place of the hairbrush, paddle, or other dreaded implement, in Miss Julie's hands was baby oil. She was rubbing it on david where Brett was now feeling a delicious agony, and Brett was no longer thinking too clearly, wanting to be where david was rather than in his office in front of his computer, where he had stripped just as naughtily naked.

Brett's eyes were glued to the screen. Miss Julie was in total control. With her slippery expert hands she made her man hard, quivering hard as he stood submissively at her side, but she did not allow him release, bringing him close again and again to a point of desperation. She had other plans for david, and david could have nothing but what his wife allowed him. Brett was in a similar state, stroking but not allowing himself to get too carried away. His desperation was to finish what he was reading.

It got better. Much, much better. With david still aching for release, his wife rubbed baby oil onto her own bare thighs, as if they were not already the most delectable surface. Did david moan in anticipation? Brett would have, and then he did when he read Miss Julie's own words, "face down over my lap in a traditional OTK spanking position". Brett was aroused and confused. Spankings, by tradition, are for discipline. Julie Strict felt a hard cock on her oiled lap, and all david was was a very lucky boy. To lay naked across those thighs, and with one hand back to feel his disciplinarian's regal behind, the other holding onto her slender ankle? If this was punishment, then Brett wanted to be bad.

A little bedside paddle. That was what Strict Julie held in her pretty hand, and this was simply too much for Brett to bear. Could this siren be any more wickedly seductive? She could have used that hand to spank. Wouldn't this be more appropriate for a good boy? The feminine hand used for a nice friendly slap and fondle? No, not Miss Julie Strict. Good boy or bad, a spanking is a spanking. Brett could almost feel the little bedside paddle as hard as his cock in his hand. He was reading about a spanking he had only imagined on some level beyond his conscious grasp, a spanking administered by a woman adept at driving the line between punishment and reward, a woman wielding all her power, the hot sting above, the silk below. It was an increasingly strict paddling compelling more writhing over that lap causing more arousing friction.

According to Miss Julie, david was undergoing a good old fashioned cheek reddening, and as she felt him getting closer and closer to orgasm, she spanked harder and harder. At his computer, Brett stroked harder and harder, Miss Julie's written word inspiring him to a frenzy. David was holding out remarkably well as his cock was allowed to slip between and to be trapped by smooth warm thighs. Brett knew that over Miss Julie's bare skin, he would not last long enough to require such charity. By then he'd have spent his entire allowance, and it was on that thought that Brett exploded into the wad of tissues he was holding.

He came down quickly. Brett went straight to the bathroom to clean up, stood dripping in the shower. Lust no longer advising him, he could hear the whispers of guilt, saw his reflection in the mirror, still naked and newly shamed. He dried himself and headed back to the scene of his crime. Sitting in his chair, in front of his computer, Tanya was looking intently at Strict Julie's blog, at the article he had just been reading. His wife had tired quickly of the mall that day and had returned home much earlier than expected. The garage door had surely provided the expected warning while a very bad boy was under water. And so the irony. He was walked naked to the bedroom where the hairbrush was taken from her drawer. His wife did not get naked, and Brett did not get a good boy spanking.