Tuesday, September 29

Third Book Update

Once again, apologies for my relative silence on the blog. Most of my kinky energies remain dedicated to the book, even my kinky personal life is suffering!

I've been reading and revising and revising and revising.  I decided to shorten up the chapters as it made the book flow a lot better. I also removed all sorts of useless words, and any thoughts that really don't advance the plot. So the whole thing is a lot tighter now, and flows well from chapter to chapter. The current chapter count is 69, and the page count is 350, so it's averaging about 5 pages per chapter, which I find to be a nice tight chapter that propels you onto the next. I am currently happy with the flow.

Word count remains at around 80,000. I lost a lot of words in all the editing and cutting process, but then added back in some more scenes to get me back up there again.

In the following I'll refer to the main character as "me". There's so much of me and my life in there, while still being a work of fiction, that I identify as my character.

First 12 chapters are my early life, moving out, meeting David, dating David, us making sure we are compatible lifemates, me getting a marriage proposal and then us preparing for the marriage. There's romance, religion, sexy spankings, sex scenes, my first punishment spanking, some aftercare where David fingers me anally for the first time, and we also meet my Mom and Dad, and David and Daddy exchange joking innuendos about the need to keep me in line.


Next 8 chapters are the marriage and the honeymoon. At the marriage I include my "obey" vows and David's younger sister reads a blushy Bible passage, Ephesians 5:22-23:

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

There is the tossing of the garter and David has to go real high up my leg to retrieve it, to the hooting and hollering of the crowd. We drive off to a nearby inn for the wedding night. I asked him to give me a spanking before anything else, during which I completed my vows to him:

I pledge to thee, David Delmar, that I agree to be punished when naughty however and whenever you see fit. Thereto I give thee my troth.

After that, David gives me intercourse for the first time in our relationship. I cum hard from his cock in my pussy, experiencing my first ever vaginal orgasm (or at least what I imagine this mythical beast to be, as I have never had one 😱)

The morning after, a young bell boy delivers up our breakfast and I give him a little tease while David is still in the bathroom. David catches me and after the kid leaves he chases me around the room and spanks me amidst much giggling. On the way out of the hotel, David makes me apologize to the bell boy and tell him how I was punished.

We then fly off to our honeymoon in Tahiti. I get waxed so I look more like Daddy's little girl down there, which makes David a little uncomfortable. He takes me to a sex shop on the island and buys me plugs, lubes, and an enema in the drugstore to get me ready. Being a good Christian wannabe wife, I submit to my husband, but beg him to "make me" by whipping me hard first.

Next 10 chapters are after returning from the honeymoon and focus on my conversion to Christianity. I am sent to Sunday School where their plan for me was that I was supposed to assist the lady there as her teaching assistant prior to adult conversion classes beginning in a few months. But because I am a bit insecure and have a chip on my shoulder, there is a misunderstanding when I first get to the room and I storm out imagining I am being sent to Sunday School with the little kids. I swear at the lady on the way out, not giving her a chance to explain at all, and the kids hear my bad word. I send a text to David telling him I WILL NOT be FUCKING humiliated like this, and he can FUCK his FUCKING Church!

David looks into the situation and learns the truth. He comes home and explains it to me. Oh no! What have I done??? David washes my mouth out with soap and punishes me with the hairbrush. I am then forgiven, but will the Church? David goes and makes an arrangement. They say I have the sin of Pride, and I need to be more humble. They are right. They make me read C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, the chapter on Pride.

According to Christian teachers, the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride. Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere fleabites in comparison: it was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.

They also say my punishment will be to attend Sunday School, as a pupil, not a teaching assistant, dressed like a child, and obeying all the rules for the children. It is a hard pill to swallow, but I throw myself into making amends. I thought this a clever way (if I do say so myself!) to work in some age regression, which is a genre I enjoy.

I do really, really good at Sunday School and I even start taking on some teacher assistant type duties. But then I screw up and am caught sneaking a peak at social media, hiding my phone behind a picture book. The Sunday School teacher catches me and I have to go visit her after class with my husband. They agree I should be spanked at home. David wondered what happened to the tradition of punishing children at school as well? That has been against the rules for many years now, he is told. He asks if an exception can be made in my case, has me sign a permission note, and they get the approval of the Church for the exception. My palms are punished with the strap, and my bottom is paddled across the seat of my panties. I am then spanked at home as well.

Everything goes well again until an evil little six-year-old boy stabs me in the butt with a sharpened pencil. I lose my temper and give him a big SLAP across his face which sends him reeling. I instantly knew I had fucked up.  I am put in the corner in the classroom. The parents are called out of service and they want to press charges. The Sunday School teacher talks them out of it, but tells them about the special permission and promises them I will be given a very severe leathering across my bare bottom as punishment. As the wife taunts me about my punishment I lose bladder control and pee my panties while standing in the corner!

The teacher is called over and she makes me remove my shoes, socks, and skirt, while making me hold my blouse up high. She cleans up the mess with absorbent pads. I am not the first child to pee themselves in Sunday school and there is a rule for it: back into diapers. I am immediately taken to the changing station by the teacher with the husband and wife in tow. My panties are removed and I am wiped, powdered, and diapered in full view of the couple, then sent back into the classroom to continue my corner time until after class, in diapers, where all the Moms and Dads picking their kids can see.

After class, David arrives accompanied by the Pastor, and I am given a severe strapping across the Sunday School teacher's knee while the couple, the Pastor, and my husband look on.

For the next several weeks, according to the rule, I must attend class in a diaper. David puts me into it when we get ready. The Sunday School teacher changes me into a fresh one after class, checking if they are dry. The aggrieved husband and wife are there to watch the diaper inspection each week, which includes a diaper-position application of the paddle to my bare bottom.

I make it through all of that, but gaining the reputation of the 'spanked young wife' among all the parishioners who treat me like a teenage girl. I am eventually baptized, full immersion, but screw up by wearing a white shift that becomes transparent and clingy when wet. Everybody laughs as I desperately cover!


The next 11 chapters consist of a visit from David's younger sister Beatrice. We hear about David's rough family history, and how he wound up the legal guardian of Bea when she was 14 and he was 20. Some of Bea's childhood spankings are explored. It also comes out that even into adulthood, Bea wishes to be held accountable by her big brother until she gets married off to a loving husband willing to practice Christian Domestic Discipline. Bea accumulates a list of wrongdoings and presents it to David. As he is now married to me, my permission was requested and granted for the arrangement to continue. Bea is sentenced to three spankings over the next week. David delivers her first spanking that day. The next spanking is to be given by me, so I can practice for when I eventually have children. I am extremely earnest in wanting to do the best possible job on Bea's spanking and do go a little over the top.

While Bea is visiting I misbehave by surreptitiously snapping a photo of her spanked bottom. This is discovered and Bea, as the aggrieved party, is given leave to punish me. She decides to give me a switching next day. We go off to a woooded public park together and she makes me cut switches in the bushes with my pants off. Afterwards she switches me in a way deliberately designed to inflame the passions of her big brother. Afterwards she says she will retire to her room, put her headphones on, and play loud music while we do whatever comes naturally to a husband and wife in this situation.

Bea's third spanking is for a very big thing, and she gets the belt. It comes out that Bea is a bit bipolar, and beats herself up incessantly over her wrongdoings. the only thing that knocks her out of it is a very severe belt whipping from her brother. After doing this, David is a bit shook up and leaves to collect himself. I stay and comfort Bea, who is now feeling much better, and apply cold cream to her bottom. She scandalously and sluttishly gets herself off as I rub the cream into her bottom. She expounds on her theory that links sexual excitement to spanking. Here's an excerpt from the book.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your husband," Bea said. "I was afraid you wouldn't let me."

"Not a problem. But what's this afterwards things all about? Do you get turned on having your brother spank you?" I asked her.

"Oh yes. He doesn't know, of course. Big dummy," she said. "I mean, that's not why I do it. I do it for everything we talked about. To be held accountable and all that. And sometimes I just go off the deep end. I'm a little bipolar in case you haven't figured it out. Manic depressive. Mostly I'm up, but then sometimes I just crash into a depression, usually at the state of my life, especially after I do something epically stupid. I can't get it out of my head, and I keep cycling back to it OCD style. Only a whipping like this gets me out of it. I know, weird. And nobody has the strength to give me the kind of whipping I need except my brother," she said. "Although you weren't too shabby with the hairbrush the other night," she said.

"Nor you with the switches yesterday," I said.

"Yeah, that was fun whipping another girl for once. And was it worth it? Did I get his engines revving for you in the bedroom after?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, actually blushing.

"I always masturbate after he spanks me. Ever since the very first time when I was fourteen. He thinks I just need time to collect myself."

"My you are a naughty, naughty, little girl" I said, and reached over and spanked her sore butt once.

"Ouch!" she cried out and giggled. "Come on. Don't you find it sexy when he spanks you, even if it is for punishment?"

Interesting question. Like her I was not doing it because of any sexual excitement, but I had to admit that the sexual excitement of being justly punished by my man was an aspect.

"Ok, yes. It's not why I do it, though," I was quick to point out.

"It's never why we do it," Bea said, "but there is that side effect. I think God built us that way. It's like how He made sex fun so you want to make babies? Like that, but only with spanking."

"Go on," I said, intrigued by Bea's "interesting" theology.

"God wants men to lead and women to follow, right? So, he invented spanking to enforce that. I mean, think about it. The butt is about the only spot you can really hit a woman without any lasting harm, right? It's custom made for it. All that muscle and fat and thick skin so there's no damage. But then He put all those nerve endings right there near the surface, so you feel it. And He even made it so that it changes colour depending on how hard your man spanks you, like a gauge sort of thing. Tell me that's all accidental.

"But there's more. Then He also put your pussy and butthole right there, with all those sexy nerve endings, and He made it so good when all the blood flows down there. You literally get horny from getting a spanking."

Bea was on a roll. I was nodding and agreeing with her at all the right places. She kept going, encouraged.

"And He also invented shame, and even made shame a bit sexy for women. In the Garden of Eden, there's Eve running all around naked without a care in the world, and then she made the original sin, and suddenly she's all, 'oooh, don’t look at my tits and pussy, I need a leaf to cover them,' right? But then to have sex, she needs to get naked in front of her man and she's all 'no don’t,' but really wants it?

"For a spanking, you have to bend way over to get at the butt the best and show the man all that you should be covering up, right? And after you've waved all your private parts in the air in front of a man, and you just want to DO IT, you know? Get royally fucked. Please him anyway you can?

"Sure, the spanking hurts, and we dread it at one level, but afterwards there's a warm fuzzy feeling of being loved and forgiven, and a warm sexy feeling after all that blood flows down there. And if you're his wife, let's face it you're getting fucked afterwards and you like that, and you get babies out of it, so bonus. So, despite how much it hurts, you accept your next spanking easier as a result."

"That makes weird sense," I told her. She kept going.

"And it works the other way also. When a wife gets so excited, the husband gets that positive feedback later in the bedroom. Hubby also gets turned on seeing his wife waving that red ass at him and squirming for all she's worth, and basically making her pussy beg for a fucking. And so, your husband doesn’t mind spanking you again to correct your bad behaviour instead of throwing you out of the house and letting you starve.

"It's all God's design, I'm sure of it. Except in my case, because I haven’t found my man yet, I have to settle for diddling myself with my fingers and getting a little sexy massage from my new lesbo sister-in-law."

"Hey!" I said, "I'm not a lesbo!"

"Oh, of course not, my apologies," said Bea giggling, "I'm sure it was just a total accident that you brushed by my pussy lips."


"Don't tell anyone!" I told her.

"We pinky swore," she said, "it covers it."


The next 11 chapters focus on me telling my family that I am now a spanked wife. After the cat is out of the bag, I do a very thoughtless thing at my Mom and Dad's house, and David gives me a spanking there in my old bedroom. Midway through my spanking, My Mom walks in on me and hands David the big wooden spoon. She has a lot of buried resentment over how I disregarded her advice after I moved out, and the incident today just brought that all to the surface. David used the wooden spoon until Mom was satisfied with the result. Afterwards, both Sue and Daddy came upstairs to look at how red my bum was during corner time.

Sue calls me up later and tells me that Nancy, my younger sister, screwed up in school just like I had in first year. As a result of my example, they decided that they should never have stopped spanking me, so they decide to enforce spanking discipline on 18-year-old Nancy. We hear all about Nancy's spanking.

Sue tells me that Mom had a lot of resentment towards me as a result of my reckless behaviour, and while that spanking seems to have cleansed Mom of it, that same resentment remains in her. She therefore asks permission to spank me herself, which is granted.


The next 15 chapters cover cottage life with me and David, Mom and Dad, and Nancy and Sue. Nancy and I accidentally wreck Daddy's boat and we are spanked together for it. Due to some initial defiance, Daddy sentences us both to naked corner time on the deck facing the wall. Our spanked bare bums can be seen by all the boaters who pass by. Daddy's fun comes to an end when a policeboat turns up, and while sympathizing with Dad's disciplinary methods, does let him know that it's technically not legal to have two naked girls standing on his deck.

Nancy and I both get a few individual spankings along the way that I describe. It seems to be open-season on us two youngest ones, with all our spanking being distressingly public after that first one. For one of my spankings (for not having a life-jacket with me when I went out in the canoe alone) David paddles me with a crudely fashioned wood panel. It was such a success that Dad and David decide to fashion lovingly varnished and engraved hardwood paddles for Nancy and myself and hang them on the cottage wall.

Those paddles get used when Nancy embroils me in a conspiracy to break curfew. After she gets home very late, she asks me to tell Mom and Dad that we had been sitting and talking on my side of the cottage ever since she got in, right on time. What could I do? I had to help her out.

Well, our shenanigans are discovered when the neighbour's security cam shows Nancy being dropped off well past her curfew. Mom and Dad are incensed that we lied to their faces. Mommy tells us to strip. The paddles come down off the wall and we are severely paddled by Daddy. Then Mommy makes us cut switches (while the neighbours watch!) and we are given a birching on the deck by Mommy who does not spare our most sensitive parts, and then a double switching while Nancy and I are made to hug one another, naked, as Sue and Mom wear out all the switches on our backsides.

One of my misdeeds is to sneak some tarragon from the pots outside the specialty butcher when I didn't  buy anything there. I needed the tarragon. When David discovers it he holds a family vote on how I should be punished. They unanimously agree to a naked spanking across David's standing knee. Next day, David takes me back there to apologize. One thing leads to another, and I get a panties down spanking in front of the butcher and his grown kids, much to their delight.

At the end of the book, the problem of my small bladder comes to a head. I lied to David about going potty before leaving the house and need him to stop. As punishment, David applies the Sunday School rule and will make me wear diapers for the trips to and from the cottage. If I keep it dry for 6 trips I will be free of them. David does not remind me about putting on my diaper before driving home, and I hoped he just forgets. But before we leave he does a check. Finding me in my panties, he takes me across his knee in front of the family and then diapers me in front of them. Mom wants to lend a hand, and takes over from David as he holds my legs up. Everyone is very amused.

The worst were the diaper checks at the cottage which the family always gleefully attended and congratulated me on my dry diaper. The very worst was when Sue did the check and noticed it was wet. But it wasn't pee... They all laughed when Sue held me open and showed everyone how well lubricated I was. Daddy told them not to tease me, and suggested David take me to the bedroom, for which I was again well-teased afterwards.

The book ends about a year later where I recap all the characters and tell how David decided it was time to give me a baby. We had baby-making sex and I got knocked up quick and live happily ever after.

I think it's a fun book and there are many, many exciting scenes in it. I obviously get to pretty extreme scenarios, but the way I build it up and flow it together makes each new level seem plausible, allowing you to suspend your disbelief and enjoy it as a real "what if" book.

What do you think? Sounds fun?

Monday, September 21


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Associate Justice, died recently. She was an amazing woman.

She was nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993, and confirmed by the Senate with a vote of 96-3. She was generally seen as a moderate judge and consensus builder. She spent much of her legal career as an advocate for gender equality and woman's rights when it was sorely needed, arguing many cases before the Supreme Court. She attended Harvard Law School in 1956, one of only 9 women in a class of 500.

One of her best friends was Justice Antonin Scalia. They often opposed one another in legal decisions perceived as having ideological elements. This did not stop them from being fast friends, which is a lesson for us all.


RBG was not on the court when Roe vs. Wade was decided, but she criticized the decision for terminating a nascent democratic movement to liberalize abortion laws. In other words, while she was in support of the rights of women to abortion, she criticized the court for overstepping and felt it would have been more appropriately handled via law making.

Many people, I think, misunderstand the Roe v. Wade judgement.

It was a case brought before the Supreme Course that argued that Texas's strict anti-abortion law of the time, which banned all abortions at any point in the pregnancy for any reason other than for the mother's physical health, was unconstitutional.

Traditionally, states had the power to pass laws regarding abortion. The argument brought before the court was that if these state laws went too far, then they violated the rights and freedoms of the woman over her own body, essentially condemning her to a form of body-slavery, forcing her to bear an unwanted child.

The court did not, however, consider that right to be absolute, but may be balanced against the government's interests in protecting women's health and protecting prenatal life. It reasonably divided the pregnancy into three trimesters.

  1. During the first trimester governments could not prohibit abortions at all.
  2. During the second trimester, governments could require reasonable health regulations.
  3. During the third trimester, abortions could be prohibited entirely so long as the laws contained exceptions for cases when they were necessary to save the life or health of the mother.

Many eminent constitutional scholars from both sides of the political divide argue that the constitutional argument is feeble and that the court overstepped its authority and took on law-making powers. These include John Hart Ely, Laurence Tribe, Alan Dershowitz, Cass Sunstein, Kermit Roosevelt, Jeffrey Rosen, Michael Kinsley, William Saletan, Benjamin Wittes, and Edward Lazarus, a former clerk of the Justice who wrote the opinion, who said,

"As a matter of constitutional interpretation and judicial method, Roe borders on the indefensible.... Justice Blackmun's opinion provides essentially no reasoning in support of its holding. And in the almost 30 years since Roe's announcement, no one has produced a convincing defense of Roe on its own terms."

While I believe that the court did overstep, I cannot get too upset about it. It was clear that the politicians would not achieve a consensus, and would go too far in one direction or the other, and some guidance was required which the court reasonably provided. I believe it went too far in allowing a state to legalize abortion up to the moment of birth, and would have been happier with the judgment had it prohibited states from making third trimester abortions legal in all cases. However, I beleive it to be unreasonable and discriminatory towards women to not allow access to safe and legal abortions up to at least the first trimester.

I can certainly understand both sides of the abortion issue. But reasonable people should agree that it's folly to ban the abortion of a newly fertilized egg, and evil to allow the abortion of a healthy viable baby moments before birth when the mother's life or health is not substantially at risk. Therefore some compromise should be arrived at, such as the historical "quickening" rules which banned abortion after the baby started kicking, typically midway through the pregnancy, except when the health of the mother was at stake.


President Trump and the republican senate now have the opportunity to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. I do not buy the argument that because it is an election year, that ought not be done. It is perfectly legal and constitutional to do so, and has ample precedent. Republicans would be remiss in their duty to their voters if they do not do so when they have the opportunity.

Scott Adams amusingly describes the situation in a recent podcast.


Democrats calling it hypocritical are themselves being hypocritical, for they argued vociferously that it was perfectly ok to do so in Obama's last year, and would have absolutely done so had the Senate been held by Democrats. I find the Republicans not to be hypocritical in this instance as Scott Adams explains better than I in the above.

I find that I generally approve of the Supreme Court justices appointed by the Republicans, as they value a judiciary which sticks to the law as written and attempts not to intrude into matters of law-making, whereas Democrats are much more open to having an activist judiciary.

Let me know if you agree or disagree. Polite comments and arguments are always welcome!

Saturday, September 19

Word Cloud

 I am deeply enmeshed in a cloud of words. Here they are.

I made a "word cloud" from my document. The size of the word represents how often it is used. Let me highlight a few of them.

  • David, husband, marriage, wife, sir, Julie
    The book is about the idealized relationship between my husband and myself where we accentuate all his dominant qualities and my submissive (yet spunky!) qualities and introduce a bigger age gap between us.
  • Mommy,  Daddy, family
    They figure prominently in the book, I love my Mommy and Daddy. I also sometimes call David "Daddy". Later on in the book they re-learn how to spank their two youngest adult daughters.
  • Pastor, Church, Sunday, Christian, God
    David is a Christian and believes in the man being the head of the household and domestic discipline. I love the religion and I convert. Though I am overly prideful and need knocking down a peg or two.
  • Spanking, spank, hand, corner, nose, punishment, wooden, hairbrush, discipline, switch, belt
    There are lots and lots of punishments, including spankings with many different implements. I am pleased to say that I can recount the feelings of a girl being subjected to these punishments from very first-hand experience!
  • Little, children, bad, girl, panties, diaper
    In the book I often find myself as a "little", regressed in age against my will, stomping my foot in consternation at the treatment, and generally spanked and sometimes diapered as a result. But secretly loving it?
  • Bea
    Beatrice is the name of David's sister in the book. Older than me, but younger than David. David became her legal guardian when he was 20 and she was 14. I give the whole exciting backstory, and describe Bea's teenaged spankings from her big brother. Bea is also spanked as an adult as she wished to be held accountable by her "Dad", at least until she can find a husband of her own. We become fast friends.
  • Nancy, Sue
    Nancy is my little sister in the book, just 18. She crashed and burned out of University and my parents gave her an ultimatum. Either out on her own or subject to their rules. I had just "come out of the closet" to Mom and Dad as a spanked wife, and had occasion to be spanked at their place for a truly thoughtless thing I did. Mom decided Dad had been right all along and reinstated spankings for Nancy. We get to witness a number of Nancy's spankings from Daddy, and she and I wind up getting punished together more than once. My older sister Sue is more the dominant type, she spanks me herself and participates in Nancy's and my spankings.
  • pussy, cheeks, bottom, breasts, legs, front
    All my various body parts that get exposed as I am punished, often in front of others.
  • fuck, sex, head, come, mouth, butt, sexy, woman
    There are may sex scenes in the book between my husband and I. Turns out I need my bottom warmed to really "get into it", but once that happens, look out!

There's just some of them. It's fun doing the word cloud. I think it pretty much summarizes the book in a very visual and unique way.

Tuesday, September 15

Letter Genocide

Still been doing a lot of proofreading and re-writing. I've noticed that I do a very strange thing when I'm writing, I feel compassion for the keyboard characters I have to delete. I then go out of my way to try to be fair to them.

Just as an example, say I type a sentence,

David spanked me on my bare bottom.

But then I want to change "bare" to "naked". I actually feel compassion for all the letters in "bare" that I have to delete. But I notice that I can salvage the "a" and the "e". I can save their lives.

David spanked me on my bare bottom.

So I edit it down to

David spanked me on my ae bottom

then to

David spanked me on my naked bottom

thus saving the lives of two of my keyboard characters, but I mourn the loss of the "b" and the "r". It's not the same if I have to retype those letters again in the future. Once I delete them, they are dead. It's like I'm literally Hitler.

I've thought about cutting and pasting them down to the bottom of the page, and then reusing them when I have a word that needs them with another cut and paste (cut and paste is not killing them, it's like the transporter on Star Trek). But doing that would be crazy, right? I mean, that would be really OCD, right? But damn I feel guilty.

Letter genocide.

Friday, September 11

The Writing Process

Still beavering away at the new book. I thought I'd make a few comments on my writing process in case there are any authors out there who want to compare notes in the comments.


I'm finished my first pass, and I am very happy with the overall concept and the flow of the book. It's in novel form and has a nice story arc to it. It builds slowly, introducing us to the characters. I try to make sure there is at least a bit of titillating stuff in every chapter. In later chapters I pull out more of the stops. I basically try to take the reader on a journey through the character's awakening to domestic discipline.

I foreshadow things to come. For example, in the early chapters quite often Julie is asking David to stop the car at a rest stop so she can go pee. This foreshadows the diapering she will experience in a later chapter. Or David and my Dad exchange a subtle innuendo, which foreshadows the point in the book where David spanks me in front of Daddy for the first time. Or Nancy start off as an eighteen year-old brat and we comment that she needs a spanking, which foreshadows my parents taking up spanking again for her.

It's all written down in my word processor, but I find I can't proof-read it there. That's where I write. I can't read it there. I render it down to pdf in approximately the format it will be in Kindle. I email that to myself and load it onto a pdf reader on my iPad. Then I curl up with it and read it all the way straight through from start to end. Of course, I catch typos as I go, and I have a highlighter feature on my pdf reader so I can quickly mark the problem area and read on without much interrupting the reading flow. I then go back to the word processor on the computer and laboriously make my way through all the marked areas and correct them. It's amazing to me that I can read it straight through like this, several times, and still find obvious typos that were there from the start.

I do a pass through looking for consistency in the form and the verb tenses. When I blurt I tend to mix up my past and present tenses freely, so I have to go back and put it all into a coherent grammatical structure. This involves deciding on your point of view when telling the story. I decided to tell it from a point 4 years after the events. Only the final short chapter brings us up into the present to wrap up the events of the book.

At this point I can begin reading it with a more critical eye to the reader's engagement and enjoyment. If I'm boring myself, even after the 10th read, It's not right yet. I found some of the earlier chapters to be too slow moving, and so am cutting those down to size. I also wrote in too much over-the-top stuff that when I read it back I can no longer suspend disbelief, so I have to go back and tone that stuff down also. Also as I go through it a nice phrase comes to mind that I think would add something, so I add that in judiciously.

I find in places that some of my own writing is plain annoying me. It feels heavy and pedantic in places, so I have to go back and do something about that.

There's a surprising lot of thought and effort that goes into producing a really readable and enjoyable book. I knew this from my first book, and so knew what to expect on this one.

That's my little update, now back to work, woman! Mush! Mush!

Sunday, September 6

Second Book Update

Hi again everybody. One more update on how the book is coming, because it's almost done!

I'm now up to almost 80,000 words and I am done the first pass. After this it's just a lot of proof reading and revising. On the last update (Book Update) I brought you up to Chapter 21. That was Julie character's childhood, meeting and marrying David, episodes at church, and episodes with David's younger sister Beatrice. Since then I moved the focus very much to Julie's grownup family spankings, where the cast of characters includes David, Julie's Mom and Dad, Julie's older sister Sue, and Julie's younger sister Nancy. Julie is 23 years old in this universe, and so Nancy was 18 and Sue 26.

Here is the table of contents for the new part. I added 11 chapters and 130 or so pages bringing the final book to 32 chapters, 330 pages, 80,000 words. A quite decent-sized read that I will not be ashamed to put up for sale on the Kindle Store next to my first book which was about the same length.

I'll describe each of my new chapters so you'll see how I'm doing this.

In Chapter 22, "Julie's Family Spanking", Julie gets to be so she does not want to hide her spanked wife status from her closest family. As she's not sure how accepting her parents will be and wants to test the waters, she talks David into giving her a little "joke spanking" in front of her family over her clothes. Sound familiar? It is! It's what I did with David once. I replayed that real-life incident as described in Julie Spanked in Front of Family! I had to change a couple of things to make it fit the characters, but I essentially reused most of the writing from that blog, just because it was still so fresh in my mind when I wrote it, that no other remembrances of it did it justice.

Chapter 23, "Discussion with Sue", is a bit of a bridge chapter where Julie has a discussion with big sister Sue about her spankings before Julie broaches it with her parents. In real-life, Sue has been in on my kink from almost the start and this was never necessary. But in the book this is where Sue is introduced not to kink, but rather my Christian Domestic Discipline and we talk about it. Some of that actually did happen around my DD Contract, and I draw from that discussion for inspiration. While not fully buying it, Sue nonetheless offers to pave the way with Mom and Dad.

Chapter 24, "I Tell Mom", is where Julie talks with her Mom about her Domestic Discipline arrangement. While I had to change a fair bit to make it fit, this is heavily influenced by the discussions I had with Mom and David and I with both parents when we unveiled my short-lived DD contract to them, recounted in Honesty is the Very Best Policy. I changed it up a lot though to better fit the story and omitted the r/l demo spanking as not fitting the vibe. It needed to be a real-life spanking for cause, which happens next chapter.

Chapter 25, "Sunday Spanking", recounts my first spanking from David in front of my close family. I based it on a stunt I wanted to pull but wound up not doing, which was to "accidentally" break some dishes and have David spank me for being careless. Well, since the book is fiction, Julie character did for real accidentally break some dishes, after being warned to be careful by Mom and ignoring the advice, and that brought up some repressed emotions in her/my parents about me never listening to advice when I was younger and worrying them a lot as a result. So Mom wanted her pound of flesh and had Daddy spank me while she watched and directed, also drawn from some r/l influences.

Chatper 26, "Nancy Gets Spanked", fleshes out the little sister Nancy character. she is 18 and starting to go down the same path Julie did, getting really bad grades in first year. Heavily influenced by what they heard about David's handling of his little sister Bea, and how David handles me, they decide to reinstate spankings for Nancy. I do not see that first spanking, but the whole thing is relayed to me third hand from Sue getting the story from Mom, so it has a cool real-life "gossipy" feel to it. It also sets the stage for Mom and Dad becoming spankers again, which will be useful!

Chapter 27, "My Sister Spanks Me" is super-heavily based on the first spanking I received from my real-life sister Sue. I borrowed a lot of the detailed events and writing and changed what I had to in order to make it fit. I still wound up cumming while straddling her tweed pants, which (blush!) happened, though this stretches the adage of "truth stranger than fiction". That was recounted in Spanked by My Sister and there's even a picture of me right afterwards taken by Sue.

Poor little bum!

Chapter 28, "A Double Spanking at the Lake", has David and Julie character joining Dad and Mom, Sue, and Nancy at the cottage on the lake. Nancy and Julie get a double spanking from David and Dad. The incident is based on a real thing I did at the cottage, which was to bust the propeller on Dad's powerboat by driving it over some shallow rocks. I was an older teenager and we were not spanked at that age, but I'm sure Daddy wanted to. Well, fictional Daddy gets his revenge in this chapter! The double-spanking involves full nudity with naked timeout on the front deck facing the lake. Hoots and hollers are heard from boaters, and some prude even calls the cops who wind up being sympathetic with Dad, but ask him to put his naked daughters inside the cottage, please. Ha ha! I had fun writing this chapter, "punishing" myself properly for wrecking Dad's boat back then.

Chapter 29, "Partners in Crime" recount a bunch of miscellaneous quick spankings for both Nancy and myself, and culminates in a situation where Nancy was out on a date and broke curfew and asked me to cover for her saying that she returned on time and we had been chatting ever since. I reluctantly agreed to go along, trying to improve relations with my sister. We wound up both repeating multiple bald-faced lies to both Mommy and Daddy, we were found out, and we suffered the consequences which involved a severe paddling from Daddy for the both of us, and then an embarrassing bare naked birching plus switching from Mom and Sue to both of us at the same time. It was so bad I also peed myself again, naked, right out on the deck!

Chapter 30, "Spanked in Front of the Butcher", is based on a real-life transgression I was never punished for, where I stole some herbs from the butcher intended for customers, when in fact I had bought the meat at the cheaper grocers. David finds out and punishes me, including a trip to the butcher's for an apology where I wind up being spanked in front of him and his two boys. Should have happened like that!

Chapter 31, "Julie Diapered?", is where I am put into diapers by David for never being able to hold my pee for a full car ride. There is foreshadowing of this event throughout the book, so I had to end it here. I get diapered in front of the family!

Chapter 32, "Child No Longer", I have not written entirely yet, but I intend to end it with Julie maturing sufficiently that David believes she is ready for children and then getting her knocked up. A nice way to round out the arc of the book, I thought.

So there you have it. I  think it's a neat book. Now back to revise and polish!

Hey, and any idea on how I should price it? Should I make it part of Amazon Prime where members can read for free. Or should I give it a discrete price. And if so, what do you think is reasonable for a book like this? Is $6.99 US too much? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.