Friday, December 20

Husband Punished for Masturbation

It's one of the games we play. I caught my husband red-handed all alone in his bed on the weekend.

Don't get me wrong. I "allow it" (he is a grown ass man, after all), but there's an unwritten rule that if I catch him at it, he gets a spanking. Well I definitely caught him in the act, and viewing some particularly unsavory material to boot.

It was Saturday at about 2pm in the afternoon. I wondered where my husband was. I walked up to our bedroom (I happened to have only socks on so was quiet). The door was mostly closed, but about one foot open. I thought he might be taking a nap. I listened at the door. I heard a "squish, squish, squish, squish" noise. That was no nap!

I peaked in quietly and OMG! He had on only flannel pajama bottoms, and no top, and was lying there with the covers thrown aside and the pj pants bundled down at his ankles. He had his iPad propped up next to him in bed showing what appeared to be a lewd video, and he had ear buds in for the sound. His dick was hard and wet in his right hand, and he was rubbing it furiously while staring intently at the video. Personally, I think he wanted me to catch him, but who knows, and due to his choice of jerk-off material, he certainly got more than he bargained for.

"What the fuck, david!?!" I said as I walked in, playing my impromptu "role".

He stopped rubbing, but held his dick in his hand and just sort of looked at me, looking guilty and blushing. Even if he wants to play, it's still embarrassing being caught like this by his wife, which is 'kinda the point.

"What the fuck?" I repeated, seeming serious.

He stopped the video and removed the ear buds. "Sorry..." he said. He knew he was caught and knew he would be spanked.

"Let me see what you were watching," I said as I sat by the side of the bed and reached for his iPad. I had legit caught him red-handed and was going to milk it.

david went to pull his pj pants up but I said "no, no" and made him keep them down, keep the covers off, and keep his hands at his sides. His hard wet dick was waving in the air. 

This is the screen I saw.

It was a particular title on YouPorn. The video masterwork in question was TOO DEEP! TOO DEEP! Please don't cum in my pussy, Bunny gets a hard fucking.

"Too deep Too deep?" I asked him, looking at the title. "Please don't cum in my pussy?" I asked him rhetorically. "Bunny gets a hard fucking, does she?" I started it playing from the start with the sound on.

It started off nicely enough with the man caressing her pussy through her panty and then putting her on all fours with her ass facing the camera. She squirmed delightfully as he removed her panty.

When her panty was off, he complimented her ass and told her to show it off to everybody.

He then caressed her bare ass and pussy and slapped her bare bum a couple of times.

"So you like seeing girls get their asses slapped, do you?" I asked my husband. "We'll see how much you like it when I put you across my knee and slap your ass," I said gently. He squirmed delightfully in embarrassment and anticipation.

Then the girl gave the man the shortest blow job in history.

I said, "don't think the blow job you're going to give me will be nearly as short and comfortable as that." Often I make the punishment fit the crime in these cases. Now he was on notice that he was due for a strict dildo sucking session after his spanking, and likely a fucking as well.

The man in the video then turned the girl back around and played with his dick on her pussy.

He lined her up and pushed it in.

I said, "Awww, do you want a nice fucking like that? His dick looks to be about the size of Adam, and I'll bet her pussy is tighter than your loose hole."

"Oh... no, please..." he sort of begged me. I was strongly suggesting he would be receiving a fucking from my largest strap-on dildo, Adam. Totally no joke for his tight ass.

At this point the Bunny still seemed to be enjoying her fucking. Pretty soon though, he pushed her down, straddled her from behind, and started going at her harder and deeper.

The whole video is about 12 minutes long, and we got to this part in about 2 minutes, so it looked like she had TEN WHOLE MINUTES of fucking to get through, poor Bunny.

Throughout this part she seemed to be alternately moaning in desire and crying out in distress at the size and depth attained by the man's member. She kicks her little socked feet and screams as he fucks her too deeply and begs "too deep! too deep!"

He asks her if she would prefer to have him cum in her ass and she begs him not to. He obliges by continuing to rape her hole.

Having reviewed the video a few times now, my take is that Bunny and this fellow appear to be in some sort of a relationship, and that Bunny gets off on being treated like this. She seems pretty submissive, and pretty eager despite her occasional cries. For sure, a cock that deep is painful, but I guess that's a type of pain she is into. I can relate! But please review the video for yourselves and let me know if you agree.

However, for the purposes of my impromptu "scene" with my husband, I chose to take a different interpretation of events.

"This is too much," I told him with my serious face. "Why do you have to watch this crap?"

"I think... she wants it..." he said.

"Oh? She wants a big dick so deep up her pussy that she cries out in pain and begs him not to? Really?"

"she's a submissive," he said.

"What a coincidence, because you're a submissive also. Do you want me to fuck you as hard as he's doing to this chick?" I asked him with a definite edge to my voice. In the background was the girl continuing to cry out at the pain of her fucking.

"no ma'am," he said sheepishly. "You can turn it off if you want..."

"Oh no. We're watching it all the way through," I told him. "And after it's over I'm going to punish you, and part of it will be longest and hardest fucking you've ever taken from me."

"please no," he begged, squirming in place.

"Please no is it? Is that a 'please no' like she keeps saying but it really means she loves it? That kind of please no"?

He was a bit speechless. He knew he was in a pickle. This video set a new bar for hard and long fuckings, and it was only now dawning on him that he would be getting everything she got and more. That thought made him extremely nervous. I could see it in his face.

The man stops fucking the girl like this and flips her over onto her back. During the transition it did look a bit more like she was a willing participant. When she's on her back he pushes her knees back and enters her again. It's again very hard and very deep and she is crying out. At the end she begs him not to cum in her pussy and he does anyways.

Can anybody say "me too?"

After he's cum in her, she looked a bit stunned. Am really hoping she was just deep in consensual sub-space!

I closed the iPad and looked my husband in the eye disapprovingly.

"I don't like you watching that sort of thing," I told him.

"yes ma'am," he answered quietly.

"Do you deserve a spanking for that? A hard one? Maybe a whipping also?" I asked. I was of a mind to do it properly.

"Yes, ma'am," he answered.

"And a fucking afterwards? A hard fucking? Hard and deep like she got it? With Adam?" I asked.

"Not with Adam, please..." he begged.

"Oh yes with Adam. I need you to feel what she felt. According to you, she's a submissive like you, and she liked it. It was about ten minutes of hard fucking, wasn't it? I'm going to bend you over, and fuck you like she got fucked."

And it was at that point that the totally obvious dawned on me. I continued, "in fact, I'm going to put the video back on, with the volume up, and go as long and as hard as he did. You can moan and scream just like her, right at the same time even. I mean, if she's a submissive and enjoys it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it also."

I thought that was a punishment that fit the crime. david was no porn star, but nor was he unpracticed at taking it up the butt from me. He'd survive his fucking. Again, I think he chose that video deliberately so he could get fucked by me, but perhaps he miscalculated how rough the video was.

"Stay right there," I told him. He was still naked with his PJs at his ankles and the covers off. I went under the bed and brought  up a thin whippy switch I kept there that had survived since last spring.

I was determined to whip him where it would do the most good. I lined the switch up on his penis and brought it down in fast light motions. He rubs it, I whip it.

I moved up and down touching up the fronts of his thighs, his testicles, his penis, his lower abdomen, and his tummy. I of course paid particular attention to his penis and its tip.

"Is this what gets you in trouble? Is it? Is it?" I asked as I switched his privates.

david became a little frantic as I painted thin weals all over. His hands came up to cover himself but I just switched them and ordered him to put his hands under his ass and continued his switching. His penis would be too sore to rub after I finished with him, He was a well-whipped little boy long before I broke the switch on his cock and was forced to stop.

With the broken stub of the switch I lifted up his whipped and flaccid penis. "You won't be rubbing that anytime soon," I stated.

"no ma'am," he said, in pain.

"Much less thinking about sticking it in a girl's pussy and fucking her for ten minutes with it," I added.

"no ma'am," he agreed.

"But what am I thinking? Would you ever be able to last ten minutes fucking a girl like in that video?" I taunted.

"no ma'am," he agreed again.

"Maybe ten seconds," I added. "Assuming you don't shoot your load on the way there, or get so intimidated by her that you can't even get it up? You're not much of a cocksman, are you? You're better suited for the woman's role, aren't you?"

"ohhhh," he said in frustration, knowing it was all true and would be amply proven soon enough. Ha ha.

I opened the bedroom drawer and brought out the evil rubber paddle. I thought this deserved it.
"No please..." he begged when he saw what I had in my hand.

I stood him up by his ear, sat on the end of the bed, and pulled him down across my lap. I then started in on his spanking, directly with the rubber paddle.

This is actually me spanking david in the same position
with this exact paddle, but on a different occasion.
 I gave him quite the spanking with that paddle! I really reddened his butt extremely thoroughly, definitely attaining this shade after eventually moving to his position.

As I spanked him, I scolded him continuously on his use of porn and on its objectification of women, and on the apparent unwillingness of the performer in question. I told him he would be getting a lesson in female empathy after I was finished spanking him.

If you would like to get a sense for how I spank, I published a video not too long ago where you can see and hear one of david's spankings from me: Strict Julie Spanks on Video. This spanking was not unlike that one. After his spanking, I also reused another trick from that video. I made david hold his bumcheeks apart and I cropped his bottom hole.

After his spanking but before doing this, however, I made him go to the bathroom to "clean himself out." This entails sitting on the toilet and inserting a moistened finger (from the bowl) up his rectum to pull out any fecal matter. It's quicker than an enema. I followed him to the bathroom and stood and watched crossly as he did this. Naturally, his fingers were shitty when he was done, and he needed to first wipe them in front of me with toilet paper, and then clean them thoroughly with soap and water. I inspected his hands and finger nails, and his asshole, declared him fit, and sent him back to the bedroom to lay over several pillows in the middle of the bed and hold his cheeks apart for me as shown above.

I then began whipping him with the crop directly onto his anus. As I did this, I told him that he knew what was coming next (a good bum fucking from Adam with the porn video he was watching playing). I wanted his bumhole nice and tender and sore for his bum fucking.

He wailed and kicked his feet against the bed when I got a few particularly good zingers in directly on his bullseye.

After I was done, I told him to stay where he was and to continue holding his cheeks apart. I got his largest butt plug out from the drawer along with his lube. I lubed him and the plug and then inserted it deeply into him.

It was not an easy fit, but it was not meant to be. He genuinely cannot take Adam first try on an unstretched bumhole, so this was necessary. Generally he needs to be stretched for about five minutes like this before he can be fucked. So I took my time. I stripped to just my panties and put on my strap-on harness and inserted Adam into the holster.

What would I do while waiting for him to stretch? Oh I know! A little blow job perhaps?

I got him off the bed and put him on his knees in front of me and told him to start sucking my cock.

I of course grabbed the back of his head and gave it to him a bit more deeply and forcibly than he might have enjoyed.

I also started walking slowly around the bedroom making him shuffle around after me on his knees to keep his mouth on my cock.

As I walked I made him apologize, with a stuffed mouth, for watching such vile pornography and for objectifying women.

When I was ready to proceed, I put my hands on either side of his head and tilted his head up to make him look me in the eye. He still had Adam in his mouth. His mouth was sore by now, as I insist on perfectly pursed lips around my cock, and Adam is a real lip-stretching mouthful.

"Do you feel how big that cock is in your mouth?" I asked him.

"Yes ma'am," he mumbled.

"Yes, SIR," I corrected him with my preferred personal pronoun in this situation.

"Yes, sir," he submissively answered.

"In about one minute you'll be bending over for me and taking this whole thing right up your ass," I told him.

"yes sir..." he mumbled.

"It's meant to be punishment, david. Punishment for choosing that sort of pornography, where we're not really sure she was a willing participant in everything. Do you understand?"

"yes sir," he mumbled into my cock.

"Hold still now, I'm going to put it down your throat as deep as it will go..."

I held his head and pushed the big cock down his throat. He choked and almost through up several times as he struggled to loosen his throat. Eventually it was deep enough for my satisfaction.

"Feel how thick and long it is. That's what's going up your ass you little cock slut. I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget."

I pulled my cock out of his mouth. He gasped for air and there was drool everywhere.

I told him to get on the bed on all fours. I then pulled his butt plug out and took it to the bathroom sink for him to clean later. I re-lubed his hole and liberally lubed my cock as well. I set the iPad up on the bedside table and started the video playing from the beginning in full screen and with the volume cranked to the maximum.

I touched and caressed my husband just like the man was doing in the movie. I made him show off his stretched and lubed ass and slapped him when the man did her. The blowjob was too short to emulate, but that had already been thoroughly taken care of beforehand. I started right in on teasing the tip of my cock against his bumhole. In all fairness, at this point the man in the video was being gentle with his girl.

I pushed it in and he stiffened up and would not take it. But I persisted gently and told him that he better relax as its going in one way or the other. He did manage to relax and has asshole opened up to gobble my big cock. I started penetrating david at the same time the man did in the video (right after he asked her if she was a "bad little girl"). He went slow for about a minute and a half and then picked up the pace, and so did I. She cried out at several of the deeper thrusts, and at this point it was easy for me to make david cry out in the same way with a slightly harder and deeper thrust. Him and "Bunny" were going to be forever bonded after the next 10 minutes!

The man slowed down and kept his cock inside of her and slapped her ass. I did the same to david. She writhed on the man's cock as he stayed still, and I made david do the same.

At about the 4:30 mark they cut to a new position where the girl had her legs together and he straddled her.

The very first sound was a big "AHHHH!" from the girl as they cut to this new position. I felt it was not fair that david receive fewer thrusts than her, so I paused the video as I rearranged ourselves, and I got into exactly this position on my husband, with my cock balls-deep in his ass. "Ahhhh ahhh noooo nooo ahhhh" he cried out as I pushed it in deep deep deep with the weight of my body over him. I re-started the video and immediately Bunny started going "ooowwwwwahhhhAHHHAHHH" as the man fucked her deep. I did the same with david and got very similar sounds. This part was more about plunging it deep and keeping it there.

Then next part he lifted himself up a bit to get some clearance and started long deep strokes. She and david were moanin' and yellin' together at their respective fuckings. He gave her a break after 6:30 or so, and I did the same with david. The pillows were removed and she was now flat with her legs spread.

So I did the same with david, and continued his fucking.

At about 10:30 they took a new position, with Bunny on her back with her ankles up around her ears. I put david into a roughly similar position (he was not as flexible), and missionaried his ass.

He fucked her until about the 12:00 mark, orgasming into her with visible spasming. When I saw that, I too went super deep and spasmed into my husband also, pretending to be having a male orgasm.

So that was a good solid 8 minutes of so of good hard fucking for hubby.

Lesson taught!

Afterwards I got up off him and gave him a kiss, and cleaned up. I told him he really asked for it, and he said that he supposed he did, and confirmed that his bum was very sore and stretched out.

I smiled and said he had me, and wasn't I good enough. I told him to rub his dick and look at me. I caressed my tits and my pussy as he jerked off to the sight of me, his wife, as it should be :-)

Saturday, November 23

Daddy Daughter and Forced Bi

I've been corresponding off an on with a fan since 2015. He's an older gentleman now in his 60's. He wrote a lovely email to me after having read a May, 2015 post, An Epic Spanking for my Husband in which, in part, I masturbated david into his own mouth.

Here it is:
From: bill
Date: Jun 1, 2015
Subject: latest post

Hi Julie,

i have been reading your posts for a couple of years. Always, it is the first place i check when doing my daily search for fantasy masturbation material :),

i love the fact that you love to beat him and you have a sadistic streak - he is so lucky. i always wanted a woman to make me cum in my mouth but never got the chance... i can't imagine the humiliation if it was done in front of a woman i know ugh! Imagine then seeing the person in daily life and knowing she has watched you eat your own cum :)

i took this offline to have a chance to chat. i know you are probably very busy but i am hoping you will have a few minutes to answer this. While i have had opportunities in the past to explore my fantasies (sometimes with a friend and sometimes professionally) i have looked back on my life and see many missed opportunities to be in this kind of relationship but somehow was too shy to speak up.,

i look forward to more posts by you and will continue to use it as my primary place to go when i'm in need of some relief :),

Take care and thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog,

This email, and many more like it, is in part what keeps me going for so long, aside from also having a lot of fun with it! But sometimes I need the motivation to get to writing, even though I know I will enjoy it once I hunker down at my keyboard. (And -- a little secret -- sometimes when I am caught up in the writing one of my hands strays to my pussy or up to my tits, and I tease myself like crazy, which is also "fun"!).

We have been exchanging emails back and forth ever since. At one point bill and I decided to collaborate on a fictional story that mixed fantasy elements we both enjoy. In this blog I'll describe our "creative process", and you'll find a link to the story towards the bottom.

It started with this email from bill in April of 2017:
Hi Julie,

I was reading this older email and it got me thinking of humiliation (well, I'm always thinking of that since it is at the my core fantasies).,

"Yes, there is a delicious level of humiliation associated with cum onto the face and into the mouth. Women are so objectified in those vanilla porn videos where that seems to happen on practically every one that it's wonderful to turn the tables, and especially to restrain a man, do that to him after a good beating, and have that witnessed by a group of feminists. Girl power! Teaching collective lessons one boi at a time!"

What could be more humiliating for a guy then to have someone cum on his face (well probably a lot of other things as well). Well maybe having a guy cum on your face in front of other people. That started me thinking of a fantasy involving my favorite internet porn writer (you who else) and her cadre of characters :)

Some of the components of the story would be:

  • shaved from the head down
  • dressed in panties stockings and training bra (after all no boobs)
  • serving wine and cheese to You, your husband or maybe include John and Tracy (the dynamics between the characters would be interesting)
  • Cooking and serving a gourmet meal (I happen to be a very good cook so why not provide a venue for a nice AND humiliating evening)
  • me kneeling
  • you sitting
  • male standing
  • cum squirted on my face (before dinner) - maybe David, masturbated by you, then pointed to my face at the opportune moment)
  • made to leave it on while serving dinner
  • under the table performing oral sex on you and/or Tracey
  • after dinner drinks being served
I wonder what happens next :)

I wrote back with some heartfelt encouragement:
Hi bill,

I love that level of humiliation applied to a straight non-cross-dressing male! Especially the detail of keeping the cum on his face during service!!! david would NOT enjoy being jerked off onto another male's face, so it works both ways. Lovely kinky mind you have there, bill!

You will see when you read the story, many of the elements bill and I were starting to get excited about appearing in the story as themes.
Hi Julie,

Yes since humiliation is a big one for me I have recently been thinking of being forced to suck a cock in front of women and be humiliated being called a cocksucker and faggot.

Funny a good woman friend of mine who would occasionally indulge me in my femdom fantasies with verbal humiliations but she hadn't done it for a while. So when talking to her I goaded her by insulting her and some name calling like what a pussy she was :) then called me a faggot "you faggot, I bet no one has ever called you that" I was so turned on by her humiliating words I masturbated it to it twice in one night.

So the fantasy below would be an incredible turn on and could be pushed further...oops I need to go and take care of myself :) I got a little too excited talking about this, I'll need to go looking for cuckold literature on the web where he is forced to do degrading things for his wife and lover.

Take care and as always I love your blog - YEA Julie!!!!

I think here we need a little discussion over the use of the terms "faggot" and "cocksucker", as they will also appear in our story. These terms are used by homophobes to disparage gay men, and in that context they are very, very ugly. However, in this context they are used as words to humiliate (consensually) a straight man. The fact that they are used to demean by homophobes is what makes them so degrading to a straight man. It's maybe not right, but it's kinky psychology. So long as nobody is being hurt (other than those that want to be!) I give it a pass. But I do want to be clear that I fully support any adult's right to fuck any other adult, regardless of sex or gender. But I nonetheless reserve the right to call my husband a "faggot" when I have a cock up his ass, and a "cocksucker" when I have a dick in his mouth.

billy quickly followed up with another email due to a sexy incident that happened to him:
Hi Julie,

I didn't get a response from below (I know you are busy) but anyway I had an episode with an escort that I thought you might find entertaining reading.

I'm one of those older readers who start my day looking for new posts on your blog. I saw someone yesterday for a session. This is a young woman about 28 or so with blond hair and nice body flat tummy nice ass and perky boobs and somewhat of an angelic face. She isn't really very dominant but will do things I ask her to do. So sometimes she face-fucks my mouth with a dildo or will sit on my face and rub her panty covered pussy over my mouth and fuck it (if you haven't noticed I am very orally fixated :) Well I was on my back and she had my legs up and had penetrated me with a dildo and was slowly fucking me and I asked her to give me a slap on the face.

So she did a somewhat mild slap and it didn't hurt at all so I asked her to slap me 5 times. Well she raised her hand (this angelic looking young woman) looked me in the eye and raised her hand. She seemed to be taking aim since there was this hesitation with her hand raised and then she slapped me then she quickly backhanded the other cheek then slapped me again and then backhanded me again then the final slap. Wow she hurt and when I thought of the episode I found the backhand was so erotic. I don't know why but the slap and the quick backhand just so turned me on when I think about it. At the time it stunned me and now I wish I had asked for 6 slaps :)

Anyway a very interesting adventure. The only thing that would have been more erotic is if there was one of her friends - another young woman to have witnessed it and then laughed at me.

Well as always I love your blog and it is the first thing i check out when going on the web. BTW if you ever want to pursue your father fantasies with an older guy with a cute ass and slim body then please let me know. I am available :)

Looking forward to hearing from you but also know you probably get hundreds of emails and can't answer them all.

Take care and look forward to more installments of your life and times!!

As you can see from his emails, bill is clearly very intelligent, well educated, literate, and writes very well. I find it fun that old bill goes behind his wife's back and sees a cute young escort who is dominant over him (his wife is not into it at all, so I give him a "pass" on that). I also find it cute that bill came onto me. Hey, you don't ask you don't get, right? Horny old daddy.

I wrote back more encouragement to bill.
Hi bill,

Wow, that sounds like fun. I will see if my husband would enjoy a good face slap (and i won't forget the backhand) next time I'm pegging him missionary.

Actually, I've been thinking of scening him at a bar. We're just talking. All of a sudden I just slap his face, in public, as if he said something crass, sexual and offensive to me.

I think you should definitely arrange for one of your girls to bring a young man in to make you into a real faggot! Would love to hear about that! Apparently lots of gay men enjoy fagotting a straight.

You can see I was playing with bill's "faggot" fantasy, which I enjoy doing, knowing the effects my words will have on him (rub rub rub rub, little monkey!). Then he wrote back to me and started free associating (no doubt with his left hand on his dick as he was typing, as you will see)
Well maybe I'm with her and a girlfriend shows up with her boyfriend

She tells them I'm her bitch for the day and they start to tease me and tell me how they are going to use me

My mistress tells them that she was about to do me with a dildo and her friend says why use a dildo since her boyfriend has a cock she could use

Mistress says to go knell in front of the guy and ask to suck his cock

I'm very reluctant since I've never done it and the thought grosses me out

Mistress and her friend grab me and force me to my knees and then mistress slaps be and backhands me 5 times

My head is spinning and can't take any more

I unzip his pants and pull it out. Her friend grabs my hair and pushes my face near his cock. Mistress pinches my nose and forces his cock into my open mouth

Her girlfriend laughs and says "look at that he's sucking cock. What a little faggot

He starts to pump his cock in and out of my mouth I'm drooling as my mouth tries to lubricate itself

.... want to hear more?

While it is a fun fantasy when I imagine actually doing it I'm grossed out totally
Suddenly bill's spelling and grammar go into the toilet, and his words become very choppy. That's my clue that he had one hand down his pants as he was typing! But this "sexy free association" is the genesis of our story.

I responded enthusiastically to his ask if I want to hear more.
Oh yes, you little faggot, you!
He started sending me more of the same sort of writing. A bit hasty, feverish, and disconnected writing, so different from his well-crafted emails. But that is also what makes it exciting, how raw it was! I encouraged him some more on the latest installment which had a lot of forced bi in it.
Awesome! Thank you!
It is definitely a fantasy of MINE to do that same thing to my husband!!!!

bill responded in "normal" mode.
I understand his reluctance. Sucking a cock would be a major transition for a straight guy so I totally empathize. Although you have done soo much with him that I would think it would be a bit easier. While I re-read this in my mind it is very humiliating and fun to jerk-off to but probably would not ever do it in real life unless i had someone like you in my life and even then it would be a big step. Although when in that sub space I felt I would have done anything or allowed her to do anything to me.

BTW when April was using the dildo on me I wanted her to hurt me. So I told her and wanted 5 slaps per an earlier email. She did and it did hurt....

I started to wonder if David wants you to hurt him... Perhaps hurt is the wrong word but at that moment I had a strong urge for this young pretty woman to hurt me. Weird. When you have been spanked is it wanting to be hurt by the person doing the spanking. I know it seems like a silly question since when you do that to David he is crying and snot is coming out of his nose so there has to be a lot of pain, but I was curious if he just likes the pain or wants you to hurt him.

It is a little scary and because of those feelings I might not do it again. Scared of where it might lead.

I love when subbies get so... conflicted! But he will do it again.

bill started sending me more and more episodes of his story. But they were quite long! It's quite easy for me to steal a few moments now and then to read and respond to short emails, but for a long story I need some quality time. As well, it was coming in multiple long parts and I would need to piece them all together again. bill was getting a bit desperate for some reaction from me, and ended a latest episode with...
"Maybe when we get home I'll have you clean me out while Victoria watches..."

Continue at home? please a few words of encouragement or debasement :)
The dots represent a lot more story before that, and it ended with the potential introduction of "Victoria", the main character's daughter. bill knows I particularly enjoy father-daughter stuff so I encouraged him.
That's an exciting scenario, bill. I would love to put my husband through some forced-bi like that. But now, bringing the daughter into it? You're hitting ALL my buttons now. Please continue!

bill writes me back more stuff, and I respond and ask if I may be permitted to publish.
Fantastic! Keep going, please! Will you allow me to make some edits and adjustments and then publish it on my blog when done?

The scenario with the naked daughter and her dad lusting after her with a hard-on, being teased and laughed at by her, is my favourite part. I would have so totally done that to my Daddy!!! Something primal about having your Dad lusting after you. I hope she gets to spank him also, and then uses his toungue for her pleasure!

He responds,
Thanks for the encouragement and I'll keep writing. Even though femdom is my hot button this humiliation and forced bi gets me really hot.

This is the only story I have ever written although I have probably read most of the femdom and humiliation stories online...I guess I needed to write my own since I've exhausted them at Literotica.

Yes, of course you can use it. That is my favorite part as well. I added having her turn around half naked...but teasing him and then calling him a cocksucker and dismissing him.

I'll keep going. Although it might be a little gay for your blog although the humiliation would turn on quite a bit of your readers :)


P.S. make any edits you want. I'm sure there are quite a few inconsistencies. It was more of a lark to write it and I didn't pay close attention to detail :)
I don't think a story of forced bi is at all "gay". The more gay you are, the less forced bi accomplishes the goal of dominance and humiliation, so I think that the straighter the guy is, the better in a forced bi scene.

bill writes a couple more installments, and I am having trouble keeping up, and it is getting quite long, so I ask bill to bring it to a close.
One more chapter, and please bring it to a conclusion!

I would love to see Jim having a threesome with your wife and daughter. When you object, your wife tells Jim to put you across his lap, pull your panties down, and hand-spank you to tears. Then in the corner, panties pulled down, while he has that threesome. One word out of you and Jim will take the belt to you and ass fuck you in front of the ladies... ;-)

bill brought the story to a close in Jan of 2018. It was in multiple parts and very long, and was very, very raw, but all of it was genuinely exciting and tailored to a combination of bill's and my fantasies.

The task of pulling it all together and editing it was quite daunting,  so it was hard to get started. bill politely inquired in December of 2018 if I would ever publish it, so I sent bill away to gather it all together and clean it up somewhat, a task he finished before the New Year. It was still very long and daunting, though, and I knew it needed a lot of work. He followed up again in July of 2019, and then again in November! In November I said, that's it! I need to get going on this, so I finally took it on.

I really, really enjoyed editing it. What bill had sent was mainly dialog, so I needed to set the scene better, and to add insights into what the characters were thinking. I also needed to correct a bunch of inconsistencies (like, he was in panties one moment, and the next moment he was naked without a description of how he lost his panties - I find things like that jarring in a story). It was also written in a mixture of grammatical tenses, from various different points of views, so I needed to decide on a consistent point of view and modify everything to fit that. Along the way, I added some more fantasy fodder from my own mind as well, but the dialog remains 95% bill's work, and the entire plot line also 95% bill.

So, without further ado, I present a collaboration between bill and myself. I named it "billie's hard day" which is a double or even triple entendre, if you know what I mean. Please enjoy and come back here to comment!

click here:
billie's hard day

Wednesday, November 13


I was talking to a friend at work the other day who is an executive assistant to one of the male execs, and the subject of timeouts (in the context of her child) came up, and that inspired this blog post.

I have gotten to know this lady quite well: we chat almost every day and go out together fairly often for lunch. Her name is Abigail and she's from a Jewish family. She's married and has a one-year-old son and an almost three-year-old daughter. Her Mom looks after the kids during the day. She has a University degree and is pretty, smart, educated, and funny (though is still working on losing some of that baby weight).

Closest I could find of not her!

I often ask about her kids. She's been having trouble with the behavior of the girl lately. Not quite out of the "terrible twos" yet, she tells me. I ventured to her (heart pounding a bit) that when I was a kid I got smacked on the bum and that seemed to have done the trick. She seemed envious and said "if only!" Parents nowadays are not allowed to smack their kids. She says even timeouts are being questioned in favour of "positive parenting" (see Time-Out versus Time-In), but she still would favour timeouts.
Have you noticed that when you're a spanko like us (you readers you), even mentioning the topic of punishments, timeouts, and spankings makes your heart beat a little faster? But vanilla people can routinely talk about such things in regards to child rearing without ascribing any significance beyond face value, bless their little vanilla hearts.
Of course, forget about kids, I do, for real, put my husband in timeouts and smack his bum when he is naughty. We have a "scening FLR" (Female-Led Relationship for any newbies), not a "real FLR"; but I often find real-life excuses to start a scene, and he always submits to me when I start a scene, and I'm always super-realistic in playing the part of the FLR wife; so how different is that from a real FLR?

So while we were talking about the pros and cons of butt smacking versus timeouts versus "positive parenting" I could not help but think of my husband in this context, though I did not "spill the beans" at all to her (at least not yet).

Timeouts in and of themselves seem pretty scary. Here are some quasi-governmental suggestions for Using Time-Outs.
  1. Check the behavior and give a warning
  2. Tell your child why
  3. Have your child sit in time-out
    When you get to the time-out space, tell him to sit down. Tell him to stay in the time-out space until you say he can get up. When your child is in time-out:
    • Do NOT let anyone talk with him.
    • Do NOT let him play with anything.
    When you first use time-out, you may have to return your child to time-out several times.

    No one should give your child any attention while he is in time-out. Do not look at your child, do not talk to your child, and do not touch your child. Make sure your child’s brothers and sisters are also not giving him attention in time-out.

    Time-outs can be given anywhere (the grocery store, the car), but it still needs to be a time-out from anything your child may find fun and entertaining. In public places, your child might face a wall or something boring.

    If your child is not cooperating with time-out in a public place, you may take him to a place that is not surrounded by people. For example, you could take your child to a bathroom stall if he will not behave in the store.

  4. End time-out
  5. Praise the next good thing your child does
I love how this government website, whenever it uses a gendered pronoun, uses "him" exclusively as the example gender for timeouts. A bunch of femdoms in training!
As I read this, I could easily substitute "husband" for "child":
  1. Have your husband sit in time-out
    When you get to the time-out space, tell him to sit down. Tell him to stay in the time-out space until you say he can get up. When your husband is in time-out:
    • Do NOT let anyone talk with him.
    • Do NOT let him play with anything.
    When you first use time-out, you may have to return your husband to time-out several times.

    No one should give your husband any attention while he is in time-out. Do not look at your husband, do not talk to your husband, and do not touch your husband. Make sure your guests and relatives are also not giving him any attention in time-out.

    Time-outs can be given anywhere (the grocery store, the car), but it still needs to be a time-out from anything your husband may find fun and entertaining. In public places, your husband might face a wall or something boring.

    If your husband is not cooperating with time-out in a public place, you may take him to a place that is not surrounded by people. For example, you could take your husband to a bathroom stall in the ladies' room if he will not behave in the store.

See what I mean? Perfectly translates. I once read somewhere that while certainly not all punishments suitable for a grown man are suitable for a child, all punishments suitable for a child are also suitable for a grown man. Words of wisdom to an FLR-oriented wife.

My husband's timeouts are a little more harsh than would be appropriate for a child. I have him facing a wall in the living room where he is made to hold up a coin with his nose. I make him cross his arms behind his back and I tie something loose around them such as scotch tape. I can then go about my business knowing that he is secure in his timeout. If he moves at all the coin will drop and it is impossible for him to put it back without his arms. If he breaks the light bindings around his arms to help get the coin back, I will know that. I can actually even leave the house with him like that, secure in the knowledge that there is no way for him to not complete his timeout without me finding out. This image by Sardax is more illustrative of the position I am talking about.

The depicted timeout also includes gagging, feminization, a fully bared bottom, a female witness, and the imminent threat of a bare bottomed hairbrush spanking from his wife in front of the other woman (his mother-in-law perhaps?). These are all elements I have included in my husband's timeouts.

Length of timeout varies depends on his behaviour and my mood. We have done anywhere from five minutes to well over an hour. Even five minutes can seem like a long time to him when he's in timeout. Anything longer than that adds a greater element of physical punishment as well, as it is a stress position. An hour in timeout like this is a pretty severe punishment that he very genuinely would not want repeated.

I have an iron clad rule that if he breaks timeout, he restarts it from the beginning. If he is even a minute away from completing a thirty minute timeout, and the coin drops, he repeats the full thirty minutes (sometimes after a short sharp correction, but more on that later). The only acceptable conclusion for a timeout is me going to him, asking him if he is learning his lesson, getting a yes and an apology for the behaviour, and then me taking the coin from the wall myself, thus releasing him. I have applied this rule on multiple occasions, and am very serious about it, and he knows it absolutely. And believe me, after having done 29 minutes of a 30 minute timeout, the last thing he wants to do is drop that coin and have to start from the beginning again but with a freshly paddled or belt-strapped bottom.

While he knows how long his timeout will be during his "sentencing", he does not have a time reference during timeout, except sometimes I will let him know how far along he is if I am feeling nice: "only ten more minutes".

Even a timeout all by itself is an utter humiliation for a husband being sentenced to it by his wife. Of course, it is my husband's kink to be humiliated by me in this fashion, but it makes it no less humiliating for him. Elements of forced feminization are often present in my husband's case, from panties, to bras, to schoolgirl skirts, stockings and garters, and even dresses. A number of other women have been present while my husband was in just such embarrassing timeout, even some vanilla women.

Unlike for how the government recommends that parents deal with children, there is no prohibition against spanking husbands when they are naughty. So timeout is almost always either preceded by, or followed by (or both), some form of corporal punishment as well.

Most commonly, he is invited over my knee for a quite strict hairbrush spanking.

By the time I am done with him his bottom will be deep red and he will be madly kicking his legs, writhing across my lap, apologizing profusely for his behaviour, promising he will never do it again, and begging me to stop.

Of course, from my point of view, a spanking doesn't really start until after he is begging for me to stop, and he will be spending many more frantic minutes across my knee after he has reached that point. For an example of "my style", I refer you to the video I made with my husband (Strict Julie Spanks).

The spanking may take place in front of witnesses, and is in fact recommended wherever it can be managed.

The image immediately above shows a misbehaving husband in the 1980s being very publicly corrected by his wife in front of her two girlfriends she happened to have invited over for a drink that day. The infraction was a speeding ticket that he did not tell her about that she noticed immediately before the photograph was taken. Unfortunately for him, justice delayed is justice denied in this household, and so he was further embarrassed by having his wife's friends present to witness his embarrassing bare-bottomed punishment (to tears) and the one hour of sniffly-nosed pants-down timeout that ensued.

Spankings combined with timeouts have a long history between dominant females and submissive males.

Here, for example, we see a photograph from the 1950's of a mother who has just gotten done paddling her son's caboose in the front room. He was then required to stand in timeout facing the corner with his pajama bottoms puddled around his ankles and his hands on his head until bedtime. The choice of the front room was not accidental. Any siblings, relatives, or visitors will see the boy's timeout, the humiliation of which deliberately adds to his punishment. The state of his bared bottom also clearly signals that his Mother has taken very seriously the misbehavior that prompted his punishment, and paddled him strictly beforehand. This is of course incredibly embarrassing to have that known and displayed so vividly and in such a public location for a boy of his age. Moreover, he may well be waiting for his father to come home and apply a healthy dose of strap oil to that naughty bottom before he is sent to bed without supper, crying his eyes out like a six-year-old child. As a "Strict Wife", I derive considerable inspiration in how to deal with my husband from images such as these.

Some wives insist on full nudity during timeout, and in embarrassing locations in the house.

This one was stripped and switched and then
placed in fully nude timeout ("birthday suit punishment")
in front of a window with the shades open for viewing.
See him cowering in his corner hoping to avoid the gaze
of his neighbors in his present state?

Others are subject to embarrassing forced feminization treatments during timeout.

This one was put in white stockings and garter belt
prior to his spanking, and then made to do
timeout dressed "like a girl"

Extra "womanly" chores can be assigned while being "panty trained", ideally with other women there to witness it.

This husband was fairly severely whipped in his birthday suit and
then "panty trained" by his wife during kitchen chores immediately after.
His mother-in-law was allowed to stay and watch the whole thing.
In fact, she took this photo to show to her friends the severity of
the whipping her daughter delivers and how her son-in-law is
"panty trained" afterwards, a new and amusing concept for her.

Sometimes rather than being treated as females, husbands are treated like babies as part of their punishment.

One of the more humiliating and exposed positions for a spanking,
called the "diaper position" for obvious reasons.
His penis, testicles, and bottom hole are fully displayed and available
for whipping if the offense warrants it.
A diapering is often not far behind.

Another variant of the "diaper position".

Made more humiliating when assisted by a friend or relation, such as a sister.

Here we can more easily see the full extent of the husband's exposure.
When other women are present, this level of exposure is only used
when a point must truly be driven home and the husband put firmly in his place.
His heretofore private parts will be fully displayed to
all woman watching this husband's chastisement,
with absolutely nothing left to the imagination,
a level of exposure usually reserved only for his wife or doctor.

And as alluded to in some of the captions above, sometime husbands are even diapered by their wives for punishment. I have done this to my husband in front of other women.

He is then required to drink a liter of water and stand in timeout until he publicly pees his diaper and then very vocally and politely requests that his diaper be changed, which I will happily oblige even while my guests look on.

Some punishments, however, are best meted out in private.

This punishment is really the ultimate in terms of forced feminization that cause him to fully embrace his submissive side. To be honest, there is one step further which involves recruiting a muscular, well-endowed male who will take the husband across his lap for a long hard spanking, and then have sex with the husband as if he were a woman (oral and anal included - to completion). This is called forced-bi, and is a powerful weapon in a Strict Wife's arsenal that her heterosexual husband will fear above almost all other things.

A muscular recruit delivering "forced-bi" to this husband as punishment
under the direction of the wife. The gentleman is encouraged to leave a copious
"sperm deposit" deep up her husband's bumhole. During subsequent naked timeout,
the sperm will dribble embarrassingly down the backs of the punished husband's legs.

Before I close with a question for you regarding Abigail, I leave you with some miscellaneous photographs along the lines of this blog article that I collected and captioned for you while doing my photo search.

This is a spanking for masturbation.
Look at the very large hairbrush on the table in front of her
and the dirty magazine illicitly purchased by him that she is surveying.
His underpants will remain where they are before and during his spanking,
and afterwards during timeout as well. A week in diapers as an impromptu
"chastity device" is a possibility after such an offense.

Quite "mainstream" at one time!

A very serious looking FLR spanking!

So true!

A very sore bum for a feminized hubby.

Bare bottomed timeout.
Pre-spanking (I hope!)

An embarrassing little hand spanking that can be delivered
in the ladies' room or a change room in a store as a quick
"attitude adjustment" that can be reinforced once home again.
If other women walk in during this husband's chastisement,
it certainly would not bother me for them to stay and watch
in order to help drive the lesson home. Very many would.

An "extra" hard spanking for this husband.
His wife is making her displeasure known
in no uncertain terms.

A severe spanking in the relative privacy of the bedroom,
though the sounds of the scolding, of wood on bare flesh, and of his frantic cries
will be heard throughout the house, and especially by his wife's aunt
and cousins who are staying the weekend. He will be warned that if he
continues being unpleasant towards them, further spankings
and subsequent timeouts will by no means be as private.
A full apology to them will be expected, along with a dropping of
his trousers to show them all the full extent of his punishment.
He will then turn to deliver a bare penis apology.

Timeout with glowing red bum on display.
He knows that in ten minutes time he will be required to turn
and face his wife and her sister, hands at his sides,
and apologize for his atrocious behaviour.

A classic "heads down" spanking in the bathroom
allowing the legs to flutter kick freely.
[From a Kelly Payne video "The Internet Thief"
featuring blog reader NaturalSub
whose blog is A man getting spanked]

A typical spanking in an FLR household.
Corner time to follow.

This husband failed to perform his household chores for Thanksgiving weekend,
leaving it to his wife and her sisters to get them done. His wife is pissed!
As punishment, she has taken the unusual step of stripping him down to his
birthday suit in full view of her two younger sisters, and then handing him
off to their tender mercies for his spanking. They both deliver enthusiastic
punishments to his naked rear end, causing him to apologize repeatedly
and earnestly (if not frantically) to the sisters for his misbehaviour.
After the guests have left, his wife will take him on a long cold naked walk
by his ear to the woodshed for a strapping he will not soon forget.

And isn't that what it's all about?

Ahh! Letting the imagination run wild. I hope you enjoyed it!

Coming back down to earth...

I plan on taking Abigail out for lunch next week for her birthday. I wonder if I will get the opportunity to make a somewhat innocuous but slightly embarrassing comment about how I deal with my husband when he is naughty? We are good friends. I trust her and could swear her to secrecy. Thinking on it now, I would pretend we had a "for real" FLR which would set david up for an embarrassing evening at the company Christmas party where we will for sure spend some time with her. Thoughts? Inadvisable? Go for it? Let me know!