Friday, May 25

Doctor's Appointment

david had his annual physical the other day from his real Doctor, and it always disappoints him that it is not more kinky than it is, so I decided to fix that up for him this year!

At the Doctor's office he was greeted by a new, very young and pretty receptionist in professional looking office attire. According to david, anyways.

I asked her how old, and he says he must be getting old because she looked like a high-schooler to him. I scolded him for his naughty mind. I'm sure she wasn't a high-schooler - likely early twenties as it was a school day.

She called him over to weigh him and measure him. At david's Doctor's office they do this with shoes off, fully clothed, and out in the open area. Very inaccurate! But david tells me he got a little pre-stiffy being ordered about and manipulated by this cute young lady. Men!

She then ushered him into an examination room and told him to take off his clothes down to his underpants and wait for the Doctor. His stiffy got a little bigger, this young lady telling him to strip like that, and her no doubt having a mental picture of my husband in his undies, feet dangling off the examination table. She exits the room prior to his striping off, of course.

The Doctor, a woman our age, comes in and chats and examines him. He says he always feels childish sitting there in just his underpants on the crinkly paper with his feet dangling, in front of a woman authority figure. She does eyes, ears, throat, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing sounds, reflexes. She has him lie down and examines his breasts for lumps. She puts a finger down at the crease of his inner thigh and gets him to cough to check for hernias (never the testicles, this Doctor Lady). She then has him turn over onto his side, facing away from her and towards the wall, and pull his knees up. She puts on gloves, then lowers his underpants in back, lubes him, and sticks her finger in to check his prostate. She stays in a relatively long time, feeling it all over and giving a running commentary (for real, he tells me!). He always gets a little chubby from this treatment, but believes it is hidden by the folds at the front of his underpants. She restores his underpants herself and he sits back up. He says he can feel the lube squishing in his bumhole. They go over his blood work and she declares him to be very healthy.

So that was his real Doctor's appointment. He usually tells me all about it in a pretty excited way and I tease him about it. This time he expressed it was a bit ho-hum, as the pattern never changes. I decided then we needed to fix that for him! It would be such a pity for him to lose his Doctor's office fetishes like that.

I knew that Mistress Violet Mays has a particular affection for the medical genre, so I suggested that we visit her for a "check-up", and I could play his "high-schooler".

david sounded very happy with that suggestion, so I told him to leave it to me, and he would get the checkup of his dreams this year.

Amazing wife, or what?

So we arranged a date and time (earlier this week), and I exchanged emails with Violet setting up the scene. My concept was a very straightly-played scene. Violet as Doctor Mays. david as the patient, and me as a keen and eager high-schooler hired as Doctor May's receptionist for the summer. We discussed the conduct of the scene beyond that, and we followed the concept quite closely. Rather than give it away now, I'll just describe the scene as it unfolded.

We arrived at Violet's place at the appointed time. We greeted one another warmly (even david got a hug). Violet was dressed in a buttoned up lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck. She had white stockings on beneath the hemline of the lab coat, I could see that much. The examination table (it's a real one!) was setup in the middle of the room, and various medical instruments, including those we had discussed using in advance, were set out.

We decided to start the scene with david sitting in his undies, feet dangling from the examination table, as per the real thing. We told him to go to the bathroom, get ready, undress to his undies, and then sit on the exam table and wait for us. Violet and I chatted a bit as david was getting ready, and we hid behind the corner as he setup on the table. Violet had a lab coat for me as well, and a clipboard for taking notes.

Doctor Mays entered the main area and greeted him with a handshake. I hung back a little.

Violet said, "This is Julie, our summer receptionist from the local high school."

I waved at the strange man a little sheepishly, as I thought a high-schooler might do seeing a grown man in his undies.

"Oh yes," said david, stammering a bit, "w..w..we've met... outside... in the waiting room I mean... she did my height and weight..."

"hi..." I said sheepishly, waving again. david waved back.

Violet explained her presence, "we have a program here at the practice where we have a competition among the grade 11's for a summer intern job here. Mainly reception, seeing how the office works and all that. Helping me out. Julie here would like a career in medicine, so I've been allowing her to sit in on some of the examinations and participate a bit under my supervision. She hasn't sat in on an examination of a male patient yet, and I was wondering if that would be ok with you, david? Having her watch, take notes, assist me, maybe do some of the procedures herself?"

"Ah, golly... sure... I guess...," said david. He later told me that the roleplay was very effective, and he very much felt himself at the Doctor's office in this situation. And he felt himself very embarrassed at the prospect of the high-schooler sitting in on his examination (even though it was really just me). But that surely she would be asked to leave for THAT PART (the prostate exam).

We both felt in that situation the vast majority of men would agree. Doctors carry a certain natural authority (and Violet certainly projected it!), and when they "suggest something" it sometimes seems to come off more like an inevitability. Besides, what red-blooded, healthy male would not want a pretty, young, slim, but well-developed female observing the proceedings (even if she is just a high-schooler)?

Violet moved forward with all the standard examination procedures that the real Doctors perform. She made a few comments and asked me to take few notes. On a subtly kinky note, I did observe her being quite close to her patient, even "inadvertently" rubbing up against him. She even made him spread his knees so she could get in closer to his front for his examination.

She had me slip in there and "try out" a few procedures on my own after she had done them, like listening to his heart, looking into his ears, and so on.

The one slightly less subtly kinky thing Violet did was to use the tongue depressor a bit deeper and harder that is usual, and held it there while she had me peer down his throat and observe his tonsils. david made a few gagging sounds, reminiscent of you-know-what! "Just for another few moments," said Violet as he was on the verge of gagging.

david said that was pretty embarrassing,  as he was obliged to keep his mouth wide open while Violet held the tongue depressor deeply down his throat, him wiggling on the bench in obvious distress as the "high-schooler" was allowed a good long look down the throat of the gagging male. It made him think of having to take a strict dildoing down his throat from these two attractive women. What a pervert!

"It's that time," said Violet to david. "Lie down on the table and turn away from me. Bring your knees a bit towards your chest."

david said it was funny. He knew that Julie would be allowed to stay for the prostate exam, but that he was so "into" the scene that his character was blowing his mind thinking that surely she would be asked to leave!

"Julie," says Violet to me. I look at her intently. "I'm about to do a prostate exam on Mr. Delmar..."

Aha! david's "character" thought, she would now be asked to leave the room, sparing him the embarrassment of having his underwear pulled down and a finger inserted into his anus in front of her.

"so hand me the latex gloves and the lubrication from the top shelf there..."

...and then leave the room... thought "david".

"... and then put on a pair of gloves yourself as well."


WHAT! was went through david's mind. She was being allowed to stay and watch???? A high-schooler??? And why did she need gloves if she was only watching????? david squirmed and moaned on the table as this was announced. It was so unfair! Doctor's NEVER consider the embarrassment of their patients!

"So," said Doctor Mays, "we just lower the patient's underpants in back to just below the cheeks to preserve their modesty, like so."

david squirmed in embarrassment as his bottom was uncovered for the first time this session.

"Julie," said Doctor Mays, "come over here and part the cheeks of his bottom to expose his anus. I want you to clearly see the technique I use for the digital exam."

david thought it was so unfair. This was CLEARLY different than just looking into his ears, surely! But maybe not? Maybe Doctors don't think that way at all. Maybe to Doctor Mays, it was all the same thing: eyes, ears, nose, throat, anus? Seemingly so!

I went over and did as I was told, peering at his anus in the process. Despite the folds of his underpants covering his penis, I could clearly see he had an erection at this point. I'm quite sure his real-life Doctor would notice the same. And I told him so after we were home. Just a little extra embarrassment knowing that his little stiffy is not hidden from his Doctor as he believes, not if she gives the front of his underpants even a casual glance. Should be something for him to think about for next year.

"We put a dab of lubrication on the tip of our finger," instructed Violet.

"About a dime sized?" I asked.

"Yes, about that, and we spread it around a bit into his anus." Violet matched deed to words. "Then it's important not to just go straight in. Swipe down a bit and insert a little from the side. Then turn the finger a bit once inside to loosen the sphincter, and then go in a bit deeper, hand in this orientation, and reach for the prostate gland. It's a semi-circular smooth bump, a little squishy when you poke on it. Just move your finger all around it in a circular motion, making sure it's nice and smooth and soft, and give it a few little pokes to test it's elasticity. I shouldn't be hard at all, just firm. Then take it out more or less the way you came in. It could be messy so have a wipe ready in case. There we go. Pretty clean. Good high fiber diet it looks like. Then just bend your thumb in and take the glove off inside out and dispose of it. Just like that. Would you like to give it a try?"

david groaned

"Sure!" I said, excitedly, like a keen high-schooler might.

Violet and I changed places. I was deliberately a bit more clumsy and rough with him, which got a few grunts and groans from him. But Violet was nothing but encouraging as she instructed me on how to find the prostate and examine it very thoroughly.

"Well done, Julie!" said Doctor Mays.

Male readers, can you just imagine that? Can you imagine having a pretty high-schooler do that to you as her "science experiment"??? Wow. Well it was a little roleplay dream come true for my husband (I reiterate: such a perv!).

"Before we leave hear, there's just one area of concern..." says Doctor Mays. "See this rash around here?"

"Oh yes," I say, playing along.

"Let's see how far it extends. Julie, could you remove that patient's underpants, please."

I took his underpants down and off, revealing a pretty massive erection!

"Oh wow...", I said, grimacing a bit and looking at Violet.

"You mustn't be embarrassed, dear," said Violet to me. "It's all part of the job. It's a perfectly normal male reaction. I've seen literally hundreds of men in exactly the same predicament. You get over it pretty quickly. But have a look at the patient's face. See how he has his eyes tightly shut, his face angled away from us, and how he has a deep blush on his cheeks? Believe me, it's much more embarrassing for them than it is for us. Usually what we do in this situation is we look them in the eye and reassure them that it's a perfectly normal reaction and that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Why don't you give that a try with poor Mr. Delmar here?"

Ha ha! She was talking as if "our patient" wasn't even there. Very typical Doctor!

I walk around to his head so that he is facing me, and crouch down so that we are at eye level. "Mr. Delmar, open your eyes and look at me, please." david does so. He seems to be genuinely embarrassed, really getting into it, as was I. "The Doctor wants you to know that what's happening down there is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed about, ok?"

"yes  miss..." says david in a breathy voice.

"Ok then," I say as I go back to the other end of the table to rejoin Violet.

"Well done," said Violet. "You have a good little bedside manner. Now, see the rash extending down through the perineum here and onto the back of the scrotal sack. Let's have one knee up. There we go. Oh yes, and extending here on the inner thighs as well, and the sides and front of the scrotal sack. Let's have you on your back, Mr. Delmar."

david rolls over, completely bare for his Doctor and the high-schooler receptionist, and with a big angry erection to boot!

Violet goes back in, spreading his legs and manipulating his balls, pointing out where all the rash is extending to.

"see, it's all along the front of his scrotum, up the penis shaft, front back and sides, and have a look under here, just beneath the head, see how it's especially bad under there? And it's even invaded the tip. Let's see, spread the tip apart and have a look down his urethra. Grab the flashlight please. Shine it here. Oh yes, even a bit down there as well. It seems to be quite advanced."

"Is there... is there a problem?" asked david.

"Well, you definitely have a rash around your anal-genital region. Have you, by chance, been swimming in a lake in Western Europe within the past month?"

"My gosh! Yes I have been," says david, playing along. "I'm just back from a vacation in Italy..."

"Well that must be it then," says Violet. "There's a very particular fungal parasitic organism that lives in those lakes. The locals are immune, but not the tourists. Looks like we've caught it in time, but I do think we need to treat it right away."

"Is it serious?" asked david, sounding nervous.

"It's serious if left untreated," says Violet. "If the infection spreads through the skin of the testicles, or down the urethra, it can lead to low sperm count and motility. In extreme cases, the penis and testicles will need to be removed."

"Oh my gosh!" exclaims david.

"Fortunately we have all the medicines and equipment we need to treat it right here in the examination room.  I suggest we proceed immediately. The first treatment today will knock out 90% of it. We'll also take a sperm sample to get a baseline on count and motility. Then we'll have you back for two followups which ought to knock it out completely. We'll get a sperm sample after each of those as well and make sure it's recovering. Are we ok to proceed."

"Yes. yes, Of course," said david. "Is it... is it painful at all".

"At times it will be, but you'll just breathe deeply and get through it, ok? It's necessary."

"Yes Doctor."

"Julie," said Violet, turning to me, "I'll be needing you to assist. Could you please start out by scrubbing all of the affected with the anti-bacterial soap. Grab a basin of hot water and a cloth. The soap is on the top shelf next to where the lube is. Be very thorough and give it all a good scrub. Everywhere there's a hint of a rash. I'm going to take some notes and fetch the anti-fungals."

"Yes, Doctor," I said, and went about preparing the basin of hot water, the washcloth, and the liquid soap. I returned to david and said, "why don't you pull your knees right up to your chest, and spread them a bit. That's it. A bit higher. Great. Hold it there."

I started at his anus and scrubbed around the outside, then up and down his perineum, his inner thighs, his testicles, his shaft, and his head. I let him put his legs back down for his penis and testicles. I gave everything a very good soapy scrubbing and hot water rinsing!

Violet came over to observe the last bit, and asked, "did you get right inside the anus and urethra?"

"Probably not as much as I should have..." I said.

"You need to be very thorough here. Please go ahead with that."

I had david pulls his legs back up again at the knees, spread his bum cheeks, and used my gloved finger and the washcloth to really get in deep! Then I had him put his legs back down. Violet spread the tip of his penis open and I gently scrubbed into his urethra with the tip of my finger and the tip of the washcloth. This had david squirming a lot!

"Did you do the ridge under the glans? There's a concentration there, better go over that again. The shaft and glans again as well."

I took his cock in my "high-schooler" hands and really soaped it up again, scrubbed it, paying special attention to the ridge under his glans.

david started moaning at my soapy hand-job, but I know my man and stopped before any "accidents" could happen.

"Well done, Julie," said Doctor Mays, "pink and clean!" She continued, "what we need to do now is to apply the anti-fungal lotion section by section, rub it in thoroughly by hand, then use the ultrasound device to force it more deeply into the tissue, and finally the electrostatic device to trigger the medicine to do its work."

Yes, we had arranged this "treatment" beforehand. The "anti-fungal medicine" was just lube, the ultrasound device the Hitachi, and the electrostatic device the Violet Wand, a first for david and I (but Violet is a pro with it - she actually had three different units to choose from - we went for the most modern looking clinical one).

In case you don't know, the Violet Wand is a device that zaps the skin with violet colored static electricity. You can adjust the intensity, then approach the skin, and zap-zap-zap it goes. Quite a little shock!

Violet and I started in on david's "treatment". We both wore gloves and lab coats. She held his leg just so, and I applied the medicine, rubbing it in with my hand. She then sunk it in deeper with the Hitachi, vibrating it all the way in deep. Then she took the violet wand and "treated" all that area very thoroughly. We found we had to turn it up to get the reaction we were looking for, which we got! Poor david was jumping and scrambling, trying hard to stay in place, as the violet wand worked its magic.

We started in on the insides of the thighs. Then we did the perineum. Then the testicles (backside first, then top left, then top right). All the while it was medicine rubbed in by hand, Hitachi pressing it in, then the violet wand. Violet and I traded off the implements as we proceeded. Felt like a sort of "Doctor and Nurse" type of arrangement. We got quite "clinical" with it all! Then it was his penis shaft that got it next. One of us pinned the tip down against his belly as the other went up and down the underside. Then the reverse, a finger pinning his tip down between his thighs as we did the top. Then twisting and pinning as we did each side in turn. Then it was on to the ridge under the tip. It got special attention, all around and around. Poor david was in a state. While we got a pretty good reaction on the testicles, it was nothing like what we got when we did the ridge underneath his glans! He was screaming with the pain. And it just didn't end! We did the tip of his penis next, sub-dividing it into its four quadrants and doing each in turn. That got the most amazing reactions yet from him. As the violet wand was applied he literally was begging us "no, no, please!" (but he has his safeword if he needed it). Violet was very encouraging. "That's it, you're being very good."

As this was going on, david was involuntarily jerking his upper body upwards, sitting up, and then dropping back. At one point Violet sort of draped herself across david's waist to hold him down a bit He still tried to jerk up, and his hands went towards her hips. He touched them briefly and withdrew. Violet said, "go ahead and hold on," she said. He kind of half turned onto his side and sat up as much as he was allowed as we applied the "treatment" to his sensitive areas (Violet could still use her hands from this position). Violet's lab coat rode up displaying her white stocking tops and the straps of her garter belt. david seemed to derive some comfort in hugging her beautiful bottom, which she most graciously allowed him to do through her lab coat (he was taking a lot of pain for us!)

"Let's get into the urethra as deeply as we can," said Violet. She held his penis upright and spread open his hole. I applied the lube with the tip of my finger, massaged it in, and then Violet Hitachi'd it in deeper. I wanted to do the wand here. "no, no, please..." david whimpered as it got closer and closer, I zapped him right up his little pee hole! Wow did he jump!

It was almost a relief for him as we finished up with his anal area. We lifted his legs right up into the "diaper position" and applied the treatment all around his anus, and then as deep as we could get into his hole. this caused a lot of childish yelling as well.

"All done!" declared Violet. david looked wrung out and my panties were soaked! He really was a trooper for us!

"We'll have to do that two more times within the next week," said Doctor Mays. "But before you go, we need to collect that sperm sample and get it to the lab. Just to make sure there are no mistakes, we'll go ahead and do that for you."

Violet made david kneel up on the examination table. She placed a triangular bolster in front of him, placed a clean sheet over it and then had him lie across it. She then pulled his penis and testicles back out between his legs and told him him to clamp his thighs shut (I had suggested the position in my email - it is his most submissive for a hand job). She then fetched a leather strap and wrapped it around his high upper thighs and tightened it down hard, keeping his thighs tightly pinned against one another. The belt ran between his thighs and genitals, projecting them ever further upwards and away from his body.

"A bit of vigorous prostate stimulation helps speed things along," said Violet. She placed the dildo attachment on the end of the Hitachi, inserted it into his bum, and turned it on to high.

"Would you prefer to hold the prostate massager or perform the hand manipulations of his penis?" asked Violet.

I volunteered to use my hand. I thought david would appreciate his high-schooler hand-jobbing him.

Violet manipulated the Hitachi in his ass as I went about the hand-jobbing. Violet handed me a small cup to catch the ejaculate in.

"This is an interesting position," I told Doctor Mays.

"Yes, I find it quite effective and somewhat impersonal with him facing away, which is for the best. Excellent access to both the prostate via his anus and the penis, and easy to aim the ejaculate. In fact, I use this position on my husband at home. I usually keep him locked up in a cock cage, but I let him out and masturbate him like this once a week."

"A cock cage, really?" I asked, sounding fascinated.

"Oh yes, keeps him sexually ready for me at all times, and makes him much more subservient around the house. I keep him in panties also, and he does all the housework in his cage and panties. I give him a good hard spanking if he's slacking!"

david was listening to all this banter between his Doctor and the high-schooler manipulating his penis, and it was finally too much and he squirmed and grunted and cried out and shot a nice big healthy load into the shot glass! What a workout for that penis! He stayed very erect, yet did not cum, for about an hour in total. A new record for him.

We ended the scene there and released him. I did not make him swallow his sperm, as that would not have been in scene - it was already whisked off to the lab for analysis.

All in all the scene was amazing, and playing with Violet and her violet wand, was amazing as well!!! I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Friday, May 18

Becky and tom

I correspond with many interesting people as a result of this blog. Today I shall tell you about subby tom and his Dominant Wife, Becky.

tom first wrote me in August of last year as a result of reading my post, Readers' Email, in which I passed on some favourite correspondence I had received. tom was quite taken by the tale of naked ted, and wrote...
The naked Ted tale really was appealing. It is VERY similar to the relationship I have with my Wife and Domme, Becky, She also requires me to be totally nude whenever the two of us are alone together. She later expanded that to include her younger sister and even her former college roommate as well!
The first time that Becky told me her sister was visiting (and would be there within minutes), I was kneeling naked in front of her, giving her a foot massage. She had on sweat pants and sweat shirt. She was teasing me with the foot I was not massaging and my arousal was obvious. I got up to put some clothes on and Becky said, "Where do you think you're going?" I answered, "I need to get dressed if Mary is coming over." She replied, "Well, you aren't going to. I've told her about our relationship and she's curious. You are going to open the door when she arrives, just like you are now, with your cock pointing at the ceiling. Now continue my foot massage!!!"
A few minutes later the door bell rang. "Answer it, naked boy" was Becky's command. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. When I opened the door, her sister shrieked upon seeing me standing there, stark naked, erection bobbing obscenely before me. "Oh my God, I heard you say it, but couldn't believe it is actually true", Mary said upon entering.
I was ordered to take her coat, hang it up, then kneel next to Becky with my legs spread wide and hands clasped behind my back. As they chatted and Mary, smiling broadly, looked me up and down, I felt at peace and actually happy that both my Wife/Domme and her sister we're obviously enjoying this spectacle.
I eventually came to crave these visits and the things I was ordered to do by Becky in front of her sister, and later her old college roommate.
Well that was certainly interesting! I know what some of you are thinking. It's made up, right? Well maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. You can choose to view it as a vivid and fascinating description of one man's elaborate fantasies, or you can view it as all true to life (as I do). Either way, there's more to enjoy!

Here is where tom describes the college roommate.
We were about three years into our Mistress/slave relationship when Becky introduced her old college roommate, Christine, to our play.
With Christine, it came about on a weekend when she visited. Becky took Friday off on the day Christine arrived. In the afternoon she called me at work and told me to buy wine and takeout to bring home.

I got home about 6:00 and saw Christine’s car in the driveway. I came in and greeted them both. Christine gave a quizzical look and Becky, with a smirk on her face, said "Chris and I have been talking all afternoon. We confide EVERYTHING in each other. What is the dress code in this house, Thomas?" My throat got dry and my voice cracked as I said, "You wear clothes, I go naked." "Then get naked, Tom." I slowly stripped and folded my clothes. Christine was smiling broadly. I was ordered to serve them wine. When I brought the wine Becky ordered me to kneel and kiss her feet. I began to develop an erection and waited on them hand and foot, totally nude that whole weekend. And ever since.

Initially, I would just serve them in the nude and wait on them hand and foot. Later, she encouraged Christine to touch and feel me if she liked, which eventually She did. Since I was kept chaste most of the time these activities almost always made me visibly aroused. Other games Becky played in front of Christine involved me masturbating until my erection was full. When it was fully errect she would ask me yes and no questions, making me bob my erection up and down for "yes" answers and side to side for "no". If we watched TV, I would sit between them and they would casually rub my thighs or graze my cock to induce a hard on. During commercials I would be ordered to do jumping jacks for their entertainment while my junk bounced around.
I asked if the other women had spanking or sexual privileges over tom.
Occasionally Christine will say, “Tom has the whitest ass. Let’s put some color in it.”

I then have to fetch a wooden spoon and either go across their laps or bend over the counter while they take turns smacking the daylights out of my asscheeks. They sort of make it a competition to see who can get the loudest smacks.

Becky had told Christine how oral I am. Christine said she missed regular oral sex. One time while she was visiting, Becky said she was going to run some errands. While She was gone she said I was going to orally pleasured Christine. I ate her to three orgasms, then concluded by French kissing her ass and asscrack for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

She told Becky it was the best oral she had ever had. Becky said she could have it again whenever she wanted. It has been repeated a half dozen times since.
With my encouragement, tom sent another email with some more events described.
I have a number of experiences I hope you find erotic and interesting. Unlike Naked Ted I was encouraged to have erections while serving my Wife/Domme, her sister and her college roommate. Erections were celebrated and were the object of a number of fun games to entertain them.

First, as to punishments. We were not into spankings like David and you. She would occasionally say, "You have the whitest ass. Let's put some color in it." Those spankings were by hand and mostly playful and erotic. If I really annoyed her or she thought I disobeyed, paddlings with a ping pong paddle ensued and usually lasted until I was sobbing and begging for forgiveness.

I told you yesterday about the use of my penis to answer yes and no questions. One day Becky's nephew visited us. He and I played a game of catch outside. After he left I immediately stripped to my birthday suit, as usual. We noticed he had left his baseball behind. Becky got a gleam in her eye and ordered me to kneel and masturbate. When I was fully hard she ordered me to roll the baseball around the room with my erection. This was not that easy to do and she was in hysterics watching this. I eventually got better at it and the sheer depravity and humiliation of what I was doing kept me hard. This became one of her favorite games and I was forced to repeat it in front of her sister and college roommate.

Her parents owned a cabin on a private lake in the country. We would frequently go there on weekends in the summer. About 50 yards from the cabin was a shed for the lawn mower and tools. If we were sure her parents were not going to show up we would drive up on a Friday afternoon. When we got to the shed, Becky would stop the car at the shed, order me out of the car, and order me to strip totally nude. I would be given a pair of sandals and she would lock my clothes in the shed, not to be returned until the end of the weekend. Her sister Mary and Christine occasionally visited on these weekends to see me in my all together.

Her parents were quite well to do and had a beautiful home in an adjoining state. We would occasionally go and house sit for them when they went on trips. In their basement was a beautiful mahogany table with an unusual feature - at each of the four corners of the table there was a smooth, narrow upturn about an inch and a half long. Becky LOVED making me masturbate for her, but before I would cum made me mount a corner of the table and order, "ass hump that corner, slave boy". I would impale myself on the corner and bounce up and down, totally exposed, cock and balls flying wildly around, and the end corner visibly sawing in and out of my asshole. All on total display. This actually was stimulating and felt really good, but, again, the sheer depravity of what I was doing was heady beyond belief. She made me keep at it until I was exhausted. When she finally let me quit, she ordered, "Clean up the corner that was up your ass. With your tongue. Give the table corner a nice blow job".

One weekend while we were house-sitting, both Mary and Christine visited. On Saturday night Becky said."Let's make some popcorn. Tom is going to entertain us in the basement. The three pulled up chairs. Becky ordered me to jack off until I was rock hard then gave the "asshump" command. They cheered and giggled while I rode the table corner for them.
I answered that the thought of him naked in front of his wife and these two women, jacking off and humping the table corner was amazing! Total humiliation! I asked more about the oral sex and if she lets him continue to ejaculation?
Yes, I was compelled to give the table corner a nice, long blow job after ass-humping it. The ladies LOVED degrading me while I did it, calling me a "blueballed, nude asshumping, table sucking whore!"

No, I generally was NOT allowed to cum, but if I had not cum for a loonnggg time I was sometimes allowed to.

When that occurred it was usually by jacking off with a small vibrator buzzing up my ass, or by humping a chair or other inanimate object. While doing either I had to thank the Ladies for granting me the privilege of entertaining them. I could NOT cum until I was granted permission. They sometimes made me stop and rest and begin again, sometimes dragging it on for over an hour.

When I came I had to lick it up, then thank them for treating me so nicely.
What a good little bitch! Later on I posted a Playing Doctor roleplay that tom wrote to me about.
I very much enjoyed your October 20 post, Julie.  My Wife/Domme, Becky, has a friend who is an MD.  She no longer lives near us, but when she did Becky made me go to her three straight years for my annual physical.  Becky accompanied me and required me to undergo my exam totally nude with the female doctor and a nurse present.  The prostate exam was particularly humiliating, but after the fact I found it quite exhilarating.  After each physical when we returned home I was required to strip again and perform a marathon cunnilingus and analingus session for Becky’s enjoyment.
After describing his scene with Christine (earlier), he followed up with me.
I know you love David, although you dominate him mercilessly at times.  Becky and I are a bonded life pair to whom pushing the FemDom envelope is a key to our happiness.

I hope, Julie, you were not turned off by my recitation of being spanked and orally pleasuring Christine.  Becky ALWAYS required a passionate anal French kiss after cunnilingus and wanted Christine to enjoy the same.  She offered my undivided oral service, but told Christine She needed to shower and soap Her anus thoroughly before I tongued Her.  To keep it safe.

Becky let the orgasms I gave Christine count to the 25 to 1 ratio, so I was allowed to cum during that visit by Christine, but the way I was allowed to do it blew all three of us off the charts.
He ended his email there, trying to keep me intrigued no doubt, as if he was a little Shahrazad. I wrote back with a mild scolding: "Tell me about your orgasm, you tease, you! (And go ask your wife to spank you for being such a tease with me!)"
I did tell my Wife and shared our correspondence with Her. She is amused, and says She will not spank me. She plans, instead, on whipping me with a belt this evening.

As to my orgasm during Christine’s visit, it came as part of a long, drawn out process. I was ordered to begin stroking myself while kneeling in front of Becky and Christine. When my erection was full Becky turned some music on and ordered me to dance for them. I did so with my erection swinging wildly in the air.

After dancing for several minutes I was ordered to hump the floor while licking Christine’s feet. When Becky sensed I was getting ready to cum She ordered me to my feet. She told me to do 100 jumping jacks. My cock and balls flew wildly around in front of them as I did that

Becky then got a towel and placed it over a stool we had in the kitchen and ordered me to dry hump that while saying how men exist to serve Women and humble themselves for Women’s entertainment. When I was close to cumming again Becky ordered me to stop and got a small vibrating dildo from our bedroom. She lubed it with Vaseline and inserted it up my rectum. She told me to put my hands on my head and pad around the room on my knees while She and Christine took turns adjusting the vibration level on the dildo. I was leaking a river of precum and my cock was slapping my belly.

Finally, Becky asked Christine if I deserved to cum. Christine said She thought I did. Becky pulled down Her jeans and panties, rolled onto her stomach on the floor and ordered me to rub my cock on Her asscrack until I came. After edging for so long I had an intense, looonggg orgasm. I had not cum for at least three weeks prior and shot an enormous load, globs of semen in one long spurt after another into Her asscrack. When I was finally spent Becky ordered me to lick Her asscrack and asshole clean.
I told tom that I approved of the belt whipping and told him to ask Becky to give him a dozen extra specifically for me.
Good God, Julie. What did You get me into? 
I got the most severe beating Becky has ever given me. You asked for another twelve. Becky intended to give me 25 hard smacks with the belt. She doubled that to 50 after She read Your email. She said Julie should get as many as Becky does. 
She whipped me so hard. We have not been into BDSM that much, but Becky is truly beginning to enjoy disciplining me. The 50 whips tonight were ALL enthusiastically delivered. 
Tonight’s beating was pure endurance for me, but Beck clearly enjoyed delivering it. After it was over she cuddled and kissed me, comforting me after that marathon (for us) whipping. As I was getting over the pain and getting more into submissive, service mode Becky said, "Whipping you made My Cunt wet." 
We retired to the bedroom where I orally pleasured Her Pussy for several orgasms, then tongued Her ass for about a quarter hour until She allowed me to stop.
She said She thinks a weekly beating should be part of our future relationship. Yikes!! 
Becky also wants to know if You would ever consider corresponding with Her directly. 
Of course I would! I also said, "and don't be such a baby, tom tom, it was only a little belt whipping. The sort teenaged girls get all the time when they've been naughty. Totally suitable for you."

Later on I received my promised email from Becky,

I had to write to tell you about the fantastic weekend tom and I had.

Friday night tom took Me to our favorite Italian restaurant for a nice, relaxing dinner. During dinner I teased tom about the beating he would receive at home.

When we got home tom stripped totally nude, as I require in the house. After taking him to the basement I handcuffed his wrists to the beam and went to work on him. tom got 120 smacks to his ass, six rounds of ten each with a wooden paddle and the belt. We took a break halfway through so I could rub tom’s ass cheeks and fondle his cock and balls. After the last sixty he was quite red, but took it well, whimpering only a little.

I was VERY turned on. After holding and cuddling tom while telling him how proud I am of him for enduring his beating and letting me have that fun we retired to bed.

tom has not cum since March 22. That is longer than he usually goes, but he is SO submissive when he is horny that I just have kept extending it. In bed I had tom go down on me. After two nice orgasms I flopped onto my tummy so he could tongue My ass crack for about ten minutes before we went to sleep.

Saturday tom cleaned the house. Later, I allowed him to get dressed and we ran errands. We rented a movie for the evening. I reclined on the couch while my naked slave knelt at my feet.

Sunday was a blast!! My sister Mary visited us. She came over about two. I was teasing tom and he was hard and leaking precum when the doorbell rang. I almost climaxed with joy watching him go answer the door with his boner bouncing in the air.

Mary laughed on entering and said “That’s the proper way for a man to greet a Female Guest”. The rest of the day tom waited on us hand and foot. I encouraged Mary to fondle him to keep him erect and we both had fun doing so.

After a few hours I mentioned that tom had not cum in a month and told Mary I thought it was time that he did. She said she’d leave then, but I said, “No need. Do you want to watch tom cum”? “Really? Are you serious? Hell, I’d LOVE to watch”.

I ordered tom to kneel in front of us and jack off. I made him edge three times, and warned him, “Don’t you DARE cum until we tell you”. After the third edge I told him, “we’re going to play a game. We will ask you a series of yes and no questions. If your answer is yes, swing your erection up and down. If it is no, swing it side to side”. It was so comical doing this and watching tom answer that way. We asked him if he believed Women are superior to men, whether he enjoyed being our nude servant and entertainment, stuff like that.

Finally I said I think he deserves to cum. I got up, got a towel, one of my vibrators, a condom and a bowl. I draped the towel over a foot stool, ordered tom to put the condom on, then ordered tom to hump the foot stool. It was a very humiliating way to allow tom to cum, but a very entertaining spectacle for Mary and Me to watch. tom, after all the teasing and a month without coming had a long, explosive orgasm.

When he caught his breath, I ordered him to remove the condom and empty the contents in the bowl. I the made him put the condom on my vibrator, inside out, and made him lick the condom clean. We then spoon fed tom the contents of the bowl, each taking turns.

This may have been the most erotic domination session we have EVER had. After Mary left tom orally worshipped me from head to toe, front side and backside. I asked him how he felt about the day’s activity. He said that although it was deeply humiliating and degrading it transported him to a level of sub space he had never experienced before and that was truly exhilarating. he said he felt more totally owned by Me and hoped we can do similar things in the future.

Sorry this is SO long, but, as you well know, there aren’t many persons with whom I can share this.

Take care, Julie.
I then asked Becky permission to publish their story, and asked if they would send me a photo of tom humping his stool. tom sent me the photo and begged me to publish it. I don't know, it's pretty humiliating, but ok!

Whether or not you believe tom and Becky's account, there can be no doubt whatsoever that that is tom's tiny penis, and a very high probability that he ejaculated into that condom by humping that stool, and swallowed it all down the hatch!

Thank you tom and Becky, for entertaining us all. Keep up the good work!

Saturday, May 12

Found on Quora

Found this little gem on Quora. It has 152.2K views, 355 Upvotes, and no Downvotes. Read first, we'll discuss after.

What is the most embarrassing thing your parents caught you doing?

Answer by Fiorella Goode, May 4, 2018 (link)
Wow there is so many but I would say giving oral sex to my boyfriend. We planned a trip to Disney world and I asked if i could invite my boyfriend. My parents agreed and his parents agreed so he came with us to Disney world. My mom explicitly said nonsectarian during the trip and I agreed and we decided he would sleep on the pull out sofa.

We were in Florida for the week and the first two days he was good, but we went to the beach and I wore a thong bikini and he was getting horny. At night when my parents were asleep he would come into my room and beg me for a blowjob.

One night I gave in and told him to come in my room when everyone was asleep. He came in at 1am and I was in the bed nude. We couldn’t have sex because I’m a screamer, but I wanted to satisfy him. I let him suck and play with my tits and then I got on my knees and started to suck on him.

We both were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even realize my mom had woken up and was watching silently in the dark while I sucked him. He was overexcited and cummed in a few minutes and I happily took his load in my mouth and swallowed.

he went to the bathroom to clean up and my mom came in. She asked what was I doing and I was embarrassed because I already knew she knew. I wasn’t embarrassed because of the act, but because I felt like I betrayed her trust. I immediately apologized and explained that he just needed something to relax him as we didn’t have sex.

My mom already knew that we have been intimate and that we perform oral sex a lot so she wasn’t shocked. To my surprise, she laughed and said I knew that you would suck him eventually as I am like her and crave oral sex. She said I could suck him at night when everyone slept but no sex. She left and I told my boyfriend what my mom said.
Here is a pic of Fiorella,

And a "bonus" Quora answer from sweet Fiorella:

Do you let men cum in your mouth?

If I am to give oral sex it is a requirement that they cum in my mouth and I swallow. I once dated a guy that thought the idea of a woman swallowing was nasty and told me it turned him off. Not only did we break up soon after he never received oral sex from me. I honestly don’t see the point if I can’t swallow.

Let us analyze together.

First of all regarding the use of the word "nonsectarian".

On to a critical analysis of the answer.
He came in at 1am and I was in the bed nude. We couldn’t have sex because I’m a screamer, but I wanted to satisfy him. I let him suck and play with my tits and then I got on my knees and started to suck on him.
I like that she's a "screamer". Shows a certain openness to experience. She's also clearly a very nice unselfish girl, thinking only of her boyfriend like that.
We both were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even realize my mom had woken up and was watching silently in the dark while I sucked him. He was overexcited and cummed in a few minutes and I happily took his load in my mouth and swallowed.
"Cummed?" ... "Came," maybe? Honestly not so sure cum to think on it. She is Peruvian though, so English is a second language, but she writes very well!

If I had a daughter, seeing that I would be so proud of her, down on her knees, selflessly sucking off her boyfriend's big cock. And we know all about daughter's views on swallowing.
She asked what was I doing and I was embarrassed because I already knew she knew. [...]. I immediately apologized and explained that he just needed something to relax him as we didn’t have sex.
I think that's very reasonable. Most parents would be very understanding under the circumstances.
To my surprise, she laughed and said I knew that you would suck him eventually as I am like her and crave oral sex. She said I could suck him at night when everyone slept but no sex.
Like Mother like Daughter! The apple does not fall far from the tree. But good parenting to make sure that there was "no sex", only sucking.

Of course, some mothers might have other ideas on how to deal with the situation...