Wednesday, June 21

Oh My Gosh!

One of my favourite bloggers, Vanessa Chaland at Queening Chairs just posted two rather exhibitionist videos!!!

In the first, Force Masturbation - Cuckold Training - Humiliation Video she is seen bare naked with her cucky in front of her.

He is being instructed to masturbate for her. He is told to ruin his orgasm and to deposit his sperm where she is pointing. He must then get down on his knees and lick it all up and swallow it so he can "get used to the taste" for when she has her boyfriends over later.

If that wasn't enough (!), Naughty Vanessa posts a second video, Letting My Cuckold Fuck Me Video, where her lucky cucky gets to spend six whole minutes fucking his Queen who rather audibly and visibly orgasms during the proceedings.

Good stamina displayed by cucky. I am jealous!

Vanessa, you go girl!!!