Saturday, April 23

Sex Role Reversal

It was very interesting allowing the sorts of comments I received on the My Spanked Bottom post. Lots of subbie guys saying what they would do to me if given half a chance. I played along in my responses, and it was tolerable only in the sense where I disassociate it from me being the sub, and instead just collect ideas as a Domme and then imagine my own sub's reactions to being treated like that. If I ever flipped the switch, and thought of myself as the sub I just got very annoyed at the males, and thought "Really? Really that's what you want to do to me? To a dominant woman? Really? Disgusting."

To get rid of that nasty taste, I suggested to david that we have a sex role reversal evening. I would dress in my rough shirt and jeans with a strap-on underneath, and he would dress as the naughty young virgin ripe for some spanking and molesting from "her man". To prepare for the evening, I re-read every one of those filthy comments to fill my head up with ideas.

He came to me en femme. Panties, short plaid schoolgirl skirt, bra and inserts, and a tight little pink halter top that bared his midriff and showed off his bra strap.

He sat beside me as I watched tv. I reached over and put my hand on his thigh. I rubbed up his thigh and under his skirt to his panties. I leaned in and kissed her hard while grabbing her breasts with one hand and sticking my fingers into her panty with my other, finding her hard wet clit and stroking it.

She responded to me and started writhing under my rough caress. She reached over and felt my hard dick through my jeans. She was getting fucked tonight, no doubt!

I took my husband by her hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom. I sat on the side of the bed,  took her across my knee, and started in on her spanking. I flipped his skirt up her back and lowered her pink panties to bare his plump bottom for its spanking.

First I spanked her with my hand to get her in the mood. But before I intended to fuck this bitch she needed to learn some respect for her man. So out came the paddle and her ass got a blistering. I told her the paddling would stop when I felt she was sincere about taking my cock hard in her mouth and up her ass. It's amazing what a little slut under the paddle will ask for when so highly motivated. She begged me for my cock using the dirtiest language imaginable!

You get what you ask for, slut, I said. I threw her face up onto the bed and took off my clothes. I mounted her head and jack-hammered my cock down the little gagger's throat.

Then I flipped her onto her tummy, made her kneel, and gave her what she really wanted. Hard Domme cock right up her tight little ass hole.

When I had gotten all my frustrations out on his ass hole I made her lick me out with her dirty cunt still hard and drippy. I made him service me through three lovely orgasms. When I was completely satisfied I told her I was done with her and she could get out of what was left of her clothes now.

My husband had to turn off the light and go to sleep with a raw red ass, a brutalized butt hole, and a hard drippy cock.

So fuck you!

what I'd enjoy doing to those disrespectful commenters!

Tuesday, April 19

eSubbie Experiences a Burning Butthole

One of the joys of my "job" as Blog Mistress is to direct subbie bois who email me to do embarrassing and painful things to themselves, and then send me the most humiliating photos proving it. I then ask if I can publish them, and more often than not they cannot refuse (or don't really want to - getting off on the humiliation of a public exposure here - which is all part of their "punishment").

Case in point. eSubbie kim who wrote to me asking,
I've noticed you have given a few email instructions from the comments following your blogs. It would be amazing if you were able to Dom me in some way.
Well, it's so easy to oblige such a polite boi, so I sent him on a typical "first task". Go out and buy some tampons and get them up your butt for an hour. I like doing that one first as most subbies have not done that, and it really does make them feel like a woman.

Here is the package he came back with, along with the receipt (which I cropped out) proving he had bought that and nothing else at the same time.

He was supposed to get cashed out by a pretty young female, saying "I hate it when she makes me buy these for her. I should really put my foot down." My goal was to have him appear completely pussy whipped in front of the cashier. Here is an excerpt of his account.
i went to a shop about a mile from my house, far enough i hoped, but not too far. i saw a nice checkout girl as You had told me. She would be the one i would aim for when i had picked my tampons. i went to the tampon area of the female hygiene section and spent 5 minutes looking at the options. It was really embarrassing with a few people passing as i stood there.

Finally i decided. i picked up a packet of Tampax Compak Pearl
and headed for the checkout. Unbelievably by the time i got there the checkout girl had been replaced by a young man. Almost as humiliating, i had to make my way back to the tampon area and put them back, then scurried out of the shop with no purchase!

There was one more shop i could try! I parked up and went in...arrgg, still all males at the checkout! There was a nice girl at the self serve, so thinking i had to buy that night, i went to the tampon section. Not so much choice in this shop, so i picked up a packet of Tampax Pearl and made for the checkout. As i got there an old lady went to the self serve next to the checkout girl, so despite practicing what i was going to say, i'm sorry Mistress, but i wasn't able to say anything to her. i paid for the tampons in the self serve while looking regretfully at the checkout girl and i left the shop knowing i had screwed up a bit of Your instruction. i'm so sorry.

The next morning i opened the box and read the instructions. Wow, it was all very humiliating reading about how i was on my period and about to insert my first tampon. When i finally made sense of it all, it was time. i lubed up my bum hole, penetrating quite deep with my finger and putting lots of KY up there. i placed my thumb and middle finger on the outer plastic section and pushed the inner bit. It was a strange feeling as the tampon entered my vagina. What a strange mix of humiliation, excitement and girlyness! i pulled the plastic part out and it was in, with the string hanging out as You had ordered.

Knowing i had to take photographs was very humiliating. i set up the timer and took a few. Without actually any form of masturbation, the mix of excitement and humiliation made me cum. i really didn't want to but couldn't help it. i had never done this before, but being the naughty girl I am, followed your instruction.

it was a weird feeling having cum and having to keep the tampon in for an hour, but i did as You ordered before removing it with lots more lube. i disposed of the used tampon according to the instructions.

It was then i realised that i hadn't photographed the unopened box, so once again Mistress i am sorry, but the box was photographed after i had opened it, along with the receipt to show it was the only item i bought.

So, once again Mistress Julie, thank You for this first assignment and i hope the photographs amuse You.
And here is kim's bottom in a pretty pair of panties (appreciated bonus) and her tampon,

(I cropped out the background)
Imagine that she came when she inserted the tampon!!! Imagine if that happened with a girl and how much fun we would make of her! Little slut!

I congratulated kim on her first task, and told her how entertained I was by her photos. She wrote me back,
Hi Mistress Julie
Thank You for Your kind assessment of my assignment and i'm glad You have been entertained by my photos! Thank You too for being so understanding about the check out girl incident, and for opening the tampon box before photographing. i did fear immediate punishment for that.
Silly girl. Punishment was still coming, of course. I let her stew for a week or so, and then wrote back as follows,
You still need to be punished for not talking to a shop girl, and for opening the box before the photo was taken. Don't get me wrong, I'm not "angry" with you, and I completely understand how it happened like that. But that does not mean there are not consequences, and now you will "consequenced", as the new age parenting manuals put it.

Go get a soft bristled toothbrush and some regular toothpaste. Then I want you to put a big glob of toothpaste on the brush, wet it thoroughly, and rub it into your bottom hole near the entrance, and all around the outside of your bottom hole. Then take a photo with the bristle end of the toothbrush still in your bottom hole. Spread your cheeks so I can see it penetrating and I can see the excess toothpaste turning your brown hole white. Once you've done all that. Stand straight, in the nude, with your hands on your head for five full minutes. Oh it WILL burn! After that you may clean yourself out by having some anal intercourse with a bar of soap and your finger, and you will be reminded of me and my punishment of you for the rest of the day, and perhaps even well into the next.
And here are the photos kim sent me back, and her recounting of her punishment.
Hi Mistress Julie
i hope You are pleased with the photographs and that my embarrassment is matched by Your entertainment.

my task started with a trip to the local shop to buy a baby girl pink toothbrush with soft bristles and a bar of soap.

i read the instructions You sent several times to make sure i would not be making costly errors. So, this morning, i stripped from my panties to be completely nude, and put a blob of toothpaste onto the pink toothbrush and set up the camera.
i bent over, inserted the toothbrush, turned it around and spread it around my bottom hole as You had demanded. i felt it starting to burn immediately and wondered if i could last five minutes. I took some photos with the pink toothbrush in my hole.
i then stood up straight with my hands on my head. I stuck a piece of toilet paper between the shower door and my nose to make sure my discipline would be maintained throughout the 5 minutes. Only once did i take my hand from my head to ensure the toothbrush was not going to fall out. By the end of the five minutes my hole was burning (as it still is). Though also burning with humiliation, i managed not to cum, though i was a bit damp.

i then took the bar of soap and shoved it up my bottom hole over and over
That bar of soap is deep! Surprised she didn't "spurt" during this.
and gave it a good clean out, using my finger too.

i washed the soap from my bum and patted it dry, before dressing back into pink panties and skinny jeans. my burning now remains a reminder of Your superiority Mistress and what will happen if i fail to follow Your instructions to the letter.

Now feeling very submissive Mistress Julie, thank You for this task and look forward to hearing if You have had a laugh at my expense
I wrote back that I was indeed very amused, and even shared the pictures with my sister (she knows I correspond with eSubbies, and is equally as amused as I at what I can make them do).
Hi Mistress Julie (curtsey),
i am so glad I have pleased You with my punishment task. I was worried that i may not fully conform to Your instructions, so kept the toothbrush up my bottom just in case. It made the burning sensation all the more acute, so i'm glad You approve.

It would be amazing and humiliating to have You and Your sister watch me do it to myself, then sit back watching TV or chatting while i stood against the wall with my bottom starting to burn. Of course i imagine in that scenario, depending on the TV programme You and Your sister were watching or if You hadn't finished Your glass of wine, there may have to be a further 'application' or extension to the time? i'm also not sure if i could control myself in such circumstances mind boggles with the consequences and how that scene would develop (gulp)!

i'm glad You like the photos. It's not an angle i've been used to seeing of myself, so in itself quite embarrassing. it was difficult to apply the toothpaste accurately so looks messy and not all around my bottom hole.
Is that acceptable for You Mistress? Oh this is so humiliating just writing! In answer to Your question, the burning lasted for about 8 - 10 hours, then i could feel it only sporadically.

Mistress, it takes Your superiority and my subjugation and humiliation to a whole new level, but if You want to use the photographs for Your readers, who am i to stop You. Please Mistress, can You make sure there is no background showing and nothing which could incriminate me. 
I do like to imagine little kimmie fully nude on her hands and knees in front of Sue and I, spreading her own cheeks and applying generous dollops of wet toothpaste to that hole, then fucking herself with her pink toothbrush!

Then standing there in the living room like that, nude, squirming, hands on head, little sheet of toilet paper held up against the wall by her nose, toothpaste burning her rectum, toothbrush sticking out her hole, Sue and I distracted with something. Despite the burning, and judging by the tampon "incident", I'm pretty sure that the mere fact of my sister and I ignoring kimmie would make her cum disgracefully against the wall and onto the floor. Wouldn't that be pathetic?

I can hear her tiny little high-pitched voice now... "excuse me Mistress Julie, Mistress Sue... i... i... i had an accident..."

Sue and I would be very angry with kimmie, VERY ANGRY! First she'd be made to lick it up. Off the floor and off the wall, and swallow it down. Then we would give her a different toothbrush and some cleaning supplies, and she would clean everywhere she messed very thoroughly with that toothbrush, the other one still fittingly up her bum.

After that she would come across my knee. But not before asking Sue for a washcloth so I could clean her filthy cummy penis. Once across my knee I would remove the toothbrush from her ass and hand it to Sue. I would then give kimmie such a spanking she will most certainly regret her lack of control. From the photos, kimmie looks to be a very slight boi. I am quite sure I could easily hoist her high across my knees and spank her to tears with very little trouble.

I would then spread kimmie's cheeks and ask Sue to apply a big glob of toothpaste directly to her hole, and another big glob on the brush. As I held her girlish cheeks apart, Sue would scrub that toothpaste deep into her hole and all around her sensitive mucous membranes. A little on the backs of her balls and her cocktip for good measure. I would pull that tiny flaccid cock right out between her legs and stretch it tight as Sue scrubbed the paste onto her tip and into her pee hole as kimmie wailed. I would then reinsert that toothbrush deep into her rectum.

kimmie's next stop will be back up against the wall, showing off her naked spanked girly ass, holding up a piece of toilet paper with her nose as her bottom hole, tiny balls, and penis tip burn, And it would not be five minutes this time. Oh No. This time it would be a FULL HALF HOUR before she would be allowed to fuck herself with her bar of soap and then take herself painfully back home.

Just disgraceful!

Saturday, April 16

A Blistering from his Trainer

An impromptu scene came up the other day that involved david's trainer severely blistering his ass with my little hardwood paddle. He's always wanted a "real" spanking, so I thought I would see if I could make that happen.

His trainer does not know how much of our kinky relationship is play, and how much is real-life FLR. She thinks it's a mix, and I like to keep her guessing.

But the real life spanking thing is not at all how this scene started. The thing started with me deciding that david needed to get an exercise session in all femmed up. I spent a bit of time pulling The Art of lill jo page together and one of the images called to me.

I let him know in the morning my expectations of him. I told him that when I got home I wanted to see him working hard with Mags dressed with,
  • pink lace-trimmed panties
  • short plaid schoolgirl skirt
  • pink bra with C-cup inserts
  • exercise T-shirt on top
  • pink ribbon tied in a bow around his genitals
  • a Tampax in his bottom hole
On a whim, I also said I wanted him to exercise to the music of Britney Spears, including especially "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Mags is particularly nostalgic for Britney as she was about eight years old or so when she was first listening to her. I thought the music would suit david's slutty schoolgirl outfit.

It's nothing unusual for me to leave instructions for how david is to dress. She was therefore not surprised at all when she arrived for his training session, just amused. The little skirt was way too short for him and his pantied cheeks kept popping out the back. I'm told that as he was running in place bringing his knees up high

that his skirt flipped up most revealingly. His panties could not contain the vigorous action, and so his bouncing genitalia got exposed on every stride. And as he was busy holding a weight above his head, he had little say in the matter, and simply had to endure the humiliation as Mags looked on.

After he was done that exercise, Mags told him to stand in front of her, lower his panties, and raise his skirt, as she had glimpsed something that surprised her. Sure enough...

Mags laughed and said she would remove that ribbon herself at the end of the session.

She also commented that she really liked seeing him with big boobs, as his bra and C-cups really filled out that T-shirt nicely.

david then started in on his exercising to his Britney tunes, and received crop whippings on the seat of his panties and around the edges of them. She would always flip up his skirt, I was told, which she enjoyed greatly.

At a certain point she told david to bend over the exercise ball and to lower his panties. She likes building up to his bare bottom whippings. His skirt still covered part of his ass. Mags flipped it up with the tip of her crop and saw her second surprise. "What's this?" she asked as she tugged on the little string and laughed. "On your period?"

"On your period?" -- how humiliating...

When I got home I heard the breathy tones of Britney Spears and went down to the gym and caught them at it in flagrante with david across the ball. By this time he had lost his shirt and was showing off his pretty bra and boobs. As it was, he was bent over skirt up and panties down, getting her belt across his bare backside. As I approached I heard the strict WHIP! and then some "Ah! Ah! Owww!" and then some "Shhhh!" from her. She does not like him to vocalize during his whippings. It's not the noise, as the belt is much louder. It's the attitude. She thinks he should take it in silence and when he does not she leathers him harder which of course does not help at all in that regard!

There's no shyness or attempts to hide when I walk in on them, no matter what those two are up to, so she just kept at belt whipping his ass. When she was done I walked over to him and inspected his bottom. I patted it and said "very nice!" I then too pulled on his string and said "Good thing you have your Tampax in."

That's when I had an inspiration. A particularly "Strict Julie Style" inspiration. I instantly had a scene in mind that I started in on. I knew david would play along.

"I suppose your wondering why he's dressed like this? He's in panties and tampons for a week starting today for some misbehavior that I won't get into here. That's between us. The panties and tampon are 24x7 except when he's going to the bathroom. And you're buying your own tampons, mister! He also has to wear the bra and the skirt when he's home. And he'll have the spring cleaning all done by the end of the week, isn't that so, david? Plus he's getting a good hard paddling from me later today, and another at the end of the week. Too bad today's will be on top of that whipped butt," I added, observing the present state of his bottom.

"How about the bow around his, ummm, junk?" Mags asked.

"Oh, that was just for this session with you," I answered, "did you enjoy that?"

"I did," she answered.

Turning to david I asked "Are you sorry for what you did?

"Yes Ma'am," he said, playing along.

"Will you ever do it again?"

"No ma'am."

"And there will be no sass, no backtalk, no complaining all week long while you're being disciplined, or you'll find yourself across my knee with your skirt up and your panties down. Am I making myself very clear, missy?"

"Yes Ma'am," he answered.

"If visitors come by you can go to the bedroom and stand with your nose in the corner until they leave." I thought that was quite merciful. "But if I have to spank you anytime during the week, I might change my mind on that point and then they'll get to see a naughty husband in his skirt and bra going about his chores with his little panties peeking out the bottom."

"tee hee" giggled Mags.

I thought it was very fun effectively "sentencing" him like this in front of Mags. Especially as she does not know how much is play and how much is a real life female led marriage. She probably suspected it was play as I was going a bit "over the top" with his discipline. But this sort of thing was uncharacteristic of our play, so I'm sure there was some element of doubt, or at least doubt regarding the extent we were mixing play and real life, and regarding my intent to fully carry out this punishment.

With that setup completed, I left them at it to finish off the exercise session. I had more planned for after they were finished exercising, however. Always exercising first!

david told me that Mags asked him what he had done. david told her he was not allowed to say and that she must ask me. So she was for sure curious.

I can tell when the exercise session is nearing the end because the music runs out and in the relative silence he stretches. So when I heard that I got my over-the-knee-sized hardwood paddle and went down to the gym. When I got there I asked Mags if she could do me a favor. I said I needed to start dinner as I was going out later tonight, and asked her if she could paddle him for me?

"Sure" she said, shrugging.

"A real good paddling, now. Don't go easy on him," I added.

"No problem," she said with what looked like a little smirk.

"I'm going to give you a little bonus as my thank you for doing this," I added. "The harder and longer you spank him, the bigger your bonus is going to be. I want to see tears in his eyes and a very well-spanked bottom by the time you bring him back upstairs for me to inspect."

"No please!" begged david. Mags can be quite cruel, and with the marching orders I had just given her, david knew she would not hold back.

"Thanks for the bonus," said Mags, "I'll make sure I earn it."  'Gotta love the enthusiasm of the young!

I had her sit on the little folding chair and had david go across her knee. He was still in his skirt, panties, and bra. I flipped up his skirt and removed his panties, tossing them on the floor. He would not be needing them for the rest of the evening. His little string was still dangling there out of his bottom hole. I handed Mags the paddle.

"Don't move the spanks around too much, I want them all on those two spank spots of his," I said patting the meaty undercurve of his butt cheeks.

"I want you to make sure he'll be sleeping on his tummy tonight and won't be sitting down comfortably tomorrow," I added.

Then I knelt down in front of david and lifted his head so that he was looking me in my eyes.

"You know you deserve this. You were very, very, bad," I told him.

"Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," he said.

Then I addressed Mags. "Don't feel sorry for him, if you knew what he did, you'd agree with me."

Then I thought I should give her a little bit of helpful spanking advice.

"If he gets too frantic, just reach between and squeeze," I said as I put my hand between his legs, grabbed his ball sac, and gave it a good squeeze. "Will you take your spanking from Mags without a fuss?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am! Yes Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!"

"Or," I continued, "you can throw your right leg over the backs of both of his to control him, and even grab his wrist here and bend it behind his back. Now you're free to spank as hard as you want and he won't be going anywhere." As I said this, we put her into this position.

"Can I just keep him like this from the start?" She asked me. "I think I'll need to anyways."

"Oh no no no no no" said david, ineffectively I might add.

"Sure. May as well," I answered Mags. Poor david was jacknifed high over Mags' left knee, spank spots uppermost. His testicles were a bit trapped between his legs and peaking out the back. And in this bent over position, his Tampaxed pucker was also peaking out. The position my husband was in would entail no modesty whatsoever for him while being punished across this young lady's knee. But it's important to realize that the humiliation of this at once childish and sexually exposed and submissive position is indeed part of a spanking punishment, and is why it is so excruciatingly embarrassing for the bad boy.

A bit like this - I Photoshopped a tampon in. Ha Ha!
Being in a flipped up skirt, having a tampon string showing out his butthole, and having C-cup boobs dangling only adds to the humiliation. More like a girl being spanked, and a girl on her period at that!

"Now have fun kids!" I said sarcastically as I left the basement gym, leaving my husband to his fitness trainer's tender mercies, and went back upstairs.

"Whatever it was must have been pretty bad," I heard she said as she tightened her grip and started in on his defenseless rear end with that paddle.

Now Mags is very strong and very fit, and I had no doubt whatsoever that she could keep him under control and blister his ass with that paddle with very hard and very fast strokes and for as long as it took, and that's just what she did.

From upstairs it sounded like rifle shots as the hardwood paddle connected again and again to his bare rear end. Before too long the crying out started, and the indistinct begging and pleading for it to end (I know that refrain well).

According to david afterwards, during the paddling and as he was pleading she just said once, "sorry, but I 'gotta give it to you good."

After a while, I could hear the rifle shots continuing but the frantic pleading quieted down and he was obviously just taking it.

Towards the end she asked him, "are you crying yet?"

He sniffled and said "yes miss".

"Just a few more then, to make sure," and she started in again with what david said were the hardest paddle strokes yet, which got a renewed round of screeching going from him.

I did not time exactly, but I figure that the padding, from beginning to end, was about 10 or maybe even 15 solid minutes of fiercely delivered fiery hardwood hell being visited onto his bare backside. It was at least a stroke a second for most of the time, so you do the math. Maybe 500 strokes in total? One helluva spanking at any rate, and one that david has no interest in repeating anytime soon!

All the while she was punishing him down in the basement I was up in the kitchen preparing our dinner. What was I thinking? I was cringing a bit for him on the one hand. On the other hand he was getting what he wanted, a "for real" spanking from a motivated girl. I did think once or twice about going down and stopping it, but then it wouldn't be legit "for real" what she considered to be a proper punishment. I knew he would be very sore, but did not think he would be injured at all. He knew to yell out "Red" (our last-resort safeword) if he needed rescuing. Most of all it turned me on tremendously that he was finally getting what he craved, and in spades.

When his spanking was over, Mags brought him limping and mincing his steps up to me holding his punished nates. I conducted him to the corner and made him stand there with his arms folded behind his back holding up his skirt. His knees were shaking and he was sniffling. He was still in his bra, but some of the inserts had popped out so Mags went to fetch them.

His butt was a holy mess! His spank spots were legit blistered from her paddling. All sorts of hues of angry reds, purples, and whites directly on his two spank spots. I decided I would keep him standing there for a while to watch the evolution.

Mags came back up with the missing inserts and handed them to me. She also had fetched up his panties and handed those to me as well. I reached around and stuffed the inserts back into his bra, and then adjusted it to sit properly. I bent over and had david step one foot then the other back into his panties, but left them at his ankles.

I told Mags that she had done a terrific job. That it was a fantastic start for his week of discipline.

"Did you see the ribbon? Is the ribbon still around his cock?" She asked.

"Not sure. Show us david. Turn around and lift your skirt."

He did so and the ribbon was still there.

"I told him I'd take it off him after we were done, is that ok?" She asked. Cheeky.

"I don't know if this naughty young lady deserves such a treat," I answered. Then, considering some more, "well... given the week he has in store for him and what he just got... go ahead," I decided.

She went forward and very carefully, without toughing his cock directly, she untied the bow and then shook the knot loose.

"May I keep it?" she asked of the ribbon. "Sure," I answered. david squirmed and moaned a bit during this operation, and perceptively hardened.

"I think you're exciting him, Mags, despite what you've done to his bum," I observed.

"He gets excited easily, " she answered. "During training I just work him harder and it goes down fast," she added. We both laughed at the expense of his poor penis.

"So, david," I said, addressing him, "did that paddling from Mags teach you a lesson? Will you EVER do anything like that again?"

"No ma'am." He looked so pitiful there, in his bra, holding up his skirt, panties at his ankles.

"Now thank Mags for punishing you, and curtsy as you do it, keeping that skirt nice and high so we can see your shame.

"That you, Miss, for paddling me so well and teaching me my lesson," said david as he curtsied, his bare half-excited penis on show.

"Now you remember, you're not to use that penis on a woman ever, or even have a woman touch it or look at it without my permission, are we clear on that?"

"Yes Ma'am, very clear Ma'am," answered david, leaving the impression with Mags that somehow this punishment was related to a minor infidelity.
[My "backup story", if I needed, would be my discovery that he had frequented massage parlors early in our marriage, and that I had just learned of this now. In fact, this was a very real thing early in our marriage, although long forgotten now.]
I walked Mags out, thanking her again for the wonderful job on the paddling. I paid her double by way of bonus

When she was gone I pulled david out of the corner and gave him a big hug. I told him what a poor baby he was!

I told him he could take off his girl clothes now, that I was not serious about the week long discipline, and that I would be right back down. We had some hand lotion from a hotel that I thought might be soothing on his bum (and other places... wink wink), so I fetched that from upstairs and brought it down. I then sat in the middle of the sofa and pulled my birthday suit boy gently face down across my lap and began applying the lotion. His bottom was wrecked!

As I did this, I talked to him about the experience. I told him it was totally spur of the moment, but that I knew that part of his fantasy was wondering what a "real" spanking would be like. We agreed that sure I spank him hard, but somehow it's different. He knows me and knows I am deliberately pushing his limits. With Mags just now, it was not about pushing limits, it was about punishment, pure and simple, at least in her mind. She didn't care about his limits. She cared only about punishing him as per my direction, and she didn't even know or really care about the whys and wherefores.

david said he knew he was in for it when I gave her the instructions. He knew already in advance that it would be a real true to life punishment spanking, as much as a fit young lady wielding a paddle with proven precious little mercy or consideration for him could deliver. Mags likes pleasing me, she likes earning extra money, and she likes spanking the crap out of my husband. Put those three together and you get a very blistered ass! david said she was strong, and once she had clamped down on him and had his arm behind his back, he really felt as if he could not get away no matter how much he tried, which added to his fear considerably.

As I gently rubbed him I teased him about getting paddled by Mags like that, for real, to tears, and to a blistered behind. I put more lotion on my hand and I reached between his legs, which he spread for me, and rubbed his penis, which stiffened quickly. I teased him that if he displeases me at all, I'd have her do it again to him. That got him more excited, not less so.

I continued with a lot of talk like that, like,
"She's so young. What must she think of you?"
"You know, she knows you're totally pussy whipped by me? A totally pussy-whipped husband. I even pass him off to let his little trainer blister his ass with my paddle for me."
"She tells her roommate and friends all about you. All about your little outfits and your spankings. I'm sure she'll tell them about this."
 "She tells me they're curious. I've let her know it was fine to have a few of her friends come over to watch. Would you like that, sweetie? Would you like if I arranged for five or six of Mags friends to come over and watch while she and I put you through your paces. The bra and panty treatment? A strapping? I'm sure they'd be interested in watching a wife fuck her husband in the ass with her strap-on? Maybe use Adam to really give them a show? No?"
Finally from david, "oh no! no no! Please no! Not... that... not six girls watching me like that... dressed as a girl... getting fucked in the ass with your big dildo as they watch... no... please... no... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... AHHHHH!"

And he came in my hand just like that, blistered bum and all. Ha Ha! Poor baby.

He'll heal. Just in time for next week's paddling. Should I have Mags give him that one as well?

Monday, April 11

lill jo Gallery Posted

Over the years I've collected very many images drawn by my blog friend lill jo. Some of them I have not even posted. For example, the following delightful little musing...

In my mind that would be my husband with his nose in the corner, in his skirt and his pink and red polka-dotted panties doing timeout. He was very naughty. He did not do the shopping as he said he would. When my family arrives, he will still be standing there like that. From there he will explain to all of them the reason they are getting take-out Chinese food instead of a home cooked meal. There will be Grandma, my Mom, my Dad, my sisters, my brother, their spouses, and my nieces and nephews all present. That is me in the sketch, informing my family that david will stay nose in the corner all through dinner. After dinner he will do the tidying up in his skirt and panties and then back into the corner when done. I tell them that after they all leave I will bend him over the back of the sofa, have him lift his skirt and lower his panties, and use this strap in my hand to make sure his bare bottom matches the colour of those red polka dots!

Well, I've posted a great many of these sketches now. 163 to be exact in a special lill jo gallery, with my commentary attached. You'll find the gallery permanently linked to the right in the "Resources" section, and here's another link to it:

The Art of lill jo

Please go over and have a look and leave a comment there as to your favourite!

Friday, April 8

Playtime Happened: My Spanked Bottom!!!

A few weeks ago I described a lovely little incident where my husband and I hooked up with a Pro Domme whom I shall refer to as Rose for a threeway scene. For my own nefarious reasons I wanted my husband to give me a little spanking first (which is quite out of character, but I had my reasons!). You can read all about that in Playtime Happened: My Spanking, and then the follow-on post Playtime Happened: His Spanking.

In the first part of the scene I found myself across my husband's knee. Rose asked me if I wanted a photo. I told her I did and she should just go ahead and use her own phone. My recollection was that my panties were still up when that happened. Not so much, apparently!

She sent the photos along a week later, and it became very clear that my bottom (and other parts of me!) were definitely not panty covered! I 'kinda 'sorta said I would post a photo, so I suppose I have to, despite my little bare bottom (and worse...)

Oh gosh... Here goes!

Yes. That is me with the bare bottom and david with the hand, and yes he did colour my bottom nicely for me (hey, I'm not used to this getting spanked thing - I colour easilly!)

It's very strange because I distinctly remember my panties being up for that photo. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me.

Isn't it humiliating for a girl that you can actually see her pussy poking out when she's getting spanked!!!! A panties-down spanking with witnesses taking photos? Oh my.

I'm sorry my butt looks a little big in the photo. I was bent way over with my head almost on the ground which tends to exaggerate things (blush, blush, blush!). I promise it's really kind of cute and perky when I'm allowed to stand up!

How did I feel being in this position, getting spanked by my husband? I quite enjoyed it! The purpose was to break the ice with Rose so that when I went over her knee she would know it was ok to spank me on my bare bottom, and hopefully therefore ok later to have some other fun together.

She complimented me on my cute panties when they were still up. And she complimented me on my bottom as well (which felt nice). I knew I was putting on a show for her, wiggling my derriere at her. Wiggling my pussy at her (!!!). david was told in advance to alternate spanks and fondles (and specifically to touch my pussy) to set a good example for when it was her turn to spank me. So he did rub my bottom, rub my thighs, and rubbed my pussy as well, which I guess was very obvious to Rose! (And in retrospect, seeing the photos, a bit humiliating as I deliberately made a show of moaning as he did that).

After david's little spanking I went across Rose's knee. She spanked harder than david! Oh my! But I liked it. I enjoyed the physical sensations of the spanking and the excitement of being across her knee. She also rubbed my bottom and got near (but not on) my pussy.

I did have to get over a big "Oh Gosh, what am I doing???" moment before going across david's knee, but was glad that I did. I didn't mind david spanking me. He followed instructions and he spanked with appropriate strength. And all I could think of was Rose as he did it, and it was mission accomplished in terms of an ice breaker all right!

And lest you be overly harsh with me in the comments below, I consider it a Domme wife's prerogative to get a spanking how and when she wants it!

But it's ok, just this once, in the comments section, to tease me about my spankings and about being a "closet subbie", and to imagine and write about what other things you would have done to me as inspired by the photo above. I'm curious what all you'll write. Please be filthy. I'll play the subbie in my responses (JUST THIS ONCE!)


[See comments below and reader tom's idea of how I should be treated that he sent me by email to post here at tom's email]

Sunday, April 3

My Fantasy

Dominant wives can have their fantasies as well.

This one is based on a near miss meeting up with Deirdre and her husband Evan that I recounted in Julie and Deirdre Almost Meet and Deirdre referred to in A near meeting with Julie.

Deirdre ready to spank in a hotel room

Deirdre in her swimsuit

We were going to meet for dinner in Toronto. We had not planned anything after that in any detail, but my fantasy was that we would head back to their hotel afterwards, and Deirdre and I were going to smack the heck out of our mens' behinds, trading men from time to time.

Once they were both in a sufficiently submissive frame of mind I would suggest a cock-sucking competition. They would "69" one another while we each encouraged our man with our paddle.

(courtesy lill jo)

The boys would not welcome such a competition. The thought of having to suffer a real cock in their mouths would be deeply emasculating for them both. However, Deirdre and I are both Dominant Wives, and if put in this situation I was sure they would submit, as is their nature. Especially when appropriately prepared beforehand with long and hard paddlings in front of one another.

The nature of the competition would be that whoever blew their load first, the loser, would have to be fucked by the winner's wife with a strap-on.

The winning male, who would have a mouthful of the loser's semen, would be allowed to spit it out into a cup, and the loser male would have to take it all into his mouth and hold it there during his fucking by the winning male's wife. He'd be required to show the cum and swallow after she was done with him.

As well, the winning male, as a reward for staying rigid and not blowing his load despite the administration of a blowjob from the loser male, would be allowed to fuck the losing male's wife in her pussy from behind. Pussy is a rare treat indeed for these submissive boys, to say nothing of strange pussy!

The losing husband's view of his wife "paying the price" for his sexual inadequacies
"So this is what it's like to be fucked by a real man - I never knew!"

Both fuckings would occur at the same time. The loser male being fucked would be positioned so that he could see his wife being violated by the winning male. The winning male would be allowed to continue his fucking (if he was able) until his wife ended the loser's ass fucking.

If the winning male had still not ejaculated by then (which, by the way, is entirely under the control of the winning wife as she can stop whenever she pleases based on her observation of her husband's state of excitement), the loser male would have to get on his knees and suck off the winner's cock. He would no doubt taste his wife' pussy juices on the winner's cock as he sucked, which might at least provide him with a "comforting" sensation. He must then present his asshole for the winner as a cum receptacle, and he would be fucked in the ass again, and be ejaculated into, by the winner.

To the victor goes the spoils.
To the loser goes the sore asshole and the humiliation of having to take a real cock with the wives present.

While this was happening, the two wives would be making out so as to encourage the winner male as he strives towards climax deep in the loser male's bowels.

A dangerous game for the women, you might say? Not so much. I'm almost certain david would be the loser as he is not much of a cocksman.

On the other hand, I've seen Evan's penis when it's "angry".

Nothing wrong with that. Come and get it, boy!

"In the slit not the hole, buster!"

 Of course, the loser boy needs to come and get it too!

P.S. Deirdre and Evan, if you're still out there, see what you're missing??? ;-)
You're a sexy couple and I wish you the best!