Friday, October 23

Husband Spanked Nude Across Trainer's Knee

I'm afraid to report that david earned himself another spanking across his trainer's knee yesterday. And to add insult to injury he was required to strip completely bare for his very strict bare bottom paddling.

It's true, I did incite it. He has been putting on weight lately and I need to nip that in the bud. A little note to Mags, his trainer, suggesting he be stripped, teased about his new belly fat, scolded about his eating habits, and soundly spanked across her knee (as a Mother would a child) before being most rigorously trained by her. Her answer?
Sounds like a plan!!!!!
I wasn't there, but I got the full scoop afterwards from david.

My husband and his trainer went down to the basement gym after he met her at the door. She was quite serious from the start. She asked him how his weight is coming? He had to admit it has been going up.

She said, "let's see."

david didn't know what she wanted.

"Strip," she said. "Let's see that belly."

david blushed and took his shirt off.

"Everything," she said.

david pulled his gym shorts off.

"Panties too," she clarified.

My husband pulled down his panties and stepped out of them (he's required, by law - my law -  to wear panties for all training sessions with her).

When he was nude she made him stand there as she walked around him. She reached out, grabbed his belly fat, and shook it. "What's this?" She asked. "And this?" She asked, grabbing his lower bum cheek. "And this?" She asked as she grabbed his nipple and shook his breast.

"It's fat, miss," he responded.

She proceeded to quiz him on his recent eating habits and to reflect on what he could do better. She told him he ate like a child. A CHILD!

"And how do children get punished, david?" She asked him.

"with a spanking...?"

"That's right. With a spanking. Right across their Mother's knee. Isn't that right?"

"yes miss..."

"Is that what YOU need? Do you need me to take you across my knee like a little baby and give you a spanking????"

"yes miss," answered david truthfully.

By this time, david told me he was hard as a rock from standing there on display, totally in the nude, having her touch him, and scold him, and sentence him to a spanking across her knee. He says what's especially humiliating is that in fact she is almost young enough to be his daughter, yet here he is being treated like a little child by her. She made absolutely no comment about his strong erection. Ignoring it completely. Clearly his penis wanted to fuck. She had exactly zero interest in that!

"Let's warm you up," she said. "Grab the 12 pound weight."

david said he was not sure what happened there. He thought he was going across her knee. but now they were starting in with his exercises.

"Stay naked," she added, as she went to fetch the little riding crop off its hook in the gym.

His warm up routine consists of holding the weight low in his two hands and running very quickly on the spot for 30 seconds. Then holding the weight above his head and running on the spot for another 30 seconds. She insists his back be straight and his arms be entirely straight and extended above his head holding the weight. She insists he runs quickly and yells at him when he does not. She viciously cuts his ass and thighs when she does not feel he is giving his all. No gentle encouragement here! Then it's 30s and 30s "knees high" If his knees are not high enough or he does not move fast enough she extends his time while continuing to crop his "lazy behind". Then a final 30s and 30s with his heels towards his butt. After that he is quite gassed. He gets 30s to rest. Then it's a repeat of the whole thing, but 15s for each. That gets his heart pumping ready for his training session.

When he started the exercise, his penis was still hard as a rock and bouncing and flouncing around as he ran. By the end, he was soft as a wet noodle. I suppose the blood was needed elsewhere! Usually he has his pants and panties on for this warm-up so the cuts of the crop do not hurt as much. This time, however, he was totally bare, and the vicious crop strokes hit bare skin exclusively.

As he was regaining his breath (and nursing his cut up ass) she took the folding chair that's stored against the wall and put it in place. Then she took the paddle from the cabinet. She sat on the chair with her hard wooden paddle in hand. She told him to use his little towel and towel off his middle. He used the towel to rub the sweat off his thighs, tummy, and private parts. When she was satisfied she said simply "across."

Perhaps she didn't want his erection pressing into her lap, and that's why she delayed the spanking, until it was thoroughly deflated? As she has pointed out previously, she is not his girlfriend, she's his trainer. Or perhaps she was concerned that if he went across in the state he was in he might have "a little accident" across her expensive yoga pants? david said his erection was very hard during the scolding, no doubt quivering if I know my man and doing the tell-tale upwards curve that only happens when he is VERY excited. Perhaps it leaked pre-cum in that state that the vigorous running and subsequent toweling removed?

At any rate, limp and dry of any possible per-emissions now, david bent across her knee. She was wearing black Lululemon yoga pants. He lay gingerly across her lap. VERY conscious of his very bare penis laying down across her toned young thighs. He rested his toes on the ground and his head and hands on the ground. His weight was definitely supported by her. He was sure he would become erect again, and even felt the start of it. How humiliating for a mature man to be so under the sexual power of a young thing like Mags? Becoming erect without the slightest chance of sexual intimacy with her? He looked under and saw her cute little pink sneakers and knew he was in for it.

The paddling started almost immediately, coupled with simultaneous scoldings. The paddle strokes were full strength from first to last. And remember, she is in a very high state of fitness herself and has very strong arm, back, and shoulder muscles! I'm sure those paddle strokes were from hell. His bruised ass cheeks afterwards told that story vividly at any rate. Either she thinks this is what he wants, or she is just pure evil. I think it's the latter! david reckons there were well over 100 at a pace faster than 1 per second. He says the pain was almost unbearable (hee hee) and that an erection was the very furthest thing from his mind! He could not keep from yelling out and begging for it to stop.

From his previous status of "fully grown man" he was most assuredly reduced by this young lady almost half his age to the status of well-disciplined bare-bottomed boy across his strict Mommy's knee! Isn't girl power wonderful?

You watch out, boys. One day you may ALL be subject, by law, to such spankings from ANY woman you offend, and not just your wives.

After what seemed to david as an eternity in cute-girl-spanking purgatory she paused and asked him very severely, "WHAT WILL YOU DO?"

"eat better Miss!"

"YES YOU WILL!" Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack.

"And WHAT will you eat?"

"chicken breasts, miss, and salads, and vegetables, and only healthy things!"

"THAT'S RIGHT!!" Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack

That apparently went on for quite some additional time, the same questions over and over again. I mean, that's fair enough. If it's not getting through to his head and mouth, she may as well try the time honored pedagogy of addressing it from the other end.

"Get up," she said all of a sudden.

david said he rose very unsteadily to his feet, clutching his horribly well-paddled (and in fact quite bruised) ass cheeks.

"Let's do your first set. No clothes. Stay naked, fatty." Ouch!

They went through their first set, 3 super sets of a 3 set exercise. Squats, lunges, and push ups. 15 reps each. Chop chop. No resting. Between super sets he received a belt whipping bent across the seat of the chair. He could "rest" then!

At the end of this first series she had him stand straight in the middle of the room with his hands on his head. She got out the light flogger and whipped him all over with it. Legs (front and back), ass, back, tummy, chest, genitals. He said she spent a good amount of time whipping his chest, targeting his little pink nipples as if he was a lady receiving a breast whipping. The irony did not escape david, as she was wearing her tank top which showed her cleavage to excellent advantage.

How unfair he said, that he had to be the one to stand there completely bare bottomed and bare chested and receive breast discipline and not her!

She then had him get down on his knees, put his head on the ground at her feet, and she flogged his ass crack, his anus, and the sensitive backs of his testicles. Who knows why this flogging discipline intensified like this? Perhaps she spied him glimpsing at her cleavage, was not impressed, and decided he needed his eyes well lowered for the remainder of his flogging?

Now, it's only a very light little flogger, but when whipped hard enough and onto sensitive enough spots, the multiple tips sting like the dickens. At one point david grabbed her ankles and writhed at her feet as she continued to whip his sensitive testicle backs over and over again. She apparently allowed him this familiarity, but did not let up, continuing to target his already well-punished sac. Perhaps she enjoyed the grovelling at her pink-gym-sneakerd feet?

"Will you eat better?" swish swish swish.

"YES MISS! YES!!!!" Nothing like a good old fashioned testicle whipping for a gal to get her point across to a 'fella.

She finally allowed him to stand and he did so, clutching this time at his well-whipped ball sac. He says he looked up at her accusingly (but I know his looks, and it was probably more like a scolded puppy dog!) and she just looked back and said, "I know. I know."

She then told him he could dress for the remainder of his exercises. david went to put on his clothes. When he reached for his pants, though, she said, "No. No shorts. No shirt. You exercise in your little panties."

As he exercised, and being a bit too big for them really, the panties kept moving out of place in front variously exposing his penis tip or ball sac. She would invariably point this out as soon as it happened, and order him to fix it between sets. She would then take the crop or belt to his ass, sometimes lowering the panties, and sometimes not.

And so ended his session. Ridden hard and put away wet, just the way I like it!

We are both expecting a better diet from david starting from now on and some fat loss. I think he's motivated, as he does not relish the reality of a discipline session like that, bless Mags' cruel little heart.

Sunday, October 4

Post-Shower Worship

There's something cute that my husband does sometimes in the morning. It happens if we are up at around the same time, and I am in the shower, and just getting out.

If that all lines up, first thing I see when I open the steamy door is him naked, on his knees, holding a big fluffy towel. I just stand there and he proceeds to thoroughly dry me off, including my more intimate areas. When he is finished he gets down on his hands and knees and kisses my feet. One reverential kiss on each foot. Then he sits back on his heels and looks up at me. His knees are spread and he is quite erect. I walk up to him and pull his head into my tummy and pat his hair and tell him what a good boy he is.

That's how it's supposed to happen!

The other day I got out of the shower and he was just standing there waiting to get in (!!!!).

"Heloo???? " I said, dripping wet.

"Oh, sorry!" he said, turning around to get the towel.

Na ah.

We have a nice stout one piece bath brush. A relatively new acquisition. I grabbed that and made him turn towards the bathroom cabinet, leaning over and putting his hands on it and facing himself in the mirror. I was still wet and naked, but I wasn't about to let that stop me.

I saw a nice fresh bar of ivory soap there on the sink. I grabbed that, lathered it up in my hands, and washed his mouth out with it. Then I stuck the bar into his mouth and made him hold it there. We could both see his face in the mirror. Lovely sight!

I picked up the bathbrush again, and gave him about 50 real zingers to his ass cheeks that had him bright red in no time.

Then, with the bar of soap still in his mouth, I threw a towel at him and stood there. He did his duty with the bar of soap in his mouth. I had not told him to remove it.

"Rinse your mouth out and then shower. Don't let it happen again!" I told him with a smile and a wink.