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Overbarrel Tribute

With my newfound interest in Female Domestic Discipline, I've been looking a bit farther afield in my pornoweb searches, and I happened across a blog that many of you likely already know about, but is brand new to me: Overbarrel's Spanking Toons.

From Overbarrel's Spanking Toons
Specifically Turn of Events
The author seems to be a lovely man named Phil. He is now 70 years-old (thus tweaking my Daddy fantasies!) and is unfortunately afflicted with ALS from what I have read. I left a comment on his most recent blog entry from a couple of months ago, asking if I could do a tribute, but I don't know if I'll get a response. However, Phil seems to be extremely encouraging of people to enjoy and spread his content, so I'll just go ahead anyways in hopes he will see this some day and be pleased.

I do not know Phil at all, unfortunately. His history on the web seems to go back to around 2003 in Yahoo! Groups (now defunct), or even earlier if there was a web before then. Then he seems to have moved to the Chicago Spanking Review site in the Overbarrel Gallery starting in 2011, and then simultaneously maintaining his Blogger Blog Overbarrel's Spanking Toons starting in 2014. Phil specializes in "Poser Art" and he is quite a master in the spanking genre.

The reason I connected so much with Phil's work is that it's like he ripped all my most recent fantasies right out of my head and drew them all out a decade before I had them.

His scenes feature misbehaving women receiving Domestic Discipline from the men in their lives. The women hate the pain and embarrassment of getting spanked, but deep down know they need it. They respect their men for giving it to them, and wind up hot and bothered and in bed soon afterwards. There are also lots of public elements. The women will often get their spankings in front of others. Even so, their panties are often taken down, and while they try desperately to keep their legs tightly closed, they inevitably wind up kicking their panties clean off and "putting on quite a show" for the amused onlookers (i.e., their pussies go on parade, but Phil is too gentlemanly to ever state it so crudely). One of the more common public scenes is for a wife to be spanked by her husband in front of her parents, which actually happened to me recently, so, well, damn.

For example, here's one where a naughty wife is getting a well-deserved witnessed spanking from her husband. Her Mom pulls her daughter's panties down to her knees while Dad looks on with a big grin.

From In The Family

The Overbarrel Gallery in particular has a lot of comment action back and forth. One of the comments  from the web admin I reproduce here:
On the embarrassment factor in spanking: women are rather embarrassed at being spanked even in private, and this embarrassment is definitely an important part of the experience for them, although on some level they truly dread it. Getting spanked publicly greatly increases what we might call the "embarrassment factor" and therefore potentially increases the emotional intensity of being spanked. This explains its frequent occurrence in female spanking fantasies. However, when dealing with women we must remember that their feelings and desires are often in conflict, with fear and embarrassment being stronger factors than they are in the male personality, generally speaking. Therefore, among female spankos, only a few would actually go so far as to accept a public spanking, even at a spanking party where the audience is likely to be highly sympathetic (and I should mention that complete nudity is generally not allowed in public play areas at a party).

Usually, it's the "brat" type, a natural extrovert, who is willing to accept a public spanking, although some "penitents" will also. An introverted, shy type of woman is likely to be so mortified at the thought of anyone seeing her getting spanked that this factor outweighs the "thrill" factor in a public spanking fantasy, and therefore she won't actually do it. Women who are outright exhibitionists, and are willing to stroll around nearly naked, would probably accept a public spanking also but they are of course rather rare.
Guilty as charged as both the "brat type" and the "outright exhibitionist". And getting spanked publicly does for sure increase the emotional intensity, like, expidentially!

So let's take a glimpse of some of Phil's toons.

First there is the "reluctant tentative" young couple feeling their way towards a spanking, as illustrated by this panel.

From Learning Curve

There are a lot thought bubbles exposing their "inner thoughts" (click on the image to see it bigger). He thinks spanking her would be the best thing for the relationship, but is worried it will make her mad at him. She, on the other hand, knows she's done wrong and knows that she deserves a spanking. She gives him the "go ahead" by asking quietly if she's gettin' s-s-spanked? That one question is all he needs to steel himself and confidently kick into action.

He starts in with her panties still up, a common theme of Phil's. Even though she is being severely spanked, the girl thinks she is maybe getting away with something. Not so. Our heroic spanker thinks otherwise. He sentences her to a BARE BOTTOM spanking!

The young lady is very conscious of the sort of view her boyfriend is getting of her.

In Phil's toons the man never stops the spanking until the girl has learned her lesson.

He warns her that if the behaviour persists, he can make her spanking even worse next time.

By the end, the young lady is very well-spanked and very well-dominated. The domination invariably turns her on fiercely, and she wants nothing more than to be taken to bed afterwards.

I love the theme of manly men and women who need to be dominated for their own good. They will never admit to needing to be spanked, but they are mightily turned on by being spanked. The embarrassment of the spanking plays a huge part, including the childish OTK position, the panty lowering, the inevitable exposure of the private parts, and the tearful and increasingly frantic apologies and promises to be a "good girl" from now on. They have invariably been spanked in a similar fashion by their Dads while growing up, and cannot respect any man who cannot control them like Daddy could, and still would!

Phil, Sir, what are you doing inside my head like that!?!?!

I also love that Phil never lets his women off the hook before they are crimson-bummed, crying, wailing, and shouting out their promises to be good girls. The men have no trouble whatsoever doing this "against their wills", so there is "no escape", and easilly bring the women to that point with just their hard hands, looking amused all the while at their womens' carrying on.

I want to be spanked like that. I need to be spanked like that. I fear it. But I want it. I want to be man-handled across my husband's knee "against my will", "without my permission". I want my skirt raised and my panties peeled down no matter who is there to see it. I want them all to make fun of me, a grown woman being spanked like a child. I want them to comment on the increasing redness of my ass, of how my legs kick wildly, and chuckle at the show I'm putting on for them. I want to be spanked until I am frantic and the tears are rolling down my cheeks and I'm promising to be a good little girl. Then I want to be sent to the bedroom bottomless. I want all the guests to chuckle at what will happen to me next, and know that I will eagerly do anything my husband asks of me!

Here's another one along the same vein. This is a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. He has asked to marry her for the third time just now, and again she puts him off but won't say why. In fact, she needs to know that he is man enough to take charge, like her Daddy, but she can't just tell him to do that. Well he gets the idea on his own that what this girl needs is a damned good spanking!

From An Alternate Proposal

He orders her out of her jeans, and accentuates her submissiveness by requiring her to pull her own panties down in front of him, which is incredibly embarrassing for her.

For me, the displaying of my pussy is extremely embarrassing! Under normal circumstances, men are not allowed that view of me, or at least only on my say so and under my terms. But if it's for a spanking, the rules change. My pussy is no longer "private". The man who spanks me, and all those men who witness that spanking, will see it, whether I like it or not.

Usually the girl manages to kick off her panties during her spanking. Phil delicately hints at the sort of view a man may get when witnessing a young lady's comeuppance like this.

Cornertime is a theme as well, and the red-bottomed girl is often sent to the corner with her hands firmly on her head to think about what she has done.

When asked what she has to say for herself, she immediately accepts his proposal of marriage.

And all is well that ends well.

But, the new fiancee wants to take no chances, and though delighted with the news of her acceptance, he is still not quite done with her yet. As she was not as obedient during her disicpline as he wished, she now has penalty swats coming.

It's over the back of the couch she goes for an application of his hard paddle. The lewd presentation of her bottom for her penalty swats is not lost on her.

The sexually suggestive and submissive bottomless bent over posture is one I crave to be placed into by a strong man. It is clear to everybody present that he has full fucking rights to me. I must hold this posture to clearly signal that. But it is not sex that I have been bent over for. Not at this time, anyways. It is punishment. A painful paddling. After the spanking I will be required to recreate the position in the bedroom, but for a different reason...

This young lady receives a full dose of her penalty swats, drawing a stripe of vivid red across her sit spots.

She even got extras because she forgot to count a couple.

She ends with the tears streaming down her face, which is blushing only slightly less red than her bottom!

The helplessness and powerlessness excites me. The punishment is over when he says it is over, and not a moment before. If I try to get up, he will hold me down with his strength, which is much greater than mine, and it will only get worse. I must lie there submissively and take swat after swat after swat until he is convinced I have learnt my lesson.

After the spanking, it appears the young dominant man will consummate his marriage proposal. Phil is ever the gentleman, however, and this is where we must always leave the couple so they can get on with their private business.

The next toon features a granddaughter who was embarrassed the week before by her Granddad at his local bar for mentioning that she is still spanked when naughty. Trying to erase her embarrassment of being treated as a little girl, she puts on a slinky dress belonging to her Mom and goes and teases the old men to show them that she is in fact a fully grown woman and make them drool over her body.

From One Good Turn

Unfortunately, Granddad happens by and catches her in the act. He is determined to teach her a lesson right there on the spot, and demonstrate what a little girl she still is in front of his friends.

She begs Granddad not to spank her in front of all those men! But he is determined, and embarrasses her by lifting up her dress to spank her right on the seat of her white panties that she was flashing so provocatively in her mini-dress.

He spanks her furiously until she is literally kicking and screaming. Unfortunately for her, she puts a hand back, and uses the "F" word with Grandpa!

Her punishment for that is to have her panties lowered in front of all those men for a stern application of a ping-pong paddle to her naughty blushing cheeks.

When the spanking is just about done, the girl's mother, the Granddad's daughter, walks in and yells at her Dad for spanking her daughter like this.

Well, you can probably imagine what happens to his daughter, but screw the imagination, here is the art!

I love the granddaughter standing there off to the side, rubbing her punished cheeks with her panties still pooled around her ankles. It's another theme of Phil's.

This one really resonates with me because of the hyper-public nature of this scene, and the bi-generational spanking. I fantasize about my Dad spanking me, and about considerably older Grandfather-aged men doing it as well. An old man putting me across his knee and ripping my panties down for a good old-fashioned spanking makes my heart beat fast. I'd love to be in a public bar like this and have this exact thing happen to me: over-the-knee, panties down, and spanked to tears. I really would!

This next one is a bit different. This is an older couple. Them and their friends always send their daughters off to College with a firm spanking to remind them to stay focused on their studies. However, it has come to light that the wives compare notes amongst themselves about the spankings their daughters receive, and laugh at them. The men have decided their wives are all to be taught a lesson.

From Alone At Last

The wife is first spanked across her husband's knee. Then she is stripped down to her panties and is made to stand upright for her paddling.

The husbands spank them until they are made to "prance" around in a circle like little ponies.

After the paddling, she's told to go to the bedroom to "assume the position". We all know what will happen in there!

Phil obviously considers a fully naked spanking to be better left in the home between a husband and a wife. I can only imagine how her big breasts bounced and jiggled invitingly as she was made to prance to the paddle!

In this toon, it's two sisters who both treat their husbands badly when they visit.

From Back To Basics

The men decide they have had enough!

The girls sorely pay for their misbehaviour and promise to be very good girls from now on.

It ends with a delightful scene where the sisters compare notes about how lucky they are to have husbands who spank.

In Phil's world, all the women are pretty and all the men are hunks. The whole world knows and accepts that women can be spanked anytime, anywhere, by their men. What a lovely world to live in!

Here is an interesting scene where a girlfriend lies to her boyfriend about her marks and the reasons why they are so poor. She argues and resists in front of her friends who live in the College Dorm with her. In fact, she refuses to go back to his appartment to "discuss it". Ok then, they will have to "discuss it" right here, right now!

From Good Marks

Her friends do not at all come to her aid. Many have boyfriends who would not approve of that. And besides, all of them think she needed a good spanking anyways, as she had not yet been inaugurated into that time-honoured tradition between boyfriend and girlfriend. They all also get quite... excited... observing the scene. None of that dulls the poor girl's embarrassment however, at being spanked like a child on her bare bum by her angry boyfriend in front of all her friends.

Being spanked by your man in front of other women is a different kind of embarrassment for me. I am inferior to these women. They do not need to be spanked like a child, only me. They will see me reduced to a teary-eyed blubbering mess. They will see how much my man dominates me like this. They will tease me about how my boyfriend will certainly have his way with me in the bedroom. Any pretense to my being in charge is right out the window. I have been claimed by my man.

At the end of this toon, this is the scene.

The girl has been grounded by her boyfriend, for the whole semester, and her friends laugh hysterically at her for it!
Yes!... SNIFF!... and he said that if he catches me out with the girls he'll... GULP!... put my p-p-p-p-panties down and give me another s-s-s-s-spanking!.... SOB!.... right on the spot!... SOB!... no matter where it is or who's around!... SOB! SOB!... GASP!... SOB!

I particularly like the looks of this girl. She is very beautiful! I also love the casual clothes. She has lied to her husband, and as head of the household, he will take her in hand.

From Another Level

She also has a great ass!

Being put across the knee brings memories of her Daddy spanking her flooding back. I love her perfectly gracefully upturned bottom in the below. Daddy trained her well.

Poor girl! Look at her little legs kicking. Those jeans are getting all tangled up. You can sort of see her pussy from this angle as well.

At the end of her spanking, she must stand facing him, pants and panties discarded, with her hands on her head. She loves how she was dominated!

And afterwards, there's always love!

I want to be her.

We'll end with one of my favourites. This best illustrates why I wanted to get into a DD relationship with my husband.

From In The Family

Thank you Phil! You make me swoon.



  1. Its a great tribute you did for Phil !
    Compliments !!

  2. Reading your last couple of posts and commenting there, i must say that after writing this post, your panties must be soaking wet... you naughty little spanking slut you...

    You should head over to David and ask for another handout on your bottom, your head gets fuller and fuller of these ideas and you become more and more naughty, therefore you must be punished even more!
    I hope for you, that David will switch from the hands to the spoon, or Sue will be even harsher with spoon next time...

    1. They were soaked writing this post! Yes, feeling the urge to be deliberately naughty - maybe David gets a nagging today and we'll see...

    2. I hope you will give him an unjust nagging to provoke him and get a tremendous spanking in return and of course you will then blog about it, i hope.
      Plus would love to see some more photos of your spanked behind, which should suit you, because of your exhibitionistic side...

    3. The trouble is I'm too good a girl!

    4. Good girls don't get spankings... you could always ask for one if you have the urge?

    5. Good girls don't get the kinds of real spankings I need.

    6. How real and how badly do you need it right now? Be honest, naughty girl.

    7. So badly that I got my wish. I was very well spanked and then DOMINATED in bed!

    8. Terrific! Will you blog about it?

    9. Who spanked and dominated you in bed your husband or a strange person previously disinfected ?

    10. I will blog about it. The writeup is almost ready, just some proof-reading left. And it was my husband, silly!

  3. Julie. Your on the way to looking for a proper dominant alpha male to take you in hand. I look forward to your reports on the journey. He can take you in hand in ways that David, a natural submissive can’t.

    1. Untrue! David is VERY DOMMY when he flips that switch. Melts me and roasts my backside! But he likes switching also, as do I.

  4. Hi Julie
    I have known Phil and his work for years since he first began posting his work on his yahoo groups.
    Unfortunately a lot of Phil's early work mean be lost as yahoo is no longer supporting its groups anymore and last time I tried , I was unable to access any of his posts even though I am a group member.
    Phil is a great guy and we have had some great spankjng banter about his work over the years and I was so sad to learn of his affliction with ALS and wish him well.
    my personal favorites from Phil's work are those featuring older ladies and he does it so well.
    Thanks for featuring this work as it is one of a kind!

  5. I have followed "Over the barrel" for some time and Phil does do a good job. You covered things on Phil i did not know and sad to hear.
    Memories will live on.

    1. He can still get my panties wet, even with ALS!

  6. Two sisters at the same time, bare bottomed and spanked to tears over loving and caring men’s knees, for their recent transgressions. You could probably pull this one off julie. Speak to Sue.

  7. As a male who likes to be spanked,the embarrassment factor resonates with me. want it, need it’ crave it. Love being hand spanked OTK until my bare bottom is actually lifting itself upwards to feel the spank

    1. Oh, I know that feeling! Pushing my ass up into the spanks...

  8. Thanks Ms. Julie for presenting Phil's blog.   It's brand new to me as well.  He's definitely got your number.  The artwork and dialogues are great and I like that it's a little light hearted in places. (Like those old guys with their boners!)
    You're right, the main characters are hotties and hunks.  And the gal in Another Level does have a great ass, but yours is better.

  9. You could Skirt the line by wearing a T shirt that said Happily Spanked Wife? Maybe you should make the switch from pants to skirts except for the coldest months, it seems that the naughty stuff is so strong a part of the fantasy that if you wear the outfits it will really play into it and you don't have to wait and have bunched trousers getting in the way and the whole s scenario can really play out much more smoothly. One cant get it flipped up without first putting it on, right? I think there are in fact, many ways in which you can exponentially increase the excitement in the scenes by meeting the scene halfway so to speak.

    1. Well I'm a jeans girl, but it sounds like a worthy cause!

    2. Jeans vs skirts could also possibly be, subject to David's interpretation,  a feminine comportment issue? Although I myself think jeans can be very very feminine.  I'm definitely in the " cowgirl's butts drive me nuts" camp.

    3. If I were a dom where you were concerned I would be actively seeking pictures and photos or other details that struck a chord with you, and it would seem all of these regression style retro thinks really hit the mark. I think that means shoes,skirts , dresses, ribbons, hair accessories, pony tails , pig tails AND since your bottom once upon a time was much smaller in relation to what was striking it, we now compensate with something much larger. So a really big wooden spoon makes your bottom seem smaller by comparison, that way it once felt long ago, AND not to forget ,to quote your phrase, " Daddy's BIG Paddle", which is may be one reason you wrote it that way.
      I think you have a lot to talk about fantasy wise at your next maintenance!

    4. I like cute outfits, but hard to buy new ones during pandemic :-(

    5. I would tend to agree. “Jeans girl”, fine outside of scene or contract obligation. I think you should have special spanking attire julie. It will amplify your experience greatly.

    6. Ok, I'll at least put on a nice "Christian Girl" dress from my next spanking!

  10. Overbarrel's art is great, thanks for the link!

  11. Phil is great. Very Labyrintic. You are the lust between the drawings.
    Do you know that other artist who is called Joseph Farrel.
    He must be now 86 years old if he still lives.

    The first characteristic of his work is that the relationships between the characters are non-consensual.

    The second is that in his scenes, no one is there to laugh. Some are here to cry (women), others to rejoice in the suffering of others (men and some women)

    The third: his drawings show great cruelty, he likes to degrade the body of the woman.

    The fourth: he has no taboos.

    His biographer reports that he tells he needs to be erect to draw. 8 hours a day and sometimes for 3 days, for a single drawing. A bit like you. :)

    On some original drawings, the executioner describes in detail to the victim what he is going to do to her and the space occupied by the writing then threatens the drawing, like the bubbles in Phil's drawings.

    Of course, it is about drawing and I don't think the author ever went to experience these atrocities on real women.
    En cliquant sur le premier dessin, on peut voir les traces des lanières du martinet sur une « vicieuse » fouettée en public.

    1. Yikes. May not be my style! But you are right about me often typing blog articles in an aroused state!

  12. I had never seen these cartoons before. Phil definitely gets it. A purist. Welcome to the world of the genuine spanking fetishist.

    1. Yes, he certainly captures the very essence of this part of the kink wonderfully. Maybe it's because I'm a spanko, but what woman reading those toons would NOT want to be taken in hand like that? I don't get it!

    2. I think of spanking almost as a kind of sexual orientation. It doesn’t replace the other sexual acts or being gay, straight or bi, but it can. For many spankos, it’s the core sexuality that everything else revolves around. Not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I need some spanking, power exchange and embarrassment in the mix or I’m not very motivated sexually. As far as being taken in hand like that, it seems to me it should be universally desired no matter which gender is taking, being taken, or just enjoying the show, but then I’m somewhat biased.

    3. I can enjoy vanilla sex, but the intensity of my orgasm is off the charts after I've been properly spanked and dominated, as I learned anew this past weekend!

  13. Ah Ah ! On the Chicago spanking review site, a scene features a certain miss Jules, by chance, at the beach who is looking for a man to spank her.
    It's you in the rôle !
    « What's a girl got to do to to get a spanking around here »
    Super Spanker spots you.
    The spanking takes place at so high a speed that it brings some unexpected results (especially cause of your swimsuit is made of some kind of synthetic fabric!)
    Ah ah ! Julie, we can see your glowing asscheeks trough the burned seat of your bikini.
    So ridiculous with this big hole in your bikini bottom and your buttcheeks on fire!

  14. Hello Ms Julie,
    Did the family lunch go well? Has your butt been displayed and spanked for dessert?

    1. No further public spankings, but I got a very hard private one!

    2. From Sue or David?

    3. David. You can read all about it now.

  15. It is great to live in an age when we can discover people with common unusual interests and share experiences and fantasies across time and space. I am so grateful for people like you that I stumbled across by happy accident. - david