Monday, November 26

Misdirected Email

I got a giggle from this exchange. I probably should not have responded, but I didn't want poor Sharon to wonder what happened to her email!

From Bill/Sharon Smith
Oct 2
to me


I am a Vis parishioner and would like to help Saturday am for the "Christmas in October" home. I don't have any specific skills but am willing to do what I can.

I will only be able to work about a half a day.

Thanks for organizing this for us.

Sharon Smith

From Julie
Oct 2
to Bill/Sharon

Hi Sharon,

I'm quite sure you have the wrong Julie.
I run a blog about my experiences spanking my husband.
Probably not who you were looking for!


From Bill/Sharon Smith
Oct 2
to me

Oops! Thanks.

Sunday, November 11

I Should Charge Admission!

Sorry for not blogging much lately. Nothing too interesting. Until now that is!

Sue (my sister) was out on a date with a lady friend, Anne, today, when the topic of "American Horror Story: Asylum" came up. Anne told Sue she would think her weird, but she got turned on by Jessica Lange, playing Sister Jude, caning all the boys and girls and leaving big welts on their bottoms!

Oh My...!

Anne has never been into anything like this, but was curious.

So I got a phone call earlier tonight. Any guesses about what?

You got it, Sue wanted to know if I thought it would be a good idea to invite Anne over for a demonstration of me spanking david? Now, you all know me by now. I am game for anything, and things have been getting a bit boring lately, and I know david would love/hate it, so I definitely wanted to.

More importantly, I thought I could trust Anne with our little secret. Anne and Sue have been friends for a while and I had met Anne previously. Turns out Sue and Anne were in fact friends with privileges, but who was I to know? While I don't know Anne that well, but I liked her when we did meet, and Sue trusts her a lot. Sue promised she would swear her to secrecy. So, with my permission, Sue told Anne that I spank my husband, and that we both get off on more, ahem, public humiliations for him, and would she be interested in a demonstration?

She certainly would be. So rather than watch the movie they were planning to see after dinner, they came over to my place instead. That was a few hours ago now, so let me tell you guys all about it!

I told david that Sue and a friend of hers that I knew as well would be coming over in an hour for a few drinks, and a demonstration of me giving him a spanking.

What!? he said. So cute with his mouth wide open like that. I told him that he heard me the first time, and he better be on his best behaviour! I told him Anne was curious and wanted a demonstration. We looked each other in the eye, and he sad "Yes Ma'am" like a good little subbie should! Yeah!

I told david to get showered, and to be sure to scrub himself thoroughly, and then to put on a suit and tie. I put on a dress myself, nice shoes, and a bit of makeup (was in housewear!).

They arrived and I had david with me at the door greeting them. david was a gentleman and took their coats and offered and served us all drinks (but not for himself - he knows better than that). Sue and Anne were both dressed up, having come from a nice dinner out. Anne is a pretty brunette, with perhaps a few extra pounds on her that look nice if you ask me. Not a slim model type. She is several years older than david and I, and just a couple of years older than Sue.

After a bit of talk, in which nothing whatsoever was said about upcoming events, during a little lull in the conversation I asked if we should proceed to the main event? Sue and Anne agreed. Before I started, I took Anne away from the living room and spoke with her privately. I wanted to make sure she was really interested in watching this, and wouldn't freak out on me. I also asked her to promise me that she would tell nobody about what she was about to see. She promised. We went back into the living room to rejoin david and Sue. Sue had a smirk on her face and was staring at him. I'm not sure what she said, but david was blushing already!

I made david come over to me and kneel on the floor at my feet as I stood over him. He looked very handsome in his suit and tie. I explained to him again what was going to happen. That he was going to be spanked so that Anne could see how I play with him. I told him to go upstairs, put on his punishment panties, and then come back down to us wearing nothing but and carrying his hairbrush for the spanking.

david whined at that, and begged me not to (a little). He did not know I was going to make him wear his panties in front of Anne. I put him in his place by saying that if I heard another word from him, he would be wearing his bra as well for his spanking. That convinced him!

When he went up, Anne said "this is exciting!". I was happy that she was into it. Sue always enjoys watching david catch a beating on his bare bum from me, so I knew she was loving it. I told them that I had something special for them. I went out into the kitchen and brought back a bamboo garden cane I had retrieved from the garage after Sue's phone call.

I told them that if they liked, we could give him a caning, like on the TV show, maybe leave a little welt or two to remember the experience by? They were all for it, those bad girls. I don't think they cared one whit if david suffered for their amusement. Ha Ha!

I took the cane into the dining room, and laid it out on the wooden dining room table, and told them we would keep this as a surprise for david for the end.

david came down a few minutes later, blushing, blushing in his black and pink frilled panties, with an obvious erection under there. I looked over at Anne and she was delighted, smirking and barely suppressing a laugh at the comical sight of my erect husband in his panties, carrying the hairbrush with which he was about to get spanked.

I guided him over to the corner, pushed his nose into it, and made him hold his hairbrush at his lower back with both hands. I made sure his feet were locked together and away from the corner so that he had to lean and arch to get his nose tight into it. I encouraged a little extra arch in his back. This all had the side effect of making his bum jut out towards the room. I then lowered the back of his panties to just beneath his cheeks and went back to sit with Sue and Anne to admire the view.

Anne said something along the lines of "Wow. He really is submissive, isn't he?". I told her he was, and explained a little bit about david's kinky psychology, especially in regards to being humiliated in front of strange women. david could, of course, hear every word, and I knew that discussing his little kink so openly would embarrass him further, which he confirmed later that it did.

I then got up and arranged the spanking chair in the centre of the room. Sue and Anne were sitting on the couch just opposite.

"Time to get you spanked, young lady." I called out to my pantied husband. "Come over here, leave your panties down just like that."

david stood up and walked towards us, his penis was still covered by the panties, but the lowering of them in the rear brought them right down to the base of his erect cock, so you could see his pubic area clearly. I took the hairbrush from him and put it beside his spanking chair.

I asked the ladies if they minded if I lowered his panties to his ankles before he got across my knee? They were fine with that. I made david stand and face them with his hands on his head. Then I lowered his panties over his private parts and right down to his ankles as Sue and Anne looked on raptly.

david's penis was very excited. It was extremely stiff and curving upwards a bit towards the ceiling. And it twitched all by itself. His balls were very tight to his body.

"See how excited he is to be spanked and humiliated?" I gently touched his penis and got a lustful groan for my troubles. I just brushed him, though, because I didn't want him putting on that kind of a show and making a big mess on my carpet!

"Spread you legs and bend over a bit." I told him. I reached behind him and grabbed his tight balls, giving them a squeeze. With his balls in my grip, I guided him over to the spanking chair and across my knee. "Legs together" I told him. Ladies, if you've never tried this, it's fun. He winds up with his penis and testicles locked behind his thighs when he's across your knee, very visible and very vulnerable! A quick squeeze on the balls is an excellent way to control him if he wiggles too much during his disciplining.

I started out with my hand, giving him medium hard slaps all over his bum and some going down the backs of his legs. I explained to Anne as I was doing it that a lighter warmup like this makes the harder spanks that come later easier to bear, and means he can therefore take more for me. If he was in trouble, though, I was quick to point out, he'd be suffering through a hard hairbrushing from the first stroke to the last. In between flurries of spanks, I stroked his bottom and private parts a bit.

Then I picked up the hairbrush, and started in on him a little harder with that. After a minute or so I picked up the pace and I picked up the strength of the swats. That had him wiggling and squeaking, and was making his bum turn very red indeed!

I explained to Anne that he doesn't so much like the spanking as the idea of it, but that he needs to suffer through the spanking or else he will not be sexually fulfilled in his kink. I pointed out to her that his erection is history, which she could plainly see for herself as well.

After a particularly hard flurry, david twisted and practically fell off my lap. We can't have that! I grabbed him by his balls and told him to settle down. Then I re-positioned him to allow his cock and balls to tuck back down in front, pulled out my right leg, and placed it over the backs of his legs. This jackknifed him nicely over my left knee, exposing parts of his bottom that I had not yet coloured up, including some low sit spot areas, and some areas between his cheeks, which were now spread a bit wider (when he's in this position, his anus always becomes visible, which I think is just a little bit of extra fun, especially with two other women watching! Ha Ha!).

After I finished him up, I let him stand. His panties had long since flown off his ankles. I told him there was one more thing we needed to demonstrate for Anne. That had david a bit worried! He thought he would get a fucking, and he's still none too comfortable with his new dildo. But instead, I led him over to the dining room and bent him down across the table. Then I took up the bamboo cane and told david that Anne had particularly liked the scenes in American Horror Story where the nun had caned the backsides of her charges. I told him he would be getting twelve.

I wound up and whacked him right across his cheeks. My first one was too light, and I said that didn't count. I wound up a bit more and really cut into the middle of his butt. Got a nice cry from that one, and a little raised welt. I repeated until I got though the first four moving the strokes up and down.

I asked Sue if she would like to take a crack at it. Always game, she took up the cane and added four more welts, also going too easy a couple of times so that we had to egg her on.

It was inevitable now. I asked Anne if she would like to "bring him home" with the last four hard ones? She was excited to, especially now that Sue had set the precedent. She took up the cane and swung it down. She got it right the very first time, and then got it right three more times, the last one nice and low where bum meets thigh.

And that was that for david. I stood him up and told him he could go get some clothes on, into his trackpants was ok. As david went up to do that, Sue, Anne, and I headed back to the living room. When david joined us, I let him have a drink and we debriefed a little about the scene. david was eloquent about his feelings during it, and we talked a bit more about our lifestyle with Anne. Anne told us a little about her background, and we found that she had never done anything really BDSM at all, outside a few smacks and tickles during sex, so this was a genuine first for her, and she said she found it exciting. Sue told Anne that she'd be happy to give her a spanking anytime she asked. I'm not sure that's what Anne had in mind, but she was coy, so perhaps. Oh well, at least we have another convert!

Fun, or what?