Friday, December 31

Threesome with Friend - part 6

David has a very joyous Christmas... and gets to be on top for the finale [continued from part 5].


The rest of Christmas Eve day we had to hustle to get dressed and head off to our respective evening gatherings. Covid restrictions were newly back in place (stupidly, as the latest wave is essentially a sniffly nose), limiting gatherings to 10. So we couldn't accommodate our entire family all at once. As a result, my big sister Sue and her partner Amanda hosted a Christmas Eve gathering for David and me and my parents.

Getting together with Sue and Amanda is a bit blushy for David because he was spanked by Sue and I in front of Amanda, and they treat him accordingly, getting him to do little chores for them, like setting the table and serving drinks, and he hops to it. I always look forward to Sue's gift for David, as she has a tradition of promising him a handy as a gift. David opened his gift from them and I looked over his shoulder. It was a gift bag of tasty treats and a little card that entitled him to a spanking and a handjob from the girls (!).  He read it silently and quickly put it away given Mom and Dad were there. "What a nice gift!" I told everybody, looking over his shoulder. Mom and Dad thought I was referring to the treats. Sue and Amanda knew I was referring to the card. "Go give Sue and Amanda a little kiss," I scolded David. He had to stand up and cross the room and bend over to kiss the offered cheeks. Sue and Amanda both had little grins on their faces. So that was something we were going to look forward to. I will be sure to blog it when it happens. Mom and Dad were in good spirits and Dad entertained all of us with his unmistakable presence.

When we got home Paula was already there. We decided we'd watch a Christmas movie and drink some Bailey's. We chose "Miracle on 34th Street" (the 1947 version).

I love movies from that era. Such great family values on display. At one point the handsome bachelor next door entices the little girl into his apartment to watch the Macy's parade with permission of the attractive coloured maid. Single career Mom next door comes to pick her up and the bachelor has cajoled the little girl to suggest to his Mom that they invite him for dinner. So charming (of course, by todays standards people would assume racism, pedophilia, and rape, but whatever!).

We went to our own beds after that and agreed to meet up at 9am for Christmas breakfast. It had already been a long (and fun and kinky) day.

Next morning we had a nice Christmas breakfast with Paula including Champagne and orange juice of course! The conversation did get to kink. Up to then we had only discussed and played with David's subby kinks. Paula opened the door by asking if he ever spanked me? I answered honestly giving her the backstory on that.

We told her that he was the lifelong spanko, and had asked if I wanted to be spanked when he first asked me to play spanking games. I had refused that outright, and then he asked if I would spank him, and I agreed to that and loved it. As a spanker, I decided I needed to at least find out what a grown-up spanking felt like and sampled that a few times without really giving up control. Over time, and as I was fantasizing more and more about dominance and submission, I found myself increasingly fantasizing about me on the receiving end. So we started playing a bit with David on top and I loved that also.

Paula was curious about how that works, switching back and forth like that. She particularly wondered how david could switch to being dominant like that. I told her that David was in fact a very good dominant when he flips that switch. I think that got Paula thinking thoughts. I said that because it's roleplay, we can take turns and it's fun, but that in real life we naturally fall into traditional roles of him being more dominant and me more submissive. Paula found that hard to believe.

I assured Paula that was the case, more at my instigation than David's. I told her it was what I wanted, and that I usually get what I want. She could believe that.

I even confessed to having a Daddy fetish, fantasizing about spankings and fuckings from my Dad. Paula seemed a little shocked by that. "Like, an abstract father figure sort of thing?" she asked. Nope, my actual Dad, I told her (it's true!). "Did he abuse you as a child?" she asked seriously. I assured her he did not, and if anything, it was the other way around, with me trying to get a sexual rise from him as a teen. Paula declared me exceptionally naughty, and I agreed. Paula has a very testy relationship with her Dad and said to each their own, she supposed. I said David makes a very good stand-in Daddy for me.

"He even spanks me when I'm bad," I told her in a baby voice.

"As roleplay," she confirmed.

"No. For real also," I said.

"Domestic violence much?!?"

"Not when it's me wanting it that way," I said.

"You spank her, for real?" She asked David incredulously.

"Yup," he confirmed.

"I'm incredibly offended by that, and a little bit turned on..." she said. Ha ha! "What sort of things does he spank you for?"

"Well that's embarrassing to talk about," I said. "Let's see, I had a fender bender because I was texting and driving. Got a spanking for that."

"Can't disagree with that," Paula said.

"Last winter I left the cottage door off the latch when we left and the door blew open and the furnaces went nuts to keep it from freezing."

"Well that was just an innocent mistake," she said.

"It was careless, and I expect to get spanked for careless things."

"What other kinds of things?"

"Once he put me in the corner during dinner with Dad and Mom for raising Trump..."

"After repeatedly upsetting people with that behaviour and being told not to," David added, like a Daddy.

"What?!?? No fucking way!" Paula said, incredulously.

"Got a spanking when I got home too," I added with a pout,

"Standing in timeout in the corner like a naughty little girl? Right in front of your Mom and Dad?  So they know about this?" She asked.

"Yeah, they know he spanks me, and that it was my idea. Daddy likes it and thinks it's funny. Mom vaguely disapproves but is supportive."

"That is so embarrassing. You guys are cute, and kinky as shit!" She said. Yeah, she understood.

So I was pretty turned on by this time, talking about this thing that makes me so horny. "Do you want to see a demonstration? Watch David spank me?" I asked Paula.

"Yes!" she said straight away.

David pushed his chair away from the table, patted his lap, and said, "come on then".

"Right now???" I asked him, feeling myself blushing a bit.

"Get over here," he said.

I stood up and walked over to him. I was wearing my PJ bottoms and a T-shirt and sweater on top. He reached out and lowered my PJ bottoms. I didn't have any panties on.

"I thought we agreed we'd not talk about this with others unless we agreed beforehand?"

"But it's Paula!" I said.

"Yes, and of course I would have agreed, but that's the rule, isn't it?"

"yes sir"

Of course it was a made up "offence" (sort of), but adequate for "demonstration purposes" :-)

He pulled me across his lap, bare bum up, and started spanking me. As usual for a punishment spanking he started hard with his hand that had me yelling and kicking right away. He turned my ass so red! It was a pretty quick spanking, maybe only a couple of minutes, but his big hard hand did the trick.

He stood me up and I rubbed my bum.

"I got off easy that time," I told Paula.

"Let me see," Paula said. I went over to her and turned my butt towards her. She reached out and stroked my butt. "It's hot," she said, resting her hand on my ass, "in more ways than one."

"You should try it," I told her.

"It looked too hard for me."

"He's good at it. He'll adjust down for you. Just tell him if you need him to lighten up or stop, he'll respect that."

"Ohhhh... ok," she said. Yay peer pressure!

"Come here," David said to Paula, and then to me, "you keep those pants down, your hands away from your pussy, and watch." He knows me too well.

Paula was in the same robe as the day before.

"Drop the robe," David said dominantly.

Paula shrugged the robe off her shoulders. Her beautiful bare tits were exposed. She had cute, sexy little panties. David reached over and lowered her panties displaying Paula's neatly trimmed little bush.

"Lie across my lap, " he told her. She draped herself across his lap gracefully. I could see she was sticking her ass up extra for my husband.

He raised his hand and brought it down with a light slap across her bare ass.

"ooooh!" she said.

"Is that ok," David asked.

"yeah," she said breathlessly.

David started a rhythm, cycling left cheek, right cheek, middle, staying low on her spank spots on the undersides of her ass.

"Mmmmmm..." she said, as if she was getting a massage.

"Harder?" David asked.

"Yes!" she said, sounding eager for it.

David increased the intensity of his slaps. She grunted a little "uh" after each stroke. After about a dozen he paused and rubbed her ass.

I went over and touched her pussy between her legs. She opened her legs and pushed up her ass to meet my hand. "You're wet you naughty, naughty, girl."

"Yes!" She agreed.

"Do you want more?" David asked Paula.

"Yeah. Give it to me more like you did to her."

Paula had definitely warmed up to it!

"Oh, you want to be punished, do you?" David asked her.

"Yeah. Spank me like a naughty girl..."

"Ok. You say 'stop' when it's too much. No shame in that. It'll get harder and harder until you do, ok?"


David started spanking her again, making it progressively harder.

She lasted about a minute and then said "ok, ok, ok, that's enough! that's good!"

David paused and rubbed. Then he slowed down and went back to the very light slaps he had begun with. He then alternated rubbing it out and giving her light slaps, she seemed to enjoy that treatment. He helped her off his lap and she stood, naked, and explored her spanked ass with her hands.

"What happens next?" She asked us breathlessly.

"Well, in my case, I have to be completely sexually available to him after a spanking..."

"Ok," Paula said, agreeing to the same terms, I could tell.

"Alright then," David said, smiling. "Julie, go get a big bath towel and lay it across the back of the couch. Then both of you get naked and get your asses up over it." He meant the two-seater couch in the living room.

I ran up, got naked, and ran back down with the bath towel. I literally ran. I wanted to pattern submissive behaviour for Paula, and it embarrassed me, and turned me on, to appear so submissive to my husband in front of her.

I put the bath towel across the back of the couch. Paula was waiting there, naked and at attention. David was standing there, fully dressed (jeans and lumberjack shirt), like a boss. I took Paula's hand and we bent over the back of the couch. I'm sure David had an excellent view of our long slim legs, our red bottoms, our tight little bottom holes, and our wet needy pussies.

"I think you girls need a bit more of a bottom warming first," David said. With that he unbuckled his belt and slithered off through the belt loops around his waist. Paula and I clutched hands tightly.

I got a whip across my ass. It made me jump but was not too hard. Then I heard and felt Paula get a belt whip as well. "Ooch!" She said. Then it was me again, then her, then me, and so on. I could hear from the whip smacks that I was getting it harder than her.

I looked over to Paula and said, "wiggle your ass and pussy and we might distract him!" I said.

"I heard that!" David said and I got a hard one.

But we both started pumping and wriggling our asses.

"Please fuck us Sir! Please fuck us!" I said.

David paused our whipping and said "keep wriggling those asses, ladies".

Paula and I kept up our twerking as David undressed. He came behind me, held my hips, and inserted his big hard penis into my pussy.

"He's fucking me!" I yelled out.

"What about me?!?" asked Paula.

"You're next," he said.

He pulled out of me, and a moment later Paula squeaked as he presumably put his dick into her. He didn't lose his erection this time - Yay! He gave her ten or so pumps, pulled out, and came back to me. He was double dipping in our pussies!!! He went back to her and gave her a bunch of thrusts, and then he came back and finished inside of me.

"Now both of you naughty girls," he said as he gave our bums some hand slaps, "up to bed. I want you scissoring each other first then a 69 and you get each other off. If our guest doesn't get off first, Julie, you'll go across my knee again young lady, and sit on a sore ass all through Christmas dinner. Now scoot!"

We both stood up. I gave David a kiss on his cheek and said "thank you Sir." Paula followed suit and did the same. Then we both ran up giggling to my bedroom. David did not join to watch. He thought we might have wanted some privacy.

"We 'gotta do it," I told Paula and we arranged ourselves into a scissor. I'm glad David "ordered us" to do this as I would have been too embarrassed to suggest it myself!

We rubbed and ground up against one another. My pussy was likely sloppier than hers because of my cum injection, but it was hard to tell. We were both squishy against one another. It was fun and sexy, and a bit blushy because a man was making us do it.

I extricated myself and we arranged ourselves into a 69. I wanted to go side-by-side, but Paula hopped up on top and we went at it.

"I'm going to make you cum first and get you spanked!" She declared. Oh no!

I could taste Davids second-hand cum in her pussy. I licked and licked as she ground against me. There was a lot of pressure against my face! Meanwhile she was licking me furiously as well. Fortunately (for my ass) she shuddered to a climax first. We rolled over and she got under, and me over, and then I came soon after that. There's something about grinding into her face that made it better.

"Phew!" We both said.

"Did you like your spanking?" I asked her.

"I did! I'll have to see if Mike has any interest."

"I'll bet he does," I said.

We showered together and then we got dressed. We went downstairs and rejoined David.

"I made her cum first!" I declared proudly.

"It's true," Paula confirmed.

"Good girl," David told me.

That was more or less the end of our sexy adventures with Paula. We each had early afternoon'ish dinners to go to. We both got home fairly early and we gathered for a movie. We rented the new James Bond one. It was pretty good. We had an evening drink and chat and we went to bed separately. Next morning we had breakfast and Paula had to leave to go back home.

All I all, what an amazing visit and what an amazing Christmas.

Happy New Years, all!

Wednesday, December 29

Threesome with Friend - part 5

David has a very joyous Christmas... but gets ass fucked like a tramp [continued from part 4].


My friend Paula and I were double-domming david for losing his erection during our earlier threesome. He got femmed up and then hairbrush spanked and strapped. All along he knew that the final part of his punishment-fitting-the-crime was a good, long, hard ass fucking from Paula who would be popping her strap-on cherry in his ass, so that would be fun. Where we left off is that he had just stood up after a nasty strapping from me.

I told him to get going upstairs to the bedroom for his fucking. He started to head up. I stopped him and raised the back of his skirt and tucked it into itself as Paula watched. His ass was deep crimson red from his hairbrush spanking and sizzled like a steak off the griddle from the strap. As well, he still had the tampon we stuck into him before his spanking, and the little white string dangled humiliatingly from his ass. His shirt was still pulled up as well, exposing his pink bra filled out to a C-cup with his silicone falsies. "Don't forget your panties, you little slut," I told him, picking up the panties I had made fly off his legs during his hairbrushing and handing them to him. "Carry them upstairs," I said.

I gathered up the remaining stuff from the living room and david proceeded in front of us, up the stairs and into the bedroom, with Paula and I walking behind him and making comments about his cute bare ass and how it was about to be fucked soooooo good. I kept him walking slowly and told him to swing those hips seductively. I gave Paula the strap and encouraged her to use an underhanded flick to his low ass to keep him moving like that.

When we got to the bedroom I pulled his shirt off him, but decided to leave him in his bra and short skirt for his fucking. I lowered his skirt back down for a bit of modesty. First I made him lie face down in the middle of the bed over a mound of three pillows so that I could remove his tampon from his butt. Paula assisted, kneeling to his one side on the bed, flipping his skirt up (that bit of modesty did not last long!) and spreading his cheeks, as I knelt on his other side and dribbled the lube I had carried from downstairs into his bumhole. Tampons can get a little stuck to the sides of his anal canal after a while so extra lube during removal is good. I pulled gently on the string as Paula held his ass cheeks open and the tampon popped out to an audible groan from him. The tampon had opened up a bit from when it had gone in. It was a little brown coming out, I must say, which was a bit inevitable regardless of his anal canal hygiene. I dangled it in front of his face. "Is this what you call clean? I should make you suck on it." For health reasons I did not carry out my threat and went to the bathroom to dispose of it instead.

"Let's get you stretched out a bit for Paula," I said as I returned. Given this was to be Paula's first time, I wanted her to use my biggest cock, Adam, on david's hole. "I'm going to give Paula Adam to use on you."

"noooooo! pleassssse!" He begged. Adam is... hard to take.

"Shush!" I told him strictly. I picked up the strap and tossed it on the bed right beside him. "This is your only warning, young lady. Any lack of enthusiasm from you and you'll be given the strap again. We need a cock at least as big as yours, but that stays hard and doesn't cum in 30 seconds, to teach you a lesson, so it's Adam and no complaints from you, or else."

Adam is just a tad bigger than a fully-erect david. Here's a gif from a little "home movie" david and I once did that has the same "mood" as this scene and shows his cock size in profile.

david was fatter and hairier than now, but cock is the same.

As you can see, there's nothing wrong with its size or shape or erection quality. Sometimes even a little too much cock, depending on the activity. It's a pretty cock, nicely cut, and inviting for any female. If only it stayed hard for Paula and didn't shoot so fast when coaxed back to life. But to compete with his cock, to really put him in his place, we needed a member larger and stiffer than even his, so that's where Adam comes in.

The trouble with Adam, especially for a newbie pegger, is the relative tightness of david's hole.

If you're going to use Adam on him unstretched, you need a certain skill and sensitivity, and even so there will still be a lot of pain for him. But after a good stretching, even Adam will go in relatively easily, even for a newb.

My ultimate go-to "get 'er done quick" toy for stretching his asshole is my electric plug-in Hitachi with the ass accessory.

Yeah the dildo is fairly narrow for easy insertion, but turning on the powerful vibe in its two stages makes it effectively twice as wide; and the stretching, coming from the inside as it were, seems to be just super effective and relatively pain free as opposed to stretching from the outside in.

With david still lying skirt raised and ass up across the pillows, I got out the Hitachi. She again held him open as I lubed and inserted the vibe. I then turned it on in the "low" setting. david, predictably, moaned like the little ass slut he is. After a bit, I turned it to high. As we let it do it's work, I explained to Paula essentially everything I just explained above. I passed off the handle of the Hitachi to her and she had fun moving it around, Roto-rootering his loosening asshole. If you apply a circular motion putting pressure on his inner sphincter wall it makes him stretch even wider. I reached under and pulled his junk out between his legs so Paula could see how the ass play affected him, making him fully erect. I lubed his penis a bit and we took turns rubbing his cock as we used the Hitachi to loosen him up.

I'd say we gave it a good five minutes (though I was not timing). I shut down the vibe and had Paula again hold him open as I pulled it out. We could see that his hole was visibly distended relative to his previous shape, a little gaping open in fact, but gradually shrinking back. I took the butt attachment off the Hitachi and gave it all a wipe and then set the plugged in Hitachi on the side of the bed, thinking I might want that to be handy before we were done.  I then went to get his largest butt plug, and relatively easily (with only a few yelps) pushed it home.

Paula was fascinated watching his asshole distend around the widest part of his big plug, and then swallow it up whole. She had never done ass play like this before (and had never taken it up the ass, as we learned just then as well!).

"We'll keep that in him for a few minutes while we get you set up," I told Paula as I flipped david's skirt back down to cover his plugged butt.

I used to have two strap-on harnesses, a soft fabric purple one, and a leather one. But I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea where the leather one has gotten to. I know, how careless of me. I mean, how does someone lose something like that?!? It must be around the house somewhere, or in a suitcase or something. But I would have set Paula up with the purple velvety fabric one anyways, as it's a more comfortable ride. So I got it out and stuck Adam into it.

Paula was still in her jeans and top. I told her she probably wants to be in her panties for this, so she stripped off down to only her panties! I could see david's head turned towards us, watching us as I knelt beside an almost naked Paula and put the strap-on harness onto her, adjusting the straps so it fit firmly and perfectly on her.

"Oh my God, I have a dick!" Paula said with surprise. She had never worn one before, and I can attest that it's a powerful feeling when you strap-one-on for the first time. "I know what guys feel like now. I want to fuck everything!"

She faced david and said, "you're going to feel what a real dicking down is like now, baby. I'm going to rail that ass!" As she said this, she stroked her dick, imitating what guys so often do to make sure they're hard for us. I'm sure the words she used was learned from her boyfriend telling her that.

Imaging that coming at your ass!

"david, get on your knees in front of Paula. You know what to do."

david got off the bed, the butt plug still deep in, got on his hands and knees and crawled to Paula. Paula was bemused. He knelt up a bit, took ahold of Paula's hips to steady himself, pursed his lips and put her cock into his mouth.

"Ohhh! Yes! He sucks too," said Paula, now understanding.

"Let's see some enthusiasm, young lady, and you better keep those luscious lips covering your teeth while you do it."

david started bobbing on her cock, spitting and slurping noisily and using his hand like I taught him to encircle and jerk off her cock.

"Everything that annoys you from a guy when you're giving head, feel free to do to him. He has collective responsibility."

Paula smiled, grabbed his hair, and forced him deeper onto her dick. In his bra and short schoolgirl skirt he could have been a chick.

It is a universal truth that all women who give head have had unpleasant things done to them in the process. I think guys like to "assert themselves" in a rapey sort of way when in this position. So when a woman finally gets a dick strapped on, and a handy man with an accessible mouth, any one of them will do, there will be payback.

"Open your throat, baby," she said. "That's it." Then to me, "This is amazing!" Then back to him, "Oh, are you gagging? Yeah, that's what it feels like." She let him take a breath and then told him to get up on the bed, lie on his back, and let his head tilt backwards off the bed. "This is how I learned," she said. "Open your mouth wide and really concentrate on relaxing your throat." And then she began slowly pumping in and out going deeper as she kept instructing him to relax his throat. I was fascinated. Especially that she had learned this way! I could only imagine...

There were a few gags from david, but way less than before, and once or twice she had it all the way in for a second or so.

"Keep doing this with him and eventually he'll be able to deep throat no problem."

"Time for her fucking?" I asked Paula.

"Oh yes!" She replied, pulling her cock out of his gasping-for-air mouth.

david was already looking a little rung out from his deep throat training, but I didn't care. Today would be one of those "ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet" sort of days. I had him kneel low on the bed, at the side of the bed, his ass sticking out over the side of it. I first flipped his skirt up his back to expose him and then adjusted his kneel until it looked to be at just the right angle for Paula to comfortably penetrate him. I put a towel both under him and down on the carpet just under his ass in case there was any mess or lube spilling. I placed a condom on Adam for quick cleanup and poured some lube on it and rubbed it in. Then I poured some on the plug and worked it into his anal ring a bit, and then extracted the big butt plug. "Ow, ow!" he complained as its largest diameter exited his hole.

With david, it comes out a bit like this:

Obviously not quite so big, but his asshole stays really wide open right after removal, like hers.

I quickly got the lube and used my fingers in and around his open asshole.

"Ok, stick it in," I told Paula. She came up to him and inserted the tip, using her hand to guide her cock. "Adjust your angle, sweetheart, so it goes in easy," I told david. He moved around a bit, lowering, raising, pushing back a bit until the head popped in more fully.

"Ok..." he said.

"Nice and slow and easy and not too deep at first," I told Paula. Paula pushed in a little, slowly up to about a third of Adam's length at which point david winced and cried out a little. "It'll loosen up. Pull it all the way out and then back to there again."

Paula slowly pulled the dildo right out. David's asshole stayed nice and open, and then she pushed it straight in again to the one third mark and held it there.

"Circle your hips a bit," I suggested. Paula did that. It was soooo sexy! Paula sort of took it from there. She did another full pull out and re-entry. She went a bit deeper. She pumped it a few times going a bit deeper and deeper. "Is that ok, baby?" she asked david.

"Yes Ma'am" he responded.

"Yes Sir when you're receiving cock, you know that, girl," I said.

"Sorry! Yes... Sir, I mean."

"Now a little more enthusiasm, david. Ask for the cock. Beg for it," I said.

"Please fuck my ass with your cock, Sir."

"Yeah baby, that's just what you're getting," said Paula. "Do you want it deeper?"

"Yes Sir, deeper please. And harder. Really fuck me good. I want it so bad!"

"Ok," Paula said with a laugh in her voice and she started upping the tempo and the depth, progressing all the way to "balls deep".

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! ...." david said as he received his railing.

"Hold still a moment," I told Paula. She paused with her dick half buried in him. "david, show Paula what a good fuck you are."

david knew what was expected of him. He backed into the cock and started swizzling his ass around it like a $2 whore.

Paula gave him an ass slap and encouraged his gyrations. "Yeah baby!" she said.

How embarrassing for him to have to perform this way for her! In a bra with his little skirt flipped up. A relative stranger fucking him with her big dick, making him her little bitch as his wife watched.

"You sure made her your bitch," I confirmed with Paula.

"Not yet. Not fully." She replied.

She then grabbed his hips and put a stop to his gyrations and began just pounding the shit out of his ass! Hard, fast, and deep!

"Ahhhhhhh! Arghhhhh!" david said as he received his pounding.

"You see, that's how you use a cock properly, sweetheart," I told him as Paula continued energetically teaching him that lesson.

She just kept at it. Eventually david collapsed on the bed but Paula just kept riding him with her cock, laying on top of him and fucking him. She even grabbed his hair at one point and said, "take it, take it."

After a good, intense fucking, Paula finally stopped and pulled out. There was a bit of mess on the condom and some around his asshole after the so-deep fucking, but pretty good. No cause for a caning. I carefully slipped the condom off and put it in some paper towels. I used some more paper towels to wipe his ass.

"That was amazing!" Paula said.

"You fucked him good!" I said.

"That's how I like it," she said, meaning when she is getting fucked! New insight into how disappointed, for real, she must have been with david's performance last night. Added a little extra notch up of embarrassment for him, don't you think?

"Would you like to try another position?" I asked her.

"Sure!" She said.

"Nooooo!" david begged.

"What did I say about being enthusiastic, young lady?" I asked him.

"That I need to be..."

"And what happens if you're not?"

"the strap..."

"That's right, and now you've earned yourself a few strokes of the strap."

I went and slipped a new condom on Paula's dick and lubed it anew. I took david's skirt and bra off him and had him lie naked face up in the middle of the bed with just one pillow under his hips to elevate his ass a bit. Until now I had been dressed, and I stripped off completely and went to sit on his face. He needed to get his hands around quickly under my ass to support my weight if he expected to breathe.

"Spread my cheeks and get that tongue up my asshole, deep as you can. That's it. Now lick all around, up and down, side to side, and stick it in and wriggle it. That's a good girl! Now keep at it."

Paula looked surprised and lustful at this exhibition.  "He's licking your ass?" She asked by way of unnecessary confirmation.

"He sure is."

"Give me your legs," I told him, and he lifted them until I could grab his ankles and pull them back towards me.

"Paula, give him just a bit of the strap, please."

Paula picked up the strap from the bed where it lay and knelt on the bed, her big obscene erection showing. I pulled david's legs back a bit more to give her a good target. She measured the belt across his ass, in just the right spot I thought, hauled back and gave him a whack. It elicited a little grunt from david.

"Wait, wait," she said, "I can do better than that."

She lined up again, hauled back, and this time really sizzled his backside!

"Mrrrooooo!" david yelled out from beneath me as I felt his mouth and tongue strain against my asshole.

"One more like that!" I told her.


Paula smiled, I pulled back harder, and she did another just like the last one that elicited another gurgling cry from david.

"Now I want to see some enthusiasm in that little ass of yours as Paula fucks you."

I released David's legs and he held them back himself, wide and bent. I bent over with the lube and re-lubed his asshole. I told Paula to kneel between his legs and stick it in. This she did, and it went in pretty easily. She eventually settled into a rhythmic fucking motion.

You can't go too hard or too deep in this position, but it was perfect for what I intended. I leaned forward taking my ass away from his mouth and dribbled lube on his cock and started giving him a handjob.

"Look up at Paula. Do you see her beautiful eyes, her beautiful sexy breasts, her tight little tummy?"


"It's a woman fucking your ass, david. A beautiful woman. What's this cock good for, david? Answer me."

"nothing ma'am. It's useless. Totally useless."

"It was totally useless yesterday, when you had a chance to be a real man and fuck this beautiful woman properly, nice and hard, the way she likes to be fucked. But you couldn't even do that, so here you are, being fucked like a woman, by a woman. So pathetic."

"yes ma'am"

Paula sunk the cock deep and we leaned into each other and kissed.

"You can jerk it," I told him. David's hand dashed for his penis. It was semi-soft, it's usual state when getting ass fucked by Adam.

I leaned back and grabbed my Hitachi where I had conveniently left it, anticipating this moment. I sat back on david, keeping a bit of my weight off him and let him tongue my asshole as I used the Hitachi on my clit. It felt very exhibitionist doing this in front of Paula, but she seemed to appreciate the show, playing with her breasts as I got myself off.

I dismounted david and Paula pulled out. I helped Paula off with the strap-on and told her to go sit on david's face and have him eat out her asshole. She smiled and did just that, mounting him and directing his tongue to her little brown button. She used her fingers in herself.

"I'll clean the Hitachi up if you want that," I suggested.

"Don't need it," she said as she screwed up her face in concentration.

I went to where Paula was before, between david's legs, and gently put a finger into his asshole, found his prostate, and began massaging it.

david's left hand was under Paula's bum, pulling her cheek a bit apart to better get deeper into her asshole, and his right was on his dick, jerking it. Without Adam inside him any more it was getting super hard again. My gentle prostate massage and Paula sitting on his face, getting herself off, was also a great assist.

"Cum," Paula said to him, "cum all over yourself," she said in a husky voice, sounding very close to cumming herself.

"Yes, do it, cum all over yourself," I told him.

He intensified his jerking. I could see Paula looking at him doing that lustfully. She was seemingly very turned on by watching him jerk it.

And then with a muffled cry, his tongue buried deeply up Paula's ass, his legs, and whole body in fact, spasmed, and he let loose a massive arcing cum all over his chest and belly, with another smaller arc, and then huge blobs gushing out afterwards like an erupting volcano.

Pretty damned good for a man his age: I had not seen that much cum, or such a strong arc, for years!

Paula was waiting for that moment and put herself over the edge just as he came. Diddling herself madly, she cried out loudly as well with her orgasm as I watched the show.

She dismounted breathlessly and said "Holy Shit!" She then added, "I have such a cum fetish." That's interesting! The things you learn...

"One more thing to do," I said, as I scooped up david's cum and fed it to him sloppily, leaving a lot on his face along the way.

"Did you swallow it all?" I asked him.

"yes ma'am," he answered, barely able to speak.

With my hand I smushed the remaining cum all over his face, giving him a nice facial.

"Go get cleaned up," I told him. He went to our bathroom and I took Paula to hers where we both got into her shower and helped clean one another up.

She just kept saying how amazing it was and what an awesome kinky couple we were. I returned the compliment of course, and told her that while we had other threesomes, none were as sexy as with her. I was being honest there. She is great.

We reluctantly had to all dress, as this was Christmas Eve and we both had family obligations, but Paula would still be staying with us Christmas Day and only leaving the day after that, so we might get to play at least one more time in there, and indeed we did, but with a twist!

[continued in part 6]

Tuesday, December 28

Threesome with Friend - part 4

David has a very joyous Christmas... but suffers from a hard strapping along the way [continued from part 3]


After rescuing david's sexual performance by babying him into a nice cummy and then making him lick it out of Paula's pussy to give her a second O, we cleaned up and all gathered in bed where we discussed david's subby kinks. Paula was amused and gently teasing of david, surprised at many of the antics we had gotten up to over the years. Despite his recent sexytime explosion he nonetheless got hard during our conservation, a state that both Paula and I monitored with our hands. We determined to explore these kinks of his more tomorrow. Paula gave us each a kiss and said she'd leave the two of us to sleep comfortably, gathered up her clothes and retired to her bedroom.

Next morning was Christmas Eve. Paula and we had dinner with family but we were in all day. David and I were just getting breakfast ready (bacon and eggs) when Paula came down in her robe. I have rarely seen her without her heels, and padding around in her bare feet she was short and cute. David and I were both dressed in everyday clothes.

"That was fun last night, you guys" she said as we hugged and kissed. David and I agreed. During breakfast we did not particularly discuss sexy stuff, but Paula in her robe, looking like nothing was under it, did flash a bit of "accidental" boob (ha ha - I know attention grabbing female behaviour when I see it!). So there was a sexy undertone for sure, as if we might break out into another threesome orgy at the drop of a hat. It was sort of kinky/sexy having her in just her robe, next to naked, with David and I dressed. She did not seem to mind or be at all self-conscious in the least. She seemed to want to make David a bit uncomfortable, in fact, in a seductive way.

Paula did not refer to david's "failure" at all. We had talked about it last night. How, while it was a sexual failure for him, that he was not much of a cocksman, but neither of us were that fussed about it. That didn't mean that in the moment he was not acutely embarrassed, and continues to be. But the embarrassment of his "performance" provided fodder for our Dominance/submission games. Paula, by now, knew all that from our bedtime discussion the previous night, and it was not rehashed that morning. Paula seemed to have lost no respect for him, judging by her attempts to seduce him, anyways

Paula went to get dressed and re-emerged a bit later wearing designer jeans and heels. David went off to do his thing, and she and I gabbed and gabbed, and we did our own things as well. We gathered again for  lunch. David made us his signature Italian sandwiches with focaccia bread, drizzled with top notch olive oil and balsamico, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplants in oil, bufala mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and good prosciutto, toasted. A little Chianti with. So good!

After lunch I shooed David away and Paula and I conspired to give him a good double-domming. I told her what I was thinking of, and she was all in. Paula was definitely fascinated/interested and I did not need to push the issue at all. We decided we'd keep the theme from last night and "punish him" for his poor sexual performance. We had discussed strap-on play the night before, and I suggested that part of his "punishment" would be to take it up the ass from me while Paula watched.   Paula asked if it wouldn't make more sense for her, "the aggrieved party", to do the deed? She said she had heard of it, from more than just us yesterday night, but had never done it before and asked if she could give it a try. Yes, absolutely! Even better as far as I was concerned. I could coach her for her "first time", losing that kind of virginity. I'd be honoured. All girls should try it, much less those in their forties already.

Once we had the outlines all laid out, I initiated the roleplay: "David! Come downstairs please. Paula and I have something to discuss with you." We heard the TV turn off and David come down.

Paula and I sat side-by-side in the living room and we had David stand facing us.

"This is about your sexual performance last night. Or rather your lack of it."

"Yes Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am."

The cool thing with David is that we have played so much together that I don't need to explicitly discuss a scene with him, but can appear spontaneous. I'll nail his kinks.

This particular one is a special kink for him that we've played with before: sexual performance failure. He was in high school when he first embarrassed himself by cumming in his pants while kissing a girl in her basement.

The girl had noticed, was a bit weirded out, and asked him to please leave, which he had to do with cum-soaked undies and stained pants. David was too embarrassed to talk to her again much less ask for a second date. And, he was quite sure she had told at least her best girlfriend based on their giggles and a quick comment.

That can leave emotional scars on a high-schooler!

Throughout our relationship he was always a bit of a premature ejaculator. I didn't mind at all as I appreciated his ability to cum easily and fast, and vaginal intercourse never gets me off (it's good foreplay, but I don't need a lot of it). As he's aged he's developed more stamina, but when he's very excited he still cums fast.

Last night, losing his erection, was a new one for us. I think it was the unfamiliar rubber combined with performance anxiety over fucking Paula. There's nothing wrong with his erection otherwise. When he finally did penetrate Paula, it was all too much for him and he came very quickly. I have often teased him about his "cocksmanship" over the years as readers from this blog will attest, and while embarrassed by it, it isn't anything overly serious for him or me, so good play fodder.

"Here was Paula, who heard about what a nice cock you have from me, gracious enough to allow you to fuck her, and then you embarrass me like that and leave her completely cock-unsatisfied. Isn't that so, Paula?"

"Basically. I hadn't been fucked by another guy for years, and I was going to do this for you guys, and then you totally lose it before you can even stick it in. I mean, how pathetic? And then when it's finally coaxed back to life, my nipples are sore from all your sucking and I needed to use lube for my pussy. I never need to use lube for my pussy. And then when you're in you cum in, what, thirty seconds? Thank God you have a decent tongue or you'd be totally useless."

Perfect! I had coached Paula on laying into him as part of our "roleplay" and she really delivered.

I picked it up: "Remember how I said I'd give you a strapping if you lost your erection again? Well, while you didn't lose it again in that sense, you lost it well before Paula was satisfied so I think Paula and I will give you the strap, and then Paula will show you what a real fucking is."

david looked a little surprised at that. Maybe a little excited. Maybe a little embarrassed. He was not counting on Paula "doing the deed". But it was sooooo "punishment fits the crime".

"Now, go upstairs and shower and shave your genitals and ass crack, and clean yourself out to be ready for a long hard fucking. If there's any mess at all when Paula fucks you, you'll get the caning of your life on top of a strapped ass. Are we clear? Then you come back down here in your punishment outfit, and make it quick."

"Yes Ma'am!"

I knew the threat of the caning on top of his strapping would scare him. A caning for him in our house means the Delrin cane, which is the worst. I was sure his ass would be very well cleaned out.

David went up. Paula asked, "what's his punishment outfit?" We had not discussed that at all. Not even the night before. She needed some surprises.

"I'm not 100% sure. I guess we'll find out what he thinks it is." In fact, I was pretty sure what he would choose (coming down in nothing but a pair of panties as his "punishment outfit"), but I did leave it to him to decide. I thought it was a bit extra meta-embarrassing for him to pick his own "punishment outfit" for our scene.

After maybe 30 minutes or so david came back down the stairs and entered the living room wearing something quite unexpected. Instead of just being in panties as I expected, he was wearing white socks, a schoolgirl skirt, a plain red form-fitting athletic shirt, what was clearly his bra and falsies under it, and a giant blush! He could have chosen anything as his "punishment outfit" but chose this. Paula and I both appraised him as he walked in. Paula had a lovely smirk.

Well I was going to have to have some fun with this!

"That's right david, I hope you're embarrassed. Don't you think your punishment attire is particular suitable given your inability to perform as a man last night?"

"Yes Ma'am," david said.

"Use your girl's voice," I prompted him.

"Yes Ma'am," he repeated, an octave higher.

I stood up, took him by the ear, and conducted him to the corner where I pushed his nose deep into it. "You stay there while I fetch the hairbrush and strap," I said.

I left him there with Paula as I went upstairs to grab the hairbrush and the strap. I heard Paula start in teasing him a bit, about how cute he looked in his short little schoolgirl skirt, and what great little tits he had! Underlying the obvious was the fact that Paula knew that I had not told him to get into this costume, but that he had chosen to present himself to us, and specifically her, like this. When I was upstairs, I had an extra evil thought, and brought a couple of more things down with me. I mean, given Paula's playful reaction to his girl's clothing, why not take it a step further?

I got back and put the implements down on the coffee table.

Sufficient to strike fear into the heart and butt of any little girl!

I also put down some lube and a box of tampons.

Yes, I had decided he would be subjected to a very well-witnessed tamponing before I began his spanking.

"Oh my," said Paula, "A box of tampons. Is one of those going inside of him?"

"Yes. If he can't act like a man, I'll treat him like a woman. I mean, he's dressed the part already."

I'm sure david was positively cringing in the corner from the humiliation. Yes, he, as do I, gets turned on by humiliation, but the humiliation is still there. Needs to be, in fact.

I went to fetch him from his corner, again by his ear, and frog-marched him over, pulling strongly out and down. I led him to the back of the two-seater couch and had him bend over. I flipped up his skirt revealing that he did indeed have panties on under it, as expected. Of course they were his favourite yellow polka-dotted pink lacy panties.

"What pretty panties!" Paula said.

I pulled them down to just beneath his bum cheeks. I asked Paula to pass me a tampon and the lube. This she did. I then asked her to grab some paper towel from the kitchen, which she did as well.

"Could you... spread his cheeks, please," I asked Paula. She went beside him, leaning against the couch facing me, and spread his cheeks with both hands. She had a closeup bird's-eye-view of his spread asshole and would see every little detail of his anal violation with my tampon. I was happy to see his crack and anal entrance was scrub-brush clean with nary a hair in sight, but maybe a bit irritated at the thorough treatment he had given it? I praised it for him in front of Paula, and she agreed it was very clean, but did look a bit irritated, and very tight. I assured her it would open up like a flower to encompass a strap-on dildo the same size as his erect cock. She said, tongue-in-cheek, that she found that hard to believe. I told her that she should wait and see, as seeing is believing, not that there would not be some considerable pain involved, but nothing he was not used to, and nothing he did not deserve.

I applied lube with my fingers to his hole and pushed some inside. I went deep and used my finger to massage his prostate. He let out an involuntary moan at that.

"Oh, he does like it up the bum!" Paula said with glee, staring intently at his bumhole clenched tightly around my finger.

I pulled my finger out then lubed up the end of the tampon, stuck it into his butt until my fingers on the grip would go no further, and pushed the plunger home to seat the tampon. I pulled the applicator out and voilà!

"There we go, little miss cotton-tail," I said as I wiped my hands of the lube, pulled his panties back up, and flipped his skirt back down. I had him stand and face us. He was blushing. Yay!

"Now you know what it feels like," Paula said, unsympathetically.

I walked into the kitchen to toss the towel and wash my hands, and then returned to the center of the living room and put a spanking chair there, back to the fireplace, facing the couch where Paula would be sitting, with the coffee table and implements between us. I asked Paula to bring "her" over to me, "by her ear". Paula had perfected her little smirk, reached and took his ear, gave it a bit of a twist which elicited a little yelp from him, and pulled him over to me. I took his other ear and brought him down across my lap as Paula released him. I directed Paula to take a seat and watch a naughty girl being spanked.

Paula was delighted by all this. Clearly having fun with it. But honestly, maybe it's because I pick them carefully, but this is the reaction I see from most women when seeing this sort of thing for the first time.

I started rubbing his butt over his skirt. I said, "You're not really much of a man at all, are you, sweetheart? You're dressed like a girl, you have a tampon in you like a girl, and now you're going to be spanked like a girl, and then later fucked like a girl." I lifted his skirt and smoothed down his panties.

I began spanking him with my hand over the silky material of the panty. Pausing now and then to pull them up taught against his butt. "This is what you're good for, isn't it? Being put across my knee and spanked in your pretty pink panties like the naughty little girl you are."

I spanked him a bit more and then said, "now stand up, young lady. Let's get that shirt up and these panties down." He stood. I raised his shirt up until it was above his bra.

"Oooh. Pretty!" said Paula. It was pretty. It was his pink Victoria's Secret number.

Exactly this model

I then had him hold his skirt up as I slowly pulled down his panties and banded them around his knees. Out popped a giant boner. "Just look at that!" I said in disgust, indicating his erection.

"Where was that at the moment of truth?" asked Paula

"Exactly! I said. "He can get it up when dressed and tampaxed like a girl and about to be spanked and fucked like one, but where is it when he's asked to act like a man? Nowhere! Now get back across my knee. I will guarantee you that you won't have that erection after I'm done with you."

He went back awkwardly across my knee and I resumed spanking him, this time on his bare bottom. "This young lady needs more than just my hand to make an impression on her bottom. Would you pass me the hairbrush, please, Paula?"

Paula sat up, took the hairbrush, leaned over, and handed it to me. I laid it on his bare rump and rubbed it around a bit.

"Now, Paula, don't be alarmed if you see this little girl crying like a Banshee across my knee. She'll kick her little legs, cry out, maybe even beg for me to stop, but she has a safeword she can use if it's too much for her. Isn't that so, honey?"

"Yes Ma'am." He remembered to use his girl's voice this time.

I raised the hairbrush and smacked his cute rump, hard!

"Ahhh!" he cried out.

I started into a rhythm of medium hard smacks, rising and rising in intensity. As always with this hairbrush it didn't take too long until his ass was a bright cherry red and he was squirming and howling and begging, "no! no! no! please! Owww! No! I'm sorry! Please!" david really "let's it go", especially in front of another woman. He gets off on the humiliation and so allows his vocalizations to come readilly to his lips.

As the spanking went on and on his panties worked their way down to his ankles and then off one ankle, and then off the other. I usually like spanking until he's fully lost his panties!

I turned him and made him straddle my left leg as I hooked his left leg with my right. This of course turns his ass more towards Paula on the couch and spreads his buttocks more and puts both his junk and his tampaxed bumhole on display, like this:

I put the hairbrush down beside me and used one hand to part him wider and the other to spank the more sensitive inner parts along his ass crack and high thighs. Of course, this also emphasized the girlish tamponing he had received, with the white tampon string very visibly dangling out of his clenched-tight ass hole. I also very lightly slapped his balls and a bit harder, his cock.

"Would you like to take him across your knee?" I asked.

"Sure," she said.

I stood david up and Paula came to sit in my place. I had david lie back across her two knees in the more traditional way. She had a bit of trouble balancing him at first. Ahhh, experience! But they eventually managed a tenable position. I picked up the hairbrush and went to sit on the couch to watch.

She started off by rubbing his butt, tapping it lightly a few times, and playing with his tampon string.

"How does that feel up in there?" Paula asked as she wiggled and gently tugged on the string.

"embarrassing..." david replied weekly.

"I'll bet it is."

Paula looked at me, and shrugged, and gave him an open-handed slap on his bottom-cheek. It was pretty weak.

"You can go harder than that," I said.

She steeled herself, tightened up her hand, raised her arm, and came down with a much stronger smack.

"ow!" david said, encouragingly.

"Ouch! That hurt my hand!" Paula said.

"Here, use this," I said with a laugh and handed her the hairbrush.

She took the hairbrush and began smacking it down. She went all over the place with the brush, but not very hard, fortunately. I got up and gave some remedial spanking instructions showing her the best places to smack him without fear of injury.

When she got the rhythm and aim going correctly I told her to go harder, as she was really holding back. She gave a harder smack and david gave a little yelp. "Oops! Sorry!" she said, as if she had not just seen me spank the crap out of him!

"Don't apologize to him. Think about how angry you were when he lost his erection just when you were expecting something."

"But I wasn't angry, I felt sorry for him," she said with a giggle.

"Well, for my sake he needs to know there's going to be consequences if he can't keep it up."

"Yes Ma'am," Paula said, mimicking david's address of me.

I then watched with more satisfaction as Paula increased the intensity and gave david at least a semi-proper hairbrush spanking.

In my experience, there are two sorts of newbie spankers. Ones who go WAY too hard (that was me after the first few moments!), and others who really can't bring themselves to spank hard at all, no matter what. Paula was closer to the second category.

"All right young man, that's enough of the hairbrush for you. You still have the strap coming."

I picked david up off Paula's lap and conducted him over to the back of the two-seater sofa. His bra-clad tits were still jutting out beneath his raised shirt. His erection was still there, and I was acutely aware that I had promised it would be gone before I was done with him. I bent him over the back of the sofa and then flipped his skirt up. His panties were of course long gone. I picked up the strap and went to stand behind him, indicating Paula should do the same. I lined up the strap and whipped it into him with a loud crack that got an immediate reaction. "Owwww!" david cried. And we could literally see a strap mark come out.

I started to explain to Paula the mechanics of the strap, and how it's the end of it that flies the fastest and does the most damage, but Paula cut me off and said she'd leave the strapping to me.

Ok. I told Paula to go around to the front of the sofa. to kneel down in front of david, and to hold both his hands in hers. I told david to look at Paula in the eye as he received his strapping. I love doing this when another woman is involved. It's a little fetish of mine. It turns me on to know his palms will be in her hands as they start spasming from the pain and sweating, and his pleading eyes will be looking deep into hers as the tears inevitably come. In fact, I was starting to soak my panties at just the thought of it.

Paula noticed that one of david's falsies had fallen out when he bent over the couch and she gently put it back into place for him, then took his two hands in hers, and they looked at each other in the eye.

I pulled the strap back and whipped it HARD into his butt-flesh. David let out an "Arghhhhh" sort of grunt and Paula looked a bit susprised.

"What's your safeword, david?" I asked him.

"It's 'red' Ma'am."

That was to remind Paula that he was consenting to this.

I pulled back and strapped him as hard, or maybe even harder, again. I then took up a rhythm and proceeded to give him a proper, erection-destroying strapping that he would not soon want repeated.

After maybe a couple of dozen very hard, full swings I asked, "What do you say, Paula, has he had enough yet?"

"Yes. Definitely."

"Ok then, just ten more."

"Nooooo!" david cried, beleiving it was over.

"Hold him tightly, Paula, he needs this. david, if you break eye contact with Paula, or pull your hands away, I'm starting your ten over again from the beginning. Paula, you let me know, even if he's on number nine."

"Ok," she told me. Then to him, "It's only ten, you can do it," she told him consolingly.

I made them slow and hard, and did not spare his high thighs. I could see Paula wincing and grimacing at his treatment. I don't know what gets into me sometimes. This should have been over long ago, given Paula's apparent discomfort level at this stage, but something in me just wanted to beat my husband just then, you know? I get a bit possessed and "glassy eyed" I am told, when I am delivering a good beating. Paula confirmed that look in me afterwards.

Paula counted the strokes for him, counting down: "just nine more, you can do it. Just eight more... Just one more. Hang on."

The tenth is, of course, the hardest stroke of all.

"Did he remove his hands or look away at all?"

"No, he was holding on and looking at me the whole time."

"Are there tears in his eyes?" I knew there were, from the sniffling, sobbing sounds, but I wanted her to confirm out loud, that this "man" was reduced to tears under my strap.

"Yes," Paula confirmed.

He had cried in front of Paula, while looking at her straight in the eyes so she could see the tears forming. There was the acrid smell, the sharp tang of released endorphines and adrenalin mixed with sweat. He had a sheen all over his visible skin. His ass was a mess. It was heady. I knew it was more than enough for him, as he had the option of pulling a hand away or breaking eye contact with Paula to get more, but he didn't. I thought it a pity that he did not just glance away a bit to see if Paula would have ratted him out. But I guess he was taking no chances.

"Come around here and see the damage," I told her.

She came back and saw the deep crimson red overlaid with the strap welts and winced. I had her touch his hot red butt and trace his welts with her fingers.

"Wow..." she said, a bit impressed I thought.

I had david stand up. He did so painfully, clutching his bottom and high thighs.

Worse than this.

I flicked at his soft penis with my finger. "What did I tell you?"

I then said, "tell Paula why I spank you."

"Because, I asked you to, and I need it every so often."

"Do you want it as hard as I gave it to you. Do you need it that hard?"

"Yes Ma'am, every now and then."

"When was your last really hard spanking?"

"Too long ago, Ma'am."

"Thank Paula for spanking you and watching you get spanked."

"Thank you Paula."

"You're welcome, David." Paula said in a soft voice. "It was... an experience."

"Do you still feel bad about your performance last night, in bed with Paula?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"And what would make you feel better about that?"

"If... if... P...p...paula were to... ummm... f...f...fuck me in the ass the way I should have been able to fuck her?"

"Are you still game, Paula?" I asked her.


Oh goody, she was not put off too much by his beating.

I turned to david and said, "well let's get you upstairs to the bedroom and get you fucked properly, young lady, so you can learn how a cock can be used to teach a girl her place..."

[continued in part 5]

Saturday, December 25

Threesome with Friend - part 3

David has a very joyous Christmas... [continued from part 2]


As you'll recall, where we ended the last post was that I had arranged this beautiful gift of a threesome with a wild friend of mine, and david had just shit the bed by losing his erection just as he was about to penetrate her!

Paula was very kind with him: "That's soooo sweet. He got nervous. He's so into you he can't even get it up for another woman." 

"Sorry... It's the condom or something. I don't know..." david stammered in response.

"We can do it without the rubber if he wants. I'm on the pill and God knows I haven't been with any guy other than Mike for years. I gather he doesn't fuck around?"

"It's been years," I agreed.

I went to slip the condom off him, and his cock was so small and soft. Pathetic!

"I still don't know if he'll be able to," I told Paula.

"We can come back to that. What does he like most?" Paula asked.

I thought about it a bit. "I'll bet you like Paula's tits, don't you? You'd love to suck on them like a little baby, am I right?"

"yes ma'am" he said sheepishly.

"Oh! Come to Mommy," Paula said as she lay sideways on the bed and david crawled to beside her and attached his mouth to one of her big tits.

"That's my baby..." Paula said, stroking his hair as he suckled.

"I'll put his bum toy in," I told them.

"Ohhh! You like it in the bum?"

david suckled and stroked Paula's tits, changing tits every now and then with Paula's encouragement. She has big firm breasts for her body size, bigger than mine, and so it was a bit of a treat for david.

"That's it, that's it, you suck on them," Paula said as she continued stroking his head encouragingly.

I'm sure David was totally humiliated. First the humiliation of not being able to fuck Paula, of actually fully losing his erection at the moment of truth. And now the humiliation of being regressed to a baby by Paula and comforted by her.

I meanwhile got the lube from the drawer and his new prostate massager. I wasn't going to mess with the app just now, but fortunately it can be turned on just from the device itself.

I showed Paula the massager as I lubed it and him.

"Oh, are you going to get that up your bum?" she asked him rhetorically. "Oww... easy boy... gentle..." I guess he got a bit overly excited and took it out on Paula's overworked tits!

I inserted it deeply into him and turned it on. He moaned as it started vibrating. I kept one hand on the bum toy, pushing it in deeper and deeper, and I reached around with the other and started stroking his cock which was getting harder and harder in my hand.

"Now don't you dare cum in my hand. You're going to try again with Paula, this time without the condom. And if you lose your erection again, I'm going to get the leather strap, and right in front of Paula I'm going to leather your backside so hard you won't be sitting comfortably for a week. Got it?

david detached from Paula's tit and said, "yes ma'am". Paula looked confused, and a bit... delighted?

You may think I'm being cruel, but I know my man. The thought of a leathering like that in front of Paula, maintaining that thought in his mind as he goes to fuck her, is going to practically guarantee he stays hard.

"Let's do missionary, this time," I suggested.

I have david kneel up and Paula scoot in front of him so her legs are spread and on either side of him. I like it with a pillow under me, so I put one squishy pillow under Paula's hips to elevate and angle her pussy a bit.

"May I have some lube?" she asks.

I squirt some into her hand and she rubs it into her pussy. I guess david's performance, or rather the lack of it, was not exactly getting her wet. He was getting a pity fuck from her, to salve his shattered ego. Meanwhile I'm still holding david's bum toy in and stroking his cock. 

"Look at Paula's pussy," I tell him. I can see him looking down at it. "Isn't it pretty, and inviting?" Paula assists by pulling herself open sexily and stroking herself. "It's ok for you to fuck Paula. You just think of it like it's my pussy, ok? It's not a scary strange girl's pussy, think of it like it's my pussy you're fucking. You can keep it up for me, right?"

"yes ma'am" he nods.

"Good, and I want you to keep it hard for Paula, and you know what will happen if you lose your erection, right?"

"yes ma'am"

"Tell me"

"I'll get... a leathering. A bad one. In front of Paula."

"That's right. I'll be mad, and Paula will be mad, and we'll both whip you and whip you and whip you until you're crying like a baby. You'll have your ass whipped so hard you won't be sitting comfortably for a week, I guarantee it."

"Yes Ma'am"

"Now stick it in... come on..." I guide david's cock to Paula's lubed pussy and I watch intently as he pushes it in. Paula seemed to like it...

"He is big," she says.

I leave my hand with my thumb and forefinger around david's cock, flat between him and Paula, monitoring his erection. I push him in gently deeper with my hand on his ass on the vibrating toy.

"That's my good boy. Keep thrusting, go on. Is Paula's pussy soft and wet and like a velvet glove around you?"

"yes..." david says breathlessly.

"Is it like going back to the womb. You want to go back in there, don't you?"


The ass toy wants to pop out so I let it while keeping my hand on his ass and putting it aside. I give his ass a smack. "Go on now, faster." I give his ass another smack. "Do I need to give you a spanking because you can't properly fuck a woman?" And I start spanking him repeatedly, in time with his thrusts. "That's it, you fuck Paula properly now. Do I need to get the strap? You're a bad boy and you're getting a spanking." and I increase the intensity of the smacks to his behind as he increases his thrusting and then I see him tensing up, shoving in, falling into Paula...

"Don't you dare cum so soon after all that!" I cry out, but it was too late. He grunts and shoots his load in record time.

"Oh my gosh, that was fast!" Paula said.

It was really fast. He went all the way from one extreme, not being able to get it up at all, all the way to the other, practically ejaculating prematurely.

"Sorry. He's not much of a cocksman. He's much better with his tongue," I offered to try to salvage some inkling of "manhood", if you call licking pussy "manly" (I don't - it's super subby most of the time IMO).

david pulls out. "What do you say to Paula?"

"Sorry... and thank you." 

"You're welcome. I was worried I was losing it there for a while, but then you got so excited when you got in."

"And what do you do to thank Paula?" I asked.

david, having just ejaculated, looked down at her lubey, cream-filled pussy, and said, "lick?"

"Yah ha," I answered. He looked a bit dubious. "I don't care if you've just cum. You get down there and you eat her out. You get down there and you suck, and you lick, and you clean out your own cum with your mouth, and you swallow everything. Think of it as your punishment, Speedy Gonzalez."

"Ohhhh..." complained david.

"Yes! Let's punish him!" said Paula, liking the idea of a bonus pussy licking as punishment.

And david went down on Paula and ate her out as I played with her and kissed her. He said later that it was really sloppy down there, what with her juices, the excess lube, and his ejaculate all mixed together. Paula had a nice orgasm and when david came up for breath his face was covered in goo!

We were all a bit messy so we went communally to the shower and cleaned one another off, especially the naughty bits. We then dried each other off and we all went back to bed together, under the duvet with david between us. Paula understood instinctively that we had played a kinky roleplay game to salvage david's night.

We talked about what had just happened. We confessed to Paula all about david's kinky submissive side, and how that turns him on. She thought that was very cool. She had never been with a guy like that. We discussed playing more with that next time. Giving him a spanking. Using the strap-on dildo. That sort of thing. Paula was keen to try it all out.

[continued in part 4