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Husband-Wife Spanking Porn

In my last blog post, Daddy-Daughter Spanking Porn, I spoke about my fascination with that particular genre of porn videos. I mentioned there was a video production studio, now defunct, called "Spanking and Shame" whose videos hit the mark. There is another video from that studio that covered off an extra humiliating Husband-Wife spanking scenario that also got me very excited! In this post, I'll show you screen grabs from that video and what goes through my mind as I watch it.

But along those same lines, I thought I would first recount what happened just this past weekend, quite spontaneously, with my actual husband, David.

We were at the parents' cottage up north, all alone. It was midday. I had just gotten in from a run and was sweaty. I went to take a shower. After I was done I walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. I was nude, and thought nothing of it. I walked right past David who was watching TV. He yelled out, "hey!" I stopped and looked at him and said "what?" suddenly very conscious of my nudity and his lustful gaze (isn't that great, that I can still get a lustful gaze from my man!). Honestly I was not trying to get anything started!

"You can't just walk naked right in front of me," he said, eating me up with his eyes.

"Well I am," I responded, "so I guess I can," I said, challenging him a bit.

"Not without consequences!" he said with a grin and got up suddenly from his chair.

I "eeked!" and ran the last few steps to the bedroom. But he was hot on my heels and caught me! I was totally naked and still a bit damp from my shower, and very clean smelling! He sat on the side of the bed and pulled me by my arm across his knee. I struggled and said "No! You can't! Unhand me, you cad!" Before I knew it I was bottoms up across his knee and getting a pretty hard hand spanking. The spanks rang out like gunshots in the room and really stung my poor little tail!

What was going through my mind? I loved him taking charge like that! I was thoughtless walking past him totally naked. What did I expect? Really? I felt it was a deserved spanking and I was getting very excited being husband-handled this way!

After about five minutes of bottom warming (5 minutes is a long time, people!). He stood me up, got up himself, and picked me up in his arms (oh gush!). He placed me down gently on my back on the bed and then dove his head between my legs and started licking me. After a few minutes of this he rolled me over onto my side into a foetal position, placed a pillow between my knees, and molded his head to me as he continued licking from behind.

He knows this position drives me wild! One of his hands dances between my tits, my tummy, my low abdomen. His other hand plays at the entrance to my pussy. I love those sensations and at the same time want his finger to penetrate me! Eventually he obliges and shoves a finger into my pussy, rubbing directly onto my G-spot. Meanwhile he's licking my clit and pushing down on my abdomen. Total recipe for instant orgasm for this wife! He plays me like a fiddle and I cum hard.

He flips me onto my back, puts the pillow under my hips and mounts me, missionary style. I am rung out from my orgasm, but anxious to invite him in. He pushes his hard cock into my wet pussy and fucks me until he cums deep inside of me. I am joyous and contented to be his sperm receptacle!

We collapse into each others' arms and cuddle. Mmmmm! Afternoon sex!

Anyways, I digress. I was talking about husband-wife spanking porn, no?

The second video I alluded to last blog post from "Spanking and Shame" must surely be one of a disciplined wife's biggest nightmares: to be spanked on in front of guests at the table over a failed dinner she was responsible for. Yet this is exactly what happens in this video!

It's all in French, so it's hard to follow along if you don't speak the language. Fortunately, I do.

It reminded me, in fact, of an episode a couple of summers ago where I was in correspondence with a French gentleman who was endeavouring to give me French language lessons. I was bad with sex and BDSM type slang words, and he gave me "homework assignments" to do, to translate his French, where he described all manners of indignities done to me by men (at my request) in French, and I needed to translate it into English and send it back to him for "grading".

He was an older gentleman who lived a comfortable life near the Mediterranean Sea. We jointly fantasised that I might go over for a summer of French lessons. In exchange for helping me to improve my French I would be his "wife" for the period, do his housework, provide him with sex on demand, and be disciplined by him when I was lax on my lessons. He said he would take me to the beach, dress me in the skimpiest bikinis, and not hesitate to spank me in front of his friends! Oh Gush!

This video in question reminded me very much of that. In the photo below, imagine I am the brunette, Monsieur is the older balding man, and the other two are a couple of neighbours he had invited over. I had gotten a bit friendly with the wife over the past few weeks, who took me under her wing in the unfamiliar town, without her knowing of our full "situation".

It was on me to prepare dinner. The French take their dinner very seriously! I was late and scatterbrained, and had not gotten to the market in time. I had to scramble and prepare frozen pizza for our guests (blush!). Even worse, I had not yet mastered the nuances of his gas range, and the frozen pizzas came out inedibly cold in their centers. Monsieur was not pleased!

He stood up and scolded me. I said that the pizzas were fine. He disagreed, as did our invited guests, quite frankly. Some sins cannot be forgiven in France.

He told me to stand beside him, and took my seat. He asked me what happened in his household when I screw up?

I lowered my head and said, almost inaudibly, "Une fessée, Monsieur." (a spanking, Sir). He confirmed it, and said that, moreover, given that I had affected the enjoyment of our house guests, he would spank me in front of them. With that he pulled me down bottoms up across his knee right in front of them both!

They both started chattering. "no! not possible! Are you crazy?" they both asked him. He gave me a resounding SMACK on my jeans-covered bottom. "THIS is how it's done in this house!" he exclaims.

Our guests seem horrified. The wife tries coming to my aid, but is told off by Monsieur. I am too embarrassed to say anything.

He stands me up again and says spankings are not given like this in his house. No. I should take my pants down. I refuse to, and put up a fight. The wife comes to my aid. Monsieur ignores her and says, "fine, I'll take them down myself," and proceeds to do exactly that.

Monsieur then pulls me back across his knee in only my skimpy panties. He tugs the material up high between my cheeks, baring my bum. The material of the panties is cutting up into my pussy, into my bumhole!

He proceeds to spank me like that. I am horribly embarrassed. My friend, the wife, keeps protesting my treatment.

Monsieur decides, ma culotte va descendre (my panties will be lowered). No! no! Please! I struggle madly to try to keep them up,

but inevitably they are taken down.

I am dying of shame!

Monsieur shows his friend how red my cheeks already are. He pulls my cheeks apart so he has the "full view". My girlfriend, the man's wife, is horribly embarrassed for me as well. She cannot believe this is happening in this day and age!

Monsieur spanks me some more and then turns me to show his friend the damage. As he turns me he pull my legs apart and I know I am showing everything to him!

He puts me back into place and continues my spanking as the couple look on.

The wife seems to be complaining less on my behalf, and is beginning to watch attentively. She even ventures that the dinner was a disaster... She now seems to be enjoying my spanking!

Monsieur stands me up and makes me face them. My friend is embarrassed for me anew as I stand there with my pussy facing the table. I try turning away and covering with my hands.

"Ah no, Mademoiselle!" I am turned to directly face them.

He makes me put my hands above my head, exposing my bare pussy to the handsome husband and attractive wife. They are by now watching attentively.

He pulls my top off. I am to be stripped!

He unfastens my bra. I close my eyes in abject embarrassment, hoping the ground will eat me up.

He pulls my bra off me, fully exposing me to the couple's interested gaze.

He holds my arms back, making my breasts (such as they are) jut out.

My friend can barely watch my humiliation. Her husband is watching intently. Monsieur points out my slutty nipple piercing, and teases it,

He points out my hairless cunt, and how it is his for the taking.

They finish their bottle of wine and their dinner, such as it is, while I am forced to stand there facing them, hands on my head, stark naked.

Monsieur explains to them fully my situation. How I am a silly Canadienne, who wishes to learn French for the summer, and has agreed to be subjugated like this in exchange. He explains that I have a blog, where I imagine all manner of dirty scenarios. That after this treatment, sa chatte sera très humide (her pussy will be very wet), and I will be fucked hard after they leave, and enjoy it. I blush hard at the truth of Monsieur's words...

Wouldn't all you readers like to have me in this situation!?! Please comment below on what you would do if you had a willing girl like me in your complete power. I will masturbate to the best comment, I promise!
[You can see this video by following this link: xvideo.]

Thursday, October 17

Daddy-Daughter Spanking Porn

Ok, I'll admit it. It's not only guys who watch porn, or even masturbate to porn...

My favourite genre of porn is Daddy-Daughter spanking porn, like the clip above. It's her "stepdad" in the scene, but I hate it when they do that. Is that put in there for guilty guys with bio-daughters? I fantasize that it is my real Dad spanking me. I definitely put myself into the body of the daughter and feel every whack of the bathbrush on my very bare behind! I don't like it when the spankings are mild. I only like it when they are really hard and realistically punishment grade. I've had several "punishment grade" spankings myself. The models will live.

The concept of actually going across my Daddy's knee, having my panties lowered, and then receiving a hard spanking that has me kicking, screaming, and crying for mercy, turns me on incredibly...

I sat down and watched the above video with my husband. I teased him that I bet he wished he was transported into the body of that young lady, and spanked like that. He blushed and admitted that was exactly what he was imagining as he watched it. That makes two of us!

I can also aprpeciate even more brutal spanking. I saw this other video where a country girl was tied to a tree by her Daddy and spanked. It was just off a road and you could actually hear cars passing by and honking!

Look at her poor bottom! By the end her legs were shaking and she was screaming at the top of her lungs with every stroke and begging her Daddy to stop. She must have been a very, very bad girl to be publicly whipped like that! The thought of me tied up and getting beaten like that scares me a lot, but also turns me on a lot.

I also really, really, enjoy Daddy-daughter humiliation scenes. Some of the best I've ever seen are a couple of older French videos. I don't know the name of the original studio. If anybody knows, can you please let me know so I can go buy the videos and add the credit?

In the first one, a Daddy has cause to spank his daughter across his knee.
Already my "juices" are flowing! In my bedroom, put across Daddy's knee, my PJ bottoms lowered, and then getting a spanking. I am being punished for failing to do my chores, and then talking back to Daddy when he tells me to do them NOW. Daddy is very angry with me and tells me that this is what happens to little girls who don't do their chores and backtalk their fathers! Look at what I'm showing off from behind!!!! I am incredibly embarrassed, incredibly mortified, to have to be punished like this!

Next, Daddy takes my PJ bottoms all the way off and has me stand. I naturally clutch at my poor spanked bottom, turning away from Daddy. Half to rub it, half to shield my bottom from Daddy's eyes, definitely to hide my pussy from Daddy's eyes!!!!

But Daddy takes me to the bathroom next. I am so embarrassed! I am covering up my pussy for dear life!

Oh no! Daddy takes off my top. I am bare naked!!! Daddy should not be seeing my bare breasts. My bare pussy... He spanks me into the tub to take a shower.

After my shower I wrap a towel around my bottom half and am about to do the same to my top half when Daddy walks in and grabs me by the ear. Wait Daddy! My breasts! Please!

Oh no! Oh no! I'm only in a loose towel. My breasts are bare! Daddy is taking me into the living room!

He makes me stand facing the wall, bare breasted, in only the towel. He gives me a few spanks. I am desperately afraid the towel will fall! Daddy says I have to stay like this in timeout until he releases me. Oh blush!
I complain to Daddy, "please Daddy! I need my top!"

Daddy says that is more back-talking, and instead of being allowed to do my timeout facing the wall, for modesty's sake, he's decided that as an object lesson for me in back-talking him and disobeying his orders, I will instead do my timeout facing the room, with my bare breasts out!

Ten minutes pass. I am beyond humiliated. Worse, I feel the towel slipping. Please don't slip! Please!
As a young women who has never gone topless it is mortifying for my Daddy to see my bare breasts. There's also something extra humiliating about doing timeout like this in the living room, where guests are entertained...

There is a knock on the door! Oh no! The next door neighbor Serge often drops in around this time!!!! Please no! Please no. Please...

Oh no! My hands drop to cover my breasts and hold up my towel.
I am still hidden behind the open door. Surely Daddy will tell Serge to come back another time! Daddy glances over at me and asks, "disobeying again? So soon?" My hands are not on the top of my head as Daddy instructed. I know this! But I can't! Daddy looks me straight in the eye as he invites Serge in for a drink.

Serge sees me! This is so embarrassing!

Daddy tells his friend Serge that I have been a bad girl and I am being punished in timeout, required to display my bare breasts to the room. Serge comes up to me and comments on my situation. It has not gone unnoticed by him how humiliating a punishment it is for a young girl such as I to have to stand in timeout in the living room in this state of undress!
I am blushing red and desperately trying to cover myself from his eyes!

Daddy tells Serge that I am required to stand at attention, facing the room, with my hands on my head, and that I seem to have trouble even obeying such a simple command.
No! Please! no...

Daddy puts my hands back where they belong.
I feel myself blushing fiercely.

Both men look at me and scold me.
They sit and chat and have a drink while I'm in my humiliating breasts-out timeout in front of both men!

Daddy calls me over. He has decided that Serge being here gives him an even better opportunity to punish me and teach me my place as an obedient daughter.
Oh no! No no! Not the towel Daddy! Please! Not in front of Serge! Please! Daddy rips the towel away and my hands instantly go to cover my pussy!
But Daddy holds my hands behind me.
Serge uses the opportunity to touch my downy fur, drag his fingers across my labia, and lightly spank my pussy lips. Oh God!

Daddy turns me around to display my spanked bottom to Serge.
I know when I bend over how my pussy pokes out and my lips spread. I desperately try to conceal that from his gaze.

Daddy suggests that Serge freshen up my spanking! No! You can't! Please!
I am bare naked across a strange man's lap getting a spanking!

What's Serge doing? Oh my gosh! He's spreading my legs open! He can see everything!
Daddy smiles as Serge closely examines my spread pussy and visible bottom hole. Daddy is quite happy that I am learning the lesson that all girls must learn at some point in their lives: to be obedient to the dominant men in their lives or else risk the ultimate humiliation of being publicly spanked while having their pussies spread wide open and put on display!
Other side? What other side?

No! no! no! Serge flips me over. Daddy restrains me. I am kicking and flailing my arms. Serge spreads my legs and gives me a spanking on my pussy!!!! It's not a short spanking and it's not a light spanking. It is about 50 hard slaps to the most tender and formerly most private part of my body! Serge also squeezes, slaps, and pinches my breasts in this position!
That night I will cry myself to sleep still feeling the sting in my pussy lips, tits, and bum. All next day my pussy lips will painfully chafe against one another as I walk, reminding me of my spread-pussy punishment.

Not content with how squirmy I am, Serge bends my legs over backwards, above my head, giving my ankles to Daddy to hold. He then continues my spanking, but all over. The backs of my thighs, my bottom, the lips of my pussy, my inner thighs, and (blush!) my bottom hole even!
Serge pauses my spanking and uses his hand to caress my pussy and bottom hole. He drags his fingers between my pussy lips. He inserts his fingers into my pussy and into my bum! With him violating me like that, Daddy asks me if I will be a good girl from now on? If I will do my chores? If I will obey him the first time. If I won't anymore back-talk. I promise everything! Yes, Daddy! YES! In fact, I'd say anything to only have this humiliating display end! All my parts on full display to both my Daddy and a strange man. They make me swear to it over and over again as I am held there like that. Just please let a teenage girl's worst nightmare end!

Daddy is satisfied and sends me back to timeout, still facing the room, hands on my head, but now without the benefit of a towel covering my most private place. From across the room they comment on my puffy red pussy lips from my spanking there. Daddy says he will use pussy lip punishment on me more from now on. In fact, he says he will even go to the shops to buy a martinet to use on my most private of parts.

Oh dear. What's a daughter to do??? There is only one thing to do: Obey.
[As I learned from the comments, this video is from a now defunct site called "Spanking Shame". You can watch the video above at xvideos or french pornhub. Thank you Monsieur for producing it, and young Madame for playing in it! If there are any license fees applicable, happy to pay with my bottom :-)]