Wednesday, July 22

Caught my Husband 'Doing the Deed'

Ha! Caught my husband red-handed "doing the deed" this very morning!

We have a little pact. We can each "do it", but if we are caught doing it, there are consequences.

In this case I was up before him. He was lounging in bed in the morning. I abruptly walked into our bedroom and the cover was quickly thrown back over himself.

"What's going on here?" I asked suspiciously.

"nuthin..." he said. He knew he was caught!

"Let's see," I said as I pulled the cover off him. His penis was hard and it was wet from his own saliva. "Show me your right hand," I said. He held it out sheepishly. I touched it and it was damp as well. "Caught in the act," I declared.

"Turn over, get some pillows underneath you, ass up," I told him. I went to the hooks in the bedroom where he hangs up his jeans and pulled his stiff leather belt out from its pant loops.

"I'm sorry I have to do this," I said, lying. "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you."

I doubled the belt over and lined it up with his ass. I raised my arm and brought the belt CRACKING down across the twin globes in front of me.

"AHHH! OH FUCK!" he said on the very first stroke, jerking his ass around in the air. I giggled.

"Hold still," I told him. "You're going to be sitting on a sore butt today."

With that I hauled back and let loose another stinger across his low cheeks. I could already see the red belt-shaped marks starting to come up. I continued his spanking until he was well and truly howling!

"This is what you get for getting caught," I told him reasonably as I continued belt whipping his naughty ass.

When I was done with the belt I told him to push his penis and testicles back behind his legs where I could see them.

I wrapped the belt around his thighs, a bit nearer his knees, and cinched it. I did not want that cock and balls going anywhere.

I have a light "switch" like implement. I used that up and down the backs of his legs and his ass, from just above the backs of his knees right up to just beneath his waist. And yes, the exposed undersides of his penis and testicles did not escape, of course. They were the naughty ones, after all, they need the switching more than any other part, and I aimed accordingly.

"Are you sorry for getting caught tugging on it?" I asked him as I switched his cock.

"YES MA'AM! YES MA'AM!" he cried out in alarm.

I put down my switch. I got out some lube and I began rubbing it all over his cock and his balls, and also his anus. I got a mid-sized dildo from the drawer and stuck it into him.

I then used my hand on him to very roughly handjob him.

"You wanted to do it so much, how's this?"

"Ouch, own, ohh!" he said as I squeezed and tugged and pinched.

despite the rough treatment, it still did not take long until he came down the backs of his legs. I scooped it up and fed him what there was from my hand.

I then told him to go shower and I'd have his breakfast ready for him downstairs. I left him there to pull the dildo out of his own ass and to unfasten the belt securing his thighs.

Morning in my household!

Wednesday, July 15

Spanked Naked by Husband in Front of Best Man

Ooooh. It happened. It was embarrassing, it was at times painful, but it was hella sexy. As I explained the previous blog entry, Wife to be Spanked Bare Naked in front of Best Man, my husband was to spank me in front of the best man who was at our wedding,

and then I was to properly thank him afterwards for watching...

Sooo humiliating! Sooo sexy!

It was all setup in advance. David's best man at our wedding was Brian, who lives out of town, but was visiting. There was a big UFC fight on that night (a triple championship), and David and Brian are both fans (not very ladylike, but so am I. I like the ripped fighters in their tight little shorts...).

Brian was coming by for dinner then the fights.

I had asked David if he could arrange for a man to witness him spanking me. Why? I get off on it and so does my husband. Do we need a better reason? Sure there are risks, but hey. David suggested Brian, as he was single and coming for a visit anyways. David thought Brian would have fun with it and take it in the spirit intended. David is not at all jealous or possessive of me. He knows I have eyes only for him!

David and I spoke to Brian on speaker. I was embarrassed! David said I was too embarrassed to ask myself, so he asked on my behalf for Brian to witness a wife-spanking of me from him. Brian seemed only too happy to help a girl out :-) It came out in the conversation that I would be bare butt, which Brian clearly approved of, but no more details were discussed.

One surprise Brian would be in for was the manner in which I would be required to "thank him". It was David's idea. He did not think his buddy should spend the rest of the evening hard because of my pervy desires. Fair enough, as if I had a say. I got a lot of comments on my last post suggesting various "extras". So I raised them, and David and I agreed on some other things as well, but those will be a surprise for you as you read!

I followed a reader's advice and went for slutty but not too slutty. It was hot and muggy, raining on and off, but mostly off. I have some frayed white denim shorts I look pretty good in. Like this,

I wore them with a slightly sheer yellow T-shirt that barely exposed my midriff. Not totally see through or anything, but definitely need a bra or my nips show through. I wore it with a bra under it, which you could see. I did have panties on under my shorts, and I wore flip-flops. So summery, fun, sexy, flirty sort of thing.

Brian came by. We literally had not seen him for a year, so we were happy to greet. At first there was the awkward COVID thing, but I asked if he minded if I gave him a hug. He was fine with it so I did. There have been zero new COVID cases where either of us lived for the last 3 days, so I am hoping we are over the worst of it here. Besides, I was planning on getting much more intimate with him then that before the evening was done!

"Nice, ahhh, outfit," he complimented me. I was pretty sure I knew what was on his mind! Brian is handsome and gregarious.

I turned and smacked my own butt and said, "ready to see me get spanked?"

"I sure am!" he said with a big smile. We all laughed.

I thought I would raise it right then and there, "but, hey, you have to promise not to tell anybody, ok? Absolutely nobody."

"I don't kiss and tell," he said. Hmmm. Good answer, especially given the sort of "kiss" we planned on having me give him after my spanking.

"After dinner, before the fights," said David.

"Sure," he said, very agreeable.

I suggested the boys go out to the patio and I would serve them beers and some snacks. David and Brian went out chatting about what has transpired during the past year, and I went to get things ready. I was determined to be the perfect submissive wife all night, serving all their needs. All of them.

Brian is a beer-in-a-bottle kind of guy so I opened two Stella's and brought them out for the boys. I then went back in to prepare a tray with some snacks, and then joined the boys on the patio with my own bottle of beer as well. I thought it matched my outfit!

Brian always has loads of fascinating stories, both about work and about his romantic adventures. We heard some "crazy girlfriend" stories. He had a stalker in there that he was trying desperately to ghost.

I went back in to get the dinner ready. I was serving a wasabi-encrusted filet for the main. Everything was prepared and it was marinating, I just needed to apply the crust and bake it for 10 minutes or so.

Wasabi Crusted Filet Mignon

I came back out with the place settings and the wine glasses. David was told earlier not to lift a finger, that I would do everything. Brian asked if he could help with anything, and I told him absolutely not, that was my job to look after my boys this evening. I felt very submissive cooking, cleaning up, running around in my little shorts, T, and flip-flops serving the men like that. I brought out salad, potatoes, the filet, and the Cumberland sauce that went with. David had previously decanted a bottle of red wine, and he went to get that and pour. (That was apparently not "women's work" Ha ha!). David sat at the head of the table, Brian to his left, me on the right nearer the door back into the kitchen. We had a lovely dinner, and spanking was not mentioned at all. Brian is quite a chatterbox! It's how he gets all the girls I think. Every minute with Brian is fun, moving from one topic to another, everything amusing.

When main course was winding down I got up to clear and brought out the desert, a keto-friendly cheesecake I had made myself using Monk's Fruit as sweetener.

We lingered over dessert. It was around 9pm, fights would start at 10pm. David basically forced me to raise it: "sooooo... do I get my spanking now?" I had to beg. My gosh but I blushed as I said it. I could feel the heat in my cheeks!

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about," David said.

"Totally slipped my mind also," said Brian with a grin.

I pouted. Har de har har.

"Ok, leave the dishes," David said, "you can clean up later. Go wait for us in the living room, with your nose in the corner."

"Yes Sir," I said, biting my lower lip and going to do as I was told. What we had agreed on was that I was to take off all of my clothes and then stand in the corner with my hands on my head to wait for them. Meanwhile, David would prepare Brian for what was to come.

After about five minutes the boys came into the living room.

"Very nice!" said Brian, commenting on my bare ass and long legs.

David suggested Brian sit in an easy chair next to the sofa. David got the straight-backed armless spanking chair we use from the corner of the room and plunked it down in front of the fireplace. Brian would have a 3/4 view from behind. David sat and called me over, "Julie, come over here. Keep your hands on your head."

Oh blush! I turned from the corner with my hands on my head, my fingers interlocked, and my elbows pulled back. First thing I saw was Brian there looking admiringly at my naked body. Appraising it up and down with his eyes. He made no show whatsoever of hiding his interest!

I can't even describe how I felt. I had just been standing with my nose in the corner, bare naked, while a man who has never seen me like that walked in. Then I was forced to turn around and display everything there was to see of me to him, keeping my hands submissively on my head. Tits and pussy on full parade. I felt squishy down below, and felt David and Brian would surely be able to notice it. And it was for a spanking.

"Walk over to Brian," David said, "and let him feel your tits."

I did as I was told and approached Brian. Brian reached a hand up and squeezed my left breast, shook it a little, and tweaked my nipple. Then he did exactly the same to my right breast. "Nice," he proclaimed.

"I'll bet she's soaking wet," said David, "stick a finger in and tell us."

Brian smiled and put his right hand directly against my cunt, finger down, palm on my shaved pubis. He slowly teased and stroked my slit. If I wasn't wet before, I sure would be now!!!

"Ohhhh," I said as I buckled a bit at the knees and the waist as he dragged a wet finger across my clit. My hands remained on my head the whole time. How embarrassing. I was being diddled by a strange man before my spanking. He slowly worked a finger inside of me and began moving it around. Then he put in two and I swear he bee-lined straight for my G-spot!

"Oh, oh, oh," I said as he fingered me beautifully.

"Yeah, she's soaked all right," said Brian as he slowly pulled his fingers out and held them up for us to see my glistening juices on them.

"Wipe them on her tits," said David.

Brian smiled again and did so, dampening my nipples as he dried his fingers on my breasts.

Fuck! I was one hot, horny, little girl!

"Enough fun for you. Get your ass over here, girl," said David. I went straight over to my man and stood beside him ready to go across his knee.

"Get across," said David, spreading his legs and motioning me to bend down over his left knee. I did so, my hands down in front of me, my head near the floor, my feet almost dangling off the floor behind me. I felt very naked and exposed like that. The one-knee positioning jackknifes me more than when over two, and exposes more of what's between my legs...

It's also very quick position for David to throw his other leg across the backs of both of mine if I fuss too much during my spanking.

David started spanking me fairly lightly and fairly slowly, every now and then pausing to caress my cheeks, and pull them apart, and finger my ass and my pussy. As he did this he explained some things to Brian.

"She's really crazy about her spankings. I think she loves the shame more than anything." As he said this, he pulled my cheeks widely apart displaying my bumhole and just holding it there. Right out there! As he held it there I squirmed and wiggled in embarrassment. Oh geeze... After what seemed like a very long time in that position, he went back to spanking me.

"I spank her for foreplay," David told Brian, "but I also spank her when she's been a bad girl. Don't I Julie?"

"Yes Sir," I said from down there.

"What are some of the things I spank you for, sweetheart?" he asked me.

There was actually not that much, but there were a few things. I embellished for the sake of Brian.

"For not doing my chores, Sir. For being rude to you, Sir. For missing my exercising. For drinking too much. For needing to pee too often. For being selfish and irresponsible, Sir."

"That's right, you get spanked for all of those things. Are they light little spankings like this one?"

"No, Sir."

"For our little demonstration for Brian, do you want a light spanking like this, or the hard kind of spanking like when you've been a bad girl?"

"A hard spanking, Sir, like when you punish me."

"Ok, sweetheart," said David, "but you know that means that I won't stop until I think you've been really well punished. You know that, right?"

"Yes Sir".

Then David jacknifed me up even higher and threw his right leg over the backs of both of mine.

"Oh no no no no no," I begged as I felt him doing this. It was always a precursor to a very hard spanking.

"You say 'no', but that doesn't mean 'no', does it?" David asked, clearly for Brian's sake.

"No Sir"

"What do you say if you need the spanking to stop?"

"I use my safeword, Sir. 'Red'."

"Good girl. Now get ready. You asked for it, remember that."

"Yes Sir"

And then david tee'd off on me! Crack after Crack of his bare hand came down on my bare ass. I held it together and didn't react much for maybe the first dozen or so. After that, I started whimpering with each spank for the next dozen or so. After that it was full on shrieking and begging, "Please! I'll be a good girl! I promise! I'll be a good girl!!! Please! Please!" David went down the backs of my thighs and painted them red as well.

David paused, pulled his right leg off me, spun me around on his knee so I was straddling it. Oh no. My pussy would be totally out there, squishing into his knee. David started in spanking me anew.

In this position he could spank me more between my cheeks and on my near inner thigh, which he certainly did. He then slowed down and went back to the middle of my butt. Slow spanks but hard ones. Each spank sent a jolt through my pussy and my clit which was arranged directly straddling David's muscular thigh. I began wiggling with the spanks, humping my man's knee. It was shameless.

"no... no... no..." I said breathlessly, in time with my rhythmic humping. "not like this, not in front of Brian, please!"

"Are you going to fucking cum across my knee during your spanking right in front of my best friend, you little whore?"

"yeah... yeah...." I said as I humped and humped and David smacked in time with it.

"No you're not," David pronounced and pulled me off from straddling his knee and over both his knees on his lap.

"Ohhhhhhh!" I wailed. So close!

"I'm keeping you hot and horny all evening long," said David.

"Yes Sir," I said with disappointment in my voice.

David gave me a bit more of a spanking as a cool down and then took me up from across his knee. "Show Brian your butt, let him feel how hot it is."

I went over to Brian and turned away from him.

Brian put his hand on my ass and exclaimed, "Holy shit, it is hot!"

"I know, what did I tell you. All that blood flow down there."

Brian stopped fondling me and gave me a couple of pats on my butt. I looked behind me to try to see. I could see the tops of my cheeks were pretty red. I can only imagine what the bottoms were like.

"Lie down on the couch, on your back, feet up," said David.

Oh geeze. We had discussed this. I knew what this was.

I did as I was told. David came up and pulled my ankles back further and gave me some more spanks like that: diaper position. BLUSH!

He asked Brian to hold my legs back. "Give her a few smacks while you're at it." Hey! We had not discussed that! Oh well. Brian did give me some smacks. They were pretty light, more like pats. He also gave my pussy a pat!

David came back carrying a dish towel, lube, and a butt plug. He had Brian bend me back further and slipped the dish towel under me. Brian is a very large, muscular man. He held both my ankles in one hand and dangled me there. I wiggled and tried to kick a little, just to feel how helplessly Brian held me. Brian just pulled me up higher and my ankles further back towards my head, exposing me even more if that was possible. Then David dribbled the lube on my asshole as Brian held me there and had a bird's eye view of the proceedings. I continued struggling a bit but the men did not care. I was just held there. David lubed the butt plug and then played with it around the entrance to my bottom hole.

"She gets plugged after her spanking," proclaimed David. In fact, this was not "standard procedure" but we agreed to say it was so I could get butt plugged in front of Brian!

David gently pushed and pulled it out and nudged and then pushed it deeper and deeper and deeper as I moaned and cried at the intrusion. "Make like you're going potty," said David. Oh blush. But I did, and the plug slipped right in and got sucked up there and sealed against my hole. David and Brian bent me back some more, removed the dish towel, and cleaned me up a bit with it.

"Go put your shorts back on," said David.

"Yes, Sir" I said.

"Hand me your bra and panties," said David. I did so. "These are confiscated for the evening," he said, and put them into a nearby drawer. I pulled up my frayed white denim shorts over my butt plug, soaked pussy, and steaming red ass. I went to put my T-shirt on.

"No," said David simply. "Leave that off until you thank Brian for watching you get your spanking."

I turned towards Brian, bare breasted, and started saying, "thank you very much..."

"No," interrupted David. "Go down on your knees with your hands on your head and say it."

I knelt in front of Brian, and said "thank you very much, Brian, for watching me get my spanking."

"You're welcome, honey," he told me.

"Actually, Julie, I think you should thank Brian properly. I'll be on the patio. After you're done, put your shirt on and clean up the dishes."

"Yes Sir," I said. Brian was looking a bit mystified as David walked off. I kind of took charge at that point. "Sit down," I told Brian, and pushed him towards the centre of the couch where he sat. I crawled over to him and started unfastening his pants.

"Is this ok?" I asked him.

"Is it ok with David?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir. He told me to. And I want to do it also," I said.

"Who am I to refuse?" he said, and relaxed back into the sofa.

I continued undoing his pants and pulling down his zipper, then he raised his butt as I pulled down his pants and his underpants to his upper thighs. His cock sprang free. It was hard already.

"Do I need a condom?" I asked him, willing to trust his answer.

"No," he said breathlessly as I fondled his member. Maybe not the best time to ask, I think in retrospect writing this!

I held his cock up and I gathered a bunch of saliva in my mouth and spat on it. Then I dove down onto it and started sucking him, slurping noisily.

Ok, so I knew this was coming, and you may know that I am not famous for great blow jobs. But I am good at research, and I was determined to not make a fool of myself. I mean, Brian has had many, many women do this to him, and I did not want to be dead last on his list in terms of BJ quality!

So I devoted myself to online research. I read a lot of things, but I eventually settled on the advice of somebody who really seems to know what she's talking about. Her name is Alex Cooper and she hosts the Call Her Daddy podcast on Barstool Sports.

Alex is the blonde

I mean, just look at her. She was designed for this! On Episode 4 Alex introduces us to her "Gluck Gluck 9000". According to the urban dictionary,
Every man's kryptonite. A vacuum seal double hand twist gock gock combo.
Any girl can give a bj but this takes it to a whole new level.
Sloppy wet blowjob: The noises and the volume at which the saliva and sloppiness comes onto his dick is essential.
The Hands: known as the double hand twist - the double hand lets him know his dick is big AND the hands have to be going in different directions
The Balls: One hand on dick, lots of saliva in the mouth, put one ball in the mouth and swish it around lightly, do not chew
Tell the guy where to cum: on the face, boobs, in the mouth etc
Long and short of it, my blowjob was extremely successful by following Alex's advice.

I was extremely liberal with my saliva and with my slurping noises. I made sure to make eye contact with Brian and look my sexiest. My hands were very involved, including the double hand twist. I did cradle each ball in my wet mouth while jerking him. As I was going down on him, I reached out with one hand and took his hand, placed it onto the back of my head, and squeezed it so that he would grab some hair. He didn't need another hint. The other hand came down and he started pushing the back of my head down onto his dick. I did my very best to open my throat and take it deep, and the double hand twist saved me from going too deep down his throat (it's not the whole fist, it's only a circle with thumb and index finger from each hand, so only two fingers thick).

As he was obviously getting close, I pulled off him and kept going with my hands as I asked him breathlessly in my sexiest voice, "will you cum into my mouth? I'll swallow, Sir." I added a little submissy lizzie in there with the "Sir" to him. I then went back down on him, his hands went back to pushing my head down. I went in for the finale, just as slurpy and noisy and handsy as ever. He stiffened up, pulled me hard down into him, and came into my mouth. I practically gagged on it there was so much! I forcibly extricated myself so I could breathe and swallow, then I licked my lips in an exaggerated way, and then gently went back down to suck and lick off any remnants.

Oh My Gosh I'm Such a Dirty Girl!!!!!

"Wait there," I said as I hopped up and ran to the kitchen to get a wet cloth and a dry one. I came back and lovingly cleaned up his penis, testicles, abdomen, and between his legs. I then helped him pull his pants back up and I re-fastened and re-zipped them. "Thank you for watching my spanking," I told him. "No. Thank you!" he said. I suggested he go back and join David on the patio and I'd be out in a minute with a couple more beers for them.

I went and put my T-shirt back on. No bra. You could see the outlines of my breasts, my aureole, my nipples. I was still pantyless as well, and the butt plug was still firmly up in there with my shorts holding it in tight. You could see the outline of the plug at the back of my shorts. I had a welcome drink of water and gargled a bit, and then got two beers and brought them out to the boys.

David said right off, "Brian tells me you were awesome," with a big smile.

"Thank you," I said, blushing a bit as I busied myself cleaning away the desert dishes.

The boys went down to the basement to start watching the fights. They were going to fast-forward the prelims and then hit the main card live which would start around 10:30. I prepared a tray of snacks for them to share. Healthy stuff. I joined them off to the side to watch the fights. The main card featured two initial fights and then three title bouts.

Brian and David sat in the recliners centred on the screen with a foot wide tray between the seats. I sat next to David on the far right.

After the second fight, David told me the plug's been in for a while and he wants to relube it. I had to run upstairs to get the lube, and some toilet paper. David unfastened my shorts and took me across his lap. My head landed on Brian's lap! Brian stroked my hair as David rubbed lube around my plugged anal entrance and then fucked me a little with the plug. he then pulled it out and wrapped it in the TP.

David took my white shorts right off my feet and said, "go wash your bum and the plug." OH BLUSH!

I did as I was told and returned to him. He again took me across his knee and again my head landed on Brian's lap who was used to it now. David relubed me and pushed the plug back in again. He had me stand and handed me my shorts to put back on.

"Ohhhhh," I complained as I pulled them up.

"What? You want to touch yourself?" asked David.

"Yes, Sir," I said.

"Leave your shorts unzipped and you can play with yourself a little," said David.

I sat on my chair and began fingering my pussy. David reached over and pulled my T-shirt up above my tits. I was so ashamed, masturbating where the boys could both see me. It did not stop me, I started really going at it.

When I was getting close I asked, "may I cum, Sir!?!" quite desperately, fully expecting an affirmative.

"No. Stop rubbing it," David said.

"Awww," said Brian, feeling sorry for horny little me.

"Please!" I begged.

"STOP RUBBING IT," David repeated, grabbing my wrist and pulling my hand away from my pussy.

"Noooooo..." I moaned.

David held hold of my wrist and using it pulled me back across his lap, my head again on Brian, my T-shirt was still up above my tits. Brian stroked my head and squeezed my tit. David lowered my shorts the rest of the way and spanked me again! He mainly spanked around the butt plug, but occasionally delivered a light smack directly to it.

"You stop rubbing when I tell you to, girl," he told me. "I've saving all that horniness for the bedroom tonight, after the fights. You're getting it in every hole tonight."

Oh no, I thought. Brian does not need to know that!

"Yes Sir! I'm sorry Sir!" I apologized as I received my second spanking of the night. It was cut short by the next fight being announced. I was stood up and had to restore my shorts and pull down my T-shirt and then sulk in my chair as we watched.

When the fights wrapped up it was pretty late and Brian had to go. We saw him out. I thanked him again on the way out and he said, "anytime, baby!"

David took me up to the bedroom and made me cum with his tongue, and then very thoroughly spermed my pussy when it was in its most sensitive state after cumming. It was like a DP as the butt plug was still up there.

After sex I went to the bathroom and removed the plug and washed it. I came back and snuggled in with David. "Thank you for making my dreams come true," I told him.

"It was very sexy," he told me back, and then told me how pretty I was and how much he loved me, and I, well, I squirmed in pleasure.

We got a text from Brian next day: "Awesome evening guys. Julie's a real catch!"

I love making memories!!!!

Wednesday, July 8

Wife to be Spanked Bare Naked in front of Best Man

It appears as though I'm going to be given a bare naked spanking by my husband in front of the best man from our wedding! Oh boy...

Some time after my half-failed attempt at a fully nude public spanking in front of my Mom and Dad (see Bare Breasted Spanking in front of Daddy!) I decided we better lay off that line of attack. David and I discussed it, and what is turning my crank is more the notion of a nude wife-spanking witnessed by another man, does not need to be my Dad. The thought of it puts butterflies in my tummy. David suggested that he could maybe arrange for that, and soon, as his best friend, Brian, who was the best man at our wedding, was coming to visit us anyways. Brian would be good...

Brian and David were best friends from kindergarten to grade eight. After that they went to different high schools and Universities but kept up. Brian is a quite attractive man, though not absurdly so. He has a big magnetic personality, is in recreational sports management, is unmarried, and has been with a LOT of women.

To give you a sense of Brian, before we were married, David and I were up at the cottage with Brian and one of his sequence of many girlfriends. It was still relatively early in the evening, like around 9pm, and his gf declared, "I'm tired, but I want some. Take me to bed?" This was out of the blue! Brian reacted by stretching his arms up, faking a big yawn, and saying, "well, time to hit the sack I guess!" David and I went to the other end of the cottage but could still hear the loud sexing! It turned us both on and we did it also. Next morning Brian was up before his girl, making us all pancakes and bacon, and apologized to us for how loud she was. He said he even tried putting his hand over her mouth. Ha ha! Brian intends to womanize until age 45, then find a 20-something wife and have a half-dozen kids with her, bless his heart! He is quite "macho" I guess.

We don't see Brian much anymore because he lives in a different city, and grownup stuff and all. But we knew Brian was coming to Toronto this weekend upcoming, and we intended to get together with him. David thought he had the kind of relationship with Brian where he could ask him to see me being spanked.

I hemmed and hawed over it for a few days. On the one hand, it's just weird and embarrassing for me. Even more so, in an odd way, if Brian turns us down. Actually, it's super embarrassing either way! I eventually pulled up my big girl panties, and asked David to please suggest it to Brian... Oh Gulp!

David called Brian. When he had him he walked over to me and put it on speaker phone. Oh blush! Here's the approximate conversation as best I can recreate it.

J: Hi Brian...
B: Hi Julie, how's it going, girl?
J: good, good
D:  Hey Bri, we're still on for Saturday our place?
B: You bet, I'll bring the beers!
D: Julie will cook us something nice.
B: Atta girl!
J: Thanks.
D: Reason we're calling, Julie has a favour she wants to ask you, but she's too embarrassed to ask it herself.
B: yeah...?
D: She's into getting her ass smacked.
B: She is, is she? I've known a few girls like that.
D: She's more kinky than most. She has this idea that she wants to get her spanking in front of you.
B: Awww. Cute. What, was she a bad girl?
D: Always. What do you say. Not too weird for you?
B: Hell no. If Julie wants to be spanked while I watch, who am I to say no?
D: Awesome. Say thank you to Brian, Julie.
J: Thank you Brian.
B: My pleasure, doll. And I totally mean that! Last time I checked, you had a mega cute ass. Not that I ever checked you out or anything.
D: She still does. No change there.
B: Is it going to be, like, bare butt and everything?
D: Is there any other way?
B: There is not. Sounds like something to look forward to! Hey guys, really hate to, but I 'gotta run to another call. Really looking forward to catching up Saturday, and seeing Julie's butt spanked!
D: Thanks man, we knew we could count on you. See you then.

Bada boom, bada bing. And there it is...

It was so weirdly and freaking casual. As if this happened every day. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It is Brian after all. And as I've often said before, what red-blooded male does not want to see a girl spanked on her bare butt?

David and I discussed it and we agreed on a set of ground rules as follows.
  • David will strip me to bare naked in front of Brian.
  • David should suggest that Brian can feel me up if he wants. Up to and including fingers inside of me to feel any wetness.
  • The spanking will be hand only, but strict.
  • The spanking will be me draped across David's knee while he sits in a straight-backed armless chair, my feet and head dangling.
  • David may move me to straddle his knee during my spanking, showing my pussy to Brian.
  • Brian is not to spank me or fuck me.
  • David may direct me to give Brian a submissive blowjob to completion, in private.
We discussed the blowjob at some length. David does not think it hospitable that Brian should leave our home with a hard cock. I apparently don't have much say in the matter. I'll work out with Brian, in the moment, if a condom is required. David is ok if I make the call that there be no condom.

I am feeling myself getting those butterflies in my tummy in anticipation.

Anybody have any extra ideas, or if we should change the ground rules at all? Please let me know before Saturday! I'll be reporting back likely Sunday or Monday. Oh gulp!

Monday, July 6

Politics in CE2047 (revisited)

I know most of you think I'm this extreme right-winger now, it's actually not the case. I have rather left-leaning views on things like social policy. I published a somewhat "political" piece several years ago, in August of 2012. I just received a comment on it after many years and thus re-read it, and I still stand by most of my views there.

It's actually a Utopian view of the future (Distopian if you're male!) where women take all political power and gradually marginalize the males.

Women band together and vote in the Female Party. They do such a great job, solving all the social ills of the world, that males never get elected again.

They pass a dress code on young males and encourage spanking of young males in school to better control them.

They set a curfew on males beneath the age of majority, and then gradually increase the age of majority for males. Eventually the age gets so old that each male has to have a designated FG "Female Guardian" that can pass to the wife. Full legal spanking rights go along with that.

Some women take this too far, however, and abuse their males.

Because of this issue of "Male Abuse", a males' rights group (composed of all females, of course) advocates for changes in law that limit the harshness of punishments that can be doled out by the FG. However, as a compromise, they appoint certain women to be "RD's" (Registered Disciplinarians) that an FG can call on at any time.

If a male does not obey an RD, at her sole discretion it's off to male jail which is tedious and brutal!

This is the story of one male who had a very loving wife who did not believe in over-punishing her male. But he pushed her too far and he had to go get RD'd. He came back to her a very well-chastened male!

It's a fun read. I had to take down a whole lot of the photos when Blogger once said that they would take down blogs that had indecent pictures, but then changed their minds two weeks later. The damage had been done however. But I just went back and restored all the dirty pictures so you can enjoy them. Let me know what you think! Click this link to read:

Friday, July 3

Bare Breasted Spanking in front of Daddy!

I almost received a bare breasted spanking from my husband in front of my Mom and Dad yesterday! Not just bare breasted, though that would have been the novel bit, but totally nude. I admit it, I tried to engineer it, but in the end I got spanked in private. Pooh! Let me tell you all about my close call.

This was almost me in front of my Mom and Dad.
I had set it up so perfectly!

David and I decamped for the summer cottage for July 1 holiday with my Mom and Dad. It's blazing hot so it's great to be by the lake. They are in the main cottage, and we are next door. My parents are staying up for July and August. We'll be back and forth, though hopefully spending more time than usual up there this year. This time it was just the four of us so, yes, I was not going to let this opportunity slip!

I didn't overtly engineer anything, but I did misbehave and got spanked for it. I wanted it to be right in front of Mom and Dad. All the groundwork had been laid, so it seemed quite natural :-)

As you know if you've been following along, I had yet to be spanked nude in front of my Daddy. For some reason this was a recent life goal for this naughty girl! Proud of my titties...

In furtherance of this, I plotted. My plan was to misbehave while wearing a one-piece swimsuit. David or Daddy, if they wanted my butt bare, would have no choice but to have me remove it completely. Thus naked! Brilliant.

Of course, I ran the risk of having my low cheeks spanked with my suit on (worst case), or having it wedgied up there (medium case), but I was hoping David knew enough about me to insist on bare butt and the inevitable naked consequence of such a decree.

We had just gone swimming. I had sat on the deck and dried off. Then gone in and put shorts on over my swimsuit and a sheer blousey cover-up on top. I was thinking, at the time, an after dinner swim and why bother getting out of my suit (no spanking thoughts at the time - other than a determination to be in my one-piece just in case).

It was nearing supper time. I was on the couch messing around with the iPad (on comments on my blog). David said he was going to go next door to help out my Dad with the BBQ (i.e., drink beer), and I should come over in about 30 minutes.

"Ok," I said, instantly knowing this WOULD BE my golden opportunity to earn a spanking.

I did not at all pay attention to the time, and then after about 35-40 minutes I got a Facetime call pop up on my iPad from David next door.

"Dinner in five," he said.

"Ok, great, be right over!" I said. This was going to get ugly!

I sat there continuing to mess around on my iPad. I knew exactly what I was doing. Gulp!

About 15 minutes later I hear David come into the cabin and yell out "Julie! Dinner! Now!"

"Ok, ok, ok," I called down, "just finishing up..."

David stormed up into the room I was occupying. I quickly closed up my iPad and tossed it on the couch next to me.

"Now!" he said angrily. I stood up and he grabbed me by the arm and slapped my behind. "March!"

"Ok, ok. no need to get violent," I said. I slipped on my flip flops. He kept holding me by the arm and slapped my butt all the way over to the other cabin. "You're getting so spanked after dinner," he said. Still my fluttering heart! I did not know at that point if he intended to do it over at Mom and Dad's, or back at our cottage. One would be more embarrassing, the other more painful. I let fate decide, not that I had much say at that point.

I got there and the entire dinner table was all laid out, the steaks done and on the table, the potatoes, green beans, and Bearnaise sauce all ready. All that was missing, apparently, was me.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," I said, rushing to sit down at my place. "I lost track of time."

"How could you lose track of time when I Facetimed you and you said 'coming right now'?" asked David, reasonably.

"Sorry..." I said.

"You know I'm going to give you a spanking after dinner, right?" David stated, right in front of my parents! I say that with an exclamation mark. It's still so embarrassing for him to talk in front of my parents about him spanking me...

"yes, sir," I said in a meek way. I had it coming. Still no hint about where said spanking would take place. Dad had a grin. Mom made a face, like, not at the spanking, more like disappointed I had earned a spanking - that was my read anyways. She would have been maddest about me delaying dinner like that once it was all laid out.

We got through dinner and a nice bottle of red wine (French chateauy) and yummy filet steaks, and Mom and Dad make the best Sauce Bearnaise from scratch. Dad, the cottage chef, does the reduction, and Mom, the sous-chef, mixes in the butter and eggs and is a master at not curdling it (which is hard). I also liked the green beans which were tasty, and eschewed the carby potatoes.

I leapt up to clear the main course. I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher directly while Mom got dessert onto the table (berries and whipped cream). The men sat and finished up the wine. Talk about trad. I mean, they had slayed the meat, now they got to hang back and watch the women tidy up.  I genuinely love men!

We went and sat and had dessert. It was getting closer and closer to "after dinner"! Yikes. I knew I was definitely, positively in for a well-earned spanking.

David pushed pack from the table, still seated.

"Well Julie, about that spanking..." he said.


"Doug, I know you were as annoyed as I, would you like to do the honours?" David asked my Dad.

Yelp! David had just offered up my butt to my Dad to spank. Bless his little heart!

"No, no, no, lad. We'll leave that to you," said Daddy, very disappointingly for me :-(

"Come on then, Julie, get your butt bare and across my knee," David said. David was going to do it right then and right there. And he said "bare butt". There was no way to bare my butt without taking off my one-piece!!!!

"You take her next door to do that," said my Mom, "and don't go too hard on her," she added.

Oh drat.

I can't blame David. He tried. He even knew I was in my one-piece bathing suit and would have to remove it, which he fully intended on doing to bare my butt, I learned soon later.

"Well, thank you for dinner," said David, "we'll be heading back now. Right Julie?"

"yes sir," I said, acting all submissivy.

"Before we go, apologize again to your mom and Dad for making them wait for you," he demanded.

"Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad." I said.

Dad responded on both their behalf, and with a smile said, "well, let's just make sure it doesn't happen again." Ha. What an invitation.

"I'll try my best," said David.

"Not too hard!" said my Mom.

"No, Ma'am, but you do agree she's asking for it, right?" said David.

"I definitely agree she's asking for it," said Mom, ambiguously (or not so much! Am I that transparent? Wait, don't answer that).

As soon as those words were out of Mom's mouth I got a smack on my backside and a "March, young lady," from David. Oh blush! I know these events are a bit "engineered", I seem to crave them, and everybody knows what's really going on, but I still feel the acute embarrassment that goes with it. Mom and Dad knew I was being immediately "marched" back to the cabin. They knew that as soon as we got there, David would bare my bottom. If they were paying attention, they would know my swimsuit would have to be removed, meaning I would be fully nude. They knew I would be put naked across my husband's knee. They knew I would receive a serious, no-nonsense, cheek reddening punishment spanking. They knew it would continue until David believed I was appropriately punished. They knew I would not be sitting comfortably for the rest of the evening. They probably figured I would be fucked afterwards like a bride on her wedding night. They would know all of that.

We made the short walk over to next door through a path by the lakeside, beginning my consequences. When we got to our cottage David was no nonsense. He was not playing this off as a scene.

"Take off your shorts and top," he said.

I kicked off my flip flops, removed my shorts, and removed my top, leaving me in my one-piece bathing suit.

"Don't think I don't see what you're up to," he told me.

"What?" I said, knowing the answer.

"With that one-piece swimsuit and being unconscionably late for dinner?" Yeah, he had my numba'. "You wanted to be all bare naked in front of Daddy for your spanking, didn't you?"

"yes sir," I said. No point not admitting it now.

"Well I tried, but no dice," he said. He had. "Turn around."

I turned around and he came up behind me. He slipped the straps off my shoulders and pulled the suit down to my tummy, baring my breasts. On the way down my arms were trapped by the straps.

"Is this what you wanted, in front of your Daddy?" he asked me. What a perv!

"no," I said, unconvincingly, imagining the acute embarrassment I would feel with my suit pulled down, my arms pinned at my sides by my suit, my bare breasts fully on view...

He slid my suit down further, baring my shaved pussy and then down my legs towards my ankles.

"Step out," he told me, and I stepped out of the suit. He grabbed both my arms from behind and pulled them back. He pushed his leg or something into my backside, making my hips and tits jutt forward.

"Is this how you wanted your Daddy to see you?" he asked again.

"no, sir," I said, lying again. I have fantasized about my Dad seeing my fully nude and thoroughly spanked in that state.

David let me go and put a straight-backed chair in the middle of the room. "Get over here," he said.

"Sweetheart," I begged, "all the doors and windows are open, we should go to the bedroom or something." That was genuine!

"Nope. right here," he said.

My parents had all their windows open and were about fifty feet away. As well, sound carries across the water. We are always hearing voices and even soft music from the cottages across the bay.  I was legit embarrassed at that moment.

Nonetheless, I obediently went over to my husband and draped myself, nude, across his knee. He started hand spanking me. Shit those smacks are loud! And, by the way, they hurt also! I really tried to keep my vocalizations to a minimum, but after fifty or so good swats I started pleading with him and was getting a more and more frantic pitch to my voice. He probably stopped at about 100 swats or so and let me up.

I got up and rubbed my butt. "Ouch!" I said.

"Will you be late again?" he asked in a quite loud (unnecessarily loud) voice.

"No Sir!" I responded, still rubbing the sting out. Ok, I don't strictly need to rub, but I think it's cute and it respects the spanker and his spanking, so I do it.

"Go cool yourself off in the lake now," David said.

"Yes, Sir," I said with glint in my eye and went to retrieve my swimsuit. Pulling it on might be a little painful and I was worried my low butt would show a lot of red.

"No need for your swimsuit," David said. "You can go skinny dipping."

"No! David! Come on! It's illegal or something. People will see. Mom and Dad might see!" I complained.

David just sat there and gloated. "Well, I'll give you a choice," he said. "I can get out the cutting board and use that as a paddle, and then you can go skinny dipping, or you can go straight away without the paddling."

"Fine," I said, and went to get at least a towel to wrap around myself for the trip down to the water. David stood by the screen door and opened it for me. As I passed by, he grabbed the back of the towel that was wrapped around me and gently yanked. "I'll carry this for you," he offered. "I insist," he added. Oh crap. I let the towel drop into his hands and went down towards the lake, covering up my breasts and vag with my hands. I walked all the way to the dock with my heart beating and jumped in feet first, still covering up like that. It was dusk by then, and nobody was out that I could see. The views from the cottages on either side were obscured by the trees. My heart was still pounding, though.

Once I was in the water I sort of relaxed. It actually felt great after the heat having the cool water flow all over me and over my most intimate places. "It's nice, you should come in," I called from the lake. David was sitting on a Muskoka chair on the dock watching me swim naked in the lake.

"That's ok," he called back. "Just enjoying the view."

I swam back to the dock and brazenly climbed up the ladder. I didn't care anymore who saw me. David stood and dried me with the towel all over. As he dried my pussy and breasts I definitely felt tingly. I turned into him and pushed up against him. "Fuck me," I demanded. He reached his hand behind me and fondled my well-spanked ass. So hot! He wrapped the towel around me for the return trip. I took it off and threw it to the ground and walked slowly back into the cottage, wiggling my spanked red ass, defying him, daring him to take me. He picked up the towel and followed me in. I walked straight to the bedroom without looking back.

In bed, he put me on my back, stripped, and entered me straight away, hard as an iron rod into my already over-heated sopping wet pussy. I didn't need no foreplay! He fucked me nicely for a minute or so and then pulled out and dove his head between my legs where he got me off twice with skillful finger and tongue ministration. He then came back up, plunged back into me, and fucked me until he came.

Next morning we were back at my parents' side for bacon and egg breakfast.  I went a bit ahead of David to help make it. As Mom tended the eggs and I tended the bacon I whispered to her, "I got spanked last night."

"We know," she said cooly, "we could hear it from here." Oh blush! "Your father went outside to have a better listen." Oh double blush! "And apparently he got quite the eyefull afterwards when you went swimming without your suit on."

"Eeek. He saw me?" I asked. I didn't think he could see me from there.

"Through the trees, yes. They're not as thick as you think," said Mom. "You will watch the shenanigans when the rest of the family is here, I hope?"

"Yes Mom," I said, quite embarrassed for real now. No shenanigans.

David came just as breakfast was up. He can smell the bacon from anywhere! Soon after Daddy came out of the bedroom himself. I WAS NOT going to be embarrassed. I went over to him and gave him a great big hug. It felt nice that he had heard me get my spanking, and that he had seen my in my altogether skinny dipping afterwards.

"And Good Morning To You!" he said as he hugged me back. "How's your butt this morning?" he asked.

"All better, thank you very much," I said as I disentangled and served the men their breakfast.