Thursday, August 29

Julie Spanked on Video (WITH AUDIO!)

As I recounted back in Julie Spanked on Video!, I got myself spanked for masturbating to orgasm and not saving myself at all for my husband that night. My shameful masturbation session was fully described, in excruciatingly embarrassing detail, and with photos of me completely bare naked with my fingers in my pussy (!), in Julie's Masturbation Session. For my subsequent spanking, I needed to make a video of it and post it for all to see, which I did.

The photo below is of me before my spanking starts, as I am being scolded by my husband, David, for masturbating... I am so ashamed!

The video of my spanking that I previously posted was tightly cropped and had no audio in it, as my husband did a lot of scolding and I didn't want anybody to recognize his voice. But as I did with a previous video of me spanking my husband (Strict Julie Spanks! WITH AUDIO) I re-edited this one so I could keep the audio. I also added a little bit of a blurry introduction with a wider camera angle (and a cute easter egg to boot - you'll see!).

The video is, unfortunately, very short (only 1 minute). And I had to leave out some of my choices squeals because it overlapped with Mister Man spanking me. But... if you listen carefully you do hear me call my husband "Daddy", and at another point promising to "never ever do it again!" (but I probably will 'cause he's not such a hard spanker - nya nya!)

Click below to watch it, then come back here to comment.
I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 27

Strict Julie Spanks! (WITH AUDIO!!!) - part 4

If you've been following along, you'll know that for the first time ever I posted an edited video of me spanking my husband!

That's me on the right, and my husband on the left after his spanking (with the pretty cami and the cock hanging out - his panties are at his ankles).

You can catch it from the beginning at Strict Julie Spanks! (On VIDEO!!!) - part 1.

A number of people lamented that there was no audio to go along with the heavily cropped video. I had just learned how to do the video editing to hide our faces using cropping, which I think was a neat effect. But I took up the challenge and figured out how to edit around the audio so that you don't get very much of our voices, only mostly the smacks and the cries. I left in a bit of begging from him and a few choice words from me here and there that I thought were safe enough. I also used a different approach to the hiding of faces which was to blur segments of the video so I could keep the whole thing in frame, and I learned how to use cross fades to stitch together segments. Am I not a good girl!

I know I could do better with the more fancy video editing software from Adobe, but I did a quick trial of that and decided it would take a while to learn it. So this is all just using Photoshop, which is pretty good. I'll include a link to the video with audio at the end. I was able to salvage 7 minutes out of the 20 or so, so there was legit 13 minutes of me scolding and him responding that you mostly won't hear, so just bear that in mind if you think I am the silent type of spanker. I'm not. I give good scold!

I'll walk you through what I put together here with my comments.

The first section of the video from 0:00 to 0:18 is me hand spanking his bottom very fast and quite hard. You can hear him grunting from the pain of the quickly and firmly delivered smacks.

The next short part of the video is me smacking his bottom while he is on his feet. This lasts only a few seconds from 0:18 to 0:26 and comprises about a dozen smacks and then me saying "Hmph!" at the end.

From 0:26 to 1:06 is his first taste of the rubber paddle. You can hear him literally begging for me to stop, please stop! And you can hear me actually laughing at him and saying a few unintelligible words back. The audio really adds something. You can hear how absolutely frantic he gets at this bun warming.
N.B. I do want to remind everybody - especially james - that this is all 100% consensual. He actually wants me to do this to him (though not "in the moment" - but that's how he wants to feel). We had been playing for many years before this using a "Yellow" safeword before we were able to connect and play like this, right at his boundaries. Safe, Sane, Consensual!

From 1:06 to 1:53 is where he is now in panties (pulled down) and he is spread and locked under one of my legs, and with his arm restrained behind his back. More screeching and begging from him, with a little bit of really evil giggling from me (I am legitimately enjoying this - I am bad!). His voice goes a lot higher-pitched when he is begging me. That is not a deliberate attempt to speak "girly" for me, it's just where his voice naturally goes when he is being spanked this seriously. I tease him about it, especially when other women are witness to it.
At about 1:35 or so I use the rubber paddle on his thighs and calves. He really screeches at that! At around 1:48 I put the paddle down and rub and soothe his punished cheeks, and do a bit of hand spanking, but all of that is mostly edited out as I soothe him with my voice and speech as well which I could not leave in. So it appears that I am more unrelenting then I am as the rubber paddle paddling starts up seemingly right away. In fact, you can see from the silent video that I modulate my spanking to keep him just under and around his boundaries. From 1:50 to the end of this segment he is repeating "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over and over again. Nobody is sure what he is exactly sorry for (not really knowing who wears the pants in the family?), but whatever!

For 1:54 to 2:50 is his belt whipping. You can hear the belt smacking his flesh and you get the added audio of his legs kicking wildly after each stroke. This is not one of my super hard belt whippings, but it does the trick.
At 2:32 it segues into the long tawse, mainly to his upper thighs. His wails take on a different tone. This is a "complaining" tone. From this tone, I know that is not as fun and sexy for him, and that the pain is on the wrong side of his boundaries, so I lighten up and cut this pretty short, but still maintaining my strict demeanour, of course.

At 2:50 to 3:06 I use the wooden kitchen spatula on him. This causes some quite excellent reactions, especially when he's catching it to his upper thighs.

From 3:06 to 3:48 is the cropping to his spread open bumhole. The video version alone really did not do this one justice, you absolutely need the audio as well! At 3:14 you can hear me whistling the crop through the air. This sound alone makes him jump and clench in anticipation.
At 3:18 he gets one of the harder, more better directed strokes and you hear him screaming out and kicking his legs wildly. At 3:20 we cut to where I tell him "spread your cheeks!" quite clearly and he rushes to obey. At around 3:40 you see me rapidly and lightly striking his anus in preparation for the next stroke. This is a form of modulation that gets him ready for the harder stroke. A kindness, in other words, and one that keeps him just on this side of his boundary.

From 3:48 to 4:20 I move to his side and continue with a cropping to his cheeks and a bit to his upper thighs. I love the whistling of the crop followed by the strike followed by his yell. At one point I tell him to quieten down (that part was cut out), and when he does, I say, "that's better" at 3:59.
Right around 4:04 is one of my favourite little bits where I fake him out and don't strike when he thinks I will, and his bum goes into spasms anyways. Ha ha! At around 4:10 you can hear that his cries are muffled. He was still under my instruction to quieten up, and the only way he could do it was to bury his head in the pillow and bite down on it. So while the cries are not as loud, they are just as intense and that is why. The strike to his upper thigh at 4:17 breaks him however. That one was "too much". I knew that it would be and deliberately did it. I need to bring him past his boundaries from time to time, but I will not sustain it there. Just over and then back again as if it didn't happen and he dreampt it.

From 4:20 to 5:56 I use the hairbrush on his bare bottom. I use his panties as a "hogtie" around his ankles starting at 4:30. Just before that, you can hear him starting to actually cry.
When the spanking gets intense at 4:37 you see his left hand reaching for my ass. What also happens is that his right hand grabs ahold of my ankle. He does this when he knows he is in for a ride! I do not mind him clutching at my hips (ass) and ankle during his spanking: it gives me additional feedback to know how he is doing, and it makes him connect better with me as my submissive. The spanks at 4:56 begin really targeting his thighs. He blubbers like mad at that and you can hear me soothing him with my "baby" voice. At 5:15 I am actually laughing aloud at his anguish beggings of "Nooo!". At 5:27 you see me modulating again into a fairly light left-handed hand spanking to give him a rest before the next part. You can feel his palpable relaxation, until I start smacking his thighs and calves with my open hand at around 5:45, where he starts becoming distressed again.

From 5:56 to 6:40 I get the stick out and beat his bum with that. While he cries out, the stick is in fact a bit of a vacation for him compared to the other implements. But it can still sting his tail fiercely, as you can tell by his sharp intakes of breath. At 6:13 I reach for his head and tell him "quiet..." which you can hear him trying to obey after that (but not really succeeding that well!)
At 6:35 the stick goes down and I soothe his reddened bum cheeks with my hand. Part of this is grabbing handfulls of his punished flesh and pinching. You can see me just starting to do that but then I have to cut away as I was talking too much.

At 6:40 you can see me using the stick to attempt to spank inside the cleft of his bum. It works pretty well on the near side, but I am having trouble doing that effectively to his far side so I switch to the small hairbrush at 6:47 and use that to very effectively punish the untouched virgin flesh of his inner cheeks.
You hear some lovely girlish complaints as I do that to his inner cheeks. From 7:20 or so to the end, at 7:35 I finish him with a bit of a hairbrush spanking to his buns and then let him up again, the spanking being over.

I have him face the camera and apologize to my Mom, who he is being told is to receive this video, for having to see him "being spanked like a little disobedient wife who does not know her place."
Don't you love the palpable feeling of domination and submission inherent in the above photo? You can sure see who wears the pants in the family after that spanking, and that's for sure! I think I should send this photo as our Christmas card, captioned, guess who wear the pants in our family?

Once we wrapped the video, we both were keen to see it right away. We transferred it to my big computer and set it up so that we could get at it from the big screen TV and speaker setup downstairs. I stayed dressed as I was, and I left him in his little camisole top, and bare from the waist down. I brought a bath towel down and laid it on the sofa for him to sit on.

We played through the video once in its entirety with me fondling his cock. He loved the video and so did I.

"Nobody will ever see this, right? Should we delete it?" He asked.

"No," I told him. "I want to keep it. And I fully own it. Fully," I emphasized. "I will show it to whomever I want, whenever I want, is that understood, young lady?"

"Yes ma'am," he said meekly. Good.

"If you don't behave, my Mom will be the first to get it. Understood?"

"yes ma'am," he repeated.

We then replayed it from the start, and I made him masturbate to it. We got all the way through once, and then I asked him for his favourite part. He said it was the part where he was being spanked most intensely with the rubber paddle. On this video it's between 1:06 to 1:53. I looped that for him and he jerked off to it until he came all over himself, looking at himself being spanked by me!

That was a lot of fun! And since I "own" the video, by his own admission, I was able to present it to you in this past series of posts. Please have a listen, and let me know what you think of the audio version of it!

P.S. if there is any interest, I could try cutting together a brief clip of David spanking me with the audio on. Let me know!

Tuesday, August 20

Strict Julie Spanks! (ON VIDEO!!!) - part 3

This is the third post relating to the video where I spank my husband to "teach him who wears the pants in the family", and put the whole attitude adjustment on video that I will ostensibly send to my Mom to further embarrass him. You can catch the previous installment (from which you can traverse to the first if so inclined) in Strict Julie Spanks (ON VIDEO!!!) - part 2.

Fun breaking news is that there will be one more post in this series. Due to popular demand, I have successfully "cut together and blurred" a seven minute excerpt from lots of parts of the video where I was able to keep the sound. Lots of smacking and whipping sounds, LOTS of mewling and crying and begging from david (his voice is unrecognizable during those parts!), and I've even left in a word or two here and there of my own sweet little voice in case you were wondering what I sound like (I did not leave in enough to recognize me, as the words - and giggles - I kept in were more what I use while being Dommy!)

Leading up to this part I had taken down his underpants (in front of Mom!), smacked his erection, then put him over my knee for an intense hand spanking. I stood him back up in front of the camera (hands NOT ALLOWED to cover his front) and scolded him for his incessant masturbation, and made him demonstrate a few masturbation strokes of his penis for Mom. I followed this up with an essentially birthday suit super intense spanking with the evil rubber paddle while across my knee.

I stood him up and made him dress in panties and a little feminine camisole top. Part of the lesson of who wears the pants in the family! I thought Mom would enjoy seeing him like that.

Then it was back across my knee for more hand spanking over his panties, and another session with the rubber paddle at the panty line and below. Part 1 ended with me preparing to pull his panties down to his ankles to continue his lesson.

Part 2 began with panty lowering and continued with the most intense part of his rubber paddle paddling with him locked under my leg and his arm behind his back.

After that I stood him up and prepared a couple of pillows over the bed for a belt whipping, a tawsing, and a kitchen spatula spanking. I then made him hold his own bum cheeks apart for a cropping of his anus.

While impressive reactions on video only, just wait until you get to hear the audio version of that!

And that is where part 2 ended and where we now carry on to part 3.

After his bumhole whipping, I next went to his side and gave him a riding crop whipping across both cheeks. When wielded properly, the riding crop is just like a cane in that it is the shaft that does the most damage.

I also cruelly cropped his thighs which had him writhing across his pillows in pain.

After his cropping, I stood him up, picked up my hairbrush, brought him back towards the camera, and stood him on his tip-toes by grabbing his ear.

I said, "Look at this. Look, show your Mother-In-Law. And show her that pathetic little cock and how hard that is. How hard that is and you're being disciplined by your wife? You seem to be enjoying this? I am going to spank that enjoyment right out of you. This is a punishment. This isn't supposed to feel good. Over my knee."
(those were my exact words, as I could transcribe them from the video!)

Isn't that just the body language of one well-shamed husband? And one that knows that his correction is not over yet: that he still has a painful hairbrush spanking across his wife and Mistress's knee to come. And by this point he was thoroughly convinced this video would be going to his Mother-In-Law so that she could observe first-hand his bare-penis and bare-bottom submission to his wife.

I pulled him across my knee and controlled his ankles using his panties.

The hairbrush did not spare his thighs which elicited some gratifying yelps of submission.

The panty around the ankle control is like a mini "hogtie". It makes him feel extra submissive to have his legs controlled that way, as if he was in impromptu bondage.

At one point I shifted to the stick, and beat his bum and legs with that.

I took a pause and hand-spanked him a few times along the way, and fondled his beaten up super red bum. You also see me on the video grabbing handfuls of his red flesh and kneading and pinching it hard, which is painful for him but also makes it feel a bit better.

I tried getting the stick into his crack, but that was awkward so I switched back to the hairbrush and spanked up and down the sensitive skin inside his crack. Naturally this meant me holding his cheeks wide apart which offered me a bird's eye view of his "holy of holies".

You'll see his reaction to being hairbrush-spanked along his inner cheeks in the video, and in the next episode you will also hear some of his reaction. It is a serious crack spanking!

With that, I ended his twenty-minute ordeal and stood hip up to face the camera and apologize to my Mother for needing to be spanked like a disobedient little wife who does not know her place.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Mom, that you needed to see me spanked like a little disobedient wife who does not know her place."

"Very good," I said, as I shut down the video.

Please enjoy part 3 linked below. And after you view it, please come back here to comment! Let me know what you think of this part, and what your favourite parts of the whole video were.

Part 4 is coming up next, which will be a cut of the whole video that includes audio as well! Let me know if you are excited that you will be actually both seeing and hearing seven full minutes of his spanking, with my voice in there a bit also in the next part. Be ready for plenty of complainin'!

[Continued in part 4]

Friday, August 16

Strict Julie Spanks! (ON VIDEO!!!) - part 2

Well part 1 was fun, wasn't it? If you missed it, please read Strict Julie Spanks! (ON VIDEO!!!) part 1, and then come back here! It sets the scene. Basically, I was reminding my husband of who wears the pants in the family (and who the panties), and putting it all on video ostensibly so my Mom could see how I keep my man in line.

Where we left off was the dramatic "pulling down of the panties". Before that, he had absorbed 75 hard smacks of the rubber paddle below his panty line. I'm sure you will agree he was just so cute and submissive draped across my knee wearing his little pink polka dotted panty, kicking and wiggling as he was punished. But there is an extra special poignancy in lowering your husband's panties for the rest of his spanking. In that you thought you might let him keep his panties up, but then thought better of it and decided they needed lowering in front of his Mother-In-Law to really teach him his lesson.

I pulled down those panties and I clamped a leg over his far one to make sure I had better control, and then WAILED away with that rubber paddle!

A good 75 or so solid paddlings. He was frantic before the end, and what a red bum! In fact, I had to take his arm and pin it behind his back to make sure I had control of him, because the paddling was intense.

A correspondent suggested I could make a "special cut" of the video that only has the spanking sounds and some of his high-pitched wailing (no recognizable dialog). I'll give that a shot and this scene would be a great candidate. There was some dialog, though, on and off. Here is some I transcribed.

Me: "Oh yeah..."
Him: "Nooooo. No. Nooooo!"
Me: "I think my Mom is going to be really impressed."
Him: "Noooo! No! I'm sorry Julie! I'm sorry!"
Me: "Ha ha ha!"
Him: "I'm sorry!"
Me: "See Mom. Very regretful."
Him: "Ah! Ah! Ah! No! Noo! I'm sorry!"
Me: "I'm going to beat this out of you until you learn your place, young lady."
Him: "Nooo! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"
Me: "Not even sorry enough. Stand up!"

I stood him up and made him show my Mom his red butt.

Impressive, no? A good instructional also to show you where and how you want to spank your husband safely but severely when he needs a spanking.

I left him there as I went to the bed to pile up pillows and lay a towel across them. Don't you love how my baby is clutching at his buns? He knows the worst is yet to come. He sees me preparing it!

He was mewling as he rubbed his ass and I said, "Yup. I love when my baby hubby cries. Poor little baby!"

And then I said, "Ok!" and pointed at the pillows.

"No more," he pleaded.

"I've only just begun. Lay down. Over this."
He lay down and I proceeded to belt whip his behind!

The belt whipping was pretty fierce. He kicked like a little girl during his whipping.

"This is making me feel a lot better about this... whole situation," I said, midways through. "And I know you aren't going to do anything to stop me from disciplining you, will you?"

"No ma'am! No!" he answered.

All in all, I only gave him about 30 whippings with the belt, but I was not done yet. Next up was my longer twin tailed tawse to continue his whipping. I pulled his panties further down his legs, and he knew what that meant.

Right across his upper thighs!

Next up was the wooden spatula. Boy did I get him dancing and shrieking with that!

And I did not spare his thighs. Another 30 with that spatula.

Next I decided I really needed to embarrass him for my Mom's sake, so I told him to "reach back and spread those cheeks." I had to repeat it a couple of times before it fully dawned on him what was expected.

"So obedient. Mom will be watching all of this," I told him as he spread.

Is there anything that shows a wife's dominance off better than this simple act? A whipping to his anus while he submissively holds his own cheeks apart for me. I only did two with the initial wooden implement. I put that down and fetched my riding crop which seemed better suited for the job. With the crop, I could aim the leather spanker part directly at his bumhole. I gave him about 30 very hard strikes directly onto his spread open bottom hole. While not truly surprised, I was amazed how widely open he spread his cheeks for me. At one point (you can see it clearly in the video) I need to remind him to "spread those cheeks!" and he responded with alacrity.

I have not seen too many "cheeks spread" croppings like this on any other videos, so what I captured here is quite unique I believe. I assure you that every shot was directly to his anus, and his extreme reaction is 100% genuine.

Sometimes I give him a cropping like this immediately before subjecting him to anal intercourse with my strap-on. I think he likely feels the penetration much more intimately after such a preparation.

I really like to imagine that this video was sent to my Mom. I keep interjecting in the dialog, "keep those cheeks spread for your whipping. Show my Mom what an obedient little husband you can be."

Just imagine a husband who is required to spread his cheeks like this for his punishment in front of his wife's Mom. Can he be more submissive? How utterly humiliating for him it would be to be required to do that on video, for my Mom to actually watch. The harder strikes make him tug his cheeks the widest apart for fear of letting go entirely and me being displeased. Ha ha!

Well, you don't have to imagine. You can see it all in living low-rez technicolour by clicking the following link. Have a look and come back here and comment. Any disparaging comments regarding what a little girl my husband is will be most welcome! Ha ha!


Part 3 coming up next. And I'll see if I can't make an excerpt with some audio as well!

[continued in part 3]

Tuesday, August 13

Strict Julie Spanks! (ON VIDEO!!!) - part 1

I did it! I learned how to edit a video david and I had made a few years ago to hide our faces, and so now you can see "Strict Julie" in action spanking the bejesus out of her husband!

I've included a link to the first part of the video at the bottom of this blog post in which I'll describe how the video came to be made and what's in it using some screen grabs to illustrate. I needed to divide the video into three parts because of the 100MB upload limit on Blogger (Grrrrrrr!)

I got the idea to make the video out of the blue. I thought it would be fun to have a video of me dominating my husband as a keepsake. Though I had the blog, I never dreamt that I would ever publish the video. However, now that I discovered how good Photoshop is at editing these things, it became possible.

At the time (several years ago - and I've only gotten better since :-) I went up to him in a sexy way and said that I needed to remind him of who wears the pants in the family (I LOVE that expression - it's my way of suggesting some kinky fun time - and so fitting as you will see in the video). I told him that I wanted to make a video of the whole thing, and after we were finished I wanted him to replay it on our big TV as I watch him jerk off to his own spanking. (Like feeding a pig bacon, don't you think?)

He was a bit nervous about it. What if somebody saw it??? I teased him that that was the whole idea, and that my sister and his trainer would definitely be getting a copy (they never did, 'natch), and that if he does not shape up and learn who is the boss in the family, many more would be seeing him learn his lesson as well! How prescient of me.

I particularly mused that I thought this would be a nice way to introduce my Mom to how I teach him who's the boss in our home. I was teasing, of course, but throughout the scene I went with that theme, that it was being specifically "made for" my Mom, who would be watching it in a rapt attention, and likely even show it to my Dad, and show him how their household will work from there on in as well (all a fantasy in my head, of course, but nicely brought to life through the video making process). So throughout the video I was constantly addressing the camera as if I was speaking to my Mom, which visibly heightened the level of my husband's humiliation (I mean, he knew I would not... probably... though I have been known...).

I set up the iPad or iPhone  (I can't remember which, though the final video was quite low-rez by today's standards, so THAT sort of dates it!). I placed it on the high dresser at the base of our bedroom, facing the base of our bed. I was wearing my faded blue jeans with a wide leather belt and a striped tank top. You like? Pretty dommy, huh? Who wears the pants in this family, mister?

As I was preparing things I made him strip to just his underpants, lowered them down in back, gave him a few smacks, and then had him wait with his underpants down in back as I finished the video setup. Those ugly grey undies would soon come down to his ankles, though. Even that was too much "pant" for him! A couple of things to note about my husband in the screengrab below. He was in one of his "not so fit" phases at the time, and he had way more body hair than he is typically allowed nowadays. So please let's not be too critical, ladies, I was still learning!

You will also notice the hints of an erection in his underpants. His erection will become all too obvious as I roughly lower his shorts.

As I was lowering his undies I was addressing my Mom through the camera saying, "I'm sorry to subject you to this, Mom, but this boy needs to learn a lesson. He needs to learn who wears the pants in this family, and he clearly needs to be shamed in front of you to do that."

The reason I remember exactly what I said so long ago was that it was captured on the original video! All the dialog is still there and intact. I cannot share that with you all, unfortunately, as it gives us away too much, but all the quotes are accurate.

I go on, "Look at him, Mom! Just look at him! He's fully erect. He knows he's going to be punished, and yet he's still fully erect!"

Imagine if I actually sent this video to my Mom???

"That's how submissive he is, Mom, being taught his place actually turns him on. Doesn't it david? Doesn't it, young man? Answer me!" As I demand his answer I begin spanking his cock making it bounce up and down and up and down with good hard swats! You can see that in the video.

"yes ma'am..."

"Are you ashamed to be fully naked like this in front of my Mom? Fully naked and showing off that erection? Ashamed that I need to spank you like a little misbehaving wife in this marriage?"

"yes ma'am," he said again, sheepishly between swats to his cock.

At that moment, it was very believable to both of us that I would be sending this video to my Mom, and that no doubt Dad would be shown it as well (and perhaps then be subject to such discipline himself?), which was a thought that totally turned me on!

I started off by sitting down on the end of the bed, pulling him down across my knees, and spanking him with my hand.

It was a hard and fast (about 80 seconds long, but with at least 30 seconds of scolding with no spanking - with about 130 or so spanks). He got them all over his butt, and a few down the backs of his legs. I took some time in there to fondle his cock and balls which were sticking out a bit behind.

I then stood him up and made him face the camera and apologize to Mom for having to watch him be punished like a little bitch.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Delmar, that you need to see me getting punished like... a little bitch..."

That did not "satsify me", so I stood up and smacked him standing up.

You can see those hard swats really make him jump and make his cock jiggle wildly around in the video! I made him reaffirm with Mom "who wears the pants in the family?" - "you do! you do! Ma'am" he cries out as he is being swatted! How embarrassing to me made to stand up facing Mom and receive swats to your backside that makes your erect cock wiggle and jiggle right in front of her like that!

I then told Mom that one of his faults is that he masturbates constantly. I point at the camera and tell him to do it so my Mom could see. He is reluctant. I give him a few more swats and I insist. He sort of half-heatedly rubs at his cock. I give him another flurry of standing smacks and I say that this behaviour will stop today!

At this point I decided I needed an implement to really drive my message home, so I went to get one of my meanest spanking paddles from my toy box. In the following screengrab you see it in my hand as I adjust the camera angle to show more of the foot of the bed.

This paddle is made of a hard rubber, ribbed on one side and smoother on the other. Trust me, it's a beast. His knees shake when he sees me get that paddle out. Regardless, it was back across my knees for a very intense rubber paddle paddling!

He kicked his legs like crazy (little bitch) and you can hear him crying out and begging during his rubber paddle paddling. Even without the audio you can see the effect it has on him! I gave him 25 in the first 20 seconds, and then gave him a break with a 20 second hand spanking, then back with the paddle for another 50 hard strokes. You can't see it in the video, but there is this HUGE smile on my face as he is in peak pain and I am literally laughing at his pain! What kind of woman am I? After one particularly nasty stroke you can see his booty area just uncontrollably spasming, about 10 spasms of his booty in a second. You can see that in the video clearly. Watch for that.

I stand him up and the poor baby bends over double and grabs at his punished nates.

I think his cock is "lesser" at this point, though hard to see when he is doubled over like this from the fanny and back-of-thigh pain.

"I'll teach you who wears the pants in the family," I say as I go and fetch out a pair of panties and a matching cute little camisole vest that looks like intended as a training bra substitute for a young teen.

Here he is realizing that he is to be panty trained in front of my Mom and trying to argue me out of it. Ha!

"Nope. This is what you're putting on sweety. I'll teach you who wears the pants in this family."

"Get those on young lady."

"Now the top."

"What cute little nipples. You almost have breasts, baby."

"There we go, aren't we darling!"

"Now BACK across my knee!"

"Oh no!" - "Oh yes!"
I got out the evil rubber paddle again and targeted the naked flesh below his panty-line.  Here he is shown in mid-kick. Did he ever wriggle as I painted those thighs!

"But now it's time that these come right down, young lady!"

"No! Please No!"

And that's where part 1 ends, less than a third through. In the rest he is belt-whipped; tawsed;  cropped on his anus as he pulls his cheeks wide apart for me; struck with a stick on his bum; and hairbrush spanked including up and down his crack that I pull apart as I spank. He finally has to apologize to my Mom at the very end, poor baby.

Are you ready to see part 1? The link is below. Please have a watch and then come back here to comment. I am hoping the real me lives up to the "Strict Julie" fantasy. Let me know if you think I did good!