Saturday, February 27

Mistress Violet's Long-Distance Domination

I received something soooo sexy in the mail I just had to blog about it! It was regarding how my friend Mistress Violet Mays dominates over long distance a blog pen-pal of mine whom I introduced to her.  Wouldn't you like to be dominated by Violet?

Does this photograph of Mistress Violet make you weak in the knees?
Especially knowing what she is capable of doing to you?

This particular fella, we shall call him "henry" for our purposes, has been a commenter and correspondent of mine for many years. I believe his first comment was back in 2013 and our first email exchange was in 2015. henry divorced, unfortunately, and was trying to self-spank and asked for my advice. I suggested he travel to a big city and visit a Pro Domme as an outlet for his kink. I said if he came to Toronto that I would highly recommend Mistress Violet. He didn't succumb at the time, but it was clearly rolling around in his head, so just this month he finally contacted Violet and asked for a remote D/s relationship.

Mistress Violet is a very sensual being, but due to COVID she was willing to experiment and to get her head around the idea of non-in-person sessions using messaging and video chat. I think it's safe to say that the experiment was a great success to date, because the hotness that developed was off the charts in my opinion.

henry wrote,

Dear Ms. Julie,

Mistress Violet has given me permission to share freely with you, based on how well the two of you know each other, for which I'm very grateful. Having concluded a two-week trial period, she invited me to re-up for another four, which I enthusiastically accepted. Really, it's wonderful – many of the deep thrills and rewards of great vulnerability that I had in the good times of my FLR, and the sense that she is finding rewards in the dynamic too, which is beyond gold to me. And some pretty amazing bruises to go with it all.

I don't wish to burden you or overshare. Please feel free to ask me, or Mistress Violet, anything your interest or curiosity prompts (I have told her I am fine with her sharing anything she wishes with you).

Well that was intriguing to me. Of course I asked henry to elaborate.

Dear Ms. Julie,

So, our most recent stuff: Friday before last she set me the task of trying to sleep overnight in my chastity cage, giving me "outs" if there were too much pain or unable to fall asleep for a certain length of time. I couldn't fall asleep for hours, took it off, and reported the results the next day. She told me it wasn't a failure, it was learning – but I felt like I failed, and tried again the next night, without asking.

When I told her I'd succeeded she was not pleased with my "initiative" – concerned first that I was trying to provoke a spanking, and second (when I'd reassured her that was not the case) that my over-achiever, please-the-teacher hang ups had kept me from understanding the real purpose of the cage, which is to draw the submissive and the keyholder closer.

As punishment, I was to wear the cage 24 hours a day from Sunday evening until our next video session the following Friday evening, then at that session I'd take off the cage and receive a beating. During the week she gave me some tasks, like cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush and sending her a picture of me licking the toilet seat, to demonstrate its cleanliness. Anxiety over the beating was slowly building for me (since I would have to administer it, of course, and satisfy Mistress Violet with its intensity).

Friday she had me unlock it and explain my understanding of why I had been wrong, and why I still needed to be beaten. Then she had me take a wooden spoon and directed 16 strokes to my right inner thigh, counting and saying "I'm sorry, Mistress," after each (she also would pause me, to give breathing instructions and things like "make each of the next four increase in hardness"). After the right thigh came five to my cock head, same procedure and terribly hard to do, I'd never ever punished my penis that hard before. Then 16 to the left inner thigh, more difficult left-handed. Finally (when I had a faint hope I was done) two more to my cock head, mewling and screeching.

When I was done she had me masturbate (SORE!) for her, describing what I was thinking about (her lovely lacy lingerie strap that was showing, and how beautiful she must look below her neckline), then spread the cum over dinner that evening.

OMG!!! What a masterful dominant is Violet is my only thought. Understanding and capturing in art the true meaning of the Dominant / submissive relationship.

There was henry, so eager to please, like a little puppy, after his failure with the cage. But he really did miss the whole point, didn't he? What he did was some kind of masturbation, really. So astute of Violet to hone in on the heart of the issue as she did. How henry's heart must have drooped at his utter failure. Her punishment was masterful as well. He succeeded in wearing it overnight after failing? Wonderful. Now wear it for a whole five days! What could henry say, really? He knew that he deserved it.

This is literally what poor henry had to endure for five full days on a whim from his Mistress Violet, and what poor henry was required to share with all of us. Yes, that is absolutely him. And of course, every single minute in that cage reminded him of his Mistress Violet and deepened their bond. And do you think that thought might have excited henry? I'll bet it did, which only made it worse as the cage constrained his erection and tightened its pull on his testicles. He no doubt moaned, unable to get his Mistress Violet out of his mind.

The little chores were lovely. We can see that henry did a wonderful job scrubbing his bathroom clean with a toothbrush. He had better have, because he well knew what he had to do to prove it.

henry is clearly a good looking man, and recording himself licking the seat guarantees cleanliness. I wonder if he was required to lick the inside of the bowl as well? I'll have to ask.

When his session finally arrived, Mistress Violet allowed him to remove his cage and then, according to henry, "explain my understanding of why I had been wrong, and why I still needed to be beaten." I'm sure it was heartfelt.

henry was no stranger to being beaten. For Valentine's day Mistress Violet requested a beating as her Valentine from him.

You can tell how much henry loves his Mistress by the white centers of his heart-shaped red-assed paddling. That is really an exceptional job for a self-administered paddling.

And here is henry delivering a through-the-legs tawsing to his bottom and sensitive inner cleft.

Really, really, a heartfelt bravo, henry. I am wondering how close the tips of that tawse came to his anal ring. When I deliver a tawsing to that area, you can believe me when I say nothing escapes its sting.

And here we see an aftermath shot after one of henry's Violet-directed beatings. I know Mistress Violet always plays safe and adjusts her demands to what her sub can take (I have had first-hand experience!). So, really, the following is a testament to henry's ability to endure pain for his Mistress. I think it's sweet.

henry must have been going around with a sore bum for several days after that.

On this occasion, however, the punishment was very specific. We read, "Then she had me take a wooden spoon and directed 16 strokes to my right inner thigh, counting and saying "I'm sorry, Mistress," after each (she also would pause me, to give breathing instructions and things like "make each of the next four increase in hardness"). After the right thigh came five to my cock head, same procedure and terribly hard to do, I'd never ever punished my penis that hard before. Then 16 to the left inner thigh, more difficult left-handed. Finally (when I had a faint hope I was done) two more to my cock head, mewling and screeching."

Oh my gosh. As a Domme myself, that description leaves me quite breathless and horny to do the same to my husband.

Here is a photo of henry that morning after his beating. He writes "Attached is the photo I took and sent next morning, as "record" of my apology. It's harder to see the damage done to my cock because of my natural twist direction (and because the head is already pinker than the shaft), but it was substantially bruised too."

Oh yes. That wooden spoon definitely left a mark.

It was after all of that when henry was told to "masturbate (SORE!) for her, describing what I was thinking about (her lovely lacy lingerie strap that was showing, and how beautiful she must look below her neckline), then spread the cum over dinner that evening."

It sounds like poor henry never even got to see below Violet's neckline, but was left to imagine. I can vouch for the fact that Violet is equally fetching above and below the neckline ;-)

henry had to masturbate in full view of Mistress Violet, describing what he was thinking about involving his Mistress (I am sure henry kept it PG-rated). He was ordered to collect his cum, and clean off the remnants with a tissue. Violet then gave henry strict instructions for his dinner that evening.

First, Mistress Violet required henry to retain the cummy tissue, tear it up over his dinner, and eat it all. Here is the intact tissue on his burrito.

And after it is shredded up as an extra "seasoning".

Then for desert, a nice chocolate sundae with "sauce" on top.

yummy, yummy, in the tummy!

I think henry learned his lesson about taking decisions involving his penis "into his own hands" so to speak.

But, just to make sure, there was a little left for breakfast the next morning to drive the lesson home.

So, yes, obviously I've had my fun teasing henry about his recent episode. But the real-life henry, both Violet and I agree, is a real sweetie-pie and we are both so proud of how bravely he submits to his Mistress.

I don't know if Mistress Violet wants more long-distance subs, but it couldn't hurt to ask if you are serious and are willing to pay what is asked of you, both monetarily and in your submissiveness. You can contact her via her website: Mistress Violet Mays.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Have you ever had a long-distance D/s relationship like this? Or perhaps you are engaged in one now? Or maybe you would like to be after having read this!

Tuesday, February 23

Routine Spankings

You folks should know that I don't blog about every spanking given and received, only the more unique ones. But in fact there are many routine spankings that I don't typically blog about. I thought I would today. It will be first one for him, and then one for me.

The other morning I was awake before David. I went downstairs and got my coffee, read the news, had a little breakfast. Still no David. I went back upstairs at around 8:30am. He was still in bed. I work at a desk in the bedroom. He has the nice study in the attic.

"Hey, sleepy head," I said as I started pulling the covers off him. He was naked and had "morning wood" as they say. "What's that?" I asked sarcastically. He pulled the covers back over himself. I sat beside him.

"When did you go to sleep last night?"

"Ummm... about 2 or 3am."

"No wonder you're such a sleepy-head this morning. What were you up to?" I asked suspiciously.

"Ahhh.... Maria Kart..."

"Mario Kart? Really? When's your first appointment?"

"Not until 10."

"Well you're in my office."

"Ohhh. Just a few more minutes..." he begged.

"I know how to wake you up," I said as I started pulling the duvet back again, exposing him. He thought it might be for sex.

I made him roll over onto his tummy to present me with his bare bottom. I put one hand in the small of his back and started smacking him with my other hand and scolding him. "3am? Mario Kart? Are you a child?"

I opened the bedside drawer, still keeping my left hand gently pushing down on the small of his back. I pulled out his spanking hairbrush.

I started popping his bottom with that. I was instantly greeted with a chorus of "Ow!", "Ah!", "No!" together with some vigorous leg kicking which only encouraged me to spank further down his thighs.

I ended it as quickly as I started. "Now go get ready and get yourself to work. No more Mario Kart until all hours, young man!"

Ha ha!

Of course, we're a switch couple, and not happy unless we get as good as we give.

We were up at the cottage, and one thing that "triggers" David is if I walk from our bedroom to the bathroom, past the TV room, totally nude.

It's just natural for me. I get out of my PJs in the bedroom, I want to go to the bathroom to have a quick shower, so I walk over nude, and walk back with a towel. Just so happens sometimes he's sitting there on the couch watching TV or surfing his iPad.

This has been going on for a while. First few times I did it his eyes followed my every wiggle and I could tell he was lusty for me. Good! At a certain point, he decided to pull me across his lap and spank me for being such a tease. I did not mind! At this point it's 50-50 if he lets it go, or if he spanks me.

So when I don't feel like a spanking, I wear a robe. If I want to take a chance, I go fully nude. I know exactly what I'm doing. It's always a decision point for me. When I decide to go nude, I get a tingle in my pussy, because I know what I am risking!

Last weekend his eyes followed me all the way from the bedroom door to until I got behind him and the bathroom door was in sight. I thought I was safe

"Come here!" he yelled out, just before I got into the bathroom. Uh oh! I went over to him and stood in front of him, self-consciously naked now.

"What?" I asked snarkily, as if I didn't know.

"You know how I feel about you walking around naked."

"Well that's your problem, not mine," I said, bratting it up.

"I'm about to make it your problem!" he said as he snatched my arm and started pulling me across his lap.

"No! No! Don't you DARE! Let me go!!!!" I also put up a fight which made it hard for him to hold me. But we know each other well. We both enjoy my spankings more when he has to fight for them.

He eventually wrestled me face down across his lap. I was over his left knee and his right leg pinned my legs, and he had a hold on my wrist with his left hand

He only used his hand, but he taught me a very good lesson about the risks of teasing him by running around nude in front of him. A spanking like this from David is never "fun" or "playful" or anything like that. If we're "roleplaying" (?) a punishment spanking, it's a punishment spanking! It's a spanking that has me red-bummed, frantic, contrite, and truly eager-to-please before the end of it!

Anything less if for wimps ;-) Just kidding, to each their own, but my particular spanking kink demands a spanking of substance or what's the point? David knows this about me, and me popping out of our bedroom nude in front of him was his carte blanche to deal with me accordingly. That's why I got so nervous doing it, and why mostly I put my robe on!

After he let me up I clutched my buns and did a little spanking dance in front of him as he smirked at me (I admit, I exaggerate my performance for cuteness and emphasis). He turned me around, smacked my bum, and told me to "go put on your robe, woman!"

Fun times!

Saturday, February 20

Slut Shaming: Princess or Brat?

My how times have changed. In my day, slut shaming was still a "thing". The perpetrators and victims were all girls. The boys were just added teasing backdrop. It started in middle school and intensified in the earlier years of high school. If you got a reputation as being "easy", the other girls would fall on you like a pack of wolves. I never fell victim to it myself, being a surprisingly good girl in school, but I saw it happening to others. I've always wondered about the psychology of it.

There has been a bit of a campaign against it, which I applaud. For example, I saw this "anti slut shaming" ad on twitter a while back.

The caption says "don't", but, as a friend put it, the image looks like an instructional for girls who want to please!

But what triggered my post was a TikTok video I saw on twitter. It's a series of girls sharing publicly a slutty thing they did, and rather than being shamed for it by the other girls, being applauded for it.

This first one says "I got expelled from my old school for fucking my teacher."

Yay! Go the other girls as they applaud loudly.

This next one says, "I hooked up with my Uber driver while my boyfriend was passed out in the back seat."


This one says, "I fucked my ex's best friend and he still doesn't know."


This one, one of the naughtiest (!), says "the school thinks my Sugar Dad is my real Dad because he signs me out every week."

Yay! Hurrah!

This one, perhaps the most innocent (?), says "I had a crush on my teacher so I started dating his son so I could come over."

Yay! And no judgment from her friends for not being quite as slutty as the others, she gets vigorous applause anyways. I LOVE it. Girls supporting girls.

Here is the video, I'll discuss after you get a chance to watch.

This is so bold of them! And so healthy and anti-slut-shaming for young girls. It illustrates why pretty girls are Queens who deserve to rule all you boys out there, but in a strange dualistic fashion also desperately need a good old-fashioned spanking! Princess or brat?

It certainly engenders those two simultaneous feelings in me. Both if I were one of the girls in question, or if I were the parental figure.

Ok, slut shaming is bad, but that, together with school and parental authority, did provide a little check and balance on girls' out-of-control hormonal sexuality. With no checks and balances, is any boy safe???

Imagine if that TikTok was discovered by school or parents? I can imagine!

Would anybody say it was not deserved?

If I had a daughter who appeared on that TikTok, I wouldn't know whether to kiss her or spank her! Though I'm pretty sure her father would know what to do...

And afterwards,

I doubt it would cure her though. If it was me it would have just egged me on.

Where or where have traditional values gone?

A girl who acted like a trollop back then would have had her rear end reddened with the hairbrush, have had her panties pinned to the mantle, and would have been showing off her red bum for any neighbourhood woman who cared to stop by for tea. The neighbours would have known for certain that any signs of incipient sluttery was dealt with harshly in that household!

Her father also would have taken a very dim view on her behaviour, and she would have expected a week's worth of panties down, across the knee, discipline.

She must be taught that the world is not her oyster, and while she has great power over some boys and men, certain other men of responsibility have great power over her, and will not hesitate to use it in the manner the father above demonstrates.

Now I ask you, how else to keep a hormonal girl in check?

So tell me in the comments, what are your thoughts? Princess? Brat? Or both?

Thursday, February 18

The Kinky Writings of P.F. Dee

I've been following the blog P.F. Dee's Fun Femdom Fiction! for quite some time now and he follows mine as well. PF posts free stories on his blog, he publishes e-books in all the usual places, and he has a Patreon as well. We have also exchanged lovely comments and emails. He once asked for story suggestions from readers, and he selected mine, then researched my inclinations, and wrote a perfect story featuring David and I (A Story About ME!). I thought you might appreciate a pointer to his stuff in case you do not already follow, and my perspective on this sort of smutty material. Here is an example...

P.F. Dee's Fun Femdom Fiction!

First let me say that he is a very talented writer. He also freely gives tips and suggestions on how to write femdom that I gobbled up which applies both to fiction and writing up a narrative account.

His work is almost exclusively femdom, with a domestic slant and often incesty themes, all of which I love. But he does occasionally do maledom, such as The Firemen's Mascot that got my heart racing. That was a story about a young woman who was masturbating in her bed to submissive thoughts so intensely that she did not notice a fire in her building until the handsome fireman smashed the door in, picked her up and carried her out. The building was collapsing around her, no time for clothes!

Ok, not a fireman, but closest I could find!

Of course he noticed what she was doing when he knocked the door down, especially as her fingers were still buried deep in her snatch as he put her over his shoulder. She wound up being spanked by the fireman, taken back to the firehouse, and passed around (quite willingly!). In fact, I've had several orgasms reading and re-reading that story, and imagining myself in the young lady's place...

Excuse me a moment or two...
ok... back again!
[And yes, to bring this blog more to life for you readers, yes I actually did give it another read just now, and managed a nice "O", thank you very much!]

More often, however, he writes femdom stories that I also enjoy tremendously. I don't generally masturbate and orgasm to these stories, but I am fascinated by them, do get very horny reading them in a toppy way, and get tremendous inspiration that I call on when I top my husband. The ones that I have masturbated to, however, invariably involve daughters dominating their Daddies (yes, blush, blush, blush, that is a fantasy of mine for real).

PF tends to place most of his stories in a few different "universes" that he has imagined.

One of the universes is the "Powers Universe". Here is an example.

As PF describes it,

In a world where all women recently gained the psychic ability to hear, tease and deny men's erections, eighteen-year-old Kylie is just awakening to her Powers. This will lead to some very hard, sleepless nights for her father and brother as Kylie's abilities grow and she learns how much fun teasing her family can be!

That whole concept just resonates with me. As a natural Domme, I would love to have these powers. The boys would literally not be safe from me. I would act out as bad or worse than any of PF's characters! Oh how I would have tormented my Dad in my fantasies. He would have walked around with a constant hard-on in his pants, dripping with pre-cum staining the front, yet unable to cum unless I allowed it. He would be so desperate that he would willingly strip for me and stroke it as me and my friends watch. I would get him worked up by using my magic to have him feel the sensations of my hand, my mouth, my pussy, on his cock without even touching him. I would allow him a big spurty on his tummy, knowing that it was ME he was feeling.

One reason it resonates is that in real-life I already possess a weaker form of this magic. Do you doubt that I could make most men strip for me, jerk their cocks for me, and cum for me? Perhaps you're ensnared in my magic right now? I have made countless men shove things up their asses, jerk their cocks, cum for me, eat it, and send me the video. That's surely some sort of magic?

I first learned this magic with my Daddy. From the time I was a little girl I used what budding feminine wiles I had to wrap him around my little finger and make me his very favourite girl. It was not naivete as I explored the limits of these powers when as a semi-mature teen I sat on Daddy's lap in nothing but a skimpy pair of panties and thin T-shirt and hugged him. Daddy was the perfect gentleman and removed me gently from his lap and told me to put some clothes on, but I swore I felt my magic working.

Paradoxically, these same desires to wield this power also makes me crave a man not putting up with my bullshit, and deploying some of that "male magic" to strip me, caveman-haul me over his shoulder, spank me, and make me cum over and over again from his magical cock in my pussy and behind!

A second universe is the "Sissy Sort Universe". Here a government mandated test determines that some men are better suited to be women and so that is made to happen. Here is an example.

I often sissify my husband, and we both love it. I put him in stockings and suspender belt, panties, bra, schoolgirl skirt. I spank him and "make love to him" with my large strap-on dildo, mouth then ass. I make him eat cum like a good girl. I have sissified him in public even, taking him out lingerie shopping on numerous occasions described in this blog. Such a big blush I invariably get from him!

Don't I wish I could snap my fingers and magically make a temporary transition for him. Make him into a petite female with big boobs, a round spankable ass, and a very needy, hair-trigger pussy. Dress him up and take him out on the town. Seduce a couple of guys to fuck us in the same room at the same time.

I wrote a story along these lines with a pen-pal once: Sexcationing. It was a two-week vacation where you could also transport into a different body made to your specifications. I made David into just that, and I went into a muscular male body!

PF has another favourite Universe which is a variant on the above where laws have been passed requiring all post-pubescent males be locked in chastity. The CockSitters Club is a fine example of that.

The women feel a lot safer now! In this story, the wife needs to leave on an longer business trip and she decides to hire a professional cocksitter: an entrepreneurial young lady who started a business to provide this service. The man quickly learns that these girls are much sterner than his wife!

The most delicious part is how mature, older men, are believably made by these young women to completely humiliate themselves in hopes of an "assisted release" that just never seems to materialize.

PF also inspires others to write stories in this universe. He pointed us to a certain white_raven47 on literotica whose multi-part story I am following along with. It's about a Dad left with his shy daughter and her bolder and more dominant lesbian friend as keyholder: Daughter Holds the Keys. Good job white_raven47, keep it up!

So a big thank you from us PF. Keep writing those great stories and encouraging other budding writers and kinksters like me!