Friday, May 18

Daddy's Little Girl

I'm not ashamed to say that when I went looking for a husband, my daddy became my role model. I had a few relationships I'd sooner forget where the guy just didn't measure up. It took me until my late 20's to figure out that the character traits my daddy has is what I wanted in my husband as well.

Ever since I can remember, daddy told me I was smart, and pretty, could do anything I wanted in life, and that he loved me like crazy. Maybe it's corny, but to hear those words every day as you're growing up is so important. He said it so many times that I believed him. Even when I was at my lowest, I had confidence that everything would be all right in the end, and I feel I owe it to those important words.

Daddy can also fix anything. He has tools, and he knows how to use them. So many "meterosexual" men nowadays wouldn't know the business end of a hammer from the butt end! But beyond just being handy, daddy could also fix any problem I had at all. I was sure of it. I remember once having a run in at the school with an unfair teacher. I told daddy about it, and he said he could take care of it for me, or would I prefer to care of it for myself? I decided I would take care of the problem, but bolstered by the confidence that if I screwed it up, I knew my daddy had my back! Didn't need him that time. What do you know about that?

I'm the middle girl of three, and I remember always competing fiercely for my daddy's attention. I would throw myself onto his lap and hug and kiss him, just monopolize him so my sisters couldn't! Was there anything sexual about it? Freud would say yes, and for my part I would agree with him. Even today, I throw myself at him, and sometimes still insist on sitting in his lap. Any daddies out there, please do tell, do you get sexual feelings about your daughters in these situations? I imagine it would be hard not to sometimes.

It's liberating writing anonymously on my blog here, so I will hazard to say that sometimes I deliberately do things I know are sexual. Like wear a short skirt or a low cut blouse, and still play at being daddy's little girl. Or maybe brush against him with my breast. Or walk around in only T-shirt and panties when I'm overnight. I've always done it. It's a little thrill for me. Daddy seems to not notice at all. It drives my sisters crazy, though!

Does my daddy have any sexual thoughts about me? There is certainly no evidence of it. Would I care if he did? No. I sort of, kind of, would want him to, you know? I mean, suppose he and I were marooned, just the two of us, on an isolated island in the South Pacific, for like ten years. In my fantasy, I would offer myself to him. I know. I'm very wicked to have that fantasy and should not write about it like this!

But don't get me wrong. If you're a grown man who takes advantage of an underaged girl sexually, I think you should have your dick cut off and spend the rest of your miserable life in prison. I wanted to set that record straight! However, if you are a grown woman, in her late twenties at least, and calling the shots, you can fantasize about anything you want as far as I'm concerned, and I'd be the last person to get all judgy about it.

Of course, my daddy is a perfect gentleman. He treats us girls and especially my Mom with total respect always. He is so devoted as well. Mom had to unexpectedly spend some scary time in the hospital a while back, and you could not get Daddy away from her side.

On the question of discipline. Daddy never shirked on disciplining me when I needed it. That is very important in a good daddy! I was spanked a few times as a little girl. Never very many spanks from daddy (I once got a worse one from Mom!), just enough to make a point. After about 10 years old, spanking was gone and replaced by something much, much worse.

After 10 years old, if I acted up, daddy would take me to a different room, and explain to me all about the reasons for and importance of good manners, respect for others, and respect for myself. I had heard it all before. Many times! But daddy gave me the same lecture anyway, figuring I needed it.

I remember the worst part was feeling that daddy was disappointed in me, and might not love me anymore. He didn't need to spank me. I would have done anything to win back his approval and love! Thankfully, after the lecture was over, he would always hug me and tell me that he loved me, which I absolutely basked in, like a drink of water for a girl dying of thirst!

Believe me, compared to that, spanking is easy! In these situations, had I imagined that a spanking would have meant instant love and approval afterwards, I would have thrown myself across his lap, pulled down my own panties, and begged for my spanking!

That is why daddy's have such a big responsibility. Their daughters would do anything for that unconditional love. Don't you ever dare abuse that, you men!

I remember when I was around thirteen and we had a family visiting over at our summer cottage on the lake. They had a daughter my age with whom I got along quite well. She was acting up at the dinner table, and her father raised his voice and said "if you don't stop that, I'll... I'll take you to the parking lot and lock you in the car!" I remember she just looked at him and then literally laughed in his face. He was not going to lock her in the car. He ignored her bad behaviour after that. Even at that age my predominant emotion was what a pathetic father she had. I felt proud and lucky that my daddy would not have put up with any nonsense like that from me! I would have been removed from the table, given a lecturing during which I would have cried, and then been told I was well-loved and returned to the table. A repeat that night would have earned me another lecture, more tears, and a long timeout alone in my room. Though I must say that I wasn't that far removed from spanking-age to wonder if punishment might not include a well-deserved trip over my daddy's knee during timeout for the repeat offence; or even more fancifully imagine some very painful and publicly humiliating consequences had I dared to laugh in my father's face in front of everyone as she had done!

Daddy is a good provider. He is responsible and has always worked at important jobs. At one time he had the corner office and two secretaries! What do I think about a guy who can't get or hold a job? Who lets his lady bring home the bacon? Pathetic. If you're a guy like that, go get a job! Any job. You don't need to make more money than your lady, but you do need to do something. I would have total respect even if you worked at McDonalds as a janitor, I wouldn't care. Just be responsible!

And daddy can be dangerous! I was sixteen and just learning to drive. It was a busy highway in a complicated part. I got confused about what lane to be in, and inadvertently must have cut off this man. The traffic was at a dead stop and suddenly he gets out of his car, really angry, starts shouting at me in Italian and walking towards my car door. He didn't see daddy sitting in the back seat (Mom was beside me). Daddy rolled down the window, stuck his arm out, and yelled "Cretino!" in a deep basso voice. Well that man literally turned on his heels and scampered back to his car without saying another word! Ha Ha! Talk about feeling safe when my daddy is around!

My husband has many of the same characteristics as my daddy. He is also kind and nurturing, strong and courageous, handy around the house, respectful of women. Ok, and he likes to be put into panties and spanked.

What if I found out something like that about my daddy? What if he and Mom have a secret, and one day Mom were to tell me that daddy needs to be put into panties and spanked regularly for the sake of his mental health? Would I think less of him? Not a chance! What if Mom were to ask me to witness one of his spankings? Would I do that? Hells yes! In a heartbeat. In fact, I would even tell Mom that I am not unfamiliar with how to administer a sound spanking myself, and volunteer to lend a knee and do the deed myself. I would not lose even one ounce of respect for my daddy in the process.

All of this brings me to the quirky adventures of my fellow blogger, Marc, over ona now defunct blog called "From Vanilla To Kinky - Our FLR Journey". Marc describes a very "interesting" living situation, whereby he is kept bare in the company of his wife, their two grown daughters, and his mother-in-law. Recently he and his wife decided that his spankings, up to now delivered furtively  (but nonetheless, "the worst kept secret" as he describes it) would henceforth be delivered in plain view, with his grown daughters as potential witnesses should they happen to be around and choose to watch.

I know what you're thinking. All made up. Right?

For my part, I choose not to judge others' blogs like that. I take them at face value, if nothing else then for the entertainment value, and who knows what is true and what is not in cyberspace anyways? I know that my own situation is unbelievable as well. I would not have believed it a few months ago! But I know that I work hard at crafting my situations, in part because I get a thrill out of blogging about them. Yes, many are artificially manufactured, and what you read in my blog is not reflective of the fullness of my life with my husband, but just a slice of it, exaggerated in importance on this blog because I don't write about much else.

But for you doubting Thomases out there, Marc has sent me some photographic evidence of his exploits, and asked me to keep the pictures private to respect his wife's privacy. But the result is that I can vouch for at least some of what he says! So go on over and have a read and leave Marc a comment or two. You will all enjoy it. And remind yourself that some things are just too weird to be made up!

Monday, May 14

Shaved and Whipped for his Doctor's Visit

david's annual physical with my doctor is tomorrow. I thought I would prepare him properly for it. Ha Ha!

So what is it with men and doctors anyways? Before we got married he never went to see a doctor. He didn't even have a doctor. The last doctor to see him was his paediatrician.  Well I wasn't going to stand for that with my newlywed, so I consulted my doctor, Karen, and I made him his first appointment with her several years ago. He was hesitant, but I made him go. I even set up the exact time for his appointment and told him to go!

What's even funnier, and I swear I didn't know anything about his spanky tendencies at the time, but I made it a point of telling Karen that david's dad had a run in with prostate cancer (he is fine now, touch wood) and I wanted her to be sure to check him for that. As a result, he gets the PSA test and a digital prostate exam from my doctor once a year. He always maintained that, even beyond having a woman doctor, that her performing this procedure on him was very humiliating. I just told him to suck it up. Knowing what I know now, methinks he doth did protest too much!

This will be his first annual physical since I started spanking him, so I wanted to make it special for him.

I decided we would start by shaving him. First I got the clippers and buzzed him all over. I left hair on his legs, from mid-thigh down. I left a perfectly straight line all around his thighs. I enjoyed trimming him up like that. I sang a little song to myself as I did it. He was worried I would make him look ridiculous, as he was acutely aware of his approaching appointment with my doctor. No need for worry, I was going to make absolutely sure he was going to be made to look ridiculous. Ha Ha!

Then I took his shaving cream and razor to him. Once again, I was happy doing it. I had him lying on the bathroom floor on the towel, legs up high, as I finished him off. I made a point of shaving off all the nasty hairs on and around his privates, and right up in his ass crack. I also touched up the razor sharp mid-thigh line. The net effect was a bit like him wearing thigh-high stockings!

He told me he couldn't go see the doctor like that, and I told him he certainly could, and would! If she asks, I told him to blame me and say that I like him smooth like that, but that I allow him hair on his legs for the sake of the gym.

One thing Karen doesn't do is examine his penis and testicles. So it was a bit disappointing that she would not get to see my little baldy in all his nude glory. Shucks! I should have told her I was worried about testicular cancer as well.

He says she does the coughing thing for hernias, but that she doesn't grab his balls at all during that. She presses a finger somewhere else as he is made to cough. She does feel up his tits though, and always says that men need to check for breast cancer as well. Too funny!

My best solace is that he usually has a bit of hair on the back of his balls, in his ass crack, and on his butt. so perhaps she'll notice the sleeker version of david back there.

She may even thank me for it. But she will absolutely notice his thigh-high hair line. No way to miss that. Ha Ha!

I had him shower and use soap after his shaving. When he came out he was complaining of some discomfort, and I saw razor burn on his privates. Poor baby! It would get worse.

I didn't want to mark up his ass for his doctor's appointment. That's a little too risqué I thought. So since she wasn't going to be seeing his cock and balls, I thought I would give him a penis and ball whipping instead. Just for fun.

I took him over to the bed and got out my trusty nylon ropes. I spread his arms and tied them to either side of the headboard. Then I tied each of his ankles separately, and drew them back, spread-eagled, towards either side of the headboard as well, and tied them down. He was properly trussed up and his private parts made for a tempting target indeed.

This isn't exactly the position, but it was the closest I could find. You get the idea from the exposed cock and balls!

I own a little flogger that was part of a Halloween outfit. It's very light, but gives a good stingy whipping when properly wielded. Here is a photo of it, with one of david's cuter panties for scale.

I used that on him. Repeatedly. No need for concern. the flogger was not heavy enough to really hurt him in that way you boys don't seem to like getting hurt (most of you, anyways!). But the flogger tips did pack quite a sting. By the time I was done with him, his private parts were amusingly red. I'm not sure if it was from the razor burn or the whipping. Likely both.

If it's still hurting him tomorrow, he can ask his doctor to have a look.

Saturday, May 5

Trained in front of Sister

Did it! There's another notch in my belt! And better yet, david is still sulking. Lil' bitch. Ha Ha!

I set out david's first week's premature ejaculation training as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In a previous post, Training Time!, I described Monday's training session. Wednesday was similar, except I upped the ante and he had his bum violated by a dildo I belted around his ass to hold it in. Needless to say, he did not reach his 60 seconds without begging to stop, and he needed a clamping from my hand two times out of three. So he got spanked bright red and did pantied corner time. I also feigned anger and disappointment that he actually seemed to be moving backwards (though I think the invasion into his bumhole was a significant factor this time). I told him he could expect me to be stricter with him on Friday, but did not elaborate. As it happened, we skipped Friday and rescheduled for today (Saturday).

What was actually going to happen was that I would be having Sue over to watch him being trained as punishment for his lack of progress, but I thought I would keep that a surprise for him.

The dildo in his backside had such a good result that I wanted to go even further along those lines to be absolutely sure he would have an accident in front of Sue. So I went out shopping for a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. I had seen these things previously, and it stuck in my head. It was a fun shopping trip. I went by myself and had a nice chat with the salesgirl regarding the intended use of the device in my husband's bumhole. We had a nice little laugh over it, she and I. We picked a marvellous device. Could not be happier with it. My intent was that david would have this up his butt, and Sue would wield the controller from the couch.

He would blow his load for sure, and there would be a strapping as punishment which I am just dying to administer to him in front of my sister.

I was determined to not compromise a moment of this wonderful opportunity. In past situations I have always regretted not going far enough, mainly because I never have enough humiliating stuff planned out in advance, and when I'm ad-libbing, I'm not nearly as good. This time I made a list of the things that I wanted to make sure to get to with david, and it was a long list! If I don’t get to some of the things on it, so be it. But on the other hand, if I'm given half an opportunity I will get through my list. And my list has some nasty shit on it, let me tell you!

Sue came by this morning. He was surprised to see Sue at our house, especially as he knew we had postponed Premie Training until today. I took them both into the living room and we all sat down. I explained to david that I was disappointed in his backwards progress, and as punishment and additional motivation I have already told Sue about his premature ejaculation problem, and furthermore have asked her to lend a hand with his training today.

He whined somewhat, saying "Julieeee… no…" or some such noise I forget. Sue spoke up. She said that for my sake she was really disappointed to hear that he was an underperformer in bed, and maybe that helps to explain this spanking and panties thing he has. She explained that she once had sex with a man who blew his load a few seconds after penetration. She never went out with him again, and can’t see why any woman would. I had asked Sue to embarrass him during the scene, but oh my!

I stepped in and told david he should go up the bedroom, undress, and come back down, completely nude. I already had the usual equipment: hairbrush, lube, pink lacy panties; in a drawer in the living room. Plus his new toy as well, already unpacked, washed, and tested as functional.

I honestly thought he would put up more of a fuss over Sue's presence. Maybe even refuse outright, which would have been a buzzkill. I guess I have him pretty well trained! Ha Ha!

As he was upstairs, Sue and I arranged the living room to make more space in the middle. I put down his blue towel for him to stand on and, hopefully, mess on.

When he came down he was looking bashful. "Do we have to do this?" he whined, but I could tell by his tone of voice, and by his erect penis, that he wasn't going to rebel. I stood david on his towel, feet together, standing straight, hands at his sides, and Sue and I took a seat on the couch. "Tell Sue when you first knew you had a problem with premature ejaculation, david. You know, in high school." I told him.

You guys have already heard the story, but this was Sue's first hearing, and we provided some additional detail so please forgive me if I repeat myself.

He blushed but explained that he was on a date with a girl his age in grade 10 (second year of high school here) and they ended the evening in her basement, necking on her couch. He said she touched his penis over his pants, and he ejaculated. She knew right away because of his involuntary shudder, and because of the stain on his light summer pants. "You should go" is what she said, a bit angrily. He left and avoided her the rest of high school. He knows she told at least one other person, because she and a girlfriend were passing by him and the girlfriend said "Hi Speedy!" and giggled as he passed.

He didn’t offer all of this up straight away, but I knew the whole story, and prompted him until it was all out. Sue said he was lucky, because she would have told the whole cheerleading squad (yup - she was a cheerleader in high school - and yup, that did actually happen to some poor boy in her school, though not of her doing - talk about a punishment!)

While david had started out hard, telling his story took all the wind out of his sails, and likely for the first time ever, he was limp-dicked in front of Sue by the end.

I got up and got the lube, told him to put his hand out, and squirted some into his palm. "Get yourself hard." I told him.

david looked very pained by it all but hunched over a bit and did as he was told. He must have been so embarrassed to be rubbing his cock in front of my sister! As a matter of act, he wasn't making much progress. What a funny thing a guy's cock is. I wonder if he was embarrassed that he wasn't getting hard? You poor boys, criticized if you don’t get hard fast enough, and criticized if you blow your wad too soon. I feel for you.

"Grab your sac with your other hand, david," I said, "like you do when you jerk off in front of the computer."

He again looked sheepish, but grabbed his ball sac with his left hand and pulled it downwards, which is what he does when alone and masturbating (I walked in on him once in front of the computer doing that). "Pull it down harder, sweetie" I told him. "He likes masturbating like that." I told Sue.

"He still masturbates?" Asked Sue "I thought men outgrew that. No wonder he cums so fast." I told her I put the reins on it a few weeks back. Now he has to ask my permission before doing it, and I told her that I have Net Nanny so I can see what he is masturbating to. "In fact…" I said, and went to get my iPad out where I had stashed that picture. This is what he masturbated to last time. "No way!" Said Sue.

"It's worse." I said. I showed the picture to david.

J: david, when you masturbated to this picture, where were you looking?
d: at her backside
J: And do you imagine you’re the big strong man in the photo?
d: no
J: So who do you imagine you are in this photo?
d: nobody...
J: Liar! That's not what you told me. Now one more chance to tell the truth. Tell Sue who you imagine you are in this photo?
d: the girl

He said that rather piteously, rubbing his limp cock, and I looked at Sue and she looked at me with a big smile and a laugh.

J: Now look at the girl and imagine it's you. Keep rubbing yourself. Where's that big strong man taking you?
d: he's not taking me anywhere
J: Shut up and imagine you're the girl like I told you to. Now where is he taking YOU.
d: to bed
J: And what's he going to do when he gets you there?
d: give me a spanking
J: What will he use on your cute little ass?
d: just his hand
J: Yeah, he has a big strong hand. His hand would be like my paddle, wouldn’t it?
d: yes
J: Would he make you cry?
d: yes
J: And then what would happen?
d: I don’t know
J: He'd want to fuck you, wouldn't he?
d: yes
J: In the ass?
d: yes
J: and pussy?
d: yes

J: Would his cock stay hard a long long time as he did that
d: yes
J: And you’re not gay at all, right?
d: NO!

Sue and I laughed again. But mission accomplished. The photo had worked its magic, and david was hard as anything.

Time to start. I set my iPhone countdown timer. I poured more lube onto his cockshaft and tip, and said "Sixty Seconds. Go!"

I was standing beside david. Sue was sitting on the couch directly in front of him, curled up on it like a cat, watching him intently, and looking like the cat that ate the canary, or was about to! I tracked where david's eyes were looking: right down to the carpet in front of him. "Look at Sue, david. Don’t break eye contact."

Sue wiggled a bit on the couch and said "You can do it, david. It's only a minute." david moaned a bit. "C'mon, do yourself proud" she said. Sue hiked her knee-length skirt a little showing off some of her sexy thigh. "Ohhh!" david moaned. "david!" I said, and smacked his bottom once, "don’t you dare have thoughts about my sister!"

Sue was no help at all. She pursed her lips, ran her tongue around them, and played with the top button on her blouse. Ha Ha!

"I have to stop!" he said.

"Only five more seconds, david. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… DONE!"

"Very Good!" Sue said, and I echoed the sentiment. david was still shaking and wiggling, with his sexy glistening cock twitching as he squeezed his thighs together, hands glued to his sides.

"We better increase the challenge." I said.

"No!" begged david.

"Look, I bought a new toy for you, david." And I showed him the remote-controlled butt plug. "This goes up your backside, and it vibrates in there. Sue can control the strength of the vibrations from the couch with the remote."

"I'll cum!" pleaded david.

"No you won't!" I said, strictly.

"You better not." Sue added, "or you'll get Julie's strap, which, by the way, I think you deserve for being  a premature ejaculator."

I told him to bend over so I could get this thing into him. I remember he complained about that so I told him that's fine, if he's going to complain, then Sue can watch the penetration, and made him turn his bare butt towards Sue and then bend over. I told him to reach behind and hold his cheeks apart.

"You stay there and hold those cheeks apart while I give this a rinsing." In truth, I had already cleaned the thing, but when I saw how humiliated he was bending over like that, holding his cheeks apart while Sue watched from the couch, I decided to prolong the exposure of his little boy hole. After all, with a golden opportunity like this I was going to milk it for all that it was worth.

I got back and found him where I had left him. As he stayed bent over, spreading himself, I sat with Sue and we went over the various functions on the butt plug. She held it in her hand as we cycled through ten settings. Some were constant at various power levels, and other did cycles and pulsations. What must david have been thinking as we did that, sitting there talking about that, awaiting his penetration in front of Sue, forced to hold his cheeks wide like an eager ass slut awaiting Mistress's fat cock.

When we were done playing, I lubed the toy and started working it into him. As the widest part started going in I got some moans and groans from him, but his little hole is well-trained by now and opened up nicely to gobble up and suck in that butt plug! I pushed it in nice and deep for added security. "That's impressive," said Sue, "I'll bet that's not the first thing that's gone up there."

"Heavens no," I told her, standing david up and turning him around to face Sue once again. "david is often 'the woman' in bed. When I get in the mood, he gets himself a real long hard pounding up his bumhole with my strap on, don’t you dear?" As I said that, I gave his bare bum a patronizing slap.

"At least SOMEONE's getting some hard cock in this marriage." Added Sue. Priceless! She plays the game well.

As she sat there, she randomly pushed the buttons on the remote, and it was so funny because as she tried each one you could see the reaction on david's face and in his loins.

I reset my iPhone countdown timer again. I poured even more lube onto his cock, and again said "Sixty Seconds. Go!"

david reached for his cock and sac and started rubbing. I reached behind him and made sure the butt plug was in nice and deep, and slapped his ass playfully. Sue turned the vibrating butt plug on which got an amusing gasp out of david. "Look in Sue's eyes again, david. Don’t take your eyes off her." I warned.

"Bad little premie." I said as I slapped his butt.

"If you did that to me in high school, I would have spanked you on the spot for wetting yourself." Said Sue.

"I have to stop!" said david.

"That's only 30 seconds! You can hold on longer." I said.

"Are you really going to cum after only 30 seconds?" asked Sue

"Yes! Please may I stop?!" said david.

"Pathetic" said Sue

"Stop!" I said.

david stopped, put his hands at his sides, and squirmed up a storm.

"The vibrator!" begged david.

"What, this?" asked Sue, waving it in the air.

"I'm 'gonna cum. I need your hand Julie, please!"

I reached over and clamped his penis as he continued to squirm. I gave Sue a sign and she turned off the vibrator. He writhed all around my hand, but I had a very firm grip on him, and he wasn't going anywhere. But his circumcised cocktip was amusingly red and engorged with blood. "Look at that." I said to Sue, looking down at it. "Disgusting." Said Sue, but with a smile. I told him to put his hand in front and I released my grip on him. A few drops of pre-cum came out into his hand.

David had reached 45 seconds, but needed a clamping. "That's 60 minus 45 times 3 spanks because of the leakage. What is that, Sue?"

"45 spanks!" she said.

"Let's start again, david. Last time." I said. "Ready, Set, Go!"

Sue also turned the vibrator back on, and I made sure it was still firmly lodged up in him, while fondling his ass.

Sue was getting into the spirit of things and put on a sexy little kitten show for david. She undid a button and showed david a bit of bra strap and lace around the cup. She also hiked her skirt a little bit higher on her thigh. And then she gave a little moan and said "you 'gonna cum for me, david, you little premie you?"

"I need to stop!" said david.

So easy! "No! Control yourself. Don’t think of my sister like that!" I answered.

"I need to! I need to!" repeated david, as Sue cranked up the power on the vibrator. "Please. Please." He pleaded with me.

When I saw he was beyond the point of no-return I ordered him to stop and put his hands at his sides.

Urgently, he said "I need your hand, Julie!"

"You don’t get my hand for perving on my sister!"

As he stood there, nude, in the living room, hands pinned to his sides, it happened. His face contorted and he cried out, arcing a stream of cum from his cocktip.

Sue jumped off the couch in a panic. The cum did not reach that far, though, and fell only on the blue towel. The second spurt was less energetic, and the third and fourth just kind of oozed out.

"Ooooh!" I said.

"Disgusting!" added Sue, for the second time.

"Are you ever in for it now, mister!" I told him. I grabbed his hair and pushed him down on his hands and knees, and then I pushed his nose into his cum. "Bad premie!" I said, and whacked his ass as I smushed his nose into his cum puddles, like you would a bad puppy.

"Kneel there!" I told him, and went to get a spoon from the kitchen. Then using the spoon I scooped up all the cum I could, off the blue towel and off his face, and spoon-fed it to him telling him to hold it in his mouth and don’t dare spit it out or swallow it. "because you jizzed when you weren't supposed to, you're going to be punished holding that cum in your mouth!" I told him.

I got a wet dishrag and dry cloth from the kitchen and came back to clean him off. The cum on his face, the lube on his hands, cock, balls, and inner thighs. I stood him up and bent him over and ordered him again to hold his bum cheeks apart. I then slid the plug out. There was some mess on the tip of it, and I showed it to him and called him a dirty boy in front of Sue. "I need to wipe your ass. Stay like that!" I commanded him. Sue wrinkled her nose. I went to the bathroom and got some toilet paper to finish off the job. I had "wiping his dirty ass in front of Sue" on my list. Disgusting of me, I know, but oh so exquisitely humiliating for him. As I said before, this was my golden moment to shine!

"He blew his load with 20 seconds left, so I say we add another 80 to his spanking, and then he gets the strap." I said to Sue.

I carefully rolled up and got rid of the cummy blue towel and put the chair in the center of the living room and then got the hairbrush out from the drawer.

Sue was enjoying the show, but david looked like he was in a daze. Certainly he had nothing to say as his mouth was full of his own ejaculate.

"How much is that in total?" I asked Sue.

"45 before plus 80 now - that's 125 whacks!" Answered Sue, who was always so good at math. "And THEN the strap" she added. "Can I give him the 125?" Asked Sue.

"Of course! I'd appreciate it in fact, so that I'm fresh for the strap. You start in. Make them ALL hard ones. I'll go upstairs and get my strap." I said.

As I started towards the stairs I heard Sue call david across her knee and could hear her scolding him for not controlling himself. I lingered a bit out of sight listening to the scolding. I heard her make mention to him of being spanked holding cum in his mouth, and how he should be ashamed of himself, but how fitting it was, being spoon-fed his own premie cum by his long-suffering wife. She told him she knew he wanted to swallow it all down, like the slutty girl he is, but not to dare until I gave him my permission. I think Sue is learning fast from me! Then I started hearing that familiar wood on flesh sound, and little grunts from david. Those strokes sounded hard and fast to me!

I hurried upstairs to get the strap as I wanted to be back down before Sue had finished. I got back down in time to see the tail end of his spanking across my sister's knee. His ass and upper thighs were bright, bright red, and he was squirming and kicking across her knee, with that typical "mouth closed" screaming you hear in these situations. His eyes were wide, and there were beads of sweat and/or tears streaming down his face. One last hellacious volley of smacks low down across both his cheeks had him going rigid, planking across Sue's lap, marking the end of his spanking.

Sue literally pushed him off her lap and he tumbled onto the floor, clutching his hindquarters, breathing heavily through his nose and mewling like a baby.

"Good job!" I told her, genuinely impressed. That was likely harder than anything I had given him with that hairbrush.

"Now he gets the strap!" She said. My was she eager.

Sue and I adjusted the sofa to a better position. I picked up david by his ear and guided him across the back of it. I told him to spread his legs nice and wide for the strap. david's toes just barely touched the floor when he did that, and his cock and balls were dangling prominently between his legs. He seemed to have a lot of trouble breathing, with his stomach compressed like that, and using only his nose. So I had mercy on him. Besides, I wanted to hear him beg and carry on like a little girl as I strapped him. I grabbed his hair and lifted his head up and told him to swallow his cum, like a good slut. Sue watched him as he swallowed every last drop down. Cross another off the list!

I stood back with the strap, aimed low, and whipped it hard across his lower ass cheeks. "That's for cumming in front of my sister!" I told him. I aimed another stroke across the middle of his butt-cheeks and whipped hard. Both strokes seared him like a steak on a hot griddle, leaving perfectly rectangular strap marks. I gave him four more hard ones. He was truly suffering.

"Want to try?" I asked Sue.

"No. I like to watch you." She said.

I lined him up and continued strapping him another half dozen times or so. "How many strokes was that?" I asked Sue.

"About a dozen," she said.

"I'll give him another dozen." I said, and I heard david moan.

I took my time with these. Lining it up, fidgeting the strap a bit back and forth, and then striking full force with follow-through. I spared his thighs, as I didn’t want to get too close to his cock and balls. This wasn't the right position for a thigh strapping, and he hadn't earned himself a ball whipping. His ass was severely marked up, though, and I do mean severely! I never put my strap away until I am positive he has a renewed fear of it, but I was sure I had already reached that mark. He had lost all modesty by now, and was pleading and begging to be let off after each stroke. Kicking his legs and crying like a baby, and right in front of my sister.

For the last few I told him to look Sue in the eye. He had to strain his neck upwards to do that. I told him that after each strapping landed he needed to apologize to Sue for thinking naughty thoughts about her, for cumming in her presence, and for being a premie. I strapped his ass hard, and when he could talk again he did as was told, blubbering out his apologies, runny nose and teary eyes notwithstanding. He was done. Well-humiliated and certainly well-strapped.

I brought him his panties, and helped him on with them, and then sentenced him to fifteen minutes of hands-at-sides, panties-up corner time. As he went to his corner, I followed him and hiked up his panties, exposing more of his well-beaten lower ass cheeks.

Sue and I went to get a glass of water. We exchanged looks and smiles. "that was fun!" she whispered to me. "I think I need to go home and take care of something." She said. Ha Ha! She was super turned on, was my big sister! "That was an amazing strapping!" she said to me.

Before she left, she went over to david, still standing in the corner, patted his ass and told him that she was sure he would do better next time for me, and she hoped that she would not be needed to step in again.

"What do you say, david?" I asked.

"thank you, Sue." he said.

I kept david in his corner for the full fifteen. I thought he needed the time. When he came out we discussed the experience. I asked him his thoughts. He said that the worst part was that Sue knew about his premature ejaculation problem. After all that. After all the humiliations I put him through in front of my sister, after the anal penetration, the forced masturbation, the ejaculation, the cum in his mouth, the bumhole cleaning, the hard hairbrushing from Sue, and the butt-sizzling from me, that was what stood out for him!?!

He kept harping on the point and told me that I should have talked to him before telling her that. That it was a betrayal of trust. Yada yada yada. I was actually getting a bit angry. Here I put him through his super fantasy humiliation, and he can’t get off that one thing. I told him I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It was only my sister, and it was my decision what to tell her and what not to tell her. He can’t expect to behave like a subby slut in front of my sister and still dictate to me what I can and can’t share with her.

He said another thing was that he thought that the strap was reserved for when he really screwed up, for real.  I said. "But who's to say you didn’t really screw up, what with your premature ejaculation, and the ogling of my sister?"

My david is a bright boy, of course, and said that he knows I don't really care about his PE, and as for ogling my sister, I told him to look at her and she undid her blouse, and he's not gay after all… Ha Ha! Got me there on all counts. He asked me if it was ok if we stopped "the training" now, now that I had gotten what I wanted. Again. Smart boy! That's why I married him. And he knows me too well by now. I told him that yes, I had gotten what I wanted out of it and we could stop.

He is still a little sore at me for exposing his deep dark secret to my sister. I'm sure he'll just sulk for a day or two and then get over it. I promised to ask Sue not to tell anybody else (of course she wouldn’t) and not to tease him about it (not so sure on that count!).

All in all, I am proud of myself for making it all the way down my list of nasty humiliations to carry out in front of Sue without losing my nerve! Yeah me! Fortunately she had fun as well, and what a go-er! She is for sure just like me. Domme through and through. No doubt about it. So I need to give her a tremendous amount of credit as well. She is an amazing sister, and she and I are a lot closer since we started exploring and enjoying our secret life together at david's expense!

Wednesday, May 2

Sister is in!

Sue is all in for david's premie training! Yeah!

I told her about his premature ejaculation problem, and that I am currently in the process of mind fucking him with it by putting him through a bogus training regime as humiliation for him. I told her about the edging process I am putting him through. She actually giggled. She's as bad as me, and I thought only I was as bad as me!

I asked if she would like to considerably add to the mind-fuck by being invited to stay and watch one of his training sessions as "added motivation" for him.

Here was a bit of the ensuing conversation, best as I can reconstruct it:

S: Does he really have this problem?
J: Oh Yes.
S: And this is supposed to help him?
J: I doubt it.
S: So you are just playing with his mind?
J: Definitely.
S: Is he sensitive about it?
J: Oh Yes. Very.
S: Should we be doing this?
J: Absolutely
S: Is he going to like it?
J: Not at all.
S: Then we shouldn't do it, Julie.
J: He needs shit like this in his life.
S: For real?
J: Definitely for real.
S: You're sure?
J: Yes I'm sure.
S: Ok. Sounds like fun!
J: But you need to play it up for real. And really tease him about it.
S: Tease your husband about his premature ejaculation problem?
J: Yes. Totally own him.
S: Ok...


I warned her that he might leak from his penis or even all out ejaculate in front of her. She said that's not a problem at all. She said it would be fun to watch him spurt and she was expecting it before now. I was confused and asked her how that jibes with her no sex policy. She reminded me that when we discussed the rules, we actually discussed exactly this, and it was fine. It's not sex. It's a guy jerking off. It's funny.

I was sure we hadn't discussed this, so after our conversation I looked back on the rules which I had documented at the time here on my blog, and she is absolutely right. We must have discussed it because there it is in black and white, but I have no recollection at all of discussing it in that much detail. My mistake. A good one for once!

So she is all in, and david is heading for a Royal Cock Up The Ass Mind Fuck!!!!

When Sue is there, I will have something large up his bum and let's see him last his minute under those circumstances! Not a chance. I will be slow to grab his cock and then he will get a strapping in front of Sue and I will even be asking Sue to give him the strap as well.

One of the other mind fucks I am planning is to expose his porn viewing habits to Sue at the same time.

As you know, I have been running Net Nanny lately to let me see what david has been surfing. I have noticed that he is partial to, get this, femsub Tumblr sites! There is one image he lingered on that I am definitely going to be using against him.

I confronted david regarding this one, and he admitted masturbating to it. I asked if he imagines he is the strong man dominating a woman, and if so I might need to forcefully remind him who does the spanking in our relationship!

He told me that no, when  he looks at that image, he imagines he is the young lady, draped helplessly over her dominant's shoulder, no doubt being hauled away for a severe hand spanking followed by an ass reaming into that exposed hole of hers.

He says he likes looking at submissive females because they are nicer to look at, and always look a lot more submissive than photos of guys in those positions. He says that if he fixates on a male sub in a photo than he feels a bit gay, and that turns him off because he claims to not go that way at all.

But I can only look at the picture above, and wonder that if he empathises with the girl, then surely he is imagining being hauled away and spanked by the big strong man, and if that is not gay, I don't know what is!

I asked him if I should find a gay man who looked like that to dominate him. I told him I would certainly enjoy that, and enjoy watching his red bum get well-sodomized to boot! He was adamant that he wants no part of that. That it does not turn him on at all. It would be beyond the limits of what we do.

I will back off on that, but looking at that picture, I still wonder...

So I will use that photo when I train him in front of Sue, as a sexual aid for him. I will be sure to let her know that he specially selected that image, amongst hundreds of candidates on the tumblr site, to jerk off to. Imagine the teasing possibilities!

Also, just out of interest, what do you guys think it says about my "man" that he jerks off to that picture?

Tuesday, May 1

Training Time!

True to my word, I put david through his paces today.

I called out to him: "david! Time for your first premie training!"

"Awwww!" he said.

Ignoring him, I told him to undress and come down to the living room. He asked why the living room? couldn't we just do it in the bedroom? I told him the bedroom is a place for fun sex, not for training. We needed a different room and the living room would do fine. He's always worried that somebody might see him when he's in the living room because of the large picture windows. Nobody is near us, so it's unlikely, though certainly not impossible. I was not concerned, anyways.

"But I might make a mess down there..." he complained. I told him there will be no "messes". But just to be sure I would put a towel down on the floor for him to stand on.

I got a dark blue towel and put it down in the middle of the living room. Eventually he will blow a load, I am sure of it, ideally when Sue is there to see it, and I want his spunk to stand out against the dark blue background for the added shame factor.

I set up my folding chair and placed it right beside the towel. I also had my hairbrush, some lube, and my iPhone with a timer app on it. I also had an extra item that I kept hidden, but thought I would use later to humiliate him further.

david came down bare as a baby and looking quite sheepish. I had him stand on one end of the towel and I told him not to move from that spot.

I then instructed him as follows. "Ok baby, the whole idea is for you to rub yourself and last longer and longer each time. Today I want you to last one minute, three times in a row. If you need to stop, you ask my permission, ok? If I give you permission, then you can stop, but you'll get a good hairbrushing to your rear-end afterwards. If you need me to clamp your cock, you need to ask me that also, ok? Next time we'll go longer."

I then dribbled lube over his penis and hand and told him to grab it in one hand, and his balls in the other. I have seen him masturbate before and I know he favours tugging on his balls as he rubs his penis. "Make it hard first" I told him. He started rubbing himself gently.

When he was hard, I started the one-minute countdown timer and said "Go! Faster and harder, baby. It's useless if you don't get close each time." He sped up. Boy can his hand ever move fast when he wants it to. It was like greased lightning!

The timer went off with a big "BONG!" He made it!

"Good boy! I'm so proud of you! Is my little premie turning into a big strong man? Why can't you last that long when you're in my pussy? Can you do that again for Mommy?" I asked him.

He blushed and nodded.

I started the timer again and said "Go!" This time, as he was rubbing, I gave him a little spank on his cute wiggly backside.

"Oh no don't!" he said, but kept rubbing.

I continued spanking him very lightly all over his bottom despite his girlish protests. About 30 seconds in it came: "I need to stop."

"Keep rubbing."  I told him.

"No, please! I really need to stop. Please!"

"Stop! Hands at your sides!" I said.

he immediately put his hands at his sides and wiggled up a storm, squeezing his legs together and hunching over.

"Do you need my hand?" I asked him.

"No. I don't think so." he said as he relaxed a bit.

"Ok, you were about 20 seconds shy that time. That's 20 spanks. Are you ready for number three?" I asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered.

I put some more lube on his hand, and started him going again. This time I walked in front of him and told him "Look at me!" As his eyes came up to mine I started slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse. I had a lacy bra on. I grabbed my tit and shoved it out towards him. I then peeled my bra back and let him see my left nipple. I moved it towards him and squeezed it just in front of his face.

"Oh! Oh!" he said. How gratifying my boy still gets turned on by something as simple as my bare breast, even after all that porn he looks at on the Internet.

"I think I might need to stop." he suggested.

"Not yet!" I told him, "that's just 30 seconds. Keep going. Imagine you're banging my cunt hard like a real man and ..."

"No! Please! I NEED to stop!"

I love the begging most of all.

"Stop. Hands at your sides!"

I could see a drop of pre-cum oozing from his tip.

I didn't want him to cum this first time!

"Do you need my hand?" I asked urgently.

"YES!" he said between clenched teeth.

I grabbed his cock hard around its base. He spasmed in my hand and yelled out. He seemed in a bit of pain. But nothing more came out the tip.

"Will something come out if I let go?" I asked.

"I think so..." he said.

"Put your hand in front to catch it."

I let the pressure off, and a bit of a mix of clear and milky cum oozed out from the tip into his waiting hand.

"Not impressive." I told him.

"Sorry..." he said.

"I won't give you the strap this time," I told him, "because it wasn't a real ejaculation. But that was very close. If I hadn't been fast enough you would have cum all over my living room and then you would have been bent over the back of that sofa bare-assed and balls out and had your legs and ass strapped black and blue. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am." he repeated, still holding his pre-jizz in his hand.

"We'll call that 20 seconds shy again, but I'm tripling it because of your leaky cock. Any complaints?"

"No Ma'am," he said.

"Put that in your mouth and hold it in there. I'll make you spit it out into the sink after your spanking, and if I don't see cum in your spit, you'll get another spanking."

I went to the kitchen to get a washcloth. I came back and cleaned the lube and whatever else off his hands, penis, balls, and between his legs.  He stood there not saying a word, holding his mouthful.

Then I sat on the chair and pulled him across my lap for his hairbrush spanking. There was no warm-up at all. I gave him his 80 spanks hard but taking my time, reddening his ass quite thoroughly. Some of the spanks would have made him yell, but with his mouth holding tightly onto his mess it only came out as a muffled scream. I have learned how to spank hard with that hairbrush, and in sensitive places.

As I spanked I scolded him for being a bad boy. A bad premie. Not a real man at all. Not able to use his cock properly to please a woman. That's why you're being spanked like a little boy, I told him, across my knee like a child. A real man wouldn't let his wife spank him like this. A real man would throw his woman across his knee and spank the shit out of her. But you're not a real man, are you? You're more like the woman in this relationship, aren't you?

"mmmph..." he said, unable to speak with his mouth closed.

"Oh swallow that down!" I said impatiently.

He gulped and swallowed and then said "no..."

I thought that was ironic, given he had just swallowed a mouthful of jizz.

"Oh YES you are the woman!" I said. "And you better admit it if you want this spanking to EVER end. Now who is the woman in this relationship?"

"you are," he said defiantly. What a brat! Brat wants her little bottom paddled I guess.

I started spanking very hard and very fast, including really hard ones to the backs of his thighs.

"I am! I am! I am!" he said.

I paused my spanking.  "You are what?" I asked.

"I am the woman in our relationship!" he finally blurted out.

"Say it in a nice womanly high-pitched voice." I demanded, rubbing the hard wood around on his beaten-up bum-cheeks.

"I am the woman in our relationship." he repeated an octave higher. Ha Ha!

"Stand up." I told him, stopping his punishment. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of lacy pink panties. "Put these on, woman." I ordered him.

He grabbed the panties and pulled them up his legs. I've made him wear panties before, but this time he looked like he was going to cry.

I took him by the ear and led him to the corner, pushing his nose deeply into it. "Ten minutes in your panties, hands at our sides. No rubbing. No touching yourself. Think about why you're being punished tonight, and why you're standing there in panties. Think about how you're going to do better next time."

I was very stern with him. I am good at that when I want to be.

After his time was up I went to get him and give him a big hug. I acted very happy, and very grateful that he had agreed to is training. I told him that I hoped I was not too hard on him with the humiliation talk and that he did not take it in a mean way. It was just part of the training program the women on the discussion forum advocated.

"Maybe we could skip that part next time?" he suggested.

"Did I hurt your feelings, baby?" I asked.

"A little, yeah." He answered.

"It's just part of the training. Don't take it so seriously! I think it's an important part. Next time you'll know I'm not serious about it. I'm just trying to help you is all. Ok?"

"I guess so." he said.

"And I thought training you was super hot!" I added. "It made me horny. Now take me upstairs and ravish me with your tounge, baby! I know you're a real man when it comes to that!"

And you know what? He was.