Wednesday, March 29

Spanked, Fondled, and Fucked

So many spankings... what to write about? On david's fitness front I got him a new trainer. This time a vanilla one from an agency. Young and cute and very knowledgeable and professional. I'll treat him like a child in front of her and we'll see where that goes. Ha ha!

But david has been doing pretty well on his diet, so the other day I allowed him to have his way with me as he chose. As a result I got spanked, fondled, and fucked.

He made me take off every stitch of my clothing as he sat there and watched. He made me put my hands on top of my head and do a slow spin for him. Completely bare!

He told me to bend over with my ass towards him, and show him my bottom hole. You guys are sick! I needed to reach behind myself and spread my cheeks before he was satisfied.

He gave me the choice of ass or pussy for my fucking. I chose pussy. Hey... if given the choice.

He made my put my hands on my knees as I bent over. My breasts dangled. He grabbed them in a very rough manner with his hands. Fondled them to the point of abuse! Twisted my nipples. Slapped them even as they dangled there. I hate when they dangle like that, like a milk cow.

I stayed bent over as he got a light flogger out. He flogged me! He made me stay bent over. Bend over more in fact. Spread my legs, grab my own ankles, and then he flogged me. It was on my ass but not just on my ass!!!! The tips of the flogger flogged my pussy, my asshole. He even flogged upwards, wrapping the flogger around to my pubis and my lower abdomen! The cad. I got so wet.

He then took me across his knee and gave me a jolly good spanking!

What's a naked girl to do in this position except to kick her legs and beg, which I did. He kept me across his knee for a good long time and really reddened my tender little bottom. He's developped a habit of cupping his fingers and slapping my near cheek so that his fingers whip into my asshole and my pussy. When I complained he went back to smacking my cheeks, but really hard. He asked me if I was sure I didn't want it gentler, but on my pussy. I oped for the pussy! He made me spread my legs and he spanked my pussy more directly. Lightly. I was dripping wet.

When I was well-spanked he put me on my knees in front of him, and I was required to suck him. I had to do it. It was his reward. He was allowed to have his way with me anyway he chose. 10 pounds of weight loss to-date earns him that privilege.

He stopped me before he came. He put me on all fours on the bed and entered me from behind.

I know how she feels...
He pulled me into him from the hips and roughly pumped into my cunt until he came.

He thanked me for his use of me, and made me go to bed with a cummy pussy and no relief! I had to wash the sheets myself next day. I was embarrassed to leave them for the cleaning lady.

Not to worry, I got my revenge on him soon enough. That's another story. But meanwhile, I am enjoying my trimmed down more muscular man. And so he got to enjoy his woman, anyway he wanted to that evening...

Friday, March 10

Husband's Weight Loss Update

It's now past a month from since I again took charge of my husband's diet. He's struggling. He has lost a total of, drum roll please, 2 whole pounds in a month. fizzle.

He was very close, 3 lbs, to suffering the ultimate indignity of enduring a bra and panty spanking across another man's knee. You think he would have tried harder to avoid this?

I would have loved to have sat with Tracy and seen him upended across John's knee, have his panties lowered, and then spanked to tears. Hand only. No safewords. I would have followed it up with a very public ass fucking for him, right in front of John and Tracy.

Don't think I wouldn't have.

Oh well. Not to be this month. Here's hoping for his sake that he hits his stride.

As it was, he was on the receiving end of four pretty harsh spankings, with another coming soon.

The ritual has been once a week, and starts with a nude weigh-in.

I have him stand there like that while I look at his food app. The problem is obvious. He's having a hard time limiting himself to his set number of calories. He's always just a little bit over. As a result, his progress has been negligable.

And I really don't get it. He has every motivation in the world to do better. He would get fun sex, get to spank me, get a good boy spanking from me with orgasm. But no. Week after week after week it's a harsh spanking from me, a full hour of corner time, another spanking, an hour's worth of lines, and then another spanking. I've standardized on a paddling for the first, a strapping for the second, and a caning or switching for the third.

I've been giving it to him harder and harder each week. And he appears to be scared of his weigh-ins. The full hour of boring corner time he hates. He hates writing lines for me as well.

Next time the paddling will be longer and harder; the corner-time will be butt-plugged; the strapping will be stricter with more strokes; the line writing will be bare-assed on a hard wooden chair sitting on his dildo; and the final punishment will be with my Delrin cane and he will NOT be sitting the next day. I fucking DARE him to not lose a pound a week after that. I DARE him!

After that, I suppose I will start inviting guests to see his weigh-ins.

I WILL motivate him!

Wednesday, March 1

Wife Spanked By Husband

As I alluded to, since I got my spanking from John I figured it was only fair that my husband get to spank my bottom as well.

David has always had an interest in spanking me, from the very first. In fact, before he asked me if I would spank him, he first asked if he could spank me, and I refused. But since then, I have worked my way around to it, and felt I needed to share this with my husband.

It was soon after the first time John spanked me, as recounted in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3). John is not even my husband and he got to do that. In fact, I even egged him on and got a FOR REAL hand spanking over his knee. Ouch! This was me during my spanking from John.

Even after my bottom was in this state, he went on to pin my hand to my side, and spanked me until I was one very sorry little red bottomed girl begging for her spanking to be over. His wife smirked at me and took photos from over his shoulder. This is what that man saw as I was bent high over his knees.

And this was what I allowed to happen afterwards as a result...

Yes, a very long and hard fucking, even having to endure his creaming at the end. I was so excited! I had never "cheated" on my husband before!!! It wasn't really cheating, as it was done with his full permission and even encouragement. And John's wife supervised my fucking, even insisting on his full ejaculation deep in my vagina. But it felt like it was cheating. And it felt good!

I needed to right the balance, and in the previous blog post,  David's Treat, I described how he was allowed to fuck John's wife, including creaming her pussy.

Prior to that, though, my husband gave me my first real Wife Spanking!

I went up to him and said, "I've been a bad girl..."

"Oh?" he said, with a smile on his face, "How's that?"

"I let another man give me a spanking," I said, in a pouty little girl voice. "A really really hard one with his hand across his knee on my bare bottom, but I've never even asked my very own husband to do that to me."

"And is that what you want now, a good hard hand spanking from me?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy," I said. "And there's one more thing..."

"Tell me," he said.

"That man who spanked me? I also let him fuck me. Fuck me real hard. Fuck me like a nasty little slut when I don't even belong to him. I think I need an extra hard spanking for that, Daddy."

"I see," he said. "You know you're going to get exactly what you ask for?"

"I know..." I said.

"And afterwards I'm bending you over for a fucking," he said.

"Yes Daddy."

"in your bottom hole."

"Oh... yes Daddy."

"And then I'm going to use my tongue on you until you scream for mercy, young lady."

"Oh YES Daddy!"

There was no more talk after that. He took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom where he undressed me to bare naked. He sat on the side of the bed and pulled me across his knee. He was very masterful! He started rubbing my ass. He told me, "you may say Yellow and Red. Anything else out of your mouth and you get it harder."

"Yes Sir"

And then he started spanking me! He was a very good spanker. He spanked me nicely down low on my lower bottom cheeks. He started off at just the right speed and strength, and then I could feel it going harder. I decided to test what he had said.

"Please, no, Daddy! It hurts!"

"Spankings are meant to hurt, young lady!"

And then he started spanking me harder!!!! I guess he was serious.

It was nice getting a spanking from my David!!!!! I fell into my submissive state of mind and fantasized I was a bad girl getting spanked by her Daddy.

Before too long, I was at my breaking point! "Yellow Daddy!" I yelled out.

He immediately let up on the intensity, but kept spanking me.

"Do you know what's coming next?" he asked me.

"Yes Daddy," I said.

"What's coming next? Use your words," he said.

"A fucking?"

I got a big slap across my ass. SLAP! "What kind of a fucking?" he persisted.

"The kind that a naughty, cheating, slutty wife deserves?" I answered.

SLAP! "Well yes, and what kind of a fucking is that?" SLAP!

"An ass fucking, Sir!"

SLAP! "Correct."

I then felt him leaning over, with me still across his lap, and opening up the bedside drawer. He was getting the lube! I felt him parting my ass cheeks and dribbling the lube between them. He started rubbing the lube into my asshole, poking his finger in and out.

This development was not unanticipated. We had in fact discussed our scene the night before while cuddling in bed. I had asked for a good hard hand spanking across his knee followed by an ass fucking and then a licking. I do like to communicate clearly so there is no misunderstanding!

He started giving me a finger fucking up my bottom. He started slowly, but even one of his fingers felt big! He used plenty of lube and increased the intensity.

As he did this, his little finger also rubbed my pussy.

He then made me stand up and had me get on my hands and knees on the bed with my ass in the air. He took off his clothes and then came up behind me. I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my asshole. He gently pushed forwards. I breathed hard in and out until his cocktip passed the entrance. He grabbed my hips and began gently fucking me in the ass!

It was not very long, but I remember thinking "I am such a dirty slut!" over and over again in my head as I endured it.

"I'm such a naughty wife," I told him. "Please fuck me in the ass. Teach me my lesson!"

"Oh yeah. You're learning your lesson now, aren't you, bitch?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Who owns this ass?"

"You do Sir!"

"Oh yes I do... and I'm teaching you... teaching you... Ohhhhh!"

And with that he yelled out and came deep up my asshole!

Afterwards he pulled out, and we both went into the shower together and washed one another off. He then escorted me back to bed and licked my pussy until I came... several times!

It wouldn't turn into a regular thing, but every now and then it's nice to switch things up. My butt was sore the next morning. Ha ha!