Friday, May 24

david shows off his bum toys for my sister

Had a fun little happening with david the other day. I had my sister over and we had david put on a wriggly little bum show for us, and then I did something very naughty, but more on that later...

We were chatting, Sue and I, and we got a bit bored and decided we should do something with david as we had not had any together fun with him for a little while now. I asked Sue if she would like to see david wriggle like a little slut? Of course she did!

I explained to Sue how david enjoys vibrating things up his butt, and how he tends to moan like a little slut when he gets them shoved up there and turned on. I offered her a demonstration. david was there as we decided all this, but had no say in the matter, naturally.

I told david to go upstairs and get himself prepared for some anal play, and then to come back down to us buck naked.

Sue and I cleared away the coffee table, and I put a couple of throw pillows in the middle of the living room floor. Then I put a towel down over them and fetched david's bum toys, some lube, and my strap.

david came down to us totally nude. It increases david's shame to present himself to us with his hands covering his privates and then for me to "make him" put them at his sides. True to form, david came down just like that, and I accommodated him, my little shame artist. And my goodness if he wasn't already sporting a big erection, for which I took him across my knee for a little nursery spanking with my hand, scolding him for his lack of control. Sue just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Then I  had him lay face down onto the towel over the pillows. I had him spread his legs, fished for his erection (just like for leighanne from my last blog post), and pulled it out between his legs which I had him spread for us.

I dribbled lube onto his hard cock and rubbed it in a bit. That got him moaning already!

Then I lubed his butt hole, and stuck in this first little vibrator.

It's rechargeable and has a little button that you push to make it vibrate. Quite strongly. It's designed to stimulate his prostate when it's in to the hilt. I stuck it up there and turned it on. He moaned again.

Now, david is quite capable of remaining perfectly still and quiet with these toys up inside him, but that's no fun. He really does feel like moaning like a little slut, and so I told him he needed to put on a moany little show for Sue and I. To emphasise my point I gave him ten hard licks across his lower bum and upper thighs with my strap. Then as a bit of an added incentive I told him that Sue would get to decide if he was allowed to cum at the end of it all, and she would decide based on how good a little moaner he was. I reminded him that Sue was used to real girls moaning in this position and that he had therefore better moan like the best of her girls to impress her.

I gave him a few slaps for encouragement, and told him to go on, to not hold back, but to make his little moans genuine, not forced.

Well he started grinding the pillows, clenching and unclenching his ass cheeks, and, of course, moaning. They seemed genuine to us, and just like a submissive girl might moan when penetrated by her lover's strap-on dildo.

Sue came over off the couch and knelt to one side of him, and gave him a little bum smacking of her own with her hand. She even briefly stroked his lubed penis and wondered aloud if he would be allowed to cum.

Once I had my fun with that toy, I pulled it out and got my Hitachi ready!

The Hitachi is my favourite toy to use on myself (though without that attachment on the end!). It plugs into the wall and is extremely powerful. The attachment is again designed to stimulate his prostate. For you gals who don't know, a boy's prostate is on the cock side of his bumhole, an inch or two inside. So you want to make sure the toy curves up into that area.

Unfortunately, we had to pause to move everything over to get closer to the electrical plug! But once that was taken care of, I shoved the Hitachi with the prostate attachment up his ass and flipped it onto low first, and then onto high a few seconds later. Now he was really moaning! My little bum slut. Moaning and humping like a complete and total little bum slut bitch and it was turning me on! Especially because Sue was there watching him lose all dignity!

It was, apparently turning him on too, because his cock started leaking clear fluid. Ewwwww!!!

Fearing that poor david would take the cum / no-cum decision out of Sue's hands, I shut down the Hitachi and slid it out.

I told Sue that after he's had the Hitachi, he gets real loose back there. Loose as a Goose! To demonstrate, I took Adam in hand.

david consistently has trouble accommodating Adam, and it seemed we might have a bit of trouble this time also, but after an initial rejection, he opened up like a little flower and sucked Adam right in.

I gave him a hand fucking with Adam, and then Sue grabbed it and took over! As she gave him his ass fucking, I teasingly stroked his cock and we were treated to another dose of fanny wriggling, sluttish moans, and begging for us not to stop. I am pretty good at judging how much I can touch him and get away with given the circumstances, and it was not very much this time! Especially as Sue was working that dildo, pulling it almost all the way out, and then slowly pushing it all the way back in with a twisting action right up to the hilt, and repeating. She even pulled out once or twice and had to reinsert, which was surprisingly easy as his bumhole was really gaping open by this time.

I took it from her gently and pushed it all the way in, then asked her if she would like to give him his strapping? Being invited to strap my husband is the "main event" for Sue and I knew it, and she accepted immediately. I handed her the strap and moved to his head, kneeling in front of him and clamping either side of his head with my thighs, letting my skirt cover him up. david first rearranged his cock and balls to hide them (a wise precaution given how exposed they were to the strap!), and then reached his hands forward and grabbed my ankles gently.

Sue knelt beside david, measured up the distance, and laid the strap hard and low across his cheeks. Every now and then she targeted the base of the dildo, and we got an extra jolt out of david's body each time the strap landed there. You could tell that she eased up a bit when she strapped the base of the dildo, and went much harder when she targeted above and below.

david absorbed about 50 or so strappings across his seat and and the crease joining upper thighs to bum. And was probably "strap fucked" as I like to say about a dozen or so times during that. He was whimpering and clutching me more tightly as it went on. Sue was giving it a good swing. He became very, very red!

After Sue felt he had had enough, I released him and made him roll over with Adam still buried up there. He was limp, sweaty, and there were some little tears in his eyes. Awwwwww! But he looked happy nonetheless. Though by "limp" I do mean "limp" all over. Sue had strapped the sexiness out of him for the time being.

Sue declared that he has taken his strapping very well, and that he had moaned like a proper little slut during his delightful bum show, and that he was allowed to ejaculate as far as she was concerned if he was able to after that strapping.

This had all made me extremely horny, especially him struggling and whimpering beneath my skirt, so close to my pussy!

I had a "what the fuck" moment. I slipped off my panties and knelt on his face. I told him he could rub his cock and cum, provided he kept his tongue busy cleaning out my asshole. My skirt was covering up all the action so Sue couldn't see, but I made up for it by giving him explicit instructions such as "lick it, baby. Lick it good. All around. up and down. Shove it in deep. Clean me out you little slut!" It was wild talking dirty like this in front of Sue. She had never really seen this side of me, fortunately she looked more amused than anything else.

I grabbed the lube and squirted it on his cock, and then david started rubbing his initially limp dick. It wasn't limp for long! Sue was on the other end of him, watching him masturbate and smiling at me indulgently (twisted little kinky sister that I am!). She absent-mindedly stroked his knee and lower leg, which david said later reminded him she was there and watching and was a major turn on for him.

It didn't take too long, and david shot a nice geyser of sperm straight up into the air as he urgently buried his tongue deep up into my asshole. He held his cock nice and upright so it shot straight up and then straight down again. How thoughtful. And my but it was a big load! I 'kinda came during that as well, a little bit, but I kept it more or less under wraps. I can actually cum from just having my asshole licked, which is fun. I might have touched myself a little through my skirt as well. Just a little.

Being forced to lick his wife's asshole in front of his sister-in-law is definitely a new humiliation for david. And Sue won't let him forget it either. he got a few "good little ass licker" comments from her as the evening wore on.

After he was spent, I got up and went to the kitchen to get a tablespoon. All of you readers know my household rule by now. Whatever david spurts he must take into his mouth and swallow. Even if that means a humiliating spoon-feeding in front of company. And that is exactly what he got: several spoonfuls of cum liberally mixed with lube, the poor baby, followed by a great big, trampy swallow while on his knees.

What a terrible little slut I have!