Wednesday, March 31

Yearning for Cock

I was feeling the need to peg my husband long, hard and deep. I wanted to use my biggest dildo, but I didn't want it to be punitive. I wanted to make him eager for it. So I gave him a very extended massage beforehand, incorporating a lot of anal play and gentle anal stretching to get him ready for me. Then I fucked him beautifully. He told me afterwards that by the time I bent him over, he yearned to be filled (yes, like a girl does). Let me tell you about the experience. Highly recommended!

I went up to him in the evening and said, "I want to fuck you tonight with my strap-on, but I want to warm you up first with a nice long massage. Ok?"

He was, predictably, fine with it! 😊

We have a massage table we lay out in the bedroom for just such occasions, and I had already prepared it, anticipating his positive response. I sent him to the bathroom to "clean himself out" while I prepared the last minute touches. Turned on the soft spa music from Spotify, dimmed the lights, lit the candles, lit the incense, heated the massage oil, arranged the toys. He came out of the bathroom and I directed him to lie on his back on the massage table under the drape.

I undraped his chest and tummy and started at his chest and rubbed his muscles there pushing both hands down towards his abdomen as I went. I stayed there for maybe five minutes. Then I moved to his legs and started stroking upwards on each of them in turn, towards his genitals but not touching them yet. I could tell through the drape that he had become semi-hard by now.

I then let my hands wander to his cock and his balls and rubbed them directly under the drape. He moaned at that and hardened completely. I left him with a big tent to revisit his chest and his legs, and his face a bit, and then returned there. I whispered in his ear, "bend your knees". He bent them. I removed his drape, exposing him completely.

I got the lube and I lubed my fingers and rubbed the lube into his back passage. I used both index fingers and thumbs to massage all around the anal area without going in. Just massaging, stretching, pulling, and so on. Total tender-loving care for his cute little bottom hole.

I then moved on to gentle digital penetration. I did this with the fingers of one hand while I stroked his cock with my other. He moaned in pleasure as I penetrated him with first one, then two fingers.

Keeping him on his back like that, I started in with my sequence of bottom toys.

I went to insert a black butt plug. I have three sizes and started with the smallest.

It slid in easily after all that preparatory massage and digital penetration. Once in, I again massaged all around his anal area underneath the plug's base, using my thumbs from time-to-time to push it in deeper. I slipped out the small and inserted the medium and did the same again. The largest is a little bit wider than my large cock, Adam, so I was going to reserve it for last. The medium plug kept popping out a little and I kept pushing it back and holding it there as I massaged. These things pop up when his sphincter is still tight. Once it relaxes, they stay put. Pretty soon he had accepted his medium butt plug and it was staying lodged in deep.

I had him lower his legs so that the plug was nicely  pushed into him by the table and paid some gentle attention to his super-hard cock.

I had him turn face down on the massage table. I kept that medium plug in there, wiggling it every now and then and easing it deeper, while massaging his neck, his back, and his legs. I went to pull out the medium butt plug, and inserted in its place the smaller purple dildo.

I used a reciprocating in and out motion (i.e., "fucking") and pushed this dildo in deeper than the butt plug could access. He winced a bit as I pushed into a clenched area deeper up his passage, the analogue of what women call their "cervix" (didja know, when a cock is hitting our cervix, it's actually not? It's apparently not really anatomically possible and what we are feeling is just muscles clenching up deeper in, so just like a guy with a longer dildo - I think - am no expert!).

I pushed the thin dildo in deep and left it there as I massaged him some more. After a while, it too stayed put, deep up inside of him.

Next I removed his dildo and looked. His bottom hole stayed gaping at almost the diameter of that thin dildo when I removed it. I had him lift a bit and I pulled his penis and testicles out between his thighs and then made him clamp his thighs together so I could access them as I massaged.

I lubed up the medium sized dildo and inserted that. It went quite easily into his already distended anus. This was going well. I did the "fucking" motion a bit with that dildo as well as I gently rubbed his genitals, eliciting moans of pleasure from my man. Once again, he accepted that dildo and held it in his relaxed bumhole, even quite deep, and it stayed put.

I removed that dildo and picked up my Hitachi with the anal attachment.

I put that up into his bumhole and turned the vibrations first to low, and then to high after a time. Because it vibrates so much, it is effectively quite a large diameter, but stretches him from the inside out. As I gave him that treatment I would also massage and allow the body of the Hitachi to touch his genitals. He bucked, squirmed, and moaned during his anal preparations.

"Do you like that, baby?" I asked him.

"Ohhhh... yes sir," he said, giving me a hint where his headspace was. He had become the girl, and wanted his "man" to fill her.

"You're such a little ass slut, aren't you? You want Daddy's big cock up your ass, don't you?

"Yes Sir!"

"Let's see if you can take it. I'm putting Adam in now."

"Oh no..."

Oh yes! I turned off the vibrator and pulled it out.

"You're so clean," I commented. He had done a good job cleaning himself out for me, there was no mess at all.

I lubed up the Adam O2, my biggest dildo that I would wear later to fuck him with. It's an assfull!

David has a good sized cock, on a par with Adam which has a 1.5" diameter with 7" of insertable length. David has a 2" diameter but it's squishier, and equivalent "insertable length". Here, by contrast, is David at his "angriest" (he's a bit embarrassed to show you, but I'll have those undies down regardless so that you can all see):

So him getting a taste of Adam is roughly them same as me getting a taste of him, a thing he seems to conveniently forget when he complains about me ramming Adam in but feels no compunction whatsoever about ramming himself into me!

In fact, with all that stretching, Adam went in easy-peasy. At first I could only get about 3" or so inside of him, but as I gently pressured it went to 4", 5",

6", and finally the full 7". He started moving his hips in an up and down motion on my massage table, getting increasingly excited with his deep penetration. I knew he was ready because even Adam stayed put deep up inside of him.

I removed Adam and inserted his biggest butt plug. It was a bit of a squeeze at its thickest, but popped in without too much complaint. He moaned as it went fully in.

"Is that nice? Are you feeling filled?" I asked as I massaged his neck, shoulders, back and glutes with long strokes

"Yes, Sir." I like when he calls me "Sir" in subby mode and he knows it.

"Do you think you're ready now?" I kept it at a whisper while I massaged, not neglecting strokes on his cock.

"Oh yes Sir!"

"Ready for what, baby?"

"Ready for my fucking Sir."

"What kind of fucking?"

"an ass fucking."

"What kind of ass fucking?"

"Long, hard, and deep."

"Yeah? You want me to treat you like a little whore, is that it?"

"Yes Sir. Like a little slut whore."

"Do little slut whores get a gentle fucking with a slim purple cock, or a jack-hammering with Adam?"

The moment of truth!

"A jack-hammering with Adam, Sir."

Oh, I was so happy he said that!

"What a nasty little slut you are. I'll give you exactly what you're asking for."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

I prised the big butt plug out of his back passage, and OMG was he gaping for me!

I got him off the massage table and conducted him to the bed, face down. He immediately pulled a couple of pillows under his hips and arched his back to raise his ass invitingly.

"Naughty girl. Just look at you. You really want it don't you?"

"Yes please Sir. Please fill me with your cock."

I was in panties and a chemise. I fastened my strap-on around me with Adam affixed after giving it a good wash in the sink in the ensuite with the special foamy soap for toys. All the while david waited for me, ass high.

I got on the bed and knee walked to his head. I picked Adam up in my hand and slapped his cheek with him. Like this:

"Show me how much you want it..." I prompted.

david greedily gobbled Adam and gave him head like a little porn star, totally embarrassing herself!

"Do you want it?"

"Mmmpf, gurgle, blrfff". I took that as a yes.

I pulled out of his mouth and he gyrated his ass in anticipation.

"You really want it!"

"Yes, Sir. I want to be filled. Totally filled. I need to be filled with your big cock!"

I went behind, applied the lube to cock and hole, and gently entered him.

There was no resistance, no crying it, no wincing. His hole totally accepted me right in deep. I began my rhythm, giving "her" the fucking "she" craved. I went deep and held as she squirmed around my cock. I varied rhythm, angle, speed.

He seemed to want more. I squatted on my feet, knees bent, and re-inserted. I was glad squats were a part of my daily routine!

I started fucking her more vigorously, building the intensity up and up and up until I was totally jack-hammering her ass. She reached her little fists forward and clutched at the bed sheets, holding herself in place as I continued. Every thrust was met with a lusty cry or moan.

"Yeah... Yeah... harder..."

She wanted harder? I was already hard to the hilt, but there's always room for extra. I went deeper, harder, faster. Her cries per thrust turned into a continual cry as I did her proper.

Time to bring her fucking to an end. I thrust deep, held, and convulsed, simulating male orgasm for her. 

She squirmed delightfully as she imagined my hot jizz filling her ass. I pulled out. "Ohhhh... God!" he said. I turned him religious.

Did I enjoy fucking him? I mean, beyond giving him the experience he craves? Yes. Yes I did. True, there's not the same physical sensations of friction that a man enjoys, but that's not really what it's about, is it? His hand can do a pretty good of simulating that. And I do get some of those physical sensations myself as the base of the dildo pushes against me as I thrust. But no, it's the act of fucking, of penetrating, of taking. I'm sure that's what a man enjoys as much, if not more so, than the physical sensations: dominating his lady. And I am equally capable of enjoying that as any man.

I stripped off, turned him over, and sat on his face, facing down his body, my asshole poised above his mouth. I told him to get a hand under and to his cock. I wanted him to cum for me at the same time as I would for him.

"Lick my asshole. Nice and deep! Rub your cock also, I want to see you jizz and eat it after."

His tongue in, on, around my asshole drove me wild. Combined with his furiously rubbing his own massively hard cock, and my fingers stroking my wet pussy, I came hard. I rode the wave and kept him at it, climaxing again and again, three times, peaks on top of waves, until he finally came himself in the most impressive series of spurts and quantities of cum I have ever seen out of him! And he's no spring chicken either.

I dismounted him and immediately, eagerly, fed him his cum, having him swallow as he went. What a massive load!

We collapsed down next to each other, both of us exhausted.

"You really wanted it," I teased him.

"I did. First time I ever felt this complete longing to be filled. When you were getting ready, and I was just waiting there, I felt so empty. I needed you to fill me."

"Now you know what it feels like," I told him.

"I felt like... a woman..." he said.

Yes! I literally made him my woman. Sometimes I yearn for cock. I don't cum from cock, but I need cock, you know? He had now experienced the same yearning, and I was pretty sure he would become a better lover as a result. Win win.

What about you guys? Do you ever yearn for cock or dildo like david and I? Let us know in the comments.

Saturday, March 27

More Random Femsub Drawings and Photos

I was rooting around in the folder on my computer where I keep unclassified pics I found while looking for something else, but that I still thought were good. On my last blog, More Random Femdom Photos, I plucked out the femdom ones. This time I'll pluck out the femsub ones and briefly comment on each.


I know I've posted this one before, but it was still in my "new" folder. Oh I love this one! That expression on her face. How she's slightly bent over his knee and clutching his leg. The thin switch in the man's hand whipping the girl's largely unprotected cheeks. The fact that she's dressed in a swimsuit makes it even more erotic, because you can imagine this is happening in front of others. "Please Daddy! Don't! Not in front of everybody. Please!"


A gorgeous leggy model with a spectacular bottom. I want to be her, please!


Well that's just rude! If you have a cock, what's your vote for this one, pussy or ass? Without unduly influencing you, I would whip on my strap-on and then straight in her ass! But... cock in the pussy, thumb in the bum hole, might be a close second...


Awwww... she had her short-shorts lowered and then got a belt whipping. Now she's in the corner, showing off those cheeks, and holding the instrument of her correction. And listen, there's little reason to display her like that unless the guys are heading over for the weekly card game, amiright? Last time she'll complain about fetching the sanwiches for the guys at the card game. Any lip and there'll be a repeat performance with the guys present.


Love the suspended up over the knee position. Such a childish position. Such a helpless position. Such an exposed position. Love the almost inevitable bicycling of her legs. I love the fact that a man is capable of doing this to me, whether I want it or not (hint: I do!).


The peeking pussy is such an important element of a spanking. I am so mortified knowing that this is the view I present when over my husband's knee. It's why I become so frantic when witnesses are present!


The silky panties increase the eroticism. It makes it about punishment, pure and simple, without an overt sexual motive. I lover her red-cheeked wailing as well.


She looks embarrassed! I think a lot of it comes from the fact that her pussy is positively drippy due to her spanking. Clearly she was required to lift her skirt to show some witnesses the after-effects of her spanking. Unfortunately, she can't do that without also displaying her wet pussy. What's more embarrassing, the red buns from her spanking, or the fact that she clearly got off on it?


She got 0/10 on her test and was therefore made an example of. Too bad school wasn't like this when I was a kid. I would have misbehaved on purpose to be made an example of.


Life in a posh all-girls boarding school. I have a friend who went to a Catholic one in England in the 1980s. If a girl was misbehaving after lights out, the nuns would take her from the large shared dormitory out into the hallway where they were stationed listening for disturbances. They then took her nightgown off (no panties due to the received wisdom that the girls' parts needed airing out at night) and made her stand fully naked facing the wall for 5-30 minutes. Other nuns or the Matron might happen by and see the girl's punishment. Then the girl would have her nightgown restored and be allowed to quietly return to her bed. Corporal punishment had been banned a few years earlier, but naked wall time had not. I can imagine this image might have been the scene just a few years earlier.


If a man needs to punish his girl with a belt, despite the fact that she needs it, he is likely to become sexually aroused during her whipping. If he's her husband, he has every right to relieve his tension in her pertly displayed pussy, as this man, dripping with excitement, is about to do. As girls, we must accept it from our husbands as their right, whether we want it or not (hint: we do!)


Another one that harkens back to my friend's boarding school experiences. Love the power dynamic shown here. The smaller in stature, stricter girl,  lording it over her submissive, much taller, girlfriend. It's about attitude, not physical stature.


Big, big fan of the witnessed spanking! The men are clearly in charge. The women observers all know they are equally liable to be turned over the knee and spanked naked if they misstep. To me, my bare breasts dangling on the far side of his leg is extra humiliating. Like a cow for her milking, you know? And the dancing-show her breasts put on for her male witness as she is spanked frantic will no doubt bring a subtle smile to his lips. Embarrassing her with her titties-out display is part of her punishment.


I see a drawing like this and I don't immediately imagine an injustice is taking place, I imagine the she richly earned her humiliating public birching. Dangly breasts, as for the previous, considerably increase her embarrassment and the entertainment value for her witnesses. The leg spreading across her trough serves a similar purpose, but also ensure her sensitive lips don't escape a touch of the twigs. I think the tiptoes are a part of her punishment. Unless she's up on her tiptoes when the birch falls, the stroke does not count. The bitch needs to learn to obey, how better to teach her? Am I sick that I wish it were me?


Same artist I imagine. A marked behind like that is the result of a good birching. Her nakedness is clearly a part of her humbling.


Gets my bi tendencies firing! I'd be happy in either role, with a slight preference for the submissive one. The cock sucking is a prelude to her fucking. She must get to know the nature of the cock she will be penetrated with, exploring all contours, girth, and length before she bends over and accepts it into herself.


Posted this before as well, but popped up in that folder. Yes, the red has been added via photoshop, but the hand placement is natural. I think this may be her first trip outdoors in public in her new swimsuit she thought was so daring. The reality of parading around like that is just hitting her now. She doesn't want the men behind her to seeeeee!


Simple but evocative. This yells female submissive to me. That belt is out there for a man to punish his woman with. I have a love/hate relationship with the belt to my backside. It's more hate/hate with a wooden paddle!


A very bent over and exposed position. Totally nude. Well witnessed. I dream about having two men do same to me.


What's going on here??? Perhaps she was a cattle rustler. Putting her on ice until the law arrives. That rope cutting into her pussy can't be comfortable!


A young lady being "seen to" by her aunt in the change room of a clothing store. There's the saleslady wondering what the fuss is all about. It would be so exciting if I were that young lady, red-bottomed, kicking and screeching as aunty spanked my bare bottom. The salesgirl smirking at my embarrassment. She knows I need it.


A very penitent young wife, offering the belt to her husband for her licking. This is me. This is a part of all women.


Proper nose-to-wall technique. The nose goes on the wall. You lose your balance unless you stand out a bit and arch your back in, which of course shows off your hind-quarters and what's between your legs. Every minute there is a minute more of a lesson learned. Why is it living room timeout, and not bedroom? She knows that when she's misbehaved so much as to earn living room timeout, that she stays there for her full hour regardless of who may drop by for a visit.


 Another raised knee. As you know, a favourite of mine. I like that her simple cotton panties are down around her knees. I love the size and strength discrepancy.  She's been a bad girl and is paying the price.


These size/strength discrepancies really get my pussy tingling. She has no chance of escaping. Those white buns will soon be scarlet red and she has not one thing to say about it. All is right in the world.


My ultimate humiliation. My behaviour was so bad that it warranted a bare bottom spanking across my husband's lap while my brother and his wife looked on. Look how frantic I am! Imagine what I'm showing back there! I will never, ever, ever, live this down. My cheeks will blush whenever I see them from now on, and they will grin at my blush, knowing the reason for it. Everyone will know that I'm a brat, and that I will be disciplined accordingly whenever I act it.


A wife who will make some better choices about keeping the kitchen clean while hubby is at work. This was not the first time, nor even the tenth. A lesson was needed. She was appropriately disciplined. She will do better. She will not want a repeat of that session.


After your husband has spanked you and your girlfriends drop by. No you may not move, young lady, let your friends see what you get when you misbehave. Oh the teasing!


Mom, Dad, and brother will see you being caned by your husband. Yes, young lady, naked as always. You misbehave when company is present, you'll be punished when company is present. I feel her embarrassment acutely. She has lost her full clothing privileges for the remainder of the evening, most of which she will spending either facing the corner with her striped bottom on display, or facing out from the corner with her hands on her head so that her full shame is on display. If her cunt drips from her treatment, then her cunt drips. It may even become a topic for conversation. It will be dealt with in the marital bed after the guests have gone home.


A Christian wife who uses foul language towards her husband can expect this treatment, every single time. Imagine if Mom and Dad just dropped by and see their daughter kneeling with her nose in the corner like that. "What did she do?" they'll ask her husband. "Turn your head and show your Mom and Dad, Julie". Dad, "Oh! Ha ha ha! Got a little foul-mouthed did she? Oh ho ho ho! How much longer has she got?" David: "Another five minutes, then it's a spanking." Dad: "well don't let us being here stop you. The last time I saw her spanked was when she was twelve!"


No, no, no, please Sir! When those panties are coming up, up, up. They're cutting into your ass crack, pushing against your bottom hole. Soon they'll be cutting into your pussy, splitting your pussy lips as you dangle helplessly, legs flailing as your husband gives you your comeuppance. But it could be worse...


It just got worse! Another ultimate humiliation for a girl, spanked like that in front of her Daddy no less! This position has only one purpose: shame and humiliation to add to your spanking punishment. And for an "excitable" girl, she may not be able to help herself when the inevitable happens, and she shudders in orgasm as her ass is spanked. How embarrassing that Daddy got to see his grown daughter, bottom hole exposed, pussy squished, gooey, and twitching, as she cums uncontrollably despite the pain of her spanking.


I think there's a theme today. Another young wife learning her lesson across her husband's knee. Her bum is already a light red, but the wiggling was excessive. Now that she's well and truly locked in, the spanking can start in earnest. She will not be looking so sanguine in five minutes time!


When his young lady lies to him, this is what she gets from Daddy. Soon the soapy drooling will start and the suds will coat her breasts, roll down her tummy, and wet her pussy as well. Better them than her nightgown. Yes it's embarrassing to show Daddy your all-grown-up titties and pussy, but if you didn't want to be embarrassed, young lady, you would not have fibbed to Daddy in the first place.


This young lady was caught giggling during mass. Once her priest is done with her, Daddy and Mummy will have something to say about it as well.


This young lady has failed to have her homework completed three times in a row and is therefore being consequenced for it now. A big part of me would love to turn back the clock to a time when I could expect to receive these kinds of consequences for my misbehaviours.


This one is a bit dark, but it occupies my subconscious. It is a rugged home invader. He was only going to rob the house, but when he sees me, he decides he will rob more than just my house. He strips my panties off me, beats me, throws me face down on the bed and fastens my wrists and ankles together with a belt. I am helpless! I will be raped... I am not on birth control, I beg him to do me in my ass! He does me in the ass, but before he is finished, he pulls out and does me in my pussy, cumming deeply into me. Abortion is a sin. I must have his brat. I secretly hope our child will be as rugged as his Daddy. Yes, I'm fucked up, don't ask.

Once again, please let me know your favourites. You don't need to tell me that 37 is your least favourite. I know. And of course I do not condone rape or anything non-consensual. You are seeing my fantasies, some of which, like this one, are best left in my head, others I would wish to act out, and yet others I would wish to happen for real...