Thursday, January 29

Sixth Training Session

Since last time was five this must be david's sixth training session with Mags.

I was speaking with david about the sessions. We agreed that we did not think Mags was taking enough initiative. Sure, she was happy enough to whip his butt black and blue when presented with it, but she never really got into the spirit of initiating a punishment. So I decided to send Mags an email.

Rather than being critical, I congratulated her on what a super job she's been doing. Then I asked for a favour. I asked if, next time, if she would become a bit of an actress for us. I asked if she would start off the session by pretending to be angry with david's lack of progress, and then make him take a spanking over her knee as punishment. All a bit of acting on her part. I sent a couple of photos along as well, suggesting what I had in mind for his spanking.

I said that, of course, we would throw in a little cash bonus for the acting job. She wrote back a very short reply saying "that works for me ;-)". I told david about this so he knew to expect something, and knew to give her a bonus if she did well.

I was not there during the session, but the following is what david recounted.

They started off by Mags telling david that she had something she wanted to discuss with him. She had him stand in front of her. She perched herself on the seat of the weight machine and told him off about his lack of progress. She said he was meeting his calorie goals, but all the calories were concentrated at night and in snacks and he will never make any progress like that. david stood there, and as the lecturing went on and on, he became bashful, looked at his feet, crossed his hands in front of himself (as he was becoming hard from the scolding!), and said "yes, Miss" over and over again.

Then Mags said she thought he deserved a spanking for his lack of progress. She told him to turn around and to kneel on the floor. She got the riding crop. She asked him for how many days he had been eating poorly like that? david answered "all week". "And how many days is that?" she asked. "Seven" david said. "Right then," she said, "you'll get seven strokes as punishment." She smacked his upturned bottom seven times with the crop. Over his gym clothes...

Ok. Not getting it!!!! Arghhhh! When I heard this I despaired a bit. Not like either of the pictures I sent. I was pretty clear his pants should have been down! And seven strokes over his gym pants? That's NOTHING for her. Nothing at all. But david told me, "wait, there's more."

After the "spanking" she stood him up again and made her face him. She went back to her perch on the weight machine. She said "let that be a lesson to you."

Then david said she looked a little nervous and then she took off her long sleeved orange top, revealing a sports-oriented tank top showing lots of cleavage.

david said she showed remarkably large plump breasts (they had been really well hidden before now), with the top of the tank cut low, almost down to her nipples.

david stood there stunned at what she had done. She told him to get a move on and they started in on the exercising.

They repeated the pattern of exercises interspersed with a dozen or so hard swats with various implements (paddle, strap, crop, and cane). On the very first set, Mags pointed at him with her crop and said "Bend over. Pants down". That's the first time she ordered him to pull his pants down. Progress!

Well, david pulled his pants down and offered up his blue-pantied rear end for his smacks. He was a bit disappointed that she did not take the initiative to order him to lower his panties as well, but he said things were still playing out and he was still hopeful on that front.

As the exercises and the smackings went on, Mags became more and more severe on both fronts. Each time she ordered him to bend over, then as per my previous instructions, he always took his gym pants down, and half the time (still as per my instructions) he pulled his panties down as well to offer up his bare bottom for punishment. Those were MY instructions to david!

On several occasions she had him lie face down on the floor. On these occasions david completely bared his bottom for her. He said she got more physical with him, in that she would use her hand to lift his shirt up higher, well above his waist, and then she would put her bare hand down on his back to hold him in place while she used the cane very hard on him. She had really up to now never touched him like this so this was more progress.

Another time she ordered him face down on the floor, and she put her sneakered foot on the small of his back, and whipped the strap down on his ass!

david said that on several of these occasions she did not stop at the usual 4 or 6, but kept going and going, giving him really hard ones over and over again and leaving a mess of his bottom (to that I can attest!). Though she did do a better job of "colouring inside the lines".

david said that during these types of whippings he was writhing on the floor and crying out, but she kept going. Afterwards, he cried out and grabbed his butt cheeks for relief. I know that when david does this, he always manages to pull his cheeks apart and show off his bum hole, which I am SURE Mags got an eyefull of. david would then get slowly and painfully to his feet, covering up his penis with his hands and turning away from her while he restored his panties and shorts.

Once, when he was acting bashful like this she said "You know, I can see right through those panties. I can see everything." We don't know if she was solely referring to the see-through nature of the panties (they were not that see through). Or perhaps to the way they mold to his genitals (they do do that)? Or perhaps to the fact that when she is beating him and he is in the standing position clutching the main post of the weight machine, then even with his panties up his penis and testicles will spill out the front due to his uncontrolled movement. Since there is a large mirror in that room, then even when he is turned away she would catch an eyefull of bouncing and dancing bare naked private parts. Perhaps this explains why the whippings were so much more extended at times. Maybe she was enjoying making a much older man's penis and balls flop for her amusement as he writhed in agony under her super strict cane?

david said that the beatings were easier to take because of her breasts. Each time afterwards he was rewarded with the sight of her young plump breasts apparently blushing in excitement. He said that once after a particularly severe caning he was feeling so submissive when he turned to see her breasts that he fell to the floor and kissed the tops of her sneaker.

So, all in all, a very interesting session yet again. She keeps the surprises coming.

But let's pause here and ponder what happened? Why did she not really follow through on the first spanking, but then go so much further than usual during the session? This is what I think happened. I think she had intended to scold him while dressed in her sexy top, and then take him over her knee, bare his bottom, and spank him for a reasonable duration as was clear from the photos. But I think she got nervous in the moment, or got cold feet somehow, and forgot most of it except the scolding. Afterwards, when she realized how pathetic her 7 stroke cropping to his clothed rear was, and perhaps how her bonus was in jeopardy, she recalled everything she was intending to do, and started enacting it piecemeal instead. That's my theory anyways.

Her happy cruelty, though, that's another thing. In this session, once again, despite david's obvious and intense suffering, and despite his deeply marked bottom, she was smiling and laughing cruelly at him the whole time, not feeling sorry for him at all.

And here is where we get another piece of the puzzle. During this session she commented how when she did ballet as a child, there wasn't a week went by when she wasn't crying in her ballet class, and that their Ballet Mistress was exceptionally strict with them all. But she thought this was good for her, and explains why she is so focused and disciplined in her life now. She said that when she eventually has a daughter, she will definitely put her into intense ballet as well to help her build character...

Definitely another piece of the puzzle!

At the end of the session, she helped him to stretch (hands on) for the first time. After it was all done, david escorted her to the door and added our agreed upon bonus to her pay. He says she seemed very delighted with what she had earned and how she had earned it. I think we may be creating a pro domme! I can hook her up...

Wednesday, January 21

Fifth Training Session

It must be the fifth training session, as my last blog entry on the topic said it was the fourth. I keep thinking I must stop blogging about these training sessions, but then Mags does something totally unexpected and I just have to!

What she did this time was to use a brand new implement, and then take a photo of david's bare, marked up rear end!

I was not there for this week's session, but I asked david to introduce her to the cane, and also to post a little poster that a reader sent me, and point it out to her.

I particularly like "Avoid spanking genitals" in the above! I felt I needed to drive home the point about where she should be hitting my man. david was told to print it out and to post it prominently in the gym during the session, and to point it out to her as something "Julie thought would be useful."

david reports that she did study it, and seemed genuinely to be studying it, and self-reflecting that she had been striking him too far up, and she apologized to david. david was quick to say that there was no damage and she is a very good spanker! She also clarified with david "where do you like it most?" and he indicated low in the pink area - but pointed out that "like" is a relative term, and that what he really means is that she can inflict the most damage there with the least chance of injury.

david also pointed out to her that there was a new implement hanging there on the hook for her. A leather-handled cane similar to the below.

She took it at first by the wrong end, and david had to very gingerly point out to his Exercise Mistress that she was to hold the leather end. He says she laughed and said she was wondering about the purpose of hitting with that leather end!

They went through their by now usual routine of exercises interspersed with a half dozen or so spanks each time. She did not give the option to david of begging off any of the spanks. Even after a tough exercise set, when his bum was already super sore from the last spanking set, she still hurried him up, motioning to him with the cane to turn around and bend over for his licks. He said he could get away with nothing at all this time, whereas in the past if he did not bend over, he did not get his licks. Very diligent that gal!

Well, she just positively fell in love with that cane by all reports! She apparently really liked the wooshing sound it made, and loved that it made hardly any noise at all when it struck him, but that it got such a great reaction and left such amazing marks!

david still wears panties for his exercise sessions (we have decided that is the status quo from now on). She is happy to smack him on his shorts, on his panties, or on the bare. david seems to be the one to choose, so if wants a little break, he can leave some clothing on. I am instructing him that from now on every smack is to be at least to the panties, and at least half to the bare.

A new exercise this week was slow push-ups with his nose all the way to the ground each time. Only twelve a set. david tells me he asked her if he may pull his pants and panties down for this exercise? She agreed. He would prefer if she were to take more initiative, and "order him" to do something like that, but at this stage we guess it's still too soon, and we are both happy enough that she really seems to enjoy it and get a good giggle out of it when david humiliates himself like this.

So david bared himself down to his knees and started in on his push ups. She was VERY strict and insisted that he mush his nose into the carpet each time. If she did not see his nose mush in, she did not count it. Of course, at the same time as david reports that his nose mushed in, his by now erect penis "mushed in" as well! He says she was down low on the carpet, really looking for his nose, but from that angle she could surely see his private parts humping into the carpet as well. Ha ha!

After that exercise she was insistent on giving him the cane, so he had to stand up quickly, covering himself with his hands, and then bend across the exercise ball. She then laid in the worst of the lickings of the session, with at least a dozen hard ones willy nilly all over his ass, as if the poster did not even exist!

david said that it was so intense that he could not avoid kicking his legs in the air and trying to run away by rolling the ball forwards. This if course, only gave her a better target, and she really let the cane fly as david no doubt made a ridiculous spectacle of himself with his legs flying in all directions and his private parts bounding up and down on the ball and his anus winking at her for her amusement.

I think she was punishing him for being lewd. As in, "fine, you want to play this game, I'll play this game too!"

After that, david said he tried to keep his panties up for the rest of his canings, as his ass was already so sore. But he said it may have backfired, as instead of spanking him on the seat of his panties, she went everywhere else to get to the bare.

At the end of the session, she was "OMG! You need to see these marks!" and david lowered his pants and panties and looked in the mirror. He says even he was a bit shocked. As I was not there, and not expected until late, david asked if she could take a picture on his phone to show me before they start fading.

He bent over the exercise ball with his pants and panties lowered, and Mags took a sequence of several photos, getting him to move his ass forwards and back on the ball until she got the right angle.

david showed me the photo later. I was so excited! I had never taken a photo of his ass. He has been skittish about it in the past, and I did not want to press as I don't want him to start questioning why I am collecting photos of his ass.

But this photo is surely fair game! As I was studying his ass, I teased him that I would email it out to ALL my friends. I started making the motions of doing that and he protested, but then I pushed the woosh button and off it went!

"No!" he said, and grabbed his phone from me in a panic. He saw that I had sent it only to my own email address. He begged me to delete it. I was coy and told him i would delete it after I was done with it...

Wow! She went nuts with that cane. Almost everywhere where she was told not to hit! In fact, you can almost see the negative outline of his low-riding red panties (pulled down panties just visible at the bottom). No point caning him over his panties where he'll hardly feel it!

I also love that she took a picture of his ball sac. david tells me he thought his legs were tightly together and that she would not be seeing that. Guess not!

My poor poor baby! But isn't that just a sexy ass? Especially all striped up like that? Don't you ladies out there just want to take it to him with your strap-ons? I sure do! After colouring in that bit in the middle with a paddle first, and touching up those thighs.

I wonder if david is re-thinking his new exercise regime. And what is Mags up to, that little imp!

Saturday, January 17

tom's sex shop humiliation

As a continuation of a previous blog entry (A Husband Reminded of his Place), I received the following response from tom:
THANK YOU again, Miss Julie!! This was, while a really challenging punishment, also a wonderful experience for us, particularly for J I think. She sometimes can be a little hesitant or unsure of exactly how she wants to mold and punish me as her slave, and I know that getting this from you really meant a lot to her. It was a wonderful Christmas gift...thank you.

In fact, J also told me to end my message to you with a request, only of course if you are interested, from her for another punishment for me to start the New Year. J feels as though we should begin New Year's Day with a forceful reminder of my place and she would love to receive more ideas from you, as she truly enjoyed this last one and it brought some new ideas into our home. Of course if you are busy she totally understands, but she feels like one more "Julie punishment" would start the year off right.
I was only too happy to oblige, but I needed a bit more info, so I responded as below.
Now, let's turn our minds towards the New Year, shall we? Does your wife own a strap-on dildo. tom, and if so, how used are you to receiving anal from her? And if not, have you a sex shop nearby where the two of you can go to purchase one?
Here was tom's reply.
We do have a small dildo that J has used on me, though not that often since we have never quite committed to just getting a really good dildo and strap on system. She has a harness that her dildo fits into and also a thigh strap, which wraps around her thigh and has a spot where the small dildo can fit in. She almost always uses the thigh strap when she does take my slave hole for her pleasure, and when she has taken me like her little slut it has usually been on the bed with my collar on, sometimes while wearing clamps or after a whipping. She has me push my face into a pillow and keep my ass high in the air so she can fully enjoy ravishing my slave slut hole.
It's funny you should ask, though, since we have been talking about getting a larger dildo (though probably not as large as your least not yet :-) ) and better strap on system so she can take me more forcefully and more easily for her when she wishes. In fact I shopped for one for J for Christmas, and the only reason I didn't is that she usually likes to pick out her own toys and implements of torture. We do indeed have a local sex shop and after I shared your question with J she simply smiled and said "oh, slave...we are definitely getting a new strap-on to start the year." As always, you are an inspiration! :-) And J is beyond excited to see that devious mind of yours is concocting...I am also excited, along with a little terrified. ;-)
That was the information I needed, and so I set his next punishment as follows.
In that case, and since you guys asked, here is what I want for New Year's!

I want your wife to take you to the sex store. Find a nice female attendant to help you. Together, the three of you are to carefully select and purchase a larger dildo and a nice secure strap-on harness. I think there should be LOTS of discussion with the shop lady concerning your experience with anal penetration, and discussing what size and type of dildo would be a challenge for you, but not too much of a challenge. You should also purchase some new lube as well, again with lots of discussion of pros and cons relating to its use during anal penetration. Then you need to have a good long discussion regarding the care of the dildo, making it very clear that caring for it will be your job. I also want you to buy a sex-kitten schoolgirl skirt at the same time which you will be wearing during your inaugural fucking with that dildo. Again, your wife should be making it very clear that it will be you who will wear the skirt, and that it needs to be in your size (or at least fit around you). It may have to be tried on over your clothes to make sure, or better yet, in the changing room over your underwear. Then you should take your items to the checkout and pay for your purchases as your wife looks on.

Then you need to go to the drugstore and buy an enema kit if you don't already have one. The kind with the hot water bottle is ideal. You might have to ask the attendants as they sometimes keep them behind the counter.

On the appointed night you need to give yourself three enemas, tom, or your wife can give them to you if she wants. Be sure to take the whole bag each time and to retain for a full 5 minutes before expelling. Ideally standing and facing the toilet as you squirm. Yes it will seem hard, but you must persevere and do it as we want you nice and clean back there. Stand on a towel, and if you start leaking, clamp down hard on your anus and put your hands back there to hold it together, but keep going for the FULL FIVE MINUTES each time! The first should be warm soapy water. The next two warm clear water. Be sure to shower afterwards, and give yourself 30 minutes to 1 hour of bed rest (lying on a towel) to be sure everything that's coming out is out. Clean your anus once again with soap and water. Follow instructions from the web on how to do the enemas safely. And use lots and lots of Vaseline on, in, and around your hole each time, or else it will really burn as what's inside comes out. But no matter what precautions you take, your anal area will be sore, which is just what I want.

Then put on your schoolgirl skirt. I think if you are to be taken like a woman, you should look the part.

Crawl over your wife's knee, and have her flip up your skirt and give you a nice long cheek reddening spanking with a wooden implement. I always enjoy fucking more when I can see a nice skirted red ass in front of me. Then I would suggest your wife inserts one of your smaller toys into your backside as a warm up to stretch you for the main event. Or ideally, a sequence of larger and larger butt plugs (you can buy a set of three at the sex store, I am sure).

After your spanking, hold that little stretcher inside of you and help your wife to put on her strap-on dildo. Since you're down there anyways, suck her cock. Like you mean it! While it would not at all be polite for a man to put his hands on the back of a woman's head when she is performing this service, it is perfectly fine when the roles are reversed. Your wife should definitely grab your head and pull you hard onto her dildo. You won't be able to deep throat at first, but with practice... I found I developed a keen sense of that point where gagging becomes "throwing up", and am able to stop him just before that point, again and again. I am sure your wife will enjoy acquiring that skill as well.

Then it's bottoms up for your fucking. Kneel on all fours, push your ass back, allow your wife to flip up your short skirt, and relax as you take her dildo into you. She can grab your hips as she goes to town on your ass. She should start slow and shallow, and proceed to fast and hard and deep. I want you exhausted, rung out, and sore by the end of your fucking. Yes, that means it will go on well beyond the point where you would want it to stop. But it won't kill you, tom, I assure you. And its good cardio and toning for your wife that I am sure she will appreciate! Your anus may be a bit sore for a while, though...

Have fun for New Year's!
So that was the setup for this week's exciting adventure. tom sent me an email recounting part 1 of the story. Enjoy!

First, from J herself:

Hi Julie! :-) I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ideas, help and inspiration! My little slave has definitely been put through his paces and I'm seeing a dramatic improvement in his submissive attitude and attention to me! It's all thanks to you, I had been feeling a little blah about bondage stuff and you have rekindled my fire for sure! And thank you sososososo much for the lovely illustrations from your sketch slave! I love them all and have had a few printed already, and I'll be sure to have tom kneeling while staring at them as part of his slave meditations.

I have truly treasured your help, it has really made a difference for me and has been a wonderful experience for both of us. :-) Well, at least for me...slave may have different things to say, but those don't matter nearly as much, do they? ;-) I hope you had a wonderful New Year's, tom will now proceed to fill you in on how we kicked off our 2015, which I hope you enjoy! I also hope we are able to stay in touch, I'm always open for any ideas you may wish to share, and please let me know if there's any way we can pay you back for ALL your goodness!!!


Hello Miss Julie,

Thank you again (as always) for your wonderful ideas! We did (finally) make it to the sex shop and also finally had our first night with our new strap-on, which J adores and promises will be a fixture from now on. Gulp....

First, the visit to our local sex store (recreating the conversation as best I can remember). The first two times we went there actually wasn't a female attendant there, just one guy behind the counter so we browsed a little and left, as J was relishing the idea of being helped by a woman. The third time we went there was an attractive younger woman (not nearly as attractive to me as J, but still lovely) named Stef, probably in her late twenties with long black hair wearing a short black leather skirt and tight white top. She was shorter than J, maybe 5'2" with a fuller figure and had on a gold necklace with a set of cuffs as the pendant, which was pretty cool - J in fact asked where she got it and we may be getting one for her soon. :-)

The attendant asked if she could help us and J simply smiled, put her arm around my waist in a very possessive kind of way and said "oh, I think so...honey, what are we here for?" I swallowed hard and gulped out the words "a, um, strap-on." J would have none of that! She smacked me playfully on the butt and said, "Don't be rude! She is here to help us, tell her what we need!"

"A strap-on," I said, much more loudly and clearly this time. Stef smiled and shared a glance with J and said "I see...well, let's take a look, shall we?"

She led us to a corner of the store where they had a few harnesses and strap-on options available. Stef asked what kind of experience we had, looking at J for an answer. I think she had easily picked up on our dynamic and who really wore the "pants" in the family. :-) J smiled and simply said, "tell her dear.." insisting with a wicked smile that I truly humiliate myself in front of this lovely young woman, who was smiling and seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as J.

"Well...we, um, we've used smaller toys before but never really had a real strap-on before. And none of what we used was nearly these are," I stammered, feeling the heat in my cheeks, which must have been bright red.

"I see.." said Stef. "Now, what you really mean by we is that you have had your butt plugged with smaller plugs, yes? I'm assuming that you are the one who gets plugged and not the other way around," Stef said, smiling as she looked at me.

"Yup, that's right," I stammered my cheeks feeling even hotter.

"Honey, be polite! Is that any way to address this nice woman helping us?!? Apologize, and answer her properly!"

I felt my heart quicken as I realized what she meant..."I'm sorry...I meant to say 'Yes, Ma'am, it will be me being plugged."

Stef smile widened when she heard the word "Ma'am," and we we're off to the races..."Such a polite boy! How ever do you get him to behave so well?" Stef grinned, clearly knowing the answer.

"Oh, there are ways...he's really a dear as long as he's properly...motivated and reminded of his place," J answered, the two of them thick as thieves by now and laughing with each other.

"I can see that!" laughed Stef. "Well done to you," she added with another smile. "You are a dear, aren't you?" she looked at me.

"'am" I said, my eyes lowering, submissive impulses settling in place, heart racing, cheeks flushed and cock getting hard as I was taunted by these two gorgeous women.

"So...your first real strap on! This is exciting! I think you'll find this adds a lot to your play," Stef said. "What have you used before?"

We picked out a couple of plugs that looked like what we had at home and Stef opened one up and brought it back to the Corner of Strap-ons. She held it up against a couple of the (now seemingly huge!) dildos for comparison. "Looks like someone's going to get a little stretched!" she laughed.

"First, though, let's make sure this harness works for you. You're free to try it on out here or in our private space in the back," said Stef, fully knowing what the answer would be.

"Oh, I think here is just fine," smiled J, looking around at the (now seemingly tiny) store. "Don't you agree, dear?"

The way she said "dear" was a lot like how she says "slave" in private, and it got my nether region all tingly. That and her smile...always her smile.

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered quickly, my submissive nature now fully in place. I dropped to my knees and started working the harness up my lovely wife's legs, trembling softly, wondering if anyone would come in and see us.

"My, my...he is putty in your hands, isn't he?" Stef cackled, clearly enjoying herself more than ever. She then helped us understand all the straps and whatnot to get a good, comfy, snug fit on J's hips, promising us that if it fit in the store it would fit at home and that if it didn't we could return it no questions asked. Along with being such a playful person and great sport she was a great salesperson too!

J agreed, and then we started looking at the dildos. "Now what are we thinking here?" Stef asked.

J looked at me to respond, as per your instructions. "Well, I've been plugged some but by nothing nearly this large. I'm a little terrified to be honest."

"Oh...poor baby..." Stef cooed. "Well, I'll be honest, the first time you are taken with one of these will be...memorable. But you'll adjust and soon it will not seem so large. Kind of." She laughed at that last part, and J did too.

Stef and J looked at a couple of different dildos, starting with the smallest one but quickly moving up to one in the middle range of sizes. J held it while looking right into my eyes and said "I think this one will be perfect." My subby heart melted. :-)

"Excellent," said Stef. "Now let's talk lube!"

J smiled, "Oh, he'll need lots of that, he's still kind of a weakling when it comes to being plugged," she said. "Though I think that's going to change!"

Stef laughed along with her. "Well, here's a great, safe non-toxic lube that I highly recommend." J had prepared me for the lube conversation, and I knew what I had to ask. I gulped hard and did as instructed.

"So...when you say non-toxic, what about if any of that gets accidentally swallowed? Because..." I did hesitate for a second, but the look in J's eyes pressed me on. "Because I might also be sucking this dildo from time to time. Will that be an issue with this lube if there's any on it?"

Stef smiled right at J and my subby heart melted even more. "Oh, that should be fine. Obviously don't swallow it on purpose or anything, but if there's some on there while you suck it that shouldn't be a big deal." God, she was definitely enjoying herself, and J was too. I was mortified, cheeks so red I thought my face might burst into flames. But cock so hard I knew I was in the correct submissive place where I belonged and that this kind of humiliation was what I longed for.

"Anything else?" Stef asked. "Oh, yes..." replied J. "Dear?"

I gulped again, J's wicked idea had been to make me ask for everything, knowing that I get flustered when I have to say bondage-y things out loud. She says she loves the flush in my cheeks, since it reminds her of my red ass cheeks after a good whipping. :-)

"Um...yes. We are looking for a short, plaid skirt," I stammered.

"I see," said Stef. She looked over at J, "So what are you interested in?"

"Oh, it's not for's," I replied, my cheeks burning now.

Stef smiled and said "I see...well, let's take a look." She led us over to their fetish costume area and we found a couple of short plaid skirts among the leather pants and corsets. Stef played it up wonderfully, holding up a red and black plaid skirt against my waist before saying "hmmm....not quite right" and then finding a light gray and blue plaid skirt that she held up against me. "Perfect! Don't you agree?" She winked at J.

"Oh, yes...he'll look good in that!" she laughed. "Try it on, dear," she barked, with no need for any illusion about our roles by now.

My humiliation complete, I took the tiny plaid skirt and wrapped it around my waist. It was a little snug but since I was wearing jeans we figured it would be just right when we got home.

Though of course my humiliation was not complete. J was clearly enjoying herself and really enjoying the lovely and very game Stef. "Give us a twirl, dear," she smiled. I twirled and both women laughed evilly. I was shaking slightly by now, my cock throbbing against my jeans as my humiliation was made even worse. "Now a curtsy," J ordered. I obeyed and both women applauded.

I took the skirt off and we took it and our new strap-on to the counter. Stef packed everything up, professional as ever, smiled wide and said "Have fun you two!" with a twinkle in her eye as she walked us to the door.

As we got in the car J slid her hand over the bulge in my jeans. "Look at liked that, didn't you slave?"

"Yes, Mistress..." I whispered, my hips bucking already in response. I thought I was going to explode right there in the car!

"Well...wait until we use our new toy, my dear. I think this is going to be such fun! For me at least..." she laughed. "Now what do we say?"

"Thank you Mistress. And thank you Miss Julie," I said, my voice quavering as she slowly teased the bulge in my pants.

"Very good, dear. Now let's go home and you can draw me a bath." J gave me a kiss and we headed home.

--I'll send you Part 2 soon Miss Julie, I wanted to get this to you sooner so you had some response from us. Thank you again, as always, you have truly been an inspiration to J and I am one lucky submissive husband. :-)

tom (property of J)

Tuesday, January 13

Fourth Training Session

It was david's fourth training session and definitely the most humiliating to date for him. His flaccid penis was well and truly on display today!

Training started a little late today, so I was home. I left them to it while I surfed my iPad upstairs.  I heard the satisfying sound of intense exercising interspersed with loud cracks of a paddle, whaps of the strop, and whips of the crop. Even from upstairs these sounded as if they were doing a number on my poor hubby. No sooner was he spanked than he was off to the next exercise!

After a while, and towards the end of their training, my curiosity got the best of me and I went downstairs to see how they were doing. This was prompted by some particularly vicious sounding strokes from the crop and some honest to goodness cries of pain from my husband. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't go down there to stop it, I went down there to watch it!

david was receiving a standing cropping from Mags. He was standing up, leaning against the weight machine. His pants and panties (yup, panties - blue lacy ones this time), were pulled down below his cheeks and Mags was whipping his ass and the sides of his hips mercilessly with that crop. There were already vivid marks all over his butt, from that spanking and from all the ones that preceded it, with quite a few of the marks wrapping around the sides where he marks most easily. It appears Mags had forgotten (or ignored) the "no wraparound" lecture.

I think Mags was about to stop just as I showed up, but I said "keep going, please!" I walked around to her side of david and watched. She got a smile on her face, and continued whipping him with that crop. Really, really hard ones. This girl only seems to have one speed!

david started crying out again and dancing. During his dancing his pants and panties dropped to the floor around his ankles, which only meant she took the opportunity to whip him all over his legs as well! So he was standing there nude from the waist down for his whipping, writhing in pain. We could not yet see his penis and testicles bouncing as we were behind him, and david had been given instructions to not expose those to her just yet, but circumstances seemed to overtake us, and besides, I swear she cropped him with the goal of dropping those pants and panties to his ankles an then attacking his legs!

After a particular hard stroke to his flanks he screamed, reached his hands back and grabbed his punished flesh, and looked at her with a kind of pathetic puppy dog face. His cock and balls were fully on display to her then.

She just smirked and motioned for him to turn around and receive the rest of his whipping. Poor david is well-conditioned to receive punishment from a female authority figure (even one almost half his age, apparently) and he did as he was told, despite the off-limits cropping he was receiving from her. He kicked his legs to the extent possible and danced, and wiggled his ass around. She whipped him indiscriminately everywhere. As she whipped he escaped around to the side of the pole he was holding. She just whipped more towards the front of his legs as we saw his penis dance for us. She hardly cared where the crop landed. david began realizing that the more he moved about, the more the crop hit just anywhere, so he managed to get back into position and stay still a bit, bend over a bit, and present his well-marked ass for the crop. She still targeted his legs and flanks, though. In this more bent over and slightly more spread position, we could both see his testicles dangling between his legs. I'm sure david was well beyond caring at this point about what rules I had set for him and I don't even blame him, poor dear!

Whether good aim or bad, the crop struck the back of his testicles and he really howled, He stood up straight as an arrow and grabbed his testicles into his hands. She just kept whipping his ass as he clutched his whipped ball sac in his two hands! Not even a word said from her. What a gal!

She finished up and gave me a satisfied nod.

I went over to david and bent him over my knee and under my arm so Mags and I could both examine his bare ass.

His ass and testicles were on display, but what was most remarkable was the extreme marking once again. I passed my hand over his welts. While examining his welts I made of point of pulling on his cheek to expose his crack and bottom hole. As I held his cheek open I said, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself, displaying yourslef like this to Mags?" I held him there, cheeks spread, so he could truly think about that for a good, lingering fifteen seconds. Mags and I looked at each other. We had a "thing" going by now. We were on the same wavelength.

He did not respond. He just mewled in humiliation bent over my upturned knee as he clutched at my hiked up leg..

I also gently rubbed the back of his testicles where the crop had hit (but not left any mark, so it was likely not all that hard, despite his carrying on).

"Did Mags smack you here?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am" he answered in a very strained voice.

"I'm glad," I said, "didn't I tell you to keep those covered?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"So I guess that's what can happen when they stick out behind like that, all exposed, mmm?"

"Yes Ma'am. I'm sorry Ma'am".

"Apologize to Mags, not me!" I said.

"I'm sorry Miss! I'm sorry I exposed myself to you like that!" He apologized like this still bent over under my arm, exposed to his trainer. Mags was getting an eyefull but seemed to enjoy his humiliation, so...

"Turn around, david, and apologize properly to Mags."

I let david up from his bent over position and he turned around to face Mags, hands covering his private parts in front, hunched over.

"I'm sorry, Miss, for exposing myself to you like that."

"I think we should have the punishment fit the crime," I said, "again, hands at your sides this time you naughty little exhibitionist!"

david let his hands drop and repeated his apologies, his bare penis and testicles now on display. I keep him pretty well shaved down there, so he looks all the world like a little boy. I love a good, humbling, bare penis apology. In my opinion, this is the only way a male should be made to apologize to a Woman, no matter her years!

Mags was looking straight at his midsection, with a little smile/smirk on her face. She was loving this humiliation of david, I could tell.

Surprisingly, david was soft as anything. He was one well whipped little puppy, with his tail truly dangling between his legs. Ha ha!

For the record, I would never ever whip a puppy!!!!
Husbands on the other hand...?

I let him stay like that, in silence, dragging his humiliation on.

"Strip, david." I said. "Off. Every stitch."

david took his gym shorts and panties off from around his ankles, and pulled his red shirt off over his head. He was now bare as a baby in front of Mags, and still soft.

I took him by the arm to the corner of the room and put him there. His hands at his sides, his nose pushed deeply into the corner. His well marked bottom jutting out.

"Look at me, david" I said. He turned his head.

"You will stay in that corner for one half hour. After that I will come down and get you, put you across my knee, and spank you with the back of my hairbrush until you can't sit for a week. And then you may remember to keep your pants up around your penis and your legs held together while Mags whips you! Although now that the cat's out of the bag, and Mags has seen everything there is to see of you anyways, I guess I don't care if she strips you nude for your whippings from now on. But don't think for a minute you're getting off that spanking, young man! Or from what you'll have to bend over for afterwards..."

We left david standing there, humbled and nude, nose in the corner, awaiting his spanking from me; and Mags and I went upstairs.

She did not ask at all about the nudity, the corner-time, his upcoming spanking, or whatever it is that he will have to bend over for afterwards. Odd, shy girl!

I again congratulated her on how well she is doing, both with the exercise regime and with how great her spankings are and how motivational they are for david! I think she does not realize how extreme these whippings are. I've done nothing but encourage her the harder she whips, so maybe she thinks this is "normal" in the kink world?  At some point I'll set her straight so as not to endanger her next boyfriend, but I want to keep the intensity up for now. I want david to genuinely fear his next session, knowing that he will receive no mercy from his young personal trainer in the paddling and whipping department. And also knowing that sometimes you get what you wish for! Ha ha ha!

P.S. And in case you were wondering, and notwithstanding the sorry whipped state of his ass, he did receive a full measure of the hairbrush while across my knee which had him begging and apologizing from the first stroke to the last.

And after his spanking he did indeed have to bend over for me, and I did indeed give him a long hard lesson in who owns that ass courtesy of my nice, fat, strap-on dildo.

Sunday, January 11

tom's typos

As you'll recall from an earlier bog entry (A Husband Reminded of his Place), I introduced tom, husband of J, who requested I dream up a Christmas punishment his wife could do to him. That was mission accomplished, as recounted in the earlier entry so artfully illustrated by lill jo.

Only one problem, and I wrote tom as follows:
I published your account on my blog just now.
I found an even 10 typos in your notes to me that I needed to correct.
Please ask J to whip you 10 times with her new belt for each typo. That's 100 in total, plus any extras she wishes to deliver on her own account. You should let her know that I really didn't appreciate having to correct those. I'd have thought you to be more careful in your proof reading.
I am happy to report I was more than satisfied with the punishment tom received, as recounted in his note back:

Miss Julie,

I just saw my letter on your blog, it was quite a thrill! J loved it too and we both adore the sketches from lill jo. J has already picked out a couple of favorites and she was really overjoyed by everything! Thank you again, Miss Julie, for what has been a wonderful (and hopefully ongoing) experience with you!

And oh my god I am so sorry about the typos! I literally gasped when I read this and cannot believe I was so careless! J was mortified when she found out, I haven't seen her that angry in quite a while!

As soon as I informed her of my transgression to you she grabbed me by the hair, ordered me to strip and then dragged me into the bedroom and cuffed my wrists to the head of the bed. She then slid her belt along my naked, quivering flesh and WHAP! brought it down HARD against my ass. She relentlessly whipped me, stopping only to remind me that I deserved this as I had disrespected you and embarrassed her. I was writhing and whimpering, my ass on fire as I felt the welts start to form, and then be whipped mercilessly by J again and again.

Yet i knew i deserved them, and once the 100 ordered whippings were over J had me thank her out loud and also grovel out loud begging for your forgiveness and thanking you for the punishment. I wish you had been there to hear it!

J then said "so that was your Julie punishment, slave...and now you are to endure my punishment." J left briefly and I found myself shaking, as the tone in her voice showed she clearly meant business!

J returned with a few more toys...she clamped my nipples and twisted each roughly as the clamps went on. Then she stuffed a gag in my mouth, and when I felt it touch my lips I realized she had coated it in the liquid from a can of mushrooms! I haaaaate mushrooms and felt myself sicken as the taste filled my mouth and smell filled my nostrils.

"Now you will be whipped 100 more times for embarrassing me like that, slave. You are to take these without fuss, because you know you deserve them, right?"

I nodded, my heart beating fast and mind racing...the sharp burning of my ass made me shudder, and wonder if I could take it. But I knew I deserved it.

J began, putting her full force behind the first SMACK!! I screamed into my gag and J barked "quiet!" and smacked me again. And again...and again and again and again.

She gave me an additional 100 belt whippings and I'm not sure how I survived! At the end she released my cuffs and had me kneel before her, tears streaming down my cheeks, eyes wide and whole body shaking. She then ungagged me and had me thank her and you over and over again while kissing her feet. Eventually she asked me if I had learned my lesson...I nodded and she slid one hand down my cheek and smiled at me. My slave heart filled with adoration for her and also for you as well Miss Julie.

My ass is still burning and it is painful to the touch...I'm sure I will remember this punishment well for the next few days. My ass has been whipped raw, and I now fear that belt more than ever! Lill Jo's sketch of that was right on the money.

J has also said that I will be writing lines as another punishment, and she ordered me to give you a chance to assign me a line writing punishment of your own if you wish. J wants to be sure you know how mortified she was and that you feel as though my disrespect has been fully dealt with.

J says you can either send me an email with the line writing assignment and put "J's eyes only" in the subject and she will make sure it is done. Or if you are familiar with sites like, J is more than fine with you creating a task for me yourself.

Also, J loooooved the New Year's activity you gave us, our sex shop has been closed the last few days but she has told me that we will be heading there this weekend so I should be sending you a full report on that soon.

Thank you again Miss Julie, and my sincerest apologies for my thoughtlessness.


So that's what happens to sloppy typers!!!

Yes, I know I occasionally let a typo slip in myself, but I think that's different. tom is supposed to be a slave boy, so he's supposed to pay attention!

And believe, me, I read this note from him very carefully as I was publishing. I have not found anything obvious. Yes, some grammar, punctuation, and usage may be a little "creative", but nothing careless so far as I can see. If any of you readers can spot anything truly careless, please point it out in the comments, and J and I will make sure tom gets the same again, if not worse.

I have not yet assigned tom his lines. That's still to come. And it will come with additional punishment, as having tom writing lines sitting on a sore (and potentially plugged) bottom is so much more fun for me (and for J as well, I am sure).

And you will note that tom references the New Year's activity I gave them. You'll have to wait until the next blog entry on this theme to read about that...

Thursday, January 8

Third Training Session

My husband david had his third training session with his strict new Exercise Mistress, Mags.

This time I was not present for any of it, as I got home quite late. But I left instructions for david. I wanted him wearing his sheer blue lacy panties under his gym shorts.

I also instructed him that at some point during the session he needed to make sure his pants were lowered so she could spank the seat of his panties, and furthermore that he needed also to ensure that at some other point even the panties would be lowered for smacks to his very bare bottom!

But... I also instructed him that she was not to see his genitals at all. She is definitely ready for the panties and the bare bottom smacks, but I want to take it slow exposing his genitals to his young, innocent, trainer.

I got home soon after Mags had left. david was still in his gym clothes in fact. I had just missed her. david said, "you've got to see this!" He lowered his gym shorts (good boy was wearing his panties) and then lowered his panties and bent over a little. OMG!!! He was MARKED! And I would say SEVERELY MARKED, even by my standards!!!!!

Here is what I saw.
  • Two vivid hand prints, one on either cheek. Fingers pointing upwards, the fingertip marks level with the top of his ass crack, on a slight leftwards facing angle. These were made with our handy leather hand spanker. david had gotten it out and into the gym as a toy for her to use. According to david, she positively loved this toy and was not satisfied until she had "left an impression!"

  • The center of his ass, from the palms of that toy down past the bottom of his cheeks and onto the tops of his thighs was deep red. This apparently was mainly due to a very, very hearty application of the hardwood paddle throughout the session.

  • There were raised horizontal welts and little bruises shaped like the shaft and tip of the riding crop.
  • Finally there were some NASTY bruises diagonally down his right butt cheek onto the outside of his thigh, and other more horizontal bruises wrapping around the edge of his right cheek. These were made by the tip of my heavy leather tawse.

I have seen his ass in worse shape than this, but I was VERY surprised that this level of marking should come from his shy, young, inexperienced trainer! "You poor Baby!" I said. "Look what she's done to you!" Honestly, it made me hot seeing that!

david described the session to me. He started off by telling her he was wearing panties, that I had made him do so, and he raised the loose fitting leg of his silky Under Armour gym shorts to show her the side of his panty. She apparently smiled and said "Oh! So cute!"

They started in on the exercises. Again, after each exercise, he received a little 3 or 4 stroke whipping. The paddle was the nearest implement at hand, and she picked that up and used it for the first half dozen sets. david says she used it over his gym pants, but HARD! Center of his ass, low ass cheeks, and tops of thighs, all equally hard. If she felt that a stroke was not hard enough, she repeated it until she was satsified.

She then moved to the tawse. After one exercise, david was to bend over for the strap. He stated "Julie asked if you could please strap me on my panties?"

"Fine," she said.

So david lowered his gym shorts fully exposing his sheer pantied rear-end, and she whipped the strap very hard. He said the strap hurt a heck of a lot more on the sheer panties and around the sides on his bare skin than it did over his gym shorts. He says she targeted low down on the tops of his thighs, underneath the panty line, and hard, and these hurt like hell. david, whose ass is quite experienced in these matters, swears she hit him harder with the shorts down than when they were up. Maybe it was the sight of him in those panties, with his ass crack showing through the sheer material, that got her Dommy side wound up? It does for me. Or maybe she could just aim better with the more exposed target area?

One of the exercises was the plank. For this, she got out the crop.

He was to repeat it three times. The first time she counted down the last 5 seconds with hard crop lashes to his butt.

When they rolled back around to the second time, david asked "Should I do the plank with my gym shorts down, Ma'am?". She agreed he should. Again she counted down the last 5 seconds with hard crop lashes, and he says they were way more painful on his sheer panties and bare skin.

On the third time, david saw the opportunity I had demanded of him, to get spanked on his bare bottom. He asked Mags if he should again lower his pants. When she enthusiastically said yes, he asked if he should lower his panties as well? He says she seemed to think about this for a moment, and then said simply "yes". She made him hold this last plank a little longer, bare assed as he was, and the last 10 seconds count down this time were again very hard crop whippings to his now very bare ass. This time david said there were literally tears in his eyes from having to hold those last few seconds plus a very painful cropping on top. He says he cried and yelled out, but still held the plank. She whipped him mercilessly despite his complaints. In fact, he figures she whipped him harder the louder he got! These marked him for sure he says, as they were some of the hardest croppings he had ever received. Both the caning from the shaft, and the whipping from the leather tip. She apparently did not hold back at all on his bare ass. Afterwards she said he needed to look at his ass in the mirror. She was smiling and a little incredulous at how marked up he was! david caught sight of his own face in the mirror as well and he says the teary-eyed look was evident. She clearly saw this and clearly did not care in the least!

"Does it hurt?" she asked, in a voice usually reserved for talking to babies and young children. When david nodded yes she said "Poor Baby!"

Then Mag spotted the hand-shaped leather paddle. He says Mags loved this! She wondered aloud if she could get a hand print on his ass? david ventured that she could. She made him bend over and whipped it down, but over his gym shorts. "Let's see," daivd said, and lowered his pants and panties for her to see. There were no hand prints. "You might have to do it on the bare skin," david helpfully commented. Like a scientist, she said "ok, let's try that". She positioned him carefully, moving him around to a couple of places to get a good swing and experimenting with the grip. She then wound up and laid into him with two super hard slaps, one to each cheeks. She was gleeful that they left a beautiful hand impression!!

It was the end of the exercising, and david then handed her the strap and ventured that he deserved a strapping on top of what he already got for some bad eating earlier in the week. She took the strap and motioned for him to bend over. He lowered his pants and panties, as if this was expected of him, presenting his bare ass and bending over using the weight machine for support. He says she lowered his pants and panties a little bit further herself to expose some additional thigh. His front was pushed up against the weight machine and was covered, which limited how far down his pants could go in the rear. She then delivered six hellfire zingers, he said, with each wrapping around a bit (though not too much). Two were horizontal across his mid ass. Two were diagonal down his right cheek and onto the outside of his right thigh, and two were low down, horizontal across the backs of his thighs just under his cheeks. david said that each stroke burned white hot into his flesh.

And here's the thing. She had already commented on the incredible marking even before. And with him bent over and exposed under the bright gym lights, she had a clear view of his already very marked up ass, but still delivered the hardest strokes yet, the most strokes yet, and with the most painful instrument. She didn't care. I guess she was getting off on the marks. And on causing him pain. What a gal!

As the session was ending and david was stretching, she congratulated him on the exercising. She says this was the first time they got through the full set she intended because he pushed on each exercise. Even with all the spanking. david told me later that the hard spankings put him into a very submissive space, and he therefore desperately wanted to please her by doing everything quickly and efficiently. So I am so happy that the exercising is not taking a back seat to the kink, rather the kink is actually helping the exercising.

And that was about it. They made small talk and david paid her and showed her out, and that's when I got home and he showed me his incredible ass.

How do I feel about another woman "owning" my husband like that? Absolutely fantastic! I love it! If his ass were to be that marked up after every session, I would be a very happy girl. I'm glad she's pushing his boundaries and making him in equal parts crave and fear his sessions with her. In fact, I even told david to write her a thank you note, and say that the hard spankings are very motivational for him, and that I saw his ass afterwards and was very impressed with how diligently she was performing her duties, to keep it up, and even go harder if she wants and really give him something to cry about!

I also warned david that I would let the marks fade, but then take some pains to remind him to whom he really belongs...

Friday, January 2

A Husband Reminded of his Place

I received a note from a reader, tom, at the start of the holiday season.
Hello Julie.

My name's Tom, I'm a longtime fan of your site (I used to comment as 'adoring my wife') and my wife J is seeking advice from you. She feels as though my submissive attitude has slipped a bit and wants a vigorous retraining program to end the year.

We are both HUGE fans of your blog and J decided that the best way to start was for me to write you and give over the controls and power of my First Punishment to you. J has said she is up for anything, and we'll both defer to whatever you decide, and I have already been tasked with writing you a long and thoughtful response should you decide to help us. :)

Thank you!!!

tom (property of J)
Now how delightful is that? I had full reign to remotely control a husband's punishment and start the New Year off right for him! Yummy! After due thought, here is how I responded.
What a lovely Christmas present for me!
Punishment is as follows.
1) Over-the-knee spanking
Bare naked for you, tom. 5 minutes warm-up with the hand. Then 15 minutes with a hairbrush or wooden paddle. All of them nice and hard. During that spanking, I want to also have your thighs spanked, your inner thighs especially, and I want the spanks up and down the sensitive inner cheeks which will require your wife spreads your ass for that. But mainly nice and low to your spank spots.
2) Corner time
Bare naked corner time for a full 15 minutes. Ideally in a less usual location than the bedroom. I want you with your wrists bound behind your back, and holding up a coin with your nose. If the coin drops, you get a further spanking across your wife's knee with a hairbrush for 5 minutes, nice and hard, and then you start over the 15 minutes from the beginning.
3) Belt whipping.
I want your ass up very high on the bed across 4 or 5 pillows. So you are jacknifed. Then a good 15 minutes of belt whipping with a doubled-up leather belt to your rear end.
4) Face sitting
Roll over onto your back, scoot down the bed a bit so that your head is clear of the headboard. Your wife should lower herself on your face, looking down the bed towards your feet. You will be required to lick and penetrate your wife's beautiful bottom hole with your tongue. She will use a light whip or riding crop down your front side, not neglecting your cock and balls. Another good 15 minutes of that. I want you telling your wife (to the best of your ability with your tongue where it is) how beautiful she is, and how you promise to obey her completely and in all things.
Have fun!
I was definitely looking forward to tom's response! A week later I received it. It is published below the line. It is so well written, and J did such a fantastic over-the-top job on her husband, that I just had to ask if I could publish the response on this blog. I also wanted to command my subbie lill partner in crime, lill jo, to illustrate the episode according to tom's account and my editorial direction. I thought that would be a nice keepsake for tom and J. Here is my response after tom wrote me back the full account
Oh what tremendous fun!
And it did seem challenging for you, tom.
Please ask J if I may publish your lovely letter on my blog, or if she would like you to edit it a bit first and have me publish that.
I am thinking of having lill jo illustrate it.
If agreeable to her, describe yourselves a bit, and your wife's outfit at the start, so lill jo's rendition will be a nice keepsake for you that you may print out and keep in the private family photo album...
 Here is tom's response.
Hi Miss Julie!

Yes, it was tremendous fun for J, and VERY challenging for me! :-)  I am very glad that you enjoyed reading my letter, that makes me and J happy to hear. We would be honored if you wanted to publish our letter, and would be thrilled to see it on your blog!  J says it is OK with her and she doesn't feel any need to edit it, but that if there is any editing you wish to do for any reason that you are welcome to do so, or of course to make me do it for you. :-)

And what a lovely offer, we would love to have a drawing from lill jo! That would be one last lovely Christmas present for us! Here's some info on us, let me know if you need anything else: I am 6 feet tall, about 185 lbs, 5 in cock with short brown hair and blue eyes, I'm clean shaven, no tattoos or anything and in pretty decent shape, I swim and run a lot so I'd say I'm lean, though not as lean as I used to be (lol). :-)  J is 5'7" with shoulder length brown hair and bluish-green eyes...she is 34b with a wicked smile, long lovely legs, amazing bottom (which I am now quite familiar with) and a beautifully toned body. She was wearing a knee length black skirt with bare legs, black heels (her shorter ones, maybe 2 in), a white button up blouse with the top couple of buttons open and a devilish smile.

Thank you for your generous offer, Miss Julie! We are touched and thrilled at the idea of seeing our letter on your blog, and of seeing lill jo's drawings! Please let us know if you require anything else, and thanks again!
I always feel the need to get the wife's permission, as I respect a woman's right to privacy. A warning to you males out there, though, don't expect any privacy for yourselves (outside of hiding identifying information) if you choose to send me any nonsense, such as naked pictures. Up they will go for ALL the world to see your naughty little bits!

So with that preamble, here is tom's response, essentially unedited other than some minor changes to match the drawings (as that naughty little slut, lill jo, neglected to pay well enough attention to the text!!!! A good wire hangering for him!); and correcting a few typos (I'll keep track of the number of corrections and ask J to bring the belt back accordingly).

Please enjoy tom's little torment.

Miss Julie,

Thank you! J particularly sends her gratitude for such a wonderful Christmas present back from you! :-) She was very pleased with your punishment for me, and we were both thrilled that you would turn your wonderful, wicked mind to us!

J had ordered that I should print any response from you without reading it, fold it in half, place it in an envelope and hang it from our Christmas tree. This meant I spent all of the afternoon and evening of Christmas Eve seeing that envelope and feeling thrilled and a little terrified of what was to come. Such delicious anticipation...:-)

J opened the envelope Christmas morning, smiled and said only..."oh, you have an evening ahead of you!" We then had family obligations and whatnot the next couple of days so we were not able to get to my punishment until last night. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and I was gently massaging her beautiful feet (as a good slave does of course) when she smiled her beautiful, wicked smile and simply said "It's time, slave. Stand up and strip."

I stood, trembling, as J slid the envelope with my punishment inside out from the drawer in the coffee table. I obediently stripped, standing naked before my Mistress Wife as she opened the envelope and read silently to herself, a smile spreading on her gorgeous lips. I felt myself shaking, standing exposed before her, my hard manhood giving away my true slave desires.

J reached up, grabbed me by the cheek and kissed me once softly, then told me to get down on all fours and fetch her large wooden hairbrush. I crawled to our upstairs bathroom for the hairbrush, trembling all the way at the thought of what was coming. Yet aroused all the same. I returned to J and handed her the hairbrush, kneeling before her, my head bowed. As always, the feeling of submission washed over me, and a feeling of gratitude that I could serve this beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman. J then roughly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up and over her knees. My head hung down awkwardly, legs splayed as she set to work with her hand. SMACK! The first spank rang out and I gasped, the sweet first sting always so shocking. J slowly increased her force and regularity as she warmed up my slave bottom, the sounds louder, sting hotter and her own breathing getting quicker. My legs were already kicking as she finished the warm up.

I then felt the hard wood of the back of her hairbrush slide across my already warming cheeks. She laughed softly and simply said "now you will learn about truly being my slave," and then SMACKED my ass with the hairbrush. I yelped and squirmed but J held me down firmly as she launched a rat-a-tat of spanks to my warming bottom. Again and again the hairbrush fell on my cheeks, my cries and whimpers only seeming to spur J on as she punished my backside.

J continued my spanking, hooking one leg around one of mine to spread my thighs and holding my neck and hair with one hand. Then suddenly a SMACK in a new place caused me to almost leap up...

J had brought the hairbrush down on my inner thigh! I had not expected that (it was not something she normally did, thanks--I think--for the new idea :-) ) and was suddenly shaking all over as she tortured my inner thighs, the brush coming down on each thigh, then back and forth between, then down the back of each thigh, then my ass, then the inner thigh again. J seemed to enjoy my response to being hairbrushed on the inner thigh and kept working those over for what felt like an eternity.

My bottom was already burning and now my thighs felt like they had been lit by a match, but J pressed on, ignoring my whimpers with either a "be quiet!" or a "this is your punishment and you will endure it for me...and for Miss Julie!"

Then...I felt her hand come off my neck and move to my ass. She slowly caressed the burning flesh for a second (and in my idiocy I thought maybe it was over) but instead then said "keep still!" in her sternest voice, roughly pulled my cheeks apart and SMACKED the inside of my left cheek! Then the right one...then back and forth.

Tears were streaming down my face, I was gasping and spluttering, my legs pinned beneath J's as I struggled to keep still while she tortured my ass. She worked the inner cheeks for a while,

then back to the thighs, then finished with a HARD flurry on my still tender ass. By the end I was a puddle of submissive goo...:-)

J then had me kneel before her and thank her for the spanking. I thanked her most vigorously, feeling ever more like her slave. And she also had me say "thank you Miss Julie" out loud as well. She then smiled and said "oh, we're only just beginning, slave. Time for part 2..." with that wicked smile. I was then told to crawl to get our leather cuffs and a penny from the change jar.

Upon returning J had me stand and immediately cuffed my wrists behind me with our black leather cuffs. She then led me by the cock to the corner of the living room held the penny up on the wall in the corner and had me press my nose against it. J then told me I was to stay there and NOT let the coin drop...

She wickedly did not tell me for how long (I now know it was 15 minutes) and she walked away, leaving me there. I was still trembling and my thighs and ass were still burning and stinging as I stood there, helpless. All my will was bent towards keeping that coin up... and I was doing OK until J snuck up behind me and slid her hand across my tender ass.

I yelped and jumped and dropped the coin!

J grabbed my hair, yanked me down to my knees, slapped me once and said "you let it drop! Oh, slave...well, Julie has instructions for this too!" She then dragged me back to the couch and spanked me mercilessly with the hairbrush for another 15 minutes. No words, no letup, just smacked my ass raw. I was crying and yelping and kicking helplessly, my bound wrists being shoved out of the way by J in her eagerness to punish me.

She then dragged me back to the corner, stuck the penny against the wall and simply said "again!"

This time, thankfully, I was able to make it the full time, despite a couple of J's attempts to distract me by scratching my (now very red, purple and bruised) tender ass, and even teasing my yearning cock once. I almost lost it once but was able to survive...thankfully. Once again J had me kneel before her and thank her and you both for that punishment.

J then ordered me to crawl upstairs to our bedroom and pile all the pillows he had in the middle of the bed. This was a new one, as she had never had me jackknifed in the way you requested before. I did as ordered and knelt by the bed, awaiting her arrival. My heart was racing, ass and thighs burning, cock yearning and mind racing as I waited in the darkness for my Mistress Wife. I could see she had definitely been inspired by you, and that your punishment was definitely harsh and challenging, as it should be.

J then arrived, sliding off her clothes to reveal her beautiful body to me. I gasped as I always do when seeing her loveliness..."soon enough you will service me, slave...but not yet" she said, and ordered me over the pillows. I was definitely jackknifed as I climbed on the pillows, struggling to find a position that would be stable. J was out of my vision and I had no idea what to expect... and then WHHHAAAAAAPPP! The incredible sting of the first belt whipping made me scream, my already red ass feeling like it would burst. J had never whipped me with a belt before (we actually didn't even own a good leather belt and she went and bought one just for this whipping...and of course now for future ones) and I was shocked at the hot sting as it lashed a stripe across my red ass. Again and again J brought the belt down, painting my ass like a canvas as she worked me over.

I could feel the long stripes form, the skin rising as the belt did its cruel work. I was whimpering and moaning and even screaming by now but J carried on relentlessly, clearly enjoying herself. She took one or two breaks, sliding a hand all across my ass to admire her handiwork and I could feel the welts all across each cheek. I felt as though the welts would burst open, especially as J took special care to re-hit certain raised welts for her own amusement. My whole body was shaking and mind racing, I fell deep into a submissive space and took the whipping like the slave I am, one that deserved this kind of's why we asked for your help. :-)

Finally the whipping was over... J had me again kneel and thank her and you out loud, and also had me kiss the belt, telling me I would see it again soon. My ass had never been truly tortured like that before in my memory, and every part of it was welted, red, purple, bruised and incredibly sensitive. J then told me it was time for my reward, and the final part of my punishment. She had me lie on the bed and close my eyes...I obeyed instantly, already feeling the fear of further punishment (which means it was working, right?!) and waited. I heard her open a drawer and wondered what was next.

I did not expect what did happen, though...I felt the pressure of J's weight on my face and then realized she was lowering her perfect bottom over my face! We had never done that before and I was shocked and then instantly aroused as I felt her lovely cheeks come down on my slave face.

"Serve me, slave" she whispered an I eagerly set to work, my tongue flicking and licking her perfect bottom. "Tell me how beautiful I am" she ordered, and I eagerly screamed that she was the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world and that I was lucky to be her slave...though my words were muffled by her bottom. She then said "and you will now obey me in every way, right slave?" and I screamed "YES!! Yes Mistress!!!" over and over again. Honestly I pretty much babbled about how I would be eager to obey, be always her slave, do anything she commanded and on and on into her perfect ass. Then she told me to hush and worship her. My tongue caressed her cheeks and explored between her cheeks, sliding up and down. J's hips were rocking and a soft moan from her lips told me she was enjoying it. I then slowly slid my cheeks between her cheeks and my tongue into her perfect bottom hole as she moaned again more loudly...

I was eagerly servicing her when I felt the SMACK of our riding crop against my tender thigh! J laughed and simply said "continue, slave.." and started working over my thighs with the crop. She then moved it up to my stomach, painting a series of stinging red marks as I whimpered while still eagerly licking her perfect hole. J's crop went back down to my thighs and then slowly up until she whipped my balls, HARD. I gasped and jumped, though with my face buried beneath her I only really kind of squirmed a little.

J then cropped my balls again and again, drawing pledges of eternal obedience from me while I caressed her pink bottom hole with my slave tongue. The croppings got more and more firm on my cock and balls, my whole body shaking again as J clearly enjoyed this new torment.

Finally the cropping stopped and J lifted her ass off of my face briefly..."well done, slave" she whispered, her eyes gleaming as she looked down at me. "That completes your punishment. Now thank me...and thank Miss Julie too for her generosity."

I eagerly thank you both and J once again drew promises of eternal obedience from me. She then smiled and then lowered her ass down on my face again and said "serve me, my slave!" I again eagerly explored her cheeks and hole with my tongue, lavishing her with worship...I heard her vibrator turn on and felt her hips start to rock slowly. My tongue moved faster and more eagerly as she began to moan and rock faster, she had never sat on my face before and clearly enjoyed it. I worked more eagerly as her vibrator brought her to the edge, my perfect Mistress fucking my face with her ass until she exploded with a loud orgasm. As always, the feeling of seeing my Mistress Wife cum filled me with submissive joy...

 J then rolled off of me and held me, whispering that I had done well and that she expected eternal obedience from me from now on. I thanked her again for the punishment and we fell asleep in each others' arms. It is the next day and I still cannot sit comfortably, which brings J no end of delight and serves as a constant reminder to me of my place at her feet as her slave.

THANK YOU again, Miss Julie!! This was, while a really challenging punishment, also a wonderful experience for us, particularly for J I think. She sometimes can be a little hesitant or unsure of exactly how she wants to mold and punish me as her slave, and I know that getting this from you really meant a lot to her. It was a wonderful Christmas gift...thank you.

--tom (property of Mistress J)

There was one little postscript from tom...
Also, J has ordered me to send you a special thank you - 20 lines while typing on my knees, nipples clamped and mouth gagged tightly. I am sitting before my laptop right now as I write this to you.

Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves

Thank you Miss Julie!

So, there you have it. Isn't that just an amazing account? Didn't J just do an amazing job!!! I almost feel a little bit sorry for tom. It's as if any tiny remaining alpha male part of him just got snuffed out by his Alpha Wife and her new whipping belt. I really think this illustration of lill jo's captures it best:

Welted, beaten, balls out, whipped. Genuinely afraid. What a wonderful way for an FLR couple to kick off the new year!