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My Reactions to Selected F/M Spanking Videos

In my last post I gave my reactions to some sexy femsub photos. Like you, I do masturbate as well, despite having a husband handy. It's a different sort of pleasure, no?

I don't generally look at anything visual when masturbating, but sometimes looking at photos like that will get me a bit horny and in the mood for some solo or couples play. I might imagine the scene that the photo evokes and masturbate to that thought. Often I will masturbate using a hot M/F story of some sort.

I don't generally masturbate to F/M type material, but again, sometimes looking at it will put me in a sexy mood, and certainly in a spanking mood! I mostly peruse F/M for inspiration. I think more women whose partners want them to spank should look for inspiration online like that.

The F/M stuff I like most is domestic themed and hard, and with witnesses. I like the guy to not be so well-built, and to vocalize and kick and squirm during his spanking. I like to see a nice red or bruised bottom. This most connects with how my husband and I play. It's not just inspirational, though, it does turn me on as well as a Domme.

So this time I thought I would cater more to my readers, and spent several hours on xhamster looking for interesting F/M videos where I could talk about my feelings when viewing it. You're welcome!

I think most of these videos are either free or from defunct studios, but if you own the video, please let me know by email and I'll remove it or provide an alternate link as you prefer.

You can watch the video by clicking on the title. Tell me in the comments which ones you particularly enjoy and why!

1) FM OTK Spatula Spanking

This one is very intimate and a bit mild for my liking, but it has redeeming qualities! It's not a punishment per se, more a spanking to satisfy his need. It's a wife giving her husband a birthday suit spanking using a traditional matriarchal implement: a cooking spatula.

She particularly uses the spatula to good effect by reversing it, parting his cheeks, and using it to wrap around to the inside of his anal cleft. This is a favoured technique of my own as well. It makes it easier if you keep his legs well spread, as she has done here.

There is not any scolding going on, or really any talking at all. He does vocalize and squirm during the spanking, so that is nice. It clearly is having an effect, though not to the level of "frantic" that really insipires me and turns me on.

I like taking my time, as she does, delivering a nice long spanking, and covering all those good areas. No rush to be done. The longer I go, the more wet I get. The more he fidgets and moans, the more wet I get. After a long spanking like this, he will repay me with a nice long licking. Watching a video likes this makes me want to go spank him NOW.

2) Strict Marriage

This one is a bit more domestic themed. There is some excellent scolding going on, and the husband is appropriately humbled. The spanking does not seem very hard to me, and the amount of ass reddening is limited, but it seems he has a very low pain tolerance, and there is no questioning that the spanking is effective in that he does get a bit frantic. I don't mind the apparent mildness of the spanking so long as it results in this effect on the man.

I like that she's a regular looking woman, dressed in regular, conservative clothes. This contrasts perfectly with her naked husband across her lap. You get a real sense that you are a fly on the wall during one of his punishments.

Towards the end of this punishment I did find I was getting a bit annoyed with both him and her. If he wants to cry, give him something to cry about! Throw a leg over, pin his arm behind his back, and really give him a spanking to remember!

3) FM = A Thorough Hairbrush Spanking

The severity of his spanking and the way she deals with him is more to my liking in this video.

This looks like it's in a hotel room. I like the way she's positioned him. She seems conscious of the camera/voyeur in the room with them. She points his bottom-side at the camera, makes him spread his legs, and makes sure we get a good view of his genitalia. I can imagine myself sitting on a chair right there where the camera is and watching a wife punish her husband, using me to exponentially increase his embarrassment with the leg spreading and the genital placement. Even his rosebud is visible like this.

She does not spare his thighs at all during the spanking, and in fact starts there. His reactions are very genuine and pleasing to me. She is a no-nonsense, hard spanker. I DO NOT feel frustrated watching her go at it as for the previous video.

In contrast to the previous video, when this man starts squirming around a little too much, she hefts him up and places him back down straddling her knee where she has more control.

Then she can really go to town.

I like that his balls get squished up like that. She has no care whatsoever for those balls and lets him buck and wriggle, effectively crushing his own balls during his spanking.

She ends the spanking, and as an added little embarrassment she spreads his cheeks to show us his anus. Oh yes, dear, this IS going unedited onto the Internet.

4) Angry Wife Spanks Husband OTK

This one I think I even recognize as being spanking legend Ed Lee on the receiving end!

It starts with the wife, looking angry at her off-camera husband, walking into the bathroom, opening up a drawer, and puling out his spanking paddle. 

I love that little touch to set the scene, don't you? She walks out into the corridor where we catch the slightest glimpse of her husband standing with his nose in the corner dressed in what appears at a distance to be a white blouse, black skirt, and thigh-high socks! No doubt panties underneath. Ha ha! He's being panty-trained by his strict wife! Poor Ed.

She goes up to him and declares that what he needs is a "good, hard spanking!" She grabs him by his ear and we are witness to Ed being ear-marched down a long corridor to meet his destiny with that paddle.

I just adore every element of this scene so far. My heart beats hard in anticipation of the kind of spanking I just know he will receive. I am not disappointed!

The camera stays on the empty corridor.

We hear him being pulled across her knee and a very hard and very fast spanking taking place, with a lot of cries and moans from poor Ed. Again, another great little detail to build anticipation.

It goes on for many seconds before we are allowed in to actually watch his spanking. Our first glimpse is Ed across his wife's knee, skirt raised, being paddled on the seat of his panties. Still very had and very fast and Ed vocalizing his suffering.

No fancy panties for Ed. Simple white cotton panties, it appears, as befits a little girl. We then get to see from an alternate angle.

Before too long, of course, those panties are taken down.

How he wails as he is de-pantied. If he thought it hurt on his panty-covered bottom, you just wait, mister!

At this point, his spanking is truly a marvel to behold. This is how to put a husband in his place. Emasculate him by forcing him into women's clothes, and then spank him without mercy to make very sure he learns his lesson. My pussy gushes at the thought.

We return to the original camera angle as his spanking is brought to an end.

He receives one last lecture across her knee, panties at half mast. I am quite sure that whatever behaviour caused this to happen, will not happen again.


I love the spanking model, Ed Lee. He was equally at home spanking and being spanked. He always seemed to have a fine eye for the settings and the scene. Below is a video of a younger Ed Lee spanking a young woman while a couple look on (I believe the young couple is Tony Elka and Eve Howard of Shadow Lane fame).

Vintage Spanking with Ed Lee and Friends

Ed Lee is going to demonstrate a proper hairbrush spanking for them. He gives his partner such a spanking! OMG!

The F/M stuff makes me horny and want to spank. Something like this makes me crave being her, being spanked exactly like this in front of a young couple. I want Ed Lee to publicly spank me! As I watch her struggle, my fingers stray to my pussy and I finger myself to orgasm as I watch her kick and scream, wishing I could be in her place.

5) Belting

This one is a bit of a change of pace. It's a Chinese couple and she takes the belt viciously to her husband. Perhaps he gambled away a month's salary. She will make sure he pays.

He's in his pyjamas. It looks like he's already been spanked, now comes the belt. She has him lying on the floor with his bottoms pulled down. She starts by viciously whipping him on the ground. He writhes on the ground and mewls like an animal in pain. Eventually he makes his way to the couch where she continues his extended beating.

I can whip a man like that. I enjoy doing it. Even writing that makes me gush a little. Gamble away a month's salary? NO fucking mercy!

6) 2 Strikes FM OTK BBQ Brush Spanking

LOVE this couple. Apparently they are a real couple. He is much smaller than she is. They often do Mother/Son scenes.

In this one, the sister comes in and sees her brother Clint standing there, naked, holding a BBQ brush behind his back. She asks her Mom why Clint is standing there like that. Her mother explains that Clint has a habit of leaving his boots where she can trip on them. She came in tripped, and messed up her knee. She told him off but let it slide. A few days later he did it again.

That is why he is standing there like that.

Clint whimpers and says "Mom, I'm sorry...". If you've seen Clint spanked by his Mom before, you know why he is so cowed and his voice is so shaky. He knows exactly how dreadful the spanking he will be forced to endure is.

There is a lot of scolding while Clint is standing there. Towards the end, Mom says, "Mommy is going to have to take you over her knee, and teach you a very good lesson about not leaving your boots in the middle of the floor."

She sits and tells Clint to come closer.

Clint's voice sounds genuinely scared. Despite this being a scene, I can almost guarantee you that he is genuinely scared at this point. He has reason to be! Over he goes. I love the size difference.

She starts in, and from the first stroke to the last of a five minute spanking poor Clint is in pure purgatory. The spanking itself is every bit as fierce as you might expect. Poor Clint is genuinely contrite well before it is over and begging his Mommy to stop, please stop.

She pauses the spanking only to lecture him while across her knee.

And she starts in again...

When he is finally let up, he is one very sorry young man!

I love the ferocity of this spanking. Let's face it, if you're a spanker, this is how you want to spank.

7) Please Don't Spank Me

Clint again, and the same woman as a brunette I beleive.

It's a variety of different spankings in the one clip. Very domestic themed. The first is in the kitchen, that classic woman's domain. 

One of the better hand spankings I have ever seen delivered!

He also gets spanked wet and naked out of the tub.

And then there's what appears to be a Christmas-time spanking in the living room.

Love the domesticity of all of these plus the no-nonsense spanking. You can really believe this is how this kind of Mom would spank.

But my favourite in this is the final scene, where he is literally hoisted up across her one raised knee and is given the bamboo stick.

I would love to be able to do that to my man! The video fades to black with Clint in this position, kicking his legs and screaming his little lungs out as she whips his bare bottom.

8) Bad Husband Getting It

Finally, one last video.

In this video a wife invites four women to get together to punish her husband for road rage that endangered her. The video starts with him in his white underwear standing nose in the corner with all the women present in the same room. The straight-backed, metal, armless spanking chair is already placed facing the couches and ready to go.

Isn't that a delicious start? I feel no sense of identity with the guy in this video. I am 100% with the standing wife. My heart would be beating with the excited anticipation of reducing this "man" to a blubbering, stuttering child in front of my sisters.

His wife takes him out of the corner, sits, brings him across her knee and lectures him. She is taller than he. His feet are dangling off the floor. She puts his arm behind his back to better control him, then she yanks his underpants down in front of all the women. Not only down, but takes pains to clear his underpants off his penis as well so they are well down.

Isn't that delicious humiliation? I don't want to be him. Yuck. I want to be HER. Demonstrating my complete control over my husband in front of four other women. She begins spanking and lecturing him in front of the other women.

What a little man-child! What a baby! Look at him kicking his little legs. Can't control himself in his car? We'll see about that, tough guy.

Turns out, her friends are more than willing to help teach him a real lesson. They will each take turns putting him across their knees. In between ladies, he is parked in the corner.

Who want to go next? One of the friends pipes up.

It's not just his bum that's bare. His genitals are fully "on show" as well. The women don't care. They are utterly unaffected. He's not here for sex. He's here for punishment. It's thrilling and dampens my panties when I put my husband's genitals on show for other women in such a context.

His little underpants fly off at some stage with each woman in turn having a go.

Those legs are really flying now! How embarrassing for him to react like this to a spanking: a punishment usually reserved for little children. And to react like this in front of all these witnesses? He will never live this down with them.

You should imagine yourself in his position. Oh you would be spanked. Well spanked. Totally nude. Not a stitch of clothes on you. Made a laughingstock as you kick your little legs and beg the amused women for mercy.

At a certain point his wife and the other women decide that harsher measures are called for, and the big bath brush is brought out.

They will each have a turn with the brush.

I like the head down, legs up position. Especially with witnesses!

Some women spank him harder than others, and he needs to be clamped into position.

Big man isn't going anywhere now, is he?

His wife gets him last of all. She pulls him out of the corner by his ear to face her wrath.

She turns the chair around and makes him bend over the back of it then reddens his buns thoroughly with that brush while the others look on.

Before she's done she needs to hold his arm behind his back and push him down hard to learn his lesson once and for all.

By this time he is apologizing and yes ma'aming his wife on every stroke. I love that he is spanked until he is made to make a public spectacle of fully submitting to his wife's authority in front of her friends. At this point he has precisely zero dignity left.

Afterwards he is stood up and made to directly face each woman in turn and apologize to her by name.

Of course it is a fully nude, bare penis apology, as is fitting. And those apologies had best be sincere as his wife has not yet put away that bathbrush. He is unlikely to repeat this offense!



It was fun picking these out and summarizing them for you, and made me really want to go spank my husband! Please comment on what you think of my choices and which were your favourites and why. As well, if you have any special favourites, leave the link in your comment and we can all check them out!

Monday, January 25

My Reactions to Sexy Femsub Photos

I was surfing around on Twitter and bumped into an account, @Lord_n_Master, that posted a bunch of sexy photos. I saved some pics that elicited a reaction in me. I'll re-post them here, in no particular order, and write about my feelings as I view them. I'll number them so you can share with me your favorites and why in the comments.

The collection happens to consist of beautiful young naked women, reflecting the taste of the curator. I find myself much more turned on by beautiful naked women than by beautiful naked men. I can imagine myself as the subject (I know, dream on!), or as the photographer (I have been known to play with girls...). More than the image, I get turned on imagining the situation the girl finds herself in, and either myself being put into that situation, or putting the woman into that situation.

Photos of men I find sexy are rugged men, in jeans, clothed, wearing a thick belt...

Other photos of men I find sexy are men in submissive positions. Preferably they are not so cut and handsome, more regular guys. Being spanked, being pegged, being put into women's lingerie and looking embarrassed about it.

But as today's subject is submissive beautiful women, let's run with that.

As well, since none of them have been spanked, and spanking is our thing, I'll apply a little photoshop to makes things better in cases!


Gorgeous! My kind of pussy. She is being "made to" ask for it. I would love taking a strap-on to either of those two inviting holes. I wouldn't mind licking either of them as well.

Here, some fun with photoshop.


I gave her a good spanking, didn't I? And do you see the effect it had on her pussy? Engorged with hot red blood... ;-)


A man "possessing" his woman. I want to be that woman. I want to be possessed like that. Even in front of other men. I want to be shown to whom I belong.


I see myself in her, worshiping my husband's cock. I am not allowed the use of hands. I must pleasure him with my mouth only. Afterwards I will be thoroughly fucked.


Beautifully composed shot. The shadows on her ass suggest a spanking. A photo from this angle always makes me blush. It is how I present when I am being spanked in front of others.

Let's see what I can do with this with a little photoshop...


That's even better. Now I've been spanked, and I can expect more if I continue being naughty.


More male ownership. I'm at the gym. I'm exercising. My male trainer wants to check out the progress I've been making on my ass. Perhaps he wants to show off to the other trainers (men and women) how good his results are.

Or perhaps, he wants to demonstrate to them how he motivates me...


"When she doesn't move her ass, this little tart loves a spanking from me to motivate her. You should try it with your clients. Just the sluts."


This little NXIVM type slave was told to send her mistress a photo in the next 60 seconds or she'll face consequences. She needs to whip her bottoms down and take that photo fast if she expects to escape punishment. It will go into her file...


She's been mildly spanked and sent to stand against the wall on her tiptoes. If those heels drop, this will be the next photo...


And if she persists...


She will not be able to sit comfortably for a week...


Kept naked. Not allowed to leave the house. There for her wealthy man's exclusive pleasure at all times.


Or perhaps this is her timeout position after a good spanking for Madame. Naked and crying for all the staff to see as they go about their duties...


Little sweetie! This one I imagine to be my little submissive pet. I'm making her hold up her nighty to show everybody what a nice pussy my little pet has.


Me and my husband's cock. I do love him so much. Fuck that's sexy! I want to run over and give him head right now.


This is a single young me, being introduced to submission by a kinky older couple. She was the one who picked me up in a bar. If I expect to be kept around, kept as her plaything, I will have to learn to please her husband as well.


It excites me to give a handjob. The sight, feel, scent of his excitement in my hand. I was put on earth for this purpose.


Tears of excitement, longing, and joy. Yes Baby, cum for me, cum for Mummy.

Or is it, "no, not today, Baby. We'll see if you can be a good boy for a whole week while I lock you back into your cage."


"Go fetch Brad a beer woman. Oh, and in addition to your bare titties you've lost your panty privileges for the evening. Lose 'em and then get your ass back here, double-time. Too slow. You're going across Brad's knee for the paddle next."


"Way to go Brad. That'll teach her a lesson. Go fetch another beer for Tom, and don't dawdle this time Miss Bare Puss."

"I'm sorry David! I'll do better!!!"

"You had better, because next time forget about Brad's paddle, it'll be Tom's belt."

"Yes Sir! I'm hurrying!"


This is me. Expecting the belt followed by a rough fucking.


"Julie, you stay kneeling like that. Arch your back more. Let out guests see what a naughty little girl you are. Tom will decide what hole he takes you in while I'm fucking Mary."


Mmmmmm... I must be a very naughty girl. This pic turns me on soooo much! I would love this to be your cock in my hands...

So... which is your favourite, and why? What goes through your mind as you look?